[Photo Special] Eduardo : The good,the bad & the ugly!

Posted: February 18, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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A Photo Special to mark the return of Eduardo, On 3rd July 2007 Eduardo Alves da Silva signed for the Arsenal,

Eduardo made his league debut on 19 August 2007 in Arsenal’s 1–1 draw at Blackburn rovers.Ten days later, he netted his first competitive goal for the Gunners in their UEFA Champions League qualifier against Sparta Prague.

On 23 February 2008, Eduardo suffered a broken left fibula and an open dislocation of his left ankle in a match against Birmingham

City, following a mistimed tackle by Martin Taylor.
Eduardo was immediately taken to Selly Oak Hospital, where he underwent surgery,Eduardo’s injury was so graphic that Sky Sports, which was broadcasting the game live, decided not to show replays of the incident.

On 16 February 2009, he started against Cardiff City in the FA Cup, scoring in the 21st minute with a header from a Carlos Vela cross. He then won and converted a penalty in the second half before being substituted, receiving a standing ovation from the Arsenal fans. In a post-match interview, he described his first-team comeback and goals as “the best day of my life“.

Its great to have you back little man [ www.arsenalaction.com ]

first goal

first goal

Its great to have you back with us Eduardo!!

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And a VIDEO-BONUS! [The Return]

  1. SOSOLID says:

    bit of a harsh push on clichy lol

  2. Archie The Leper says:

    Liked the video

  3. Eamo says:

    what an absulute legend, i really feel arsenal are on their way back to the top. like looking at the bench monday night was some feeling, it showed fabregas, adebayor, arshavin and van persie, dnt forget walcott and rosicky. invincbels again

  4. J - Dot says:

    Fantastic video, don’t really bother to leave comments but credit is due. Didnt want to see the actual incident but oh well… well done. I never noticed the push on clichy around 5:57 b4 hahaha

  5. piken79 says:

    v. good video, a little emotional but it has an happy ending

  6. arsenekidz says:

    Arsens Wenger said,” Our injured players when they return are like new signing”. Rightly said.

  7. arsenekidz says:

    Brilliant post!

  8. Toni_mkd says:

    Welcome back Eduardo. Now we have back in the team and we will go in the Champions League. With you now the gunners will fire from all angles . Arsenal 4 Ever

  9. Shivi C says:

    SOSOLID, was a harsh push on clichy, but he did pat him on the back and acknowledge him straight after he hugged tony. and clichy was cool

  10. Arsenal the Great says:

    Tears again! Third time today! Excellent video! Excellent music!

  11. Xan Nasir says:

    I would’ve cried if i was him on such a dream come back…These players are truly bonded like a family ! Welcome back Dudu..you’ve been sorely missed.

  12. romie says:

    eduardo the best attacker in premiership is back.i had a mixed feelin lookin thru ur pics.welcome back my hero

  13. romie says:

    eduardo the best attacker in premiership is back.i had a mixed feelin lookin thru ur pics.welcome back my hero

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