Which two strikers form Arsenal’s best partnership?

Posted: February 18, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Eduardo Returns! But Who is He Replacing?

Eduardo Da Silva made his first team debut for Arsenal since breaking his leg early last year against Cardiff on Monday night. He scored twice, via his head and a cool finish from the penalty spot. The Emirates stadium was rocking with the joy of Eduardo‘s dramatic

comeback. But now what?

We now have Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Bendtner and Eduardo to choose from upfront. Not to mention the fact that Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott may grow into strikers themselves pretty soon, and lets not forget our newest gunner Andrei Arshavin, who can of course lead the line if need be. So it leaves us with the question of, Which two strikers form our best striker partnership?

Some would argue, quite rightly in my opinion, that it is a good headache to have. However it is something that Le Boss will have to deal with now. So lets review our strikers, and try to some to some sort of conclusion as to who would work best with each other.

Adebayor and Eduardo worked extremely well with each other last season, linking up quite a few times to create and score goals. However Adebayor has failed to, shall we say, find that special ‘spark’ he possessed last season. And if he carries on the way he is, if you ask me, he doesn’t deserve to start . Perhaps dropping him will be a wakeup call, and we may start to see some more effort in the future. He can however win the important headers when needed.

Bendtner is still very young , and he is still learning. I’m not his greatest fan but what I am seeing from him is effort, and hunger. Which is more I can say about Adebayor. However he sometimes loses his cool and he should be scoring more goals than he should. He recently missed a complete sitter against Cardiff city, a ball that Eduardo or Van Persie would have slotted away with ease. He did however link up very well with Eduardo against Cardiff, and help set up Robin Van Persie in the same game.And scored himself with an impressive header.

Eduardo, is arguably our best finisher. Put him in front of goal and you could bet your house he was going to score. But finishing isn’t his only attribute worth mentioning. He has some decent pace, while being able to hold up the ball when necessary. His technique is also very good. He has been out for nine months, but he is already looking very sharp, and to be honest he doesn’t look like he needs any more preparation or any sort. He looks ready as ever.

Robin Van Persie is again, arguably one of our best finishers. However his technical ability is unarguably the best. He is, im my opinion one of the best strikers in the world when he is fit and in form. To be honest, to leave a fit Van Persie off the pitch is idiotic. He is in my opinion our best striker.

So, now I’ve assessed all of our strikers, who do I think is best suited to who? Well if I was to pick our top striking partnership, I would put Eduardo with Van Persie, at this moment in time. Adebayor is woefully off form, and has been for some time, and bendtner just isn’t cutting it for me, at least not yet. However on his day Adebayo can score goals, and plenty of them. Like I said before, it’s a good headache to have. And either way, we will always have a good striker to bring off of the bench, no matter what happens.


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  1. sukiafc says:

    rvp and eduardo.

  2. Dan says:

    this may sound crazy but i fancy Bendtner… for his link-up play. he can be counted on to make sensible through-passes when Ade would just make a hash of it. i also reckon he has more pace than most people think.

    Him and RVP, for me, is a long-term winning partnership.

  3. Nik says:

    rvp and edaurdo. with ade coming of the bench, lucky we gave him that 80,000 pun contract eyy hs nagin em in

  4. saminator says:

    rvp & edu anytym.

  5. frankie boy says:

    Bendtner has always fustraited me by having one good game followed by 2 bad. But I’m a fan and think he has always linked up well with Eduardo and this season with Van persie. One thing is sure he can’t play with Adebayor. Would be good to see where Arshavin fits in but I think Adebayor should be sold in the summer.

  6. Neal says:

    Eduardo and RvP. Both scoring goals. And we need to score more goals!

  7. BoBaDoB says:

    I think the mistake with your evaluation is that you are looking at which are the best two strikers in their own right, not which pair would achieve balance and compliment each other the best.

    I think it is important to have one large and agressive striker as they allow us different attacking options. So I would pick one from bendtner or ade who would partner either eduardo or RVP.

  8. Che3kz says:

    U guyz hv 4gtn vela nd nikki b thy scrd quite a few

  9. Josh says:

    Well, if we still had Bergkamp, then it doesn’t matter who he partners, they’ll be scoring regardless. Hahaha. But, I reckon Van Persie and Eduardo. Firstly, we’re not that great playing a direct game so a strong target man won’t really work. Ade and Benny, whilst possessing the physique for this role, aren’t really this type of forward but aren’t that great technically either, in my opinion (I do prefer Benny over Ade at the moment though). The reason why Dudu and RVP would work is because Dudu makes those clinical runs that we’re so lacking, and RVP is almost reaching Bergkamp level in terms of his creativity, i.e. Hull City away.

    These two do remind me a little of Wright and Bergkamp, and hopefully, if they play more often together, they’ll reach those heights. I mean, Bergkamp was probably the reason why we had such fantastic strikers in Henry and Wright.

  10. Kevin Nash says:

    Bendtner is a better target man these days than Adebayor. He seems to work welll with RVP too – that’s your starting two, with Eduardo as a super sub coming in for Bendtner at about 65 minutes. You forgot Vela who is nice option and active. And Arshavin can play up top too.

    See you later Adebayor – you’ll be gone this summer like you wanted last summer. The suck-ass thing is he’s worth less money now.

  11. dotun says:

    arshavin nd robin

  12. Swedish Gunner says:

    RvP and Eduardo.
    Not only can he(Eduardo) score but he makes all the unselfish runs to make room 4 the other players.
    We been missing that all season couse no one else does that,
    so its very easy 4 the other teams to defend when no ones runin.

    Ade dosent seem intrestet in playin this season, and i dont think
    Bendtner has the right teqnike to play 4 Arsenal.
    He would fit better in a team like Aston villa or Everton.
    Every time he gets the ball the play slows down or he loses the ball.
    He hasent got that 1 touth that are needed in Arsenal

    Swedish Gunner

  13. nzekwe Asugha says:

    I love your article. There is no doubt that the pair of van p and dudu will make us smile. Adebayor should be made to feel hungry and be on the bench. He has taken his position for granted, but arsenal is too big for a one season striker. Henry did it consistently for years before he demanded for a salary increase. Greedy bayor did it once, yet his efforts did not give any trophy, he should not waste our space any longer. Let him reassess himself and wake up from his slumber. He is not liked currently at the club. it serves him right.

  14. dotun says:

    eduardo nd robin..we nid goals so adebayor cld go sum place else

  15. Niv says:

    Eduardo & RVP defo, Bender should be at the back of the pecking order

  16. Jais says:

    I would say nik (full time) and vela! Even though nik is a great sub as he scored some crucial goals!

  17. farouk says:

    adebayor should go to QPR thats where pple as useless as him are meant to be…van persie and eduardo should be paired nd if dere are no goals comin arshavin cld b introduced..

  18. aj says:

    In all of the successful Arsenal teams that Wenger has put together, there has always been a handful or truly world-class players. By that, I mean players who can turn a nothing situation into a goal with a moment of magic. These are the guys who win so many tight games for us. We haven’t really had that many recently – arguably just RvP, since Cesc has been missing. Man Utd have a good stock of them and they keep pulling 3 points out of very tight games.

    I rate Eduardo very much in that category too. He is a very skillful and cunning box player with a high conversion %. Adebayor, I am sorry to say, is a big clown, with a conversion rate close to 0%. I would try very hard to make Eduardo/RvP work, with Bendtner as back up, and see if we can still get £20 million for Adebayor in the summer.

  19. bc says:

    Change the formation to accomodate when all are fit to a 4-1-4-1 (to defend a lead) or a 4-2-3-1 (to get one)

    My team to get the lead
    Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy
    Fabregas Rosicky
    RVP Nasri Arshavin
    Subs: Adebayor, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, Diaby, Toure, Fabianski

    Pwersonally I would offer Adebayor to Barcelona in the summer for Yaya Toure

    To defend a lead
    Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy
    RVP Fabregas Rosicky Arshavin
    Subs Nasri, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, Diaby, Denilson, Fabianski

  20. GoonerC says:

    I cant help but think ade will be moved on in the summer hence the signing of arshavin to give him the rest of the season to get used to the prem. But i think eduardo and rvp could be the answer because thier movement off the ball could tear defences apart.

  21. Thanks for this analysis, but you have made things worse bringing ADEBAYOR in the equation. That guy is NOT AFC Quality, even if he scored 100 goals a season it wont make him a natural striker. In fact AW is wasting time, space, and team rhythm by playing him.

    The best option is selling Adebayor and promoting Walcott. Adebayor is solely responsible for AFC poor position now. The guy is owful, no touch, no technique, no positional sense, no timing, no proper ball control, no good passing, lazy, greedy for money, all these makes it funny to us all seeing that he is in AFC; actually we have been asking how such a player earns all such huge wedges without reciprocating it!!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion, BENDTNER is far young, still learning, he loves AFC, you can see he loves to play for AFC, he is committed, shows effort, and hunger, his first touch better than ADEBAYOR’s, he attacks the goal, Adebayor knows only returning the ball away.

    All Wenger should do is give keeping BENDTNER in the team more, sell ADEBAYOR, or keep benching him, given 20 min in case he is to involve. But there is no question mark that RvP11 and DUDU9 are the best in all aspects. Vision for goals, technique, positioning, movement, first touch, hunger, calmness, passing, creativity, etc. Then DUDU may be replaced at 70 min by BENDTNER, or ADE.

    Vela, Arshavin, Walcortt, Rosicky should be fighting for the R and L wings.
    NASRI and FABREGAS should share the Midfield position, as that shall help keep them fit for long, FABREGAS for 65 minutes, NASRI for 25 min. Remember in case of injury, NASRI may go back to wings.






    This set up is just fantastic, and should CF4, TW14, TR7 come back, this shall make a formidable team.

  22. Petey says:

    Ady has to go VP and Eddy up front Nasri/Rosicky & Arshavin/Walcott on the flanks Bentner & Vela on the bench.

  23. CMill says:

    Eduardo and RvP without a doubt.

  24. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Lots of people are saying RVP and Eduardo would be the best combination. I agree that they are definitely the two best individual strikers but I can’t remember them playing together even once. I doubt Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri or Rosicky will play up front for us although Arshavin could sometimes be deployed as a second striker in Europe, but it’s more likely that they’ll all be played on the wings.

    I suspect Van Persie-Adebayor will remain our main partnership for the Premier League and Champions League with Arshavin, Eduardo and Bendtner all getting their chances, but with Arshavin playing more as a winger.

    We’ll soon have too many discontent players sitting on the bench unlike earlier in the season when we didn’t have enough options. My money’s on Adebayor leaving in the summer.

  25. Wambam says:

    ARSENAL’S weakness was hidden only by the fact that ADEBAYOR had such a great 30goal season. Theres no doubt he’s arsenal best striker when giving service,he went frm getting services frm hleb,walcott,rosicky to services frm denilson,song,eboue so of course he’s gonna strugle to score many goals. 12 goals 8 assist isn’t bad for the striker. compare him to other strikers costing double his fee(shevchenko,owen,bebatov,bent,keane) and you can see his contribution. it’s clear that even with his technique va-persi is not prolific,eduardo is awesome and no doubt a top player but how can he work with van-persi when both play similar. Hopefuly the real ADE will come back when getting quality passes frm ARSHAVIN. When on form adebayor is a match for any world striker,strenght,speed,technique and assist match anything other top strikers do,so get off his back and stop booing your own players. I thought fans were suppossed to back their team through tough-times.

  26. […] Which two strikers form Arsenal’s best partnership? Eduardo Returns! But Who is He Replacing? Eduardo Da Silva made his first team debut for Arsenal since breaking his […] […]

  27. thanks

    very good


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