No excuses. Arsenal are just not good enough [Ratings]

Posted: February 21, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsene Wenger was left frustrated

Arsene Wenger was left frustrated.

Our 3rd 0-0 draw in a row!

Whats it down to? Bad luck? Poor finishing? Poor tactics?…..Well maybe a abit of all

6pts behind Villa now and still in 5th place. its not looking good for the gooners and it looks like there will be no champions league football at Arsenal for the first time under Wenger.

On a bright note. Arshavin was MOTM for Arsenal today. 2 great runs and unlucky not to score. Very impressed with AA.


  • Almunia (6.5) Did ok
  • Sagna (5.5) Poor crossing yet again
  • Clichy (7.0) Supported Nasri well down the left.
  • Gallas (6.0) Missed a great chance to win the game at the end
  • Toure (7.5) Played well today. Unlucky not to score with his head cleared off the line.
  • Snasri (6.5) Didnt do enough for me
  • Denilson ( 7.5) Was impressed with Denilson today. Good workrate.
  • Song (5.5) Sorry, his passing is a joke. Not good enough
  • Arshavin * (8.0) MOTM for me, First 45mins were magic. A great sign of things to come.
  • Van Persie (6.0) Missed a great change in the first half. Didnt look happy today
  • Bendtner (7.0) Great headed well saved, Worked hard
  • Subs Vela (5.0) Missed a sitter, Eboue (5.5) Bests to say nothing, Gibbs (-) not enough time to score

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  1. eddie says:

    No more excuses, Wenger needs to sort his team out in the summer. We were pedestrian in the second half, once AA came off. He has all the young players he could wish for and now he needs to build on what he has, keep his experienced players and buy AT LEAST one more in the summer.
    Song is so fooking rubbish it’s an embarassment to see him in an Arsenal shirt – he was made to look like a novice by Andy Reid and Whitehead. Vela looks nowhere near ready and made 2 easy chances look like the hardest in the world.
    I feel for RvP and Bendtner as they kept having to come deep to see any of the ball.

  2. Alan says:

    A joke. Wenger has to take the blame, he assembled this bunch of tossers who simply look like they just don’t care. And he stands by them. Eboue coming on for Song just summed it all up. Replacing crap with crap. If you judged Wenger on our performances from Feb 21st 2008 to now I don’t think many people would be saying ‘In Arsene we trust’

  3. sam says:

    the team should have been this
    sagna toure gallas clichy
    nasri den arshavin vela
    bendny van per

    why we need to players in the middle who both quite denfenive is beyond me

  4. Hamza Yassine says:

    Nothing to say really… Sunderland played 8-1-1…I just dunno y we re called GUNNERS? we never shoot!!!!! we always try to pass and pass….WE LOST 2 PTS TODAY COZ> WE DONT HAVE CENTREL MEDFIELDERS That takes SHOOTS and know how to score.

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    Hi Eddie !!!! Sort it out but with what kind of money,we wont be in the cl we still have to service our debt and some say we will lose at least 40 mil on not being in the cl.We will be very lucky if Fab and a couple of other players dont leave,maybe we can have some money from Uncle Usmanov.

  6. nzekwe Asugha says:

    We saw it coming during the summer when wenger was behaving as if no team exist in the premiership, that he could just assemble his kids and run over any team. He could complacent because he is not under any pressure, but we shall see how it goes in May. The team lacks ambition, the middle was empty, just name it, all of them except AA rubbish.

    I am afraid he will lose a lot of good good guys like Van P and Fab to more ambitious Spanish teams, then he will smile to the bank with the board clapping and saying to him, good work , lad.

  7. Goon says:

    What a load of shite!

    Who else thinks Arsenal are no longer allowed to claim we play “the best football in the league”?

    That was uninspiring turd!

    It’d be more fun to be a pompey fan right now!

  8. adam says:

    dont know what game u watched. ur match ratings r laughable. bendtner was a 4 or 5.

    gallas was our best player and u rate him worse than bendtner. what a load of fukin shit on tis cunt of a blog.

  9. Jais says:

    F**kin shit! What was that all about??! I am not blaming wenger at all! How can these players miss great chances! Robin, where is YOUR fu**ing ambition then??

  10. str8goon says:

    The boys looked uninspired and do need a sorting out. But c’mon boys to say that we’ve got no chance at CL football is silly. Yes I am a die hard Gooner and yes I too am tired of the draws and toothless bite of the Arsenal as of late and the excuses drying up. We are not playing at 100% not even close and I can only attribute that to our midfield being dilluted because of injuries. Cesc/Rosicky/Walcott/Nasir/Arshavin/Denilson-they will all sort it out when everyone is fully fit. Don’t blame them for having a horrible injury bombarded season. Tell you what mates, give the team a chance! When everyone is fully fit and you’ve got a starting lineup of all deserved starters including our injuried trio of all-stars then you’ll see the true Arsenal because I agree as of late…this isn’t the Arsenal we’ve grown to know and love.

  11. Gooner2death says:

    Pathetic wenger out it is nobody but his own doing no discipline and no love arsenal are a business first football team second.
    Cmon Usamanov buy the damn club hill wood is an arse.

  12. Erica says:

    Thats enough! Like Lazio fans i am going to the Arsenal training ground next week to confront the players! In no particular order i will start with Bendtner!!

  13. gbenga says:

    Fans-real ones-support their teams thru thick & thin. Arsenal broke my heart today but it still wont make me to stop supporting this team. Hear this gooners-I mean the real ones-the team wont lose all d remaining league matches neither will they win them all so be prepared for big away wins & home draws. Afterall its just a game. No one wins it all. Common Arsenal, the party has just began.

  14. RedandDread says:

    This team has shown that it is a notch BELOW, MANU, CHELSKI, LIVERPOOL & VILLA. expect UEFA/EUROPA CUP/LEAGUE and nuff egg on Arsene’s face. The most talented team he has had, my fuckin’ arse!

  15. josh gooner says:

    well said str8goon, its frustrating for everyone but for people to say that wenger should go and that this team is not creative enough without considering injuries needs to look at the first team! when wenger has to decide who to drop out of cesc walcott rosicky nasri and arshavin, then we can judge. but all wenger can do is work with what he has and his only attacking players of late have been nasri and rvp, although our little man looked quite a talent today!!

  16. Xerxes says:

    During begining of the season manchester united didnt have ronaldo and they sucked big time. Imagine if manchester united lost park, fletcher, ronaldo and carrick, and to top that off lost berbatov. So lets see how many arsenal have injured: Fabregas, Walcott, Rosicky, eduardo, adebayor, diaby…oh man we still have one more player injured than them. Ok so they lose nani. OH NO, NO MORE CREATIVE MIDFIELD FOR MANCHESTER, down you go bankrupt. Remember guys that we still hold 5th place despite all we have lost. I think that is a fantastic effort. If it wasnt for wenger we would be near relegation zone with this midfield (no offense to arshavin, nasri). Our midfield is just too young. I see huge promise in vela, but denilson and song are trying my patience. Theres no creative forward passing in their freaking play. Go the gunners…

  17. dtr0uble says:

    As a Manchester United fan i must say that Wenger has gotten it wrong the past few seasons. He’s let go of some key players and brought in some youngsters which isn’t bad but isn’t that good either bcoz with youth you need experience.
    I think it will take them a few more years for them to have a real serious chance of winning the EPL again.

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