Frank Mclintock “Wenger has lost the plot”

Posted: February 23, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Today former captain and Arsenal legend Frank Mclintock said what most Arsenal fans feel but are to embarrassed to admit.

Only a few minutes ago Frank mclintock was being interviewed on talksport, and said that Arsene Wenger has lost the plot at Arsenal, Frank mclintock said that “90% of Arsenal fans can all see that Arsenal need players in certain areas, but yet Wenger cant see it” , He also went on to say that “this was the worst Arsenal side in the 12 years under Wenger”.

Good on you Frank, Very well said!

Do we agree with him?

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  1. James says:

    Completely agree. When the injuries come back we will have a much stronger first team, but there may be other injuries then, there are ALWAYS injuries.

    The team is overbalanced with youth, and whilst most of them will be good for average Premier League teams, they’re not good enough for Arsenal.

    Question is, will Wenger realise the error of his ways and change things in the summer, or is he merely stubborn. If it’s stubborness then that can’t be tolerated and Arsenal need to find another manager. A manager has to be able to see the bigger picture, it’s dangerous to allow them the freedom to do whatever they want and try stupid experiments without backtracking if they go wrong.

  2. John Thomas says:

    I totally agree, myself and my brother in law, both long time Arsenal supporters.
    We endured the late 1950s and the 1960s when the Arsenal team was a mediocre team, we stood on the terraces at the clock end to watch a game against Tranmere and they had 1 shot at goal and scored, after we had 99% of the game, we lost that match and the present team is as mediocre as that particular team, just not good enough, we have been saying for the last 3 years that Wenger has lost the plot but the Wenger boys keep saying “Wenger knows” what a load of bullshit, he knows nothing when all around can see the problems, he should go now and let someone else take the reins

  3. THEEEO says:

    Everyone kept saying that Arshavin wasn’t what we needed, that we have no problems in attack but it was defensively that we needed strengthening. Three 0-0 draws in a row, no problems in defence but struggling to break down the opposition, would suggest that Wenger does indeed know what he is doing.

    Finishing outside of the top 4 is now looking like a real possibilty and would be hugely dissapointing but you need to remember that without Wenger it is likely that we would never even have been part of the “big 4” and he deserves a chance to turn it around.

  4. Lanesra89 says:

    It really does suprise me that when the main position we needed to fill was a holding midfield player, and we go out and buy an attacking wide player.. Thing is when has Wenger done what the fans wanted him to?? He persists with Eboue who quite frankly may not even get into the spurs team!! We have bowed down to Adebayors wage demands after only 1 year of 30 goals… When, if he was anything decent and taken more of his chances he would of beaten Ronaldo’s 40 goal tally.. Its bad luck that Fabregas, Rosicky and Walcott have been missing, but these 3 players dont make us a great side. Fabregas had scored alot of goals by christmas last season, this year he has not even got close.. I think Wenger should stay in charge for now, but maybe we need someone with other new ideas to come in along side of him, Pat Rice deserves to be involved with the players, and fine let him train them, but the same 2 people bouncing ideas off themselves for 12 years is far too long… time for a change to our right hand man.

  5. tom says:

    wenger is getting advice from FERGIE now so that tells us how little of a threat we are too manure.the team is filled with small leaderless players (and they are more likely too get injured)who dont want or have not got the will too win

  6. Hightower says:

    Well said Theo and im with you on this one I think we owe it to Wenger to let him turn it around. Yes hes not had the results we all want and yes there are certain players who arent pulling their weight but remember last season everyone wrote us off when we sold henry but what happened then. Anyone who thinks we shud get rid of wenger honestly doesnt know anything about football. Lets say we get rid of Wenger say goodbye to 90% of our squad so we will then be left with a situation where we will be forced to buy a new team and we all know how tight the board are. So we will buy a new team with an over inflated transfer market then we have to get a manager to gel the players together so all in all it would take another 2 years for the new team to be even remotely comparable to Wengers teams so how would replacing him help in any way?? What a load of rubbish some SO CALLED GOONERS SPROUT OUT you dont even deserve to support this wonderful club. We are blessed with the best manager in the world but he is having to manage with a handbrake there is something serious going on at boardroom level and its affecting Wengers decisions. Get real people WENGER DOES INDEED KNOW!! GUNNERS FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS!!

  7. rc says:

    good to see frank is supporting the team when at a time we need all the positives we can get, i feel we will adress the problems in the summer, and yes there is a credit crunch out there and if frank was the manager we would be in the unibond league.

    people like frank we do not need saying these staements at the moment and maybe we should ask him toPAY for his ticket!!!!

  8. keith says:

    We are not far away from a great team but we need to replace Song Eboue Diaby Denilson and Abedayor
    Bring in Veloso Villa Huntular

  9. timao says:

    People seem to forget how close we were last season to winning the title and going through in the champion’s league. That the first of these things didn’t happen was down to the Eduardo injury – which was probably one of the worst sports injuries ever and almost bound to have an effect on the whole team. We lost to Liverpool in the cup thanks to a referee who waved away one of the most blatant pens i have seen in 30 years watching football. The ref was reported to be a personal friend of the player committing the foul. I don’t know how that could even be allowed to happen. We’ve just signed a potential world-beater in Arshavin and we have a raft of 1st choice players coming back from injury and 12 games to go plus the FA cup and Champion’s League. If fans had picked the team for the last 10 years we’d be either bankrupt or down alongside Porstmouth and Fulham. It’s McClintock who’d losing the plot in my opinion, not Wenger.

  10. Martyn says:

    I was thinking today that the overall quality of the premiership is very poor this year, with few games if any to remember. Arsenal have contributed to this with what can only be described as a pale shadow of the side that most people were acknowledging as the most attractive and exciting team to watch. How times have changed. The side is indeed the poorest for some considerable time and unless a top four place is secured at the end of the season things are set to get worse. To be fair, Walcott is a big absence from the team and Arsenal desperately need his pace and width on the pitch. Also the midfield does not score goals and are lightweight, lacking creativity and pace. No wonder Fabregas gets frustrated playing with Denilson and Song. I do support Wenger, however, for his resistance to spending lots of money on ‘experienced’ players. He has just lost the knack of finding players like Vieira, Petit and Pires for next to nothing. On a positive note, don’t be surprised if we stuff Roma tomorrow!

  11. lennie g says:

    Please, please, please I say to everybody who is after Wenger’s blood just try and be patience a while longer, whilst we must except that by their standards they are a shadow of the side they have been over the last ten years of more. It would appear he has made errors in allowing Diarra and Gilberto to leave the club the others didn’t want to play for us any more, its fair to say most people agree that we need a top central defender and possibly a class striker but they don’t grown on trees you know, lets not forget the injuries Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo, Fabregas are the players in the team along with Van Persie and now Arshaven who bring class to the team. We have to accept that we probably won’t qualify for the Champions League this year, but under Arsene we will soon return.

  12. Sam says:

    Everyone can see which players aren’t good enough – song, Denilson, Eboue and yet he still persists – Arsene no longer Knows Best

  13. Muppet says:

    McClintock is wrong. Nobody is factoring in injuries including the absence of a complete midfield – Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott and Diaby, and half the strike force, in Eduardo and Adebayor.

    Let’s talk about how effective Manchester United would be if they missed 6 of their match winners – Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Carrick and Scholes.

    Nobody wants to talk about that, do they ?

    It’s just an Arsenal slagfest by people who should know better.

  14. Arsene Knows ! says:

    WTF does Frank McLintock know ? He’s got dementure and was sacked from Sky for being a bigot. I’m surprised he even knows what his own name is. Arsene knows best and we just have to be patient. Don’t get me wrong, Im as fucked off with this season as the rest you, but surely the man that made us the club we have been for the last 12 years should be trusted and will pull us through these gloomy times. Roll on the return of Fab, Theo and Tomas then we’ll see the real Arsenal back to former glory.

  15. moley says:

    Frank is an ex footballer and as we all know ex footy players are pretty thick with very few exceptions.Wenger was a shit footy player as was fergie but they kick ass as managers.
    Theeeo i think you are bang on the money, everybody has forgotten we are not scoring goals.Its all going to click very soon and this baron patch will make it all the sweeter.
    Take the highs with the lows my fellow gooners.

  16. Will says:

    Fellow arsenal fans, most of the players we have were the same players who dominated the prem for most of last season until that birmingham game…i’m as frustrated as the rest of you and that’s because we all really care passionately about this, but why do you all have to be so short sighted? In Wenger’s early days we couldn’t even get into the knockout stages in Europe, this year we were there comfortably. Before Wenger we were buying players like Chris Kiwomya to help sort our attack, now many of you appear to be turning your noses up at Arshavin. If Wenger is that bad then why will many of the biggest names in europe fight for him if he left? Why do most commentators acknowledge that we have the best young team in world football. And if our squad is that bad then how comes the vultures would come circling if most of our players were put on the market? Yes we’re a pale shadow of the invincibles at the minute but that doesn’t mean he’s lost the plot in the same way that Fergie didn’t lose the plot just because he bought Veron and Djemba Djemba and Man Utd went ages without winning anything. And as for Frank’s comments, is this the same Frank Mclintock who said just over a year ago that Theo was a waste of space when he’s now one of the most promising teenagers in world football? My worry is that too many fans have got championship manager syndrome. Get real. Wenger makes mistakes like every one of us, but he gets it right more often than not and i’m not about to turn my back on the manager and our team just because we’ve had shite luck with injuries, and if our team is truly that rubbish then how comes we’ve won against Man Utd & Chelsea this season? We’re closer to being a top side than any of you give us credit for…

  17. Muppet says:

    I agree with Will. Well said.

  18. dan says:

    This squad has been found out, even frank knows it.

    Injuries was last season’s excuse and it will be this season’s excuse as well. What’ll it be next year boys? Injuries!

    This team is poor and rvp will be gone in the summer, he’s known this for a long time.

  19. RS says:

    Well said WILL – couldnt have put it better myself!

  20. Greensborogooner says:

    I fail to understand these wenger apologists, if you have under performed at your job for four straight years, will you still have a job? The point I have made so many times is that this arsenal team does not need radical changes to be great again. My issue with wenger is that after losing quality and experienced CM players, he did not do enough during summer and winter transfer windows to sign capable replacements. Song and Denilson have no business starting for arsenal at this point in their careers, they should be understudy for a more experienced CM. If wengers reasoning is to save money by playing song and denilson, then he’s mistaken because the club will lose much more by missing out on CLQ. The solution is not to sack wenger, but someone has to make him understand the urgency of the fans who have stood behind him for four straight barren years. We deserve much more better than a bitter dosage of eboue, song and denilson. We deserve to be competing and winning trophies, and this experiment must stop.

  21. nut says:

    Yeah we have beaten man u Chelsea but we have also lost to hull, fulham, stoke, drawn twice against sunderland, away to middlesborgh list go’s on. We are nowhere near wininng the league and true it is the worst team in wenger 12 years i not saying sack him but i wish he would open his fucking eyes and see what we all see…..

  22. dutch says:

    F**K off AW

    And the blind fools that follow him sheepishly
    I hope to god we dont qualify

    What will your excuses be AW

  23. donhowe says:

    Who cares what Frank McClintock thinks? Really, what value does his opinion have whatsoever? It is worthless, along with the thoughts of Paul Merson, Ian Wright, Alan Smith, and most of the other ex-footballers masquerading as pundits.

  24. Fabregas' Dad says:

    I can’t believe fans are moaning that we didn’t buy a defensive midfielder when we’ve kept 7 clean sheets in the last 10 games.

  25. Rachith.K says:

    We have a wonderful team. I agree its a bit on the younger side. But the players haven’t been commited and have not performed to the level they achieved last year. All the main players get injured just as they are finding their touch. Only person back from all injuries and played wonderful football in RVP. Few of the players haven’t shown the commitment like adebayor. His head has become overlarge as no one was there to challenge him for his position in the playing 11. Probably this injury break might do him good. Fabregas got injured just as he had started playing better like a patriotic gunner. He is on his way to become a legend at Arsenal. He has a heart with the Arsenal symbol on it. Eboue has become all talk all run no football kind of person. Maybe he’d be better at rugby or something. All Wenger has to do is not lose plyers like how he lost Flamini. Flamini was the fulcrum of Arsenal. Maybe Arshavin might become the fulcrum around whome the team plays. Football style will change. He might be the Captain figure Arsenal has been looking for. He could be the leader Arsenal lack. Fabregas can develop into a leader like Tony Adams. What Arsenal needs more than a player is a minor change in their tact of playing style. Instead of getting the perfect goal with the perfect pass, they need to start taking their chances from out side the box. All the teams have figured Arsenal to do this every match and all the other teams need to do is Plant 10 players in the box. No chance of a deflected shot to go through either. Arsenals scoring style has become monodimensional. Forget ceativity in the midfield, they need creativity in finishing. I’m sure everyone noticed the change when Edouardo played. He is different from Adebayor and Bendtner. He is a creative finisher! we need more creativity in finishing than more players. Wenger has a wonderful bunch of players in his hands, not just for now but for the future as well. They are being developed perfectly. This is a phase after the INVINCIBLES. No Arsenal team can ever be compared to them, not anyother team on Earth. Arsenal is witnessing a phase where everything is starting again. ManU have a wonderful tem right now. Every club has a team that cannot be matched. This is just it.

  26. Jay says:

    Dont agree with this at all… You gotta take the rough with the smooth… at the moment we have a whole 1st team midfield out… not even Manchester United or Chelski could cope with that… to say we need a center half… or a holding midfielder… for me is way of the mark. 7 clean sheets in 10? as a defensive unit we’ve bin brilliant, its at the other end we’ve bin lacking. GOALS win games… and we arnt scoring any.. Why? Because Rosicky, Cesc, Walcott arnt there to lay 10 on a plate for Ade, Eduardo hasnt been there for a year… Circumstance has held us back this year, Arsene didnt know Cesc would be out for 3, 4 months, he didnt know that Rosicky would take so long to get fit… and he didnt know that Ade would go off the boil abit without the service he needs… With Rosicky, Cesc, Walcott, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo, Ade(playing well) and RVP all fit… then we are a match for anyone… We hav to accept the policies our club are adhearing to in the current economic environment… We need to support our team through thick and thin… if we dont then we’re not fans at all…. We’re 6 pints behind Villa, thats nothin… We’ve got a decent route to the FA Cup Semis.. and if we can get past Roma, Which is doo-able… then with Cesc, Walcott and Rosicky all comin back… we’ve got a chance… when we got to the final in 2005 we got there because of a rock solid defense breaking records and keeping teams out, why not again!!!! COME ON ARSENAL, COME ON ARSENAL, COME ON ARSENAL!!!

  27. Ondgooner says:

    It pains me terribly to say that we are not going to win anything this season and our champion’s league place is most definitely at risk. With this in mind Frank is 100% right!!! If we cannot beat Sunderland, who can we beat seeing that the lower placed teams would most definitely be defending with far more tenacity than Sunderland in order to assure their premiership existence next season. We’ve had it and the blame stops with wenger as he buys, trains and motivates the players.
    He let Flamini, Palacios and Diarra go and bought Sylvestre a ManU reject. Unforgivable!! Our wage bill is almost at par with ManU’s which tells me that something is not quite right with this so called rigid wage structure and look at the two teams and you will begin to see a gap in class yet no noticably significant gap in wages. Why Mr wenger?Could Frank McClintosh be right in questioning if wenger has lost the plot? Pls someone tell the boss to do something before it all ends in tears and goodbyes at the end of this season.Time to get Bergkamp?

  28. arnold pearce says:

    frank mcwotshisnamewanker how many titles and cups did u win with the gooners hurry come up commentator..that aint too much cop,, yeah im sure a lot of fans aint too happy right now …wanna jump on spurs bandwagon of a manager every season..wengers diplomatic his buys have been determined by the club not having heaps of money…remeber he bought most of the invincibles
    and the team he has now is only a couple of pieces short of doing what the invincibles did.
    yes id like one or 2 players but i dont think he has lost the plot..we may have a weakened squad but to be honest we being spoilt for years..a lean period is ok as long as we the gooners come out of it stronger
    frank wat di u say ur name was

  29. gbenga says:

    To all d believers in Wenger out there I say keep d faith. To d none believers, go support Man U & leave us d f**k alone @ d Arsenal.

  30. arnold pearce says:

    here here gbenga
    with u all the way

  31. Nat says:

    The 2005-2006 side had 4 points less than we have now at the same stage of the season. For this reason alone you cannot yet claim that this is the worst side in 12 years under Wenger. The ’05-’06 side reached the Cl final of course which, for understandable reasons, we haven’t yet matched.

    There is still time for things to get worse than in 2006 and for us to earn less than the 67 points we ended up with that season. There is also the possibility that things will get better but to suggest that would spoil the wrist slitting mood of our dedicated and loyal supporters.

  32. jazbo says:

    Has Wenger lost the plot?, sometimes i think he has at other times i think he’s great, maybe it’s as some else has said it’s his number two.
    Who knows, all I can say is that I’ve been here during the bad times of Don How and all those other lousy managers we had over the years and can say hand on heart, this has been the Wenger years have been the best years of my life as an Arsenal supporter, long may it continue !!!!!!

  33. izham says:

    if indeed wenger has lost the plot, so is he trying to suggest that wenger should go?? and if wenger does leave arsenal, who does he suggest should replace wenger?? not even alex ferguson can run a club like arsenal with a very tight budget, stadium loan to pay and etc..

    we’ve been frustrated at the result of late coz we know it’s a pale shadow of the team that went unbeaten in 2004..we’re nowhere near that level, give wenger another season at the helm with the right purchase of players in the summer it won’t be long before we reveal our true colours..

    this season has been very poor not only arsenal but all the big 4 teams..i don’t see manure, liverpud or chelski sweeping thru the other teams..not that i think the other teams are getting better but the way they set up themselves..the smaller teams don’t come to the emirates, old trafford, anfield and stamford bridge to play football, they come and park the bus in front of goal and make it very tight for attacking teams to break them down..this is not dogged defending but plain boring negative football as a whole..i’m sure their fans don’t pay 40 squids to watch their team play negative’s just how it is today, football is now a result oriented business..if their teams go down, the clubs will lose millions on television revenue and etc..this really is bad for football as a whole..

  34. gooner 4 life says:

    wenger has not lost the plot some of you have saying he has arshavin was a bargain and no problems defensivily at the moment all we need is another centre mid to partner fabregas and a bit more depth to the squad and we will win everything

  35. Buzz3210 says:

    Arsenal action did you actually hear the same interview i heard because if so the words arsene may be losing the plot sounds more like THE TRUTH but anyway yes we are having a poor season but lets look at it logically. most of the players were here last year and i can bet that there was nobody who thought we would be this poor even man u are not exactly rolling teams over. But at least they are grinding out results but can anybody tell me that Liverpool, Chelsea and Villa are better than us. Like Ghenga says keep the faith hey we could be spuds supporters need i say more.

  36. arsenalaction says:

    Buzz, Yes i did hear the interview in FULL and he used them words that i posted.

    You are welcome to visit and confirm this for yourself mate

  37. goonblogger says:

    Frank is a fucking cunt. Look what wenger has done for us over the years. He is a disgrace.

  38. jaygooner says:

    to the guy who called frank mclintock a loser with no trophies to his name? Ermmmmmmmmmm prick check your history mate… frank was captain of the double winning 1971 team… he fought the french in an away game at Rouen in 1970…and i mean literally fought a street battle as those thugs attacked the team bus….frank mclintock is arsenal to the core…pity fucking idiots like arent the same…Arsenal till I die! she wore she wore she wore a yellow ribbon…bet you dont even know the song you donut

  39. stan says:

    Mclintock is wrong. Sometimes you have to show a little faith in a playerlike Song and the timing is wrong. You could see how good Arsenal are when Eduardo came back. Rosicky is great, Arshavin is a special player, Fabregas, Walcott, Nasri and V Persie are ball really good. Arsenal are fifth in the league having played with a reserve midfield. Take A.Young, Barry, Milner and Carew out of A Villa for two months and how good are they. Likewise take Gerrard, Torres, Benayoun and Riera awy from Lpool for two months and how good are they?

  40. Hisham says:

    I think Frank’s right. An analysis of players bought by the big 4 was done and in the Arsenal defenders they have an attacking instict. That’s why they are leaking goals.
    I feel AW no doubt has done wonders but has neglected the defence.When you want to play attacking soccer make sure your defence is equally strong.
    I think AW has failed the test in the defence department.

  41. JIG says:

    jaygooner – maybe you are right that this guy has won double and some of us don’t know what song you are talking about, but that don’t mean that he has right to say those thing about one of our BEST MANAGER at Arsenal, one of the best manager in the world whom also is fan of the club. The fan who wrote this thing is maybe young.

    Time has change my friend! Football isn’t the football it use to be in those days, you didn’t get billionairs as a Chairman did you? What some of these people are trying to tell us is that since Wenger came to Arsenal, he has done nothing but put us is same league as MAN U, LIVERPOOL, R.Madrid, JUVENTUS, AC MILAN etc…and to say that he has lost it is quite a BOLD statmet.

    There are players in our team who are under performing but they will come around just like Flamini and Helb (it took them some time to get to the level they were last year). Flamini and Helb were both backed by Wenger when our fans thought they were no good.Its not Wenger who is bad but these two players who did not show the same respect to Wenger back. SAF knows that he was lucky to win title last year as our team fell apart after Edu’s injury.

    Let me ask you all who think that wenger should go a quastion – If you were a manager, under pressure by fans and media and haven’t won nothing for four years what would you turn around and do? A. buy players which are in there prime – expensive players, just to shut them up, but Wenger did not do this as he knows that this will effect club’s finance and there over all goal, which is to be best in the world of football and also believing in youger players.

    Eboue is not a bad person or player as some people make him out to be, he is an emotional player who really want to do well for us. This same emotion takes over his football brain and destroys his game. Has he ever complined about being a Sub? A.No. Denilson is young and with time he will get better. Against Liverpool and Spurs, him and Song played well with 10 men and this shows that they are good players and with time only will get better.

    As fans we would not know all the ins and outs that really goes at the Arsenal club, only Wenger an his co knows (We feed off from word of mouth and media). I am sure he is trying his best to bring us back to where we were if not better. I will alway support Arsenal no matter in good or bad even if we finish last. I support not for the cups (they are just bonuses) but because what Arsenal stands for and believes in.

  42. Damian says:

    Will u r right it is almost the same side just without the whole midfield Rosicky Hleb & Flaminni

  43. fred jones says:


  44. anon says:

    If Arsene Wenger thinks that Denilson and Diaby are part of a ‘golden generation’, then he has lost the plot.
    If he thinks that Eboue should still be playing every week, then he has lost the plot.
    If he thinks that Almunia is good enough for a team challenging for the Premier League and Champion’s league, then he has lost the plot.
    If he thinks Adebayor is worth paying 80k a week, then he has lost the plot.

    If you think that he should be given another three years before he wins something, then you have lost the plot.

    Football, at a BIG club like Arsenal, is about winning, not about proving to the world that you are right about Emmanuel fucking Eboue.

    Arsenal is NOT Arsene Wenger, and if all you want is to finish fourth and qualify for the Champion’s League, that sounds to me like what fucking spurs want.

  45. nevermissedagame says:

    I can’t believe this. Are you lot the same fans who leave a game at nil-nil in the 85th minute? It was half bloody empty on saturday.

    Come on, the main problem is clearly a lack of intensity. Our performances this season have been the flattest i’ve seen under wenger, and it’s all down to a lack of positive mentality in the dressing room. At 0-0 we play like we’re 3-0 up. No coordination in closing down, and then a lack of purpose when we do have the ball. Nobody could epitomize that more than our strikers on saturday. I watched bendtner and van persie off camera and they did a slow jog for pretty much the whole game. That is just out of order. These guys are taking the piss out of us.

    There is absolutely no doubt that if we showed the same level of intensity and conviction as, say, Stoke, right now we’d be right in the title race. We obviously have the quality to win every game, but that can only come out if the team is confident. Just think last year at birmingham to see how important team mentality is on the performance of a squad. Or look at how adebayor turned into the worst ever arsenal player through a crisis in self-belief after every mistake got hissed by his own supporters.

    So enough with the bloody bandwagon. there are already a million and one so called experts or ex pros loving that they can take a dig at arsenal. We don’t need our own fans doing it as well. Come on people everyone hates arsenal but us. Our problems really aren’t that large, and i hope you can see that this type of forum of complaints is part of the problem. Too soon we start to take more pleasure in being proven right than actually winning. Alot of people I see at games are like that. For their information, the way a football fan should greet a mistake from your own team is a stony silence. That is, if you actually want your team to win, and after spending 50 quid on a ticket, you can afford your valuable time to give a lift to a team with a confidence crisis.

  46. Harry Barracuda says:

    Frank McLintock has disgraced himself.

    Obviously a senile rambling old git who has forgotten the Arsenal code, and forgotten what the club gave him.

    Piss off you old cunt.

  47. CryingShame says:

    Wenger has indeed lost the plot. As a manager he is paid to see that we have enough quality both on the pitch as well as on the bench. You cant excuse him just because Theo and Cesc are out injured. How old are they? He did NOT cover for the departures of Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto.
    Arsene let the accolades get to his head or the freedom he enjoys at the club to ruin this club.
    We built the new stadium to compete with the likes of ManU and not to see players of the mediocre standards that Eboue and Song represent.
    If we do miss out on a CL spot I dont expect our few remaining stars to stick around. That day I dread.

  48. Nat says:

    What McLintock said followed speculation on when and how much money was available to reinforce the side. His actual words were “…or maybe Arsene’s lost the plot I’m not quite sure.” That isn’t quite the same as saying he HAS lost the plot and this article is a little dishonest in not making that subtle but important distinction crystal clear.

  49. dxb kola says:

    You kick Wenger out and replace him with who?

    You’ll just start whingeing all over again once the new guy loses 3 in a row.

  50. BunkUP says:

    I bet most of you slagging Mclintock don’t even know what he did for this club. Shame on you, the geezer is entitled to an opinion.
    What Mclintock is saying is not too far from what we all know. Why else would a manager who had players like Vieria and Petit put up with Eboue and Song??? Beggers belief!!

  51. Rich says:

    Whats up with these plastic fans we have nowadays – u gold diggers – these are probably the same fans saying English players need to get a chance – now buy established players – where do you get them: abroad and now what happens to the Wilshere, Walcott etc???
    If you said Arsene knows for the last 12 years how can he become ignorant all of sudden?? THINK – use your head!!

  52. jay says:

    Frank joined Arsenal when the the club was on its arse in the early 60s .he captained the side to the double in 1970 .He led the team with great spirit and he is a Gooner through and through.He is entitled to his opinion,when he says that Wenger has lost the plot.I do think Wenger takes us for idiots sometimes ,and perhaps we are not getting the full story of why we are not getting the players we all are calling for

  53. Hugo says:


  54. Nudenut says:

    First off hightower your a prick, are you a “proper” gooner ?, are you from upper street ?highbury ?do you even live anywhere near islington/holloway ? have half of all you tunde’s or ramajams even been to a game? or england for that matter ? a proper supporter comes from/born and bred into a local club. all ask yourself who do you support? wenger or Arsenal, the only people I would give any time for here is John Thomos and Jaygooner, who rightly point out to some of you people who have only ever supported arsenal under wenger that Frank is more arsenal than wenger will ever be, captian of the the double winners in the 70’s and arseanl legend to the locals. thats one of the problems with this great club now to many supporters who follow the manager and not Arsenal, Wenger is a Arsenal legend, but so is Henry norris, herbert chapman and bertie mee, but apart from john thomas and jaygooner I wouldnt expect any of the rest of you to know about them having just joined in the wenger era

  55. Brigham says:

    I think Frank is fully entitled to his opinion and I can only assume that some of you who are slagging Frank off are too young to remember what HE did for our club in the late 60s’s and early 70’s? I can also only imagine those same people have only been following Arsenal for the past 10 years or so.

    I am not one of the Wenger out brigade, but I am one who wishes he would lose this stubborn youth policy streak and invest in some more experienced players.

    I love Arsene, I love what HE has done for our club, my club, but he I firmly believe he is tactically inept and has very little idea how to change a game we need to win. This has been proven time and time again with his substitutions, which invariably get us nowhere. How many more times are we as fans going to have to endure the sight of our superstars failing to break down a very mediocre team at our gaff? Plenty more I fear.

    I am taking my boots up with me tonight, because if I see Eboue anywhere near the pitch then I feel I must be worth a ‘run out’ over that flamming idiot.

  56. willesden gooner says:

    I cannot believe that so many people really think Wenger is stupid. This is a man who has risen to the very top in football management, won numerous titles and had both Arsenal playing in a Champions League final. It is obvious to me that he has identified the team’s weak areas and attempted to fill them, remember Alonso in the summer, an extra 2 million and he would be starting tonight alongside Fabregas in the centre. Also Flamini was allowed to leave by the board not the manager. Can you all not see a pattern… Arsenal are in debt and have budgeted the smallest possible amount for transfers and wages, with a constant stream of income from the Accademy, the stadium is costing the club a large amount of money and I think they are aiming to pay this off faster than announced. The plan has been to fund a new stadium whilst spending the minimum amount on transfers, illustrated by the purchase of a large crop of young players around 2003-2005 including Cesc and RvP. Wenger is the reason that this was possible while maintaining Arsenal’s position at the top of the English game. They are taking a long view, once the stadium is paid for (expect less than five years) the club will be completely self sustaining with large yearly profits ready to dominate the league. I for one cannot wait (5 years and Cesc will be reaching his prime).

  57. Babar says:

    the point is that Wenger has the job and you are just writing posts on this wall. If you had any competence in this domain you wouldn’t be wasting time here but be in charge of a team.

  58. omar says:

    it’s not important what any1 thinks. arsene wenger is our manager and thats how its going to be. lets just get behind to me and enough negative comments please. fabregas,rosicky,eduardo,walcott are all important players and we have been missing them like any other team would

  59. Andrew. says:

    Arsene is not the best manager in the world. Whatever we may think Fergie has as much claim to this title as most.

    Looking back in years to come although Arsene will be seen as Arsenals best manager so far. It will also be viewed that Arsene had many faults & his greatness will always be questioned because Arsenal under Arsene should have won more titles & cups than they did, especially with the teams & talent we had.

  60. Samuel Jrn says:

    Every supporter seems to know football and have an opinion about the team which is nice. My point is we all want people to accept Arsenal as a big club by building 60 seater stadium, that loan most to be paid and at the say time we want to be best team in England and that cost money. To compete at the top for a long time we must make some sacrifices and that start now by being patient.
    Secondly we used the same defence last year and it was ok now it is not good enough, we lost 3 players, flamini be can replace by Danielson or Song. Gilberto was a second choice but KLeb is the one we really missed that is why we bought the Russian. We cannot afford to have a large team and injuries has cost us this season.
    All the top clubs Owners want to be like Arsenal as they are find it hard to bank roll their clubs year after year or we may ended up like Leeds United.

  61. brian says:

    Im not prepared to listen to anything that the idiot Mclintock says having watched him making a fool of himself on Sky Sports for years.If cunts could fly he’d be a wing commander.

  62. Will says:

    I want Kevin Keegan as manager with an open cheque book. Post match interviews would be much more fun than watching the german economist go on about how much belief he has in this shoddy team.

  63. arsenal>nl says:

    Completely agree. Wenger ,he played for a team that cannot play in the competition anymore,? I’m talking about the midfield that is going to play this rounds two games. which would be Denilson, Diaby, Song, Eboue. i hope arsenal finsih the job in 1st leg ,oley oley ..
    line up tonight ,
    Bendtner-Van Persie
    Arsenal 3 – Roma 0

  64. John Lock says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so am I. Tonight Arsenal is going to make Roma wish they had come here with Pope Benedict’s blessing. Forget the EPL for a day and all gooners cheer the club to a magnificent win tonight. GUNNER FOR LIFE!!

  65. Jay says:

    Frank Is an Arsenal legend… Arsenal too the core… so as much as i don’t agree with his assesment, show some respect. Im disgusted to read a soo called “fan” calling him a “cunt”??? Express your oppinion yes, but do not insult a man who captained us to a double, and another 3 major finals…

  66. sig says:

    what a sad bunch of so-called fans you lot are…
    there are only 2 managers in the premiership who’ve had any kind of long-term success & that is because their board backs them.

    do we really want to go the spurs route firing & hiring managers ad infinitum?

    let’s have a reality check and give wenger some time.

    we are in transition. I don’t like it anymore than anyone else but give the guy a break.

    stop moaning & start supporting your team

  67. new World order says:

    We’re too slow to advance the ball, and never seem to try a pass over 20 yds… Song & Denilson are culprits #1 and #2 for slowing the game down and letting the opposition set up, but Diaby and Eboue aren’t much better, and Adebayor has provided help in pushing the defense back.

    Wenger needs someone in his ear – we have the players, but he is way too forgiving and tolerant of substandard work. Adebayor shouldn’t see the field for a long time now that Eduardo is back. Eboue shouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch after the Tottenham game, but there he is being subbed in for the equally awful Song, who shouldn’t be given another start for a long time after this past Saturday.

    Grrrrrr…. so frustrating. Wenger is still the best option out there to coach for us – who else would you get? But has he become so isolated/insulated that he can’t see these things?

  68. sawtooth says:

    Bollocks to all of you. Wenger has practically managed things single handedly over the last few years and apart from the new ground to sort out had to rebuild a new team with f*** all money.
    Arseholes like you give the club a bad name but thankfully pondlife like you only make up 5% of the fan base. No real, level headed gooner would Arsene to walk away, failing my arse. He’s doing a great job….you cant win the f***ing title every year. The time now whilst waiting for all of the young players to gel and reach their potential will make it all the more satisfying when we start winning things again in future. Put your toys back in the pram or f*** off and support utd.

  69. sawtooth says:

    I cant believe Frank said that or that it was in any context that would have meant harm to Wenger. If he did then truly he is a C*** legend or not, but I dont believe it.

    The only other explanation is that he has fallen out with the club and has an axe to grind.

    Lost the plot? Thats insane.

  70. goonerdave says:

    and Frank McLintock is to football what Stephen Hawking is to physics…. oh no, he’s a simpleton that repeats pub talk and gets paid for doing so. Nice to hear his raft of possitive ideas, ah… yeah, see there are none. Ah well, sack the manager, sell the team, start again and we can prolong this mediocrity indefinitely.

  71. Josh says:


    wenger has lost it. who in their right mind would play eboue?!?!

  72. […] Frank Mclintock “Wenger has lost the plot” Today former captain and Arsenal legend Frank Mclintock said what most Arsenal fans feel but are to embarrassed to […] […]

  73. hec says:

    Frank , SPOT ON, and the clowns that are bagging Frank for his comment ,should know he was the man that turned Arsenal into European fairs cup winners and double winners when every team in the 1st. division was a battle. well said Frank.

  74. superman says:

    Well well well.. .the Arsene Knows Brigade have struck back in true force on here because someone has dared to criticise Le Boss slightly again..
    Responses like “You Cunt ” and likewise just about sums you retards up
    So did you go and watc hthe same shit yesterday against Fulham. Hmm i think not or if you did could all you lot and take all the AK lovers with you down the lane and get our club back..

  75. Original Gooner says:

    Funny how a few weeks changes everything Arsene KNOWS.

  76. wenger has no choice says:

    I really do think Wenger would spend if he could. The board just isn’t supplying the cash, we don’t have the funds since we bought the stadium and if we want to compete effectively for anything in the 17 years before it is paid off we are going to have to receive some forein investment via a take over. Wenger knows we don’t have the cash so he buys young and lets them appreciate in value so he can sell them off, all the while trying in vain to win a trophy and achieve the number one aim of retaining champions league status.

    And for those of you who think the board do have the money and believe we have cash to spend, look at the stats United’s net spending over 3 years 70mil, Arsenals 3mil. The figurs don’t lie.

  77. Hinaman says:

    do you play wow ? maybe we could join forces 🙂

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