The Real Disgraceful Fans….

Posted: February 25, 2009 by thevanster in Uncategorized

Are not the ones calling for Wenger’s head. Nor those supporting him blindly. It’s those who think that if you’re not in one group or the other, you shouldn’t support the club. I’ve just been told that because I don’t agree with someone’s point of view, that I do not deserve to support the club.

That’s not quite the case, the club at the moment don’t deserve it’s current supporters. With the shit they treat us to, we still manage to fill out the stadium and keep their pockets full.

When it was suggested that our squad didn’t have the depth necessary, I quote: “Go support United then.” “When we have everyone fit we have options. We don’t. Live with it or if it’s such a big deal go support someone who does.”

We’ve had regular injuries 4 seasons in a row. It’s not bad luck, it’s poor planning.

I support Arsenal as much as anyone on here. I have since ’97 and always will. I’ve contributed money to the club through paying for my tv package, memorabilia and the few times I’ve gone to see a match live. But I’m not kidding myself, I’m calling things as I see them. And don’t appreciate people questioning my support because of it.

Why the fuck should I go somewhere else because the injuries are bothering me? They’ve been bothering me for four years straight. For fuck sake, that cannot be all down to bad luck.

This certain person knows fuck all about me, so what right does he have to question me?

We’ve been unlucky with injuries eh… For four Fucking seasons? Diaby is a proven crock. Rosicky is a proven crock. Robin is a proven crock. Theo is a proven crock. Eboue is a cock. Dudu suffered a horrific injury. We’ve had most of these problems BEFORE the seasons started. Something should of been done.

Last season we played so well because of Adebayor and Cesc hitting magic form. The carried us but as soon as they got jaded, we fell apart. THAT SAYS SOMETHING.


What is the solution you could say to me? Buy, buy, buy and buy some more? Um… yes! Barcelona did it. Manchester United did it. They’re doing quite well, yes?

Am I just being unreasonable at being frustrated with injuries? Really, I think it’s quite a fair and valid point. But because I have a difference in opinion, my support is not good enough. Am I the only one who thinks that’s fucked up? Respect has to be earned and the club have not respected the supporters this season, with the recent ticket debacle at

It works both ways. Now if you want to always look at the brighter side, that’s fair enough. The world is divided into optimists, pessimists and realists. It’s just the way we are. And we shouldn’t be told to fuck off because of it.

Not having the freedom to air you opinions is a bad thing. A very bad things and it’s resulted in some very bad events happening throughout the course of history. It’s the same principal here, if people can’t air their views without their support being questioned how are we expected to develop as a club?

Not only is it disgraceful from a supporting point of view but it should be within a human being’s right to express his view. These people will tell us that we should come up with a justified argument. Well, telling us to fuck off is hardly intelligent, is it?

I don’t expect people to get along with hugs and kisses. Human nature just wouldn’t allow it, but there are somethings which are just downright disgusting and low. This is one thing that I feel strongly about and one thing that gets me riled up.

If you have ever questioned someone’s support for something as trivial as that, then YOU are a disgrace.

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  1. Random says:

    Your an idiot!

  2. neil pearce says:

    I agree entirely, why because we do not agree with everything A.W. does.
    Are we not entitled to OUR opinion,

    If they dont like what we think ,well FXXX them!!


    They are entitiled to their opinions, But just remember WE are all supporters, do you honestly think that we should all think the same ?

  3. gbenga says:

    What has dis dude said???????????

  4. Stew says:

    I admire your passion and wish all Arsenal fans had the same, instead of constantly moaning.

    I do disagree though, we have been extremely unlucky with injuries and yes, maybe we should have bought a few more players.

    I do feel however fans who have supported Arsenal long before Wenger, long before Graham even, will appreciate what we have now.

    We are in a Golden age, if people think we are bad now, they need a wake up call, look to the early 80’s and the 60’s – that was bad.

    It is unrealistic to think we can challenge for or win the title EVERY year, just because we had continue success from 98 onwards doesn’t mean it lasts forever. Look at all the top teams, it goes in spells.

    I am not criticising you at all, or questioning your fanship. But we as Arsenal fans have been spoilt by this marvelous club and fantastic manager, and now is the time to get behind them, when they need us the most….we need to inspire them….


  5. thevanster says:

    Cheers stew, i appreciate it.

    I see where you’re coming from and you’re the only one who thinks like that. But the way I see it, we are on the decline. Yes, a million times better than 80s and early 90s but we have a chance to maintain these high standards and build upon it. We don’t want to go back to that standard, do we?

    I suppose we will just have to see. Really, nothing we say will make a difference because the board will NOT sack wenger.

  6. bal says:

    How old r u? 10?

  7. wembley79 says:

    I understand your frustration, with the knobs who seem to think the answer is to swap allegiance at the first sign of trouble (or suggest that you do the same if you disagree with the way things are going)

    However, I think that the buy, buy, buy strategy locks you into a long term spiral of having to pursue this policy – you simply cant hold onto the quality youth that are coming through (and i’m thinking more of the wilshere types here)if their progress is blocked by players that cost 10m +.

    I know that it is frustrating, but the consistancy will come, it is a product of experience. I firmly believe that this squad will click, and when it does, we will see the biggest media wankfest in history.

  8. Paul B says:

    All fans are entitled to their views, it’s nothing to get worried about, but you can not deny that certain players in the last four years have not been up to standard.
    Wenger has had time to reflect and do something about it but has ignored a lot, we are paying a lot of money to watch one sided football, don’t get me wrong, Wenger has done a lot but the patience with a lot of long term fans is wearing thin.
    His blind loyalty to players like Eboue,Song,Adebayor and Bendtner has driven fans made, the fact he puts finishing in the top four higher than any trophy is a disgrace because we could be winning trophies and still playing CL.
    Arsenal are paying high wages to mediocre players who in my opinion aren’t good enough, every team has injuries not just us, the fact is that the so-called young players we have heard so much about are not getting the chance to play instead we are lumbered with second rate players who are in a comfort zone.
    There is no passion or drive from some players who do not have a clue about wearing the red and white.
    I am sick of hearing Wenger moan about the negative tactics our rivals play, he has had five years to do something about it and has failed.
    This current team is going backwards, something has to be done and we should question Wenger, even the great Cloughie got Forest relegated.
    I have supported Arsenal since 1973 and I have enjoyed the highs and lows but it’s the fact I am paying a lot of money to watch certain players with no passion.
    If we continue with this current trend we will end up as a mid-table team, the trick is to stay one step of your rivals, but everyone knows how to play against us, and watching donkeys like Song and Denilson play the ball sideways and backwards is just as negative as putting ten men behind the ball.
    Wenger simply does not have a plan B and never has, until he adopts a plan B this is how we will continue to play

  9. Terry says:


    I’ve followed the Arsenal before my knees were straight.

    I used to stand in the freezing cold clock end and watch us fight out a drab draw with a dull Coventry, or Luton or QPR.

    It’s all about being loyal, loyal to the Club.

    Many ‘supporters’, & players’, have no idea what that means.

    People like me will still be here long after the freelancers have moved on.

  10. thevanster says:

    terry. i’m 15. In ’97 i was 4 and have supported the club since. 🙂

    But I don’t appreciate people questioning my support when I disagree with the way the club is being run.

  11. LadyGunner says:

    I wonder who you would prefer to manage Arsenal? If not Wenger, then who? And do you believe in living within your means? The reason there is a global depression is precisely because individuals, companies and countries haven’t…and I applaud Arsenal for not going into debt by buying players they can’t afford.

    I agree that it’s time for some players to go, and it is very frustrating that Wenger is loyal to players who don’t deliver. I’m sorry that Flamini was allowed to leave…that was a costly mistake if Arsenal doesn’t make it into the CL next year. Far more expensive than keeping him would have been!

  12. Paul B says:

    I have a question , what would the scenario be if we continue to play like this and we continue to pay the highest prices in the world, if we have peaked and Wenger can’t take us any further would you still pay the over the top prices, will you still make the trip to home and away games.
    Nothing lasts forever

  13. Goonoo says:

    this rant is a bit much. you lack perspective. it’s not your fault but because of your age you’ve only ever known the Sky Sports Premier League era of the game, where you’re only as good as your last 45 minutes of football. arsenal have only EVER won 13 league titles. that makes us the 3rd most successful club in English football but works out at around one title per decade in our history. the current period in terms of quality of football and success is our most golden age in living memory. I for one know that what we see every week is by no means the “shit” that you’ve been spoiled enough to believe it is.

  14. thevanster says:

    Times change, we have the ability to boost up that average. We should be showing ambition and going for the best.

    I fully understand the implications of the credit crunch, but our bank loan is different to United’s. We are strong financially….

    Well, that’s what PHW says but Wenger says differently? Which one is telling the truth? In the communication era there still seems to be a lack of communication between the club and fans.

    I am not asking for ten 30m signings. That would be stupid. But we more than have enough resources to spend 8-9m on a decent defensive midfielder.

  15. Tossers says:

    So you’re questioning other supporters questioning your support…?


  16. peter says:

    yea you are entitled to your opinions even if i find them disheartening. but this post was a frustrated rant and you did not come across well. “This certain person knows fuck all about me, so what right does he have to question me?” well to be honest, if you write a blog on the internet (especially one as negative as yours) you are kinda asking for it. ” it should be within a human being’s right to express his view” hmmm… wait a second, didnt you just say this certain person has no right to question you? but i know your just annoyed at abusive commenters and i agree they are cunts. out of interest though who would you like to see replacing arsene because although he is far from perfect, i really cant imagine arsenal without him.


  17. GoonerC says:

    Sorry, but if you are 4 you cannot actually support a team. You probably kind of knew what was going on when you were about 7- so 2000. Anyway this is besides the point. If you think we should sack wenger who do you think should replace him and why?

    I appreciate that the team has been struggling this season due to the fact that we failed to strengthen the squad enough in the summer, but the fact fo the matter is we dont have the money of Barcelona or Man U, no matter what the board says. The fact that wenger talked about our limited funds in january proves this.

    I agree that you are not a bad fan for being pissed off, its the fans like the two who sat behind me last night who were saying things like “this is the worst side to play at the emirates this year and we cant even beat them” when we were 1-0 up, and who after the game when everyone else was applauding said that we were as good as out of the competition.

    Arsenal fans need to be realistic about the club- we DO NOT have the means to go out and buy player after player and wenger is the only man who can keep us there or there abouts whilst on a small budget. Some of his subs in recent weeks have been absolutely rubbish!

  18. Ian says:

    This is the problem with the internet, some spotty teenager can write an article about Arsenal and create a debate about nothing. I have been following Arsenal since the 70’s and though this isn’t our best period it is not the worst that I have seen. I can remember being in Highbury to watch us play Luton with a half empty stadium. This team is not so bad we just need 1 or 2 additions and we will be back where we belong. There are a couple of players that aren’t fit to wear the shirt, step forward Eboue and Song, but apart from that we are in good shape. So please stop your whinging and get behind Arsene as he is the best manager this club has had. The Vanster please go and buy a copy of playboy and pull yourself silly to get rid of those teenage frustrations.

  19. donhowe says:

    You’ve supported the club since they won the double in’97/98? I guess to you a ‘down’ period is finishing fourth a few times?

  20. Ian says:

    This is the problem with the internet, some spotty teenager can write an article about Arsenal and create a debate about nothing. I have been following Arsenal since the 70’s and though this isn’t our best period it is not the worst that I have seen. I can remember being in Highbury to watch us play Luton with a half empty stadium. This team is not so bad we just need 1 or 2 additions and we will be back where we belong. There are a couple of players that aren’t fit to wear the shirt, step forward Eboue and Song, but apart from that we are in good shape. So please stop your whinging and get behind Arsene as he is the best manager this club has had. The Vanster please go and buy a copy of playboy to get rid of those teenage frustrations.

  21. harryo says:

    97.. it sounds like u jumped on the bandwagan with the rest of those cunts who leave 15 minutes early. must have supported some other club before 97

  22. James says:

    Wenger seems to think Arsenal should be immune to injuries, which is very foolish. You have to have a strong squad if you have pretensions of winning the title or Champions League – that means quality all the way through. If you’re going to be a tight old bastard and try and win it with a bunch of kids in reserve then you get what you deserve – and that’s what Arsenal are getting, nothing. What annoys me is that Arsenal fans pay some of the highest ticket prices in the country for what? An illusion that we’re competing for all the big prizes. We’re not and Wenger should be honest and tell the truth. If we’re not ready for the big prizes, say so and drop the ticket prices, don’t just spin everything and insult fans intelligence – charging the earth to watch a team create 3 chances per game for 6 months.

  23. Gooner '71 says:

    Whilst you are welcome to your opinion; I band your comments with the new band of Arsenal fans who do not realise how good they have it.
    The buffoons who spend more time and effort booing their owns players and singing disparaging songs about Eboue that they do getting behind their own team.
    Changing managers is not the answer; look at that shower down the road; they spend large amounts on new players for new managers every year and look where that got them.
    In an age where players and mangers loyalty are questioned we must stand behind the great man. If he had followed your example he would have headed off to Chelski or the horse traders in Madrid after you witnessed your 1st double.

  24. christian gross says:

    probably a SPUD

  25. bobbyp says:

    HarryO. If you had bothered to read through then you’d see that the post is written by a 15 year old who you are calling a cunt. Grow up.

  26. James says:

    I’m not saying Wenger should leave – again, you are jumping to stupid conclusions. Anyone who criticises the club is jumped on and told they are not a true supporter – what a load of crap! What I AM saying, is that the fans are being lied to.

    All season long Wenger has said we can do this, we can do that, yet in the Summer everyone knew this team had fuck all chance of winning anything. As soon as Lehmann, Gilberto, Diarra, Flamini and Hleb went, and Wenger did sod all to replace them, it was game over.

    What I am asking for is the truth!! Are Arsenal just also rans with the club expecting to be trophy winners in 2-3 years? In which case, OK lets do that and stick by Wenger. But not have to put up with all this insulting bullshit about how great Bendtner and Eboue and Song will be ONE DAY!! And how we can win the title and the Champions League. We are being bullshitted and you’re fucking falling for it.

  27. th37 says:

    genuinely pretty stunned by this.

    firstly, kudos for your honesty about supporting since 97.

    but i think you are only appealing to a certain crowd by using the oh so intimidating ‘fuck’ word. not so great.

    yes, anyone who supports this club with their heart shouldn’t be questioned. and yes, this is a season not to be remembered, pretty dismal in fact. and if i’m honest, i just hope we make 4th or maybe 3rd in the league, let alone silverware.

    but i’m now getting to a point where these forums of discussion are just getting boring. wenger was a revolution at arsenal, and we have continued to evolve since, for better or worse we have. but i think there is more pride to be taken from a side with principals than i side set on buying silverware. and yes fans persist in seeing the negative.

    i don’t believe any of us have the right to question wenger. yes, i buy the shirt, i buy the ticket but he has brought more to this club than we could have hoped for and still believes. we should count ourselves lucky to still have a manager that is revered around the world and is on the verge on unleashing one of hell of a team.

    to be honest, my main issue is with the fans nowadays. be it the crowd that arrive 5 minutes late and leave 10 minutes early, or those that prefer to remain silent instead of cheer on the team we are all so easily ready to critisise behind the safety of the internet.

    don’t boo. be glad the we still have a team contending with a sense of pride. and be proud to have made the decision years ago to support one of the best football teams in the world, and with a board that we might not always agree with, but a board that has a history and love for this club.

  28. barry gooner says:

    agree in principle with both james and paul b i dont think that anyone would disagree that our performance last season was unexpected if only adebayor would have passed to bendtner in the birmingham game at a time when we were floundering may be things would have turned out differently it seemed that flamini had transformed himself into a quality player on to this season when we all hoped for an improvement and that with flamini gone perhaps denilson or song would step up to the plate then injuries struck and with too many “reserves” in the starting 11 with adebayor slowed down by his larger pay packet bendtner the carthorse and the useless eboue making the 3rd team on the pitch makes champions league doubtful to say the least so where do we go my solution in the close season would be clear out the dross after all they only prevent better players coming through so farewell adebayor eboue song sign david villa and krancjar along with our returning absentees plus arshavin we need badly some real quality

  29. Harry Barracuda says:

    “I suppose we will just have to see. Really, nothing we say will make a difference because the board will NOT sack wenger.”

    And why the fuck should they you dopey cunt!?

    Those of us who’ve been supporting Arsenal through thick and thin over decades are aware that a little patience is needed, and perhaps a little sacrifice. All you pimply little glory hunters want is fucking silverware, regardless of what it costs.

    You should go off and support Man Ure, if all you can do is moan at your own manager, a man who has already transformed this club in a way no-one could have dreamed, and who if allowed to finish without your fucking moaning can do even more.

    Idiots like you shouldn’t be let loose on blogs. Your mate was right. You’re a fucking moaner.

  30. Skywatching Mug says:

    From you last post, you really do sound like a cry baby spud from down the lane.

    I don’t think you could handle the truth.

    Yes you are entitled to your opinion, but to say the club is lying to you is bull crap. What do you want them to say that we have no chance of winning anything so lets not bother trying.
    We came close last season to winning the title and it was a good bet if we had no serious injures this season, we could challenge again for the title. Football is full of “what ifs” and “we should of or could have done that”. But to turn on The Club like that is not the Arsenal way.

    Yes The Arsenal could be a bit more forth coming with news surrounding the club. The official web site is nothing more than a money making exercise. Which kind of leaves us the supporters hanging.
    And in my opinion this has caused the rise in “half arsed bloggers” doing the rounds on the internet.

    I say, “Suck it up lad !”

    Some fans and some players are starting to forget what it takes to be a Gooner.

    It takes class and mental toughness, with an “attitude of no one likes us we don’t care”.

    Not this negative, “I’ve paid my money so entertain me”, attitude that seems to be the norm.

    Show some class!

  31. T Gooner says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan since 1984. Its in my blood no matter what happens. But I’m not happy with the current situation. When we won the championship in 2004 and went on the unbeaten run, i really thought we were going to dominate for another decade. In the space of roughly 4 years we lost all of our invincibles and sit 5th in the league. Why? 1. Because of Wenger’s ridiculous over 30’s policy 2. Being too tight to keep players like Edu, Wiltord and Flamini and losing them on a free. 3. Not stengtening the squad to keep competing and keep competitive players like Henry happy with our showing of ambition. And we will lose Cesc like this.
    I disagree with this attitude that you’re a not a real fan because you demand success. We don’t want to be a soft touch for anyone. We want to be considered in the same breath as the likes of Real, Barca, United, Liverpool and Milan. We have the fans, we have a stadium that rakes in 3 million a game. All the potential is there. There is no excuses for 4/5 years without a trophy. Wenger and the board need to get the finger out.

  32. Paul B says:

    We are considered in the same breath as teams mentioned, I don’t believe we are a soft touch ask Milan when we beat them 2-0 last season, we do have great support, going 4/5 years without a trophy isn’t the problem for me, it’s the fact we surrendered the FA cup tie last season to the Mancs that’s what gets my goat, trophies to a lot of clubs has now taken a back seat, look at Villa and the Spuds in Europe fielding a shit side.
    I would prefer to see the good old days when we would go for the cups but now sadly finishing fourth is the main objective, the CL is becoming a European league where the money is the issue

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