Do you think that a Diaby & Cesc partnership would work?

Posted: February 27, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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For me Diaby was MOTM in midweek vs Roma and whenever he has played in the middle of the pitch he has looked a real talent. Ive always said that he was wasted on the left wing.

Could the Diaby & Cesc partnership work at Arsenal?

I would like to see this given a go! Some of you might say that Diaby is not a defensive player and could not play next to Cesc! But Denilson is not realy a defensive player and wenger has used him next to Cesc this season.

When Cesc returns to the team and before the end of the season I would like to see this combo give a chance.

I personally rate Diaby more then Song and Denilson, and now he is getting a run in the team in the middle we are seeing the best of him.

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  1. Henry says:

    Definitely should be tried. Diaby is class!

  2. Neal says:

    No! Song is the man!

  3. Trevor B says:

    Absolutely. Next to Cesc, Diaby is the best CM we have, and as long as they both share defensive responsibilities, and our back 4 remains as solid as they have been, we should be fine. Man United don’t don’t use a dedicated DM – it would be a bit like Scholes-Carrick, which has seemed to work fine.

  4. 49 Unbeaten says:

    Denilson was by far the man of the match! Important tackles and starting attacks is all he did all match and made it possible for Diaby to look great. Don’t get me wrong i thought Diaby was outstanding as was Nasri but Denilson showed a glimpse of what Pires, Gilberto and Vieira have all raved about.

  5. Bongo says:

    Against 10 men defense, yes, why not? Denilson could do with a break anyway. Thing is Walcott will be back before cesc, I can’t wait to see both he and arshavin prowling the wings with cesc and nasri playing central and van persie up front and depending on the attacking nature of the opposition have him as loan striker with denilson playing in front of the defense or have bendtner as a second striker.

    While Adebayor has skill vastly superior to Bendtner, his heart is no longer arsenal and he’s not willing to give his all, while Bendtner of late has working his ass off he’s gonna become a great player.

  6. 49 Unbeaten says:

    Another thing to consider is who do we leave out to play Diaby when everyone is fit??? We’ll have Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky, Fabregas, Arshavin, Denilson, Diaby and Crab-man sideways passing Song all wanting to play…..

  7. Jack Staniforth says:

    I can but agree Diaby should be tried along side Fabregas. Some time ago he played exciting football then it seemed to dry up. Now that he`s fit again I really think it could work in mid field.

  8. pistol pete says:

    Unbeaten your takling a load of crap. What game was you watching . Denilson is poop. A average player at best, and is just not ready to be a first team regular. so the answer to yuor question is you leave him out for starters.

  9. 49 Unbeaten says:

    The stats don’t lie pis*ed up pete, ooops sorry, i mean pistol pete! Take a look at opta mate. He’s third in the entire league for tackles won, pass completion and pass accuracy. I suppose you’d rather see Song play instead yeah? It’s no coinsidence that when he was brought on against Roma we lost all our shape and Roma started coming back into the game. I’m with Wenger on this mate Denilson has done a great job so far seeing as though he’s been dropped in the deep end and wasn’t supposed to play as many games as he has due to all the injuries….

  10. Bongo says:

    49 unbeaten, we’ll have to rotate a lot, on our way to winning the Champions league and FA cup and besides you’re assuming our squad aren’t going to keep picking up injuries.

  11. 49 Unbeaten says:

    Not at all Bongo. Of course throughout the season we’ll pick up knocks i was merely pointing out that Wenger will have a brilliant headache in who to select. What a brilliant selection of players and depth. We’ll also have to try and integrate Vela, Wilshere, and Ramsey too. Wenger has his work cut out but at least it’ll shut up all the “no strength in depth” campaigners…

  12. pat says:

    denilson played defensive midfield in and for brazil
    any anybody with eyes can see that’s his best position not in the fab role

  13. Tariq says:

    If Diaby can stay 100% fit I think he should be given a chance with Cesc. He’s a box to box midfielder and showed what we have been missing for quite a while against Roma. So I think Denilson should be given a rest and see how Diaby gets on.

  14. piken79 says:

    Diaby looks pretty good in the middle in Europe where they allow you to play football. I am not convince he can make it as CM in the premier league but lets give it a try.Denilson was pretty tidy in the game against Roma but Diaby was class. MOTM has to be diaby or Eboue, except the miss

  15. jazbo says:

    If every one is fit then maybe it should look like this


    Sagna JD Gallas Clichy

    Nasri Cesc Rosicky Arshavin

    RVP Eduardo

    Subs: Fabianski Toure Gibbs Diaby Walcott Vella, Bischoff ,Merida, Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner

  16. James says:

    I think Denilson would be a better DM than Diaby, Diaby gets injured too often to play that role. Forget Song, he’s too slow and dopey. I see Diaby as a competitor for Fabregas position or playing behind the striker in 4-5-1. I don’t like to see Diaby on the wings, complete waste of time.

  17. scarface says:

    what i’m intrigued about is we have Ramsey and Wilshire bought over pure talents.

    we have a bunch of 1st team players right now that are not exactly old. we have Fab, diaby, nasri, arshavin, rosicky, walcott and vela as choices if needed across midfield. diaby or denilson might be playin the “DM” atleast as on the team sheet(unless we buy someone).

    either Wenger has got some departures from the squad or he’s going to waste the english talents by playin them in spurts for the next 5 yrs atleast!!!.Totally unacceptable if this is the case.Oh did i mention , we all been moaning about a proper DM , so there will probably been a new addition to the squad if we fail to get 4th as well!!!!. I’m concerned for these blokes in the reserves coz we fans will not accept them graduating to 1st team as sensible.we want outside players for some reason.

    I think its about time Wenger learns from Fergie about a few things. Rooney may not score goals as he did , but the english blood in him makes him run around the pitch all day long just to secure a result, even if it meant defending in the 6yrd box right after an attacking corner.

  18. gunner4ever says:

    Jazbo – you forgot adebayor in your list mate!

  19. iukol says:

    u cant play diaby and cesc in the middle of the pack.who will tackle.diaby loves to hold on the ball for long so he needs sonmeone who can releasse balls fast of which denilson fits that.diaby can play at cescs position so the only person guaranteen 1st team football in midfiels is denilson.

  20. Wenger says:

    I think if we usually watch da same arsenal then we cant even debate who shud partner cesc i mean its definitely da man wearing cesc former number.He dsnt overhold da ball and wil make sure cesc gets da ball fast 4 him 2 do his magic.Look at his ball wining abilities, cnt compare wit diaby who gets a card 4 every of his tackles.Deni is so humble type cesc likes and hardworkng en above al not injury prone like diaby.

  21. Steve D. says:

    Wenger – you make a very good point mate, but I wish you’d learn to write properly, it’s doing my head in trying to decipher your text!!!!

    Denilson is growing into a very good defensive midfielder and Diaby is a liability when it comes to tackling. We always run the risk of finishing with ten men when Dangerous Diaby tries to put his foot in!!

  22. Fabregas' Dad says:

    FFS, Denilson IS a defensive midfielder, he always has been and he was as good if not better than Diaby on Tuesday. Did you not see how well he read the game and all of the tackles he made? Diaby-Cesc would be much more unbalanced than Denilson-Cesc.

  23. theo`s back!!! says:

    I have thought Diaby – Cesc 4 a long time Diaby is a bigger presence than denilson also bendtner needs to go adebayor and silvestre also. Almunia Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy Arshavin Diaby Fabregas Nasri RVP Eduardo

  24. bashir says:

    why all that debate btn fans? diaby is absolutely good as fab just give him time,he’s a viera model and nobody is fit to wear his shoes.i dont see why u argue men?

  25. 49 Unbeaten says:

    I’m so glad Diaby got a look in today!!!

  26. 49 Unbeaten says:

    that was sarcasm by the way…….

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