[PODCAST] Angry Gooner & “Exclusive interview with Wenger”

Posted: February 28, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

(Warning: contains adult language)

Podcast #2 PLUS an exclusive interview with le boss manager using my iphone after the fulham game

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  1. manuel says:

    you may have some valid points, but you dont half sound like an idiot whilst making those points.

  2. elz gooner says:

    harsh. he aint lost the plot just yet. i do agree on the point of injuries because you have to be prepared for these things- that is why you have a squad but today he did try to be positive. bendtner missed chances- in came vela. eboue shit- in came arshavin. song shit- diaby held his place despite injury. players at fault for today

  3. greek gooner says:

    how drunk are you mate!? what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?! spoiled cunts, we won’t be destroyed if we play in fuckin uefa up for a year, and I KNOW THE TEAM IS CRAP but you are a fuckin idiot, we don’t need crap supporters like you


    “Exclusive’ interview”? you’re a fucking Muppet.

    Call your friend and make him impersonate Wenger miserably, it’s not funny. That obviously is not Assing FFS.

    This blog just can’t get shitter.

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    Perfect impersonation !!!!

  6. kabir says:

    Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Board are responsible for our failure especially
    Wenger who is given full authority for the club but he abuse it, he keep making lies and excuses and injury problems all the time and certaintly uefa
    cup is a sure bet because we did not CAPITALIZE on little chances so wenger should stop saying we will finish top Four its pure a lie.

  7. Tino says:

    you made my day thanks for the laugh mate, tell this fools again and again maybe till we start playing D1 then they would listen.

  8. Baz says:

    couldnt fucking agree more!!

    Somethings got to fucking give, playing this shit predictable bollocks is not working end off

  9. Finsbury says:

    I take it you lot wasnt any of the 60k that booed after the game, probably not, your probably indoors listening to the radio saving your £1500, if we left it up to all of you ”go and support chelsea brigade” we will bottom before any action is taken! so pull your tongues out of AWs tookos, otherwise we will be going to ninian park as underdogs next year aswell!

  10. danny says:

    excellent. i love it

    wenger has lost the pilot. fucking frog

    they have money.

  11. Stubby says:

    I think it’s something to do with the board why we’re not spending the money replacing players. At this rate we’re moving closer to 6th place, not 4th!

  12. James says:

    I agree with you AW is to blame the team is fucking wank it needs sorting out and fast otherwise say goodbye to the Arsenal we all love.

  13. Andy says:

    What makes me angry is Wenger has assembled a squad that don’t have the commitment to grind out results.

  14. tremblingGoon says:

    i for one understand your frustration like any other gooner, and yes, i understand this whole debacle is tearing down lives of many on their weekends and their sprits to go work…..BUT….. you are a bloody idiot.

    go and vent your anger and disappointment with some other views. doing this recording shows that you are a useless thwart. Arsenal FC dont need a cunt like you.

    i am trembling now, i think AW should go, but no matter what, I will not mae a fool of my fav club this way. you think you are a stand up or witty? no, you are just like the remains at the corner of the mouth after you puke.

    go, choose another club, go join manure or chelski or villa since they may be the next to join the top 4. and then you choose again, becos you will never know what loyalty means.

  15. Aa23! says:

    You’re a fucking disgrase!!!

    another spoiled supporter crying cuz we’re not top of the world right now…Being a supporter means having your teams back trough thick and thin, and guess what, right now it’s one of those periods when our team is struggling!!!

    In a way i hope we don’t make the top four. It would certanly be worth it if the club lost shit supporters like yourself…
    Then our magnificent stadium could be filled with people who actually give a damn about Arsenal, REAL SUPPORTERS!!!

    Message to all REAL SUPPORTERS:

    keep cheering our lads during every game, the team needs us now more than ever. IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  16. Danish Gooner says:

    we are going nowhere with wenger and his current squad you dont have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the whole set up is flawed beyond salvation.It took exactly two games to make arshavin look like a total ordinary plonker and no Arsene it isnt simply in the head it is tactically inept(your fault),game winning spirit missing(players fault,they are so far up their own backside what they need is a stern bollocking).The pattern of play is o predictable that every fucking Fulham player had anticipated two Arsenal moves ahead if that is not a lesson for wenger to sart on a plan B he is as blind as bat and deserves no more then the sack.

  17. Gooner For Ife says:

    LOL!!!!!! I agree!

  18. nut says:

    Agree wenger should pull hiss rat faced head out of his arse and take a look at the shit he fields they are a fucking disgrace……Greek goonner how do you know it will be only 1 year in uefa cup because if we dont finish 4th our so called better players like cesc, r.v.p, theo, edu could well leave why would cesc want to keep playing along side with diarby, song and denilson when could play for barca so don’t tell me we would only be in uefa 1 year friend……………

  19. James says:

    This Guy is 100% right Danish gooner and tremblingGoon your the fucking idiots AW needs to go you thick wankers and so do supporters like you fuck off.

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