Chas & Dave,Ossie Ardiles,Jamie Redknapp,Tim Sherwood, Justin Edinburgh” CAN YOU ERE ME? YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING!!!!

Posted: March 1, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Well done Bentley you waste of skin!!!

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  1. thenry says:

    lol good on the old arsenal rejects for making sure that the spuds shyte did not win.
    now bently knows why we let him go he has no back bone and is all mouth cant even hit the target from 10 yaerds what a wanker.

  2. manuel says:

    why are you bothering posting this? wow, man united beat spurs in the carling cup final. why are we bragging about this for gods sake? jesus christ. idiots.

  3. arsenalaction says:

    2 ex arsenal players miss penalties for the Scum in a cup final

  4. manuel says:

    i think it just sums up where we are that we are taking joy from spurs losing in a pointless cup final on penalties.

    yes it is funny bentley missed, i agree, but you have gone completely overboard. your title is pathetic. it makes arsenal fans look pathetic.

  5. Eastham says:

    Loosen up – its good to have a laugh. Everybody told us that the oxyygen thief was the next David Beckham

  6. abc says:

    David C*ntley is only one ex player, come on scums to relegatin. lol ToT…

  7. Anonymarse says:

    More to the point, Stoke came up with a miracle in injury time and we might just still come 4th !

  8. manuel says:

    yes id rather focus on things that actually effect us. stoke have done us a HUGE favour today and the unlikely nature of it is a huge boost.

    spurs losing might well warm our hearts a bit, but articles dont need to be released about it.

    write about villa cocking up instead.

    ps. i think bentley is a prize chump and it was amusing to see him miss. i cannot deny.

  9. Goon says:

    Come on you lot. Lighten up. Arsenal fans haven’t had a great deal to smile about recently so I have to say that our neighbour’s misfortune today has pleased me greatly.

    They’d do excatly the same in the reverse situation. This is the point of rivalry/banter.

    David Bentley eh? couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

  10. beck says:

    ignore spurs apart from when we play them and concentrate on getting us to on general sale for the burnley cup tie.
    come and give the gunners your love

  11. Rash says:

    Wow scums, had fun bragging about your Carling Cup Final Shit??

    Now take your asses and fuck off fighting for relegation… IMAO!!

    As for us (ARSENAL of course), we have better things to do than talking about the tiny totts. Villa losing out in the last 2 minutes shows they are under pressure, losing to Chelsea n then losing in UEFA and today surrendered 2 goal lead in 2 minutes shows Arsenal still have a big shout in the 4th place (12 games to go)

    Wenger should tough up with the players and stop being an ass, it’s his mistake, stubborness and blindness that put Arsenal in this misery. When a manager comes out and says their rival (Man Utd) are untouchable, what the heck his players must went through?! They look not interested to even get the 4th place!

    Sort it out wenger or else fuck off!


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