Wenger has become a moldy piece of cheese that has started to stink.

Posted: March 1, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

The best way to deal with this is to cut it out before it infects everything.

The “Arsene Knows Best Brigade” are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with excuses this time.

So now all of the problems we have at Arsenal are just down to bad luck & injures?  but in football you get injuries and you need to be prepared for them. Other teams have also had major injuries this season but you don’t see them winging about them. Wenger blames other teams for coming and defending? We all know how teams like Hull, Fulham etc are going to play. Bu yet Wenger cant change our style of tactics to get the win.

Look at the points we have dropped this season

  • 0-0 Fulham
  • 0-0 Sunderland
  • 0-0 Tottenham
  • 0-0 West Ham
  • 4-4 Tottenham
  • 1-1 Sunderland
  • 1-1 Middlesbrough
  • Lost 2-0 Stoke
  • Lost 2-1 Fulham
  • Lost 2-1 Hull

We have failed to beat Sunderland, fulham in 2 games this season. Look above at the teams listed, Its a disgrace that we are dropping points to them teams.

Wenger seems lost and unable to fix this problem. People Will try and defended him and blame “the refs, Injuries, International breaks etc” But the only problem we have is the man who was so stubborn to admit that he made a mistake and allowed too many key players to leave and didn’t invest in good replacements. its clear to most that players like, Song, Denilson and co are not good enough to play in the team.

Wenger reached his peak years ago and is now living off the success of then! Players like Van Persie, Cesc and many more want to win things now.

For me Wenger need to be removed as manager in the summer and given a job as an accountant for the club, as it seems that that’s the only thing he cares about is balancing the books.

We need a new face at the club.
A younger man with vision who is not scared to change our ways or to go out and spend on a world class player. We need a manager who will come out and speak the truth about players who are not good enough and not defend them all the bloody time.

Sorry wenger but you have got to go

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  1. O says:

    You’re scraping at the bottom of sanity

  2. L says:

    ok- but you fail to indentify this new messiah!

  3. jaygunn says:

    The only thing that needs to be cut out is idiotic parasites like you, writing crap like this. We don’t need people like you affiliated with this club.

    You are testament of what has happened to our fans.
    Arsenal are being run as a club should be, he has enabled thousands more to watch arsenal and this is how pricks like you wish to repay him.

    Wenger has single handedly built this stadium under tight restraints and is working hard to keep us in the top 4 without any support from some fans.

    As for all the idiots who booed yesterday, go back under the rocks you have crawled out from or better still support the idiots from down the road and see truly what crap really is!

  4. RomfordPele says:

    Total crap. Thankfully you are nowhere near the levers of power and just sit in your bedroom blogging this crap.

  5. Sam says:

    Wenger is MOST hurt!! He is a best coach. The players he believed in, had a faith in let him down, again!!

  6. tony says:

    tottaly agree – he’s shite!

  7. BenKim says:

    well said mate, well said!!!!! Wenger MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jonny says:

    What an embarrassing post – you are the epitome of the modern idiot impatient football fan. Ferguson went what? 5,6,7 years without a trophy at Man Utd (I forget exactly) and the likes of you would have had him hung after a couple of seasons. Man Utd fans called for his head at the beginning of last season – did alright in the end didn’t he?

    Confidence is low at the moment – and yes Wenger has made a few mistakes but he is still the best person to manage the club. We have an amazing squad of players coming through and a few good results could yet salvage a frustrating season.

    Wenger has forgotten more about football than you will ever know – he is still a unique and extraordinarily talented manager. When he does go he will prove nigh impossible to replace. Who exactly would you have the board install anyway?

  9. James Jalloh says:

    As i said yeterday:
    After another goalless (soul less?) performance at the Emirates the question remains the same; what’s wrong at the Arse?
    The low turn out, particularly for a 3.00 Saturday kick off was perhaps an indicator of where we currently sit, both in terms of aspiration and entertainment. The ability of the Club announcer to say that today’s attendance was over the 60,000 mark without laughing was impressive. But we will get onto bums on seats later.

    Since Wenger’s arrival he has had a playing philosophy based on a passing game with dynamism, and certainly with some of the players that we have seen at Highbury under Wenger the team have been able to adhere to this philosophy; most notably in our unbeaten Season. However we have seen a squad that, in succession won the league, The FA Cup and reached the Champions League Final, systematically dismantled by Wenger. In such a short space of time we have seen those players replaced by a squad that is over balanced with players that do not have the ability to play the sort of passing game that is Wenger’s mantra.

    Today we saw clearly that Bendtner does not have the touch or pace required. Denilson and Diaby do not have the requisite power to not be dominated by a central midfield pairing of Danny Murphy and Etuhu ( neither of them an Essein, Carrick or Gerard)
    We also saw Eboue actually being played in his correct role, for the first time in i don’t know how long, as Sagna’s back up at right back. Yet Wenger persists in playing him as a wide midfield player. Arshavin, clearly a way off from being match fit was kept on for the full 90 minutes and the other sub we saw lining up was Song. It was clearly a game that we had to, and were expexted to, win, particularly in light of Evertons result earlier yet we did not see any players who looked like they might score, warming up. Where were Wiltshire, Ramsay, Merida? and while we now haven’t scored in 4, Wenger does not make any decisive decisions in a home game against lowly Fulham. It didn’t help that Almunia persisted in taking long goal kicks that went straight back to Fulham as our players failed to win the ball in the air. Yes our back four are not conceding goals at the moment but our full backs are suffering as a result of the lack of ability in midfield to impose themselves. Giving the ball away in midfield is now becomming more than a habit it is becomming standard operating procedure.

    Just as the announcer was lying about the attendance Wenger has been lying to us and to himself about the quality of the starting line ups he routinely puts out. When he says that Almunia is a world class keeper he is wrong. When he says Eboue is a talented player he is wrong. When he says that Bendtner has a great future at the club he is wrong. As wrong as he was when he sold Edu, Diarra, Gilberto and Pires. As wrong as he was when he failed to get Barry or Alonso or Ribery for the matter of a few Euros. As wrong as he is when he tells us to have faith and believe in the quality of the team when he can start with a midfield of Song Eboue Diaby and Denilson. As wrong as he is when he says he would pay £6m for Solomon Kalou yet turn down cash offers for Eboue and Adebayor. As wrong as he is when he sticks with a midfield that neither creates goals or scores goals yet won’t give the younger player, who in his own words are good enough, a chance.

    So is it all doom and gloom? probably not. The role of any supporter is to be there through the different periods a club goes through, however now more than ever is the question of economics going to be a factor? Even though it’s a long way from panic stations, crowds are clearly diminishing at the Emirates. The problem being that the move to the Emirates was based on economics. There was clearly a demand and supply issue. The number of existing season ticket holders and the vast waiting list meant that a larger ground was neccesary to accomodate them and increase revenue (particularly with prices charged on your ‘matchday experience’) What was not taken into consideration was the nature of the product on offer when the new stadium was mooted; attractive, winning football with some of the best players in the world-world cup winners, European champions and genuine stars- battling it out for the title year in year out. That’s what a vast proportion of the ‘new’ fans coming to the emirates where expecting. They haven’t been given what the brochure promised. Like it or not Stadiums nowadays are made up of supporters AND fans. The thing is that fans have better things to do when Arsenal are not playing well, as unpalatable as that is,it is a reality. Are we heading towards a situation where the ground will be half empty thus resulting in lower revenue? If so it will be based on Wenger’s failure to deliver what was promised. It will be a case for many of having taken a beautiful girl home only to find out that she is wearing a padded bra a wig and fake tan.

    The people that run the club seem to be out of touch with the supporters and some of the decision making seems strange.The corporates couldn’t be bothered to come out for half time so the Club responded by stopping the free beer. Some problems over a flag the club responds by banning flags. Attendances are falling so today the club responded by having a free matchday programme on arsenal.com. We may not qualify for the Champions League, how is the club going to respond then? If these decisions are anything to go by Wenger will still be secure in his job.

    Ultimately no one said that supporting the Arsenal was going to be easy and i totally accept that, but what i can’t accept is when i see the erosion of the club out there on the pitch. I’m no expert but most people would agree that we see an eleven men in Arsenal shirts picked by Wenger on a regular basis that are a shadow of an eleven that we were seeing at Highbury only a short time ago. And that’s a fact.

  10. William McDonald says:

    Completely agee with the article.Now BR has attacked him for his kid policy.It seems he has reached his peak in 2004. he has only himself to blame for refusing to recruit the finsihed product.
    Well if Arsenal can claim the fourth place, all will well and forgotten.But it doesn’t look good.His attempt at buying AA is an attempt to plcated the fans.However the core problems have not been addessed and it could be a question of too late.Assuming the gunner don’t get the 4th place, the gunners could go crazy and embark on a massive buying spree when for the price of less than 30 million gbp,things could be so much better.

  11. Ramgun says:

    Starting with the sale of Diarra Arsene Wenger has been wrong on almost everything on a regular basis. Wrong on team selection, tactics, substitutions and transfer policy. To all of that we must add a complete inability to notice that some players just don’t try hard some of the time. Did Diaby and Nasri need a shower after yesterday’s level of effort?
    Bertie Mee and George Graham did very well and then became incompetent. Both were allowed to stay in the job for the same reason that Wenger will remain – they used to be good. If Wenger had taken over in the summer of 2005 he would already be on his way out due to his performance over the last four years. We have taken five years to move from being a big, physical and brilliant team to a team heading for the UEFA Cup( or whatever the losers cup is called next year) with a midfield which closely resembles The Time Bandits.

  12. Dan says:

    Ramgun, the problems started before the sale of Diarra mate. Wenger never replaced Vieira (who by all rights is irreplaceable). On the day we sold Vieira for Mars bar and a pint to Juve I knew we were a second rate team…have any other ‘big clubs’ sold their talismanic captain in his peak for such a pittence?

    Wenger isn’t a great manager, he’s not a Fergie or Mourinho simply because he isn’t ruthless enough. It’s a shame it’s taken four and a half years and a shocking campaign this year to realise WENGER CANNOT TAKE US ANY FURTHER!

    WENGER OUT!!! Thanks for your first eight years of service though mate!

  13. Mike says:

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  14. Danish Gooner says:

    We are never gonna win the cl with wenger as a manager.Why are the board not interested in us winning anymore,we are the biggest club in London and after 12 seasons in the cl have only ever played once in a final and the second best being an quarter-final.Teams like <<<<<aston Villa and Forest have won the cl but we havnt.All this bollocks about us being a big club a big club wants to win have a serious crack at the cl,but we have under achived big time i am questioning the fact that we might never win it in my lifetime and i am only mid thirties.

  15. The Saint says:

    I guess some “fans” want us to say the Emperor is fully clothed and not completely lost the plot but I wonder if Gooners can ever be like that or like Portsmouth fans who cheer loudly no matter what the result? I guess that’s what the club wants from us. I wonder if we can give it a shot then and not ever boo again? I for one think we are very fair fans and we rarely boo lack of talent but we definitely don’t tolerate lack of heart and effort and certainly cowardice. It takes courage and pride to fight to the end the way Lampard did for Chelsea against Wigan. Maybe then will we not have anymore boos and when we’ll become more like the Pompey fans the Board wants us to be.

  16. Josh says:

    I guarantee everyone here that the next time we get a win, the same people who are calling for Wenger’s head will be singing his praises. It’s toughest to be a fan when your team goes through a dry spell. If you don’t want to support; fine, don’t support. Leave it to the real Gooners. I heavily dislike the mass majority of the ‘new’ Arsenal fans, much as I hate to admit it and am hence, ashamed by it.

    By all means, go support someone else just because the going gets tough. Get it through your head; as a fan, no one wants a downer so get f***ed.

  17. archwaygunner says:

    Couldn’t agree less with your “views”
    I think we have a problem in midfield, getting the balance of aggression and skill is a difficult balancing act and we don’t have it right yet.
    In defence we’re getting there, though I’m not an Almunia fan, I think he’s not strong or dominant enough.
    In attack however, when we can select from our full squad we will have an awesome array of talent, our main problem will be who to leave out.
    adebayor, arshavin, van persie, bendtner, nasri, vela, walcott, rosicky, eduardo.(+Simpson.) That is mouthwatering, I wouldn’t want to go back to watching chapman, hawley et al up front for us, though possibly it would suit you and the rest of the prawn-sandwich brigade. Wenger- keep on rockin!! Whingers and moaners, feck off, you are a disgrace.

  18. thenry says:

    the only thing wrong at arsenal are the so called experts such as yourself
    what do u know about football.
    are u taking injuries to cesc and rosisky into account.
    as well as we are balancing our books unlike other clubs.
    why dont you go and support another club instead as i would rather have wenger thenWANKERS LIKE you and your blog constantly attacking arsenal football club instaed of supporting it.
    i wont be coming abck on it again

  19. I am not so sure its time to go but heaven there needs to be a rethink. I just think that Wenger is far to close to the players to see the wood for the trees. Maybe I am wrong, United looked buried about three years ago and look at them now and at least we aren’t Liverpool!

  20. Hattie Jacques says:

    Yeah Wenger out!!!!! Well said mate. Bloody cheese eating Frog. We should have a proper manager like that Allardyce fella. I mean what’s Wenger ever done for Arsenal??? 3 Premier league titles, 4 F.A cup trophies, going a whole season unbeaten, a champions league final and some of the most beautiful, exciting, attacking football ever played in the premier league etc etc etc etc…..
    Sack him now.
    I’m off to support a club with a “winning mentality” who like to change their managers as often as their socks like say Tottenham Hotspur.
    Toodle pip.

  21. Jack says:

    You lot are UNGRAETFUL cowards!! If you are that unhappy why dont you go support another team!! Stupid idiots!!

  22. Arselicked says:

    Am glad you are not the manager

  23. RedandDread says:


  24. Arselicked says:

    We are going to pip Liverpool and Aston Villa for 4th. Every team goes through a bad parch. Ours is almost ending, theirs is yet to begin. AW is solving problems and he is been good at it.

    In the beginning we are were beating teams 3-1, 4-1 only to lose to Fulham, Hull and Stoke. We drew 4-4 with Spuds and our defence started to fall apart. AW fixed it, now the problem is we are not scoring goals and am sure AW will fix that.

    Its idiotic to keep hiring and firing good managers, Spuds fired Jol, where is he now, Top of the Bunderslig, they fired Ramos, where is he, he played more than ten games unbeaten and is only 4 points behind Barcelona. Where are the Spuds, fighting relegation. Mhahahahaaaaaaaaaah.

    I think you should support Spuds, maybe oneday they will find a good manager who will win trophies every season.

    AW is building a strong team rather than buying a strong team and right now he needs support. I bet you will come up with a different, pro AW article if he wins the Champions league this season and we stand a good chance because by April we will have Adebayor, Cesc, Theo, Rosicky, Eduardo all back, if we are lucky.

    I think you are a coward going for Denilson, Song and Diaby. Why don’t you talk about RVP who seems to play 60min and missed good chances against Roma and Fulham. Is he an AW mistake?

  25. nut says:

    Well said dan totally agree with, he can take us any further, i would be gutted if he signs again, he should fuck off upstairs and deal with all the books as that’s all he wants to do earn fucking money, and not off load the shit player we have in our team instead he comes out and say’s how they gonna be world class……. Fucking joke!!!!!!!! In wenger we trust bolloxs!

  26. Clive says:

    What is the root of the word ‘supporter’?

    I’ll give you a clue – ‘SUPPORTer’.

    Find another club to boo.

  27. ewan says:

    Good frank article. Wenger bye bye. Thanks for the memories…

  28. cescy beast says:

    I wonder what cunts like you will say when it all turns round. In fact, you’re probably hoping it doesn’t. That’s because, as Clive said, you’re not actually a supporter.

  29. L says:

    90% of the fans at the Emirates do not deserve any better worse support ever! Arsenal deserve better fans.

  30. messi says:

    im just so schocked that im hearing and seeing people let alone FANS ASWELL saying arsene needs to go what the fuck do you all know about football instead of following the love for the club your all following the hate and wanting to see arsene go… if i only could shoot you all that would be my wish ACTUALLY I HOPE YOU ALL DROWN YOURSELFS SLOWLY !!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU FAKE FANS ITS ARSENAL TILL DEATH OVER HERE FUCKING BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

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