Wenger Faces Tough Selection Desicions For Burnley Game

Posted: March 5, 2009 by jenningston in Uncategorized

Wenger is facing a selection dilemma against Burnley, especially in the area of striker. 1. Bendtner would be pissed if he got benched after getting a brace, 2. Arshavin has been the most impressive player of all the games he’s played in 3. RvP would be pissed if he got benched twice in a row 4. Eduardo’s coming back, he needs more games.

I think that we definitely have to start Bendtner. You can’t bench a 20 year old who has confidence problems after he just scored a brace, even if it was against a shit team.  I think Arshavin has earned a well deserved break, so we’ll leave him on the bench, alongside Eduardo. So Bendtner and RvP to start up front. I always liked them together, and they have combined well for nice goals over the few times they have played together.

The defense picks it self: Clichy-Gallas-Djourou-Sagna. And Wenger said he would mix up the midfield, so I’ll say


So I think this will be our formation:

——Bendtner—-van Persie——






Bench: Almunia, Eboue, Song, Denilson, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo

I think it will be interesting to see how Ramsey and Diaby do together in the center,  but if things play out right, we might have a decent partnership on our hands with that. I don’t think they’ve ever played together those two. The defense should be fine, another clean sheet I’d say. I think that the pace of Vela and Walcott will be too much for these guys, but the key will be the strikers.

I think Bendtner will definitely continue his good form from West Brom, however it maybe difficult for van Persie, who I think is struggling to decide between a center forward and a playmaker position. As a play maker he slows things down, which is not what Wenger wants, and as a center forward he can score, just not every time, because he will always go for power over presicion. I will be keeping an eye on van Persie, he’s an amazing talent and brilliant asset to the club, but I don’t think he has found his permanent role yet.

Anyways, I say 4-0 to the Arsenal.

  1. Phil says:

    play arshavin because he can’t play against roma

  2. 49 Unbeaten says:

    Arshavin needs fitness so needs to play! He’ll get a break as he’s cup tied for Roma. We don’t need to start RVP – can we really risk him getting injured BEFORE Roma?!!
    My starting line up would be:-
    Sagna/Eboue (might want to rest Sagna)

  3. 49 Unbeaten says:

    Bench would be:-

  4. brdgunner says:

    I agree in principle, however, I would rest different players. RVP wont get pissed off if he does not start. Because Arsenal have played does not mean he has rested.
    I think he should rest. I also think that Sanga should rest. My team would be

    Eboue Djourou Gallas Clichy

    Theo Song Diaby Vela

    Bentdner Arshavin

    This gives Nasri, RVP, Sanga, and Denilson a rest. Add Eddy to that bench and we have the players to impact the game if needed. Wenger mentioned today how close the game was to the Rome game. Which could mean a couple of big names rested. Arshavin cant play the CL so he should start all other games for now at least.

  5. DeeOzGooner says:

    walcott aint gona start…a sub at best

    your also forgetting wengers love-child! – SONG!…he has to get a start as he’s sooooooo crap!

  6. Jack Staniforth says:

    Watched the West Brom game and have to say that I was far from impressed with Denilson or Ramsey,so I guess I`d be inclined to include Nasri and (dare I say it) Eboue in the starting eleven. Other than that I think the above mentioned side looks the goods.

  7. Jacobta says:

    o you think walcott will start? surely arshavin won’t be benched!!! arshavin could play right midfield, Rvp will play too I think.

  8. cally gooner says:

    Come on. Was the brain left at home. He’ll play Asharvin ‘cos he cant play him against Roma.

  9. Tariq says:

    This would be my team:


    Eboue Djourou Gallas Gibbs

    Arshavin Ramsey Diaby Vela

    Bendtner RVP

    Subs: Mannone Clichy Nasri Eduardo Walcott Denilson Song

  10. Tariq says:

    Or put Merida in place of Denilson.

  11. bade the gooner says:

    i would say that arsen should not play diaby & rvp they r both too important 4 the cl clash against Roma. wallcot & dudu should play 45 min to get better shape 4 Roma. arshavin have to play & also should rest the duo full backs so it would be like that:

    wallcot should replace nasri at half time
    dudu should replace vella
    third could be either merida or diaby for 15-20 min or denilson getting the cm & sond moving in eboue’s stand he should get a bit rest also

    At Roma we shoul go with the regulars at the back & then

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