[Ratings] Alex Song MOTM as Arsenal breezed into the quarter-finals 3-0

Posted: March 8, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal breezed into the quarter-finals thanks to outstanding goals from Carlos Vela, Eduardo and Emmanuel Eboue

Carlos Vela hit the first with a superb lofted finish in the 25th minute after racing away from three defenders.

Eduardo added a second after the break, converting Alexandre Song’s cross with an unorthodox volley off his ankle.

Emmanuel Eboue crashed home a third late on and the improving Gunners will host Hull for a place in the last four.

Arsenal (4-4-2)

  • Fabiansk (6.5)
  • Sagna  (7.0)
  • Djourou (6.5)
  • Gallas (8.0)
  • Gibbs (7.0)
  • Eboue (7.5)
  • Song Billong (8.5) MOTM
  • Diaby (7.0)
  • Arshavin (7.5)
  • Eduardo (7.0)
  • Vela (7.5)

Subs: Almunia, Van Persie, Walcott, Ramsey, Clichy, Bendtner, Bischoff.

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  1. bhiz says:

    I thought song was immense, i usually dont listen to Myles but the point he made that arsenal’s bad start made song and denilson scared to make mistakes and therefore they passed sideways was true because in the last couple of games denilson is driving forward, song was adventurous today and deserved his man of the match display. what about eduardo people is there any1 better although should have scored that header(jus gettin greedy) Vela is goin to be an arsenal legend i tell you. Now almost every1 is bck and apart from defence we wont even need to buy any1 this summer unless we lose people. I’m going to have a punt at us winning the league next season and no im not gettin over excited, this team will be amazing. And yes i know its only Burnley but im looking at the potential.

  2. Dan says:

    I totally agree Song is MOTM. He made 2 assists and was very good in tackling & winning balls back. ^_^ In your faces Song haters. ^_^

  3. Rohan says:

    Amazingly Song was brilliant he actually looked like he could turn into a great player. Yeah I know it was against Burnley but if he played like that all the time it wouldn’t matter who the opposition were. I was completely impressed by his performance. He was making great tackles and even more surprising great FORWARD passes. It was his chip through that set up Eduardo. He seemed to be very confident going forward and I don’t know where it came from but I hope it stays. Today he was 10 times better then Denilson has been.

  4. d.j says:

    Song was outstanding, great performance all around.

  5. fanner says:

    I hope Song plays against Roma instead of rubbish Densilson

  6. Anonymarse says:

    Don’t understand the indifferent rating for Djourou above. A few slightly shaky moments but commanding in the air and solid enough overall. No worse than Gallas who made a couple of errors too. I’d be happy enough with him in the side if Kolo isn’t fit enough for Wednesday.

    We’re on the way back. Come on you Gooners !

  7. fanner says:

    oh by the way, why is a 8 for Gallas? Because of his big name? He had just a decent game. Ball loser Diaby does not deserve a 7 as well, he still has the habit of keeping the ball for too long. Song is just Superb!

  8. Danish Gooner says:

    He was ok but against a piss poor team.

  9. Fabregas' Dad says:

    What? Djourou was nowhere near as good as Gallas today. He’s been shaky since he returned against West Brom, though I suppose that’s not surprising considering he hadn’t played for a while since then (and he could’ve become demotivated while sitting on the bench after becoming a first teamer for a while).

    Oh and Song is not better than Denilson. He played well today but he wasn’t as good as Denilson was against Roma. I bet you were saying Song was rubbish before today.

  10. Steve says:

    Even when we win 3-0, all we still get is piss-poor so called supporters still moaning about our players. Song and Denilson and all the others haven’t just learn’t to play football in the last couple of weeks. The difference is with Wenger’s encouragement and a season of experience they have begun to believe in themselves. I say good luck to them, they deserve it.

  11. stav says:

    I agree Song MOTM today and deserved it. I still think Denilson is the better player and will develop into a top class midfielder, hopefully for Arsenal. I think Song proved he can play at a decent level, I’m just not convinced he is quite good enough to play CM for Arsenal, although I do quite like him playing CB, where he can see everything in front of him. Good all round performance today, Arshavin is slowly getting fitter and Eduardo & Vela provided some great finishing. Its interesting that Vela can hold the ball up and link play better than Adebeyor…I can see Arsenal moving back to the quick passing and clever movement they had last year, with players like Arshavin, Nasri, RVP, Eduardo, & Fab, coupled with the pace of Walcott & Vela, it should be good to watch. I suspect Denilson will continue to play the holding role, Diaby will fit in when needed and Ade, Eboue & Song will not get a look in next year.

  12. […] [Ratings] Alex Song MOTM as Arsenal breezed into the quarter-finals 3-0 Arsenal breezed into the quarter-finals thanks to outstanding goals from Carlos Vela, Eduardo and Emmanuel […] […]

  13. Donjohnni says:

    Song was awful!

  14. same with stav, I agree Song MOTM today, and hope Song will continue his best performance with the Gunners.

  15. Rich says:

    I mean, all the Eboue haters, he had a good game right?? kill me if you want but minus his dirty tricks, he’s a good player fit for Arsenal!

  16. pakosouthpark says:

    great skills from song

  17. GunnerPete says:

    Just appreciate the win again and dream of what could / should have been with a full squad. I hope AW will play a similar team againt the Romans.

  18. MoreGuns says:

    Song adds more to attking movement and better defensive cover than denilson ever does- when cesc comes back back to the bench for denilson.

    as for the ratings:

    asharvin 6.5,
    diaby 6.5.

    Good to see eboue did well for a change

  19. freedomphil says:

    I hope Diaby and Song start in midfield with Nasri and Walcott on the wings — too bad Arshavin can’t play. Eduardo and RVP up front should do nicely.

  20. The Dreamer says:

    Arsenal played a really great game! The movement of the young players were fantastic. With a little bit more belief they could go very far.
    Looking forward to the roma match. Hopefully eduardo will lead them through.

  21. Yoni_Great says:

    wow song did fantastic job and hope he will maintain it for long.

  22. Vela says:

    It’s not Carlos Vela’s fault that he is a Mexican, and I have no doubt that he is fiercely proud to be one

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