[NEW Photo] 09/10 GREEN Arsenal Away Shirt

Posted: March 19, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt

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  1. goonblogger says:

    Looks a fake to me mate, look at the Nike tick and sponsor

  2. gazzap says:

    God, its horrible. At least it’ll save me £40 this year.
    the great thing about a bright kit is that team mates hardly have to look up to spot you. With green they will blend into the surroundings. It wont help the players.

  3. Randy Osae says:

    chris, ur mom’s pussy looks fake to me

  4. cupid4real says:


  5. arshavin23 says:

    goonblogger is rite, look at the gunner logo aswel

  6. oli b says:

    if its not a fake and if this is what it will look like, i will be a big fan of it!. The original 82 was really good.

  7. Stu says:

    I hope thats a fake because im not a fan of green.

    And dont we usually switch between blue and yellow so green is very unlikely.

  8. Olly says:

    Every year some blog posts the next seasons kit, I think it’s fake.. Every year it turns out it’s the actual design..

    I think it might be cool in RL 😀

  9. Vic Mackey says:

    Home should be red and white, away you should be yellow and blue. That’s the Arsenal colours.

  10. Raj says:

    If you look closely, theres a gap thats been blurred between the insignia and the actual shirt eg. nikefit logo

    looks suspiciously fake

  11. cap06 says:

    seen this before. its fake. the sponsor gives it away. its pixelated on purpose so its harder to tell.

  12. Hugo says:

    Stu, we had a white shirt just last year…

    Looks real to me but at least it’s better than our original green kit!!

  13. Jim says:

    Its ugly, very ugly. What happened to last season’s away shirt (the white one)? i liked that shirt.

  14. Gooner Chris says:

    who are you Randy??? who are you??? :S

    Like I said, shirt looks genuine. 🙂

  15. Randy Osae says:

    who are you Chris??? who are you??? :S

    Like I said,mommy’s pussy looks fake as she’s a shemale. 🙂

  16. Jim says:

    We did have a green away kit in the 80s if im not mistaken.

  17. james mc daid says:

    pathetic looking strip,who is responsible for this crap.

  18. kinguud says:

    Randy, your well mature.

    What an idiot.

  19. kinguud says:

    Randy you’re well mature.

    What an idiot.

  20. Gooner Chris says:

    Immature little child.


  21. Eduardo says:

    The badge looks to distorted to me.

  22. Shivi C says:

    dont worry randy takes it up the arsenal from your she male mum !!


  23. bring back limpar says:

    I don’t mean to be a geek but the blurring around the detailed edges is a symptom of mpeg compression, known as ‘mosquito noise’ basically the edges require more bits of information to define the changes in colour and luminance, as such certain ‘macro-blocks’ (groups of pixels) lose definition during data-rate reduction. Therefore it could well be a real photo just over compressed for the web.

    I like it too.

  24. bring back limpar says:

    if you look close you can see the same artifacts around the edges of the actual shirt and the whit stripes etc.

    god i bore myself sometimes…

  25. Gooner Chris says:

    I hate this shitty site!


  26. stevus says:

    If the yellow kit was meant to inspire the team to “become legends” is the green one a signal to “become Lee Chapman?” as it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

  27. cripz mc gooner says:

    u fukin hobo jo smoke a bell
    ps newky browns 0 arsenal 5
    arshavin 7, 33, 76 v persi 81 walcott 54

  28. Gooner Chris says:

    Hi mate,

    Randy from Arsenal SPOT was using my account details – username, email etc.

    When that happens, the gravatar on the right hand side comes up. >>>

    Sorry for the trouble, you’ll have to email him if you want to take it further. Or just check the IP addresses. Regards.

    (p.s he’s done it to all my partners on the sidebar)

  29. t-h123 says:

    this is a training shirt!

  30. Matty F says:

    that looks horrible…… i quite like this years or last years! The best away strip was the gold when we won the league at OT

  31. Elijah says:

    It is a photoshoped good work,I’m a web designer
    so …….

  32. caribkid says:

    Real or fake it’s just F***ing ugly. At least I can save my money next year.

  33. noel reynolds says:

    i wish we would go back to the classic yellow and blue which we wore in the invincibles season. that had a ring of brazil about it. i dunno why they fuck about with our 2 basic strips. money i spose.

  34. Oyinlola taiwo says:

    I think dat jersy color is cool.I like it

  35. mad cal says:

    Buy it Now:


    Shirt might be a knock off…but a knock off of what?
    Shit shirt btw…why was the nice current away kit only here for one season?

  36. Hhhhhhh says:

    Erm there’s always retards who think it’s fake. I have a seminal eye for this stuff and I can tell you it’s real. Really like it.

  37. AusGunner says:

    Looks quite authentic to me. Probably won’t buy one but I have nothing against it.

  38. MARK GOONER says:

    im not 100% sure its the exact kit
    but me friend works in singapore for Nike and he has told me its a green kit

  39. Arsen says:

    crapest away kit I ever seen in my life.

  40. gunning says:

    I spent the last few years of my life looking at a computer screen and using most computer graphic apps. Whnever there’s a leaked image (no matter what it is) you always get the same idiots banging on about how its fake, and how they can tell by artifacts, which REALLY pisses me off. As ‘bring back limpar’ said the artifacts are due to bad compression, and bad initial quality. It is real.

  41. Powelly says:

    Yellow and Blue….nuff said.

    I sure hope they don’t change to this green shit!! Can’t see any true, respectable Gooner buying this crap.

  42. alexb says:

    It’s something different, it displays character somehow – I quite like it!

    I’m sure it’ll replace the current (though no longer used) Barcelona-style third kit.

    The yellow-blue kit will remain as either second or third kit.

  43. John Lock says:

    definitely fake..guys people can place orders with me for what coloured jersey they want..how hard is it to change colours i ask??

  44. WANDIRA JULIUS (arsenal4ever) says:

    It looks good however we have to pray for it that it doesn’t carry jinx.
    Some colours seem to affect a team’s performance with logic that can’t be explained.
    Arsenal forever! Julio from Uganda.

  45. Randy Osae says:

    Gooner Chris Gooner Chris, I hate you you stink. I wish I could wash you away in the sink. If only I had a bomb, I would burst you into bits. Gonner Chris o Gooner Chris, I hate you you stink.

    Seriously maan. You are a disgrace to arsenal. Please get off this site.

  46. Joshwaaaaa says:

    Randy what is your problem with Chris?
    Just fuck off you fucking spud.

  47. fucktheenglish says:


  48. Tony Adams says:


  49. Tony Adams says:

    Whats the point of moderation, if people can make comments like this Osae character has?

  50. Kolo Habib Toure says:

    Ugh! I hate it already, I’m gonna tell the boss to stop this shit! Yahaha

  51. wdkf says:

    its too minging to be true, no?

  52. northbankgooner says:

    It’s a fake. Some geezer in thailand has been getting busy!

  53. GoonerTony says:

    if that is next seasons away its cool. its got arsenal on it ill wear it. arsenal for life

  54. aaront says:

    the colours may be real (shit!!) but this particular shirt is fake… the badge gives it away

  55. aaront says:

    the colours may be real (shit!!)
    but this PARTICULAR shirt is a fake… look at the badge..

  56. Fabregas says:

    FAKE. the new away kit is going to be blue it shows a small secton on yhe arsenal site

  57. Sam Beswick says:

    this is complete rubbish the new kit is blue with either white or black pinstripes going down it it seems really nice 🙂

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