[Photos] The Arsenal Wags

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The Arsenal Wags….

From this thread on the forum LINK

Van Persie

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  1. RedandDread says:

    Damn-an all star 1st 11 there. What happened to Manolo’s chick. the pic never came out! Theo’s lass is very saucy!

  2. matt says:

    A lot of them look like real families and couples which just shows the arsenal philosophy of signing sain players.When you look at the england team wags its a joke, they’re a bunch of giant orange oompah loompahs.makes me wanna be sick all over my golden grahams.

  3. i c says:

    I like Almunia alot but that is a shocking dog for a man to be walking, he should be fined 2 weeks wages for walking a dog with a pink lead and pink clothes. And rosicky can use his award to start campfires, and also super sam nasri needs to get rid of his highlights, he looks like a 30-odd essex wife.

  4. Dirty Turkey says:

    Nice work Theo….but poor old Eboue !

  5. bhiz says:

    If you wanna know the meaning of private think about this, has anyone and i mean anyone ever seen kolo’s wife or family, cause i havent or is it just me.

  6. ArsePersie says:

    I think Denilson, Nasri, Theo and Rosicky are lucky guys.

    No wonder Rosicky is always injured, and that Denilson hardly goes out when he goes home. lol

  7. cerbera says:

    Wow they all look great except Walcott’s girl. She she’s got big boobs but her face is kinda rough.

  8. vik says:

    agree on theos girl.
    atleast out in canada they’d call her a ‘butter face’. everythings hot. but the face. lol

  9. FUGAYZI says:

    Gallas photo is a bit dodgy, no? oh yes it is! i like his style though! snout hanging 4rm the corner of his mouth…..or is it a joint!!!!!!!! go on my son!!!!!!

  10. […] [Photos] The Arsenal Wags The Arsenal Wags…. From this thread on the forum LINK Denilson […]

  11. Adam says:

    wats wrong wiv eboues girl hve sum respect, and ive met kolo’s family proper family hes got 3 little kids, n leave theos mrs alone,

  12. Donjohnni says:

    Jesus dude Almunia walking a dog. Get over it! He’s a fucking pimp with that camp pooch and pink collar. Badman!!

    LOL at the Van Persie pic. King of the sea!

    And I think Nasri’s bird is fucking ridiculous – look at those fucking thighs she’d crush you in the sack!

  13. Donjohnni says:

    PS No life jacket for Van Persie and his family !?!??!

  14. jamesKyle says:

    dayum eduardos girl is fine

    looka eboues baby

  15. bigdim2 says:

    this is really good gallery 😀
    keep up the good work 🙂

  16. ArsenalRule says:

    I think Flamini wants a bit of Clichy and his girl aswell.

    Clichy is a lucky boy.

    Miss Denilson is hot aswell.

  17. Oh man, how can Almunia get any girl whatsoever when he dresses like that!

  18. rihanna says:

    cesc fabregas girlfriend is the most ugly.all their girlfriends are so ugly oh my good …

  19. Arzenal says:

    Eboue’s the new Mr Bean. Look at him with the teddy in his hand.

  20. VLNabors says:

    what of Alex Song’s wife or girlfriend?

  21. Haile says:


  22. miley says:

    cute girls!!!!

  23. Gooner4Life says:

    Rihanna…you’re a spiteful cow and I bet £500 that you don’t look too good yourself

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