Allowing Armand Traoré and Senderos to go out on loan was a mistake that will cost us silverware

Posted: April 17, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Do you agree with Jason Goldstein on the forum?

Taken from this thread LINK

Allowing them both to leave on loan will cost us this season. We are very short of defenders and i cant see why wenger let them leave without getting cover.

Now are have Gallas and Djourou out for the rest of the season with Clichy out we dont have the back up players at the club.. Both Armand Traoré and Senderos are not even playing at the mo, So what was the point in allowing them to go out on loan if they are not going to play?

The whole point of allowing a player to go out on loan is to see how they deal with playing week in week out in a higher standed. It worked for Alex Song and Jay Simpson etc.

How did Wenger go into a season with no back up player for Clichy? Gibbs is doing OK but he is not a LB. IF we had Armand Traoré we would be in good shape for the FA Cup semi final and CL games vs Man Utd. Now Gibbs will be up against Ronaldo if Clichy is not fit.

This could turn out to be even worst then allowing Diarra and Flamini to leave.

Do you agree? Debate this more on our forum

  1. TT says:

    No, you are totally wrong. And if you knew anything about Traore and Gibbs, you would know that Gibbs is much more likely to become a left back than Traore.

    Also, what use is keeping Senderos and Traore if they were only here to play one game a season?

  2. Stew says:

    What a pessimistic idiot

  3. Frikki says:

    Did you see last season’s cup-game where United gave us a whipping, mostly due to Traore’s and Hoyte’s (God, I’m glad we got rid of that muppet) failings?

  4. Iron Duke says:

    Well done Nostradamus. Now show me your post where you predicted these loans would cost us at the start of the season.

    20/20 hindsight is fantastic, isn’t it?

  5. goonerjack says:


    How can you use the fact that Senderos and Traore are not playing as a reason to have them at Arsenal?? The fact that they are not playing in their loan teams means that they are not good enough – especially in Senderos’ case!

    In my opinion, Gibbs is a far better defender than Traore. Troare is a left winger at portsmouth and attacking is all he can do at the moment.

    Wenger has Four Centre backs. And ” left backs and ” others who can play left back. This is enough. The only reason there is a problem is luck taking almost all our defenders at the same time.

    I cant believe i am writing back to that tosh! it just upset me so much! Senderos! He is rubbish! Just be happy we are in the semis and stop writing this stuff

  6. arsenalaction says:

    Lads please debate this on our forum and Jason will reply in this thread

    Cheers lads

  7. KingKolo says:


  8. GunnerPete says:

    The writer is looking for any negative he can find….yes we should have more choice but no club in the history of football (and ive been around for 67 years of it) have evr seen a whole forward 6 wiped out for most of a season and then just as some are getting back 90% of the defence is wiped out….I hope it never happens again, at least not to AFC….I wonder where the top three would be in the table if they had just half of our long term injuries? Of course Im forgetting, they just go and spend another £50 mill dont they. Well writer, Arsene will not do that, but Im sure he thought about bringing big Phil back early.We will have to manage…..the best thing that could happen ,if we dont wrap it up in 90 mins is extra time because Chelski’s old legs will fail and Theo, Cesc & Gibbo will kill them.

  9. we have two pairs of center backs thats Kolo,Gallas,Djourou and Mikeal or Songo and Silvestre can play at the left so keeping Traore on the bench would have been killing him coz i think atlest he has got more than 20 games this session on portsmouth so i think we are have been unlucky with the injuries this session so lets pray the ones we have today perform like with Villarreal.

  10. Stu says:

    I agree that they shouldn’t have been allowed to leave without appropriate cover coming in.

    Senderos should still be here because he is a ball winning beast of a CB. We have none of those types in the squad atm. Gallas, Toure and even Silvestre to an extent are the clean up crew.. while JD is still way to young and somewhat dodgey.

    Traore on the other hand is more of a winger. He is a woeful leftback. He has been moved forward to wing on the say so of Wenger and Gibbs has been moved back into defence from midfield.

  11. Moha Hasan says:

    Don’t we hv the chance of getting them back now!! I think there’s an option in loan deals where u can get ur player back even though the loan time isn’t finished yet as long as the two clubs agree together.
    I think Wenger has to move on and get both Senderos and Traore back before we regret that.

  12. Spike says:

    This fella is a clueless plastic… has no effin clue about football, apart from Fantasy manager by the looks of it.

    Yep, lets keep Traore on the bench all season long coz we night need him for 2 games in April! Genius! And Senderos too. Doin that would definitely make sense and Im sure neither of em would mind a bit… not playing all season.

  13. brdgunner says:


  14. logic says:

    Theres no point crying about injuries. We just have to beat Chelsea and Man U with what weve got.
    I dont know how u lot can call yourselves Arsenal fans. Lets just get behind the boys on Saturday. Even more so than against Villareal. Thats where they need us.

  15. useroz says:

    i guess there are different species of beasts… and want to remind ‘Stu’ how our ball-winning-beast-Senderous performed against a Chelsea beast-Drogba last season — suffice it to say our beast got tamed on the field… and we lost

  16. Tariq says:

    Well I highly disagree about Traore. He’s a good player but he’s no way a LB, he’s done a good job at Portsmouth on the wing, he seems more comfortable there. Gibbs is a better LB than him. We should have kept Senderos and never bought Sylvestre. The game he’s played in for Milan he’s been a beast at the back.

  17. Gerry Gooner says:

    Nobody has nebtioned these guys until now. Fact is they would have been warming the bench for the last 8 months. Impossible to have foreseen the injuries this week.

  18. Anonymarse says:

    As the sensible majority has already said, this is obviously nonsense. Traore is a promising left winger, he wasn’t even playing left back for the reserves last season. Even if he was around Gibbs would still be playing tomorrow. If we’d kept Senderos we wouldn’t have signed Silvestre. We’ve got more than enough centre-halves in the squad. Personally I always thought Big Phil was unfairly maligned, but tomorrow I’ll be happy to have a proven, experienced player like Silvestre in the side (past his best certainly, but still quality).

    Now sod all this nonsense and come on you Gooners !

  19. Buzz3210 (GOONER 4 LIFE) says:

    Jason why is it so easy to be clever with the crystal ball you seem to possess. why suddenly come out with all this nonsense where was your observation at the start of the season or even 2 months ago. try supporting your team and yes you are entitled to an opinion. But how about the fact that we are beggining to turn the corner. I wonder if you thought we had half a chance of beating villarael on wednesday go support chavs or the mancs you !ӣ$%^&* idiot.

  20. Mark Adams says:

    I can see that everyone else has already said what needed to be said about this article so I won’t labour the point. Jesus, we’re in the last four of the two major cup competitions, looking to hold at least fourth in the premiership, have had a clutch of young players grow into decent professionals (all of this with a young side that cost relatively little to assemble) and STILL people are bitching.

  21. Rob says:

    This is ridiculous.

    Haven’t you had enough of Drogba making Senderos his bitch for one lifetime?

    We started the season with 4 centre backs with Premier League experience. Our second and third choices are injured, so we are playing with our first and fourth choices. No different from other big Premier League clubs with injuries and although I don’t particularly rate Silvestre, he is no worse than Phil, and certainly has more experience of winning big games than the Swiss.

    As for Traore – he was at the stage where he needed games, and we needed to see how good he was playing regularly. From what I’ve heard from Pompey fans, he’s not done that well for them.

    Gibbs is doing fine and looks a better prospect. If Gibbs is out for the semi, hopefully Sagna will return and we can play him and Eboue at FB. I fancy either of them (or Gibbs frankly) up against Kalou and Malouda.

  22. fanner says:

    You are so right. Next season Arsene should get ready 5 players in each position, so we would have 44 players on standby while the first 11 are playing.

  23. Lasagne says:

    Fooling a club into taking that defensive plank Senderos off our hands was the best bit of transfer business Wenger managed to pull over the summer. If he never plays for Arsenal again it will be too soon, I would rather have Cygan back then ever see Senderos play for us again

  24. Mark Adams says:

    PS Never mind the patch-up job at the back, have you seen our forward line lately? It’s fu<king awesome.

  25. Ardiani says:


  26. DM says:

    Is someone forgetting that Traore is currently injured anyway?

    And I’d put Alex Song ahead of Senderos anyday. Here’s hoping Milan will offer 50euros towards his airfare come the summer.

  27. […] Allowing Armand Traoré and Senderos to go out on loan was a mistake that will cost us silverware Do you agree with Jason Goldstein on the forum? Taken from this thread LINK Allowing them both to leave on loan will […] […]

  28. Phil says:

    It’s easy to say that now, however who would have predicted that we are heading in to an FA cup semi with our keeper and 5 defenders out?! this isn’t due to a lack of depth, it is just completely unlucky. there is a reason why clubs do not have more than 2players in each position, and this is because in all but the unlikeliest situations they are not needed

  29. rob says:

    are you stupid?

    we had 4 center backs.
    and 2 left backs.

    we didn’t need anymore, we’ve been unlucky.

  30. robertvgr says:

    Gibbs is better than Traore at left back, and I also think that Wenger wanted to make him in to a midfielder. If Senderos would have stayed, i would mean that he is getting his firs apperenses of the season now…..

  31. LEONARDO says:

    I felt at times that Senderos would be an established player for Arsenal but he just as not made it and makes too many mistakes. His performances last season particularly against Liverpool at Anfield in the Champions league was poor. At AC Milan he is lucky to make the bench which does not bode well. As for Traore maybe still a good prospect but only concern was he is/was getting caught out on his defensive duties when he was racing down the wing and admittedly a dangerous prospect for our opponents to deal with, but at Seville away in the champions lague he also showed how he was very easily getting caught out. I still think we should perservere with him but sorry Senderos is no better in defence than Djourou or Song and how many times has Drogba taken advantage of Senderos!

  32. sic says:

    PFFFT that is all.

  33. chris says:

    I know we’re all disappointed, I am particularly with Silvestre, but lets not ever look back fondly of Senderos.

    I think most Arsenal fans will agree, some of which already reminiscing of one of the most spectacular Senderos moments against Sevilla (3-0 Sevilla), that the lad is not our answer to Tony Adams.

    We can only play 11 at a time, and we might as well face it, with senderos its like playing with 9.

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