Sabotage? Arsenal Bottle It At Wembley

Posted: April 18, 2009 by cerbera in Uncategorized
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By Rachid Parchment

Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

I’m just gonna be as direct as possible right now as I’m not in a long blog mood.

1. With us being 7 points ahead of Aston Villa at the start of the day, Villa not having a win in 10 games, us looking secure in 4th at the moment, what reason did we have to rotate today…of all days?! We’ve got Liverpool coming up on Tuesday and even if we lost we would still have been firmly infront of Villa and Everton. Why did Wenger choose to rotate today and not on Tuesday? Is he just that stupid or did he deliberately do it to fuck the fans over? It’s got to be one of the two. He of all persons should know what the FA Cup means to Arsenal fans around the world.

2. Given the crisis that’s befallen our defence over the last few days, why the fuck would you play a 4 5 1 formation when you’re trying to keep the defence as inactive as you can so you put less pressure on inexperienced players such as Gibbs and Fabianski? Not just that but why play Abou Diaby and have Arshavin and Nasri on the bench? Some may say Arshavin would’ve been found out by Hiddink but did you notice how quickly he threw him on when shit started hitting the fan in the 2nd half? As for Nasri being benched, again I direct you to point 1.

Abou Diaby was fucking rubbish, plain and simple. Cesc was used in a deep role and Diaby was played behind Adebayor and all he did was flop around providing no forward passes for Adebayor to get unto. Everytime he had the ball he played it either laterally or behind him. As such Adebayor had little to do, same to be said for Petr Cech in the Chelsea goal. It caused us to be camped out in our half more and put more pressure on our defence.

Fabianski’s come in for a lot of vitriol and this is my take on it. With regards to the first goal, yeah sure he should’ve done better at the near post but Eboue’s more at fault for the goal. It seemed there was an S&M game between Malouda and Eboue, Malouda being the dominator and Eboue being the bitch. Eboue did nothing all day to stop Malouda from going to goal and everytime he was beaten by him he raised his hand appealing for offside.

As for the second goal, I don’t blame Fabianski for coming out. Silvestre offered him no protection. He just fucking slowed down and let Drogba run by him unchallenged. Fabianski had no choice but to come off his line and try to cut his angle down. Maybe he came off a bit too early but in theory he did the right thing. For those that disagree, let me ask you this. What if he had stayed on his line? Wouldn’t he just be giving Drogba 8 yards of goal to choose to shoot at? Whether he wants to shoot to the near or far post? How would he possibly stop him then if he didn’t come out to cut the angle off? Furthermore where’s the fucking leadership from Silvestre? Is this how you protect the younger, less experienced members of the team?

Fuck it I’m too pissed…

Before I go, I have one more thing to say….how dare Wenger even attempt to blame the fucking pitch when he picked such a lousy squad?!

Your thoughts please….

  1. manny says:

    couldn’t agree more all the akb’s does wenger still know best as soon as I saw that team I knew we had handed it to the chavs

  2. eddie says:

    we were very poor today and chelsea well deserved to win. Ade, RvP, Cesc, Diaby – those boys did nothing. As for resting Song, Nasri and Arshavin…well, wenger better have the mother of all teams out at Anfield to get a result or it will look like the daftest piece of management he’s ever done.

    I’m with you on this one. I’d have played my best team today and put the stiff in against liverpool.

  3. Franny says:

    That’s what happens when:

    a) Song doesn’t start
    b) Diaby the biggest retard and most overrated w*nker ever in the Arsenal squad plays.

    • cerbera says:

      You hit the nail on the head Franny. I’ve been saying Diaby’s overrated for 3 years now. He’s so useless! We should’ve let him leave last season when he was defending Diarra about leaving because of a lack of playing time.

  4. Philip says:

    I’m no blogger; but if I had my own blog the headlines would have read Wrong Team, Wrong Tactics, Wrong Substutions – this game was lost before it started…. just like the Utd game last year. Wenger stands accused.
    Trouble now is that we go into the Liverpool game after a defeat and you know that means trouble for rebuilding the fragility of our team’s confidence.

  5. Aj says:

    I demand a public apology for fucking wenger, for that shit arsenal side he put out there tonight! It is not fabianski’s fault, nor diaby nor denilson nor anyone else besides the gaffer! What was arshavin and nasri doing twiddling their thumbs on the bench for? He can blame the pitch and blame the ref, but it is his fault and no one else’s, if he doesn’t change his attitude to big games, i dont know if i’ll be able to handle much more of his ignorance!

  6. Franny says:

    If I see Diaby on the street, first I will ask him what he has on Wenger for Wenger to keep on playing the retarded fucker and then I will take a shotgun to his knees.

  7. Franny says:

    cerbera – to think Diaby was getting games and Diarra wasn’t that season… should’ve been the other way round and I would’ve celebrated when that twat Diaby left. I hear Inter want him… why? No idea. But sell this f*cker ASAP. He has not improved since we bought him and only plays well against european teams or against shit prem teams. 32 appearances this season and 1 decent game (v Fenerbache).

  8. tom says:

    the gun held too our head all the time about missing out on the best talent in the world if wenger is sacked while he picks up 4 million every year.euthopia for finishing 4th and fergie will do us again in CH semi, do me a favour arsenal supporters and see whats staring you in the face, any success arsene had was done on the back of what he inheritated from GG

  9. oldschoolN5red says:

    It looks like it’s true that Wenger was told by Gazidis to buy Arshavin and leaving him out was a bit of spiteful stuff to get at the CEO. As for leaving out Song – what was that all about?

  10. gunners88 says:

    You’ve got it Spot on!

    Why arshavin didnt start is beyond anyone who is sane. And then to bring him on at ard the 75th minute of the game is even more insane!

    If he’s trying to ‘save’ arshavin for tuesday then that’s just horrible, play your best players as we are are capable of winning the fa cup. It’s not as if we can win the pl now!

    Diaby, well i have never shouted so much abuse to an arsenal player ever! time and time again he will give the ball away and show off his limited skills. I’m ashamed to say this but i have never liked him as a player.
    He mistakes are often costly. And why arsene slots diaby straight back into the squad!!

    the tactic were stupid and shows that arsene is pretty much scared of chelsea. all those lies abt attacking or we are always an attacking team when he keeps starting games with 4-5-1.
    yes we have injuries but if we attack from the off then that would put less pressure on our already frail defense.We didnt even test cech who have made blunders for the past 2 games.

  11. Dazza says:

    Fabianski was at fault for 2nd as he came out WAY too early, right move, wrong time, shouldnt come outside his box.

    Eboue was shit, Toure was good, Fishface average, Gibbs very well played.

    Altho I see why Wenger played 4-5-1 to protect our makeshift defence, he fucked us over with his team selection. Comeon its a semi for fucks sake and he leaves Arshavin ans SONG whos is our proper DM for Diaby who doesn’t pass, crowds out Fab (altho Fabregas was poor himself) and just gets lost. No comment on Denilson, cant be arsed

  12. James says:

    Total tactical disaster from Wenger from beginning to end. Still, it’s not the first time is it? Why the fuck he didn’t go 4-4-2 in the last 20 minutes and give Chelsea a game is unbelievable.

    Shit players like Diaby, Eboue, Silvestre have to be SOLD. 100% SOLD. And Wenger should buy some experienced players to replace them. If he keeps fucking up like this I want him gone – because 5-6 years of failure is no longer acceptable. We’re a big club, not shitty spurs.

  13. Gooner_14 says:

    Bull****!!! You are not a proper Arsenal fan. First of all Arsenal had much more injuries than Chelsea. Secondly they didn’t deserve to win any more than we did. Two long punts up field got their goals.

    As for Diaby, he did have a poor game but he is just back from injury and the pitch was terrible.

    Finally every one thinking Wenger rotated, maybe Arshavin had an injury and Nasri hasn’t been setting the world alight recently either.

    Suppourt the team when they win and LOSE or not at all.

  14. diaby next viera nah i dont think so after todays performance and those still saying wenger knows best just look who was on bench nasri and arshavin some of our best players why they were on bench f*k knows

  15. johnny says:


    • cerbera says:

      Johnny, all we’re getting is some joke of a youth policy that at the end of the day is pointless when the squad wins no trophies and they all leave for more successful clubs. It’s time the board step in when Wenger carries on with such nonsense. They’ve been too passive when things like this happen.

  16. Anup says:

    i think wenger lost it,
    he can’t take arsenal forward any more
    one needs to wit for him to leave the club bfore we can win anything.
    i mean what does he think of himself????
    it was fcukin chelsea not any other second rated team
    we had our bad luck of losing key defensive players
    substituting in form adebayor
    not starting with arshavin
    playing on with denilson when one should have substituted him
    substituting rvp
    i mean wht does that old a** thinks
    this is not a joke
    we lost the golden oppurtunity to end trophy drought
    i think many players are wasting there talent under wnger and should leave the club
    i can’t tell u guys how dissapointed i was whn i didn’t saw arshavin starting,the main man who made it possible for us to reach this far in fa cup.
    However, i think there will at least be one more year without trophy
    forget cl, he’s gonna blame pitches injuries
    and make noises of how he thinks “this team has a lot of belief, character blah blah….” but at the end of the day he will remain an old miser.
    Wait till ade, rvp n walcott leave this trophyless arsenal.

  17. Jabroni says:

    The selection would’ve been fine if Diaby was still injured the sh*t c*nt.

  18. Franny says:

    I would’ve understood had Bendtner played instead of Adebayor but Diaby instead of Arshavin or Nasri??

    Sorry but even Nasri on poor form is better than Diaby will ever be on his best form.

  19. gunners88 says:

    Oh boy,i cant believe any fans actually buys the poor pitch excuse as the reason we lost.. talk about blind following.

    they may score with 2 long punts but we had 2 shots on target for the whole of 90minutes.

    The post is merely saying that wenger actually did get the tactics and formations wrong. He’s not always right. Least he can do is attack with a 4-4-2 or at least play your best players attacking wise

  20. Graham says:

    Agree with everyone about the bizarre decision to leave out Arshavin and Song. The Russian is an obvious match winner who would have made Chelsea wary and more cautious while Song has been superb for weeks now and would have offered a far greater physical presence than the constantly out-muscled Denilson. Today also served to show just how dependable Almunia has become. His massive loss may become even greater if Fabianski’s confidence is shot after today. The Pole has got away with reckless charges from his line on several recent occasions but has unfortunately been caught out when it mattered most.

  21. Thanks for all of you having a common understanding.
    1. The team selection by Wenger was a disaster.
    2. Wenger is having a bad impact on the progress of the young players by forcing them to go far before they are ready, infact he may kill the carriers of some boys, all his players are good, but some of them need a learning curve to realise their potential, but what I see is that some players are getting less and less confidence, and deeping into trouble created by Wenger, e.g. DIABEY, EBOUE, DENILSON, EVEN to mention a few.
    3. Wenger has never practiced what he says. He says taht he focuses on the game at hand, but today’s selection showed that he had a right mind on Liverpool but a wrong decision on today’s match. AC has a game in hand over the teams behind him, and FA CUP was his most probable trophy, he knew well he is confortable in 4th place in the EPL, why did he make that costly mistake not to play his best players????
    4. WENGER has the poorlest record of faltering during the final stages of any competition, do you recall when AFC was eliminated from 3 cups in 11 days?? it was the same mistakes he made today, what does that tell us all, he has the POOREST ASSISTANTS, they add nothing to his wrong decisions some time; actually we do wonder what may happen if he went sick for say 3 months!!!!
    5. Poor formation on the pitch.
    6. Poor timing of good ubstitutions.

  22. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Arsene’s the worst tactical manager of the top four teams, he NEVER gets the team selection right for the big games likes this: Why the F88k did Arshavin and Song not start? The stupid f88king idiot. He should bring in Houiller as his right hand wanker, who could do a better job at this than he. A f88king disgrace for a so-called top four team. We can only talk about what could have been, AGAIN! I’m sick of this shite, blaming the f88king pitch. Blame yourself, you whining Bastard!

    Actually, Fabergas played the worst of all the players today, but no player is at fault for the performance today….

  23. randy says:

    omg give diaby a rest, u r all the ‘supporters’ who hated song for the first half of the season, diaby played for his height, wenger did make mistakes but if it wasn’t for fabianski’s mistakes we could have won this game, arshavin and nasri on the bench probably coz he knew it was gona b tight and could come on and win it for us. it was a tight game and it wasn’t ur day…lets get fuly behing the team for the rest of the season. I will forgive wenger if he spends in the summer.

  24. lil wayne says:

    Who’s that rotten cunt calling itself gunner_14,you’re an asshole.How dare you tell us how to support our team.For sure you’re not an Arsenal fan,that line up had no chance in the world to win .How can wenger inflict so much pain to millions all over world,with Song and Asharvin in for retards Diaby and Denilson we would have taken chelsea to the cleaners.Something ain’t right,it looks like sabotage otherwise wenger has gone totally mad.

  25. fanner says:

    Guys, I have been counting how many games actually Diaby play well. I can only remember once in the CL, other then that, he is a BIG TIME ball loser and in a fucking dangerous position. Today he even attempted to dribble his way out of our own penalty box, when another idiot football brainer Densilon passed it to him. Both of them should be fired. Silvestre is a BIG joker, no speed, no skill, cannot defend, cannot pass…..

  26. lil wayne says:

    Wenger is driving me nuts. I can’t take this avoidable losses no more.

  27. Franny says:

    fanner: look at my comments before… his 1 good game was v Fenerbache and apart from that he’s been sh*t in every game yet every Gooner rates him so highly especially the c*nts on Arsenal TV and the fools that call in on fans forum rating him like he’s some sort of superstar.

  28. todays match was the standard of tottenham. they have won more than us in the last 4yrs. i felt embarressed when some tottenham fans started talking about the trophy drought at arsenal

  29. Greensborogooner says:

    All wenger succeeded in doing is set this team back and damage fragile confidence they’ve managed to build. The team he selected today was rubbish, so he has to be blamed for this result. The players and fans worldwide were let down today AW. He is so stubborn and will never learn from his mistakes.

  30. Arsenal4life says:

    If arshaivan was in he could have provided passes for Rvp and Adebayor and he could have scored 1 himself. When i saw the starting line up i already gave up hope of seeing the final and now my hope is gone for the champions league too. Wenger clearly wants the team to flop so that all the players can get pissed and leave Arsenal. In that way it will make it look like the players gave up on the team and so that he can leave arsenal without any fingers being pointed at him.

    • cerbera says:

      Interesting take on it, Arsenal4life. You weren’t the only one that wrote off our chances once the line up was announced with Arshavin on the bench.

  31. steve far says:

    The simple fact is that Song is our only out and out DM. The sad fact though is that no matter he’s now shown what he can do in the role, AW keeps toying with the idea that he has got three in there and so chooses to rotate them as equals – leading to continued suffering for the fans. please aw, we have song, play him. we dont need pretenders (diaby, denilson), the best these two can do, as attack midfielders is immitate cesc. but then cesc’s replacements they arent, just like they cant do like song please ship them out. I would rather AW put more into accelerating the development of real promise in ramsey than humiliate us these clowns.

  32. mo says:

    i dont believe today…as soon as i saw the line up i was shocked…no arshavin, no nasri, no song…instead diaby and denilson…i just had that gut feeling..i dont understand why our best possible team was not played?and funnily enough why was denilson still on the pitch when he was probably our pooriest player today. and i dont care who u r, arsenal player or not, no one has the right to lay hands on the ref, i felt that was out of order, he was lucky to not be sent off…anyway thats the fa cup…maybe we can do something in the champions league…yes i am an optimist

  33. bergy says:

    I’m amazed to see how negative the fans are after one defeat. An important defeat it is, but we lost to a team who were superior to us today.

    Wenger has explained his tactics after the game, and what he said makes sens. To critisice him when you have the benefit og hindsight is redicilous.

    The last weeks have showed us that we have a team that is developing and can be a major force for years to come.

    Apart from this I will have to say that i was apalled to se Silvestres lack of effort on the second goal. He should be able to understand that Drogba would have to lose some momentum when he passed Fabianski, and Silvestre should be in a position were he could (not should) block Drogbas shot.

    • cerbera says:

      But come on bergy, we had all the ingredients to win today and Wenger screwed up. If we had played the right formation and right 11 then Chelsea wouldn’t have stood a chance today. That’s what’s so frustrating. The fact that it’s Wenger’s stupid mistakes why we’re left looking at what could’ve been again.

  34. Arsenal4life says:

    Why rest arshaivan for the liverpool game. 1. He cant play in the champions league. 2.he was well rested and 3. He provides the most asists since he came on the side. I am realy dissapointed at Wenger Hope he realises how good team we have and start using them in the right way. We can beat any team and would have been the beta team today but unfortunately wenger forgot to take his nerve medication before choosing the starting line up. How do u win a game without an attacking formation. I would have rather gambled with more attacking players instead of a more weak defence and in that way the game would have been more at the chelsea half.

  35. matt says:

    You all here have to realized its just impossible play 8 matches in 24 days with the same line-up!!!!

  36. matt says:

    are you all completely out of your fucking mind??? i think so

  37. Gunnerboy says:

    Wenger is a toad.What d hell was he thinking wit d starting line up and the subs,if i didnt know better i would say he sold d match FFS what d hell were DIABY and DENILSON doing on dat pitch.Its stupid things like these that makes us miss out on winning trophies and make our big players leave.I’m just gutted.And the earlier wenger realizes that diaby can and would neva be VIERA d better 4 all of us

  38. wenger says:

    I got well paid to bench arshevin and song/nazir we have no interest in the fa/cup(its english you know)remember arsne knows best.

  39. Arsenal4life says:

    Wenger clearly broke the rest of the top players confidence with that starting line. That cost us two trophies. “Please gunners prove me wrong and beat man.u”

  40. jerlung says:

    We alwayz end up losing when bull&*(&(* Diaby and bast%^% Denilson playing together…Diaby alwayz loss possession,slow in attack…then we have Denilson who thinks he is ‘big’ enough to challenges the likes of Lampard and Ballack…WTF Wenger think?…Didn’t he saw how bad those two in the 1st half…and seems like it cost us Rvp being injured…talks about rotation..y don’t Vela/Bendnter starting?…another Trophyless for the Gooners…%^&^%&^*&^*&^*&

  41. Gooner4Life says:

    Matt – you are right in saying the same eleven can’t play 8 games in 24 days but most fans would say today wasn’t the day to rotate especially arshavin (because he can’t play in the champions league so gets rest during champions league fixtures). If Everton or Aston Villa were closer to us in the league then I would understand since getting into the champions league next year is importants but as it stands now we can afford to lose against Liverpool and either Man U or Chelsea in the league and still make 4th spot.

    Also, resting players is fine if they are tired but why bring arshavin on in the 75th minute? why not earlier. We were clearly not playing well and needed another outlet and needed to get service to adebayor. I totally agree that this loss is the manager’s fault but fans that say he should be sacked are going too far.

    I really hate how wenger defends players like diaby and says things like it would have killed them if he bought players in the summer…thats the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Lets say we would have kept Flamini and Giblerto…would that not have limited the opportunities for the youngers? I think some of wenger’s comments are crazy. He goes contradicts himself all the time…sometimes he says we were a little young/immature/inexperienced after a bad result and then he sometimes says experience is overrated.
    I still have hope for this season…I believe we have a chance in the champions league but I think our best chance for a trophy was the FA Cup.

  42. Gooner_14 says:

    If Arsenal do win the Champions League can you please write an article in which you attack yourself in the same way as you are doing to Wenger and Diaby in particular.

    Also Lil Wayne at least come up with an original name rather than ripping off an American Rapper who cant rap.

    At least the pitch in Rome is better than Wembley

  43. Recardo says:

    Guys lets have some faith in our team. Remember when we were down in the begining of the year and nobody believed that we would even make it to the fa cup semi and champions league semi. well we did! Remember when aston villa players were running their mouts and claiming they gona stay in fourth place. Well they didnt. We got this far after all our great players left the side. We even got this far with most of our players on and off long term injuries. Damn that an achievement. I believe we can and wil win champions league. I got one question and if anyone has the answer pleas help. What happened to eduardo or should i ask where is he?

    • cerbera says:

      Recardo, before the game they said Eduardo was still slightly short of fitness. He returned from internationals with a groin injury.

  44. eye4goal says:

    I dont necessarily subscribe to the trophy “drought” stories but surely we should be more desperate for a trophy than Chelsea, you wouldnt see that looking at the lineups!

    As soon as Hidding saw that Arshavin was not playing he switched Ballack and Essien around. The ageing german would have no problem dealing with Diaby and Essien moved the game further up the field.

    I thought our only hope of winning it was taking it to extra time and hoping that they tire

    Arshavin was brought on far far too late

    I hope come the end of the season we have something to show for other than our november-april? unbeaten run and Wenger’s selective stats

  45. Recardo says:

    Thanks Cerbera. I hope he cand pass fitness for the man.u clash.

  46. jerlung says:

    Spot on Recardo…we need to have ‘some’ faith in our team..but with performance like yesterday..i wonder whether our faith are getting reward…three trophyless season..&*(*&*&*..BTW..Wenger knew that our defensive unit is not that good..why in the first place he didn’t play Arshavin/Vela/Bendnter?…anyway..hope the players morale will not be badly affected…maybe miracle can happen…UCL/EPL anyone?

  47. Recardo says:

    A win at anfield would be a big confidence boost going into the man.u game and knowing what liverpool did 2 man .u at old trafford

  48. jamie says:

    Forget the liverpool result against United…what should concern us is that united have all of their players returning and we are loosing them after every match.
    Back for united:
    Ferdinand-who has already shown how important he is to that team
    Brown–who up until he was injured was the best right back in the EPL and gives them that added toughness and experience
    Fletcher is back
    Anderson has returned
    Berbatov is back
    The brazilian rt back is back

    In short, they can now go back to the rotation that was so effective for them earlier in the season and allow players to rest

    We have lost Gallas and Dijourou(sp) for the season
    Clichy is out for 4 weeks–Gibbs is an ok replacement
    Van Persie looks like he hasn’t fully recovered from the groin injury
    Eduardo–can somebody tell me when he will be back

    Pray fellas

  49. keith says:

    Wenger has lost tactical battles several times this season
    Fulham Away
    Stoke away
    Hull Home
    Spurs Home etc etc
    We have the players but do we have the tactician?
    No disrespect to Pat Rice but if Wenger stays he needs to bring in a strong number 2 with experience

  50. Steve D. says:

    I am personally impressed that AW has got us to two semi finals this year with the amount of injuries etc to key players, but I truely gutted that we lost this game.

    I was surprised that Song and AA were not playing, but I don’t think it would have mattered what team we put out, we were never going to win with that pitch. The ‘going’ suited Chelski, because they don’t play so much on the ground and they rely on power. This game was always going to be played in the air and I think that’s why he chose to play Diaby (who shouldn’t even be in the squad IMO)I was dissapoointed when I saw the team sheet, but realised we would probably lose when I saw the pitch cut up after 10 minutes. The ball kept catching under the players’ feet and passes were being misplaced and mis-controlled by both sides. I knew then that this would suit the hoof-it merchants of Chelski. FFS – Vinnie Jones and the old Wimbledon team would have been at home on that pitch.

    AW has been magnificent for us and everyone can make mistakes. He should have our full support. Lets face facts, we lost by one late goal to a defensive howler, with five first choice defenders out. Grieve and then move on, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

  51. James says:

    “AW has been magnificent for us and everyone can make mistakes.”

    Trouble is, after 5 years of mistakes patience is beggining to get a bit thin. First of all, Arsenal are not challenging for the title, and second, every time there is a big big cup game, Wenger nauses it up with his tactics.

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