Wenger knows? I’m starting to think he is mental. Maybe its time for him to go?

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Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger



By Jason Goldstein 
Gooners used to say, “Arsene knows” or “ In Arsene we trust” after his recent bizarre decisions and statements I’m starting to think he is mental or on drugs.

First Wenger decided to leave out in form players like Arshavin, Nasri & Song for Diaby and go with a negative 4-5-1. By doing so he wasted Robin Van Persie on the wing and left Adebayor totally isolated up front. 

And NOW Wenger has stated that he still things that Arsenal can win the league. 

Wenger warns Rafa: Arsenal can leapfrog Liverpool – and even win the league

So that explains our poor showing on Saturday then.

How the hell can you spend £27 mill for Arshavin and Nasri to play about ten minutes in one of the most important games of the season so far?!

What has wenger been smoking? Is he losing the plot? Is it now time for us to start thinking about a replacement for a manager who has not won anything since 2005?

Lets be honest if Wenger was at a big Spanish club he would have been sacked a long time ago.

So why are we putting up with this? 

Because Wenger gives us the illusion that the youth of tomorrow is the answer, and in the next few years we will become world leaders.

I’m starting to think that Wenger is full of bulls##t 

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  1. Tommygun says:

    Well said. About time a blog had the balls to come out and speak out about wenger.

  2. LB says:

    The Wenger-haters are back! One loss, was all it took. We were wondering where they’ve been. Well, it’s confirmed, they were waiting for a loss.

  3. Tommygun says:

    One loss?

    NO as the blogger said. We have not won anything since 2005.

    Wake up from that dream that wenger is telling you that in a few years all our kids are going to win everything

  4. nickynicknick says:

    Typical hypocrasy.

    A week ago AWs name was being sung around the Emirates and everyone was expecting to walk off with 2 trophies.

    Now, as soon as we get one wrong the knives are out immediately. I agree that AW got it wrong on Saturday, but to boot him out for that is mental.

  5. Gooner for life says:

    I don’t believe Wenger should be sacked and i don’t think that we should turn on him after one loss.

    You make some good points in your article. I’m not sure he could perform the way he has over the last 4 years and remain at a big Spanish club. I don’t think he would last at a big 4 club for that matter!!!!

    Maybe we are NOT a big club anymore and the board are just happy to scrape into Europe every year.

  6. JD Gooner says:

    LB its not the fact that we lost a game, its the fact that the manager, not for the first time, got his tactics and team selection totally wrong! Be honest there wasn’t an Arsenal fan alive who when seeing the team selection at 5-00 p.m. on Saturday thought “what the hell is going on here???????”. I understand Wengers been extremely unlucky with injuries but leaving out Arshavin beggars belief!!

  7. nickynicknick says:

    @ Tommygun

    You obviously hate Wenger as blindly as others love him. You are BOTH wrong.

    I love the Arsenal, but enjoy every minute of the rollercoaster. The joys, the frustration, the depression and the elation. One man has brought this to us and he is AW.

    Unless and until you show me a better alternative its best you shut up.

  8. arshavin my arse says:

    team that lost 2-1 in the carling cup final –

    Arsenal: Almunia, Hoyte, Toure, Senderos, Traore (Eboue 66), Walcott, Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby (Hleb 68), Aliadiere (Adebayor 80), Julio Baptista.
    Subs Not Used: Poom, Djourou.

    Chelsea: Cech, Diarra, Terry (Mikel 63), Carvalho, Bridge, Makelele (Robben 46), Lampard, Ballack, Essien, Shevchenko (Kalou 90), Drogba.

    please note the midfield there. and we near enuff taught them a lesson for long periods in that game.

    team that won in the league 2008

    Almunia 6, Sagna 7, Gallas 8, Djourou 5, Clichy 7, Denilson 6;
    Fabregas, 7, Song, 6, Nasri 6;,Van Persie 8, Adebayor 6 (Bendtner 83).

    Cech 7, Bosingwa 6, Ivanovic 5, Terry 6, A Cole 6, Mikel 5; (Malouda 70min 5), Ballack 6, Lampard 6, Deco 3 (Stoch 81 5), Kalou 6, Anelka 5.

    even with that midfield above there was no saviour of our season mr arshavin (and i think the blokes gonna be player of the season nx yr believe me)

    So please all this about our midfield is not really the point. The pitch cost more than team selections.

    and some of you arsenal fans grow a brain and learn to think- instead of spouting the general – they r shit, wenger bottled it,we will never win anything with this team, he a twat – it getting boring!!!

  9. arshavin my arse says:

    ignore the facts and keep up the rant!!

    thats Arsenal fans for you these days!! says it all really!!

    Its not Arsne who bottled it-

    ITS THS FANS!!!!!!

  10. Mike the greek gooner says:

    Idiots ! look at the bigger picture ! This is FACT – since 2004 season NET spending on players (ie money spent minus money received on sales) is as follows – Chelski 154 million, United 85.6 million, Liverpool 85.4 million and us ……. 4.5 million READ THE BROADSHEETS NOT JUST THE SUN ! We HAVE NO MONEY, WE NEED TO SELL BEFORE WE BUY, WENGER IS WORKING HIS MAGIC TO KEEP US WHERE WE ARE! WHY DO YOU JOHNNY COME LATELYS THINK WE HAVE A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO WIN THINGS, TEAMS, CLUBS, STADIUMS ARE BUILT OVER TIME, WHO WOULD YOU MUGS REPLACE HIM WITH ????????

  11. hec says:

    Arsenal make money till the end of the season , because they are usually in most comps till the end .
    So as long as they are top 4. and are on the telly till
    seasons end , they make only a small percentage less than actually winning !!!

    If its money , income. he is doing a great job, but winning comps for us, he has to pay out to get big players like what the Manu /Chelsea/Barcas do, “You can fool some of the people all the time , all the people some of time” but your fooling all the arsenal supporters all the time,in fact taking the piss now.

  12. Aman says:

    Get real, so we haven’t won anything for a few years, what manager would have kept Arsenal in Champions league football for that long with his budget. Get real and stop moaning all the time. Changing our manager could turn us into a mid table team like the spuds wanting to break into the champions league each year. Get a grip and support the team instead of whinging when something does not go your way.

  13. gbenga says:

    Dont the Wenger haters ever get tired? Just one loss & they are back @ the crusify him chants! Leave the manager alone will ya. As if anyone of them can even kick the shit of a goat into an empty net. Not even Sir Alex is under so much fire for losing to Everton. If I changed clubs today its not because of Wenger or the clubs inability to win a trophy, it will be because of the bunch of towel throw-in, over pampered, hatred fill & myopic fans like the retard who posited this bumb write up!

  14. Do you really think that he should have played Nasri when he was ill?

    Are you “mental” or “on drugs”?

  15. Marv Tha' Gooner says:

    Here we go! One loss and they crawl out the woodwork. A few points for you fools:

    1. We dont know the circumstances behind the team selection. Wenger sees the players everyday in training we dont. Chelsea are a very physical team and Wenger knows that.

    2. The league is not over until mathematically over. NO ONE thought Arsenal could win the league in 89. Winners never give up.

    3. Who would you replace Wenger with?

    Be careful what you wish for…

  16. Browny says:

    Agree with LB. Put the semi-final in perspective. It was a tight game that either team could have won. Considering the bad luck we have had in the last 3 weeks with defensive injuries we didn’t do too bad. If the injuries had been spread across different areas of the team it would be easier. I thought those defensive injuries would catch up. We don’t have a god given right to beat the likes of Chelsea. You may not have noticed but they are a half decent side with some half decent players. If he had played Arsh and Nas and they were out-muscled you would have been criticising him for not playing the more physical Diaby and Denilson. In defeat Wenger could not win in this situation. I do think the regular silverware is just around the corner if not this season then next. No other manager could produce a competitive team like this on a budget during the credit crunch while paying off the stadium debt. I think in the future we will be one of the most cash rich clubs and it will be interesting to see if Utd have long-term financial probs due to their heavy financing of their success in the last 3 years.

  17. Anti Idiot Party says:

    I am a mad Arsenal fan but honestly, this is a little too much! (I do empathise however)

    OK, so I agree with some points about team selection – I am baffled as to why certain players were not chosen. I really am! However I am not a football manager and do not understand what was the reason for this – is it because of the atrocious bad luck with injuries or did he not really bother to try?(Which it seems to be the case on first thought)

    Truthfully, to say injuries have been unfair on our team is an understatement!
    Eduardo is not the same player yet, probably next season will he be back as normal.
    Rosicky…who know? I hear rumours but what is going on there?

    We played a semi final with a second choice keeper, our main and second choice centre backs out injured, our first choice right back out again and our first choice left back out too – talk about bad luck!

    I believe we all dreaded Sylvestre in defence and Eboue as well as Fabianski, so to be honest too much from them. It was our weakest defence ever I believe….

    Perhaps Arsene is pinning all his hopes on the CL? He may as well go for it now, fourth place looks assured. At one stage we were quite worried about Aston Villa!

    Hopefully next season our whole team is fit and the injury situation does not occour again (It cannot be that bad again, surely?) then we will have a great chance to win silverware!

    Look at it honestly, we have been in the Champions League for over ten years, we have placed in the top four continuously (Unlike the Spuds who dream to accomplish this) and have been unlucky not to win trophies.

    Eg, CL final 2006 (If mad Lehman stayed on and not got sent off?)
    Carling Cup 2007? (Played a young team and Senderos pathetic defending)
    Premiership 2008 (After Eduardo’s injury we fell apart)

    At least we have got to finals many times since 2005, our fortune has to change sometime!

    We have a state of the art stadium which has affected our financial state, but it was necessary for our future. Arsene does have a vision, let us see it unfold.

    It will all come to fruition, have faith. I am, although it is hard sometimes!

  18. AMBETSA says:

    one loss and stupid fans open there big yaps!!!! 18 unbeaten in the league, the only team not to loss this year in the league, in the semi finals of the champions league, what more do you want from wenger!!!! and who would rather replaced him? your grandpa?fcuk all you hater you dont deserve to support this great team!!!!you are a disgrace!!!!!!!

  19. gee says:

    Im starting to think that jason goldstien is full of bullshit.

    No analysis, thoughtless rant (song was CD cover on the day), we have beat chelsea without arshavin this season,5 players out injured, Chelsea are second best team in europe and lge last yr.

    Its mathematically possible
    1. We can still win the league
    2. we can still lose 4th place

    Also other possibilities :-

    Man poo could just end up with CC
    Chelsea could end up with nothing
    Liverpool could end up with nothing.

    Do the maths -its still possible and while its still possible there are odds for and against.

    Also show the manager a bit of respect. what have u done for the club – oh i forgot this fabulous blog u have here.

    Maybe ur the one that should go!!!

    And win lose or draw tonight i support my team so i will be roaring them on- what will u be doing hoping they lose so u can justify ur blog?

    The fans have bottled it big time!!!!

  20. kdada says:

    i empathize wit u my friend but stop wasting your precious time writin rubbish. we’ve been through this b4 and u and i know wat u dream 4 is impossible. forget this issue, pray hard that le proffesseur changes and write about somethin new and interestin. cheers

  21. Surrey gunner says:

    Two ways of addressing your blog rationally, or a swearing.

    Arsenal had a bad game, we were out muscled by Chelsea, the referee was poor, we had the the usual tricks by Essen, Lampard and Drogbra, and the pitch did not help our game.

    We had a very makesift defence with Eboue standing in, and Silveste lacking match practice, and Toure and Silveste having not play together.

    Chelsea had a fully fit side and only beat us 2-1.

    Arsenal fans have to stop beating themshelves up, all this anxiety and depression needs to stop, and support AW and the players.

    Lastly who could replace AW? the board will never get rid of him and the Arsenal supporters will hunt down those fans who cause trouble.

  22. Walter says:

    As is written in the song “Gunners in arms”:
    “And if defeat hurts us so bad
    on a rare and seldom day
    we will not desert you
    our Gunners in arms”

    Arsene Wenger is also a Gunner in my view. So stop the moaning on the manager.
    Nasri has been sick lately and was tired.
    the manager chose the midfield dat beat Chelsea this season with bigger players (in stature). It was a valid choise and if we had won we would be singing Arsene Wengers name loud. Two defensive mistakes by players who shouldn’t have played if we hadn’t been struck by injuries cost us the game. I don’t blame those players or the managers.
    It’s just life and sometimes lif is sh*t, you know.

    I will not desert my Gunners in arms or my manager.

  23. Tunde says:

    Good to see that nothing has changed and haters will be haters. Did I like being defeated on Saturday but should Arsene go? Surely NOT! Who is out there to replace him? Judge him on the big picture…….oh sorry, some of you don’t have the brains to accommodate that kind of perspective!

    The club is well run and we are on our way, that stadium was not built for free and to be able to maintain top 4 as well as be in major competitions till April is a tribute to the managerial genius of Wenger, support the team and enjoy the ride, if you need instant glory while growing try some other clubs!

  24. Big Muz says:

    Obviously not at the Grove when the whole crowd was sing “only 1 Arsene Wenger” last wednesday. you really are scum go support Chelski or City

  25. abhishek says:

    worst article i have ever read.

    I thought it was a brilliant decision to field that team and VERY BOLD. I have criticized wenger before, but no not this time. if fabianski had had a good game it was ours, fans like you should jus go over to the devil-land – theatre of dreams? go to manure and get your glory. you look at only one goal. but to be a stable club in current situation is vital and being self sufficient is a must for any club. i think arsenal has been a success even though we havent won anythin for a while. i would never let wenger go. you’d be a fool to say so. what do you think someone will come overnight and win you UEFA, EPL, CC, FA, Supercup and WCC and community shield? haha, you are such a loser.

  26. GOONER4EVER says:

    While everyone has the priviledge to express his idea in a Democracy,it is absolutely against All the basic of ethics to call someone of the calibre of the greatest manager Arsenal had in all its history “mental”
    You should be ashamed of yourself and we the faithful of our Great Club demands an apology….as simple as that.
    You ask him to go !!!!!!!and bring in who????come on spell it!!!
    In my opinion Andrei should have played,but who am I to quetion The Great Manager???
    In Arsene we trust

  27. jkasper says:

    I was torn between dignifying this blog with a response or not, so hopefully the following will be useful in showing my disdain (hopefully shared by all true gooners) whilst not lending this irksome crap any semblance of credibility – This blogger is either a complete and utter fool of the highest order or a cheap and cynical c**t, who has deliberately posted this idiocy simply in order to achieve a good response count. In other words, either this is brainless nonesense (and the lack of depth of its content would suggest it is) or, as I suggest, it is a devious and cheap attempt to gain a strong response – Either way I would suggest that all true gooners boycott responding to this blog in future. It offers no depth of analysis whatsoever, unless a sort of ‘nah-nah-na-nah-nah’ approach is all you’re really looking for… (Personally I have a sound analysis of why the Prof made the selection decisions he did – I’m just not going to bother wasting my time adding any sort of credibility to this blog by stating them here)

  28. Surrey gunner says:

    Great response Walter. We are the “Gunners in arms” and its a great thought the AW is a Gunner.

  29. Marv Tha' Gooner says:

    Our injury situation is wretched.
    Van Persie
    Sagna (now back)
    Eduardo (now back)

    I remember chelsea blaming losing the league last season down to injury to Terry alone.

    People complaining about Eboue at right back but who else could had played there? He WAS our first choice right back pre-Sagna.

    I’m no manager but we did have a midfield quandary against Chelsea. Lampard, Essien and Ballack. Very physical players and technically very good. Fabregas and Walcott are shoe-ins leaving 2 positions.

    Song: FA cup or Champs league? We need him against Manure and Wenger may have thought he could get an injury against the chelsk.

    Arshavin: We need him in the league. 4th place is tricky still. Plus in the CL next season we could be playing an AC Milan or Bayern Munich. 3rd place is still possible which would get us into champs league proper.

    Nasri: I understand he was under the weather and it is his first season in the PL so I can understand his tiredness.

    Denilson and Diaby: Obvious choices as sacrificial lambs under the circumstances.

    I really want to face the likes of Chelsea with a fully fit squad. No excuses then…

    Gooner til death!

  30. Tommygun says:

    Some of you people make me feel sick.

    in Wenger we trust PMSL!

    How much longer do we have to put up with this crap

  31. AusGunner says:

    Jesus get over yourselves. Precious little darlings.

    “Lets be honest if Wenger was at a big Spanish club he would have been sacked a long time ago.”

    So? Most spanish clubs couldn’t organise a root in a brothel. That has jack shit to do with fuck all.

  32. Bull$#*# is exactly right. Look, with the Carling Cup kids already moaning about playing time, and Cesc, Nasri, Walcott set to rule for s decade minimum where do the likes of Wilshere and Ramsey fit into the plan? How long before they start looking elswhere for playing time? Wouldnt it be better to have Nasri on the pitch with, say, a Pires on the bench-providing veteran guidance and ready to step in if need be?Seemed to work for the Muppets with Giggs coming off the bench to seal their title last season.The future is NOW, Arsene!!

  33. hec says:

    Great comment from obviously a real gunner in the name of GBENGA “if I changed clubs today ” he quotes doesnt he know , real Arsenal fans do NOT have that option.

  34. Gunnerboy says:

    @ mike the greek gunner what the hell does us spending £4.5mil in d last 5yrs have to do with the team selection on saturday?Does d fact dat u’r saying we’r broke makes it wise for arsen to drop arshavin,nasir and song?I’m not among those calling 4 wenger to go but i wonder y people can still say they didnt see wenger bottled it on friday.If u cant see u’r not thru fans.And note that loosing 2 chelsea was not the problem it was the manner which we lost and i just dont want to hear anything about the pitch cos as a professional u should be ready 4 anything.

  35. Tommygun says:

    Im sick of people talking about wenger as he is some type of god.

    The sad fact is that he has not won anything since 2005.

    We have not won anything since HE sold Vieira.

    And people want to tell me that this man is doing a good job? What a joke. Wenger has to be the most overrated manager in world football

  36. Marv Tha' Gooner says:

    TommyGun = Spurs fan..fuck off!!

    We got to champs league final WITHOUT VIERA…..

  37. Tommygun says:

    Did we win it ?

  38. Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC says:

    Marv Tha’ Gooner: VIERA, did he ever play for us? We got to the CL final without Pele, Maradona, Cruiyff, but we didn’t win it.
    Wenger got lucky inheriting GGs great English Defence, and DB10, he bought some big french players for loadsamoney and they fitted in well, got lucky with Sol, and did well with Anelka and Fabregas, but his youth policy is laughable, and his excuses make me cringe now. He is an average Manager who has had a lot of luck. His substitutions are rubbish, his game-plan is basically letting the players get on with it, he has no idea of tactics or a Plan B. The only good things he did were to buy expensive, good players, like TH and RP and Sol, who could play the ‘beautiful game’ without a manager. WENGER OUT!

  39. Marv Tha' Gooner says:

    TommyGunn, How long have you been a fan then?

  40. ArthurRussell's bumfluff says:

    Wenger out!! Well said Mr Goldstein. Your post has just drained me of the will to live. You enormous short-sighted idiot. Someone should hide your crayons in future if this, er, article is anything to go by. It’s “supporters” like yourself and Tommygun that make me increasingly despair of premier league football and the kind of morons it’s attracting.
    A well reasoned and intelligent rebuttal of your opinions would be the order of the day….but alas your post contains neither reasoning nor intelligence. So playground insults will have to suffice: Feck off and disappear you complete plank. And take all the whining naysayers with you. Go support one of those big-spending (bankrupt) clubs you secretly seem to love so much. Leave Arsenal alone.

  41. WC says:

    First of all I assure you that you cannot name a manager out there that is available that could fill Wenger’s shoes. The shortlist to even be considered for the job could fit on half a Post-It note. Arsene screwed up that FA Cup semi-final. I didn’t like it and I think we could have beat Chelsea with a full strength starting 11. I really disagreed with the manner in which Wenger went about it but we’re still in the CL and I think that’s really what he wants. He has a good 3-4 FA Cups already but what he and the club at large don’t have is a CL trophy and European champions title. It’s really the one big thing that’s missing from his already impressive footballing CV. I really think as a club of our stature we should be challenging on multiple fronts and not just picking one but I somewhat understand Wenger wanting the CL so badly that he’s willing to forego the league title and FA Cup for it.

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