Fran Merida to get his chance vs Portsmouth

Posted: May 1, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal Action has been told that Fran Merida could get his chance and start vs Portsmouth as manager Arsene Wenger will rest key players ahead of the 2nd leg champions league return of Man Utd.

Arsenal will be without Robin van Persie, Eduardo and Mikael Silvestre, who all have groin injuries.

Wenger is likely to rest Cesc, Toure & Adebayor as the focus is now firmly on the Champions league final.

We think the team will be this


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  1. Dirty Turkey says:

    That’s one helluva lightweight midfield isnt it?

  2. gazzap says:

    fair enough, but surely Song needs the rest more than Toure. song played 90 on Weds and will 90 again on Tues in midfield. Toure is a defender so can handle 3 games a week IMO. Centre backs rely less on physical sharpness than other positions.
    furthermore, the last thing I would want to do with Song in rich vein of form is take him out of his comfort zone – possibly cause him to make a mistake that gives away a goal at Pompey – and thus take his confidence back down. Song’s confidence is high right now, lets try and leave it there for at least a few more days!

  3. Chipo says:

    It’s going to be something more like this i reckon:


    Eboue Djourou Touré(c) Gibbs

    Denilson Ramsey Merida

    Arshavin Vela


    The old Xmas tree formation. A classic.

  4. KingKolo says:

    That team is Featherweight and would get out muscled by the physical strength of Pompey. I’d expect the team to be more like;

    Eboue Toure Djourou Gibbs
    Arshavin Denilson Fabregas/Merida Vela
    Bendtner Adebayor

  5. BooMeR says:

    How confident are you of this?

  6. BaneGooner says:

    I would rest but I wouldn’t rest too much.

    A loss could have a negative effect.

  7. ……………..FABIANSK………………




    Substitutes: Alumnia, E J Thomas, Walcotte, Fabregas, Nasri, Merida, Bartley,

  8. saf says:


    Eboue djourou song gibbs

    Denilson Diaby
    Arshavin Merida Vela

    Vs man utd

    Sagna Toure Silvestre Clichy
    Walcott Fabregas Song Nasri
    Van Persie

  9. Ian says:

    With our 4th place now almost guaranteed, and the need to give a respite to those who are going to give a hiding to Manure next week, now must be the best time to rest players, and at the same time give valuable experience and opportunties to those that we have been developing. JET really deserves his chance, Merida has failed to live up to his initial hype, but really has the potential to be even better than Cesc!

  10. Marv Tha' Gooner says:

    This is the CONFIRMED line up. Arsene told me:
    ——————Father Xmas——————

    Chris Rock—Alan Carr—Graham Norton— Rob Brydon

    ———Krusty the clown—-Coco the clown———


    Kate Olson—-Ashley Olson

    Perfect! Bring it on!!!

  11. Am says:

    A win will garuntee us fourth, we could also do it with 2 draws. i reckon Wenger sees this match as one where alot of our Carling cup players would be more up for it.

    The regular players may not want this game as much, because they dont want to get injured.

    I reckon Vela will probably start, so will Ramsey. If Diaby plays I dont think he will start on Tuesday.

  12. Arsene's Nut says:

    Mate, r u joking biggie is a centre half,why put him on left wing?

  13. Mannix says:

    Oh i hope Wenger will not make his usual mistake by starting Diaby on tue tht fellow is the bigest blunder. Adebayor is another catastrophe, lazy & primitive.

  14. Aidan says:

    The Olsen twins have incredible chemistry up front.

    2Pac and Biggie shoot too much though.

  15. rayman says:

    You are all miles off AW is after 3rd place, hence not playing AA in the FA semi. AW might rest one or two but he will want to win this. Ramsey is fucking shite right now – its about 2 years too early for him – he shouldn’t play for us again this year after his last few appalling performances. Ramsey and Merida won’t win this game. We might get away with one but not both. The person i would rest would be Gibbs who must be fucking knackered and if he gets injured it gives us big problems. I think Song is too important to risk now, so i would rest him. Cesc doesn’t need a rest, he needs a game in cm and not behind the striker. Ade will only hit form by playing, so no rest for him. Nik needs a full game and a goal. I would love to see Nasri get a game in his oreferred no 10 behind ade or nik but AW doesn’t seem to rate im there which is inexplicable. Team could be something like…

    Eboue Toure Djourou Sagna
    Nasri Cesc Den Arsh
    Ade Nik

  16. ger says:


    eboue djourou song gibbs

    ramsey denilson diaby merida



  17. jimmy says:

    i convinced my mateto put bendtner in his starting fantast football team for this game so fingers crossed he and wenger dont let me down.

  18. Rayman’s lineup is the most realistic of the two.

    It would be good for Sagna to acclimatise to playing LB in case of any more injury woes, and Portsmouth is a good time to get into gear

  19. Sean Gibson says:



  20. mattn says:

    As far as I can see, Merida is not even in the squad ( Arsenal (from): Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Djourou, Gibbs, Arshavin, Denilson, Song, Eboue, Bendtner, Vela, Fabianski, Nasri, Fabregas, Walcott, Adebayor, Diaby, Ramsey. )…

    How sure are you that he will play? To me it seems doubtful at best, Even though I would have liked to see him on the left flank. He is still too lightweight to play in the middle in my opinion, although a fantastic talent…

  21. ekimcaglar says:

    Good way to establish a team for the future, but this may not be a wanning concept this time.

  22. Donjohnni says:

    My God what a load of garbage responses!!!!!!

  23. […] Fran Merida to get his chance vs Portsmouth Arsenal Action has been told that Fran Merida could get his chance and start vs Portsmouth as manager Arsene Wenger […] […]

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