Is Mevlüt Erdinç about to sign and replace Adebayor?

Posted: May 3, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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According to some reports today ARSENE WENGER is ready to sell moody Emmanuel Adebayor to AC Milan this summer.

So “IF” this was true who is going to be the man to replace him?

Well a source in France has told Arsenal Action that Mevlüt Erdinç “Could” sign for Arsenal in the next 4 weeks (June) for a Free as his contract is up.

Wenger is a big fan for the FC Sochaux powerhouse and has sent Giles Grimandi to watch him a number of times this season.

Other players linked as possible replacements for Adebayor are Roque Santa Cruz, Demba Ba and the impressive Edin Dzeko.

But Wenger is likely to jump at this chance of signing Mevlüt Erdinç on a free…. Lets see what the next 4 weeks bring?

Will keep you update
Arsenal Action

Video of Mevlüt Erdinç

  1. Wolverine says:

    According to what reports?

    Anyway; my gran would put in more effort than Adebayor and she passed away 5 years ago.

  2. arsenalaction says:

    Arhhhh Sorry Wolverine…Didnt post the link to the adebayor story

    Here you go mate

  3. Marko says:

    If he’s available on a free then we should go for it with Van Persie and Eduardo getting injured from time to time cause he is a good player but in fairness we don’t need another striker if we get Van Persie to sign a new deal and keep all them fit. But in my opinion if Adebayor was to leave then we should sign Dzeko from Wolfsburg cause he is simple a goal machine and very young too.

    But there all if’s and but’s. I think we’ll only make a couple of signings this summer and a couple goings too. I’m keeping an eye on whats going on in France cause Le Mans and especially St. Ettienne are facing a relegation battle and we’ve been linked to a couple of their players like Matuidi, dabo and Gervinho and Wenger does like him some frenchies.

  4. Danish Gooner says:

    Yeah !!!!! and i could be signing next.

  5. Wolverine says:

    Dunno Marko… if they play for a team getting relegated from the inferior French league – just how good are then??

  6. Goona28 says:

    u know sum sites talk shit, and think theyve got the inside knowledge. but this site shocked me when u posted the ‘fran merida myt start’ speculation, and it turned out to be reliable so i think this may have a hint of truth.

  7. Marko says:

    Very good apparently Wolverine. Matuidi has already captained the side at 22 or 23 and Dabo, who can play right/left back and midfield, is extremely rated by Giles Grimandi who also recommended Sagna who none of us heard of when he was at Auxerre and we know now how good he is. Answer for me is Sagna best right back in world football.

  8. arsenalaction says:


    I know what you are saying. But our blog is not like that. We got it right about Fran Merida playing at Pompey and the same person has told us about Mevlut. Its a trusted person who has come good a number of times before. if it was just a random person who told us we would not post it..This guy has come good for us a number of times before..As the Fran Story proved!

    Cheers mate

  9. arsenalised says:

    Up the arsenal

  10. WC says:

    Sochaux is damn near the bottom of the Ligue 1 table with a questionable goal difference. If he’s coming on a free then it’s all good but I’m certainly not convinced he could lead the line like an Edin Dzeko or Ade.

  11. Marko says:

    No Santa Cruz he’s shite and as injured as Rosicky.

  12. pooner says:

    Just so long as U2 aren’t constantly playing when he does.

  13. NN says:

    anybodys better than ade fuki lazy big headed useless cunt bayer

  14. Stu says:

    The french league isnt all that. Lyon dont ever get far in europe but have dominated their leageu for the last 7 or so years.

    Taking that into consideration how bad must a relegation fighting team be? Especially is we are after several players from the bottom of a relatively poor league. Same goes for Bassong of Newcasel. We are always linked with him but bringing in players from bad teams isnt the smartest thing imo, unless they are dirt cheap and well worth it.

    We need to buy winners, build a team that has experienced success and are hungry for more and knows what it takes.
    Most of the players we are being linked with are used to fighting for their top level lives.

  15. gazzap says:

    more likely a replacement for RVP. he looks good and clinical. we need more fit clinical strikers. good age for Wenger too. On a free? what a bargain!

  16. GMR says:

    Tuncay was the last Turkish player to come to England on a free & he was much more highly rated than this guy. I can’t exactly say he has set the premier league on fire, on a free its worth the chance but I wouldn’t see him as a replacement for anyone, just a squad player.

  17. frankie frankie says:

    I get to watch a lot of french football as part of my job and I don’t think this is the type of player wenger should go for if these stories are true. Yes he is free and will be (finacialy) a good deal. He is strong and does a lot of running. He is pretty much Sochaux’s only decent striker and will not loose his place in the team to anyone else but his finishing could be better. If he was to join us i can only think he will not be able to force his way in to the team on a regualr basis. van p, dudu, bendtner, vela and arshavin are all better than him so i can’t see where he would fit in. I may be wrong. Wenger might see something in him that i don’t. I think he will be a good striker for a mid table team but can’t see him making it in the champs league as a starting striker. Also if we sell ‘Adebadtouch’ there is no reason why wenger won’t spend a little. I know he can be tight but I don’t think he will have a problem spending 5-10 mil on a better striker than this guy.

  18. […] Is Mevlüt Erdinç about to sign and replace Adebayor? According to some reports today ARSENE WENGER is ready to sell moody Emmanuel Adebayor to AC Milan this summer. So […] […]

  19. Valentin says:

    The problem is that Ade still suffer from a groin strain. Anybody who has had a groin strain is that the last thing you want to do is to run.
    One of the errors that keep repeating Arsene Wenger is to play players who have not completely healed groin strain injury. When they come back they are not ready and cannot run properly, making them look lazy and slow. Anothe issue is that some of the players still have a light training instead of a complete rest.
    Hopefully on Tuesday either a fully fit ADebayor will play or will not play at all. At 60% Adebayor (as any other player) is a liability even if out of our squad he is the only player who can play upfront on his own.

  20. Valentin says:


    The fact that the club are weak at a European level does not mean that there is no good player there.
    Drogba, Anelka, Malouda (who finally start to show what he can do), Adebayor, all came from the French ligue 1.
    Because Ligue 1 cannot compete financially with others league (EPL, La Ligua, Bundesliga), every year their best players leaves to play abroad. Even mid-level EPL club such as Portsmouth or Bolton can offer better term to player than top club in France.
    Givet will rather play at Blackburn Rover than at Marseille despite the fact that Marseille was playing Champion League football.
    Because of the TV money, French club cannot complete on the pitch. A lot of so called star in France are in fact past-it players who play in France for family reason (Makelele, Giuly, …) or because they try to move to management in a French environment.

    Lately Arsenal has bought experienced players from the Bundesliga (Hleb, Rosicky) rather than the French Ligue 1.

    BTW, Mevlut Erding does not expired this summer but the next one. It looks like he is available at €8M. However Marseilles and Bordeaux are interested meaning that an auction may be necessary.

  21. ekimcaglar says:

    Well Mevlüt is a player with good qualities, but as a Turk I can’t forgive him for all his missed chances in the national team.

  22. […] Arsenal are interested in this 22 year old striker. Hes on a free […]

  23. Gooner says:

    Dzeko just bagged a hat-trick against Hoffenheim.

  24. Tariq says:

    I’d rather Dzeko.

  25. Gareth26Ireland says:

    great video, but im sure we could get a vid of ade doin all that and not show the negative aspects of his play

  26. Finny says:

    Van persie is over rated and ade is too mentally fickle. They are both not team players. Van persie is a one trick pony and is unable to link up with the mid field in the short passing game that wenger prefers. Most of his goals are frorm early passes where he turns and shoots. We need a David Villa BADLY. We also need decent winger as Walcott cant cross his legs. Oh and yes and defensive midfielder and a centre half.

  27. no name says:

    alot of u fans underestimate wenger and beleive that he is “tight” when it comes to spending and i must agree that yes he doesn’t spend much very often and he oftens buys cheap unexperienced players that we dont necessarily need but he did in fact spend 16 mill on arshavin and i dont know about you but that is alot of money to me and i wudnt be at allsurprised if he dips into his pocket for more players around dat price if adebayor leaves..

    • riconho says:

      Arshavin for €12.5M is just the best signing for Arsenal for X years.

      He was one of of top-flight lads in Russian Premier League.

      I remember how excited and happy he was for his first interviez on the club’s TV channel.
      Plus he agreed too lower his salary, he only wanted Arsenal.

      Now he shows how good he his like versus Liverpool on 21st April.

  28. riconho says:

    Adebayor is such a lazy pal I’m sure Berlusconi gonna get nuts before christmas.

    Good riddance!

  29. clash says:

    There are some chances that Ade is not fully fit or his mind is at AC Milan!

  30. Danny says:

    Just came accross this again.

    Well, he never came to Arsenal and he wasnt free! He went to PSG for like £10m or something, so far for them he has scored 8 goals in 14 league games and 1 in 1 in the french cup.

    Not bad I say. The thing is, you’re all saying that because he was from a team nearly relegated then he couldnt be that good, but to score 11 goals in the league when the rest of your team is schyte probably means he is actually BETTER than what his stats are for the relegation club.

    In response to GMR saying how Tuncay hasnt set the prem on fire. I agree. But Tuncay doesnt play as an out and out striker. Im pretty sure Gareth Southgate used to use him in midfield and on the flanks in order to create something for the strikers. Also if you ask any Middlesbrough fan or Stoke fan what they think of him, they love him as he has more to his game than just scoring goals.

    As for Erdinc, according to the Ligue 1 wiki page hhe is joint 3rd top scorer at the mo for the league. He seems to be able to do the biz with better players around him, so maybe he might be worth looking at in the future. 🙂

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