[Vote] Who do you think has been our best & worst players this season?

Posted: May 3, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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As we come to the home straight of the season it time for the question ” Who do you think has been our best & worst players this season”

Which player has stood out for you as been the star of the team? And who has been the flop of the season?

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  • Player of the season
  • Young Player of the season
  • Goal of the season
  • Game of the season
  • Best new signing
  • Most improved player
  • Flop of the season

Arsenal Action

  1. pooner says:

    isn’t this a bit premature?

  2. arsenalaction says:

    not really no : )

  3. Festus Odofin says:

    Player of d season: William Gallas

    Young Player of d year: Theo Walcot

    Best Goal of d year:Eduardo Da Silva (FA Cup)

    Game of d season:Arsenal Vs Dynamo Kiev (1st leg)

    Best signing: Andrey Arshavin

    Most improved Player: Song Bilong

    Flop of d season:Silvestre

  4. arsenalaction says:

    Thanks Festus..

    Feel free to join our forum buddy

  5. Tony Adams says:

    Player – van Persie
    Young Player – Walcott
    Goal – Eduardo (Burnley)
    Game – Villareal
    Signing – Arshavin
    Improved – Song / Eboue
    Flop – Bendtner / Silvestre

  6. Ryan Ranaweera says:

    Player – Van Persie
    Young Player – Walcott
    Goal – Arshavin (Blackburn)
    Game – Chelsea (League)
    Signing – Arshavin
    Improved – Song/Almunia
    Flop – Adebayor/Silvestre

  7. Misc says:

    Player: Robin Van Persie
    Young Player: Vela or Walcott….im goin for walcott
    Goal: Eduardo against Burnley
    Game: ManUre at the Emirates…game of the season period.
    Signing: The Russian Maestro
    Improved: Alex Song
    Flop: Adebayors work rate, but all in all has to be Silvestre

  8. nr790 says:

    How people can consider bendtner a flop this season is beyond me, he has one les goal in the prem than v.persie and is 4 goals behind him over all

  9. james mc daid says:

    tony adams,maybe you should be more critical off our so called no 1 striker as opposed too our no 4 striker,waken up and get over your self.

    • Tony Adams says:

      Maybe your a child or a retard and shouldn’t push your luck. Adebayor is the “number 1” striker not van Persie. van Persie may have only 1 more goal but he’s been an assitance machine. You clearly don’t watch enough football – “Get over yourself.” Scottish cunt.

      • james mc daid says:

        tony adams,i was talking about adebayor,he is our no 1 striker,who mentioned robin,you must be a RETARD if you cant read plain english,as for the scottish cunt part,i will be in the blackboy from five o clock on tuesday,looking forward too seeing you then,if you have the balls,we will see who the CUNT is.

  10. Shaz says:

    Player of the season: Robin Van Persie – Carried us through when adebayor and cesc were out injured.

    Young Player of the season: Theo overall but special mention for Vela for what he has done in his limited appearences..he is going to be a class act

    Goal of the season: Eduardo Da Silva (FA Cup)

    Game of the season: Has to be Liverpool game for pure entertainment. Performance wise, Fenerbache away, Man Utd Home, Chelsea away and Villareal Home

    Best new signing: Andrey Arshavin by far

    Most improved player: Song in the last 3 months has been excellent. I commend his character. Special mention for Eboue thought he reacted really well after his treatment by some Arsenal fans but i guess its what he needed

    Flop of the season: Adebayor..should have sold him last season instead of giving him a new contract..dnt like his attitude hope he goes this summer..no player is bigger than Arsenal

    Prospects for next year: ..cant wait till next season…I think we have huge potential. Hope we Wenger doesnt get slaughtered if we dnt get to the final although i believe we still can!

    I think a couple of players will be leaving..got a feeling Gallas will go after the troubles this season as well as Adebayor and we will bring in replacements as well as a few youngsters as usual. I think the new Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis and Major Shareholder Stan Kroenke know how good Arsenal can be and will be pushing for a couple of good signings this summer.
    Come on You Reds!!
    In Arsene we Trust!

  11. cartmanknowsbetter says:

    Player – almunia
    Young Player – Walcott
    Goal – Eduardo (fa)
    Game – i’ll say later
    Signing – Arshavin
    Improved – Song
    Flop – Silvestre

  12. cartmanknowsbetter says:

    tony u must be joking about Bendtner, he’s got 14 goals so far and with low confidence

    • Tony Adams says:

      He may have scored a lot of goals, but he’s wasted far more chances and hardly ever puts in a performance.

  13. Leebo says:

    Player of the season – Denilson
    Young Player of the season – Gibbs
    Goal of the season – Eduardo v Burnley
    Game of the season – Roma (H) 1-0
    Best new signing – Arshavin
    Most improved player – Song
    Flop of the season – Eboue

  14. Michael says:

    Bendtner is the second worst player i’ve seen in an arsenal shirt after igors spepanovs. His touch is awful, as is his passing, vision, awareness and shooting. I feel for him, its embarrassing.

  15. Gooner says:

    What about the Carling CUp game against Wigan with our youngsters. I smile everytime i watch that game. Vela’s magical chip.

  16. jim says:

    Player of the season-van Persie
    Young Player of the season-Nasri
    Goal of the season-Ade vs Villareal
    Game of the season-arsenal- liverpool
    Best new signing-Arshavin just behind Nasri(by a couple of miles)
    Most improved player-Song
    Flop of the season-Silvestre

  17. BnT says:

    Player of the season

    Arshavin without whom we would be playing in the Europa league next year

    Young Player of the season

    Age aint nothing but a number, fuck youth.

    Goal of the season

    RVP vs Pool – chest and volley + Ade overhead, both nice

    Game of the season

    Us vs Pool for the neutral, I cant remember anything amazing. who knows maybe tuesday will be the one.

    Best new signing

    Arshavin, proving money does buy you love.

    Most improved player


    Flop of the season

    Arsene Wenger for going into the season with a squad that gave us fuck all chance of winning the league, nice way to earn £5m a year.

  18. Jacobs Femi says:

    Best ~ Fabregas
    Young ~ Gibbs
    Improve ~ Song
    Signing ~ Ashavin
    Flop ~ Sylvester, Adebayo, Bendtner and Diaby
    Game ~ Porto

  19. fabregas says:

    Player of the season = almunia
    Young Player of the season = gibbs
    Goal of the season = eduardo fa cup
    Game of the season = arsenal 4-4 liverpool
    Best new signing = arshavin
    Most improved player = song/eboue
    Flop of the season = silvest

  20. damir says:

    the best goal-Adebajor against Villareal on the away game.Young player?Walcott!Gibbs and Song for most improved!BEST SIGNING-DEFINATELY ARSH-ENAL!Best playerS-Van persie,Fabregas,Nasri and Arshavin.best game-Chelsea-ARSENAL win at stamford bridge!flop,definately Silvester,if he is not good for manu,it should not be good for us,and my humble opinion is that he prove that he is not good for us

  21. zack says:

    Best – Fabregas/Almunia
    Young – Gibbs/Walcott
    Improve – Song/Eboe
    Signing – Ashavin/Nasri
    Flop – Denilson/Diaby

  22. brdgunner says:

    Player of the Season = Van Persie

    Young player = Denilson (Walcott and Song just behind)

    Goal of the Season = Arshavin Anfield the one Theo set up. It was like the old Arsenal.

    Game of the Season = Anfield

    Signing = Arshavin

    Most improved player = Bendtner

    Flop = Adebayor/Sivletre/Diaby

  23. Anas G says:

    Player: Walcot/Almunia/Vanpersie/Fabregas
    Young : Gibbs
    Goal : Arshavin 2nd goal (liverpool)
    Game : Liverfool 4-4
    Best : Arsha-Who???
    mproved : Almunia/Song/Eboe
    Flop : AdeBYEoor!!! (Waste)

    Must sell: Adebayoor!

  24. Partisan says:

    Player of the season: Andrey Arshavin

    Young Player of the year: Theo Walcot

    Best Goal of the year: Arshavin v Blackburn

    Game of the season: Arsenal v Manchester (EPL)

    Best signing: Andrey Arshavin

    Most improved Player: Denilson

    Flop of the season: Silvestre

  25. E9 Gunner says:

    Player of the Season: Almunia
    Young Player: Walcott
    Goal of the Season: Eduardo/Adebayor
    Game of the Season: Anfield
    Signing: Arshavin
    Most improved player: Gibbs/Song/Fabianski
    Flop: Silvestre

    People are saying RVP player of the season because he carried us through the season while Adebayor and Cesc was injured. He didnt carry us that far,he’s played more games, had more minutes and taken more shots, but still has less goals than Adebayor in the league and only one more goal than Bendtner. Someone tell me how that adds up, then you rate him best player of the season.

  26. gunner 4ever says:

    Player of the year – RVP, probably arshavin had he joined at the start f the season.
    Young player – Denlison…tired recently but has been efficient and worked hard.Ppl 4get this is his 1st full season so he has done well!
    Goal of the season – Ade vs villareal. A goal created from nothing.
    Game of the season – 4-4 at Anfield great entertainment.
    Signing – Arshavin…hes defo been worth the money
    Most improved player – Song
    Flop – Diaby at times…overall Slivestre.

  27. Danish Gooner says:

    Joey Barton must be the biggest cunt of all time,the thing he tried to do to Alonso simply isnt on and how are Shearer going to defend this his latest piece of psycophatic behaviour.He isnt a hard man but a psycopath.

  28. I HATE ADEBAYOR says:

    Player of the Season : Almunia & Van Persie
    Young player : Denilson & Walcott
    Goal of the season : Eduardo
    Game of the season : Man utd in Emirates
    signing: of course Arshavin + Nasri
    Most improved player : ………
    Flop: Adebayor

  29. NN says:

    arse– adefukin greedybayer.. has ruined this season for me. was utds 12 man on wed nite

  30. Temidayo says:

    Player of the season: Van Persie>Gallas>Toure
    Young player of the season: Walcott,> Vela,> Wilshere
    Best Signing: Arshavin
    Most Improved: Song> Eboue> Denilson> Gibbs
    Goal of the season: Walcott vs Villarel
    Flop: Syvestre> Diaby > Adebayor > pls Wenger sell Adebayor…and buy som1 who is level header and plays for the team.Pray he goes in the summer.Also do away with Bendtner…good but not any Arsenal player. Diaby should be a senior member of the team now but i believe he will improve

  31. Fabregas' Dad says:

    * Player of the season

    I’d probably go for Almunia for this one for consistency, though Gallas and Van Persie deserve special mentions along with possibly Denilson.

    * Young Player of the season

    Gibbs because he’s the youngest member in our squad yet has played better than Clichy this season IMO. Walcott, Bendtner and Nasri have become more senior members of our squad and Vela’s been great as well.

    * Goal of the season

    * Game of the season

    Chelsea away because I didn’t expect us to win that. Roma, Man Utd and Porto at home have all been great performances as well.

    * Best new signing

    Arshavin without a doubt.

    * Most improved player

    Song would be an obvious choice because he’s been improving in the latter stages of the season but I’m going for Toure considering how bad he was last season and how much better he’s been in the last few months.

    * Flop of the season

    Silvestre would be an easy choice, but then again who honestly didn’t expect a flop from a player costing so little sold to us by SAF. Adebayor’s been pretty dire and I’ve been a bit disappointed with Clichy and Sagna. Fabregas hasn’t had the best of seasons either but still an amazing 16 assists.

  32. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Also, adding to my point about Toure being the most improved player, Song actually played quite well last season (especially in the latter stages).

    Oh and I want to clear up that I’m not suggesting Clichy and Sagna have been flops this season, just that they haven’t lived up to last season’s expectations. How about Rosicky, I was so eager for his comeback…

  33. senderos' mum says:

    player of season: – robin van persie
    young player of season: – samir nasri
    goal of season: – walcott vs villareal champs league
    game of season: – liverpool 4-4 arsenal
    best new signing: – andrey arshavin
    most improved player: – manuel almunia
    flop of season: – emmanuel adebayor

  34. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Oh and Almunia has also improved a lot this season.

  35. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Sorry for the fourth post but I forgot to give a goal of the season. Adebayor vs Villarreal was amazing (especially ‘cos you wouldn’t expect that from him). Vela’s scored a couple of great goals and Arshavin’s first goal for us and his 2nd against Liverpool were great goals as well, as well as Eduardo’s flick volley. I suppose I’d go with Adebayor’s goal because of its importance and magnitude and the fact that he was facing away from goal with three defenders surrounding him but he still scored.

  36. Tony Adams says:

    van Persie warrants POS for his assists and perfomances, not goals – When you lay on chances for other people you dont have to prove yourself with goals. As many assists as Bergkamp, but more goals = good player.

  37. Gooner For Ife says:

    PLAYER OF THE SEASON: Manuel Almunia


    GOAL OF THE SEASON: Van Persie Vs Liverpool(EPL, Emirates),at least for now!

    GAME OF THE SEASON: Roma 2nd leg (would even be better if we won the CL)



    FLOP OF THE SEASON: Mikel Silvestre

  38. keith says:

    PLAYER OF SEASON: Hard one this isn’t it? Was thinking for ages as i didn’t want to suggest someone (AA) who joined in january. Is there any stand out candidate though? Nope, I don’t think so. Sums up the season I guess. Maybe RVP… if you twisted my arm.

    YOUNG PLAYER: Jack Whilshere, although in truth he peaked in pre-season. Gonna have more say next season.

    GOAL OF SEASON: For sheer emotion and joy, Eduardo in his comeback game. I nearly cried….

    GAME OF SEASON: I enjoyed turning over Hull in the FA Cup actually… Villareal in CL at home was also a blast. Was great to sing Bobby P’s name for the last ten minutes untroubled by the result..

    BEST NEW SIGNING: Andrey Arshavin has shown more spirit, talent and appetite in three months than Adebayor will manage in his entire career.

    MOST IMPROVED: we’ve only got one Song…

    FLOP OF THE SEASON: How anyone can look past Adebayor for this one is beyond me. I’d personally carry him to Milan on my shoulders if they’d only offer £20m..

  39. Tony Adams says:

    Where’s the Blackboy?

  40. Tony Adams says:

    where’s the Black Boy?

  41. Tony Adams says:

    Tell you what, I’ll be in the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich tonight.

  42. lee groves says:

    player of the year – Gallas
    young player – nasri
    goal of the season – adebayor against villareal
    game of the season – arsenal 2-1 man united
    or arsenal 6-0 sheffield utd
    Best Signing – arshavin
    most improved – song without a doubt
    flop of the season – denilson because hes a had so many chances and must of played 2-3 good games and around 25 awful ones…the bloke is shit as is diaby bendtner and adebayor

  43. James says:

    Player of d season: William Gallas

    Young Player of d year: Gibbs

    Best Goal of d year: Arshavin(Liverpool)

    Game of d season: Arsenal Vs Liverpool (4-4)

    Best signing: Andrey Arshavin

    Most improved Player: Song

    Flop of d season: Denilson

  44. Bongo says:

    Player of the Season : /Touré/Denilson (Forced to be the backbone of our team all season, due to injuries, without Denilson we’d be fighting to try and get 6th, and we would have been knocked out of the cup competitions months ago)

    Young player : Denilson (Has looked a little jaded lately due to number of games, people don’t rate him because he remains annonymous in a match, he doesn’t cause waves and doesn’t have flair, but he wins the ball, keeps the ball and makes the pass, thats what he’s there for)

    Goal of the season : Arshavin First proper goal

    Game of the season : Liverpool at Anfield

    Signing: Arshavin/Nasri

    Most improved player : Denilson/Song/Almunia/Bendtner

    Flop: Adebayor (He needs to go, he’s not an arsenal player at all, he’s a newcastle player [lazy and arrogant] I would have said Silvestre because he had a rusty start and made mistakes but the way he played against Man Utd shows he was a good buy)

    FYI we will definitely lose one or more of the big three players if we don’t win the champions league, RVP, Fab and Walcott will definitely being looking elsewhere.

  45. tony says:

    i think this poll is wrong it turns into a forum for slating players

  46. Am says:

    Player of the season – Van Persie

    Young Player of the season – Gibbs/Walcott

    Goal of the season – Vela (FA cup, Burnley)

    Game of the season – Fenerbachi (Away)

    Best new signing – Arshavin

    Most improved player – Denilson/Song

    Flop of the season – DIABY/Rosiky

  47. armstrong says:

    I think the my best player of the season should go to
    song,young of player of the season is gibbs,best signing of the season is arshavin,the worst player of the seaosn is bentner-adebayor arsen wenger patb rich
    most improving player of the season is gibbs.

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