[Photo] Bendtner thrown out of nightclub at 4am with trousers round ankles

Posted: May 6, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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The Arsenal striker, who came as a 63rd-minute substitute for Theo Walcott during the 3-1 defeat to rivals United (4-1 on aggregate), was photographed leaving Boujis nightclub in Kensington, London, at 4am this morning appearing to have seriously drowned his sorrows.


And this is not the first time this season an Arsenal player has been snapped outside a nightclub during the early hours.

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  1. lukogunner says:

    that does not look like bendy at all

    • scott says:

      if it aint him why is he trying to hide his face?

      he can do us all a favour and leave and take wenger with him and fast!!, we may actaully get somewhere then!

    • The Captain says:

      You must be kidding right, this is a picture of some kid not Bendtner, who is not a short skinny runt but 6’4″ tall viking..come on!

  2. herdee string says:

    What a fucking embarrassment you are BENTner. You fucking prick. Taking home your wages, putting in your shitty performances and showing us just how little losing meant to you.

    You think you’re going to be one of the world’s best? You dumb fucking cunt. You’re not fit to lick Bobby Pires’ boots.

    Fuck you – fuck off back to Birmingham and if not, hope the bitch that sucked you off in da club last night had da herps.

  3. Franny says:

    Poor kid… looked like he was proper drowning his sorrows there. Doesn’t look like he’s had a good time at all. Must be as depressed as we all are.

    • cerbera says:

      Drowning his sorrows? He should’ve been ashamed to leave his house. It just pisses me off even more that he had the nerve to go out to a club to try to forget his problems. This is the problem with our players. They have no humility. Utterly disgraceful!

  4. Jimmy says:

    That is not Nicolas Bendtner. For a start the guy looks about 15 years old and secondly the fact that Bendtner is 6′ 4″ would make the security bloke about 7 foot

  5. SOSOLID says:


    • scott says:

      of course it is , the only difference is is that its in this country this time, he can get lost in the summer and that aint even soon enough

  6. scott says:

    do you blame them for drinking when the teams in a shite state and the manager is Mr Stubborn of the universe?, i dont blame them for the , that would even drive mother Teresa to drink if she supported arsenal, tif only they showed more heart and passion on the pitch instead of in the bar.

    butch of primadonnas, they can all do one and so can wenger.

  7. scott says:

    and what does wenger do about this… nothing , another fine piece of management by someones whos time has expired

  8. Aron says:

    I wonder if there were any Man utd players partying at 4 a clock 4-5 days before a big game a against chelsea don´t think so and a good professional wouldn’t be doing that maybe this is the reason for his form this season ??? So come on Bendtner pull up your trousers and start playing like a man……

  9. Danish Gooner says:

    It is Bendtner………sad to say.It has been all over the danish newspapers……..he is a right tool.

  10. saf says:

    wat waz wenger thinking when he brought bendtner on for walcott, i would understand eboue coming on he can battle foward but bendtner he is not all that i recon wenger should sell bendtner and adebayor and buy eto’o and villa/krkic

  11. Franny says:

    jeez, you’re a right bunch of brats aren’t you?

    He did more in 27 mins than Ade and Theo combined. Only player apart from Nasri that actually showed determination. Who the f*ck are you pansies commenting to judge? Get a frickin life you biased losers.

    If i played with a bunch of no hopers who don’t even try, i’d go and drown my sorrows too.

  12. harrison says:

    you lot need to seriously stick with your day jobs one bad performnace or one player makes amistake you turn on em they need your support and if you were real fans you’d support them. and if you were one of the people who left early yesterday then for me your a disgrace support your team or go off and glory hunt chelsea, man u or liverpool and stop fucking moaning but i’ll still be here when arsenal are the best club in the world and when they’r the worst because true supporters are there through thick and thin.

  13. joe says:


    • scott says:

      yeah but there both on the lash, look at the pictures, i wouldnt have neither of them, ill take villa or crouch any day

  14. John Brandon says:

    Can’t be Bentner – everybody knows he wears PINK

  15. Theo is sh@t says:

    Franny says you are a sensible man among fools. you should be proud of yourself. Theo is the worst player in arsenal – fact. Evra was referring directly to him – he is sh@t!

  16. Patrick says:

    He was our best player last night. His performances have improved incredibly over the past month or two. Yeah it’s an embarrasing pic or two but that’s it. Leave him alone

  17. Sue says:

    Sorry have to agree with Jimmy and a few others – doesnt look like him. Would like to see link for Danish newspaper! – anyone?

  18. Dr Whiff says:

    Are you joking? that is 100% Nikki…what a champ I say…good on him, thats what he should be doing

  19. J says:

    FFS guys. Bendtner was actually our MOM yesterday.

    Has improved a lot and hopefully will turn out to be a world class striker.

    That is not him at all. They have simply put his head on the guys body.

    Wankers. SUPER NICK!

  20. Dave says:

    I don’t really think it’s Bendtner – as someone pointed out, Bendtner is a tall guy, so that bouncer must be massive!
    But, if it was, I still don’t think it’s a big issue; Bendtner put in a shift yesterday and then some. In the 20 minutes he played he put RVP and Ade to shame.
    So what if he’s gone out drinking after having to watch his clubs ‘top’ striker stumble around like he was the one who’d been out drinking all night. I’d be pretty pissed off that I’d not been given more of an opportunity, especially when you consider Bendtner’s not far behind Ade in the goal tally…

  21. adubya says:

    looks like a photoshop job

  22. Jermaine says:

    It’s not Bendtner, or he must have shrunk and took a sunbed after the match…

  23. RANDOM ROY says:

    what a plonker, lol

  24. Arse&Nose says:

    give him a break, most of us would have gone out on a bend(t)er to after last nights performance!

    • cerbera says:

      Only the alcoholics would. Bad performances don’t mean you have to go out and get drunk and act like an idiot and embarrass the organisation and it’s fans you represent. He should be fined heavily.

  25. scott says:

    tossers all of em

  26. no name says:

    u lot can all fuck off, get behind da team and wenger not abuse them, uselees cunts for fans!

  27. tony says:

    there we go again the great arsenal fans supporting one of their own again.

  28. tony says:

    the boy was devastated and he thought the best way to forget was to get drunk eor of judgement but most guys here can probably remember going on such benders after some dissapointment or the other get of your high horses or shutup.

  29. M.Johnson says:

    So Bloody What! The guy is 21 and has just been knocked out of the champions league – what the hell do you expect him to do go to church. It must be very frustrating for NB who should have started the game last night.

  30. villela says:

    he did that because he was disapointed like all the fans, but is worse for him cause he was in the bench look how awful arsenal was playing, he just play a few minutes but he was better than adebayor, he needs more chances, and i think that he loves the team
    is time to see if he can be in the XI of arsenal instead of adebayor

  31. M.Johnson says:

    You are all a bunch of idiots. Not satisfied with the fact you almost hounded William Gallas out of Arsenal for comments he made. You now want to condem a young man who I believe was very unfortunate to be left out of the team yesterday because he is drowning his sorrows. However you do not see fit to condem the gutless poor performance of Theo Walcott, who is only in the Arsenal team because he is English( he has no control, his ball delivery is poor at best and cannot run with the ball at his feet). The irony is that had we not lost William Gallas to injury we would probably be in the final of the FA Cup & Champions League

  32. Jeorge Bird says:

    this is not the first time bendtner has done this, i can assure you

  33. dom says:

    it actually was him!

    don’t blame him though…

  34. ARION says:


  35. gooner91 says:

    yeah nice one arion, im sure there was an insult in there somwhere….
    and its funny what a loss can do to the fans isnt it, suddenly weve got so called “fans” complaining about everything at the club
    probably the same fans who walked out of the stadium after the third goal, real show of support that was, well done you
    anyway, unless ive missed something the only thing bendtners done is got drunk and made a tit of himself, hasnt beaten some one up or anything has he?
    everyones acting as if hes the first bloke ever to do this, all those critcising him, who are you to judge what hes done, hes even come out and apologised for his actions, more than most people do, more than that waste of space adebayor does thats for sure
    i think bendtners a great player, may not be the most talented but atleast he tries

  36. Yido4Life says:

    Are all you Gooners fucking as stupid as your team.

    He has already issued a statement appologising for his actions last night.

    Fucking hilarious last night , what a shite team.

    Cum on u Spurs!

  37. Fuse says:

    Scandalous!!! get a life guys….

  38. Robert says:

    Fucking hell, seriously the replies on this post go to show how many Arsenal fans know fuck all.

    That’s not Nicklas Bendtner? Only someone who has never watched football would say that, so why the hell are Arsenal fans saying it! You lot are a disgrace. You wouldn’t recognise Fabregas if he walked passed you on the street.

    You lot are the people who never go to the games and then claim to know it all.

    Fans like you make me sick.

  39. Steveo says:

    If it’s not him why the apology? Can he now apologise for having no first touch, never scoring against any decent side, hoofing the ball anywhere but in the net, constantly giving the ball away and being a waste of space in general? What is AFC coming to when this passes for an Arsenal player these days? Getting c***ted after a game is the least of his worries.

  40. Steveo says:

    Can he also apologise to his trousers for letting them down??

  41. anon says:

    he was the only player that appeared to care at all. he’s a better striker than ade, and he was better on the wing than theo was against evra.

  42. Foreign Legion says:

    Theo’s the JOKE. Token Englishman.
    Why didn’t Eboue start?

  43. […] [Photo] Bendtner thrown out of nightclub at 4am with trousers round ankles The Arsenal striker, who came as a 63rd-minute substitute for Theo Walcott during the 3-1 defeat to rivals United (4-1 […] […]

  44. Mark says:

    All the haters and so called fans would and should f@^* off like the wankers who left the grounds early yesterday when utd scored wankers i would sell my left nut the watch arsenal and they walked out prawn sandwich supporters the lot of them go support chelski ye bastards

  45. ArsenalEvo says:

    Scott? Scott the Red from therepublikofmancunia.com Your comments seems anti-Arsenal…. Bendtner played better than Walcott or Adebayor me think:)

  46. a word please says:

    did scott really say he’d rather have crouch?????? really scot…..? crouch? take a moment to look witin yourself. if your answer is still yes, please go stand behind a donkey…. then anger it.

  47. Kyle says:


    What a legend. Theo wouldn’t have even got in..

  48. Tommy says:

    so many people here thinking it wasnt Bendtner? lmao wtf? why do u think it aint him?? cant you regonize him? are u just refusing to see????

    lmao i guess hes apoligy on arse.com = pie in face eh..?

  49. bill says:

    cant beleieve the lack of support and how you all sound like a bunch of moaning scums. yidoforlife can fuck off as well at least we wont be watching emerdale next seaon you prick

  50. Mr B says:

    Take it for what it is….. Embarissing but funny.

  51. JR says:

    Do any of you remember the “Tuesday Club” ??? The Arsenal players have always gone out boozing…. Big Tone, The Merse, come on. We know Man U have xmas party’s, so do Liverpool and as for Chelsea, Terry and Cole were out on it only the other week. This isn’t that bad. It’s good to have a few beers after the game. The great Bobby Moore’s moto was “Win Lose We Booze”.

  52. dazzle says:

    I think fair play to him, Wenger is far to stubborn, why did he not notice adayb-fucking-useless last years performance was a fluke???? bendtner should enjoy getting away with as much as possible before he too is found out, why work when you are shite???
    may be adi and bentd tx each other going your still shit – tx back I still have a job. then the other goes but i am going to tell everyone soon i can be the best in the world. then bendtner goes right i am going to tell them I can be, in time. these to peckers must be laughing all the way to the bank. And, yes and we pay lol. nice wenger.

  53. Chipo says:

    Whats the problem? We lost & he went out to drown his sorrows. Which he obviously did lol

  54. sam says:

    he got chucked for smashing a bird in the toilet

  55. Kiss it says:

    Of course its Bentner, the guy has him in his pocket, Bendtner is hiding exactly the things he does in games.

  56. kolo says:

    he is a human being after all he went out to cheer himself up shit happen, who are you all to judge him
    some of you so called fans have disgrace the club with your pathetic behaviour and comments more than him so shut up you all

  57. DucthGooner10 says:

    Going out and drench yourself in sorrow and mix drinks is one thing. But don’t you think a nightclub gets truck loads of these people every week??

    It is the way he is being thrown out of the establishment what bothers me.

    They obviously had enough of him and his behavior and felt it was time for a hard landing. Bring his ass back to reality. A point which he clearly gets when he realises that he is being snapped.

    So sell the fucker this summer and let him convince another club he is the world’s best. See how far they walk with that story.

  58. ayucapal says:

    He will ignore by Winger

  59. garagem69 says:

    haha this is strange !!

  60. stav says:

    You lot are a load whingers, with nothing better to do than have a go at someone doing better than you. Sad folk with crap lives. I just hope he keeps getting better and he does really well for Arsenal next season.

  61. Gooner 4 life says:

    fucking prick

  62. Gooner 4 life says:

    SHITTYBAYOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPIDBENTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. arizona gooner says:

    it’s so sad the arsenal squad. cesc, nasri, arshavin, toure, theo and gallas can stay. the rest can go for all i care.

  64. Dale says:

    are you lot criticising the same Bendtner that scored twice for Arsenal at the weekend? Plus, I’m not the biggest fan of Bendtner, but atleast he actually took a chance in shooting on Tuesday night.

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