SORRY Arsene but its time to go!!!

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Time for a fresh start

Time for a fresh start

Recently Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger asked the fans to “judge him in may“. Well its may Arsene and you let us down yet again, for the 4th season in a row we have won nothing. its now time to dump wengers  youth project and to move forward.

Posted on Arsenal Action By King Malta

I stated that i would give Arsene until the end of the season before I passed any judgement, until when we had nothing left to play for. And that time is now.

This season has been absolutely appalling. I don’t care that we’re currently on a double figure undefeated league run, I don’t care that our team is ‘improving’ and I don’t want to hear anymore about jaded players.
I have often been lenient towards the Arsenal management and some players, I beleive in fully supporting the club you love, and backing them up in every way possible….but sometimes you just to be honest and pull no punches.

It’s time for change. Arsene Wenger has been an AWESOME manager for the club and has done much good….but 4 fruitless seasons of transition have left us nowhere, and its not as if we didn’t have our chances. Arsene let go players he shouldnt have, or at the wrong times. It was NEVER right to let go of Vieira. Ljungberg really should have played another year as backup, Pires had more in him also. Flamini was coming off a FANTASTIC year….I still don’t understand why they allowed him to leave…and then didn’t replace him at all. Hleb…..sure, we bought Nasri…but selling Hleb wasn’t the best choice…however, i feel that was more Hleb’s choice than otherwise. Letting Senderos out on loan seems ridiculous to me. It was OBVIOUS last year we needed depth….so we loan a CB out??? WHY?! and then loaning traore as well….WE HAVE NO DEPTH IN THE BACKLINE ARSENE! Traore should have at least come back in January. Why do you think the players are jaded Arsene??? Because there’s no depth….you can see that they’re jaded…THEN INCREASE THE DEPTH OF THE SQUAD!

Then, the constant lack of signings. If we were willing to spend money we’d have a world class side….so many players have come out and said they would LOVE to play for Arsenal, why not at least TRY to coax them over. It can’t be true we have NO money….why else are there conflicting reports suggesting otherwise coming from within the club? and why did we manage to FINALLY spend a little this year? And Arshavin….WHAT a BRILLIANT signing….but WHY halfway through the year when he was cup-tied?

And then, the way Arsene lines up the team is sometimes confusing. Adebayor again and again proved he struggles up front alone, he needed a partner, but Arsene continues to play him alone, I know a lot of our strikers are injured, but why not give Carlos a go up there with Ade? And then….the central pairings!!! Nasri as a holding midfeilder???

The Charade over Gallas’ captaincy…the comments of some of our players…I could go on. Now, Wenger is not at fault for what these players say, but how about comdemning it more. There NEEDS to be a standard set within the club of what is acceptable, and what isn’t. And if players like Ade truly are too stupid to understand what they say to the media….KEEP THEM OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT!

Then….the focus on youth. Yes, youth is important, but so is experience and skill. We NEED some older heads in the club, in the success of the invinceibles, the club had older, more experienced heads like Bergkamp, Lehmann, Campbell, Parlour, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Pires, Vieira, Keown! So much experience, so much to learn from, and so many players that had the experience and the maturity to be CONFIDENT that they could pull back leads and win against all odds, and pull out scrappy draws on the odd occasion that they didnt play well.
I understand this team has great potential, but we can’t rely on the same old comments forever, we need to purchase age, experience, and already blossomed skill with the youth we have in the team….and it doesn’t seem Arsene is willing to do this….or even sees that its neccessary.

Arsene has done so much….but maybe it’s time to bring in someone who will do things differently….someone will bring a new flavour, a new approach, and a new mindset that is required in this financial, tough, money driven world of football.

I’m sorry Arsene…..and I’ll shed a tear when you eventually leave one day….but it IS time to go…while your marvellous history is intact, and while this glorious clubs is also.

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  1. Franny says:

    Poor season… 4th in the league… progressed in the FA Cup and CL against sh*t teams and found out as soon as we met quality opposition.

  2. David Crosweller says:

    What total and utter rubbish.

    Two semi-finals and fourth place in the PL after several players leave and several others are long term injuries is nothing to complain about. In fact, I would say it is the very reason to keep AW. If he can do this with what he has then with two or three additions (I don’t expect a mass exodus in the Summer) we have a squad that is gaining in experience every year and some of the players are becoming very, very good.

    Get a grip on life. Arsenal aren’t going backwards, downwards or any other way negative. They are on the up.

    • cerbera says:

      David Crosweller, if you think the club’s on the up then maybe you’re standing on your fucking head or too fucked in the head to have any sound reasoning.

      • David Crosweller says:

        Actually, I managed to make my point in a relatively coherent, albeit brief, manner, therefore I think the head is still clear. I have an opinion that differs from the author and expressed it. On the other hand you haven’t managed to do that.

  3. Tom says:

    semi finals of the champions league, getting pretty far in the various cup competitions, 4th in the league. yep sounds like wenger deserves the sack.

  4. Pritpal says:

    best manager ever… no one can argue with what his done with these resources… only thing i wish is that he sells adebayor for 30mish and spends that on karim benzema. exactly what we need and henry replacement, a cutting edge, a special player who can do something out of nothing and still very young. who agrees

  5. Airforceone says:

    Go where? on a holiday???

    United were outclassed by Ac Milan not so long ago in a semi-final. People were also saying that Ferguson had lost the plot when he was signing Kleberson and Taibi – Wenger isn’t doing the same thing but choosing the wrong players.

    Remember how used Arsenal fans were to finishing fourth every year before Wenger….. No, cos it didn’t happen.

  6. Ole Gunner says:

    Second Champions League semi-final in the club’s history. What a disaster!

    You fool.

  7. alan curbishly and graham souness says:

    go on fire him…..we’re available!

  8. Fraser says:

    Last night we were beaten by arguably the best team in the world and yes we were well beaten. This article makes some good points but in reality we were beaten by Man Utd’s overdraft. They are about £750 million pounds in debt. Does Ferguson care? Of course not. He is only interested in on-field matters and rightly so in my opinion. Wenger has tried to do it on the cheap and he has done pretty well, but ultimately it is clear that his way aint gonna cut it. We are in a period of football history where several clubs seem capable of outspending us. Some, like Chelsea and Man City have obvious advantages. Spurs, Liverpool and even Villa, less so. I think that we did quite well to get to a CL semi and let’s not forget that we have had far better teams in the past that have not managed to get that far. What worries me is that Wenger doesn’t seem prepared to go that extra mile to buy the 3 or 4 players that could really make a difference. However, i doubt that Kroenke will be so forgiving. He will want to know why we aren’t winning the major trophies and will put a plan in place to see that we are more competitive. i don’t believe he will allow Arsene such total control. When you have a major loss like last night there will always be a watershed-type inquest. But let’s not be too hard on the team because in some peoples eyes, only the CL winners will have had a good season and for every other competing club in Europe it will have been an abject failure.

  9. McGooner says:

    Arsene Wenger must go, 4 years and nothing to show for it.

  10. Roy says:

    What a waste of time this is….

    OK big mouth who is going to take his place…

  11. scott says:

    Seconded, he can go with adebayor, he wont spend in the summer and he will buy 16 year olds, the team will lose some one the big players and the team will get worser and struggle to make the uefa places.



    • Airforceone says:

      Van Basten?? The Van Basten who has just resigned as Ajax coach because he couldn’t get the team into a Champions League spot…

      That’s a great idea, can you colour between the lines too?

  12. Tommigooner says:

    Fella – you really are a prick!

    But I guess if you have a blog you can publish whatever you want. Not sure if you’re looking for hits but you are SOOOOO way off about getting rid of Wenger.

    You’re one of those ‘knee-jerk’ fans – a fucking plastic – in fact why don’t you fuck off and support the fucking yids – there’s loads of your type there.

    End of rant.

    • cerbera says:

      And why don’t you go flush yourself down a toilet. If you don’t like the fucking blogs, then don’t read them you monkey fucking cunt.

      • Airforceone says:

        People can “reply” as they see fit. The authors can’t expect people to agree with them that is a bit silly isn’t it??

        I think you will find there is one “monkey fucking cunt” and that is you.

    • King Malta says:


      i aint no fucking plastic.

      ill support this club till the day i die, regardless of where it stands.

      because i want improvement does that make me palstic????

      ask anyone on this damn forum, ive defended arsene for seasons and seasons….but i want to see arsenal improve, because i love this fucking club.

      fuck the yids, and fuck you too.


  13. Ash Bowles says:

    And replace with whom?

    Utter rubbish.

    In Arsene We Trust

  14. geez says:

    what a tosser you are !!

  15. RANDOM ROY says:

    Are you honestly serious? our team has been plagued by injuries all season, i’d like to see any other manager get us to two cup semi finals and 4th place in the league with our current squad, hopefully this wake wenger up and make him to bring out the cheque book to strenghten the squad

  16. Daz says:

    What a load of ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS!

    I can’t even be arsed to answer that load of SHITE!

    Go and support Man u Utd you idiot!!!

  17. OA Bergengoon says:

    Please take us back to Morrow, Hillier, Faxe etc… Those were the days. Who would you bring in? Ramos will probably get the boot in Madrid now. He did spend loads of money at Sxxxx and what happend? Get a grip and look at where we are

  18. robertvgr says:

    how the fuck is can this defeat be wengers fault ?

  19. Big Sam says:

    I completely share your view, bring in Phil Brown or Sam Allardyce I say!!!

  20. Goonercharlie says:

    Jeez listen to this guy bet you jumped on the bandwagon after we won the double. At the end of the Day Wenger seems to be one of the only managers along with Moyes in the Premiership who is working within resources. He hasn’t been stupid and panic bought and in some games his philosophy has been proven. Yes i agree its not been our best season, but its been far from our worse. I don’t think letting Arsene Wenger go would help in the slightest ! I can’t think of anybody who would take over ! Mourinho struggled in his last games at chelsea and look how much he spent ! Ferguson is Utd through and through and Hiddink has made it clear on his position as a club manager. Wenger has made us what we are, he’s raised the bar ! And idiots like you are complaining ! We now have one of the best stadiums in the world. I think its such a fine line between us winning trophies and not ! All we really need 2 or 3 players of experience who can perform consistently in big matches.

    Wenger for life

  21. Sebcesc says:

    Let’s be just like Man Utd and spend tens of millions of pounds on every position and be in debt up to our eyeballs. Let’s sack Wenger and have the team disappear for half of what they’re worth because they don’t want to be at Arsenal anymore and we have to sell them. we are then in further transition and have a second rate manager who we sack when we don’t even reach a Europa Place league and pay them a hefty fee for dismissal. They’re can only be one winner in these competitions and yes we are below Man Utd at the moment but with what they’ve spent what you expect. When Wenger goes because he is sick of the abuse he is starting to get from fans like you and Myles Palmer and we are back in mid table obscurity, no midweek Champions League games to look forward to at all and a team falling apart, maybe you will look back and regret what you wished for.

  22. Gooner for life says:

    I agree with the squad depth comment but apart from that you need to lay of the white stuff. AW is a fantastic manager and he has transformed this team into a top team in Europe (and we haven’t even won the champions league). He has done it with limited resources and has created a number of star players from nothing. I would love to shout , “BUY SOME F%^&*ING PLAYERS IN THE SUMMER YOU STUBBORN OLD TW@T”, but we recently moved into a new stadium which obviously comes first. Unless you want us to be playing on the street??????

  23. gooner4life says:

    wat a shitty blog…..wenger should leave…ru out of ur mind…2 semifinals…..fourth in league….after everyone including people like you…said we wont finish fourth…wat do u want from this season….wenger was right judge his team in may…n they have done fantastic job….loss in both the cup was not a team defeat..we were just unlucky thats it….u cant judge wengers tactic with bad result….bcoz we lost in the semi final…we saw wat happened….last night…as soon as the game started we started better…had gibbs not lost his footing…i bet my life on this the outcome of the match would have been different…
    next season i c my team dominating the league n europe..n wenger will buy some good defensive players…

  24. the inquisitor says:

    with who

  25. King Malta is a king cunt says:

    If i had a say in matters cunts like you would be flogged by wenger in public you short shighted small balled cunt.

  26. Scooch says:

    Don’t be a prick!!!

    With the injuries that we’ve had (with players being loaned out or not) we’ve still managed to achieve 4th place and got to the semi finals in the CL and FA Cup.

    What a lot of people are saying today is that Man U have spent X amount and Chelsea Y amount yet we’ve only spent a fraction and due to this Wenger should leave. Have people forgotten the stadium we have at the moment? We simply haven’t had the funds to pay huge transfer fees (whatever our backroom staff may say).

    Signing Arshavin and the incredible impact he’s had from the moment he started playing for us may go some way to seeing us signing some “experienced” players this close season.

    I agree that things aren’t as good as I’d like them to be, but to start demanding the head of the one person who has seen us into our new stadium and still given us the chance to play at the top level is ridiculous!!!

  27. KaP says:

    Arsene has the potential (as previously shown) to win trophies. His decision to bring young players, make them work together, know eachothers game and mindset is great philosophy however it just does not seem to be winning them trophies.

    Its becoming quite common to hear “watch out for next season” but when is this season gonna come? I think the reason some Gooners are calling for Arsene’s head is that he is not keeping up the level that he used to, not winning the trophies. Gooners have taken Champions league football for granted and are asking for trophies which they do not seem to be winning. If Villa came 4th it would be CATASROPHIC for Arsenal and their future, you are lucky Villa dipped and you have cemented 4th (Arsenal have stepped their game up in the PL as well…giving props where props is due)

    I agree with brining in some experience to bolster the squad, Arshavin was an excellent signing. I reckon an experienced CB and DMF along with an out and out goal machine and Arsenal are challenging for top honours. But will this ever happen? We will see this summer. How much do you really trust in Arsene?

    PS: Gibbs is a great talent and still so young…he did make a high profile slip and he must be devasted. But there was maHOOsive pressure on him, a semi-final in the CL at such a young age and a lack of experience.

  28. brdgunner says:

    Ole Gunner your a geezer.

    Bring in Big Sam?

    Or Arry? He won the FA cup.

    Maybe Avram Grant?

    Fucking Hell, there are only another 5 possible managers in Arsene’s league, and they don’t an an ounce of his integrity.

    When the club told him that the new stadium meant selling players without replacing them, he signed a new contract.

    Any other manger in his league, would have left to build their own legacy, he stayed to build ours.

    He stood by us, now lets stand by him.

  29. Gooner Frank says:

    What a joke.

    What you and people like you never manage to do is come up with a single alternative manager. Who would you want to have and who would realistically be willing to come to Arsenal as manager when there is no money to spend?

  30. Adam says:

    Obviously, every Arsenal supporter was disappointed by last night’s performance – and while Wenger is not immune to criticism, this is ridiculous.

    By all means, call for Wenger’s head – but tell us who, in your opinion, would do a better job???

  31. Ole Gunner says:


    I do not know one single chairman or board that will fire Wenger. Fire the manager that keeps the club competitive on a shoestring? Fire the manager that has made Arsenal the second most valuable brand in football? Fire the manager that has multiplied shareholder value multiple fold?

    They won’t fire Wenger. Funny thing is that, deep down we all know it. Some of us just feel that ranting about firing him is a way to put pressure on the club.

  32. Julian H says:

    Utter nonsense, have a word with yourself.

  33. John Brandon says:

    This is the attitude that saw the team let down by the “Fans” who streamed out of Emirated stadium last night. At the start of this season most phophets of doom were writing Arsenal off – they were expected to drop out of the top 4 and would struggle to get beyond the group stage of the CL. Well they exceeded expectations and have done blood well. No they have not won anything and if this is the only measure of success then they have indeed failed along with 17 or so other premiership clubs. Is all well – no, there are obvious areas where improvement can be achieved and hopefully this will happen, after all what has been achieved this season has exceeded expectations when we think back. Hopeless players like Bentner and Song have matured into decent squad players. The sqaud is too small and is dangerously skewed towards youth. With the number of games being played (both club and country) a bigger squad is needed to cope with the near guarantee of injuries. These have to be experienced heads and preferably defensive brutes. Hope spings eternal and trophies will come.

  34. Donjohnni says:

    This is all lunacy. Why do you think Wenger should go? The standards you have are the ones Wenger made. He gave you that stadium. He gave you Henry et al. We were lucky to even get here. Semi finals of champs league, you can’t predict. Mourinho went out before us. You can’t say sack someone because they only got to semis, that’s Real Madrid style and look at them now. What a joke.

    Without Wenger there is no one else who could save us with our debt. It’s OK. He bought Arshavin. He will buy some bigger players now he knows it he ain’t dumb.

    Chin up lads!

    We were always gonna lose that second leg!

  35. Berkempt says:

    Lucky to get to the semis as we played an awfull team in the 1/4 finals.

    Man U, Chelski, Liverpool along with Man City and an improving Villa and Spurs will see us to struggle to keep in 4th.

    Arsene Wenger must go.

  36. jwickenden says:

    cunt cunt cunt cunt your a stupid cunt.
    also i would like to say that arsene is an intelligent man who knows more about arsenal and football than you will ever know and will address any problems between now and the beginning of next season.
    Last night we were unlucky…(hear me out) because before gibbs slipped and ronaldo was awarded a penalty that wasn’t we were on top playing well. If utd hadnt been gifted 2 goals i think that we could have been 1 up at half time and who knows, maybe gone non to win it. Playing against a team as good as united when they have 10 men behind the ball is virtually impossible. Put it into context. All those cunts who said we’d lose 4th spot to villa and maybe not even finish in top 6 are the same people calling the fact that we have easily secured fourth and got to two semi finals unnacceptable. We don’t have a right to success, nobody does but we are going about it in the best way possible…but like i said arsene will sort it.

  37. ah says:

    wenger works with what he is given ( & never moans in public), for the last 4 years or so this has clearly not been sufficient to do anything else but keep us competitive. top 4 each year, 2 finals & 3 semi’s.
    any other club bar the top 4 would kill for that, but the arse, rightly, expect & demand more.
    well the club is changing, gazidis will make a difference, & if wenger is encouraged to spend & manage differently then he will & i believe he can build another fantastic, balanced team that will be the best of the lot!
    for that reason I would say we need to be patient.
    we call ourselves ‘supporters’, we should start supporting.

  38. Vic gunner says:

    In a nutshell AW’s game plan has been nullfied by the red cunt.The AW pass and pass can be easily neutralized because it needs time and space.It’s one dimensional and no plan b. The red cunt’s game plan was executed to perfection.
    You can see the gunners trying to weave intricate patterns in the mU box.Once the attack breaks down its the cue for the bulldog to break away.Simple and deadly. Problem is AW insists on passing all day and no variation. Therein lies the problem.
    Oh yes he likes to sign wc kids at 16 or better still at 9.Whta happens if they don’t turn out to be the finished product?It will be time wasted.
    I read that the gunners are linked with another outsatnding Genoa starlet. Heaven forbid AW to follow up.
    We will have to wait till summer to know which direction the gunners are heading.

  39. Wrighton says:

    Agree that Man City will be stronger their transfer budget is going to £100M+ and with that sort of backing you can them rule them out.

    If we keep Wenger and finnish 5th or 6th next year you Wenger loyalists will be the first to turn on him,I say let get go now with head held high.

  40. Sue says:

    What a load of cobblers some people write.

    I bet you were one of the arseholes that left early as well.

  41. GeorgeGeorge says:

    A strong back four, 1-0 to the Arsenal, 8 English born players and trophies, those were the days

    Bring in George or David O’Leary

  42. Berkempt says:

    Arsene Wenger must go and you lot are blind to the truth.

    Ferguson and Wenger were inches apart but heading in opposite directions – one pondering fresh possibilities to make history and the other starting a critical period of soul-searching.

    Manchester United brushed Arsenal aside with a savagery, speed and ruthlessness that had plenty of observers at the Emirates labelling it as this sport’s equivalent of Manny Pacquiao’s demolition of Ricky Hatton.

    Wenger was dealing with the fact/pain of four years without a trophy and the problem of how to bridge the gaping chasm between the top three clubs.

    The scale of this defeat was etched on the lines of Wenger’s face as he attempted to come to terms with the blow he and Arsenal had just suffered in the aftermath of what will be be a pivotal night for the club.

    Wenger promised us that we would see “a magnificent performance”. They saw one all right – but they saw it from Manchester United.

  43. Mulcs says:

    Idiot bloggers like you make me want to vomit..
    Stop crying like a feckin baby and keep your pathetic thoughts to yourself….If you think anyone else can do better with a lack of money, compared to other clubs in the top four,then your dreaming.Ive seen Arsenal teams managed by Terry Neill,Don Howe,Bruce Rioch and Stewart Houston(now they were fckin terrible!) and although George was successful,we were slated daily in the media for the type of football we played.So bite your tongue,grit your teeth and i think that this team with just a couple of additions,will be a winning team!!!

    • DFB says:

      I think most people agree with but unfortunately we don’t see it happening (the one or two additions that’ll make the difference)

    • cerbera says:

      If the thoughts are idiotic and make you wanna vomit why do you even bother to read them?

    • cerbera says:

      No one put a gun to your head and forced you to load the page or even to comment…

  44. Stew says:

    Typical of idiotic fans who have FOLLOWED the gunners since 1998……….get a grip or go and support spurs, they change their manager all the time!

  45. Berkempt says:

    Stew are you always in denial

  46. Berkempt says:

    Mulcs tone the language down, everyone can have a view!!!!!!

    Just because they don’t share your views on keeping Wenger does not make them wrong.

  47. Steve says:

    realistically it would be crazy to get rid of Arsene and more than a little knee-jerk.
    Granted it has been 4 years that we haven’t won anything but his spell in charge has been one of the most successful in our history, and in a far more competitive financial era.

    The fact is under Arsene we now have a world class stadium, academy, training grounds & youth scouting network. If you look at the players he has brought in previously granted they were often young (vieira, cesc etc), but quite often they came because of him.

    Although one can question some of his transfer, the overall policy throughout his reign has been a success, especially as he has had to work with relatively meagre funds. Thank god he cares about offield issues as well, Out of the top four we are the only ones in relatively little debt. Man-U have a billion pounds mortgaged against the club, Chelski 800mill and Liverpool close to 600 mill.

    From the start we had to the season it is miraculous that we got to a semi final in both the FA cup and Champions league and guaranteed fourth and potentially fighting for 3rd. The only reason why we were able to get it together was because we had an experienced manager who kept the faith in the players and was able to steer the ship!

    My feeling is Arsene will spend this summer and I reckon he will get some great players in. Perhaps it is blind optimism but I honestly believe we will be in with a good shout for the league next season.

    Something all of the guys (sadly mostly yids and united fans) in the office say about Arsenal fans, is that all we do is complain about the team and the management and it does seem to be the case at times. What we need to do is get behind the team and really push for third! We have alot to look forward to next season:
    -Arshavin for the whole campaign
    -A fit Edduardo and hopefully Rosicky
    -A far more experienced squad generally.

    Last night is history, 2 unlucky goals in 11 minutes, not many teams can come back from that.

  48. ARION says:


  49. Mulcs says:

    Sorry Dad!!!

  50. Steve says:

    wasn’t meant to be preachey, apologies if it seems like that chaps

  51. damir says:

    Those people who are satisfied with a current situation in the club are not among those people who want continously progres of AFC

  52. damir says:

    QUESTION for those who are backing AW,how long we will wait for next trophy?Is it going to be in our lifetime?

  53. Fraser says:

    Ole Gunner,
    I did not suggest firing Wenger at all. What I am saying is that Kroenke is a shrewd businessman with a great deal of experience in high-end sport, albeit in the US. He isn’t buying Arsenal for a pleasant jaunt year in year out. He is a winner who wants to win. What I am saying is that it will be his club, not Arene’s and he will demand success. Of course he will want Wenger to stay but he will also want to provide him with the tools to win trophies and that means money, money, money. Are there any of us who thought that this squad was strong enough or who believe that our defence is good enough for top, top level competition like the CL. That extra few world-class players would, I believe, take us to new heights. I imagine that Kroenke knows this and the interesting thing will be if and when Arsene accepts the fact that we are not good enough at the moment. The signing of Arshavin shows the direction we should be heading otherwise I think we will forever be scrapping around for 4th place. And let’s not forget that Man City, with their financial resources, won’t be shit forever and it looks as if Liverpool too will get a big cash injection. I’m with Wenger but a dose of realism would be welcomed.

  54. Mpolo says:

    This team is not competitive. Why build a big stadium and have a shit team stop making excuses its getting stupid. Arsene shouldnt be sacked but he dont know best. Arsenal PR people are watching the blogs to try and counter negative comments.

    Dear Mr kronke please take control and bring back standards to the club. We used to play shit football but teams feared us because we were hard to beat. Then we had a skilful team put together with some cheap stars and an old defence and teams feared us. In 2006 we decided to pay off our mortgage on our new place we would become a creche a give young teenagers million pound contracts in the hope they might be good but they either ask for more money or leave for more ambitious clubs. Mr Kronke you are a billionaire so you must not like accepting second best and not getting value for money! Being happy to finish fourth every year for 2grand a ticket is shocking and some of our players are lucky to be playing football at this level. We were considered london best club now we are surestart please take control of our club and be demanding like a true winner should be not making excuses and sell Ade please do not give RVP a pay rise for doing nothing…

  55. damir says:

    It is pointless to talk about this,I think the things are very clear here.No result-you go or change your views and politics,it is simple as that,ARSENAL IS NO JUST ONE MAN(AW),WE ARE ALL ARSENAL

  56. damir says:

    lets see,why don’t we check our transfer targets for summer?3-4 under-21,one of them is some never heard of 16 years old from Genoa…if that comes true this season will be good what will come

  57. GunnerVox says:

    If Wenger goes then… Cesc goes and any other decent players we have… Try engaging your brain before you start writing contentious garbage.

  58. Dave says:

    I think most of you are missing the point. Who cares how much money United spend on players, what matters is winning. The premier league trophy does say 2007/2008 Manchester United (but they spent a lot of money so Arsenal should have won it really).

    If we want to compete Wenger has to spend ‘our’ money on a few new decent signings. Or we’ll be sitting hear next year saying 5 years and still no trophies.

  59. Berkempt says:

    Why, oh why, oh why, does Arsene Wenger continue to delude himself.

  60. Berkempt says:

    You lot make me

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