SORRY Arsene but its time to go!!! PART 2

Posted: May 7, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Part 1 [ LINK ]

I received a lot of abuse for my last article….i take it constructively however, as ive been where so many of you have.

Many posters who have interacted with me have actually criticised me for my constant enthusian and positivity regarding Arsene and the club.

My last article had a lot of emotion yes, but i also feel i spoke a lot of sense. many of you constrewed my comments to be that of a plastic fan….any who thought that are dead fucking wrong. im no plastic fan, sure, ive been a fan for not as long as some of you, around 8 years, but the FIRST football match i EVER sat down and watched in totality was an Arsenal match. until i saw that game i had NO interest in football. none at all….but the way they played made me love them. in fact, the first game i was saw, they lost to southampton, i had no knowledge of the league, how good arsenal were, or WHO they were, but i loved the club and the players.

Now, when i decide to speak my mind, im a fucking plastic? I would follow this club to the depths of the non football league, i LOVE this club, i BREATHE for arsenal…seeing them lose crushes my spirit….on behalf of myself, the other fans and even the players….i cant STAND to see us lose.

how about you people opening your eyes??? i UNDERSTAND what you’re saying, arsene has done so MUCH for the club, and i thank him eternally for that, but what of the more recent seasons, is it really unreasonable to suggest the club is seemingly standing still? really? i understand we may lose players if arsene leaves….and this is one of the reasons i still feel hesitancy about him leaving, but what if he stays…will we truly improve?

at the end of the day, as much as my brain says he needs to leave, theres still a section of my heart which wants him to stay here….out of pure admiration and beleife in the man which has done so much, but the question i keep asking myself…is has he got it in him to do any better? can he adapt to the way things are going….

if he truly could help us move forward….then of course….keep him…but i truly wonder if he can.

I see myself as a fair man, so, heres an Invitation i extend, if anyone has a rebuttal ARTICLE (not some bullshit post filled with ridiculous insults aimed at me) then send it through to and we’ll post it on our blog.

King Malta

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  1. Tommygun says:

    Arsenal fans are clueless Malta. Dont waste your time mate.

    The min you say something about wenger you are told to go and support Man Utd are called Plastic.

    After 4 seasons of winning nothing some gooners are still living in a wenger dream world and saying that “Wenger knows”

    When are they going to see that the problem is wenger and we need a fresh start.

    Well done Malta for coming out and saying it the way that it is…

    The problem is most Arsenal fans are so thick they cant see it.


  2. arsenalaction says:

    thanks for the support tommy.

    don’t forget to join up to the forum everyone

  3. shooy says:

    Set yourself up to be popped at mate and people will gladly take a pop at you. Goes with the territory of believing that your opinion matters enough to blog it to the world. Reality is that we all have opinions on this that and the other but none of them really mattter a fuck. Keep on pissing in the wind but don’t waste your energy getting angry when it flies back in your face.

  4. Kiss it says:

    We have become the Ajax of England. Buying youth or developing youth and selling them on for a profit is not the ideas of a club who want to challenge for trophys but a club who are actually a business over a Football Club. The sooner the old board are replaced the better, we are a club sat in the 1970’s. Wenger too has become a liability his decision makings of late are a sign of a man who doesnt know what to do next. Have you ever seen him wave his arms around so much, hassle the 4th official so much. As Frank McLintock said Wenger is or has lost the plot and its time we said Thanks Wenger but we need to go in another direction, the club has become stale in its ways. Let the Americans take over and get Mourinho in and lets stop being a business and lets become a winning football club again.

  5. sophia owen says:

    My responce to “SORRY”
    Arsenal should wake up, there are young & hungry coaches begging to coach a team like arsenal but yet no responce, if they give him a dead line once, he’ll make tins rite d next day, but management makes him belive that he’s everything. he should change his ways , buy xperince & matured players or he lives arsenal 4 good cos we as a fan, we still love arsenal fc as a team.

  6. brdgunner says:

    I think this is crazy mate. You obviously understand what he has done, however, know one can do any better. Aston Villa out spent us this summer even getting one of our targets in recent times, the CB I forgot his name.

    There is not a manager who can keep us so close with our limits. Rosicky may not come back, however, Gallas, Clichy, Eddy and Arshavin will play next year in these big games, which we have done well in up till now.

    Add to that a full season from, Cesc, & Theo, and were a lot stronger. With that side we can compete.

    And even if we couldn’t, maybe we should realise our limitations. Until the stadium starts to pay us off, we will be behind. It a matter of fact.


    He could of left us high and dry to take care f his own career, he didn’t, we owe him the same.


  7. James says:

    I think Wenger should be given one more season. If he fails again the board won’t kick him out, the fans will. It’s usually the fans who kick out managers when fed up enough. You’re entitled to your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it.

  8. Surrey Gunner says:

    Ask any fan, supporter, member of the board, player of Arsenal, we are all depressed, angry and very upset. Mistakes have been made, and next season some more tactical, or player mistakes will be made.

    What I am pleased about is the good grace that the players, manager and supports took the defeat, and they will learn from it. Will they be better next season yes, will they win the Champions League we dont know.

    So what is different over the last 12 and half years, we have successful executed a strategy which has entailed a stadium, new training ground, financial stablity, and a group of players who are potentially world class, look at the reserves, and the under 18.

    You heard this all before, and you disagree.

    All I can say is there is no way the board, players or supporters want anything to change. We just have to learn from mistakes, and be patient and not turn a defeat into a disaster.

  9. Wonderman says:

    1. I dont have a problem with people saying Wenger out, but who in world football would you replace him with ?
    2. No team in the world has a god given right to win anything. Prior to the premier league which Man utd have dominated they had not won a league title for 26 YEARS !!!!! whilst Liverpool had won it 11 times . Liverpool have never won the league

    3. In Europe prior to winning the Europeen cup in 1999 ( which they were lucky in the extreme to win)United did not win it for 32 YEARS !!!! Barcelona have only won it twice with a 15 year gap in between

    You seem to be part of a new type of arrogant arsenal supporter who expect rather than aspire, you have also chosen to ignore the global commercial environment which has only just began to bite into sport, yes I agree with you that there have been mistakes made by Wenger but your assertion is completely emotional with no solutions provided and in these credit crunch times which will be with us for some time, I cannot think of a better Manager in world football to guide our team

  10. Hadley says:

    The invincibles never even made it to the semi finals. Before Wenger cam to the club we weren’t anywhere near the Champions league. We lost. Learn to take it on the chin.

  11. jose luis says:

    If you want to be taken seriously you might want to sort your punctuation and grammar out. Your article is so poorly written it is embarrassing really.

    People will argue against you, that is part of blogging and it happens on nearly every other Arsenal blog out there, but nearly every other Arsenal blog is written properly. Seriously, look back at the piece you have written. It is so littered with errors that it is offensive on the eyes.

    Onto the piece. Well you are entitled to your views, as anyone is. Personally I believe the 2009/10 season is a landmark one for Arsene. Fail and that is that. Fail in the summer again and he is digging his own hole. Surely after Tuesday he can see his current squad isn’t up to it.

    I hope Wenger turns it around because the guy is a legend. Hopefully some sense has been kicked into him. When so many fans and pundits point out what is wrong with Arsenal, surely they cannot all be wrong?

    One more season, one last chance. Getting rid of him now, with the whole club down in the dumps would only exascerbate the situation.

    • King Malta says:

      sorry i dont have all the time in the world to be sitting down checking my punctuation perfectly, unlike some, i have a full time job to go to, and when i get home late at night i miss mistakes with my punctuation. sorry if thats not good enough for you…mate

  12. Andy B says:

    Who do you suggest we bring in? Both as manager and to replace the players that would want to work with him elsewhere or are with us because of him? Fergerson had only won the FA Cup and a league title in the same amount of time as Wenger has been at Arsenal, then his youth project kicked in and he won it all…Wenger is way ahead. We have finished 4th four times since ’96, the clubs finances are set up to survive the economic crash, we have an awesome youth set up and a great stadium – all Wenger. He will buy in the summer, no doubt. We will trophies, no doubt…but only if we keep the current set up.

    I’m not calling you a plastic, more a knee jerk reactionary. Abramovich cocked it up for us, that is all. Chill out.

  13. Goonergerry says:

    Look mate, we are Arsenal and it was one game. We are all disappointed too. but until we re on a different financial footing it would be folly for Wenger to go. He needs some help on the coaching front, and we need some more players and the money to pay them. Keep the faith. We lost to a good team on top form who we had already beat once this season- stop viewing it as a catastrophe- it is not.

  14. bill says:

    who will replace him? there is no one apart from Fergy who is on Wengers level. The second he leaves Arsenal he would be able to walk into any other club in the world and they would be falling iver themselves to get his signature. Chelsea would have him in a heart beat to take up the role next season. so why would we let him go? Wenger is doing something that no other manager in the modern game has ever done. Building a young team from sratch. Relying on a good eye for raw talent to build up a super team on super foundations within a club of spirit, tradition and history and STYLE. Chelsea will sack manager after manager. look at poor Avram Grant he was a penalty away from winning the champs league and he was still booted. then they got Scholari and he was booted then they got hiddink and they still cant win champs league. Chelsea are one of the richest and if there is a problem they will throw money at it, they have a butt load more money at their disposal then us so who the fuck do we sign who will be better than Wenger?

    I truly truly believe in Wenger. Thats not because i supported Arsenal before his arrival, not because ive seen worse times than now but because he IS one of the top 2 managers in the world. on shoe string budget he made it just as far as Chelsea in the Champs league, further than Liverpool and i truly beleive we could have beaten Man U if it hadnt have been for them freak goals against the run of play. Im not deluded, i honestly think we could have beaten them. We lacked strong character and belief to come back from them two goals but any team would. lack of experience?? well the kids have got it now. Gibbs will never forget that slip, his head is still probably very down even today but you can bet your bollocks it will build his character, playing against UTD in semi final of the greatest club football comp in the whole world against some of the best players in the world and hes 19!

    I know it always feels like all we say is ‘next season, next season….’ but the future is still bright and our Club is in good shape and good hands and our team is good too, could be better but it can always be better. But just think how much better we would be if our fans and i mean ALL our fans were behind the team 100%.

    Wenger needs to finish whats hes started before he walks out the door and i know he will too. I just wish the negative fans would do whats right and get behind him and the club instead of slaggin the club off all the time and make us fans look like a bunch a fickle bitter pricks like the scum down the road.


  15. hazman69 says:

    Im in the middle of this argument. I’m a massive Arsenal fan, and have always stayed faithfull to Wenger. But i must admit i am sick of always waiting until NEXT SEASON for anything to happen. With the strength of our team now, and a couple of big signings)centre back, defensive midfielder,and a striker), we truly would have an extremely dominant team. This season we lacked experience. During the big moments, nobody could step up, and stupid mistakes were made which costed us some big games. I still retain faith in Wenger, but he must learn to change and buy some experience. Ill always respect him for what he has done to this team.

  16. Ole Gunner says:

    I told you the solution. Hire Myles Palmer. He’ll keep the players in line. His insanity will scare even Mad Jens.

  17. roader100 says:

    let’s not call you a plastic fan, because you’ve only been going for eight years, but let us say your opinion is of no value and here’s why.
    If you had been going since the 70’s or the 80’s and had the experience of where football came from pre premiership and foreign influence, you simply would not hold the opinion you do now. I can remember before SAF won any thing with the Mancs almost getting the sack when they nearly lost at Bristol City in the cup. I know for a fact at the time there were Mancs who wanted him out, ha ha. Those of us who have the experience which you don’t and you say you don’t, understand Arsene is the man to bring us forward. I’ll keep it polite because you really don’t know what you are watching “I understand we might lose players if he leaves”. Do you understand what that means? we lost Flamini and Hleb, because they are mercenary, what can Arsene do about that? but if he were to go and we were to lose more players, do you really comprehend we would b be mid table, maybe, at best, then what would you have to say? Those of us who have been going a lot longer than you, can remember another north London club who got rid of their manager when they were closing in on a title maybe in a year or two, when the spuds sacked Venables, they were a bigger team than us and certainly played better football (Shame you didn’t start watching them, I would like to see you live and breath that pain) now look at them. Alan sugar thought it was so easy, that any fool could do it, I can promise you this, we would not have the money to spend that they had, without champions league football? well, we’re forth and just got knocked of the semi’s in two cups and you want the manager gone? the likes of you come lately’s would certainly stop coming( would not be a bad thing, might enjoy going myself again) What is the name of this new manager who is going to bring us all so much success, he won’t have money to spend and in this league he would be guaranteed to lose a lot more games at the start of next season than Arsene, we would probably end up in the championship without Arsene, we have built a new stadium and have no real money, end of, don’t listen to what people say work it out for yourself. Between the repayments and the unsold flats etc. we’re under it, you sir are deluded, you’ve been fed caviar and you can’t handle sausages any more.

  18. Pooey says:

    Well Malta,
    With respect if you have been a fan for just 8 years and now you feel that we are “standing still”, you should have been around in the 80’s and even the 90’s when we were a mediocre side at best. Since you have supported The Arsenal, you know nothing apart from success and wonderful football. I feel that many fans who may have read your piece have been around for a long time and understand what “standing still” feels like…. the likes of Ian Selley, Eddie McGoldrick, Gus Caesar and David Hillier is something none of us should ever see! Arsene can make mistakes but we are still amongst some o the luckiest fans in the world.

  19. randy says:

    i can understand where ur coming from as the problems seem obvious to everybody but wenger. but there is no1 else that cud do beta with the resources available. who do u suggest??

  20. Ole Gunner says:


    What problems are abovious to everyone?

    1. For years we heard that Arsenal have no plan B and don’t try to play a different way. Wenger adjusts how the team plays, now he’s the tinkerman.

    2. All we heard before Cesc got injured was how we needed a ball-winning defensive midfielder to allow Cesc go forward. Wenger plays two holding midfielders and allows Cesc to go forward. He’s now being criticised for doing what people were saying he should have been doing all along.

    Wenger’s critics tend to be of four types. 1. Lunatics. 2. Morons. 3. Disappointed glory-hunters. 4. People unhappy with the lack of English players at the club.

  21. King Malta says:

    what about the reasonable ones ole?

    sometimes it seems the ones who follow blindly are the ones who are loony 😉

  22. Gooner says:

    1. It is not anyones God Given right to see Arsenal win trophies
    2. Man Utd have been dominant. Liverpool and Chelsea have won nothing in the past two years (although Chelsea may win the FA Cup. But then again would plenty of whining Arsenal fans be content with just a FA Cup – no)
    3. Should Benitez and Hiddink be sacked aswell?
    4. Injuries; no side can compare to the injuries of Arsenal. Look at United the other night. They had a full strength squad.
    5. Arshavin – probably a good bet for PFA player of the year next year. Who made that happen – Arsene Wenger
    6. Youth – if theres any manager who will pull off bringing up youth – its Arsene wenger

    Theres 6 arguments why Arsene should be retained, just off the top of my heaed. I think your article reflects the fact you have only been interested in football for 8 years. You fail to see the bigger picture.

  23. pig says:

    what a bunch of arse, in 8 years you have only seen wengers arsenal. he has been our most successful manager ever. some of us remember pre arsene times and the highs and lows that went with it.

    if he goes, who is gonna replace him? i dont want to hear that there are people queueing up, i want to hear their names. i reckon i will be waiting a long time.

    i think all this negativity is pure over-reaction.

  24. phil says:

    i am so pissed off we havent won anything for 4 years but we just have to get on with it.

    yes wenger needs to wise up abit and ditch the youth shit cause it isnt working we will never win anything because the players that come out of the youth system r shit and hopeless but sacking him is not the answer

    spending money is!!! he needs to stop being a cheap cunt and spend some money

    denilson and the rest r just shit this current arsenals team r shit

  25. kingkongkirk says:

    Adebayor & Walcott should not have started, and Bendtner & eboue should have. the latter 2 link play much better all over the park, (even if you include the mistakes). That was our downfall.

    New arsenal manager any suggestions.

    Kevin Keegan?
    Alan Pardew?
    Alan Curbishley?
    Dario Grady?
    Alan Perrin?
    what about reginald perrin?, or Sir Clive Sinclair?

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