WENGER OUT!! And he can take the THICK Arsenal fans with him!!!

Posted: May 10, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Surprise surprise Wenger gets the tactics wrong YET again as we are humiliated again. 1st off, Why did we play 4-5-1 again when its doesn’t work for us? And IF you are going to play 4-5-1 Mr Wenger may i suggest a big powerful striker to lead the line vs Terry and Alex rather then RVP? in recent games we have let in 4 goals vs Liverpool, 3 vs ManUtd and now 4 again vs Chelsea. ALL playing 4-5-1 and ALL with Song ( Our defensive ROCK!! ).

But Wenger knows best! Who are we to question the great Wenger? The man who can turn blood into red wine. The man who can walk on water.

Every time we say something about the great Wenger we are called plastics and told to go and support Man Utd, So i hope the “in wenger we trust brigade” sleep well tonight known you are as much to blame for our worst run of winning a mayor trophy for 20 years, you bunch of clueless muppet’s.

I think Arsenal have the thickest fans in the world as they cant see whats really going on and are still dreaming that wenger will lead us into glory with this magnificent bunch of kids with the amazing spirit and mental strength. And of course wenger you don’t need to spend in the summer.

This bunch of players are just fine…And of course next season we will have Rosicky back who will be like a new signing. You are a joke wenger, And the fans who support you are are joke.

I trust the wenger clan will now attack me ( YAWN ) But you know what they say, The truth hurts. WENGER OUT …and he cant take the thick Arsenal fans with him…

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  1. matt shelton says:

    you’re an idiot, if you like what chelsea do go and support them you glory hunting retard

    • smatkin says:

      exactly well said. if we sell wenger we will lose our main players he may have got the tactics wrong today but he is keeping us where we are. i believe we were 21 unbeaten before today. we lose 2 games and were all of a sudden suposedly shit, dont think sooo

    • modhuhu says:

      It is a manchester year.

    • neoco says:

      I think Wenger should go. Take the Real Madrid offer and make loads of money when they fire him – like what happens at Chelsea.

      Wenger has done a great deal at Arsenal. As a Chelsea fan, I’d like him to leave you just to see what happens… my feeling is that Wenger is actually achieving a great deal for Arsenal right now and that with 95% of other managers you would be looking at Europa league next season instead of Champs League.

      There is no doubt that Arsenal need to do something this summer. I think it’s a case of buying some older players (I think we still have Sheva on contract if you want him lol). The board say the money is there. Wenger seems pretty savvy. I’m sure there are the key players out there who can take you to the next level. Right now it’s just another case of a trophy-less season.

      I see Matt says you should support Chelsea if you are a glory hunter. I think this is wrong. The point is that everyone wants to win stuff – and in fairness real Chelsea fans went a bloody long time with very little and Gooners rubbing our face in it. What I’m saying is that despite all the Chelsea haters, our board see something is not working and they act quick – rightly or wrongly. How long will it take for the Arsenal board to react? How many more years do you need to go without a trophy? People talk about Ferguson having time but times have changed. The Premier League is about 4 teams and Arsenal are edging closer to the trapdoor and once you drop out it’s going to be mighty hard (and more expensive) to get back in.

  2. Gutted says:

    I agree, its the blind leading the blind right now.

    But the WKB will be hear shortly to say judge Wenger at the end of next season. Here’s to another 1 year of winning nothing.

    At this rate we wont event make it though the champions league qualification

  3. scott says:

    isnt getting any better is it, wenger out big time

    tactics to neive and youth policy is stale

    his losing it big time


  4. James says:

    Give Wenger one more summer. If he doesn’t sort it out – sack him. That does not necessarily mean win something, but Wenger has to buy quality, experienced players in key positions and Arsenal have to show they are ready to win trophies seriously.

    Arsenal can come back quickly. But if Wenger is stubborn and refuses to do the right thing, then I believe he is not doing what is good for Arsenal but is only interested in himself.

  5. scott says:

    oh here comes the akb lovers.

    4-1 should even get your eyes open, it aint working is it. you obviously dont support arsenal because you dont want arsenal to progress.

    AKB Idiots and Arsene Out!!

  6. abdul says:

    2 words ( GET OUT )

  7. afriX says:

    enough of this crap, 21 games unbeaten run against mediocre teams. Wenger TOTAL fail. OUT!!!

  8. Gutted says:

    Hey Matt, if you like losing so much why dont you fuck off and support Newcastle and leave the rest of the fans who love the club alone

  9. SINBAD says:

    matt shelton you are so predictable.

    OK lets all the fans who doubt wenger leave and go and support chelsea


  10. TRUE says:


  11. scott says:

    you dont love the club matt, your in love with wenger

  12. mav says:

    Sindbad…you were right when you wrote the last post and were slagged of…i think the so called real fans must look at themselves and just for once accept the fact that experiment has gone horribly wrong.

    Nice Post though,,,keep it up

  13. Geir says:

    If he doesn’t buy experience in the summer I might agree with you, and it has to be proper experience, not bloodless Silvestre.
    Sell Silvestre, Adebayour, Diaby and Eboue, swap them with players with a spine.

  14. Jesse says:

    I agree with you, Sinbad – perhaps not word for word but I certainly share your sentiment.

    Wenger did an awful lot for our club and we’ve been privileged to see the success we have in the last 10-15 years, but we’re seeing quite the dry spell now and I fear we might only be halfway through it.

    Arsene has rightly been praised as a genius in the transfer market in past years but in recent seasons it seems that he’s been more than a little self-indulgent. He’s been trying to prove a point by almost exclusively signing inexperienced kids and attempting to nurture them to be world beaters. Above and beyond our recent tactical failings, my greatest fear is that Wenger is creating problems the club will have to deal with for years to come by relying so heavily on a number of players who just aren’t good enough for a title-challenging side.

    What irked me most were the repeated comments about not signing experienced players for fear of stifling the youngsters. It’s a lovely thought to bring through a team of youngsters en masse but it’s just not realistic with the players we’ve got here.

    Many thanks for etching “Arsenal” on a number of trophies in your earlier years, but it’s time for a new approach and a new leader.

    • Old Gunner1970 says:

      Quite the dry spell??? Try 1972-78 followed by 1980-89 and 17 years without a title.
      Just another kid with the attention span of a goldfish.

      • med says:

        You live in the past and I imagine that its due to your ancient age. More Forward thinkers please

  15. Gozza says:

    wenger out!!!!!!!!!!

    da retard should get sacked!!!!!!!!

    Fucking bitch he is

  16. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Arsene Arsene Arsene… You’ve done it again. Your promises and confirmations of “great team spirit” and “mental strength” mean nothing to me. Bring Arsenal success by doing what we’ve been telling you for years.

    This is his absolute final chance, to bring in some experience throughout the summer. If he doesn’t then he has proved that he is an absolute twat and that his arrogance and stubborness have gotten the better of him.

    The worst thing about it is that even if we come 6th next year the pathetic Arsenal board wont sack him… They have their head’s so far up his arse they can see daylight through his mouth… It’s a joke.

  17. AusGunner says:

    “At this rate we wont event make it though the champions league qualification”

    You wouldn’t be one of the guys that said circa November that we’d finish seventh behind the likes of Hull City, are you?

    Reactionary nonsense doesn’t really do anyone any good. I’m just glad that no matter what you say Wenger is absolutely not going anywhere, and there’s sweet FA you can do about it 🙂

  18. John says:

    Fabianski is the new Richard Wright.

  19. scott says:

    why is it only arsenal fans want wenger out ? other fans of teams love the mess and want him to stay

    Nuff Said!!!

  20. nn says:

    van percie 1 foot, adebayer, dennilson, sylvestre,fabianski, toure,song, sagna and diaby aint good enough. simple. we will win nothin with these muppets in the team

    • Arsen wenger says:

      I think while selling all the players u listed,we should probably sell some fans like u and get some replacement 4rm d tiny tott am sure dey will be dying to support us……….

  21. mav says:

    Matt Shelton is tottenham fan in disguise…will someone check his IP addresss,..if he is ..wil fuck him twice going there

  22. Steve says:

    WENGER OUT!! He doesn’t have clue how to make a good team, we need 6 players in the summer!! I’ll give you 6 top quality, experianced players who would have changed that game but Wenger’s too shit to get them cos he prefers his kids:

    Wengers blind if he can’t see how badly we need players like these!! If he doesn’t get them over the summer I’m going to support spurs! COYS!

    “And the fans who support you are are joke.”

    Just about sums you up really mate doesn’t it.

    • smatkin says:

      for starters rosicky gallas clichy eduardo and arshavin were not available today because of injury and illness you fucking retarded prick shows how much you support arsenal diked.

      • Steve says:


        I see sarcasm goes entirely above the heads of the Einsteins who roam the world of Arsenal Action!

      • Steve says:

        P.S. Almunia too was unavailable, he had an ankle problem. Just to complete your oh-so-eloquent injury round-up.

  23. jimmy says:

    that was embarrassing… seriously, if wenger cant see that this team are a long way off mounting any serious title challenge, or even winning any domestic or european competition then he has to go… if wenger still belives the likes of diaby, eboue, denilison, silvestre, are good enough, then he’s lost his f**king mind… and he should be on his way… oh and just because am unbelievably frustrated and am being critical of the management and players, in no way does that mean i “should go and support spurs/utd/chelsea etc… im an arsenal fan and always will be regardless of how well we are doing, but if your too stupid or loyal to see that wengers approach isnt working, and will NEVER work, then your dillusional

  24. Gozza says:

    lets have a protest after the man utd game 4 wenger 2 leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. woot says:

    wenger _must_ change his policy if hes to win anything apart from a tincup like the carling. arsenal are outmuscled time after time. We saw today that if youre solid and dependable you only need short spells of pretty football to win. if youre feeble at brushed off the ball as readily as arsenal were you need to be at it for 90 minutes to have a hope. 10 mins off the boil and its game over.

  26. jimmy says:

    matt… your a tool

  27. elkanofan says:

    Why dont you go fuck yourself!

    Call yourself a gooner?

    NO! Wenger should not leave because he has lost 2 matches against teams that are far better than us

    We need to get real and realize we are crap.

    Our season is over, we just need to regroup and recharge for next season.

    and buy some good defenders a experienced hold up striker (ade is going) and a experienced defensive midfielder

  28. Joshwaaaa says:

    James you cant just give wenger another summer and sack him if he doesnt buy. While I am an admirer of Wenger, i do believe his time is up. If you sacked him at the end of the summer then arsenal would have to quickly have to find a replacement, while the players would not have much time at all to adapt to the new managers style before the season starts.

  29. Old Gunner1970 says:

    And replace him with exactly WHO?
    He’ll obviously be able to maintain this great squad in tact.
    And he’ll obviously be respected enough to attract great players to the club who will accept the comparitively low wages at Arsenal.
    And he’ll obviously be able to produce silverware NEXT SEASON, minus the exodus of players who leave with Wenger.
    Look kid, how long have you been an Arsenal supporter?
    How long have you even bee a footall fan?

  30. mav says:

    where is Matt Shelton and all his akb’s buddy..i want to see them tonight,…if i hear anything or any word such as Trust …they r in for a very good time….u arse holes…it coz of u we are in this mire …u kept on Supporting a mediocre team and let our beloved ARSENAL fall to this low level….fuck all of u

  31. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Wenger has done it again… What a surprise. The man is FUCKING DILLUSIONAL if he thinks everything will work out in time. FRANK RIJKAARD to replace this prat. He has done his time at Arsenal, he did a good job. Let the new competitors take over, people with a more competitive style of play who aren’t selfish. Who can accept critcism, and aren’t in it for their own personal satisfaction. It’s true. All wenger wants is the satisfaction so one day people can say “hey he did it with his young team against the odds, he didnt listen to anyone and he did it”. Well fuck off Wenger, this is real life, not a fairytale. That stuff only happens in movies.

    I agree with Sinbad. Wenger > OUT.

  32. KingKolo says:



  33. Finsbury says:

    No Matter what you all say Wenger is a GREAT manager! even though hes a stubborn C***, he deserves the chance to redeem himself so i hope for Arsenals sake he sees the error of his ways and buys at least 3 players in the summer, because i am sick and tired of this feeling of humiliation i have inside of me right now! and for anyone who keeps saying go and support Chelsea or Man U, do you really care about Arsenal ? if you do , youd better start making some noise about the disgraceful situation we find ourselves in otherwise go and support spurs.

  34. Joshwaaaa says:

    nn sagna has been one of our consistently good players all season, so I dont know what you’re talking about.

  35. scott says:

    KingKolo your a rose tinted idiot

    that is all

  36. jose luis says:

    oh sinBAD is back and his writing is as fucking BAD as ever.

    seriously, seriously, give the fuck up sinBAD.

  37. Dudu says:

    Way out of it. He is scared of the big name coaches. He just can not think while playing the. He needs to move on

  38. scott says:

    why should the fans make noise when the players are paid big money to play like crap.

    you can only fleece a sheep once

  39. emi says:

    you were absolutely wrong.You can’t see in long term of this arsenal team.Average age of our team is 22 but chelsea 27 or 28…surely they will beat us.If they are beaten by us so it is very shame because they are experienced.Now Chelsea have money problem so they can’t buy player like bofore they did.In three or 4 years you will see arsenal conquer europe. Chelsea at that time will suffer as their player get older and can’t buy player as they did.come on guys think more deeply.In arsene we trust…sorry if anything wrong in my language..

  40. mike says:

    I go with you 200% this man has done well 4 us,real and man city needs him he should go when the ovation is still high one day he be disgraced and sacked like when he was at monaco.Get Frank,advocat, van basten in.

  41. mav says:

    Jose…when did u start supporting Arsenal..and are u one of the arse holes kept to Support arsene…u can fick off too..and dnt comment if u dnt like th post…Fuck off

  42. ewan says:

    Wenger is on last chance saloon this summer. Unfortunately, I dont see him loosening his stubborn stand. He said “one or two players” will be signed but that was what he said the last 4 years! Arsenal need at least 3 top signings – 20 goal striker, big midfielder, big centre back (plus a decent reserve goalkeeper). That’s 50 million quid. I cannot see Wenger spending that. Another barren year more likely.

  43. Alan says:

    Are you Larry in disguise???

  44. scott says:

    its a class post , someone whos not afraid to speak up against detritus

  45. seann5 says:

    Be careful what you wish for!No other Manager in world football could do as well with both hands tied behind their backs.

  46. emi says:

    hi mav…u not believe it’s up to you..see u in three and four years from now..think more…less emotional…

  47. rosicnote3 says:

    if wenger goes, so do fabregas, walcott, clichy, rvp and adebayor.

    • ubin says:

      are you implying he should retired with fabregas and the rest of the players? He will inevitably go one day~~ You just have to work with the players who choose to stay and bring in some new faces.

  48. mav says:

    yah Scott ..its a great post..someone has the balls to criticize the Arse hole Manager… Sindbad got slagged off when he wrote the last post…but i think…he has raised a right voice…coz next season we will be saying the same thing” lets give arsene another season”

  49. trezor says:

    Lool OMG arsenal 1 chealsea 4 wenger is too old nw hw can u play diaby on de left wen u hav vela on the bench
    plus wallcott is nt gud enough 4r a winger cuz he dnt hav the skill and he cant cross the ball he should play upfront why u gona player one striker upfront wen dey arsenal play attaking football cum on wenger just give up why u gna play gibbs wen u hav eboue fit even wen ppls say eboue is rubish 4r me eboue on the LB is better den gibbs 4r adebayor he should go bk 2 togo

    arsenal will never win anything unless if they spend big money soon we will play man u again if weenger use 4-5-1 again every arsenal fan just remember dey will loose again..
    hw can u play one striker at home wen u got 6striker cum on wenger think properly…. 4r me if he dnt buy player den wenger should retire frm football hw many time asrenal have finish 4th place Wenger if u dnt buy 3big player u can fuck off i prefere 2 hav harry redknapp as manager of arsenal look at bentley hw much they spend on him but he put on the receirve
    wenger should never play ade again cuz his too lazy and rubish myself im even better finisher den him…wenger need 2 buy at least 3new player no cheap one at least 15m 15m 15m so da arsenal fan can be happy wid him……………..

  50. dev says:

    excellent post….i seriously beginning to think that the wenger knows brigade are mostly spuds or maure fans. only they will want this shite to continue

  51. Bubba says:

    Gents (and any lady gooners), Wenger’s tactics today and the game today to a large extent are irrelevant. We were never going to take 3rd even if we beat chelsea today. Why Diabi played again and why for so long I don’t know. Wenger wanted Barry or Alonso in the summer and if someone had delivered either of them, Diaby would not have played today. With respect to the future Arsenal allegdely has money. Wenger does have an excellent scouting network and a wonderful academy so let’s not dispute that. Is he a negotiator for closing deals on players? No, but he shouldn’t have to be. We have not had a decent negotiator between Dein’s departure and Gazidis’ arrival. Now that Gazidis has arrived we picked up Arshavin already and I expect a couple more equally impactful players over the summer. Love the stadium and we wouldn’t have that without Wenger so at least thanks for that Arsene. I’ll take our finish this year grudgingly and expect better next year. Frankly I can’t think of anyone to replace Wenger (several are better for pure in game tactics but not for the complete package) if there was someone let’s hear it. In the meantime let’s give him a year with a closer to get his deals done then see what happens. It sucks that we are in a fight against limitless foriegn funds but not having a closer has been the biggest handicap IMO

  52. KingKolo says:








  53. emi says:

    maybe we should sign a high centre back as we always conceeded goal in set pieces and high ball..The rest I think good and developing well…

  54. Aa23 (norwegian gunner) says:

    i understand your frustration, but if you knew anything about analysing a football match, or just generally was’nt the thickest twat ever to walk the face of the earth, you would know that the great Arsene Wenger did’nt get the tacts wrong… Arsenal controled most of the game, we just were’nt clinical enough 😦 if you combine that with our abysmal defending you’re on track to finding our problems, which btw was diaby (god i wish Arshavin had played) and tha backline…

  55. jimmy says:

    kingkolo go suck a d**k… if you think that was great tactics then your a prat… its been a long time since wenger got his tactics right against a good side… an no earlier in the season does not count, we deserved to beat utd earlier this year, but no arsenal fan cannot say that luck was on our side that day… outfought, outthought, and outplayed… yes as much as it pains me to say, long gone are the days, of arsenal being able to cope with any team in form or not, we used to as formidable as any team in europe on our day, and would impose our game on any apponent so that they would change the way the play… now we have to adopt or formation, tactics, even the players we have are being deployed in posistions the are unfit for because wenger knows deep down this side is nowhere near good enough to compete

  56. BLOODRED says:

    Niclaus B was our best player

    any one else agree?.

  57. Arsen wenger says:

    Okay guys lets chill out a bit i’m sure we are still hurting but lets try to take a couple of beers and sleep then we can assess d situation well.I honestly feel we just need 3 quality players and ARSEN would lead us to glory……….

  58. mav says:


  59. dev says:

    hey king kolo!! the 21 unbeaten run was mainly down to Arshavin and yes it was against inferior opponents

    “we are not far away from getting the team to challange on all fronts”…r u joking u muppet…

  60. stephen says:

    reading most of these comments make me sick.. sinbad what age are you.. im wondering that because you are acting like a child who just lost his dummy.. wenger out wenger out buy buy buy. dont be stupid.. wenger and true fans that dont put there team down on a blog and fans that stick with team through the good times and the bad times is arsenal. not you.. are you a manger.are you more experienced than wenger.. if not then just shut the hell up .. arsenal only need 2 or three experienc players which wenger has said he will bring in not six or seven..arsenal dominated the match today and if we took our chances we would have beating them..arsenal team are mentally tired and they need a break away . arsenal will be a whole lot stronger next year .. chelsea will have to spend a lot lot lot money to rebuild there team becuase they will need a few but arsenal team is nearly built.so all ye wenger haters relax step back and take a look at the bigger picture,,, not what has happened over a few matches.. keep the faith

  61. lulz says:

    KingKolo – obvious troll is obvious

  62. Alan says:

    I think before people start stating ‘Wenger Out’we first need to find out what the current situation is regarding money available for transfers. If Arsene hasn’t been given any money of note this season, or for the previous few seasons then it could be argued that he is doing a fantastic job considering probably over half the over clubs in the Prem have more money to spend. If this is the case, then it is the board that need to be held responsible. I remember the statement five years ago from the board, ‘a seperate compnay has been set up to look after the financial side of the building of the new stadium to ensure money can still be spent on players’

    If Arsene has had money to spend and chosen instead not to spend then he has serious questions to answer. If this is the case, can I pay for my season ticket when the potential of this team has finally been realised!!?

  63. kaykay says:

    i agree, with you. i read stuff about wenger saying he is not going to spend to much money, well let’s bring in someone who will spend. the arsenal defence of presence dont have what it takes, toure,bendtner,nasri,walcott,diaby,song,(denilson out) should all be in d substitute team next season, lets get david villa,Lorik cana/(flamini back),chiellini/raul albiol. C’mon villa&fabregas will do damages.

  64. shkumbin says:

    the true problem with arsenal the team that i have always support sinc i became a man who knows about football, is because of our style of playing football.i have seen barca playing the same atacking football but i have seen barca defending well too, something that we did not do these times.
    in all games we atack atack atack and than concede a goal. we do not know that we must play 90 min. and not 10 or 20 min.wenger should change his tactics and make the players playing well in defence. if we keep the ball 60% and not score than we should try to play with long balls, and make the opponents to get out from their defenses zone, and than with two or three long pass( as we have donne before with viera henry pires bergamb) we can score a goal.

  65. emi says:

    I think we played good football before the first goal…it is bad defensive work…arsene must spend money in the summer for defensive..an experienced one…attacking with young player should be no problem…

  66. scott says:

    Well KingKolo it looks like your not making many friends here are you.

    face it your types in the minority now.

  67. Real Arsenal Fan says:

    You’re not really an Arsenal fan, you’re just an idiot with a keyboard! REal Arsenal fans recognize what Wenger has to compete against – Chelsea with a sugar daddy and United with far more money. As for Liverpool they will need a sugar daddy soon are they will be broke too! Overall, we compare favorably to any club in Europe (except ManU). If fans like you got their way we would be a mid table team. REAL FANS (and I’ve been a fan for 30 years!) recognize Wenger for all he has done! You are not a fan, you are just a glory hunter! Go support Chelsea, it’s where you belong!

  68. Jason says:

    How can you slag off your own club, fans AND manager and still think you are a fan? mate, you are a mug and probably started supporting Arsenal when we won the double last…. trying being a real supporter and sticking by your club even when things dont go well.
    A supporter should support..

  69. emi says:

    kingkolo…we two friend…haha

  70. KingKolo says:






  71. randy says:

    wenger is staying whether u like it or not so y dnt u get behing the team and stop complaining, ur not helping any!

  72. MybrotherBilo says:

    OK – so who would you like to replace Wenger and assuming you have a transfer kitty of £20 million in this transfer window, how would you improve the squad?

  73. scott says:

    Kingkolo go suck wenger off, but beware you may swallow any of wengers potential signings

  74. jose luis says:

    you guys are morons.

    arsenal action is a crap website that no one will ever give a fuck about.

    that said, if wenger get’s it wrong again this summer, then maybe you have a case.

    seriously though, if you want to be taken seriously, take some writing lessons and stop coming across like a spoilt little toddler.

  75. BLOODRED says:

    I agree we were very wasteful today thats why we lost.

  76. scott says:




  77. KingKolo says:



  78. Dan says:

    Fantastic article mate!!! Wenger doesn’t know what he’s doing and the AKB lot are retarded!!!


  79. randy says:

    and whoever said ur not afraid to speak ur mind…its a blog, no1 cares wat u think, actually mayb u shud come and manage the team as u r so wise

  80. emi says:

    That’s right randy…i support you…

  81. Rohan says:

    KingKolo your talking about ifs and buts. We are supporting our team you dick! If Wenger isn’t working then he needs to be replaced, we love Arsenal and if we think our manager has gone crap and somebody else will do a better job then so be it! You have become attached to Wenger the same way he has become attached to SHIT players. We are one of the top four teams in Europe and the players we have are good enough ok perhaps not Eboue and Denilson but Diaby on his day is amazing (against Fenerbache) and so is Song. Wenger is sadly the problem. I’m sure ALL arsenal fans love what he has done for us but if you are so blind to see that his time may have come then accept it instead of keeping this blind faith. When we sign three experienced players (a centre back, a centre mid and a powerful forward) and sort out our tactics we will be dominant again but I don’t think Wenger will do that. We all know we need dominating players in the middle both in midfield and defence but upfront when Eduardo is fit he needs a partner that can knock things down for him or can header make the keeper work and he will be there to finish. Adebayor and Bendther can do that but we need the finished product now and this means experience. If you cannot see this then you are as delusional as Spurs fans. Every year they say they can challenge but don’t do shit. Every year you say trust in Arsene and these players..erm four years now? DICKHEADS!

  82. scott says:

    we cheer when he win but even the rose tinted AKB-aphiles know that its temporary until we play someone above average and we get find out

    so unless we want to remain a training team for the top 3 we must get wenger out and fast.

  83. mav says:

    Season Ticket holder my arse…where do u sit u muppet…can u give me the description so that i can have a good little conversation wit you…I will fuck u right there u arse hole…Fuck off and get into arsene arse and dnt get out of there …coz if u do ..i wil fuck u ..u fucker

  84. brdgunner says:


  85. Rick says:

    Seriously bad performance but….

    Walcott was unlucky to miss his chances, he isn’t shit, just wasnt on top form today.

    We were the better team for vast periods of the game, we just didnt finish the chances, which ultimately meant we didn’t win.

    Whilst, I certainly do not agree with many of Wenger’s decisions in the past few months, today he made quite a few decisions I would consider foolhardy, he is still a professionally qualified coach who has achieved a lot on meagre resources.

    ARSENAL HAVE RELATIVELY MEAGRE RESOURCES. A new manager would have to work under the same conditions, and while money is available at the minute, its to ensure we don’t slip out of the big money maker…the Champions League, its not continually available money.

    And as for some of the comments left, such as Mav: “dnt comment if u dnt like th post…Fuck off”
    this is a blog, people are supposed to comment agreeing, disagreeing, giving there opinion, like you have given yours!

  86. mav says:

    The above comment was for my beloved KING KOLO

  87. Dean says:

    One more trophyless season and he has to go. I am full of admiration for Wenger and we couldn’t have become the force we have been over the years without him but it’s all getting a bit tedious now. There’s transition periods and there’s our transistion period which has some far taken 4 years and its still not the finished product. I am a loyal ARSENAL fan. I do not support Arsene, I support Arsenal. Therefore, if after next season we have still won nothing, it is definately best for the club if we part ways with Wenger. Enough is enough. Everybody needs to wake up.

  88. Pritpal says:

    3 players to make a difference in summer… hangeland veloso and benzema. i love wenger and hope he makes these signings. if not its hard to disagree with some of the fans. i support arsenal now, have done all my life, and will do until i die. doesnt that mean i deserve to have my say n wenger should take into account our opinions??? please wenger buy karim benzema!

  89. scott says:

    give him the chance to manage the team randy , give the blogger the chance, we might not actually concede 4 goals for once

  90. anonymous says:

    The season was lost last summer when the stubborn mule refused to strengthen the defense and get rid of adebayor. NOTHING was done to replace helb and flamini except “I have faith in the young players.”… so, this is the results we get. Only now he finally acknowledged the need to do something about the defense. Too little too late. Is he stubborn? Those who refused to accept criticism of wenger, get real. This is professional football, not schoolboys matches.

  91. scott says:

    if your arsenal til you die your gonna have to come to terms that wengers not gonna be at arsenal all the time you support them.

    when that happens it will be like your world has fallen apart you rose tinted sad act

  92. mav says:

    King Kolo …ur beloved Arsene thoughts on our performance….he is happy that we r finishing 4th..Fuch Him

    Arsene Wenger remained upbeat about his Arsenal team despite their 4-1 home hammering by Chelsea on Sunday. The result means Arsenal have to qualify for next season’s Champions League but Wenger said: “If you had offered me that two months ago I would have signed for it.”Aston Villa were in pole position to claim fourth place before they ran out of steam and Arsenal capitalised.

    But it is scant consolation for the Gunners, who have not won a trophy since 2005 and were outclassed by a rampant Chelsea side.

    Despite the poor result and crashing out of the Champions League, Wenger preferred to look at the positives.

    He added: “We created some good chances. We have to improve but we have not done too badly.

    “As long as we finish in the top four and get to the last four of the Champions League, that is not too bad.”

  93. Mikey says:

    What happened to Mr Wenger?

    There was a time a few years ago when I used to really look forward to Wenger’s post match interviews. Win lose or draw he always came across as articulate, understated and intelligent.

    He made Fergie look like a right twat on many occasions and I loved it!

    Fast forward to now and what have we got?– A gibbering empty shell of a man, devoid of any sensible comments and publicly humiliating himself. He repeats himself and talks lies and nonsense.

    I can no longer watch.

    Time for change!

  94. BLOODRED says:

    We owe Wenger one more year, he should have the opportunity to put things right, he must now realise that we need experiance.

  95. stan says:

    I understand your frustartion and as I was watching the game i questioned my self if some of the players are worthy of wearing the ARSENAL shirt. However, we have to let emotions go before coming to conclusions.

    -no matter what happened today ( even if the result was reversed) our season still would be a very disappointing one

    – AW is the only one for the job, he is the one who has built this team and he has to take it to the end and he is the best for the job

    -I think we need not one but two dominant CB, as much as I love k toure, I think it is time we follow the united blue print and bring in two big CB as well as a ball winner

    – AW has clearly hinted that these are the two areas he will improve over the summer and I trust him to do so

  96. Rick says:


    hardly happy. two months aago everybody thought we were in the brown stuff. We had very little chance of achieving any better the way the team was playing. Everyone would have taken it, saying that hardly makes him happy.

  97. pooner says:

    For someone who can’t punctuate or use apostrophes correctly you have some guile to call anyone stupid.

  98. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Haha, you’re funny.

  99. Dan says:

    1. the tactics werent wrong… we smashed skittles of shit out of chavski in attack, it was only defensively that we were poor – and wenger has ALREADY SAID that he is going to bring in 2-3 experienced defensive players…

    2. all of you saying that the long unbeaten run was against poor teams… YOU CAN ONLY BEAT WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU

    3. the only fans that need to fuck off and that arsenal could do without, are you fickle twats, who bash wenger and the team whenever we lose…

    4. some clown mentioned 6 experienced players that wenger should have picked today… all of which were UNAVAILABLE… << so by this definition arsene should have picked, henry pires and vieira!!

    5. he is going nowhere… and i FUCKING LOVE IT!!

  100. BLOODRED says:

    well said Dan.

  101. Only1Arseanl says:

    looks like alot of you fans are anti Wenger.

    Todays game was unfortunate as we shaded Chelski a little, but was punished due to defensive errors.

    You sayin Wenger OUT, i dont think is the answer. He needs to reflect on the season and swallow some pride and spit to buy a couple of experienced players to challenge for silverware.

    In Arsene we trust

  102. mav says:

    Rick… i would have happily supported this Youth Experiment if my beloved Arsenal was going in right direction…but we have gone into such a mire that it will be difficult for Wenger to get out of it all by himself…i loved him once but now he is too stubborn.Are all we arsenal fans stupid?no we r not..if somethings dosen’t work in your house, you try to change that…Arsenal is our beloved home and we cant let it see falling to this level

  103. Ray says:

    There are serious issues with our team and at this moment the blame should lie with the manager but who would we get to replace him. If Stan Kroenke and Usmanov really love this club, then they should release funds equlivient to that of Chelsea, United or Liverpool. Some of our players need a reality check however some of our fans do too. You lot have been spoilt in the recent past but real support comes when your team isn’t doing too good. I am still mortified that fans were leaving the Emirates in droves, rather than support their team. Did the Liverpool fans leave before the Chelsea game.
    I agree that a lot of our so called talent aren’t and need to be shipped out but who is available to come in. We need a decent keeper. (Almunia and Fabianski aren’t as good as Manninger) Kolo Toure has never been the same since he came back from Africa. Adebayor seems disinterested (If it wasn’t a penalty why wasn’t he booked)? Van Persie needs a decent partner and Fabregas, (if he stays) needs an experienced midfield player and not playing up front. Above all, we really need a slice of Lady luck at times. United and Chelsea have profited on cheap free kicks this week but if you look over the season as a whole, we have had missing key players throughout the season and yet we still managed to get to the semi final of two major competitions and will finish fourth.
    If there’s improvement in the summer with players that are not good enough to don the red and white shirt and we start the season with Denilson Eboue and Adebayor still in the starting line up, then I might tend to agree. A bit of fresh blood might be needed but for now lets see what pans out.

  104. scott says:

    the season went down the shitter on the final whistle of the 4-4 tottenham game, we showed opposition that we were an easy touch

  105. Pritpal says:

    agree with you dan he aint goin nowhere, just feel that the defensive mid has to be real top quality, thats what made the difference between last year and this year flamini was world class, another one of them and we are back in it. also i hope adebayor gets his killer instinct back, just hasn’t been the same apart from that first month he came back.

  106. Bemsolly says:

    Guys, Guys, I now there are alots of Wengers among our fans, that are stuppid like him, fools like him, ignorance like him, those that has no clue of football, people like Matt and co.

    Anyway, guys i am talking to real arsenal fans, I mentioned this at the beginning of this season, that this man can no longer leads us to a promise land. I want to say this again, next season we would be fighting for relegations if he continue on his path. Yes, these players are good players individually, they played chealse today, so what was the result, oh, sorry arsenal won, isn’t? men weneger is a useless manager, i dont give a damn if you agree or not, those that did not agreed should go to hell and destroy himslef.

    I am sick and tired of him, he should go, does arsenal football club belong to his family, let him fuck off, he is doing useless job for us, him and the managements should pack their bag and baggages and leave our belove club because they are ruining us. They would soon turn the club to LEEDS UNITED, if you guys could look back and see what happened to leeds football club, where are they today.

    Listen, there are some fools who doesn’t know nothing about football that is supporting this kind of manager. Tell me where is competitions among our players, take for example, anytime Fab is fit he knows that he would definately play, and so on and so fort.

    Wenger now realised that he has lost the plots, those kids he has so much trust on are letting him down now, what a manager. Now he’s ashame to admit that he’s wrong with his policy. Men alots to be said about this man and arsenal management, they are hungry bastards bounch of idiots including those that is supporting the manager. If they are truely arsenal fans, they shoudn’t supporting a man like Wenger that is distroying our club, just becuase of his stuppid ideas. Let kick him out, including those fools fans.

  107. scott says:

    fuuny as dan, we are all going down on a boat with a hole in it with wenger in charge, which i dont like the look of because i like european football

    you rose tinted twat

  108. Bit harsh but I’d say one more season and if he does not spend in the summer immediately start looking for a new coach. Enough is enough.

    Glad I did not go today, I would have left early. Another spineless performance. We have lost against all the big teams, our ‘run’ has involved beating crap teams. Men vs boys sums it up perfectly. Add in the crap FA cup semi starting 11, chosen by le boss.

    Wenger is happy with 4th place and the board happy taking money off 60k mugs every two weeks. Sell RVP, Adebayor, Diaby (how crap?), 50p head (still can’t get over that signing), Denilson & the polish clown for starters. Buy a CB, goalkeeper, a decent centre mid and striker (yep a new spine).

    I’m done for this season. If they cant be bothered, i wont either. they need to see empty seats to understand true Arsenal fans are not happy.

  109. patrick says:

    Please Arsene Wanker get the fuck out of Arsenal. It is not that we have won nothing in many seasons, it happens with every football club around the world, but the thing is that utter fool Wenger is not giving up on his universally demolished policies of buying youth rather than experienced professional, and giving more focus on playing beautiful football than wining. For the last 5 years, everyone around the world has been asking him to buy 2 top central defenders and a top goalkeeper, but great moron Arsene don’t give a fuck to anyone and continuous to produce trophyless seasons.

    Secondly, Arsene Wanker is a pussy, this is why most arsenal players tend to choke whenever it matters. Most arsenal players doesn’t have the desire to win trophies for arsenal , they choose arsenal to establish themselves as a footballers , and then leave for a top european club. Arsene Wanker has made arsenal a joke football club, everyone around the world laughs at arsenal, and it is not goin to change until Pussy Wanker Arsene don’t get the fuck out of here.

  110. scott says:

    the silence from arsenal.com is deafening

  111. McGooner says:

    This is the first time in years that fans are divided about Mr.Wenger. The thing to do is lay out the pros and cons of sacking Wenger and keeping him. I think most gooners including myself will say that it would be a rash move and could hurt the club more if we are unable to recruit a world class profile manager. Let’s face facts there isn’t too many of those available at this moment of time. Plus he knows all the leading players coming through the youth system and how ready they are to play in the 1st team. Anyways i say give him one more year and if we are still “fighting” for fourth and nothing else then we should consider our options more seriously because we are gonna lose players if fighting for fourth continues anyways??
    P.S keep the faith, for now at least

  112. mav says:

    Dan….Few Ques
    1)Are you Happy with this experiment
    2)Will you pay again the huge prices for your ticket to see this experiment go on considering the slowdown.
    3) When will your patience run out?
    4) Will next year , if the same thing continue, will you be saying the same excuses?

  113. Dean says:

    I think people are looking beyond the point. This season is over, forget about it and move on.. I’m hoping Wenger will take that attitude because it definately has been a season to forget and certainly not a regular season for the Arsenal. IF by the end of next season we haven’t won anything then by all means, he has to go but we definately do owe him one more season to prove his worth to Arsenal in the long term. Nobody can overlook the fact we got to three semi-finals and that shows we are only just missing out on silverware, so if Arsene strengthens the right area’s with experience, there’s no reason we can win anything next year. He MUST strengthen. Summer shall tell.

  114. vince says:

    To all the people saying Wenger out, Wenger this and Wenger that, just remember what you wish for.

    Remember that Liverpool haven’t won a league title in 20 years.

    Remember that Chelsea had to spend well over £200 million to compete with our club.

    Remember that Spurs have gone through 9+ since Wenger has joined the club. They have tried signing our ex players/managers/coaching staff/cheif scounts….and all they have to show for it is two league cups in about 15 years.

    If there was someone glaringly obvious to fill the boots of Arsene Wenger, maybe you would have a case. However, the fact you had to stoop to Claudio Ranieri (not that he’s a bad guy) proves that you are just screaming out for the sake of out.

    Yes his tactics are annoying, yes he waits too late for substitutions, yes he picks the wrong team in the big games…..but all of the plusses our worth his negatives in my opinion.

    Trust me, if you guys force Wenger out, you will regret it.

  115. marco says:

    i agree with u sinbad denilson,eboue,djorou,slvestre,song(loan him for a season out yaya toure,hangeland,steven taylor,central midfielder,right back to cover sagna,winger to cover nasri or walcott on the right out

    wenger out= slaven bilic in

  116. O.B says:

    you need to learn to spell mate
    and fuck off you ungrateful deluded prick
    you think that sacking wenger and distabilising the club will bring us more success?…….you know nothing
    im not saying wenger hasnt made mistakes this season but that dosent mean he has to leave
    the players are to blame for most losses this season
    the amount of money they are being payed they should be able to play in any position or formation
    today was just unlucky, we would have won but for clinical finishing from them and the opposite for us. if we had won with that formation today then you would not be complaining, you lot are just waiting for a slip up to jump on wengers back.
    we lost today for the first time in 21 premier league games, not bad….so back off wenger and get behind the lads you stupid twat.

  117. Gunfire says:

    Ok guys its understandable for us to be angry. If we sack wenger then the arsenal will never be the same. We lost today but we will win again. This year was bad for us but now we have to put this behind us and move ahead. Its earier for us to lose aginst teams like the top 3 but its a harder knock if they lose against us. Next year will be different and we wil be on top with some experience in the team.

  118. stephen says:

    hey king kolo i agree with you arsenal till we die .. mav who are you.. will i get your baby bottle for you.. throwing tantrums and using lanuage at another peoples comments..i say your a child with pictures of frank lampard and john terry on your wall because you do not sound like a true arsenal fan.. were you dropped on your head recently that you have a short memory… two months ago i bet you would have taken fourth spot so stop your shit telling.. believe and support you team and manager.. keep the faith

  119. BLOODRED says:

    Wenger out Bilic in stay off the pipe mate.

  120. Dave says:

    Same old story…I’m talking about the moron who wrote the article, of course. How on earth Sinbad was given the opportunity to write in a critical manner on any website is a miracle, considering the inept use of language, the childish content, and the blinkered opinions…if you ask me, it’s more a case of ‘Sinbad Out’.

    The facts from today’s game; Arsenal played Chelsea off the pitch. Seriously. The football that the team played was sublime – one touch, inventive, classy. All that was lacking was that bit of luck, that final touch or the guts to fire one off and see what happened. Chelsea did not play better. Chelsea were simply more ruthless, and a whole lot luckier. Alex’s header might have glanced over or bounced back out on another day. The ref might not even have given the free kick in the first place. Toure’s misdemeanour at the back might have hit the post. The ricochet that lead to the fourth (and offside) goal, might have gone nowhere near Malouda. So effectively, on another day it could have been Arsenal 1 Chelsea 1, and even then the ref could have given the penalty in our favour against Adebayor.
    Chelsea had all the luck, and they took their chances. If Arsenal had taken half of theirs, we’d have idiots like Sinbad and all the other fake Arsenal fans here singing the praises of Arsene Wenger and his tactics.

    To those aforementioned people – if Wenger goes, who replaces him? Is there another manager out there with the foresight to make sound financial decisions over players and the club? Who else has the respect to keep world class players at our club when they could be payed £30,000 a week more elsewhere?
    You are all so eager to run your mouths and suggest Wenger leaves, but none of you are so keen to suggest someone who could step in and take us to the top.
    If Wenger went, so would half the team. But frankly, the only people I want to see leave are the Arsenal fans so eager to point fingers and accuse. God forbid any of you are actually season ticket holders, because there are far more worthy people out there to take your seats.

  121. scott says:

    most of the teams we played in the 21 games unbeaten were average and we struggled against most of tem

    wenger has lost it and you know it,

    his plan b , putting bednter on , great!

    he let this team rot by not building on the invincibles and you know it, take your head out of your arse and clean the shit out of your ears and listen to other people opinions for once, you may find out that they speak a little truth

    • Steve says:

      Good point genius, but the run also includes Chelsea, Villa (when they were good), Everton and Liverpool. And those “average” teams are the exact same teams united, chelsea, liverpool, villa and everyone else have played and FAILED to put together an unbeaten run that long all season.

  122. Rick says:


    totally agree with you, my feelings about the over reliance on youth are well published on other blogs, and after todays performance, had wenger not came out midweek and said he was going to buy experience, i would be silently cursing his ineptitude and stubbornness, and in the heat of the moment wishing him never to set foot inside Ashburton.

    However, his acceptance of this fact, and action on this issue as he has promised, lead me to feel given his past successes and his intricate knowledge of the club, that he should be given another season at least.

  123. Pritpal says:

    man united next game… if we lose that itll be 3 in a row and i cant remember last time that happened. fingers crossed it dusn’t… cummon you gunners!!!!

  124. Dazza says:

    Scott what are your alternatives?

  125. Mickey C says:

    This is the first time I have ever read one of your posts and it will be the last – you’re a fucking idiot.

    How the fuck did he get the tactics wrong when we clearly ripped Chelsea to bits for the entire first half – what do you want from a manager? has he got to go on the pitch and score the fucking goals as well?

    He sent out a team to play in a system to create chelsea problems and we did, it was the players out there who could not score that has cost us the game.

    You call yorself an Arsenal fan and still have the blatant cheek to slate Wenger and then to call the fans who actually support the manager. I’m sick of hearing idiotic cunts like you saying “NO TROPHY FOR 4 YEARS” – have a look at those 4 years, carling cup final, champions league final, 1 game away from winning the league last season, 2 semi finals this season and every year in the champions league – its not like we have been that far off actually winning something is it? I could understand if those 4 seasons we had not competed for a single thing, out of the cups early on, but we are actually there or there abouts every season.

    People like you who write and say shit like Wenger out make me so fucking mad – I dont wish you would go support man u – I just wish you would fuck off all together, you and people like you do the team and the club in general no good at all.

    • ubin says:

      the only tactic, i’ve noticed is using the pace of walcott~~ which worked but poor finishing as usual from the lads. We need another goal machine apart from edurado~~

  126. scott says:

    alternatives to what ?

  127. mav says:

    @Stephen…you forgot..I AM YOUR FATHER…It was you who got hurt …and that “baby bottle”..its right now in your mouth.

    And about John fuck gay terry and Fatty Lampard…they can fuck off as well.


  128. a word please says:

    been following arsenal since 78, and this has been the best decade we’ve had. to all of the arsene out cult (hurt children who don’t possess the intelligence to forsee the dangers of the prattish suggestions), i say this: who would you replace him with. who can attract the arshavin’s and fabregas’s with no money? do you really believe that qualty managers (most of whom are already spopoken for) will come to a club that doesn’t have buckets of cash to splash? face it, when chelsea’s billions came in to play, the players whop would’ve come to arsenal (essien, drogba, robinho, etc) went to clubs that would triple what we could afford. in spite of that and you short thinking ingrates, we continue to beat the odds. who would you replace this loyal legend and servant with…tony adams? get on board or f*#k off. i’d rather have a stadium of 20,000 loyal supporter than 60,000 retards who are reactionary fools. wenger is not going anywhere thank god, get over it!

  129. scott says:

    we will lost against utd they want to win some silverware (you do remember that word right?)

    and i cant see them falling at the last hurdle

    we will lose and equally or by more if we play as well as we did today because we were blistering today

    we were totally excellent, sensational!

  130. scott says:

    “i’d rather have a stadium of 20,000 loyal supporter than 60,000 retards who are reactionary fools. wenger is not going anywhere thank god, get over it!”

    The Rate wengers going youll be sitting in a stadium with 20,000

    most fans arent as thick as the minority

  131. israeli gunner says:

    For the last 5 years i am saying that Mr’ Wanger,is destroying our club,on behalf of his sick ego,most of you-arsenal fans(espesially the british ons)where very upset about my comments,and i told you-“just wait and see’,,,,UNFORTIANETLLY i was right.
    During last summer i came to london,and went to the Emirate,and share my opinions(anti Wanger and anti Hilwood)to some of the arsenal staf,and to Mr’ Charly George(ask him about “the tall israeli guy”)and when they told me that they trust Mr’Wanger,i told them again wait to the end of the season,and you will see that i will be right again(sadlly).
    5 years ago i have been in England during the great untachible season,i told many arsenal fans that,Wanger is to staborn,and he will SPREAD thise team,and the future doesn’t look good,,,most of the fans thought that i was crasy!!!
    the reason that i commented against Wanger was,beacause i felt that he started to adopt a hell of an ego,some of the first evidense where his habit to make the same mistakes again and again(for example,his teams always lack the same paramiters year after year-*goals outside the box*bed corners*problems of our difeanse against big strikers,ext,ext.
    You must understand,it is our obligation as an arsenal supporters,to rase our concern of the the negligant running of arsenal football club.
    people like “the Hilwoods”,doesn’t have the DESIRE,AND PASSION,to take the arsenal to the top,they think as benkers,not as aDIRCTORS OF ATOP TOP FOOTBALL CLUB.
    For the above directors Wanger is aperfecy maneger-*saves alot of mony to club*and layes to the fans on behalf of the board,,,and every body is happy,,,but us the arsenal fans,,,it is time to rase your voice-IF YOU AREAL ARSENAL FANS!!!!
    Remember our club in the last 4 years is going BECKWERD AND NOT FORWORD as Wanger and the board want you to think!!!!

  132. Dan says:

    Dan….Few Ques
    1)Are you Happy with this experiment
    2)Will you pay again the huge prices for your ticket to see this experiment go on considering the slowdown.
    3) When will your patience run out?
    4) Will next year , if the same thing continue, will you be saying the same excuses?

    1)i was happy for the reasons and logic behind the experiment… has it worked… probably not as well as evveryone expected… would it work if given 3-4 more years… definatley… do i want to wait that long… NO! of course not. wenger has said that he is going to bring in experienced players.

    2)i will always pay to see the arsenal, they are my club and I (aswell as 60’000 other fans) will be at the stoke game last game of the season)

    3) my patience will run out, when i see us fail miserably in a season that isn’t riddled with injuries, poor refereeing decisions and very bad luck

    4)what i am offering is not excuses… but what i am doing, is trying to put things into perspective…

  133. Dazza says:


    Wenger has realised it, if he doesn’t bring in any qaulity players for next season, then I’m prepared to say goodbye. We over rely on a core of 14-15 top quality players, whilst the other squads have 20 decent Top 4 players. Plus our record for injuries should’ve been factored in.

    Tactics were not wrong as we ran the midfield (- Diaby). What was lacking was cutting edge (Arshavin perhaps) and a FUCKING DEFENCE.

    If Wenger doesn’t improve this defence and/or I see Silvestre 2nd choice CB, then he should go.

  134. Dazza says:

    Alternatives if Wenger goes now?

  135. McGooner says:

    Usmanov and Peter Hill wood say that there is money available and we need to spend it thats just a fact and everyone understands that, so we will see next season guys. This is a pointless debate as the club is never going to sack wenger as he makes too much money for the club.

  136. Dan says:

    we are a club that is consistently in the champions league places in the best league in the world… 2 semi finals and 4th place (although not great) isn’t the worse season… ask tottenham… middlesborough and newcastle!!

  137. scott says:

    if you look on arsenal.com dazza wenger says in his press conference that he doesnt see the sqaud needing major transfers


  138. mav says:

    Dave you don’t like the article …why the fuck are you bothering to comment…as for players leaving Arsenal if Arsene leaves…it will just show how True in their Heart they have ARSENAL…
    And we can have frank rijkaard for a change if we wish too

    • Dave says:

      Mav…I comment on the article for the same reason everyone else does, because I have an opinion. You clearly don’t like it because not only do I not agree with the juvenile views you share with the article writer, but I can put together a more balanced, succinct argument than you can. And I don’t have to resort to swearing.

      It’s a fact that the presence of Arsene Wenger has caused several major talents to sign, and commit their future to Arsenal…are you honestly suggesting that if he were to leave they wouldn’t consider their own futures more closely? Look at Chelsea when Mourinho was sacked, several big names threatened to move on.
      Frank Rijkaard would not deliver results at Arsenal as quickly as Arsene Wenger.
      Let’s imagine he arrives. He’s got an estimated £40 million, supposing no-one leaves post Wenger. Is he going to be able to compete, as a new manager in a new league, and deliver a title instaneously? Or will we just end up back on here complaining about another season with no silverware…?

  139. Dean says:

    Nobody has any right to single out Bendtner coming on as a mistake. The guy gives his all to the team, granted his decision making isn’t fantastic but he is hungry and has great ability. I can’t see the use of playing RVP in a 5-4-1, stick Big Nic up there, let him hold up the ball and find passes as he’s great at that and RVP simply isn’t. I’ve given up all hope with Adebayor. I don’t think he is half as bad as people make out but I don’t see him as a true Arsenal player, he doesn’t fit the bill. Big Nic is young, hungry and has all the ingredients to be a great player, especially if we are to keep this 4-5-1 in big games.

  140. GoonerC says:

    Okay- I agree that Wenger totally fucked it up this year. He got it wrong pre season, and massively messed up tactically in the big games. So no one can accuse me of being a Wenger lover etc. However, I see no logic in sacking him. He is surely one of the best managers we could have to get us back on our feet? Can anyone saying we should sack him please offer an idea as to who might replace him?

  141. scott says:

    yeah but we arent tottenham… middlesborough and newcastle

    we want better than that, if we were happy with that id stop watching arsenal in februrary

    Easily pleased – easily ignored

  142. scott says:


  143. mav says:

    Thats Precisely the point Dan i am making…we are not tottenham… middlesborough and newcastle!!

    We are Great Arsenal and we should not be accustomed to this Heartless and Passionless display.
    we are a club that is consistently in the champions league places in the best league in the world… 2 semi finals and 4th place (although not great) isn’t the worse season… ask tottenham… middlesborough and newcastle!!

  144. The Brain says:

    It’s ironic that the writer of this blog became an ‘Arsenal fan’ in 1999 or so when Wenger was in his early years. Stupid guy.

  145. KingKolo says:



    I’M SURE YOU’D BE GRATEFUL AND SAY “at least Wenger has gone and we now have players who want to play for the club and not the manager”!!


  146. Dazza says:

    Mourinho won’t come here. Doubt he’ll leave Inter Milan so soon with a better squad to try and raise these kids.

  147. scott says:

    oohh two players , its gonna be alright!!

    his changed his tune tonight he may get in 2 but they will probably be kids again.

    get usuamov in http://arsenal-mania.com/articles/3106829/Usmanov-We-need-to-spend.html

    but wenger wont like having money to spend because it may make his ego smaller

  148. Dan says:

    did i say i was happy or content with what we have achieved this season scott??

    no… we should be doing better… but as newcastle have already proved… replacing managers at the drop of a hat is NOT the way to get better…


  149. scott says:

    hows about pouching hiddink in ot dick advocaat when the seasons over at least they will bring a fresh approach to the team and kick some of the premadonnas up the rears

  150. Dan says:

    how many players do you think we need??!!

    a complete overhaul of the squad isn’t what is needed…

    a quality defensive midfielder… and a big ugly no nonsense center back… is all we need… maybe 2 ugly center backs…

  151. scott says:

    newcastle have changed managers at least 3 times in the last 2 seasons, we will be making the change of one in a very very long time, the stability will still be there, thats why newcastle are in the crap

  152. Dazza says:


    Not another chavski please!

  153. Pritpal says:

    if mourinho were to manage us id be sick. yes hes a winner but from watching top class with wenger it would be too much a step down. plus with chelsea all he did was spend. something tells me he wont be able to do that with us.

  154. Rick says:

    when wenger took over, newcastle were a big club and had been challenging for the title. We can’t expect to stay on top every year, we have never had the funds! As for Scott, Mourinho has been riding on his Porto fame for years. At chelsea, unlimited funds to spend with a team that came second year before he took over, at Inter Milan he spent over £50 m in one summer, he cant do that at arsenal!

  155. scott says:

    we need about 6-8 players in an attacker , a goal keeper or two , two defenders and two central midfielders and a winger

    the bench is like a detention p.e lesson

  156. scott says:

    ok if not mourinho , moyes then his show his got what it takes to get a team to the top 6 and maybe better with limited funds and no strikers

    now thats something

  157. stephen says:

    very funny man.. oh just saw villarreal score three against barca… i am a gonner to the core .. check out bbc sport and see what wenger said….as far as you been my father i dont think so… what is your problem with wenger.. he is human.. have you ever got a few things wrong in your life…. if you are a true gooner step back and take a deep breath and realise what this arsenal team will accomplish when he does sign two or three players in the summer.. i think upson would be a brillant signing and would bring experience.. so mav man keep the faith and we will be celebrating next year

  158. Dean says:

    Scott you are chatting cheese. If you think Wenger is going anywhere at the moment then you may aswell go and support a different team. After 3 titles and FA cups there is no doubting Wengers credentials. He hasn’t just ‘lost it’. The fact is we suffered alot of injuries this season and HAD to rely on players that weren’t ready for it. If he has 40m available, I truely believe he must spend that on 3 players that are right for the team, not just names to make the fickle glory hunters happy.. PROPER Arsenal players. I’ll keep the faith for another season and see what happens, instead of chatting shit I suggest you do the same.

  159. Rick says:

    and hiddink really, friends with roman abramovich, and still won’t join chelsea, because of his loyalty. Why would he come to arsenal?

  160. scott says:

    dazza arsenal aint gonna change then if they dont get the money , end of

    you all want success but you dont want to the money that is needed to achieve it.

    chicken and egg, chicken and egg

  161. scott says:

    proper arsenal players like adebayor you mean?

  162. Rick says:

    we don’t want the money, that will leverage our club to the hilt, like liverpool. A club where one of the owners is frantically selling off other assets to try meet part of the loan he took out to buy the club in june!

  163. adil says:

    walcott cant even hit the target… he is so stupid that he tried 2 chip cech when cech was by his goal line.. and we r offering him a long term contract??? all he does is use his pace… cant finish cant cross… one goal vs villareal was a good finish other than that he misses the target 9 out of 10 times… look at ur options… if he isnt playin than eboue… and look at man utd? so many class players… if we need 2 compete than we gotta buy thats it… wenger is 2 stubborn… i am watching milan vs juventus and flamini has saved milan with 2 last minute tackles…. we really miss him..need a strong defensive midfielder and yeah a freakin tall ass defender… look at us… toure silvestre gallas and djourou and look at man utd ferdinand vidic chad evans so many good players… look at man utds bench tevez berbatov park look at urs bendtner vela ramsey denilson…i m not a man utd fan but they r the best team in the country right now and 2 win the league we cant go on a 21 unbeaten streak and than lose like bitches 2 manure chelski and pool.. will never win the league like that…

    we the fans dont want wenger out but its obvious for 4 yrs the youth policy hasnt worked and the way its continuing i cant see us winning any trophies with the same team next year…

    hopefully ade is gone i cant stand him… he cant do jack shit and talks big… potential is something which by itself wont win us the cup… we r getting pushed around like babies… 2-1vs chelski in fa cup
    4-4 vs liverpool 3-1 at home vs man utd and now 4-1 vs chelski we have conceded 13 goals in 4 games vs the big teams recently and cant win n e thing with that form…. we cant defend at all… n that has 2 change….

  164. jimmy says:

    @ Dave… you’ve a ridiculous amount of ifs, and buts, and might have beens included in how we could’ve gotten to 1-1… think about that… we would’ve needed everything, all that luck, good fortune, and an underperforming chelsea, just to get a 1-1 draw at home… that’s where arsenal’s at these days…. no offence, but in no way is that good enough for arsenal… ur a clown if you think that every possible decision, 50/50 and bit of luck, has to go our way for us to be manage to get a draw at home to anyone, and thats good enough for arsenal…

    Last year we went close, and wenger said we lacked experience, and 1 or 2 players short from being able to compete with utd chelsea… yet he lets experienced players go, does not replace these losses and then vehemently argues that the young players he has at the club are good enough… he doesnt know what he’s doing anymore, and he’s doing us more harm than good… if you cant see that, then im sorry, but your a fucking simpleton…
    Wenger knows best…. BOLLOCKS

  165. adiladil says:

    wenger knows?? in wenger we trust?? wenger is just a darn human being and he does make mistakes…

  166. Dean says:

    Mate, you’re no gooner. If you think Hiddink would be a good move for us then you can’t be.

  167. Dan says:

    :O really?? attacking players are the LAST thing we need… if we were to buy 8 players i would rather it be ALL defensive players

    adebayor/van persie/eduardo/vela

    i think that is MORE than enough creativity and finishing power for 1 team…

  168. FUGAYZI says:

    sometimes i wish we were back at Highbury! the fans were diffrent and so was the atmosphere…..let me ask u something……4-5 years things are going great….itz easy to feel enthusiastic and bask in the glory….however you have 4 years of the opposite, all of a sudden the empires on itz knees were on the way down, etc…..the fans are creating an anxiety in the player’s, but Wenger has been too soft with these players…..dont ever forget what he has done for the Premiership and Arsenal….would u have seen a Viera, Henry, Overmars, Pires, Petit, Fabregas etc….u say ah how long can u live on past glory, but really think about it for a minute…mayb abit longer…i thik the Arshavin thing has really hit home with Wenger and i’m telling u a fact! Arsenal has the brightest future out of all the clubs…..lot of players coming through the system….just hang tuff during the Hard times!!!!!!!!!!

  169. scott says:

    you pay a manager enough money and hed manager anyone,

    anyone who knows anything about football knows that one,theres no loyality in football just ark at adebayor.

  170. redordead says:

    Just imagine if the team played with as much heart as Niclaus shows.

  171. mav says:

    Dave i don’t question your Integrity.We are all arsenal fan and this are hard times for all of us.

    As for frank rijkaard..if you can give 5 yrs to Wenger for his youth project , why cant he be given 2-3 yrs. He has proven with barca that he can give us a free flowing football
    Dave Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 6:59 pm | Reply
    Mav…I comment on the article for the same reason everyone else does, because I have an opinion. You clearly don’t like it because not only do I not agree with the juvenile views you share with the article writer, but I can put together a more balanced, succinct argument than you can. And I don’t have to resort to swearing.

    • Dave says:

      I like what Rijkaard has achieved at Barca, and I totally agree with you, he’s managed to put together a team that is very much in the Arsenal mould. What’s more, I think that he would be a great replacement for Wenger when the time comes for him to retire.
      I just think that right now, it’s not that time. Rijkaard would have massive pressure to deliver within one season, and if he didn’t we could find ourselves in a similar position to Abramovich and Chelsea; sacking the manager everytime they don’t deliver.
      I know it’s hard for everyone, but with the purchase of Arshavin and the results he’s given us, I think Wenger is beginning to realise that spending a bit more can be beneficial. Let’s see what happens over the summer.

  172. vince says:

    anyone that would want that cunt mourinho at chelsea is a complete idiot. he has disrespected our club on many occasions.

  173. Rick says:

    dan, not to be pernickity, but you forgot, rosicky and bendtner, and also traore coming back who has had a good season at portsmouth

  174. scott says:

    “Mate, you’re no gooner. If you think Hiddink would be a good move for us then you can’t be.”

    who gives a fuck who his managed whos his friends off.

    as long as he gets the job done.

    did you moan at sol campbell when he done the business for arsenal??????

  175. Dan says:

    rosicky… yeah i forgot about him… easily done mate, he has been absent for what feels like a decade…lol

    bendtner… completely intentional…

  176. scott says:

    rosicky lol , his a lost cause

  177. mav says:

    Rick Mate, yes we cant stay at the top always but atleast we can try to be in the right direction.We are at crossroads now.We are not moving forward and thats for sure. Arsene said the same words abouth his faith in youth last year and this year its beginning to be same.That y i support the authors calls..

    Rick Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 7:00 pm | Reply

    when wenger took over, newcastle were a big club and had been challenging for the title. We can’t expect to stay on top every year, we have never had the funds! As for Scott, Mourinho has been riding on his Porto fame for years. At chelsea, unlimited funds to spend with a team that came second year before he took over, at Inter Milan he spent over £50 m in one summer, he cant do that at arsenal!

  178. Dave says:

    Jimmy, it wasn’t a case of an under performing Chelsea that was required today, it was a case of us getting the rub of the green and taking out chances. I don’t think I suggested we need every decision to our way, and I definitely didn’t imply that we’d require that to scrape a draw at home against anyone – go back and read it again.
    I can see that an over-reliance on youth has led to a few seasons where we are struggling, but the simpletons are the people who, like yourself, don’t realise that we are in a four way fight against clubs who think nothing of spending £40 million on one player. We cannot compete in the spending stakes with any of the other big 3. Jimmy, tell me if Ferguson, Hiddink/Scolari or Benitez could get 4th place with the spending power Wenger has? Would they have made the semis of the FA Cup and the Champions League? No, of course not. Man Utd had a bench worth nearly £100 million in the second leg of the Champion’s League semi. That’s two thirds of the cost of our whole squad…on the bench!
    I’m not naive enough to put allmy faith in the youth system. I am however, confident that if the squad is strengthened to the tune of a central defender and a top draw striker, we will prove more competitive next season.
    Please feel free to suggest to me the other managers with the ability to achieve European football year in, year out, with the funds we have at Arsenal?

    • jimmy says:

      everybody bangs on about the funds that wenger has had to deal with and how he’s done such a wonderful job with next to no financial backing… why is it that wenger is the only person crying poverty at arsenal… several board members, danny fizman the most interestingly has contradicted wenger on this publicly… even the chariman peter hill-wood has publicly stated for the last 4 years there has been money to spend on players, in and around the £40 million mark, and also stated that if wenger wanted to spend the lot on one player he could, and they would contrive to make extra funds available if more players were needed… the only person ive ever heard at arsenal complaining about the lack of money is wenger, when the people who really know how much money is available, ie board memebers, chairman etc have continually denied this and released publicly contradictory statements… danny fizman even went as far as to say that he and the rest of the board members wanted wenger to sign players in the summer and were disappointed when he didnt but still backed him…
      this shoestring budget is vastly overblown… arsenal dont have the same kind of resources that utd and chelsea do, but neither are we paupers, having to make do, within unknowns with potential… i respect and admire wenger, but the lack of signings and adequete re-enforcements, and the absolute refusual to acknowledge that experience is vital in achieving any kind of success in football, its imeasurably, maddeningly infuriating… i cant fathom how you cant see this… some of the comments are excessive but if u cant understand why the comments that are being made, then i cant see how it means that much to you

      • Dave says:

        I know where you’re coming from…yes it can be frustrating when other teams are out buying up players and the Gunners don’t appear to be, but buying big names doesn’t always guarantee success, look at berbatov at United, he’s certainly not been worth the £30 million that was spent on him.
        We definitely need to strengthen the squad, and we do need to spend money, but experience is no guarantee either; Man Utd’s right back Rafael is looking amazing, and he’s relatively inexperienced. It’s a case of the right player for the job, for the right price. If we bring in a huge name player who demands an excessive wage we’ll end up with another Adebayor like situation where the rest of the team demand pay rises and the financial security of the club becomes unstable. Liverpool, Chelsea and United would all be pretty screwed if their money pots were to leave the clubs – none of them could sustain the outgoings. However at Arsenal that is not the case.
        It’s a tough time, and the signing of the right players in the summer will make a big difference.

  179. Dean says:

    Ugh sometimes I shudder when I think we have fans like yourself sitting in the Emirates. You don’t deserve to even be able to BUY an Arsenal shirt, let alone talk about managerial decisions at the club. The internet, a haven for absolute mugs to spill their deluded thoughts.

  180. scott says:

    “the funds arsenal have”

    that may change in the summer….. hopefully

  181. scott says:

    yeah and some of our players dont deserve to wear the shirt but we cant all have it our own way now can we

  182. Rick says:

    “We are at crossroads now.”

    Exactly and thats why I am reassured because Wenger has come out and said he is going to buy experience! And Wenger, whilst undoubtedly has made mistakes *cough* cygan, he has also uncovered some absolute gems, and if i had to pick a manager to buy players with around £40million as has been reported, Wenger would be pretty high up there

    • cerbera says:

      Don’t you remember Wenger saying he’s gonna buy a tall defensive player last season to fix our problem of conceding goals from high balls down the middle? Who did we get? SILVESTRE!!!

      Take everything he says about spending with a pinch of salt.

  183. stephen says:

    dave man you forgot rosicky/ whilshire /jay simpson to the list of attacking players.jay will be back at the end of the season

  184. chipmonkey says:

    Ok i like many people have become a touch reactionary in the wake of another disappointing result but lets me ask you this:

    Do you want Arsenal to become a Spurs,Newcastle?, do you really want to go down the road of reacting with such venom when things don’t go well?.If you do then i have a news flash for you, we will end up even more of a joke than we are now.I agree that funds must be spent and that this is not what we expect but it would be worse to watch my club turn into the above mentioned clubs.Lets not forget that most of the fans in the stadium moaning and bitching are enjoying that state of the art 60,000 seat stadium.Where exactly do you think the money is going.I do agree things are bad but i trust in Wenger, however i feel it is imperative that somebody forces money to be spent.

    One defender possibly two if funds will stretch to it, one solid experienced defensive midfielder and sell Ade and bring in a finisher with a decent touch who will not be caught off side 20 times a game.

    Lets give the man who has given us so much at least one more season, he has earned that and so have the club that has given us so much.

    Now have a beer and shut the fuck up lol

  185. Rick says:

    it won’t change we have two shareholders, vying for club, one with 28% another with 25% both with no intention of selling. Neither, is going to pump money into the club without control. We are only going to have what the current funds allow.

  186. your blog is rubbish says:

    you should go and support Chelsea or Man u youre exactly
    the type of fan thry are looking for !!!

  187. Lithuanian says:

    True, you are absolutely idiot if you are writing such of nonsences. You are, I mean if it is emotions, it is ok, but if you really think, that Wenger ruins the club, you are idiot.

    SAF, Morinho, Benitez, Guardiola or whatever would never be in top 4 with such amount of money for the transfers as Wenger makes semis, finals and top4 as well. I hate gloryhunters even four year without titles is not tragedy, the only thing i do believe is beautiful football, fast, attractive as Arsenal use to play. That is the reason i love this club nevertheless I am from Lithuania, I can not attend games and see details, but I believe Wenger is a one of the best coaches ever world had seen. True legend.

  188. mav says:

    Good Night all..especially Scott, Dave,Rick,Stephen

  189. Dean says:

    I dare you to stand up and slate the team and manager off next time you go to a game (if you’ve ever even been to a game). You’re the exact type of cunt that booed Eboue aren’t you? We don’t need fans like you. I’ve actually been had a go at for getting up and singing when we’re losing/playing shit, probably by twats like you who don’t understand that getting behind the team is absolutely vital.

    • scott says:

      most fans werent booing eboue they were actaully booing because they were sick and tired of wengers tactics – fact!

      • Dean says:

        Hahaha okay kid, if you’re trying to start a movement against Wenger then im afraid you’ll be a minority. Why don’t you judge at the end of next season. Everyone has been enlightened by the arrival of Andrey including Wenger and I am pretty sure he’ll keep on the same path and buy a few more players to impact games. We’re all frustrated but like people have said above, chucking the manager out and buying 8 new players is going to do FUCK ALL and we’d almost definately finish below 4th. Get grip, have a cup of tea and sort yourself out.

  190. Paul B says:

    Olegunner no disrespect but in the earlier days we weren’t paying the highest prices in the world, and we had players who would die for the cause, now we have Adebayor a diving useless cheat,Diaby clueless, RvP five touches not worth £80,000 a week, theplayers today have lost their bottle and their reason to wear the red and white, we have over-paid prima donnas with not idea about desire, passion, maybe we should be sponsored by Pampers next season

  191. Paul B says:

    Old Gunner, anyone who wants to leave if Wenger goes can fuck right off, Cesc won’t leave til he wins something, so Diaby,Eboue,Adebayor,Denilson can all go, the format is there for the team to play football, they need someone who will install the fear of god into playing for Arsenal,Wenger proved that with Adebayor in the summer when he should have been sold, he proved it when he gave Cashley Hole a line-up in the CL final, he doesn’t have the respect from the players because he is a soft touch, and he proved that by sitting in the dug-out for the last two games, by putting Arshavin on the bench in the semis when the FA Cup was our most realistic chance of silver ware, three European Finals, three losses I call that obsession and as fans we have to let him take the club backwards, do we fuck, if he doesn’t do something about defence and midfield in the summer then he has to go.
    Why is it so difficult for fans not to realise something is wrong at Arsenal, why remain with your head in the sand, it’s not rocket science, every dog has it’s day and Wenger it’s time to go upstairs before you lose all respect with the fans

  192. redordead says:

    Paul B
    Thats not true look at Bendtner, always wears his heart on his sleeve, on and off the pitch.Apperently when he went out on Tuesday had untold beatiful girls on his case but he kept going on about how bad he felt cause his team were made to look like mugs.


  193. scott says:

    wenger only signed arshavin after he was bullied into by the board and supporters

    • chipmonkey says:

      Then a touch more bullying might be needed, one thing is for sure if Kroenke or Usmanov take control in the summer he will have no choice in the matter, for the record im betting Kroenke takes control with the blessing of the board.

  194. Tossers says:

    So many young pups with nary a brain cell between them, yet alone a modicum of sense or even basic grammar.

    Dribble on you feckless cretins.

  195. redordead says:


    • Tossers says:

      Y’all deserve derision. When you put something decent together with that brain cell you seem to have lost down the back of the sofa then we’ll talk.

  196. Paul B says:

    Rumour was Wenger didn’t want Arshavin, it was Fizsman who pushed it through, Wenger didn’t want his cry babies upset with a quality player coming through

  197. Adom says:

    It would be beneficial for you to allow atleast 2 hours after an Arsenal related event to avoid the many gramatical errors which seem to have been made in a rush to complete the article in addition to the emotional statements which you make without acknowledgement for facts which conflict and subsequently prove the statement in question falible of void.

  198. Jake W says:

    You would be mad to get rid of Arsene. I swear the only people who want him gone are a small percentage of Arsenal fans, ask anyone who supports another team who the the best managers in the premiership are and without hesitation they would say “Ferguson, Wenger, Benitez.” Wenger has manager to build a great team while paying about a third what the other teams have.

  199. stephen says:

    good night dad hahahah… take it easy mav….. see you at the next discussion….good talking to you and remember keep the faith man

  200. stephen says:

    tosser.. you live up to your name your using… i say you toss off to posters that have gerrard or lampard or ronaldo on them.. piss off

  201. dinoz says:

    Everyone who says that about wenger and arsenal must die..now!!support spurs????and u call yourselfs gooners????fucking cunts..i hope u die all of you..arsenal would be better without you.spurs,man city and chelsea spend money and are by far worse..fucking see that

  202. Tossers says:

    “You’re” Stephen. Good effort though, keep trying.

  203. Daz says:


  204. redordead says:

    Tell us YOU’RE view TOSSER.

  205. Tossers says:

    I imagine the irony of the poster asking the “thick” Arsenal fans to leave is lost on him Daz.

  206. gooner91 says:

    glory hunting twat
    its not wenger puttin the performances in out on the pitch isit maybe he did get the tactics wrong but the players have got to perform no matter what
    yeh a trophy would be nice but if thats al your interested in, trophies and big money signings fuck off to chelsea
    your an embarrassment to arsenal fans everywhere

  207. Buzz3210 (GOONER 4 LIFE) says:

    Guys most of our problems have been in defence if wenger does not get at least one TALL cb then yes he should finally go but i am glad as an arsenal fan that he honours his contract so we will see what happens next season in the meantime can anyone tell me if liverpool or chelsea have won anything this season yet and are they likely to i think not. So do me a favour and keep the faith if not go take some time out in a darkened room

  208. Buzz3210 (GOONER 4 LIFE) says:

    Plus we have had a very unlucky season with injuries to key players. If you think that the equivalent players for any of the top 10 teams would not be a problem then i suggest you all become managers or coaches Lets all calm down have you forgotten he has already spent almost 30 mill on players so he will spend if the right player turns up don’t believe the press they always seem to have an anti arsenal agenda.

    • cerbera says:

      Injuries wasn’t a shock phenomenon in our team this season. Over the years we’ve had as many injuries as a hospital. Wenger had all summer to prepare the team for such injuries and sat on his hands the whole time.

  209. Buzz3210 (GOONER 4 LIFE) says:

    It could be worse we could be newcastle

  210. chuks says:

    i am begining to join the band wagon of Wenger should go,i don’t understand the man anymore we keep on conceeding goals from setpeices still he does not see the need of a tall and ruthless CB.is it stubbornness or madness, that i don’t understand,and why can’t we beat chelsea when Drogba and Essien are playing its annoying and no change of tatics alawys playing an open game all the time making us predictable. but i still think we should give him one more season.i also don’t blame any fan that wants the man out cos fans are getting frustrated day by day myself not an exception.And all those who say players will leave if he goes should know that it depends on the pedigree of the incoming coach and his tatics.Even if they leave it is not the end of the world afterall what have they won for us.

  211. tevmar92 says:

    Name a better manager to take over.
    Stop being such a glory hunter and stand by your team and the man who has brought so much success. Sometimes you have to go through bad patches to get to the great ones. Arsene DOESN’T KNOW EVERYTHING but he has proven that he knows more than most, if not more than Alex Ferguson.

  212. gooner91 says:

    or tottenham for that matter

  213. GregorFC says:

    Sack ’em all! Like any of you muppets have any say in anything that goes on at the club, so needless to say, no one who matters really gives a toss what you think or say. I agree that Wenger made some huge mistakes this year, but I don’t see where sacking him will help. If you want to make a post about that and enlighten everybody as to where sacking Wenger will help, and who you would hire, and who you would bring in to replace Cesc and Van Persie, then that would be a lot more constructive.

  214. GregorFC says:

    It’s amazing how many Arsenal ‘fans’ like Sinbad can sit and write ‘Sack Wenger’, ‘Wenger has failed’, etc., but they never write anything useful like how can the situation be fixed or improved. Fine, ‘Sack Wenger’ is a valid opinion, but give us your alternatives, make a real argument as to why your point should even be considered.

  215. tevmar92 says:

    Read before you write Cerebra. I said that he knows more than most, if not Ferguson. In other workds, he knows more than most, even if less so than Ferguson.

  216. SINBAD says:

    My Ratings

    Fabianski, 6.0 poor
    Sagna, 7.5 nice cross for the goal
    Toure, 7.0 good apart from the OG
    Silvestre, 6.5 Better by still crap
    Gibbs, 7.0 did ok
    Walcott, 6.5 missed 5 clear chances
    Nasri, 7.0 was better on the wing
    Song Billong, 6.5 our ROCK. everytime he plays we concede 3+ goals
    Diaby, 3.0 terrible game
    Fabregas, 5.0 crap
    Van Persie 6.0 up on his own in a 4-5-1 WASTED
    Adebayor, 4.0 prick, looking for pens when he could shoot
    Bendtner, 8.0 Showed heart and scored a nice goal

  217. James says:

    Wenger had his day was good but he is not the right manager anymore we need a manager who buys experience and motivates the team to win trophies.

    Arsenal can’t go on like this we must build a new team with experienced world class players and win trophies

  218. Ash Bowles says:

    Worst blog ive ever read. you’re a nob. Tactically wrong? we tore chelsea apart.

    If you read the intelligent articles about, you will find Wenger has acknowledged the areas which need to be improved but untill the season is over, there is diddly squat anyone can do.

    Manchester UTD went through it as a new team was bult and stability got them through. We will get through this too.

    When was the last time, someone other than Chelsea and Man U won the league, oh yeah it was us.

    Which one of the top 4 clubs is financially viable? us. read into the politics of european football, and soon the mancs and chels wont be able to bank roll their club £750 mill in the red.

  219. Shaun says:

    Absolutely amazing crap!!

    Listen to the comments:

    Wenger is a twat
    I’m gonna support spurs
    Wenger is a bitch
    get a man u supporting russian to take over the club, buy loads of crap and bankrupt the club

    None of you are true arsenal fans and I bet you all started supporting them from 87 onwards.

    I agree Wenger needs criticism and he needs to look at where he made mistakes (as he agreed) but the only thing you do is run this great club down. Who are you going to get as a manager? And then sack him the next season when he doesn’t do what you expect? what players will you buy? When they don’t work out what are you gonna say then?

    What a shit post! Anyone who asks Wenger to be sacked is clueless and has no clue about football.

  220. Fab says:

    Week by week it’s becoming clearer and clearer that we need strength in the MF and the MB. Now Wenger should stop being a stubborn. Again he starts to talk about the possibly of signing one or tow player and the tone of ”killing” the youngster. Did we hear the tone of we may bye one or two before? To all season ticket holder; if the club don’t strength the squad, you have to give the board a clear message by not renew your season ticket. Other wise you should stop moaning and accept the situation as it’s now.

    • ubin says:

      this batch of youngsters like diaby, song and denilson are screwed!! Bring on the next batch~~ merida, wilshere and vela~~~

  221. BOY BETTER KNOW says:

    thats the problem the main players are fucking shit

  222. redordead says:

    Who do we replace Wenger then Mr James.

  223. James says:

    Candicates for new manager

    1) Capello
    2) Moriniho
    3) Alex Ferguson

    • GregorFC says:

      Make some realistic choices to replace him. Capello is staying with the England job, and Mourinho and Ferguson will never ever come to Arsenal.

  224. tevmar92 says:

    Candicates for new manager

    1) Capello
    2) Moriniho
    3) Alex Ferguson

    thats the level of intelligence of people who want Wenger out

    If you want to convince people that Wenger should leave, the give some viable options are shut your trap.

    At least the ANB brigade aren’t glory hunters.

  225. GregorFC says:

    No surprise that Sinbad doesn’t have anything more to say about this.

  226. gazzap says:

    wengers time is up but arsenal are also financially fucked. we need a more tactically able manager who can dig our results better than wenger can. we do have a lot of talent already with us. we dont need a great deal more talent – just better managed.

  227. redordead says:

    1 Capello at his age is not intereasted in managing a club side, he rather cream the FA.

    2 Moriniho is a wanker and has disrespected Arsenal on more than one occasion.

    3 just goes to show what an idiot you are.

    4 Wengers not leaving so get over it.

  228. tevmar92 says:

    People would seriously risk the club for a quick fix and I think it’s disgraceful. Do you want us to be Leeds Mark 2. Newcastle are already contesting for that ‘achievement’.

  229. Phil says:

    Proposed new managers:

    Hiddink or Josep Guardiola

    • GregorFC says:

      Again, lets think of someone who would actually be available, not more managers that are committed to their current situations, and would have no reason to leave.

  230. Joe says:

    Some people really are thick. So sacking Wenger will immediately turn us into Spurs or Newcastle will it? Have a word with yourself. Chelsea have had many managers in the last few years and as we ALL saw today, they are a far superior football team. Arsenal have been in decline for some time and the discenting voices are unquestionably increasing. Arsene Wenger is incapable of addressing the glaring problems in his team and too stuborn to do anything about it if he does notice. The youth experiment has failed. Today was the proof in the pudding and if, as a fan, a 4-1 humiliating humping at home by your arch rivals isn’t enough to show you this then nothing will.

    A cautionary tale, one of the best managers in the history of English football in Brian Clough won back to back European cups with Nottingham Forest and because this achievement blinded everyone when he started to wane, nobody said a word. It was only when Forest were relegated under him did people realise he wasn’t the messiah they all thought. What will it take before people start to see this about Wenger?

    FIVE games in recent weeks against our direct rivals at the top of the league have yielded the following W 0, D 1, L 4. F 7 A 14.

    Arsene knows? Does he fuck!

    Get rid. Take your kids with you too. There’s plenty of other managers who could step in and wont continue down a path of delusion.

    • GregorFC says:

      Joe, I’m not going to dismiss your opinion, but again, give us some reasonable alternatives as to who should replace Wenger.

      • Joe says:

        Marcello Lippi – 5 Italian titles, 1 European Cup

        Ottmar Hitzfeld – 7 german titles, 2 European Cups (with different teams!)

        Vicente Del Bosque – 2 league titles, 2 european cups (in 4 years)

        After that Felix McGath, Jose Mourinho, Sven Goran Ericsson, Hector Cuper, Luis Van Gall, Frank Rjikard,

  231. redordead says:


    5 Wenger will Buy experiance and will get it right.

  232. tevmar92 says:

    Hiddink – Russian Manager till after world cup 2010 and if they don’t qualify then at least till autumn. Guardiola is Barcelona through and through.

  233. GregorFC says:

    I know, I know! How about Sven Goran Erikson? Would that make the ‘Sack Wenger’ crowd happy?

  234. Kyle says:

    “The man who can turn blood into red win. The main who can walk on water” – and you’re calling us ‘thick’?

    And I suppose if we won the (pointless) Carling Cup, but still finished 4th in humiliating fashion that would be ok, would it? If we won the FA Cup but finished 7th that would be ok because at least we won some silverware, right? You fucking moron.

    I personally don’t care that we haven’t won silverware this season, I’m glad we finished 4th and not 5th – above all, I enjoy watching this side.

    You are also easily forgetting that this loss came on the back of a 20-odd game unbeaten run – you were pretty quiet during that period weren’t you, you cunt.

    Tactics wrong?! We had 5 good chances in the first 10 minutes, but unfortunately they fell to Theo.. If they had fallen to RVP or Bendtner (yes Bendtner, he’s scored considerably more that our little English starlet this season, remember) then it would have been a completely different story.

    Of course Wenger has got his transfer tactics wrong this season – though Arshavin hasn’t worked out too badly, has he? The good thing is he has admitted this mistake – that’s the first step at least.

    Now go fuck off to Chelsea with the rest of you reactionary plastic fucks.

    Oh, and James “Candicates for new manager” – and (again) you’re calling us ‘thick’?

  235. redordead says:

    What makes you think that Hiddink will want the job any way?

  236. tevmar92 says:

    haha. Probably… for about a week until they realise that he is a joke and not half the manager that Wenger is.

  237. GregorFC says:

    And still no reasonable arguments from our esteemed blog author. Come on Sinbad, join in, prove that you know what you’re talking about.

  238. redordead says:

    And What gets me with these plastic fans is why does Niclaus who tries the hardest never gets any praise.

  239. Gunna_H says:

    You are one stupid fucking idiot!
    If wenger left right now, you would be sucking your balls… please dont say anything.
    Writing on a blog doesnt make you any different, have faith mate.

  240. GregorFC says:

    I have to admit that I slagged Bendtner more for his lack of quality at the beginning of the year, but you can see him improving every game, and I am very happy to with the effort he puts in every game.

  241. redordead says:

    I just wished the rest of the team had the same heart as Bendtner.

  242. GregorFC says:

    Kieran Gibbs has been very impressive, save a few mistakes that any 19 year old would make, but you could really see him put his heart in the game today.

  243. redordead says:


    IVE GOT IT lets sack Wenger and hire brown he will be looking for a job this summer.

  244. GregorFC says:

    Or maybe we should have sacked Wenger last month and brought in Roy Keane.

  245. redordead says:

    Yes Gibbs did well.

  246. GregorFC says:

    Ah finally, someone is actually giving some reasonable thought to the subject. From Joe…

    Marcello Lippi – 5 Italian titles, 1 European Cup

    Ottmar Hitzfeld – 7 german titles, 2 European Cups (with different teams!)

    Vicente Del Bosque – 2 league titles, 2 european cups (in 4 years)

    After that Felix McGath, Jose Mourinho, Sven Goran Ericsson, Hector Cuper, Luis Van Gall, Frank Rjikard,

  247. GregorFC says:

    Not bad choices there, except Magath is going to Schalke next year, Mourinho can go jump in a lake, Arsenal will never hire Sven or Rijkaard.

  248. daveross says:

    You daft cunt!! Ask Charlton fans about to start in league 1 because they weren’t happy with Curbishley finishing Premiership top ten if they were right to want him out. I hope Wenger leaves for City’s millions and Arsehole finish outside the top ten next year. Prick!

  249. GregorFC says:

    And I think Van Gaal is going to Bayern as a coach.

  250. Its very funny how the so called “REAL ARSENAL FANS” dissed en called Sinbad all kinds of names. I wonder where the “IN ARSENE WE TRUST” brigade is now and how they feel about this rot at the club. King Kolo by the way people like you make this blog look ..erm well disgusting with the sh!t you say! No onw in football is irreplaceable. There are so many coaches that can replace him ably my friend. Mancini at Inter was replaced even when Inter was winning tha Scudetto. That alone shows you the ambition of some clubs. But at Arsenal we have had 0 trophies the past four seasons but someone sists on their ass with a full fledged keyboard and monitor and types sh!t like ..”IF YOU WANT WENGER OUT, WHO WOULD YOU REPLACE HIM WITH?” ..makes you wonder. And people this is not the end its just tha end of the party ..there is a after party which takes place next weekend when we get ass whopped by Manure again en i hope this time the score aint 10 – 1. WENGER OUT OUT OUT! You can take all your kids with you ohhh wait. Please don’t forget your faithfuls like KING KOLO and the whole IN ARSENE WE TRUST BRIGADE. Let us the so called “platic fans, so called glory hunters” stay en see that our club flourishes again.

    • GregorFC says:

      Another response with nothing reasonable to offer to the discussion. Thanks for your lack of input.

  251. tevmar92 says:

    I wouldn’t want any of them for Wenger:

    1. Arsene Wenger knows this group of players, the board, the coaches.
    2. They do not have better records than Arsene.


    Players come to Arsenal because of ARSENE WENGER!!!

    They will leave if he goes. CESC FABREGAS will not stay if ARSENE WENGER doesn’t.

  252. Gordon Freeman says:

    Impulsive, juvenile drivel. How utterly pathetic to brand those who don’t share your opinion ‘thick’ and a ‘bunch of clueless muppets’. I’m neither a member of the “Arsene knows brigade” nor do I think sacking him now is the solution. Perhaps, if you could back up your stance with some real arguments as to how and why replacing Wenger would help, you may actually bring me and the rest of us clueless muppets round to your way of thinking. If all you are capable of doing is spraying a barrage of child-like insults every time things don’t go our way then why bother to blog at all? The truth is that we simply don’t have the money to compete with the likes of Man Utd in the transfer market right now and no new manager is going to change that. It’s fine to say we need to sign three world class players in the summer, but who exactly? Arshavin was one such player but as soon as another top club came in for him e.g. Barcelona last summer, there was no point in us even trying, we had to be patient and luckily we got a chance in January. Personally, I dont think any other manager in the world right now could even keep us where we are with our budget, let alone take us any further. Fortunately though, both our opinions are futile and Wenger is going nowhere =]

  253. GregorFC says:

    Hitzfeld and Del Bosque are still in their national team jobs, and Spain is doing too good for Del Bosque to go anywhere. I doubt if Lippi would ever come to England, but you never know.

  254. People you have to pardon guyz like Tevmar who think Wenger has achieved more than Fergie….either the guy is on crack ….either that or hes a Spuds fan under the guise of a gooner. Then there is this guy Kyle dat took it so personal that he read “WENGER OUT!! And he can take KYLE the THICK Arsenal fan with him!!! Ohhhh mate sorry ..it wasn’t meant for you…you are not thick are you?? Cuz you would have mos def understood that statement.

    • GregorFC says:

      What in the world are you babbling on about? Tevmar didn’t compare Wenger to Ferguson, he was comparing Wenger to the reasonable alternatives that Joe put forward. Think before you speak.

  255. Joe says:

    tevmar92, this is part of the problem. I dont want players that play for the manager. I want players that play for the club regardless of who the manager is.

    Also, Lippi, Hitzfeld and Dle Bosque clearly have better records than Wenger…

    • GregorFC says:

      In this day of huge money, you will never have a full group of quality players that are willing to play for the glory of any club.

  256. tevmar92 says:

    God Martin Linkin, who do you are. So very patronising. I never once said that Wenger has achieved more than Ferguson as it isn’t true. Stop making stuff up to put weight to your argument. I said that he has done more than most, if NOT more than Ferguson. As your a simpleton i’ll explain what I mean AGAIN.

    He has achieved more than most managers of this time, even if this is not as great as Ferguson’s achievements.

  257. Ah Sorry Gregor.. @ Tevmar…i don’t think Arsenal starts and ends with Arsene Wenger..the same applies to Fabregas. Many other players can ably replace him. I think Rijkard would do a good job with our team …but more so i’d trust Vicente Del Bosque. The guys record speaks for itself.

  258. tevmar92 says:

    Joe – That’s how the game works. Unless you go for boyhood Arsenal fans.

    Lippi will get in players who play for Lippi, Del Bosque players who play for Del Bosque, etc.etc.

  259. Gregor Point taken…now calm down brotha dun take out all yo frustration on me..

  260. tevmar92 says:

    Why would you want to risk the future of the club for a quick fix. That’s what people who are saying “WENGER OUT!!” want. I bet they wouldn’t care if they won the champions league and finished 10th at the same time.

  261. Players come to Arsenal because of Wenger? And what bunch of players do we have now? These over rated, highly paid kids? I don’t need players who come to a club with sentiments. We need players who work for the money they earn each week and can do the job. More reason why teams like Chelsea can ass whoop our kids. They are mercenaries doing their job and they know their time is short lived.

  262. Oh and what have you won these past four seasons Tevmar? You look the truth in the eyes and keep going on about risking the future of the club? Fourth place is all we play for these days Gooner! Give me an estimate of when you expect to win a trophy? After 5 more seasons when the average age of these kids is 27 and hoping they haven’t left.

  263. Drew says:

    alright.. hands up, most of you muppets became couch fans after our invincible season//
    seriously we have seen worse!! you guys need to recall where we were before Arsene came on board…
    ok, I agree that Arsene’s project has miserably failed.. it looked like last season we almost got it right, however this year the team took a step backwards.. so it has really taken until this season to fully recognize that the project has failed.. therefore Arsene deserves at the very least till this summer to right the wrongs.. because at the end of the day there is no manager available better than Wenger who would be willing to come to Arsenal//
    another thing, i just do not think that Arsene had money to go out and buy.. there is a huge debt we are financing with the new stadium.. we are the only team in the league contending with that as well.. if it is true that there was no money to spend, then I can tell you right here what Wenger has done is nothing short of amazing..
    I am fairly sure the new investors will back the club with funds and Arsene will get it right//

  264. tevmar92 says:

    Just like we beat Chelsea and Manchester earlier this season. Wenger has taken the ‘slow-burner’ route I feel and it will lead to eventual success. You don’t have to agree with that and I know it’s hard to be patient but I don’t feel there are any better viable options. We have to let Wenger build this team of players. His past achievements show that he is a winner and needs to be given this chance. Ok, if he fails, then he should go but if he succeeds then maybe you should trust him more. Maybe, the next time he tries something new you will appreciate it. I doubt it though.

    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
    Remember that.

  265. Joe says:

    I see what you say about players but lets look at the nucleus of the team/squad. At liverpool, you have Gerrard and Carragher who will stay regardless of who’s boss. John Terry and arguably Frank Lampard would never leave Chelsea no matter who comes in. Raul is Real Madrid til he dies, Maldini has been at Milan his whole career. Who do we have like that at Arsenal? The fact that our core, best players will leave if the manager does, speaks volumes about what we’ve become. No longer is it Arsenal FC but rather ARSENE FC which is just wrong for a club of our stature. I’m inclined to think half the fans would even stop coming if Wenger went which is just sad.

    • ubin says:

      that’s because we are not winning enough trophys~~ if we sweep the trophys year in year out~ most of them will remain after wenger leaves~~

  266. Smudger says:

    Arsene Wenger IS Arsenals Greatest Manager With The Record With Him Its The Best Since THE GREAT CHAPMAN!!

    Wenger Needs To Sort It Out Money is There Use It Dont F**k It Up ON Us

    We All Love This Club!!!!

    Wenger Is Having A Mid-Football Crisis He Has Lost The Plot Big Time!! Most Of Us Dont Have Faith No More But We Didnt At The Start When He Was Appointed

    If He Is Not (Gunner) Spend He Will Be Like Ronaldo Only There For The Money

    Spend Arsene!!!!!!!

    P.S You Spelt Tomas Rosicky Wrong Its Tomas RoSICKy all ways ill

  267. tevmar92 says:

    Oh and what have you won these past four seasons Tevmar?

    This suggests either:

    . Your not an Arsenal fan.
    .You are suggesting that I cannot talk because I have personally not won a trophy?

    Joe – Thats is the age of today. After Raul, who is there? Players have changed and we will not have another Bergkamp unless we have a steady manager.

    At least the ANB brigade has some facts to back themselves up whereas you suggest a sudden change without any reason for it proving successful – IN THE LONG TERM.

    Answer this

    Would you rather:

    1. Crash and Burn after 3 years of glory.
    2. Stay the same for a few years before getting back to our best and winning one or two trophies a year.

    We do not have the money to win the treble like Manchester United. We cannot afford the luxury of Carlos Tevez sitting on our bench.

    I hope you answer number 2

  268. GregorFC says:

    I’m not so convinced that Cesc or anybody else for that matter would leave just because Arsene left. It’s a worry of course that Cesc would leave, but I don’t think its a given that he would. All of our younger players were brought in by Arsene, and have become the players they are because of Arsene, but I would hope that most would be professional enough to know that they are still under contract, and should be playing for the club no matter who the manager is.

  269. Finally someone speaking sense Joe i gotta say you have written some sense. Most Arsenal fans all they rant is Wenger is a freaking genius en he shoudn’t leave and all. Wow what a stern example…this is the main problem at Arsenal …the core of the players at the Emirates are just too French. There is a French clique at Arsenal that controls everything within the players ..Ashley Cole talked abt it when he left but everyone laughed at him that he was being sore. Then some rumours surfaced sometime back that the same clique was getting all jealous that Arshavin was fast becoming a messiah at the Emirates something that didn’t go don well with that clique. I think the real problem is that Arsene has brought pleasure to work. Too much sentiment. Those aren’t hsi sons but well paid footballers who have a job to do. As for Tevmar we have given Wenger enough time four seasons and there is nothing to show for it. Last season he sold some of his best players letting some go en remaining with disgraces like Adebayor even him (Wenger)he was bold enough o admit that the Ade saga messed up the club what of you who can’t realise that we are a sinking ship with this guy?

  270. tevmar92 says:

    Seriously – You’re using Cashley Cole and fake quotes from Arshavin’s agents to back up your “french” conspiracy theory. Are you Chelski in disguise?

    So you wish that Flamini had not left? Isn’t he french though?

    Nasri, Clichy, Diaby, Sagna, Gallas, Silvestre

    Apart from Silvestre and Diaby, these are some of our best players.

  271. . Your not an Arsenal fan.
    .You are suggesting that I cannot talk because I have personally not won a trophy?

    Tevmar no one said you couldn’t talk. Tha answer to that i think would have been 0 trophies.. and you must be a winner avoiding the one when you estimate to win any trophies? So should Arsenal accept defeat that we simply can’t afford the luxury of Tevez sitting on our bench?

    Atleast at Real they have Raul who do we have at Arsenal?

  272. tevmar92 says:

    You said ME

    Of course i haven’t won any trophies i am not a football manager

    So should Arsenal accept defeat that we simply can’t afford the luxury of Tevez sitting on our bench?

    we can’t afford these players and WENGER is the only reason why we have competed at the top for 10 years running. He is able to get real gems at cheap prices. Yes, we have a bit more than Wenger usually spends but even Man united can’t really afford Tevez.

  273. Tevmar i think the whole point was about the nucleus of the team/squad…. i understand you arguing to win ut lets be realistic here. How do you feel about the lack of trophies at our club? And are you part of the Arsene we trust brigade? Cuz that will solve the mystery.

  274. tevmar92 says:

    I am part of no brigade. I am my own man, with my own opinions.Yes, i’m dissappointed with the lack of trophies at the club in recent times. Yes, I would love more trophies. However, I don’t feel the quick fix is a better option and its not as if we are in a disaster. Before Wenger came, this type of run qould have been applauded and fans have become used to great success (including myself)
    whereas life isn’t constantly upbeat. You have your ups and downs. If you have a few arguments with your wife you don’t split with them and find a new wife. Trust me that true Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool fans are not totally happy. Everyone wants something someone else has. Like wen you were a little child and you wanted a toy when someone else picked it up.

  275. we can’t afford these players and WENGER is the only reason why we have competed at the top for 10 years running.


    Maybe it’s about time we relieved Wenger of duties as a manager en gave him a job as Technical Director or find some post to give him such that he remains at Arsenal to please all the ARSENE fans. But for us the Arsenal fans we think it’s about time we thanked Monsieur Wenger for all the good deeds he has done for our club..maybe it’s about time we tried walking since we have been crawling all along. Lets experiment and toy with being wivout Wenger. We experimented wiv the kids. That has clearly been a disaster.

  276. Yea i get it Tevmar but when your wife adamantly cooks you seafood when it’s clear yo you it makes you sick and gives you a running stomach, then it’s clear she either wants you to part ways or kill you..in this case this would be Arsenal finishing outside the top 4 forget not winning any trophy that we are getting used to. I understand ambition of fans even when we won doubles i still wished we could achieve the feat Manure had done of winning a treble. True the grass always looks greener on the other side but the grass is clear down and out dry on our side. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that out. Unfortunately i gotta go to bed Tev i have work 2morrow en its 2:30am right now. Keep Goonerish brotha. Love ya spirit.

  277. tevmar92 says:

    Maybe it’s about time we relieved Wenger of duties as a manager en gave him a job as Technical Director or find some post to give him such that he remains at Arsenal to please all the ARSENE fans

    Not gonna happen.
    maybe it’s about time we tried walking since we have been crawling all along.
    You can hardly call our best ever reign ‘crawling along’
    We experimented wiv the kids. That has clearly been a disaster.
    Top 4 = disaster in your eyes clearly
    We have got to a champions league final.
    We have been consistent in getting far in the CL.
    Would you seriously ratehr the instability of clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea?

    LEts experiment and toy wivout Wenger
    Has he really been that bad?
    I don’t think so. And I thought what you wanted was Results not experimentation?

  278. tevmar92 says:

    Nice to see you have passion as well. But i don’t agree that this is the equivalent of a wife trying to kill her husband. IF we reach that point, then and only then is it time to get rid of Wenger!

  279. gunners88 says:

    I’m definitely am freaking mad at last night’s result and i’m NOT one of those blind in arsene we trust clan whose arguments when we critisize our team is ‘to go support another team’.

    Nice try deluded bunch, we will still support arsenal fc thru thick and thin. but we also want the best for our team and not stupid enough to still be happy and ‘calm’ when we are thumped by our great rivals at home twice!!

    But the truth is, we all know that wenger will nvr be sacked,and he shldn’t be. After all he has done, the least he can do is to call it quits on his own accord after his contract expires.

    If the board says that arsene is the one who didnt want to spent the money available to him then why are they offering him a new contract. Face it, the board loves him for making them profit$. We have no authority whatsoever to bring him out.

    This will be the perfect timing also for gazidis to tell us the truth for once on the real financial situation at the club regarding signings. It’s always – we are healthy financially, wenger can spend 30million on one player and then saying we dont have a big budget. We as fans need to know the truth before we critisize wenger heavily for not investing enough in this team.

    Also in his interview recently wenger did say that he knew the team wasnt good enough. So we must pray that he will at least buy 2-3 quality players in!

  280. JonJon says:

    i can see where your coming from fella….but its abit radical…..

    but i’ll give him this summer to sort it out…if he cant see that this year has been another failure and the last 4 have been regression and he does nothing about it in the summer….. then if we end up in the same situation next year its time he stepped aside because hes taken the club as far as he can……

    its a shame because he has been great but hes getting everything wrong from squad personell to tactics to lineups and formations and its damaging us…..

    4th place is no longer good enough, bearing in mind that 4th place means the season starts a month early and bearing in mind that until this youth policy started we were finishing in the top 2 every season….

    we have gone backwards and it aint good enough….one more season to put it right….then we’ll see were we are….

  281. tevmar92 says:

    I agree gunner. Obviously you’re not gonna change the club you support. I’d rather support Arsenal in the Europa CUp than any other team in the Champions League no question. I think fans are just very forgetting of what Wenger has done and can do. He hasn’y suddenly become an awful manager. And! 4th place isn’t awful. Teams go through good and bad spells. the answer isn’t always to chop and change. At the moment there are 4 fantastic teams in the Premier League and we happen to be the 4th best. However, this can change very quickly.

  282. Not gonna happen

    I know though i wished Arsenal the club had more ballz. The experiment has worked at other clubs. Take an example of Barca.

    Our best ever reign

    I dunno if i can call it that. They have nothing to show for it. In football they remember winners not second best or nearly did it.

    Top 4 = disaster in your eyes clearly
    Yea en by Top four ..you mean 4th place is all we play for? Ohhh yea that’s a total disaster. Unless you tell me you don’t have ambitions to see our club win titles then there isno way i’d take heart in our club being in 4th atleast if we was in 2nd i can stomach that but 4th? Hell no!!

    We have got to a champions league final.

    Football remembers only winners. No one will remember Arsenal got to that finals except for statics which don’t help much do they? What have we to show for reaching there? Exactly! Nothing.

    We have been consistent in getting far in the CL.
    Yea that coupled with some bad luck and clear difference in class and quality we have made sure and proved to everyone sane that we aren’t good enough to win this trophy. Well not any time soon.

    Would you seriously rather the instability of clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea?
    I think for Real Madrid theirs is easier to sort out. You can’t compare them to us. They are the on paper the second richest club if not the first. They just need a good manager.

    Same applies to Chelsea. They have experienced players and have the depth in squad to win them titles. Bring back Mourinho en you know it deep in yo heart that they’d win titles.

    LEts experiment and toy wivout Wenger
    Has he really been that bad?

    I hate to say it but yea. His experiement wiv tha kids has failed. Kids can’t win you trophies. Well atleast not these ones at Arsenal. Hell no they cant.

    Hes not that bad xcept that he’s just stubborn. His tactics against the top 3 teams are lacking and he can’t seem to sort our the defence. Don’t forget he’s got it lucky wiv the past waer tight fences at Arsenal. Adams and the likes of Keown he found them already at Highbury. Campbell was a free so yea he was downright lucky too on that one.

    I don’t think so. And I thought what you wanted was Results not experimentation?
    Yea i want results which is why am willing we experiment with a new coach who can give us renewed hope. Cuz clearly this kids experiment was supose to produce results which we have none.
    You can’t tell me there aint no coach who can do better than Wenger has done at Arsenal? What will Arsenal do when he finally retires or leaves which will happen?

  283. tevmar92 says:

    I think Wenger is the right manager for the club. We’re lucky to have him and I don’t belive the kids ‘experiment’ can be classed as a failure yet. Patience is a true virtue.

  284. tevmar92 says:

    And was Toure not a bargain? He is a top player I believe. He had a dip in form but he has real quality and was bought for next to nothing. Gael Clichy is one of the best left backs in the world. Gibbs is supremely talented. Sagna is a very good right back – there aren’t many better out there (manchester united would love to have him). Gallas is another world class defender.

  285. gunners88 says:

    But we have been too patience for this experiment. It is clearly not working. Arsene is sometimes buying cheap bargains just for the sake of saving $$$. Bischoff come to mind.
    This season alone we have to patiently wait for denilson, song and diaby to improve. Diaby hasnt improved one bit by the way.
    We keep nurturing this players and they seek new pasture when they are at their peak age- flamini and hleb.
    The scary thing is the top 3 plus aston villa, everton, manchester city and spud all will buy quality players (well, the spuds will buy over priced players who arent good enough)and if we dont buy this summer… then seriously,.. good bye top 4.

  286. tevmar92 says:

    I think goodbye to top 4 is waht has been said in the last 3 seasons and it has only once happened and that was when Tottenham had Martin Jol – a good manager. Can’t believe they let him go. Arsene has proved he can and will buy top players and Arshavin is one of the best players in the world. Another Arshavin or two (in terms of quality not position) and we could be in their again. Are squad is not too short of greatness. It just needs to be tweaked.

  287. […] WENGER OUT!! And he can take the THICK Arsenal fans with him!!! Surprise surprise Wenger gets the tactics wrong YET again as we are humiliated again. 1st off, Why did we play 4-5-1 […] […]

  288. adiladil says:

    its not like we are playing for free… every game brings in money… every league or tournament u win brings u money and also the sponsoring deals we got and stuff… i understand the sponsoring deal aint my much but if we win the league we get alot of cash and even if we win the champs league we get alot of cash and stuff… so wenger not investing makes no sense… even if we combine the debt of ur stadium blah blah blah we still dont have 2 pay as much as manure… so if they can splash abit here and there than y r we different?? and if we win we get money anyways? so i dont know what all u non spenders r taking abt?

  289. JESUS CHRIST says:

    ….This entry was posted on Sunday, May 10th, 2009 at 5:15 pm …. dude was the match even finished by then? you are an idiot while the real fans were at emirates or still watching the game elsewhere YOU were sat at your computer twiddling your little fingers that you had only seconds before removed from your ass thinking up more ways in which you can prove to the world how little you actually know about football. the facts are YES wenger made a mistake and YES he should have brought in replacements for flamini and diarra etc. but seriously??? are you really that blinded by your own retardedness that you have to write such idiotic cack that with a midfield of players who arent even over 23 we have gotten to the semi finals of both the CL and FA cup.

    Wenger knows that these players are talented and only blind dumbass people like you cant see. look how close we were last season, he made a mistake this season and ballbags like you forget everything he is doing and has done. these 4 years without a trophy the team has been rebuilt, and there is no doubt in my mind and i guess nearly every other REAL fan that these players (well most of them) will acheive something special and will be a dominant force.

    plus weng has already said hes buying players in the summer so what you bitchin about u fairy

  290. -dean says:

    This is my favourite Tottenham blog.

  291. Mark says:

    till next year and we beat man-u chelski and the pool and then all ya arsen haters will leave comments on how great or team is and we have the best manager in the world ect ect ect




  292. Donjohnni says:

    Seriously. Listen to this guy’s podcast on YouTube. Search for Arsenal Action and listen to podcast number 2. It is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. If anyone listens to what this guy said, quite simply, they are very, very stupid.


    This silly twat basically watches the game then says everything Wenger should have done. He knows nothing about tactics or formations or football. He’s just a beer swilling fool with a keyboard. I swear this to you. Wenger, on the other hand, is a genius.

  293. Are you Tottenham in disguise says:

    Alot of Chelski and sp*rs fans have started impersonating Arsenal supporters lately don’t feed the animals.

  294. ubin says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that building the team around Fabregas is flaw?

  295. Harry Barracuda says:

    What a sorry bunch of glory hunting spotty little cunts we’ve inherited since Wenger took over.

    It’s even sadder that the Internet allows you fucking ingrates to snivel in public.

    I think it’s time you fucked off and supported Manchester United you faithless, brainless morons.

  296. STALIN says:

    You’re either a part of the solution or a part of the problem….. Wenger is a part of the problem..for sure! He’s stuck in the groove.
    Can somebody for the love of god tell me WHY Almunia didn’t play? Don’t fix it if it’s not broken!!
    Fabianski is a F****** clown and should never have worn an Arsenal jersey. Arshavin had the flu…my A**!

    Three words…Humiliated, Embarrassed and Ridiculed!

    Mark my words…Cesc and RVP will leave before next season because of Wenger!
    Ade and SICKNOTE Rosicky can go for free!

  297. Le Foxe says:

    This is what is wrong with some of the Arsenal fans….some of you are too quick to slag each other off if you disagree with what someone has said. And some of you need to develop some patience and remember just how far we have come in the last 12 years or so.

    To say we should get shot of Wenger is unbelievable – lets see what he does in the summer. He must realise by now that he needs to buy some experienced players and he will be under pressure from the board to do so.

    So, a quick question for all you geniuses out there…we sack Wenger, and then what? Who do we bring in? You think that whoever comes in will miraculously win the champs league and the premiership? You seriously think they would be able to graft a new squad together on 30, maybe 40 million? Dream on! If Wenger goes, Fabreagas will go, Toure will go, RVP will go, Nasri may think about doing the off….come on guys, lets stop and think this one through.

    All Gooners are gutted, but not as gutted as the players or as Wenger. To slag him off and tell him he should be sacked is a bit much given what he has done for us as a club. He may come good in the summer and I am sure you will all be cheering them on next season if we are champions.

    As for the guy that says we should stage a protest…you got a ticket? If so then you should use the money and invest it in some therapy sunshine! Arsenal fans are supposed to be fans of Arsenal…Victoria Concordia Crescit

  298. Jolly Fella says:

    Wow, how long did we go without winning any trophies in years gone by? Even the great manure went a few years without winning diddly squat. Even though i am not happy with the direction the team is going, i am dismayed at some of the comments that seem to forget that Arsene actually saved this team from the doldrums.

    Yes, he is a stubborn man, but i’ll be damned if he isn’t hurting as much as us, and is doing all he can to win trophies for us again. Football Manager is different to the real thing, everyone and their dog seems to know the right formation that’s needed to go back to the summit of the Premiership. These are the same fans who said we wouldn’t finish in the top four, the same fans who predicted that we would finish in sixth or seventh place, please.

    I hate how we as Arsenal fans have become, perpetuating the made-to-sell media ‘expertise’ about Arsenal and how we are never going to win jackshit again, insulting each other on blogs like this instead of supporting the club through thick and thin. Instead of constantly booing the team and leaving early why dont we stick around till the end and show the players that we care and are behind them 100%. Just a little faith wouldn’t go amiss.

  299. John says:

    Mark & Harry Barracuda(stupid name and stupid comment),

    You Arsene lovers should sign up as Wneger fans….cause your not Arsenal Fans….. any slef respecting Arsenal fan can see that Wenger has failed for 5 years to bring the EPL trophy back to us….almost half the time he has been manager. On top of this he has built a team of average players with the odd 1 or 2 players with class. Wenger has also constantly demonstrated his singular lack of understanding tactics with his poor team choice, poor substitutions and outrageous persiverance with players who have consistantly shown that they are never going to be good enough for a side who is seriously challenging to win the top honours.

    You and other Wengerboys should now chew on the fact that we have been beaten easily by Man U twice, Chelsea twice in the last 4 weeks, and with Man U coming up next weekend would you clueless Arsenelovers put your money on us avoiding another lesson of quality angainst Wengers losers!!!!

    WENGER OUT NOW….. so that we can rebuild with a new manager before next season and maybe have a realistic chance of winning something…..and then we will not have to listen to the now famous Wenger-isms about how much another failed season will see his failures become even stronger….. as you may have noticed it hasn’t happened for 5 years under him…and it won;t improve even if he stays for another 5 years (which I hope to god he doesn’t)

    And finally if you Wenger lovers want any further proof that the great Arsene isn’t that good…..go and speak to Monaco supporters…they will tell you how he dragged their side down from the top, before he was sacked!!!!!!

  300. useroz says:

    interesting comments from “israeli gunner”

    it’s not about wenger staying, or not (well he honours contracts and unless the board sacks him, he will be here next season!)… it’s what he does and how he’d change next season, starting in the summer of course

    in short, he’s made many mistakes – that’s evident – however if he is not willing or not afforded the money to get experienced players in, not mnay of those mistakes could be rectified and we would be taking the same old next may, unfortunately

    not sure about the america guy with 28%+ shares but folks like phw should be out… no demonstration of desire to win and if 4th is good enough then make sure wenger says it upfront at beginning of the season so fans and supporters know what to expect

    this team, as it is, has no resilience… it’s brittle like rvp; erratic like adebayor (or denilson or…plenty of choices anyway); clueless like walcott (or toure unfortunately); sub-standard like silvestre etc etc and it’d be the same display if no fundamental changes happen during summer

  301. True dat John I don’t get the obsession with Wenger. It’s clear people like Mark & Harry Barracuda are idiots all they do is come here insult people not backing up their arguments. As for Donjohnni sorry dude but we dun care abt his Podcast or anything if you dun like the guy then no one is forcing you to listen to his stuff or read it..anyone calling this a Tottenham blog shd go read those blogs that praise Wenger and shy away from telling his flaws. You twats make this blog less interesting. We are trying to find a solution here for our team.

  302. Goonercharlie says:

    Ha these articles are just stupid. Arsene is Arsenal you fools, hes created the whole legacy and in this financial climate which you probably know nothing about hes had to be careful with how he spends his money otherwise we’re do a leeds. Do yourselves a favour and jump on a another bandwagon casue your not supporting Arsenal your just being a little bitch

  303. islington gooner says:

    why dont you your blog just fuck off we do not need you,you silly little cunts.
    YOU THICK CUNTS!!!!!!!!!

  304. Chris says:

    Everybody calls for Wenger to Go but after wenger who??!! Wenger is a good person with who loves his club but somehow these couple of season have been bad for him maybe he should take a holiday and come back fresh with new ideas and players for the next season. I some why feel 2010 would be great for Arsenal and Arsene.

  305. Goonercharlie? How old are you? Cuz please quit being stupid. We are tired of fools like you who call constructive criticism and say those fans are plastic. Next time come with constructive comments on what has to be done for our team to win titles. Say something sensible cuz i didn’t pick any point fr4om ur rants. Next time talk some football..i mean soccer stuff Arsenal shd do to get out of this rot that no one is happy wityh well i wouldn’t tell about fools like you.

  306. teegreat says:

    Arsene Wenger as the coach of Arsenal has been going to champions leaague every year but hasnt obtain any trophy for the Club. Instead of the Club to sign footballers who can play very well and skillfull, he prefers signing small boys who are not experienced i football because of monetary gain because he is an experienced economist. D club owner of Chelsea, Abrahamovich sacked his former coach immediately after the final of last season UEFA Final held at Moscow, Russia just because his team failed to lift the trophy for Chelsea. He should be ashamed of himself. What is he still doing as a Coach, maybe the Club owner will continue tolerating him to make failures at the expense of lifting TROPHY for the Club.This is a big burden for the Club.

  307. Tommygun says:

    Well done Sinbad for having the bottle to come out and say what many of us are deep down feeling.

    Shame on the rest of you for having a good at the man for having his say.

    Sinbad keep it up mate

  308. Iceberg says:

    You are a bloody retarded cunt. Arsenal is ashamed of you, please stop calling yourself a fan you cunt.

  309. abcd says:

    Lets look at our managerial candidates beside wenger ok u damn idiot who call youself a arsenal fan.
    1. So far the best the world has seen: ferguson. Retiring in the near future or wont even bother about leading arsenal.
    2. Hiddink: not even interested in staying in Chelsea cos he has a contract with russia. Maybe later on.
    3. Benitez: no thanks
    4. Guardiola: not leaving BARCA!
    5. Mourinho: out of question
    6. o’ Neil: I wouldnt want arsenal to peeter out towards the end of the season.
    7. Moyes: you think hes better than wenger.

  310. Zain Shahid says:

    Not even Fergie would have reached the FA Cup semi finals with this squad. I admit this squad is not good enough and Wenger is partially to blame for that, but what can he do with the lack of funds he is provided with. A midfield with the oldest player aged 22 reached the semi finals of Champions League. That is a big enough achievement. Wenger can judge what was missing. He knows our defence was poor and he has said it he WILL buy a defender in the summer. We don’t have a good enough partner of Fabregas, so Wenger has said he WILL buy a new midfielder. What else do you people want. We just lost two games. Don’t forget the absentees in those games. When Manchester United lost 4-1 at Old Trafford to Liverpool, who are far worse than Chelsea and United, their fans didn’t start talking crap like this article and quite a few comments here. All you people want is a scapegoat when things don’t go our way. This manager is out most successful ever. Arsenal is a big club solely because of Wenger. So why don’t you people shut up and let the lad do his job. Is there any manager out there who has led his team to an unbeaten season apart from Wenger? NO there isn’t. So just let him do his job. Who are you to do Wenger’s job. People all over the world call him the one of the best managers ever, are they all mad or are you few fans mad?!
    Next season when hopefully by the grace of God we will win a trophy, I will sure drop by your blog and laugh at you.

  311. Aussie Theo says:

    we need some players who can shoot, Van Persie is the only one who could.. i don’t know whats happend to him though anyone else think the same

  312. Dave Scott says:

    Great post! How many more times ar we gunna say ‘One MOre Season’??? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! WENGER OUT!!!! ANOTHER SEASON WITHOUT SILVERWEAR! If Villa wouldn’t have had such a cr*p end to the season we’d be 5th now and no Champs Leegue.
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!
    WENGER OUT!!!!

    WENGER OUT!!!!

  313. shooy says:

    Get real – who do you really believe gives a fuck what you (or I) think about how Arsenal are run? Keep pissing in the wind if it makes you feel better. Arsenal fans calling each other idiots because they have different opinions is just childish and a bit pathetic.

  314. ritesh says:

    this team sucks

  315. kyrav says:

    I’m a United supporter and I must say arsenal are looking rather bad now. Wenger’s wage policy has a lot to do with him being unable to sign better players. Hasn’t he been ‘rebuilding’ the team for a few seasons now, since Viera left? He is now just grooming these players for clubs who want to pay more to keep them. It’s a shame, we used to really enjoy the fights with you lot. Sort yourselves out, we need you back.

  316. Kolo says:

    Show some respect for fucks sake! I just can’t believe why you show so little respect for what is probably the greatest manager in our club’s history. I really can’t believe it.

    I can understand why you are frustrated (we all are), but the harsh words you use to slaughter both Wenger and us, your fellow-supporters, are just unbelievable. Personally I think you care more about the number of hits you get on your blog than you do about the club.

    The irony is that 99 % of the people who now wants Wenger out started “supporting” Arsenal because of the brilliant football we have played and the success we have had because of Wenger. And now, when things go “bad” (4th in the league and semifinal in Champions League and FA Cup…), you take the biggest and sharpest knife you can find and stab him in the back.

    And let me guess, you all want Usmanov to take over Arsenal, donæ’t you?

    Add all this together and it shows you are:
    – Spoiled
    – Ungrateful
    – Grade a cunts

    Fuck off!

  317. gunho says:

    Its great having a yid reporting to get rid of the best manager every to be at arsenal, so all those mugs being fooled by this idiot play this silly little game. When the true surporters know the truth we have the best stadium and with in two years the best team in the world!!!!

  318. Airforceone says:

    I think Wenger has fucked up and has to change his policies back to when he created one of the best teams to ever have graced an English football field. If not then he must go.

    However, the writer and many more on this post are a disgrace to what it is to be an Arsenal supporter. Little posters saying “Save Arsenal, Wenger Out” – you sad pathetic little person.

    You call people who still stand by the manager as “idiots”. You have no argument and I really cannot stand people like you. I’m sure many people can see Wenger has messed up but are willing to see if he can just but the 2/3 players we need but when we say that we are labeled “AKB”s.

    This “AKB” term was made up by some retards who have no arguments to make and can’t argue a point so just say “you are an AKB” – how very sad.

  319. raj says:

    King kolo..spot on..Also FACT Arsenal do not have the money,this is not wenger,the board will not sanction a 20mill+ on a player. Sacking him would be pathetic as a new manager with our funds available would get us to midtable…

  320. goonergerry says:

    Look we all feel the pain- not just you. If Wenger goes- who replaces him? Just exactly who? What kind of a risk would the club be taking? There is no doubt that if Wenger fails to buy some experience this summer he will have to go because the squad’s confidence is shot. Nevetheless, signs are that we can attract better players with him as the head coach.
    I think there is one place to start rebuilding the defence- the keeper. Having a dodgy keeper unsettles the whole side and we have 2 of them. A top keeper would have given us more of a chance in these recent games. We have to buy a class keeper- Secondly we need an experienced centre-back and thirdly 2 midfield players in that order.

  321. raj says:

    Sack him…Mclaren or Curbs

  322. wesley says:

    the author of this article is such a puss cake like the money grubbing whores cheski players are. last season and this season been terrible but when you play with a squad with an average age of 22. if wenger is given 20 to 50 mil (and 50 is alot for wenger) we can have a title winning team. look we got eduardo for only 8mil and is probably our best finisher. so if we can bring in experienced players about 3.(age between 25-27) then we can win cups. there is no manager in this world that can coach teenagers and still make top four its not great but still got to semi’s of fa cup and champions league. SO ONCE AGAIN FUCK THIS “author”.

  323. northbanklegend says:

    Wenger has got his tactics wrong and in some games the team selection is questionalbe, but who has brought us to this position. Think bank to the Graham era and you see how far we have come.

    Wenger realises and now the board will also release the funds for him to go and buy two or three players with the experience and class of Arshavin.

  324. Ricky says:

    I have never read so much shit in the comments, We started well on top ok the goals didnt come but the midfield was working well so to say we need to replace half the midfield is just fucking stupid. the defence needs sorting if the midfield are trying to cover the defence then we are going to start to creek in midfield and start going backwards.

  325. Danny says:

    u total bunch of pricks, look what wenger has done over the past 10 years he has totally transformed our team! cause hes a had a few bad seasons, you un-loyle fan’s turn on him, i bet your all arm chair supporters and dont even know the offside rule, who could replace wenger? half of the players he brings in come to our club because of WENGER now think about it u fucking idiots and get the facts straight. and who ever made this quote on wenger is a total cunt!!

  326. igorbalis says:

    As an outsider (west brom fan). If you got rid of Wenger Arsenal would go downhill fast, i’d see you having a succession of managers, each probably getting about a season each or less in charge, plus you’d drop out of the top four places..

    Has happened at other clubs and will happen to you if you don’t keep the faith.

  327. Tossers says:

    Yeah, we clearly need more experienced players like Kolo Toure and Mikael Silvestre- stand out performers yesterday with EXPERIENCE.

  328. Tony says:

    Am i the only person in here that realises that this retarded fucking 14 old sinbad isn’t actually an Arsenal supporter, isn’t that pretty obvious.

  329. Xeno says:

    kinda stupid u are !! hmmmr

  330. Ray says:

    Sinbad, I have just seen your video and you are an absolute twonk!

  331. DucthGooner10 says:

    Read the entire discussion here with Martyn Linkin and Tevmare92 as the most prominent posters. Both make good points and sell their cause well.

    But why is no one acknowledging the fact that all the clubs mentioned here, which successes we supposedly should emulate, are restructuring their organization on the policy of Wenger??

    They seem to understand that Splash the Cash can’t buy you things like True Passion for the Sport.

    And that the size of their fan base is a social reflection of shared principles and values. Which have no fixed standard and are constantly shifting, that’s why they call it managing. That’s why it involves mistakes.

    So, I am perfectly comfortable with our current development. I am a Gooner because of it not despite of it. What my club does with ‘kids’ is the most important to me. They are the future instead of some polished silverware now that provide me with selfish memories.

    I only have to recommend you to visit the youngguns-blog to see everything that’s right about our manager.

    You don’t grow your own vegetables to buy your meals in a can do you? Same thing goes for football the Arsenal way. While I do like Mc Donalds once in a while, I know I have sinned in a way and wouldn’t adapt to it as it is a unhealthy lifestyle.

  332. l0CalBro says:

    I think there’s no problem with wenger. Your expectations are too high. This team is not better than Liverpool, Chelse or Man utd. Some years later it can change… that’s all…

  333. Muppet says:

    Do you really think that sacking Wenger will bring trophies to Arsenal more quickly? What manager do you suggest would survive the fallout of Arsene leaving and rapidly improve the club?

    No Gooner enjoys the trophyless drought but the doom and gloom after the last 2 defeats is ridiculous. Our deficiencies were exposed by 2 of the best teams in the world. Yes it sucks but hopefully these games have made Arsene realize that players like Silvestre and Diaby just don’t cut it and quality depth needs to be added to the midfield and defensive ranks.
    However I don’t think those deficiencies are insurmountable with a few quality signings. If Wenger goes there will be a lot more holes to fill.

  334. Zain Shahid says:

    All those who are supporting Wenger here…you rock!
    Others are all stupid idiots. And Sindbad ure at the top of that list

  335. patrickedore says:

    You people just don’t want to accept the fact that arsenal isn’t as good as manchester united.

  336. zakk says:

    I think ppl are blind if they want to keep wenger! they dont see his mistakes. who buys the players? who names the sqad for every game and the starting 11? wenger thats who.

    we need to let him go. he has done some really good things for the club but his time is over!

    and then we need to sell some bullcrap players like gallas, denilson, bendtner rosicky, silvestre and almunia.

    its time for change!

  337. moley says:

    A slight overreaction i think.
    We will win something at some point and it will taste sweeter than any chelsea and man u fans could imagine.
    In the meantime lets enjoy the highs and lows of supporting a real football club and not encourage the cheap selling off of what little soul we have.

  338. moley says:

    DucthGooner10 you are spot on.

    • DucthGooner10 says:

      @moley thanks. Hope more fellow Gunners feel the way we do about it.

      I recently got an Arsenal away shirt as a present. Inside the collar there is Latin line VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT- victory comes through harmony. This season it was far from that to me.

      Booing our own players and calling for the head of the manager. Maybe next season we find our bearing as a whole.

  339. john says:

    it’s funny how you call yourself an arsenal fan but hate other arsenal fans. it’s funny how you “fell in love” with arsenal after watching their amazing football 8 years ago. and now you want out the manager who brought this brand of football to this particular club. it’s funny how you have no faith in the youth philosophy of this club when that’s the only reason the club has found success. it’s funny how you have no patience for your manager when he’s the reason you are a fan of the club at all. it’s funny how you are the reason arsenal is failing. you are just like those people who abandon the arsenal when the arsenal needs them the most. you are the reason ashburton grove goes silent when we are losing. you are the reason why flamini, hleb, adebayor, rvp and cuntly cole want away – you find success with the arsenal, but are not prepared to fight for your success when the chips are down. you are the spoiled fan. you are the cancer of arsenal – the chelsea of arsenal – the cuntly cole of arsenal. it’s funny how you only take and take from the arsenal. but when it’s time to give back to the club – give back your voice of support, your faith in the manager, and your continued allegiance to this noble brand of football – you write an article entitled “WENGER OUT” and you insult arsenal fans.

    i think you need to step back from this season. you have overreacted. if you’ve been watching any of the games, arsenal need help at the back, but our attack is strong. i think you should have some faith in the game we play. it’s not all doom and gloom. don’t go spreading dissension when the club really needs unity and a common voice.

    stop using your blog for this over-reactionary sensationalism. sleep on your defeats.

  340. bergy says:

    The most predictable about this is that every time we lose, someone points to Wenger getting the tactics wrong. Wenger has to strengthen the defence, and it has to be done with experienced players. We need players who hardly ever loses in the air, and we need midfielders who can protect our defence.

    I think the people who wants Wenger out should point to someone who could replace him. I have not seen anyone doing this so far.

  341. Eddie McGinty says:

    Oh dear oh dear. A quiet word, education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty. The span is evident on this blog alone. Do you convey your anger through CAPITAL LETTERS because your not intelligent enough to convey it through words, if so don’t bother writing anything, go back to school or the slummy council estate you spawned from and kill yourself. I wish I hadn’t wasted time reading this and some of the replies above but it’s truly upsetting that people are so angry at Wenger. First of all calm down, it’s football, not war. Second of all I think the man has earned himself our patience, we have been close to trophies many times over the last few seasons including being first in the league for half a season last year. The angry children on here sound like Man U supporters did after Ferguson didn’t win anything for 3 years earlier this decade then he won everything. Wenger doesn’t have the money available to him Ferguson did and so it’s taking longer. Just calm down.

  342. brayanhabid says:

    I think that wenger is a very good coach, no one can deny that. The guy got wrong, that happens. We can’t expect him to stay always the same, he’s the right to change things. However, losing against chelsea, manchester or liverpool just happens because they are somewhat better. I have to recognise it, although i’m an arsenal fan since the dennis bergkamp days. I hope rosicky give the arsenal the enough push to get an international title.

  343. fonesolo says:

    wots all d fuss, Vic Akers is doing a wonderful job!!!!

  344. bert says:

    nothing that a few more players couldent sort out. and another thing how many young sides like we have have made the semi CL i cant think of none plus where siting in 4th like i say 2 or 3 players and arsenal are sorted we will be back and that im sure lol look at all the money chelsea have and they have not much better than we have this season may be fa cup but they dont have it yet………..

  345. MalcyR says:

    Lean times happen, get use to it. Arsenal don’t have a divine right to win trophies. Where were United prior to Ferguson, and during his first couple of years in charge? When’s the last time Liverpool won The Title? Where were Chelsea before Abramovich? Clowns!

  346. jonny says:

    Love the way you call the fans who support wenger a ‘joke’, ‘clueless muppets’ and ‘thickest fans in the world’ and then mispell your concluding, hard hitting final sentance:
    “and he cant take the thick Arsenal fans with him…”

  347. Thomas says:

    I would like to say one thing Sinbad. You call our manager and your fellow fans a cunt and so on and so on… I would like to kick you in the middle of the face, want to meet up? i will hold you down so wenger kcan get in a shoeing too. You can disegree with teamselection, tactics whatever.. But referring to the manager who has brought this club so much sucess as a cunt is simply bloodboiling

  348. Marko says:

    What you and a minority of stupid fans don’t realize is that when Wenger finally does retire from our club we will be fucked. And you want to get rid of him now for what reason. Who the fuck will we replace him with you complete and utter prick? MAybe Harry Redknapp or fucking bring back Glen Hoddle or Peter Taylor and have us invest in shite long ball football players and have us playing like Bolton or worse Spurs. Jesus cop on. I get it that you’re angry but don’t be thick too.

  349. elbarone says:

    Someone earlier mentioned Newcastle…. there is the perfect example. Glory boy Newcastle fans yelled for the head of Bobby Robson because they were underperforming by reaching 5th when previously he had saved them from relegation. They have never recovered & look at them now.

    What old “toys out of the pram” fans like our host & his mates need to realise is that nobody manages teams in a vacuum. When Wenger took over, he had to contend with Man Utd; the biggest richest club in the world who could buy virtually anyone & run over everyone else financially. What Wenger (with his knowledge of other leagues, contacts & ability to develop players) managed to do was occasionally break the money method & beat them with good development, great training methods & a way of playing that was irresistible. It was beautiful because it was achieved in spite of conventional wisdom about how the title must be won/ bought. When he didn’t win he ran them pretty close.

    Well, that was before chelsea & liverpool found new financial muscles & joined the party. Now we compete against 3 other clubs (4 if you include Man City now) with finance WAYYYYY in advance of our own capability & who also now compete with us in snapping up young players. In that arena & with those opponents, Wenger is going to need time to get us to that level.

    Live with it.

    This is Arsenal & Arsene…. things will be done the right way & if anyone can do it it is him. Achieving it this way will make it all the sweeter.

    If he doesn’t manage it, I can live with that in the knowledge that we are a team who can give anyone a game on our day, & who go about it the right way without mortgaging the club up to the hilt or going cap in hand to some questionable sugar daddy asking for the pennies because someone else has more than them.

    When the chavs were dominant under Mourinho, Man Utd went 3 years without a trophy, and that was with them spending money hand over fist to try & compete. We don’t have that money, so we’re just going to have to put the work in.

    I’m not happy about the trophy drought, and I also tire of hearing about the great spirit & strength of the team when the gaps are there for all to see. I personally do not blame Wenger per se…. I think he has been let down by players & their inconsistency (Diaby springs to mind as the main culprit – brilliant one week & then awful for 6). I think he has to let some of these players go as failed experiments & bring in some experience & quality… gladiator personalities rather than artists who want to make the killer pass rather than show the killer instinct. this does not necessarily mean breaking the bank but it does require him to accept that some of his young charges have let him down.

    Unfortunately it is this that gives some morons the idea that they have right to judge things only on the here & now & boo the team. I would point those people north to Anfield & a crowd who supports their team no matter what… their support has driven Liverpool forward to win games they have no right to win in recent years. I believe an Anfield spirit at the Emirates would have made the semi final a closer run thing… we may not have won but we would have got more pride & passion from the team by showing them ours. Unfortunately our new breed of supporters (and tragically some of the older ones) are not made like that.

    Sinbad, I’m sorry gov, but you & your mates are the biggest obstacle that the club has at the moment. The journos (who pretty much all hate Arsene because he has proved them wrong with their chequebook theories on management) are having their moment in the sun right now & to make matters worse, you are feeding them stories now by posting stuff like this. You will justify yourselves saying you only say this “because you love Arsenal more than anyone who disagrees with you” does. Its the approach & mentality of the fuckwit.

    A small part of me hopes you post this stuff just to get plenty of ad clicks, but I fear thats not the case.

    Oh well

  350. chips zynga says:

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