Whats wrong with our “FANS”?

Posted: May 11, 2009 by cerbera in Uncategorized

Are Arsenal fans the thickest fans in the world?

Why cant they see whats really going on? Are they just too pig headed to admit it?

And why are we always told to go and support Man Utd whenever we say something about Wenger? Im an Arsenal fan and not an Arsene Wenger fan. Im not plastic, I just want the best for my club and its clear to me that this manager is not as great as people think.

Yes, Wenger, has done some good things for the club but to say he is the best thats ever happened to the club and without him we would be a small club… :roll: 

People have forgotten that we were a huge club before Wenger and we won titles under Graham and other managers.

Yes Wenger changed our playing style to a more attacking one but for all of that he weakend the defence. Wenger was lucky when he came to Arsenal, He had Adams Keown Winterburn Dixon and Seaman. All he did was add 1 / 2 players ( Vieira / Petit ) and he had a team.


I have the right to say something if i feel it. I pay my money towards the club and I have much as right as any other person. Just because some people might not agree with it, it doent mean people have the right to call you names or plastic or tell you to go and support a different club.

Lets make it clear: I want Arsenal and Wenger to do well, I dont want to come out and say “WENGER OUT” but the man is so stubborn and it makes me sick when he comes out with “We dont need to sign new players” when its clear we need a CB and a CM…Players we needed at the START OF LAST SEASON.

I said at the start of this season that we would finish outside the top 4 with this team. We would have if it was not for Villa falling apart towards the end of the season and allowing us to get into 4th place. This season was over for us before it even started. Wenger didnt even give us a chance by not NOT signing a replament for Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto and not signing a CB when it was clear thats why we needed. Oh wait, we did sign Silvestre :roll:

Of course I want Arsenal to do well but until Wenger starts to act on this and stops giving the fans all of the BS I will continue to air my opinions and YOU have the right to do so also. Dont let fans call you plastic for saying what you know is true, In fact you are more of a fan then them coz you have the bottle to come out and speak out when they are scared to do the same…


See you on the forums www.arsenalaction.com

  1. Jermaine says:

    you’re plastic

  2. Im plastic says:

    Wenger needs to put out or get out. He lost the plot a long time ago. He may not be a fan of paying huge money for GREAT players but he pays very good money for young boys. He is running Arsenal as a business and not what it is a Football Club.

  3. Tommygun says:

    Jermaine you just proved a point.

    Grow up.

    Well said Sinbad

  4. jimbo says:

    Hi, i don’t agree with you regarding wenger but i do agree that people should be allowed to voice their own opinions. However this must work both ways. I am happy to admit i am completely blinkered when it comes to arsenal and I’ll cheers the boys on no matter what. But if i do that, i don’t expect people to come on websites and says things like “oh you’re up wenger’s ass and you’re ruining the club with this blind loyalty”. Just like you have the right to voice your concerns, i ahve the right to back the manager whether you think i’m right or wrong. at the end of the day, me cheering the boys on and never questionning the manager doesn’t harm anyone so why should i have to listen to people telling me i’m an AKB?

    Personally i do agree that wenger got it wrong agianst utd and chelsea, and i also agree he needed to strengthen certain positions last summer and didn’t, BUT, the way i look at it is he won’t change his policy just because the fans moan a lot, so we may as well just accept it and support the players who do go out there every game. we wont change who we support of course, so we may as well get behind who’s out there and hope we can do our bit to get the team firing again.

  5. TA6 says:

    …if Gibbs hadnt slipped you may now be singing AW’s praises. It’s a fine line. I remember all the plastic mancs screaming for red face to be axed following chavskis consecutive titles. They/you are the same type of ‘fan’ shouting for Wenger’s head. We were just in the last four of Europe, we operate within our means which can’t be said of the mancs or chavs. If red face, mourinio, benetez etc had to operate on the budjets Arsene has they would be long gone. AW is a human being and entitled to make mistakes. Our club is the envy of the league, a model for all others. I believe you are within your rights to complain but to call for AW’s head is too much, yes we pay our money, write something constructive or better still get a season ticket for chav bridge (bet you were one of the ‘fans’ thet left after their third)

  6. Pat says:

    plastic no!
    realistic yes

    muppet Jermaine get real

  7. TA6 says:

    id rather be pig headed than plastic

  8. Marv Tha' Gooner says:


    It’s not about you having your view slated it’s about seeing the bigger picture. It’s plain to see we are only a few players away from greatness and Wenger knows that.

    The problem is the getting those players.

    If you want an Aston martin, would you settle for a Skoda or wait until the Aston is available? He wanted Alonso, didn’t get him so what should he do? Buy someone else to appease the fans who then turns out to be useless and the fans screw even more? I support Arsenal because I love Arsenal, not for how many trophies we have won. if that was my motivation I would support Manure.

    Only ONE team can win a trophy and it takes an element of luck and skill to do so. It’s not our God given right to win anything.

  9. Thomas says:

    So in a historic sense Wenger isnt the greatest manager of all time? Then you need to read the history of Arsenal one more time, cause clearly you dont now what you are talking about. Just do the maths.

  10. actual arsenal fan says:

    one would struggle to take u seriously with ur stupid smiley faces unless you are 12?

  11. terry bull says:

    i think (hope) jermaine was being sarcastic.

  12. omar says:

    ok it’s one thing saying wenger out and 1 thing saying who are u gonna get instead of him to take the club forward? so who do u think is good enough to replace wenger at arsenal, keep in mind we can’t spend as much as the other clubs in england. liverpool havn’t won the league in over 20 years, u don’t see their fans moaning about everything, honestly grow up. were playing in the toughest league in the world and at the moment were not as good as a few other teams, that’s just the way it is. man united didn’t win the league for like 26 years before ferguson came. and chelsea hadn’t won in 55 years. i don’t think arsenal are doing as bad, if u want to win a trophy every year then im sorry but go and support another club. see how much tottenham have spent in the last 3 or 4 years and look where they are. seriously u have to look at the bigger picture, don’t let the media fool you

  13. goondaba says:

    Yes, true arsenal fans would not like ur sort supporting our team, and screaming out at every loss. If we had taken our chances against chelsea we could have probably won the match.

    Leeds still has royal fans, even when they went down to league-1. Thats what supporting a football team is all about. Win or lose.

    Of course you are entitled to your over-the-top analysis and stupid criticism of wenger, but others are equally entitled to point out to you that you are just plain stupid/plastic/shallow/whatever.

    Yes, if you want instant success, go across to the plastic end of london and start supporting them .. they shell out an average of £200m per year to buy in new players. We are trying to build a team with the budget we have available, and we were not far off trophies this season. With a moderate investment in players, we will be challenging on all fronts next season.

    • cerbera says:

      What you fail to realise is that standing by your team when it’s not playing well and standing by the manager when he’s doing complete rubbish is two different things. Sinbad saying Wenger should go doesn’t mean he isn’t standing by Arsenal. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger AREN’T one in the same. Be logical!

  14. JL says:

    Its because of people like you that freedom of speech should be abolished.

  15. Descarte says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you also need to extend that same right to everyone that disagrees with you. I’m sure you’re not a plastic fan, but you also need to get your facts straight. Arsenal were a huge club before Arsen turned up, you’re right, but not within the living memory of most Arsenal fans. Between 1954 and when Arsen arrived on the scene Arsenal won 3 titles in 45 years. I could add that 2 of those titles were won by playing a style of football you probably shout hooof at when Stoke or Hull play it. Since Arsen has turned up we have won 3 titles in 10 years and qualified for Europe in every season. You must also consider that we do not have the £260 million to spend on a new squad that Chelsea, Man United and Liverpool have spent without putting the Club in serious amounts of debt. Do you want Arsenal to go the same way as Leeds and spend the cash we do not have? How much work do you think Arsen did behind the scenes in trying to sign players last summer? Is there a chance that some of the deals he had for players he had earmarked to come in simply didn’t come off? The most important point you have to consider though is who do you want to replace Arsen.
    I’m not going to pretend that losing twice to Chelsea and twice to Man United doesn’t hurt and I wont pretend that it’s impossible for Arsen to get it wrong, (he gets it wrong a lot). But I can happily say that Arsen is the best manager Arsenal have had for a very long time and at present is the best guy available for the job. My advice would be to start supporting the manager and his team or else you might get what you wish for.

  16. Aman says:

    Sinbad, just because you are willing to stand up and have a whinge does not make you a bigger fan, supporting the team against the odds, when the team actually needs you. That is being a better fan.

    Who would you have instead of Wenger? Quality managers who are born winners are scarce. Every manager makes mistakes and has regrets.

    Supporting the team is supporting the team, moaning about the team doesn’t help. I understand the frustration but it doesn’t help the club in any way and thats what I really care about.

  17. dave says:

    Well said. Arse fans must be thick.

    @if Gibbs hadn’t slipped!’ If Gibbs had quality he would have been standing in the right position. Don’t you know anything about football. Diaby, Toure, Gibbs, Eboue, Djorou do not know how to position themselves. Wenger carries teh can. He is shite. Why you losers can’t see that we have not won anything, not come a close second for 4 years. WHen it matters we lose. We can beat Sunderland all day but it d

  18. Rich says:

    Sinbad, the most important thing is that the fans care and you clearly do. The reason for the animosity is that you sit at an extreme and right off any positives that exist. You also attack the very trait that you display – an inability to see another person’s point of view.

    For me, things are bad but could be a hell of a lot worse and for that Wenger deserves the blame and credit.

    At the moment I don’t see the benefits of getting rid of him being more than keeping him but I’m happy to listen to both sides, whilst at the same time shouting at the players and minutes later losing my voice from singing. It probably makes me a complete hypocrite but isn’t that what makes us fans – otherwise we’d become the sit down and shut up fans they sometimes want us to be.

    On a separate toic I loved the quote from Steve Bould on the youth game against Man City. Its exactly the type of honesty that I’d love to see in Arsene and hopefully gives those players the kick up the arse they need. And bear in mind that the quote was after they won the game.

  19. Liquorice says:

    I would never question your right to an opinion Sinbad but as you have aired your views publicly I will take the opportunity to respond. How long have you been a “FAN” ? Long enough to remember the glory years of the mid seventies? or maybe the mid eighties? Arsenals history wasn’t always as illustrious as it is now. During those periods trophies were non existant and we didn’t even have the comfort of the wonderful free flowing football. If Wenger was lucky with the players he inherited then so was Graham in so much as we (ironically) had a pretty good youth set up at that time Adams, Keown, Rocastle, Thomas, and Merson all homegrown. Unfortunately Graham had no real interest in continuing to invest in youth developement so the whole set up went backwards.
    Moving on to Wenger to say that all Wenger did was add Petit and Viera and had a team is a gross over simplification. I am surprised that a “FAN” of your obvious passion would forget to mention Marc Overmars one of the greatest wingers to ever wear the red and white and Nicholas Anelka who was important for very different reasons. When Wenger took over at the Arsenal we were rich in history and potential but Highbury was a millstone around the clubs neck in so far as making the club bigger financially, which unfortunately does go hand in hand with success in the modern era, so as well as changing the whole culture of the club and bringing with him modern methods of diet training and preperation(greatly improving the players already at the club and in many cases extending their careers). Wenger also began to lay the groundwork for Arsenal to become a truly big club. Buying Anelka for a compensation fee of £500,000 and selling to Madrid for £23,500,000 enabled the club to build London Colney allowing us to begin the process of reinsating a serious Youth policy under Wenger’s guidence( which he always said was a 10 year plan). Incidentally the rest of the money went to purchasing one Thiery Henry (you may have heard of him).In the last ten years League Champions 98 02 04 FA Cup 98 02 03 05 a Uefa Cup Final and a Champions League Final all this achieved whilst financially hamstrung by building a state of the art 60,000 seater stadium which is the envy of many and alowing the club to secure its long term future. Just look at the Tiny Totts up the road for perspective, in size and potential pre Wenger they could have been considered a club of simular size (though not history, Wenger even stole their entertainers tag). In short what Wenger has achieved at Arsenal is nothing short of miraculous!! As a final point you might be aware that we have reached the final of the FA youth cup final this year destroying the holders Man City 6-2 on Agg and just for the little Engerlanders out there with a team consisting of no fewer than 8 englishmen. Do yourself a favour Sinbad put your Invincibles DVD on crack open a cold one kick back and appreciate just what Wenger has given you.

  20. Gooner says:

    You can say what you want. Fair enough

    But when Wenger wins things with his young squad, you should not celebrate. When Wenger does pull it off, you have the right to admit just how wrong you are and to take every little bit of abuse levelled at you on the chin.

    Why not support Liverpool or Chelsea – after all, their spending has taken them places, right? WRONG

  21. Ben says:

    You are entitled to your opinion but I just think that looking back over everything that Arsena Wenger has done for the club he deserves more respect from you. This is Arsenal’s best ever manager IMO who made the double winning and invincible teams and revolutionised the club both on and off the field. You don’t just turn your back on a great manager like that. There are many many top teams in the world who would love to have AW as their manager. Remember, no other team in England has gone unbeaten in a season. If you can’t respect that how can you expect Arsenal fans to respect you?

    I also think that if AW can keep this squad together and add some experience this summer we can have a great great side again. This is a very young team that still managed to make it to the semi finals of the European Cup. That is a great achievement for such a young side and for a manager who has never had the funds of Man U or Chelsea. AW has a long term vision and too many anti Wenger comments are short termist and display a complete lack of understanding as to the bigger picture of what football is actually about. The reality is it takes years to build a great side. Football is just like a business. You need a long term vision and the commitment to stick to it long term. That is why I back AW 100%.

  22. JOEL says:

    Wenger has principally failed to buld on existing teams-whether these have been highly successful or only moderately so.We seem to playing catch up” at the beginning of every season with varying degrees of success.In other words the team is caught in a vicious circle.A successful team should be “re-freshed” and a team which fails to live up to expectation should be over-hauled.
    The end of last season was particularly disappointing in this sense.For the most part the team exceeded expectation.However Wenger chose to ignore suggestion that a clever purchase in the January Window would help galvanise the side and result in an improbable title win.The “chickens came home to roost”.But Wenger insisted that as long as he could keep this side together-it would mature and go on to great things!Hleb and Flamini then,duly, left-and the Manager was left to chew on his own words; and the problem of how to placate another player also making the wrong noises-Adebayor.So instead of taking the ridiculous sum of money being offered for this “one season wonder” Arsenal were forced to offer him improved terms for fear of de-stabilizing the team further!
    Here we all are one year on-and the same problems remain.The kids still offer much for the future but only sporadically achieve in the present.The most accomplished of them has had a very in and out season.As the Summer arrives so will the speculation linking him to Spain -as has happened to previous club captains before him.The rot must stop!Players must be made to see that their future lies with this club!New more experienced and (unfortunately) “costly” players MUST be brought in to prove that the grass isn’t greener.At the same time those surplus to requirement must be moved out and replaced with better.Every Armchair Manager agrees on the point that we need a commanding Centre Back and a proper Defensive Midfielder.Yes,other areas require sorting as well but it’s a case of priorities.The acquisition of Arshavin proved that class players with the right kind of experience can have an impact upon the whole team.
    The Board and Management must make changes prior to next season .Choose to ignore this widely held opinion and Arsenal will again fail-other than to play the occasional pretty game of football against the other also rans of the Premier League.

  23. wandarah says:

    It is any surprise to see the vast majority of those who want ‘Wenger Out’, can’t spell – seem to know nothing about football, and want us to sign a team of Ronaldos.

    If Wenger panders to these morons, we’ll still win nothing – but be up to our ears in debt too.

    I include the author of this blog in that statement.

  24. !!im a gooner too!! says:

    i agree with the blogger.
    there is one point that i think we should always remember: EVEN Arsenal is WITHOUT Arsene Wenger, Arsenal is STILL Arsenal.

    As fans, we have the right to voice our opinion out.
    project youth DOESNT WORK. they CANT win things for us okay? 06/07+07/08+08/09 = three seasons in a row, we use teens players and we fail to win anything.
    last season was a great blow out which made us sad. but still we DIDNT win anything last season — that’s the truth.

    This season we are lucky to come fourth. We shouldnt have been under that situation if wenger bought some good players for replacement or simply did his best to keep our players like flamini (the only thing he wants is money but wenger didnt give him while he is now paying walcott 6k per week is totally crazy) last season.

    All of us want Arsenal to be successful. We dont need big spending, but if there is NECCESSARY USE of money, WHY WENGER STILL SAVE IT? I dont accept “having young players” as a reason not to buy a replacement of good players is just ridiculous. This is Arsenal Football Club, not Arsene Football Training Club. especially we see how “young players” leave us as they finally come to a stage to shine.

    one more thing about wenger — his team selection is utterly crazy/ unpredictable/ strange/ poor. We all know that.

  25. dbouy says:

    see them Wenger fans siding the gaffer who has lost it.anyway i got one thing to say,as long as AW continues with this youth policy n not buying experienced players,we will continue to improve but we will never win a title like this never especially with this set of players.wait aare yall even blind?wat do u see in diaby,denilson,silvestre,djourou,adebayor,song,almunia these lads wont even make d bench in big clubs in europe.

  26. Marv Tha' Gooner says:

    @ “Im a Gooner too” – Team selection has been a issue but we do happen to have SERIOUS injury problems. We don’t get to see what happens on the training ground everyday so it’s easy to bitch about team selection but we don’t hear the players complaining. Cesc said he will play where the manager needs him to, so go figure…

  27. twotonetony says:

    I understand the points made about supporting the team and manager through tough times. But in line with that notion, we would have to wait another 5 years when our young potentials would then be fully matured with an average age of 26/27 before winning (given that they all stay…not likely ) a trophy. Now, in all honesty which one of you can say you will be happy to cheer and cheer throughout the said period whilst watching the other big 4 win?

    Everyone knows what is missing in the team, the true problem is if wenger is willing to re consider his view on over 30s..I mean…that is just quite horrible in this day and age. In order walks of life may even be considered discrimination. I am happy to give him another season to sort things out…to see if he sees what I see…

  28. seaneee says:

    i bet we all luv this great club n wish arsene n d lads well but we dont hav to b blind all in d name of being loyal…sm thing isnt working n thr has to b sm kind of change..it cld b change of manager,players,attitude,board,policies…only losers settle for less n disagree with constructive criticism

  29. MrArsenal says:

    How old are you Sinbad?

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