Mick Dennis Should Shut It!

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Arsene Wenger is too stubborn for English football today

Arsene Wenger is too stubborn for English football today

by Rachid Parchment

Everyone has something to say these days about Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger. The latest to join the debate is The Daily Express’ Mick Dennis. Dennis wrote an article today slamming Arsenal supporters who have begun to question Arsene Wenger’s role as manager of the club. The article is entitled “CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, GOONERS”  and this is some of what it said:

“Two seasons before Wenger arrived, Arsenal finished 12th in the Premier League. 

“The following campaign, under Bruce Rioch, they clambered up to fifth, but were 19 points behind winners Manchester United.

“Wenger has delivered three titles and two Doubles. 

“He built the fabulous “Invincibles” – the first team for 115 years to complete a top division season undefeated. 

“And the glorious triumphs and epic near-things have all been achieved with football that lifts the soul and gladdens the heart.

“Yet, last week, as Arsenal were bettered by United, Gooners stomped out of the Emirates long before the end, pausing only to vent their purple-faced fury towards Wenger.

“Their team were losing a semi-final of the Champions League to the English, European and world champions, and yet those spoiled fans – they cannot be called supporters – considered that to be an intolerable failure. “

He went on to say:

“You would think that the example of what has happened elsewhere would teach Arsenal fans to be careful what they wish for. 

“Newcastle wanted Freddy Shepherd out. They got Mike Ashley. Charlton wanted Alan Curbishley out. They got two relegations.”

To read his drivel in its entirety, click here. What can I say though? It was a weak weak weak article. The reason I’m even doing this blog though is because Dennis’ view is one shared by many Arsenal Arsene Wenger fans who don’t want to see him go. I intend to now address both Dennis’ and Arsene Wenger Loyalists’ views. These views are weak for two main reasons: 

  1. They make it seem as though we’re guaranteed to hire a crap manager if we sack Wenger. What proof do they have that we will get a worse manager? What proof do they have that we can’t bring in someone like del Bosque, Ranieri or Rijkaard? Unless they’re prophets they don’t have any. If we get a proper manager in as Wenger’s replacement wouldn’t it then follow that he’d have enough clout to bring in proper players to replace the ones that want to leave?
  2. Those things Wenger achieved in the past were just that…the past. Back then English football was much different. The Premiership wasn’t what it is now. It wasn’t as competitive as it is these days. Ferguson went through the same thing and decided he needed to get his act together and change his approach to the game. Wenger on the other hand is still using his outdated ideology and feels it can be successful. Four seasons trophiless has proven that it isn’t. It’s time for a change of approach and Wenger isn’t willing to make that change. He’s refused to sign experienced players and continues to put trust in an under experienced team and trust in his outdated ideas on football management.

People need to wise up and realise that since Chelsea have stepped in with all their money, English football has changed. It’s forced teams throughout the Premiership to deepen their squads to keep pace with the rest of the league and as such there’s less of a gulf in class between teams and more foreign players are entering the Premiership. What this means is that there’s now a lot of change in the styles of play in England. Change which we have been struggling to keep up with because we’re sticking to our old outdated principles. Teams are getting better and better in the Premiership and can give us more of a run for our money these days. The tactics of old that might’ve beaten a team such as Everton 4-0 five or six years ago will not lead to the same success over them today. It’s time Wenger realises that and change with the times or call it a day!

All these people that are saying those that want Wenger out are plastic fans are being pompous and are trying to suggest they know the club more than many they choose to label as “plastic”. If they really knew Arsenal FC, they’d know that we’re a club with a reputation for success. From Sir Herbert Chapman’s team in the 1930s, to George Allison’s team in the 1930s and 1940s, to Bertie Mee’s team in the 70s, to George Graham’s team in the 1980s and early 1990s, Arsenal FC has never been a stranger to silverware.

To suggest, like many do, that it’s Arsene Wenger who raised the profile of the club for it to be known as one of Europe’s elites is to show how myopic Wenger Loyalists are. Yes Wenger did put us back on the map, but we weren’t ever strangers to the notion of being one of Europe’s elite before him. What he did was take us back to our glory days and now he’s been struggling to keep up with the changing game around him and we need a new manager in to raise us back to our former glory, like he did when Graham left and Bruce Rioch mucked up.

Why’s it so wrong to want to see your team do well? We’re saying we want Wenger out because we want to see the club back to its successful state, not struggling to challenge for 4th and make it to the Semi Finals of the Champions League and get eliminated and consider that a good season. That’s not good enough for a club as illustrious as Arsenal. To suggest that we’re demanding too much of the club to win silverware and now is to suggest that all those other seasons that we did we were just punching above our weight and don’t have the ability to do it. Think about it this way. If you have a child and he’s been consistently getting As and Bs on his report card then suddenly he starts getting Cs and Ds of course you’re gonna be concerned, unless you don’t want what’s best for him at all. You know he has the potential to do better than Cs and Ds but he’s not so it makes you angry and you want a change to bring back the former successes he had academically. It’s exactly the same with Arsenal.

I hope you readers will have taken the time to read this blog thoroughly, think about what I’ve said here and reply in a sane and rational manner. I welcome your comments but only comments. Disrespectful flaming will not be addressed or added to the comments list.

Until next time!

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  1. David C says:

    Actually I agree with Mick Dennis and not you. Who would you have as manager? Who in the world would you regard as a suitable replacement? We have been punching above our weight for several years. The club has a prudent policy of not increasing debt except against the stadium, which I agree with. I wouldn’t want us to have the level of debt the other three have. They have success, but at a cost. I also agree with bringing through young talent, much of which is English. Wenger has a plan that I agree with.

    You asked us to read the blog carefully and reply in a sane and rational manner. I would actually question whether you did the same before writing the piece. You cannot relate football to exam scores, it is not exactly the same with Arsenal. There again I have supported the club for 45 years and have seen the swings and roundabouts of success and failure. I know which I prefer and I don’t think your solution holds any water.

    I believe in Wenger and next season will be better than this and we will be back competing again. After all, at the beginning of the year nobody reckoned we would be in two semi-finals and finish fourth.

  2. Piaget says:

    All you want is not to have to face ManU or Chelsea fans just like you who watch the scoreline and not the football. Winning is important but not if it bankrupts the club to make ‘fans’ like you happy.

  3. goonerjon says:

    I don’t often, if ever, agree with Mick Dennis but your twaddle has made him seem like a reasonable sound man with a knowledge of football up there some of the greats. del Bosque, Ranieri, Rijkaard…you are having a serious laugh aren’t you? Just turn to some of your fellow Gooners (unless you are a receent addition like the ‘Leave 25 minutes from the end morons’ who sit behind me )and ask them what the years before Wenger and Graham were like…or do you want us to use Chelsea as a role model?

  4. Manish S says:

    You are just talking with your emotions, don’t contradict your own words…after all this show…everyone knows we need to keep pace with competition around us…and frankly this approach is not yielding anything as such…so my freind everyone knows wenger is the best…but he needs to be shaken up..and NOW and not sometimes down the time, when our history will just remain memories…..

  5. Dave F says:

    I’m a Liverpool supporter and have amired Wengers persistance with the way he is nurturing a beautiful pass and move game.
    But look at the likes of Barcelona when they came up against English sides in the UCL, they struggled as Arsenal do and they don’t lack experience. Sometimes you have to have a bit more of a guts or glory attitude, which teams that play beautiful football sometimes lack.
    See Liverpool,chelsea,Man U no particular order.

  6. Simo-B says:

    I am not an Arsenal fan, but one thing I have realized, Arsenal fans that want ‘beautiful’ soccer instead of trophies are juvenile. Thats what you hear at u13 footie games “don’t worry, just have fun.” Your fans across the world are killing themself for christ’s sake. Wenger constantly has faith in the youth, then they leave when they win nothing, and he has to start over again, Cesc and Walcott are now your top players in the ranks and both are younger than 23. Wenger seems to have plan but Arsenal are typically becoming the ‘next year’ team, Not threatening the title significantly, or making the cup finals each year. Not winning trophies but loving the ‘pretty’ style of play is like having a Beautiful wife who does nothing. She is pretty eh, but what purpose does she serve? The arsenal response might be “she was a real hit back in the 90’s”

  7. Geneman says:


    The article written here is one done out of frustration and anger rather than taking a ‘holistic view’ of the situation. One thing you need to realise is that ALL…ALL Arsenal fans are feeling extremely frustrated as you are…we are all in the same boat…

    But to even suggest that AW needs to leave is simply cutting one’s nose off to spite their face!
    There is no better manager the world round and Chelski and Real would jump blindfolded, eyes wide shut and sign him as their manager…but ours has integrity and the BALLS to stand by what he believes…

    What we lacked this season was sufficient cover…as simple as that. Had we had another decent defender and Flamini or if Song was at the level he is displaying now…we could have had a better chance.
    Besides, in our current state made it to 4th, and was eliminated from the CL and FA Semi Finals…not too bad for a bunch of kids right?

    Now go take a deep breath and say Wuuuu-Saahhhh.
    Here’s to hoping for next season.

  8. Freddy says:

    Firstly you must understand that the Arsenal model is different from the others. Footballing model ? No, business model. The club has repeatedly said that financially it will be prudent and this is shown by how it operates in the transfer market and players’ wages. You have to accept this if you want to support Arsenal. There is no two ways about it.

  9. JasonE says:

    The fact that you feel Wengers hasnt changed his approach and still employs “an outdated idealogy” just goes to show how little you appreciate what has been going on at Arsenal over the last 3-4 years. If you cant see or understand what it is that Wenger has changed with regards to the way Arsenal play, then you are in no position whatsoever to criticise him.

  10. dave says:

    Great article and 100% agree with you. Its unbelievable how some fans worship Arsene FC and not Arsenal FC.

  11. Reg Pubes says:

    Without Wenger we would be like Tottenham or Newcastle, the fact that we have been punching above our weight for a long time is down to Wenger. The reason we are “struggling” at the moment ( and I use the term ironically – how many other teams fans would like to “struggle” to the semi finals of the champions league with a midfield with an average age of 21 ? ) is that Wenger ( and Dein ) realised that to compete with the best teams in Europe we needed increased revenue which meant a 60,000 capacity stadium. The cost of which has been a reduced transfer budget. How many teams in the world could self-fund a £250M stadium and still remain competitive ( lets not forget without Eduardos injury and the loss of momentum that caused, we were only a victory at Old Trafford away from wining the title ). Wenger has realised that the only way we can compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man U and their “unlimited” budgets is to build a production line of young talent and let them come through the Arsenal system and learn to play the Arsenal way. Lets face it when we are at our fast flowing best, there are few teams that can live with us. Injury’s and a lack of confidence have been our down fall this season. Maybe if Arsenal supporters did just that and supported the team, rather getting on the players backs, we would have had a better season. Wenger may be blinkered in believing that he can build the new Ajax of the 70’s with their total football without spending huge amounts of money – hopefully he has now realised that he needs to spend, but he’s right, the system just needs a few experienced players not a complete rebuild. Have a little more patience – in a few years time the master plan will all fall into place. I started going to Arsenal when Terry Neill and Don Howe were in charge, apart from a few cup runs, it was pretty boring stuff, George Graham bought success, but again it wasn’t exactly a joy to watch. I assume the fans who want Wenger out, haven’t been fans for very long ? Believe me when you have stood on the Clock End in mid winter through another 0-0 you can see the bigger picture. As Mick Dennis said – be careful what you wish for….

  12. Irish_gunner says:

    So any fans who disagree with you are plastic? So, although Ive been an arsenal supporter for 30 years, Im a plastic. News to me. I want Wenger to stay, as do the majority of Arsenal fans. But we are all wrong and you are right? We are plastics, and youre a real fan, because you want to sack Arsene.
    You have the nerve to use myopic in your blog! Only one miopic view here Im afraid.
    And Wenger did make us known in Europe properly. We are far better known now than we were, and if you cant see that you are the short sighted one.
    We play great football. We have some amazing young players. We are in debt, but can manage it. We have an amazing new stadium. We have Arshavin! We attract great players. All this is down to Wenger, a man who has repeatedly turned down lucrative moves to Madrid etc. because he loves our club so much.
    Wenger has revolutionised our club. He has earned my respect for another season, and more. And no idiot with a blog knows better than Wenger.
    Im ashamed that you support the same great club as I do. You are an ungrateful and disloyal.
    By the way – Ranieri? Is that some kind of a joke? And Im not saying that if we sack Wenger and sign another manager he will be worse. But it would cost a fortune. Sacking Wenger, hiring a new man, giving him money for transfers….I know who Id rather have spending that money!
    Childish article, very disappointing.

    • cerbera says:

      You must be fucking clueless…..he never said at anytime that anyone who doesn’t want Wenger to stay is plastic. You’re just an idiot who’s void of any reasoning. Go and read through the blog again or don’t bother to even reply. God damn it some people are thick and clueless!

  13. stevebrobyn says:

    i not a fan of mick dennis but he is spot on, there are 14 prem clubs who would bite your hand off for 4 th & two cup semi’s. name the names the managers that are better than aw i’m gutted but was over there in the late 50s early 60s then you would have a shout. do you notice that teams that change managers all the time get nowhere, way don’t fuck off to shite hart lane where they fuck all about football too.

  14. AshGun4ever says:

    Well i am a firm follower of Wenger’s ways n i can see what wenger is actually doing. He brings up young players technique wise but not mental wise. By putting a bunch of youngsters in there to bring them up 2 the level of the English game he is doing the dirty work now so they will have an easier time in the later part. N i believe next season is the season. Having built the youngsters mental strength he now seems ready 2 buy experience like when he bought viera (but not those high profile players whose cost is as much as the emirates stadium ). We obviously knew after all the loses recently, a little more experience would have brought us much further. And wenger i feel is no fool 2 not know this. He wants to make his youngsters ready b4 they actually challenge properly for a title. now that they have come soo close, he seems ready to bring the needed experience to lift a title. But they have surpassed most expectations by making it 2 two semis. Now with this needed experience, who knows how far we can go. With new players in(he says it will be defensive signings) and the youngsters brought to the needed level, how can we fail? I get this idea when he constantly says “credit to the players for making it this far”. Seems to suggest hes not made his ideal team. Its no surprise as well that the wenger did not buy experienced players too fast(like in previous seasons)as which player would be patient enough to wait 4 the young guns to mature?.But arshavins arrival tells me we r ready 4 new experienced faces to supplement the young ones … thats my theory but if its not at all wengers logic then i believe wenger has screwed things up too much.

  15. Paul says:

    I’m another that agrees with the basic message of Mick Dennis article. There are too many Gooners who have only been going in the last 10-12 years and as such have been spoiled by success. How a true fan can leave 60-70 mins into any game is beyond me. Understand the frustrations and of course want to see titles back at the Arsenal, but replace Arsene Wenger – not the answer.

  16. Ole Gunner says:

    Five words:

    Charlton. Alan Curbishley fired. Relegation.

    Go figure!

  17. clockendjim says:

    I would be very sad to see Arsene Wenger go as he has been a breath of fresh air to both Arsenal and English football. However he has not adjusted to changing times and his stubborness to admit his mistakes is very frustrating.
    Even now he is denying the evidence of his (and our) own eyes by stating that he does not need to buy in the Summer. One can only hope this is a smokescreen to fool the opposition and keep prices down for potential signings. If not then this could be his last year at Arsenal.
    The whole spine of the team needs strengthening – goalkeeper, centre-half, defensive midfielder and ruthless finisher up front. It’s all very well for people like Geneman to say all we needed was extra cover – well who’s fault was that? To let Flamini go and not sign a great replacement was the recipe for disaster it turned out to be.
    I agree with Wenger that we should have been 2-0 up before Chelsea scored their first, but this summed up the whole current problem – stunning approach work with no end result and eventual giving away of soft goals. How much longer can he keep spouting we are building for the future. He has been saying that for four years – the future is here now Arsene.

  18. goonergerry says:

    This team can and has performed better than this. OK so we lost to Chelsea- it hurt but it was not the end of the world- the game was meaningless. Wenger is absolutely right about the team balance and the players. A way forward is not to sack Wenger, Even one top midfielder like Rosicky would make a huge difference- another like Veloso would transform this team’s effectiveness against power – because speed and control can defeat power- the only real weakness it has. Attacks on players like Diaby are way wide of the mark- he will be a great player in a good solid side- but cannot carry the midfield in this side- yet. Wenger is not right about the quality of our keepers or the fact that we need a centreback or 2. We need a world class keeper and it is worth paying for that because they will keep us in games we deserve to lose. I like Hangeland and if possible I would buy him.

  19. renoogami says:

    I am a bit puzzled at the comments posted about this article. Whilst it may be slightly over the top, it makes some excellent points and the comments to date have been far too dismissive.

    Yes, of course there are some truths in what Mike Dennis has to say, but clearly Arsene is not, nor ever should be, above criticism – nor should his job ever be shell proof. Very, very few managers can stay at the top indefinitely, and be it for financial reasons or his own philosophy, Arsene has chosen not to strengthen the squad in the areas that are obvious to blind man, need strengthening. His tactics, substitutions, and lately his media comments, have all been downright laughable, given the situation we are in.

    We are now, I firmly believe, in great danger of morphing into a mid table team – at risk of being overtaken by Villa, Everton, Man City and (heaven forbid) Spurs. As a passionate Arsenal fan for more than 50 years, I cannot stand by and see that happen without comment. We all have a right to comment and criticism is a necessary and healthy outlet.

    Well said Rachid

  20. Reddaz says:

    I agree with you Rachid. Some of the comments people have made are just stupid. Charlton went down because they couldn’t replace the manager with a manager as good as curbishly or bring in players to keep them up. Arsenal can get any manager they want imo. If mourinho took over are people really saying we would do worse then Wenger is doing now. I bet not, he won the CL with PORTO ffs. Someone said if it wasn’t for Wenger we would be in Newcastle’s position or Spurs. I very much doubt it. Theproblem with Wenger is he is a father figure to these kids not a manager. Did Wenger give the players a bollocking for losing 4-1 to Chelsea at home. I bet he didn’t all he ever does is stick up for his players, which in my opinion makes them spoilt. Ferguson would of kicked every-one of his players into place if Chelsea did that to united at old trafford. Getting a new manager into Chelsea who actually knew what he was doing seemed to do them the world of good.

    • Ole Gunner says:

      Charlton fired the manager that took them into the Premier League from League 1 -Didn’t he get them into Europe? And finished in relegation back to League 1 after 7 successive seasons in the Premier League.

      Wenger made Arsenal one of the Top 5 clubs in the world, second biggest brand value in football, multiplied the worth of the club several fold, made us into a constant competitor.

      Mourinho was fired because he could not live up to the standard set by Wenger. Play fantastic football and win trophies.

      Mourinho would win the league with a net spend of £55M in the last 4 years?

      You’re dreaming.

      • cerbera says:

        First off…Charlton did NOT fire Curbishley. He just didn’t renew his contract because he wanted a break from the game. Get your facts straight.

        Secondly, when Arsenal won the Cup Winners Cup in 1994 weren’t we a high profile club? What about when we won the Fairs Cup in the 70s? I wonder if what I just said to you is news to you. From the way you’re speaking about what Wenger’s done it would seem you don’t know things like this about the club. So how can you make it seem as though Arsenal took over a club like Watford and made them into Barcelona?

  21. Guy Bennett says:

    Wenger has been great for Arsenal but I agree with Rachid, the game seems to have moved past him. I don’t see it as a negative thing, but there is a reason why very few managers stay with clubs as longer as Wenger has, it is not workable. For the money that he spends you could say he does a great job but to suggest the club is not willing to give him more money to replace talent and add to the squad is just completely ignoring statements from the board itself suggesting they’d be happy to give Arsene funds.
    Prudent spending does NOT mean buying no names or prospects while leaking superstars like a rusty sieve. Prudent spending means purchasing players very carefully who you believe will provide a good return on investment. This is what Arsene should be doing and is not.
    To blame the failures on injuries is itself an admission that Wenger has failed. Should he not have built the squad to safe guard against injuries? Perhaps he should have replaced the talent lost last season?
    There is no reason why ‘beautiful football’ can’t be successful. Arsenal have shown even this season how it can be effective, however the side, due to inexperience, has failed to convert it to silverware. There are other coaches out there as Rachid points out. If you think Wenger is the only guy who can win silverware then you’re simply a fucking idiot. Note the many MANY managers who have brought home more silverware than Wenger in the past 5 years. Why is it so inconceivable that there are other talented managers out there?
    Also if you think Rachid is speaking on emotion, have a browse through some of his other blogs and you may notice quite a consistent and well thought out opinion and one which I happen to know stretches a long way previous of his time on this site. The pain of losing a CL semi is nothing without the previous 4 miserable years of utter failure, jeers and embarrassment,

  22. I am a fan since 1997, when Wenger breathe a new fresh air into Premier league. However, I believe because of his previous success, he has blinded him in his quest in his ideology. This was not help by Arsenal football club’s stadium debt.

    A few facts to ponder:-

    1) Arsenal supporters pay and will continue to pay
    The most expensive club ticket in the whole world for a
    A match. So, clamoring for no.1 in the league or
    European cup in my mind are justified. If the goods
    do not justify the price, fans will revolt. Lots
    of fans had been patient. 4 years has passed, each day add
    new gunners that is disillusion by promises to deliver.

    2) If we take a look at all the recent champion. Do they lose the
    previous star performer every season. No, they do not. Do they have
    one season wonder that swell their head and demand big money or else they
    leave, sound familiar ???In summary, we took care of the wrong people.
    Case in example, Pires continue to perform till now. But Wenger persist
    with Diaby, blind fates, favoritism ……..???????
    Why we develop and give faith to players like Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, van Persie
    and Walcott ??? Before they deliver any medal ?? They all demand a raise for pay ???
    Who on earth give them the impression, the club has to foot the bill ????
    I go anal about this subject. According to some sources in the media, we have a wage
    Bill almost as big as Manure and Chelski… when the average age for the team is 22
    Years old. Who is indulging in his pet project ………the question yes delivered they
    Did, not medals but heartbreaks……Why best of Wenger student …Mr.. Thierry
    Henry decide not to stick around longer…maybe he knew about Wenger’s plan ahead
    of us. Guess what, he voted a big “No” after the 2006 final.

    3. My next grouse is Wenger, do not make adjustments big enough to have any result.
    The reason he would not veer enough off his youth policy. He’s rigid and not willing
    to change. Another blogger points out Sir. Alex, has 5-6 assistant manager that last 3-4
    years max. This to refresh perspective, bounce off new ideas instead
    of having a yes-man. He has turn himself into a little dictator, the bigger the resistant
    that more he dig-in and have a siege mentality

    4. Recently, more players are using the press to bring the thought of new bloods in the
    Team. What.. is that a sign that Mr. Wenger losing his god like status in the training
    Ground ??? My point is he needs to be ruthless like the Old red cheek up North. Cut
    off Underperformers and add some muscle in the midfield.

  23. Ole Gunner says:

    The cocks on Shite Hart Lane would pay you £150 million cash if you offered them what we achieved this season. Of course we’re the Arsenal and they’re the tiny totts but

    They’ve spent like £200-300 Million to achieve just 1/3 of our success this year and failed over years now.

    Just wanted to throw a bit of perspective into the discussion.

    • cerbera says:

      That in no way says we should be happy with what we’ve “achieved” this season. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Spurs have a lower reputation than us so of course they’d settle for what we achieved this season. It’s like that season Manchester United finished 3rd and were pissed while Newcastle finished 4th and were happy. Your comment doesn’t say much. All it says is that Spurs are not as reputable as us and would settle for what we’ve achieved but it doesn’t say we should because we’re a much bigger club.

  24. Ole Gunner says:


    Of course. But.

    The comment still highlights why we’re ahead of them and have been since Wenger arrived.

  25. If this was Manchester United losing in this fashion, all hell would break lose….this would be seen as a disaster …but when it happens at Arsenal i mean it’s ok? The man has taken us to new heights? Who can finish fourth place with such a team? I mean every season it’s how Arseal is gonna do it ..win titles and they end up winning nothing and fighting for fourth place. Had it not been for Aston Villa slacking i dunno where we would be. The rot at our club is disgusting…WENGER OUT.

  26. En by the way who is this Idiot called Mick Dennis that doesn’t know that we dun thrive on the past in football….we thrive on the present ..there is no such thing as former champions of the 1990’s …no one wants to remember the glory days of Liverpool when they won the Cup in the 90’s everyone wants to see them win it now. Look at the examples he’s giving us…Newcastle and Charlton…and Arsenal is in the same stature with Newcastle and Charlton?? MICK DENNIS shut that thing you call a mouth…You have to beat the best to be the best…you can’t tell me we was beaten by the world Champions blah blah shit. What are yo ambitions? I thought it was to beat teams that are the best? How do you get rated above everyone else? So we should take consolation because we was playing the best team in Europe? Stupid!

  27. Stu says:

    All im going to say is that i dnt want Wenger to leave. I want him to stay and fix his mess….and it IS his mess. He created it by not replacing the ecperienced and vital players that left. If someone leaves you replace them with equal or better quality. Its that simple.

    Oh, and to those that say noone would be able to replace Wenger, do ye remember when Wenger first came? 99% if not 100% of fans didnt know who he was. He wasnt a wrold known manager who was in demand by all the top clubs.
    Arsenal FC wont dies when Wenger leaves. He will leave eventually. Does that mean we will get relegated when he retires? I doubt it…….

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