Wengers’s POOR tactics are to blame!

Posted: May 12, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Apart from the fact that wenger didnt sign players last summer, our main problem this season have been poor tactics.

Recently Wenger has played Diaby on the left wing and Nasri as a defensive player?

Why not the other way round ?

Diaby could do a decent job in the middle IMO and Nasri is a waste in a defensive role.

And why are we now playing 4-5-1? RVP is being wasted and so is Cesc?

Whats wrong with playing 4-4-2?

We went 49 games unbeaten and won the double playing 4-4-2 with wingers. Why has wenger now changed our style?

Song is being used as a DM player but in 3 games using Song as a DM we let in 11 goals. 4 vs Liverpool, 4 vs Chelsea and 3 vs Man Utd.  I’m sure Yaya Toure would do a good job for us, but I don’t see why Wenger would pass up 2 or 3 opportunities to buy him for pennies, only to buy him from Barca for £15m a few years later.

Wenger has made some baffling decisions of late….Arshavin on the bench vs Chavs being a prime example. Just complete lunacy to have arguably our best player sitting on the bench when he’s ineligible for the Champions League as well. What’s the worst that could happen? We could lose the game……oh wait, we did.

Wenger has been so negative this season with the tactics and in a way i’m glad we got beat by the Chavs last wk end, otherwise Wenger would have used the fact that we ended the season with 24 games unbeaten to jusify a lack of summer signings. Now he he simple has to spend in the summer.

But maybe wenger will give us that old chestnut about how Senderos and Rosicky will be back and they will be like new signings.

Why not? He has done if before.

its going to be a long summer..
See you on the forum……

  1. Kem says:

    Great post

  2. James says:

    It’s going to be a long, shitty summer with Wenger talking fucking crap all the way through it.

    Pray to god he does the sensible things and buys the 3 or 4 top class players we need. Otherwise next season will end up in dismal failure again and supporters will be universally demanding a change of manager.

  3. jose luis says:

    god your tiresome. in this case however you do have a point that most arsenal fans cannot disagree with. some of the decisions, especially arshavin missing the chelsea game, have been very odd indeed.

    this was also a calmer post by you and you would be served well to continue in this manner. composed posts, rather than erratic rants will earn you more readers who won’t slag you off.

  4. daniel says:

    this has been the most frustrating thing of all, we all know we aren’t strong enough to win the league and CL but we haven’t even used our resources to their fullest and clearly wenger needs all the blame for that. how many times are we going to see diaby on the left, it really defies belief that he keeps playing him there, truly unbelivable, what is the thought process of doing the same thing again and again when it never works. it is actually pretty scarey!!!!

  5. Old Gunner1970 says:

    I am sick of your ill conceived comments about Wenger. Without Wenger, Arsenal would quite simply be another Spurs, condemned to mid table irrelevence. How long have you supported Arsenal? Not long enough to have an opinion worth any attention
    Wenger has to experiment, simple. You ‘sack Wenger’ brigade are fickle brainless nobodies, brought up on instant gratfication like spoilt bratts. Just go and support Chelsea.

    • med says:

      hw can you be so sure…?

    • cerbera says:

      And where’s your medal for long service as an Arsenal supporter? Don’t see how you supporting Arsenal longer than some fans makes you a better and more knowledgeable fan. Get off your high horse, you irrational blithering idiot.

      • Old Gunner1970 says:

        All bosses have to experiment, so he’s made a mistake,so no trophy for four years, what a scandal!!!
        WHO to replace him? With WHAT tactics?
        WHICH players to replace Fabregas, Nasri, Arsharvin, Walcott, Vela, Clichy,Eduardo,Wilshere,Ramsay, Van Persie. ALL who would NOT be at Arsenal if they did not have Wenger as a manager, ALL of whom would walk if Weger left.
        Its not the length of time which is required for some pespective, some kids have the intelligence to see. But MOST of Wengers detractors ARE recent glory hunting enthusiasts. Stuff you Cerbera.

    • cerbera says:

      So you think if Wenger leaves there’s gonna be an exodus of the team? WOW…. Anyway, if Wenger leaves who do you think would replace him? Iain Dowie or a manager with a high profile like Fabio Capello or Marcello Lippi(notice I said “like”)? Wouldn’t we definitely hire someone with a track history of success? If so wouldn’t we then be able to attract big players who can play for whoever that manager is anyway? THIIIIINK!!!

  6. Eddie McGinty says:

    I think it’s time everybody realised this is a Spurs fan with too much time on their hands taking the Michael. Certainly won’t be coming back on this site and I hope anyone with any sense about them won’t either.

  7. daniel says:

    you don’t experiment in semi finals of cups!!!!!!!!!

  8. daniel says:

    the 4 5 1 has been a an unmitigated disaster. he has played, RVP, Cesc, diaby and nasri consistantly out of position as well as arshavin. the tactics, team selections and substitutions have cost us big time this year.

  9. joxer says:

    why doesn’t he play diaby central? because he is a sad excuse for a footballer. ok, he has tricky feet from time to time, but in terms of intelligence on the pitch and discipline he is among the worst in the squad. he’s less of liability out wide.

  10. Paul N says:

    I did think it was wrong not to play AA against Chelsea but I think the reason for 1 upfront, though I dont like it is due to the injuries of Gallas and Clichy. Cant blame Song at all, he has been great mostly. The team has suffered on a whole, not any specific player.

  11. trezor says:

    fuck u wenger about ur not spending diz summer
    send adebayor bk 2 togo and play 4-4-2 formation or 4-3-3 like every1 ar using u call urself u play attaking football wid one striker upfront yer wen u got like 7striker in de squad and fucking play ever1 in right position i dnt blame u wenger maybe u getting tooooooo old buy buy player buy player

    • med says:

      be angry but less contempt… what if he turns it around following the same philosphy. it may leave your emotions in no mans land

  12. daniel says:

    the team selection for the chelsea FA game was the worst ever!!!!! and we got exactly what wenger deserved from the game. of all the crap this year that semi final will stand out as the worst moment as far as i am concerned. because he either threw it or is the most tactically inept manager ever.

  13. billy says:

    I knew all along that gooner fans have learnt a lesson to stop speculating who wenger shoulld include in his shopping list, but am deeply dissappointed at the comments that are starting to stream in even before the tranfers are sunctioned.
    Let us be raelistic and wait for him to deliver, with one thing he shoild promise, when he is going to bring home the trophies we so much need.
    An Arsenal fan committs suicide coz he could no longer stand his team losing game in game out.

  14. 5am says:

    Should’ve got Appiah in at least from Jan for some steel and maturity in the team, but Wenger was a cheap skate again, using the addage of ‘how it would restrict his development prgram’. Would actually do the opposite and help bring them on.

    What another useless watse of a year that could’ve brought so much more

  15. gt says:

    Hope that all Wenger’s talks lately are just smokescreens to mask his real intention of signing a few mega players. But doesn’t seem likely…

  16. Irish_gunner says:

    Yes, I was disappointed with the season too. And so is every other Gunner out there. Yes some of Arsenes line ups and formations have seemed odd, and he has made mistakes.
    But do I support your campaign to sack him?
    Absolutely not.
    We must be patient. We all know the stadium has tightened our belt a lot, so instead of calling for Wengers head, maybe we should be wondering why we have no money for big transfers. Is that Wengers fault too? How come we all want to blame Wenger? What about the board? And more importantly, what about our players? Our players have generally been very poor this season, and we have had half our squad on the treatment table. Wenger hasnt even had a chance to put his best team out.
    Why are some fans not willing to give Arsene a chance to put it right? What about all the loyalty he has shown us? What about the way he has revolutionised our club in every aspect?
    Shame on those calling for Wengers head. You are entitled to your opinion, but you would rather spend a fortune (and thats our clubs future dont forget) replacing Wenger and giving a new man the money to sign players instead of standing by the man who has spent money more wisely than anyone.
    Arsene is a great manager and after all he has done for us, some of you cant find a bit of loyalty to repay him. You really should be ashamed of yourselves.

  17. jimmy says:

    @oldgunner1970… listen u delusional moron, everybody respects wenger and what he’s done for arsenal, but because the man is a legend, and is the best thing to happen to arsenal in modern times, doesnt mean, you blindly ignore when he’s continually getting it wrong in near all areas of managing our football club… acknowledging that wenger is getting it wrong, and vocalising the need for him to either rectify or adapt his management style, team selection etc does NOT mean that we are being spoilt brats and should support some other team… its ludacris to think that wenger has completely lost it, but its undeniable that the mistakes he’s making are costing arsenal in terms achieving success, in a way that can be taken seriously… to my mind, wenger seems to think that this has been a successful season considering the poor start we had to the season… but because we put a decent run together, and secured fourth weeks ago, he could’ve and should’ve done better against utd and chelsea in recent weeks. Wenger continually tells us that his players are good enough,and that they will come good, but we we’re close in the league last year and unfortunate due to poor refereeing in the champions league, this year we are further away than we’ve been in a long time… and all the noises coming from wenger are indicating that he still belives, vehemently, that his way is right, and we are going to continue along this path, then how in the f**k cant you understand why we are incredibly frustrated… if you cant comprehend this, this its your loyalty that should be questioned… if you continue to blindly back someone who looks to be doing more harm that good to club, on the back of past glories, your an idiot whose presence support could be done without

    • cerbera says:

      Agree with everything you said, jimmy

    • Old Gunner1970 says:

      Wenger is experimenting, he has a formidable squad coming through, I bet you weren’t complaining before the Man U game. I would trust Wenger’s tactics more than yours.He isn’t the MOST coveted manager in the World for no reason, admired by greater footballing brains than you could ever be you boody Spurs supporter.

      • cerbera says:

        How dare you call him a Spurs fan when you’re not even a fan of Arsenal. You’re a fan of Arsene Wenger, not Arsenal.

  18. damir says:

    I don’t care what he had done in the past,what is he doing now and for the future of the club?

    • cerbera says:

      What’s he doing? I’ll tell you. He’s playing players outside their positions, he’s using wrong tactics in big games. He’s not prioritizing properly with the cups. Also, he won’t take the responsibility for his short comings. He’s failing to see where he goes wrong too. That’s what he’s doing NOW.

  19. Ezra says:

    Just because VIERA came in with good tackles that didn’t make him a defensive midfielder but that was his role he had Either Gilberto,Petit or Pourlor to cover the passage to the back 4 so Nasri came in with tackles because he was playing 8 which is a free role SONG’s movements on the field are not that of a defensive midfielder but a creative one but he does that at a slower pace which slows our moves we are loosing because wenger chose the wrong time to prove that Song was on form when the person that could do the job was and still DENILSON such underated player but actually more effective and gives the team balance in the defence and on the attack.

  20. Ezra says:

    Paul N have you realised with Song in the Defensive role agains 1 Villareal 2 man u 3 man u 4 Chelvs opponents are not crossing the ball to the forwards but have actually passed the ball neatly through our midfield more putting more pressure on our defenders causing them to make mistakes and as a result the following have looked terrible; THEO,NASRI,CESC BOTH KEERS ADE PERSIE,GIBBS TOURE,SAGNA and DIABY. But these are some of the best players any good team would take and start them SERIOUSLY the problem becomes our best player in all our last bad performance thats Song because he has never been good enough and he doesn’t look like he will ever be!!!

  21. It baffles me to think that some fans sit on a full fledged keyboard and claim i should be loyal to Wenger…Huh? I thought he’s one of the best paid managers in the Premier League duh! He aint acting or making decision like one though.He is just a mercenary …hired to get our team to the top..if he can’t handle the job let him leave. Real Madrid want him. He could go there and try out his experiments those ends and trust me two seasons without a title and they would send him packing back to his native France…Truth is that we have the most thickest fans in the world ..i dunno if i should call them fans but you do realise that most of the IN ARSENE WE TRUST are fans that started supporting the team “yesterday” Am just sick …sick of all the posers that won’t admit that we are in rot at our club. Wenger should do us a favour and resign cuz he’s way past it. Sinbad you should do us a favour and block these idiots calling us plastic fans cuz clearly i dunno which planet they are living on. 4 seasons trophyless and you still say you have a great team with potential and patience is required ??? what will you say next season? Arsene Wenger fans are weird and they amuse me. Every season they have a new excuse as to why their manager has failed to deliver this season it has been injuries and their favourite manager who happens to be the most coveted in the whole world, keeps yapping to us how players that have injuries once they are back will be like new signings Huh! What a bunch of bollocks. And what’s more pissing is that he keeps increasing players wages i mean it’s one thing not to deliver but it’s another when a player like Adebayor starts asking for the same wages as Henry did. It still baffles me to think that that twat gets 80 K per week. Wenger couldn’t offer a few more quid to Flam..but he’s readily willing to offer 60 k to Walcott. I gotta say that at Arsenal we have the most over rated …over paid …under achievers ever in our reign.

  22. Thanx Cabrera ..yall need to check this out….it gives a clear true and simplified cutting edge ….definition of what’s happening at our club. http://www.arsenalnewsreview.co.uk/index.php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1272&cntnt01origid=30&cntnt01returnid=42

  23. Berkempt says:

    Why, oh why, oh why, does Arsene Wenger and you lot continue to delude yourselves.

    We have no money to spend, the squad is weak and we have not won anything for 4 years.

    This year time has caught up with Wenger, games that have mattered we have been well beaten in. We need 4 world class players to complete with the top teams and that will not happen, next season will be more of the same and if we are lucky we will end up 4th and win nothing, in AW we trust (yeah right).

    If nothing is done even Spurs will be above us.

  24. GeorgeGeorge says:

    BerkemptI would like to disagree with you, but I cannot If nothing is done we are in trouble.

  25. Wrighton says:

    AW must go, we need a new apporach and new players

  26. Arsene must be the bigest fool and thickest one of all time. The guy blamed his failings on the fans last night and asked for patience for the athousandth time that his boys will deliver next term> Gosh which planet does this guy live on? I hear the fans are to blame for his poor tactics against Chelsea in the F.A cup. They are to blame for having left his best player on the bench, their negativity is to blame for the loss and drubbing at the Emirates against Manure in the CL semis ….they are to blame for Adebayor playing lazily and he add some spice to it….all players have a bad spell. Adebayor has been having one all season so please be patient for another four years he will deliver right when he’s going to another club, Genrally its the fans that are to blame for not being happy with four trophyless seasons cuz if they was happy then his kids would be winning titles. The fans are to blame for the negativity and thus cuz of their negativity Fabregas is being played out of position in a Gerrard kinda position, Nasri as a 6, The fans my friends are to blame for our poor defence taht has let in 14 goals in a space of two weeks, The fans who keep up this club are to blame for all his failings. This guy is not only stubborn but stupid also. He should leave our club …either that or he accepts Keown as his Assistant…cuz keown wouldn’t be sitting on a bench cluess while a team is letting it 4 goals against Manure…nuf said this fool should go. SINBAD? Make that Wenger out Poster a lil bigger i can’t see it ma props.

  27. -dean says:

    I love this blog.

    Come you Spurs!

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