[ Video ] Adebayor frustrated by Arsenal fans

Posted: May 16, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor says Gunners fans are wrong to vent their frustrations at him and his team-mates despite a fourth trophyless season.

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  1. ThE kInG oF tHe WoRlD says:

    he’ll be gone in summer anyways so no one really needs to listen to anythin he says anymore HA

  2. john says:

    does he not realise the reason he was booed was because of the way he disgracefully bullshitted last summer. he claims he gets booed because hes linked to clubs… fabreagas is linked to clubs yet he doesnt get booed…i wonder why that is…maybe cos people like cesc keep their dignity and go after any extra penny they can find in spite of earning 80k a week.

  3. Dan says:

    He really is top class…a top class c**t!!!

    F**k off Ade, we don’t want you!!!

  4. Dan says:

    If it was as simple as us fans being annoyed at him for other clubs pursuing him then he’d have a point. But its not that, its him whoring himself around Europe trying to encourage clubs to make their move for him. Fair enough if it was just newspaper talk on conjecture, but we have all seen the contradictory interviews he gives, and watched the words come from his mouth. He gave an interview calling Milan ‘sexy’ and saying openly he talks to Galliani of AC Milan regularly, and he let the world know this on the day of the semi-final against United which was our biggest game since moving to the Emirates. We loved him when he was a nobody that worked hard, we loved him when he scored goals and worked hard, some people would probably love him if he scored goals and didnt work hard, but the attitude he’s shown this season especially in the big games has been appalling. Fans will forgive any shortcomings in technique and talent if the player looks to give their all, but when their ego is seemingly out of control and he makes it known that he plays for £££££ and is ready to jump ship if the price is right then his attitude looks to be contagious. Better off without that kind of guy in the team regardless of his ability. Eboue has worked harder since he got a bit of stick and now the fans sing his name, e.g. Portsmouth away. Its not that hard Ade, but you’ve done this all yourself, and if you think the fans in Italy will give you an easier time if you show the same attitude you will have an unpleasant surprise. You dont realise how good you had it.

  5. Gunner4U2NV says:

    I hope adebayor stays.
    He is a word class striker, who gives arsenal the arial presence and has good skills on the ball, can header and can finish. When on form he is one of the hardest strikers to deal with like ferdinand said a while back. He will be better next season and the seasons that follows. his problem is he is not good with words. He uses his words really badly. His perfomances were only bad because he has been used as a lone striker every time he plays and has been injured. Get behind him and he will get better.

  6. kay says:

    he can suck imself 2 be honest….. i dont care wat he finks….

  7. ramsri says:

    he would really fit in perfectly at Chelski, until they realized what a useless piece of garbage he is.

  8. stevie says:

    Dan and KING of the world, understand that wenger is stubborn and will probably keep adebayor so stop beeing to fucking negative and just suppor tthe fucking club and the players cos u know there wont be alot of change next season

  9. Rizal says:

    PAY ME LIKE HENRY AND I WILL PLAY LIKE HENRY !!! Ade, does this phrase ring your bell. Off course not yours ADE, since you claim you didn’t know anything about your transfer saga up to point that you claim that you didn’t check the news or even your phones for whole summer.

    Since Ade become the top score, you didn’t have the same workman-like spirit as your first 1 & half years before.

  10. Dan says:

    Stevie, I understand where you’re coming from, and all the negativity bores me as well. I go home and away every week and get behind the team 100%. I never leave early, never boo, never give stick, i stay to clap them off regardless even after conceding 2 late goals to Spurs or losing to Hull, so with regard to supporting the club you really don’t need to remind me. No good can come from heckling players and damaging their confidence during the season. But the season is basically done now, and its the summer so people are gonna have their opinions about who they want to arrive and leave. All im saying is that he seems to be oblivious to what his role has been in this saga. He seems totally unaware that he has brought all of this negativity on himself. If he is wearing an Arsenal shirt next year, which i dont think he will despite Wenger’s well-known stubborness, then i will get behind him 100%, and if he works hard for the team then he can win the fans back. Just look at Ronaldo? Its just about attitude mate, thats all. You’re quite eloquent by the way, only needed to saying f*cking twice in one sentence, brilliant.

  11. Lowe Point says:

    Dan, that’s amazing. You go to every game home and away and managed to get back from Old Trafford to post at 3.16pm. Wow, what a guy!

  12. Danish Gooner says:

    He is a money grabbing whore.

  13. […] [ Video ] Adebayor frustrated by Arsenal fans Click on the screen to watch the video Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor says Gunners fans are wrong to vent their […] […]

  14. Ha ha u guyz are pretty funny tha way you stress out yo points…one needs to swear two times to drive his point home. Quite impressive. The real problem is that Fool Wenger…we all know he’s not going anywhere..but am praying he somehow gets disllusioned and goes to Madrid with is money grabbing, sucking idiots like Adebayor. What amuses me is that this is a whore that went public saying at this age in football it’s all about the money i mean either that or he would be back in his native Lome eating posho…please remind me how old he is? Cuz it thought people like Henry and Arshavin who are nea to retiring age should be the ones playing for the money. He publicly said he was in constant contact with an official from Milan camp and that his wife speaks sexy french..talk of a cheap whore. Wenger the biggest tactical embarassment we have also admitted that this guy’z attitude affected the team at the beginning of the season, he claims he shd be paid like Henry …this cow must be smoking weed. Either that or Sheshar or Bang. When you are rated to be a top striker at a top club and can’t bang in those goals trust me you are good as nothing. No one wants to remember how many “sexy” goals Hnery scored, the fact is that he scored them. No one wants to know how many went off his back or which manner he scored them in …a striker is there to score goals end of story that’s his job …the rest is bonus. Look at Phillipo ..or Van Nistelroy back in the day at Manure…the guy all he would do is scavenge at the goal and he sure did score many. No one wants to know if the Maradonna goal against England was tapped in by a hand, all that matters is that it stodd and Argentina won the game. What am i trying to get at? Am tryin to proe to Adebayor that slow donkey that if he was doing the jobg that’s worth the 80K he gets per week and that is to score goals, fans wouldn’t be giving him flak. He need to style up big time. I wonder what Wenger sees in these donkeys. a guy like Diaby seriously i know it’s potential but when is he going to deliver? Arsenal is a big club not Blackburn. He still wants an athletic, quick-passing team. Fabregas, like Vieira and Bergkamp, was a key player in that concept because of his ability to pass the ball forward early. But Van Persie ruins the concept because he needs five touches and mind you he’s a “Glass man” just a simple knock en he’s out for another three weeks, while Adebayor negates the concept because he is so static and predictable. This Arsenal team is a pig’s breakfast, a shambles, worse than it’s been since the early Eighties. But Arsenal did not build a new stadium in the Eighties, or redevelop their old one into flats. More reason everyone never asks themselves why Arsenal other than any other team in the premiership gets far more injuries each season, more reason why Wenger will keep bullcrapping the fans that his team has potential, more reason he keeps yapping that he’s achieving in a negative environment when it’s clear he’s a tactical disaster, More reason the Directors won’t fire him …cuz duh he’s bringing in the so much needed profits from the fans ofcourse …yea THE FANS! hold up …the ARSENE FANS.

  15. What’s even more funnier is that a Blogger sometime back told me that we should shut it about Wenger and his underachieving players. That to him i quote the gooner…he’d rather watch “champagne football” even if his team was losing rather than win trophies. That its all about entertainment. People am i weird for wanting trophies or what?

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