Wenger throws his teddy bear out of the pram

Posted: May 19, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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After being crucified by the Arsenal shareholders and for the first time in 13 years the fans are now starting to question Arsene Wenger, how has he reacted? By throwing his teddy bear out of his pram and sulking.

Now Wenger has used the media to get his own back on the Arsenal fans who doubted him by suggesting that he would be interested in moving to Real Madrid, how pathetic.

So We don’t have the right to question wenger without him threatening to walk off? We don’t have the right to say ” this is not good enough ” without Puff daddy Hill wood coming out and slagging off the fans? We don’t have the right to question Wengers tactics and lack of signings without an online petition?

What makes wenger above criticism? Why cant we as fans say how we feel without the chairman and the manager telling us to button it ? What Wenger has done is a masterstroke. He knows full well that he is staying at Arsenal until 2011 and now he has got a number of fans questioning him, he has basically said  ” Don’t doubt me or I will walk away” Basically trying to scare us.

Well go on then Wenger, Leave and join Real Madrid! I’m sure your 10 year project will go down very well. I’m sure they will be delighted when you come out and say “judge this team in 2015 to them. Go 4 seasons without winning anything at Real Madrid…In fact go 1 season without winning anything at Real Madrid and see how they treat you.

Lets get this clear..Wenger has been a LUCKY manager at Arsenal. He was lucky to have a rock solid defence when he arrived and he was lucky with a few signings with rejects in Italy like  Vieira and Henry that turend out to be superstars.

People say ” Who was Arsenal before Wenger” Well let me tell you that Arsenal have always been a great club. and with George Graham they had a manager who was even better in the transfer market then Wenger. Would Wenger had signed players in the lower league like Dixon and Bould and turned them into great players? Would Wenger had signed Ian Wright at 28? NO!!!

So Mr Wenger if you want to leave and join Madrid good luck to you, but remember this..There board and fans wont be as tolerant and as patient as us gooners. YES you are getting some stick now and rightly so..DEAL with it like a MAN!


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  1. king Gooner says:

    couldn’t agree more well said mate. cant stand the fans who are saying to layoff him its just because there scared he will leave.

  2. raj says:

    shit article..on the budget we have to spend arsene wenger your a Genius…we,ve been past the 1/4 of european cup twice,doesn’t take a genius to realize who took us there

  3. arsenalaction says:

    On the budget we have?

    Wenger spent £32m last season Raj

  4. jd says:

    Do you think any other manager the world would have been able to maintain Arsenal’s place at the very top of the footballing pyramid. Considering that Wenger has had very little money whilst Man Utd spend almost 40 million on players like Nani and Anderson. Maybe you should be grateful that we haven’t dropped out the top 4 when even Everton spend more money than us.

  5. browny says:

    If he goes we go down hill. I really don’t think there is any money available and he has kept it to himself so as not to highlight the problem to the world. That means he has to take all the flak on the chin, but there is only so much you can take. If there is no money then no-one else can do what Wenger has done on this budget and we may find that out to our cost. All this talk about him not buying this player or that player may be wide of the mark and I make your aggressive opinion on this totally wrong.

  6. jd says:

    Yeah well Arsenalaction how much of that money was recouped through selling players and losing their wages too?

  7. james says:

    probably the best article Ive heard all year the guy simply thinks hes far to superior to take some criticism, who the hell does he think he is?

  8. James says:

    32 million we aren’t going to have this summer. the only peeople who want wenger out are the “fans” themselves, its not coincidence that every respected person in the game to give a view on the matter says he should stay. its not coincidence either that wenger has the general backing of the media when he says the home support is generally awful. while a minority of the fans are great and support the team brilliantly, when were not performing the majority begin to boo and leave on 70mins, we must have the worst home support in the country, ahead of middlesborough even.

  9. arsenalaction says:

    Thank you James

  10. james says:


  11. Toby says:

    One of the most asinine rants I have seen in a long list of them at the moment. Of course you have the RIGHT to complain about Wenger, and he has the RIGHT to leave and then you will find that by exercising your right we will have lost one of the best managers in the global game. Question: which manager is regularly courted by Barca, Real, Bayern etc? Which manager has delivered average position of 2nd and never below 4th in 13 years in charge compared to an average position of 8th in the decade before? Which manager has NET spent less than any other top ten premier league club in that time? WHich manager has delivered a new stadium without bankrupting the team (as opposed to So’ton, Leics and others)? You can exercise your RIGHT to judge Wenger badly … but you would be ill-informed, ill-judged and ungrateful to do so.

  12. uler12 says:

    Read this http://www.skysports.com/opinion/story/0,25212,15196_5333480,00.html please and then think about what you written, if you don’t change maybe Man Utd or Chelsea is the club for you and other gloryhunters out there.

  13. Bode says:

    Wenger won’t have to go 5 years at Real to win a trophy cause the world’s best players will be eager to join him there. The best players are not signing for Arsenal at the moment are they? Apart from Arshavin who was desperate to make the deal happen himself. Arsene has his faults but this blog is pathetic. He did not throw out his toys out of the pram either at the Q and A. Someone called one of his players a geriatric and he took offence to a player being labelled that. Saying a project is interesting isn’t the same as saying I want to join Real. The guys spends less tham Sunderland who might be relegated and you want Real, Barca and Manure results and trophies even though they have spent almost 10 times more. Please get real.

  14. gunners88 says:

    wow, you really hate wenger dont you.

    See, i think wenger shld man up and take the criticism, try to improve and move on too.

    But why the sudden questioning of how lucky he was to have the trusted back 4, ANY MANAGER would be lucky to have that back 4! So you expect him to suddenly sell the back 4 he inherited from George graham? but wenger made a change and made us a threat to the already mighty manutd like nvr before and one of the big teams in europe. Would david villa say he is interested to join arsenal and play under arsene’s ‘beautiful football’ if it werent for wenger? i doubt it but that can be a bad thing as it clearly shows wenger is bigger than the club.

    But give him credit for at least something for god’s sake. YOur hatred for him have even led you to say how signing vieira and henry was lucky? Was signing pires, ljungberg and even overmars lucky too? Again, give credit and criticism where it is due. Dont just turn the good things arsene have done to a lucky or a bad thing suddenly.

    yes wenger is never above any criticism like what the deluded akb’s wants us to believe. But, for the first time, i think the board has as much to answer for our demise as wenger. We either have the money or we dont! maybe wenger is saying to the board enough is enough, i have other job offers which allows me to spend 60million on one player!

  15. jimbo says:

    pathetic article. you’ve actually just said why cant arsenal fans have a moan and say how thye feel, then in the same post you’ve slated for wenger for saying how he feels you muppet.

  16. jimbo says:

    oh yeah and also, you say he was lucky for inheriting that back four. now forgive me if i’m wrong but in the 6 years prior to wenger that back four won the fa cup once and the cupwinners cup once and 1 CC. Now that’s hardly aazing is it? wenger came in and turned us into double winners. so you can shove that argument up your ass

  17. sim says:

    of the 32m, how much did he recoup? i think this a pathetic shot at the wrong man. indeed wenger is not above critism (which i might add must be constructive), but he has done alot of shielding to the board, who in my opinion have not been open enough to admit that we do not have the money to spend as spouted in the media on countless times. wenger has done well not to mourn about it that much & has been prepared to take the critism on the chin. we need to be honest and it’s not a coincidence that the lack of silverware started just about the year we moved home. we are punching above our weight (of the 4 teams in the semi-finals of the CL: squads (~30m arsenal, 140+m chelsea, 130m utd, 130m barca)). u need to put things in perspective mate before writing as some of the claims are interesting or downright pathetic ala henry/vieira reference). arsenal are actually 12th on the squad spending and finished 4th, semifinal of CL/FA cup. sometimes be careful what we wish for, the problem may not be necessarily arsene.

  18. geegunner says:

    Dixon maintains Arsenal will soon deliver silverware once again.

    “He feels the frustration just like anyone else,” Dixon added. “He has produced one of the best training grounds in the world, one of the best stadiums in the world and some of the most attractive football ever been played. And people still just say ‘we haven’t won anything’. They just have to be a bit more patient.

    “I want him to succeed because I can’t speak highly enough of him and about how he goes about running a football club.

    “When he came he was going to get rid of us all because we were 32. I ended up playing until I was 38 – six years under him and I won two doubles.

    “He is a man of integrity and he does not deserve to be treated in this way by a section of his own fans.”

    Words from a true legend unlike you and a SUPPORTER unlike you and many who agree.

    The only one throwing toys out the pram are the doom mongers!
    And if you bothered to read the interview he was asked on his view on perez coming back to real which he said for a coach its interesting but commited himself to arsenal and wankers like you slagging him off every day.

    Have a day off!!!

  19. Alex says:

    At the end of the day tottenham and sunderlands squads cost more than ours and look where they are. hes done an amazing job. we were happy with 5th before he came along. we’ve been in the champs league 11 years in a row. ARSENE KNOWS!

  20. sysuser says:

    great article…am suprised by fans who feel Wenger has a right to threathen the club.
    As far as am concered he can go to real and start his 5 yeat trophyless project.
    wenger is being paid to manage arsenal he’s not beign paid to insult the fans.
    he can fuck off for all i care.

  21. GoonerDU says:


    You will be the first one to cry when we become like Tottenham, if Wenger leaves. Look at Liverpool. They haven’t won the title for 18 years!!!!!! Wenger is the best thing that has ever happened to Arsenal. Fans like you can get lost!!!!

  22. jd says:

    THERES ONLY ONE ARSENE WENGER and he’s taken us from a mid size club to onee that competes with Man utd and Liverpool and Real Madrid and AC milan. Be thankful and get behind the team.


  23. afriX says:

    could not have said it better Sinbad, Wenger must face up to the contradictory statements he’s spewed over the last couple of years, some supporters r not easily fleeced and will not worship Wenger for no good reason. We will worship Arsenal Football Club with or without Arsene Wenger!!

  24. ck says:

    Yeah it’s all well and good with constructive critisim but insulting people like silvestre is stupid, they are probably the fans who left after 60 mins against utd. They are making our club a laughing stock. If it’s any1’s fault it’s the board for not given wenger money to spend all wenger is doing is being loyal. Imangine mourinho being told his got £13 million pound to sepnd he would be off in a shot. Wenger has been loyal to us for years thats start getting behind him then if we fail to improve next season then we can start to wonder

  25. wandarah says:

    actually ‘arsenalaction’

    wenger spent 28.8mil, and gained 45.1mil for the 07/08 season.

    the budgetary restraints are quite real this article is however, unreal.

  26. Ray says:

    Sinbad, how old are you exactly? Can you remember the pre Wenger years. I liked George Graham and was disppointed that he was sacked however that same season he was rumoured to be going to Real Madrid. We finished 10th in the league. Bruce Rioch brought in Dennis Bergkamp and David Platt. We had Ian Selley and David Hillier as a midfield pairing during that season. We got Mullered at White Hart Lane. I was at that match and Chris Armstrong missed a hatful of chances.
    True, Arsene Wenger has made mistakes but do you honestly think that things will get better with him gone. who is going to come in especially if the transfer budget is £13 – 15 million. Do you think our “big” players will stay? you can kiss goodbye to Cesc and Robin V P. Arsene has had a season where we have had a horrendous injury list and we still managed to gete to two semi finals and finish 4th in the league. Boy are you dilusional! and all the rest of you remember 1953 – 1968 This was the span with out a trophy and without a trip to Wembley. Leeds Utd beat us 1-0 (Terry Cooper I believe, I was too young to remember) 15 YEARS without ANYTHING. Is that what you are prepared to wait for. I very much doubt it!. Two years down the road and no trophy, you will be calling for the manager’s head!

  27. Donald says:

    can’t blame Wenger for feeling underappreciated, a manager needs to know he’s appreciated for his efforts. Arsene has an insane workload at Arsenal, he negotiated deals fully until the American came in, he coaches the team, rebuilds the clubs youth infrastructure scouring players all over the world within our miniscule transfer budget- that is a massive work load for a club of this size, and he did it for the love of the club he’s built from the ground.
    I realise the results aren’t where we want it to be, and Wenger himself would admit that he’s made mistakes this season and last in transfer policy. But he just brought in Arshavin, he wants money this summer and he’s not been given it. We should be venting our fury at the board primarilly. The board allowed him to get made the scapegot in the Q and A when Wenger has tried to keep this team competitive while selling important players within Arsenal’s wage budget. Wenger needs shown respect and trust, but he needs funds to get the experienced players we need.

  28. Clive says:

    Negative glass empty sh*te.

    AW does some things wrong but does most things right. He could do with more luck eg if Gallas, Eduardo had stayed fit we would have done better last season and against Chelsea and Man United.

    Go and support Tottenham.

  29. gooner nation says:


    you silly muppet

  30. steve far says:

    The first thing to happen if AW goes i think is -arshavin, cesc, nasri at the very least will follow suit. At madrid he will know they demand results so will spoil them with wins first, and football to match or even better barca-coz madrid will sign galacticos asharvin, cesc,nasri, villa for him. they will say dont look at the money, you wont touch it, look at the players.robinho will be resigned-he cant afford him now wth arsenal but is a known admirer. he will win consistently, they have invested already in their stadium, so there wont be any project to suggest and run.

    arsenal will not necessarily be successful with wengers replacement. chelsea still havent found a replacement for mourinho. mancity are still trying to get a decent manager.

    if george graham was so good, why did the spuds dispense with him and go all these years in crisis.

    aw is keeping arsenal going in a very difficult period, but he will come good soon with a visionary ceo and a crop of players that can only grow into man.

    what you need is to demand the ceo change certain -ve policies that allow players to leave b4 time or to seek to run down their contract, ie change the way the first team is run but keep the manager to finish his promising project.

  31. Tossers says:

    Hah, and you’re the ones that’ve been throwing their tits out of the window all season.

    As usual, hypocritical rubbish. Try harder son.

  32. matt says:


    Aren’t you the twat that called Arsene a CUNT????? that’s why we have all this shit in the press right now because of twats like you. Wenger has been operating on a tight budget and i would defy any other manager to get where we are on his resources. Yes he makes mistakes but he is human and has brought us more joy than any other manager in our history. The word CUNT applies to only one person and that’s you you fucking twat.

  33. Tossers says:

    Sinbad clearly a Spurs sailor by the way peeps.

  34. D Hill-Wood says:

    “with George Graham they had a manager who was even better in the transfer market then Wenger” and he was sacked because….

    Do you know any Arsenal history beyond what you picked up on Wikipeadia?

    And as for suggesting Arsene deals with it like a man, it would have a little more credence if it wasn’t uttered by someone hiding behind a pseudonym on an Internet blog.

  35. goonerdan says:

    Yeah Arsene has been a lucky manager…What a load of Bollocks!! If what he inherited was so good then why didnt bruce rioch or George Graham do what Arsene did…He extended that back fours career by about 2 or 3 years and without the likes of vieria, petit, overmars, anelka, henry we would never have won a thing…What a cock you are….

    It is obvious the board have well and truly fucked up withthe move to the emirates…telling wenger he has to sell a well established player ervery year in order for us to function and giving him a shitty 13 million to spend this summer….How are we supposed to bring in the players we need with that…SHove your crap article up your stupid arse!

  36. Tossers says:

    I wonder if he’s this vocal when he makes his once-annual trip up to the Emirates with his fellow Tottenham fans?

    Twelve year olds and their keyboards eh?

  37. Marko says:

    You’ve gotta be a retard buddy. It’s because of dickheads like you that he may be thinkings of quitting. Because he’s getting viciously slated for a disappointing season. I mean god forbid that twats like you can’t understand that not only injuries but a lack of funds available are responsible for this seasons disappointments more than Wenger himself. I mean who the fuck would you get to replace him genius? Or don’t you realize that most of the players at our club are there because of Wenger and when he does finally leave we’ll be in for tough times.

    Here’s some stick for you Sinbad. You are a joke and it makes me ill to think Arsenal has a fan like you supporting them.

  38. 5am says:

    A lot of Arsene rather than Arsenal fans with pride out there…as much as he’s taken the view that every player is replaceable in losing Edu; Henry; Pires; Diarra; Flamini; Hleb; Gilberto and even Viera, then same must be for a manager too.

    It’s right that he wouldn’t be so molly cuddled at Real Madrid and if he did go, Arsenal could do worse than getting in the Villa Real manager or Van Basten.

    PHW is a prat to think he can slag off fans – talk about biting off the hand that feeds you!

  39. Tossers says:

    Van Basten. xD

    And it’s “Villareal’s” Manuel Pellegrini you’re talking about?

    The former certainly a lot worse than what we have. Not watch Ajax this season? Or perhaps, are you just fucking thick?

    And also you bunch of spoon-fed cretins, Hill-Wood criticised the SHAREHOLDERS, not the fucking fans. Are you all utterly fucking stupid or what?

  40. Marko says:

    Wenger is irreplaceable at the moment. Not Bilic, not Van Basten, not Rejkaard or not even Ancelotti could do what Wenger has done at our club. don’t even think about Hiddink, if he didn’t stay at Chelsea he’d never go to Arsenal. Wenger is the only manager for us. Maybe we should think about bring back Dein or getting a new chairman with 21st century thinking. Perhaps Hill-Wood is too old.
    Oh and get rid of Sinbad. A dumbshit

  41. GoonerDave says:

    Im very much on the side of Arsene.
    I have a question for Sinbad – If Arsene stays will you be running this campaign for the whole of next season? That would surely have only a negative effect on the fans.
    And lads, we are all Arsenal fans – if we have differing points of view, lets try not to insult each other!
    Arsenal Action – to say that Wenger was lucky that Henry and Vieira turned out to be good is untrue. Whats more, it only makes the rest of what you say harder to believe. Try to stick to the facts and remain civil.

  42. Long time fan says:

    What a load of Rubbish , Graham better than Wenger in the transfer market? You must be one of the new guys who have recently latched onto Wenger’s success. I remember Graham buying “class” players like Jensen. Ever see him play? I did, in fact I was there the day he finally scored. Don’t forget that Graham left under a cloud concerning his transfer deals. And he left us a dreadful dull team that was not going to compete never mind win trophies.

  43. Tossers says:

    “And lads, we are all Arsenal fans”

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

  44. andy b says:

    brilliant article – i agree with every word of it – it’s time to face reality – sure he’s arguably the best arsenal manager ever but let’s remember the facts – george graham 6 trophies in 8 yrs – arsene wenger 7 trophies in 13 – george inherits a rabble that hadn’t won anything in donkey’s years & gets sacked for one unsuccessful season – arsene inherits the earth & is still beyond criticism after 4 years without a pot to piss in & he inherited the best defence in the history of the english game plus berkamp & parlour

    – by the way, toby, you’re a cock

  45. tmond says:

    Very well said

  46. Mark says:

    if you offered Ferguson a 13m annual pot, he’d probably think it was for buying horses.

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