Arsenal need a young manager like Pep Guardiola!

Posted: May 28, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Before barcelona appointed Pep Guardiola they had gone 3 seasons without winning ANYTHING!! Sound familiar? Brave move by the barcelona board in appointing a young untested manager. But it proves what can be done if you bring in a new manager with fresh ideas and a different approach.

I have been saying for a long time that Arsenal should either bring in a new number 2 to replace Pat Rice or bring in a new manager to freshen things up.

in his first season at barcelona Pep Guardiola has won everything including the Champions league.Wenger has had 13 attempts at the champions league and has flopped. Guaridiola did it at his first attempt. Not bad for his first season as a manager.

And to all them people that keep on saying “what would we do without Wenger”…Just look what a new face can do.

My point proved, Yet again i was right!


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  1. Davi says:

    You’re dumb for a 25 year old. Plus I thought you’re the one who said experience is crucial.
    Oh, so you’re moderating comments now. Fine then don’t put mine up. Shows the whole world you know everything.

  2. Simplesimon says:

    Gotta agree Sinbad m8 so how bout Aw starts grooming (pardon the expression 🙂 ) maybe Bould as his potential successor.

  3. Chrispy says:

    Untested but inherited a team with some of the best players in the world…… it’s a tough job:)

  4. TW14 says:

    What a load of cr@p. This is the worst blog i’ve ever read. Sinbad, you’re a moron. AW is the man for the job. You cant expect some young fresh manager to step into his shoes and just start winning things. Pep is a one off. Guarentee that it wouldnt happen if we got someone young in. All we need is a tall CB and a Def Mid who can tackle!

  5. John says:

    Haha! My god, this blog is funny!

  6. Eddie McGinty says:

    Are you kidding? You are a moron. We could bring in Ince or Southgate or Shearer or ADAMS, the list goes on as top why it’s a bad idea. A one-off in one of the most attacking teams ever assembled for ridiculous sums of money does not prove your point. It proves you are a dickhead.

    • kj says:

      Hey Eddie, ‘most attacking teams ever assembled for ridiculous sums of money’!!! what was that?seven players of barca team at Rome were their youth academy products.So their achievement this year has more significance these days.

  7. true fan says:

    Here comes the ‘i told you so’ brigade.

    You sir, are a sensationalist bandwagon jumping kn*b. You do not deserve to call yourself an arsenal fan. If Manure won, your blog would probably be entitled ‘Arsene wenger is too young to manage – find us a geriatric’.

    I reckon my grandma (god rest her bones) could have been dug up and stuck on the Barcelona hotseat and still would have won it with the wealth of talent at their disposal. You seem to have forgotten that we neither have the financial resources to emulate Barca, nor do we have a core of experienced players who have come through the academy together (yet) and that my friend, is why Arsene Wenger is probably the only manager who can take us where we want to be.

    Stick to your day job, my bins need collecting.

  8. baz says:

    What a complete cock

  9. brdgunner says:

    This does not prove you right. He inherited most the team and added world class yet expensive buys. Utter shit

  10. pipwilliams says:

    OK, have a look at the competition in their domestic league. OK, some big names, but they ain’t doing the business at the moment. And if you bear in mind the ref’s bizarre decisions against Chelsea in the semi, you could say they shouldn’t even have been playing in the final…

    Once again, another short sighted fan lets rip. Everbody’s entitled to an opinion, but you’re basing it on the flimsiest of arguments. Paul Ince, Roy Keane, Gareth Southgate were all young managers with great pedigrees, and all have either been given the shove, walked away cos they couldn’t handle the pressure or taken their team to a lower league. So, just because a manager is young (or even a “new face” for that matter) doesn’t instantly mean success. Does anybody honestly think Guardiola could cut it in the Premier League come what May? With our press and the pressure they generate (probably worse that The Italians!), I seriously doubt it..

    Without a doubt, Wenger is still the top man for the job. The premier league is the toughest out there and you need a degree of luck at the highest level in anything to achieve success. Arsenal will get their, and Wenger win Arsenal more trophies soon.

  11. Wise old head says:

    You lunkhead. Are you trying to say the idiotic just to be controversial? Wenger has produced magnificent teams to watch and, even this season just gone, has got us to the last four in Europe, within a budget. And got us back in the money-spinning Champions League next season. I am lost for words. Other than “you absolute lunkhead”.

  12. AndyGooner says:

    What Rubbish!!!!!

  13. Will says:

    Whilst Guardiola deserves some credit for steering the ship and motivating the players, he has inherited Henry, Messi, Eto’o, Xavi, Iniesta, Yaya, Marquez, Puyol, Abidal and was given 35m euros to buy Alves!They got seriously lucky in the semi finals of the Champs League and they also have only one serious rival domestically whereas Arsenal have three of the biggest teams in Europe to compete against. That means the two situations are materially very different and proves that you’re seeing what you want to see rather than accepting that this proves absolutely nothing about the postion of Arsenal manager. Like all great managers Wenger has made some mistakes and I do agree he should be trying to plan his succession by taking a talented young coach under his wing (and reinstating Keown as defensive coach?), but beyond that he is the only manager in Europe consistently competing with such limited resources. Get some perspective. Myopia will not benefit our football club.

  14. Rohan says:

    I agree with you to the extent that new faces can help things but he did inherit a great team. However, maybe Pat Rice needs to be replaced so that someone can tell Wenger when things are going wrong, players aren’t good enough or when he makes STUPID decisions such as leaving Arshavin out of the FA Cup semi-final because he wanted the team to know they could win it. Is Arshavin not part of the team!?!?

  15. ian7 says:

    What bollox this blog is. This guy must have forgotten that last season Barca got to the semi’s and somehow lost to Utd who defended for the whole 180minutes and scored a lucky screamer. Chelsea tried the same tactic this season but Iniesta stepped up. Or was it Guardiola in disquise?

    When we go back to winning ways next season this blog should be shut down. Because bro you chat sh*t.

  16. matt says:

    Who would you suggest then bright spark???? Steve Bould don’t make me laugh. Listen bouldy has done well to get the youth where it is but ready for premiership management?? i think not!!!!

  17. jd says:

    As most of the above comments have suggested, you Sir are full of shit.

  18. hamish says:

    pish…absolute pish…

  19. bobby says:

    u are a complete cock and probably a spuds fan…will people please stop puttin blogs up about any random thought that comes into their heads!especially if it’s a very fucking unintelligent thought!

  20. Eric H says:

    Idiot did you really think before writing this article?

  21. peter says:

    ha. stupefying

  22. Carsenal22 says:

    2 reasons why your theory is floored!

    Paul Ince
    Tony Adams


  23. matt2 says:

    Make Jack Wilshere manager, can’t fail

  24. lol says:

    hahaha this aint even funny its not hard to manage team that cost over 200 million they all wolrd class every one does his job its done

    iN wenger WE TRUST 4 EVER

  25. fishmonger says:

    you’re rubbish sinbad

  26. Psst says:

    If i had barca’s team this year i could of won something. avram grant proved you dont have to know anything about management and if you have the players you can almost win the league (2nd) champions league (finalists) and carling cup (finalists)

  27. Ben says:

    Sinbad, if you are going to set up a blog on Arsenal footbal club, at least have the sense to write things that people can seriously discuss. This is crap.

  28. Willy says:

    haha! you really a nob sinbad

  29. abhishek says:

    there is a point, but its not the answer for arsenal. different clubs, different history, different players, different management style.

    jus ’cause you bring in another manager doesnt not mean we’ll win CL. to win CL the 11 players on the field need to feel motivated, spirited and have pride in the shirt they wear. they must go for blood all the time…blood here is the trophy.

    our team needs motivation, there is a sense of lack of pride, they feel they cant win. thats our problem. and to boost this, we fans feel our team is shit…we are not, we are way better than 4th, you’ll see next season.

  30. Ash says:

    Barcelona showed last night some of the things Wenger is trying to acheive at Arsenal. Only they are more advanced at it. Watching our youngsters brush aside every team shows signs that our academy is starting to produce players the same way Barcelona produces homegrown players.

    Cruyff was at Barcelona from 88 to 96 and he has started this style of total football. Guardiola is not just a new face, he is Barca through and through. A product of thier academy “Planter Barcelonista”, he learned from Cruyff as a player, was part of his dream team that bought the CL for Barca in 92(for the first time!) and last nights victory is not only down to him. It is also down to thier academy, their total football style of play which runs through thier system.

    Wenger at the shareholders meeting was saying every big club needs to have a style of play and eventually it will come good.

    We at Arsenal are not at Barca’s level yet. It was boring boring Arsenal before Wenger who revamped the club since 98, it is taking us longer to conquer Europe because of the stadium but we will get there and I still think Wenger will be the man to win it for us

  31. Terence McGovern says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but Barcelona won the Champions league in 2006.You would think that an Arsenal supporter would remember that as they beat us in the final. That would make it only 2 years without a trophy NOT 3.
    Of course from your blog we can deduce that you are a retard so basic math is probably beyond your abilities.

  32. fred says:


    barcelona has a great team and billions to spend, 1 of million young managers achieve what guardiola did, what makes you arsenal will winn the CL by siply installing a young manager. insane

  33. Dave says:

    You. Are. An. Idiot. Completely pointless post

  34. TeezyTease says:


  35. Buzz3210 (GOONER 4 LIFE) says:

    It never ceases to amaze me when we get bandwagon jumping Planks like you. Who in the premiership would have given anyone like guadiola such a high profile job yes we may not have won anything for a while but tell me with your all seeing eye WHO will guarantee us success on the shoestring budget we have maybe owen coyle or Nigel Clough at the end of the day after moving into the emerates and the injuries to our thin squad i feel everything has taken longer to fall into place i really feel next season will see the start of the good times again KEEP THE FAITH.

  36. Wilson Asiimwe says:

    This writer is totally wrong!! Wenger is the only Manager who can spend less than $30m a season and still compete with the best teams in the world. Any sensible football fan cannot challenge me on this one.

  37. steve far says:

    what works for one team does not necessarily do for another m8. such bravado can easily cause arsenal to spin into turmoil. why wont you accept wenger is onto an exciting project that will soon be the envy of many. all this team needs is a little tweaking, not a fresh start. They will deliver, just like SAF delivered after so many years. chelsea try a new manager and new ideas every year but they are no closer to winning it either. infact they have to rebulid their aging team now.

  38. Terenshay says:

    Please do your research before you put utter crap on your website…. Look at the team Pep Guordiola inherited and add that to how much he spent to add to that team… Arsenal do not have the financial prowess to compete with barca Wenger is exactlly what arsenal need not any young coach or ex-player at the moment… Evn if arsenal got Rjikaard he wud run asrenal into the ground.. Rjikaard barely spent it just happened that he inherited an almost matured worldclass team and they peaked under him… Whenthey were past there peaks as you know he lost his job

  39. Plastic Gooner says:

    this is what happen when you give internet to a moron

  40. mike tyson says:

    when messi, eto’o, henry, xavi, iniesta, alves are all in the squad you inherit, who is there to buy?? all his buys are on the bench u MUPPET, im pretty sure most managers could have won the treble with that team,, they play the same way every game and are not against physical teams week in week out like the premiership

  41. timao says:

    without resorting to insult Sinbad, like some people here have felt unable to avoid, i would strongly urge you to think things through. merely because one 35-year-old has become successful in his first year in charge of a top football club, does not empower us to suggest that another would do the same thing. before making this hypothesis we should look at other examples of mid-30s managers taking charge of top flight clubs and try to establish a pattern of outcomes then see where Guardiola’s achievement sits in this pattern. and we will see clearly that in fact Guardiola does not fit the pattern. What he has achieved is UNIQUE IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL and therefore I would resist the temptation to emulate Barcelona.

  42. Perry Grovish says:

    You are a complete idiot. Come back in a couple of years when Guordiola is struggling to get a job after being sacked at Barcelona. Some of you make me laugh you probably A: Haven’t watched football enough. B: Don’t understand the game. C: Have never been to watch Arsenal (live). If Wenger went, we (Arsenal) would be in the complete shit. Give the man credit for what he has done, he makes mistakes like all managers, even Sir Alex. The training facilities, stadium and players /style are all down to Arsené. Support the club or f••k off to Shite Hart Lane!!

  43. steve far says:

    pep guardiola did exactly what avram grant did at chelsea. keep the team, keep the style and concentrate on the motivation side, hence his success. Just the way avram took chelsea, playing the mourinho formula all the way to the CL final. when he met a team that barca’s style was not really prepared for in chelsea, they survived thru sheer luck. so he is yet to prove himself despite the success.

  44. Arranblonde says:

    Some of these comments are just unfair.
    I agree with Sinbad, and propose that the board appoint my 5 year old nephew as the new Arsenal manager. Clearly the only basis for success is the manager’s age, so let’s go as far as we can and appoint a real youngster. This will guarentee success next season. Brilliant.

  45. arsene wengers red army says:

    you are a complete tart my friend, don need 2 say any more.

  46. gooner4life says:

    you are a cock, any manager can come in and win when you have a team like that but not many managers can build a team with little money and keep us in the top 4

  47. Alex says:

    Of course having a £200+ million squad behind him helps make Guardiola successful too!

  48. Kay says:

    Was going to drop a comment on how retarded this article was but I am quite pleased with the amount of sensible comments. Just shows majority of arsenal fans are loyal and use their brain when assessing comments and articles written on our great club. Not sure I can say the same for this blogger.

  49. tommy says:


  50. busheygooner says:

    we dont need a manager wenger has got job for life, but if you did want to go down the same road as barca in finding a new young manager for in the future, look no further than steve bould

  51. otairq says:

    What ever u are smoking is very bad for your health.

  52. gooner says:

    its morons like you who unfortunately have a voice. no doubt you re the knd of guy who boos our players during a game and talks in champ manager style terms, ‘if we sell him we can get messi!!!!!’

    poor blog

  53. what a load of bull says:

    you have missed your period

  54. man says:

    wot, wenger hasnt earnt in his whole career, pep Guordiola did it debut season,

    wenger 4 Guordiola swap no charge, alla the barcelona players would want to follow, messi, eto, henry return, iniesta lmao


  55. Marty says:

    I’d like to see Dennis Bergkamp brought back in as a number two to Wenger for a couple of seasons, then let loose. He’s a cool thinking professional, i think he will go on to become a great Manager one day!

  56. lc says:

    Well, with the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade no other opinions can write an Arsenal blog apart from the ‘statut quo’ we face on most of Arsenal blogs, Le Grove apart.
    I think you have a point here suggesting a younger coach could do better than AW. Why? Because our recent football managers who have been winning the CL have been under fifty(Rapha, Jose, Rayekaard, Anchelotti and Pepe Guardiola); Fergie being the only exception here. I would say that even AW has been winning us Trophies when he was in his late fourty.
    Right now the gay has become very grampy(not listen to anyone, has no respect for the fans). I doubt even if he is listening to his assistant manager either.
    You,The Arsene knows brigade, Arsenal will become like the Arsenal of the late thirties, type of Championchip supporters who are always happy to avoid relegation. Arsenal need all types of supporters in order to strike the right balance. Thank you!

  57. WC says:

    Wow I had heard from various sources how terrible this blog is and I’m just now really seeing it. Yay!! Pep won the CL with boatloads of cash and inherited one of the best teams in the world – he must be great. He didn’t build this team, he just took over. Hell Gareth Southgate could probably manage Man Utd for a season with their 50M pound transfer kitty and win the Prem – doesn’t make him a good manager, it just means he was put into extraordinary circumstances that favoured him. Now that I know how unrational and thoughtless this blog is I’m glad this will be my only visit.

  58. Nigel says:

    The is the dumbest article I’ve ever seen, Pep inherited majority of the team and made only a few adjustments, that doesn’t mean he is a good manager, he’s just a lucky one.

  59. Gooner_Dave says:

    I completely disagree.
    I think along the same lines as most of the comments above – just because Pep did it doesnt mean everyone will, the financial aspect, the inherited team etc.
    But just because we disagree with the author, theres no point resorting to insults. Not much point berating Sinbad and calling him childish, when a lot of us are immaturely calling him stupid names! Bit of a contradiction there!
    Sinbad – this is an Arsenal blog. I think you should go back to talking about all things Arsenal, and give up this crusade. Wenger is staying, if you turn out to be right about Arsene, we will acknowledge it.
    Personally though, theres nobody else Id want in charge. The man has Arsenal in his veins.

  60. Toby says:

    Are you a complete and utter idiot? Take a look at the Squad Pep Guardiola inherited..

  61. d.j says:

    dude shut up, just because that happen to them doesn’t mean it will happen to us. What part of Barca has endless money do you not understand.

  62. cookie says:

    i read this title on newsnow and knew straight away it was wrote by you without looking at your tag.i dont believe you are an arsenal fan ,keep writing this shit .if you want to change managers and players that much theres plenty of teams in this league you could chose from ,portsmouth will be buying players and changing managers thats where you should go

  63. bahraingooner says:

    I cannot understand how any Arsenal supporter can establish thereown website which should support the club, and yet write such utter tosh! Wenger is the greatest manager to grace our great club, he has done a fantastic job, most attractive team, the best stadium in the U.K. best youth system, thats why we just won the F.A. youth cup, best training ground in the U.K. thats why the England team train their. We have won the Premier and the F.A.Cup seven times between them, most sought after Manager in Europe.

  64. Danish Gooner says:

    Sad really !!!! Why do you attack Sinbad like a pack of wolves probably because deep down you know he is right.We all know Wenger havnt got a clue in how to win the cl,that is a given fact it is not up to discussion.In 2002 when we failed to qualify beyond the group stage he boldly predicted that we would win it next year,well it is now six seasons ago and although we came close in 2006 it was largely a case of default and very little on merit that we qualified for the final.What really rattles my cage is this excuse that Manure have ten times more money then we have and are therefore entitled to win the cl,but it is a flawed thesis that he contradicts himself when he wheels out the tired “it is not about money”.How many times havnt he defended his frugal investment in the transfer market with his usual,just because we havnt got any money doesnt mean we cant compete?????? After the demolition off ArsenaL at the hands of Manure he defended himself with the more money excuse,it really is starting to sound like last chance saloon from a once great manager when he so openly contradicts himself.In two years time you will all be back apologizing to Sinbad for being so wrong.

  65. Aaron says:

    Thats silly billy talk… sort your life out.

  66. str8goon says:

    Yes Pep does deserve the credit for doing what he did for Barcelona. But you get all the credit, all the honor and glory of being a dumbass! Complete moron! Don’t ever post again..

  67. Duncan says:

    What are you twelve?
    What are you nine?
    What are you six
    what are you two and a half
    what are you dead
    what are you a maggot
    what are you a muppet
    pea brained traitor
    scumbag traitor
    asswipe traitor
    dead fucking maggot
    can’t wait till i find you #

    does anyone know where this dead maggot lives ?

  68. Duncan says:

    Does anyone know where this dead maggot lives ?

  69. Duncan says:


  70. redordead says:


  71. Ola says:

    hahaha maybe it has something to do with that Barcelona has the best players in the world.

  72. Steve says:

    Are you the biggest idiot on the internet? You’re certainly right up there, although Danish Gooner must run you close for the top spot. And ‘Barcelona’ has a capital ‘B’ you ignorant tosser.

  73. goonerboy says:

    u r an idiot and u should go to hell.
    one good season and all of a sudden he is what we need.
    martin jol had a good season or two at the shite hart lane too, does that mean that he is better than arsene?
    i am not convinced pep guardiola is that great, i mean any decent manager would have done similar job with squad like barcelona.
    arsene is close to being the perfect manager. if only he is not as stubborn and actually signs a couple of experienced players, we would have been dominating europe like noone has ever done so in the past.

  74. piken79 says:

    suck dick, asshole!

  75. GunnerRevo says:

    I ‘nearly’ felt sorry for you when reading all that abuse pointed at u…. but on second thoughts… NAH! you really are a ‘TOP CLASS DUMB ARSE’ for writing such a stupid article. Next time think before you write!

  76. Forest says:

    AW only needs to have the budget of Barcelona

  77. amol says:

    dude!!! wake up!! i mean ur saying we need a young manager ?? for wht?…. freshen things up?….ru blind?… we have one of the youngest squads in the world… and tht has been put togthr by a 60 yr old!!! this says enuf abt arsenes vision….

  78. graffik says:

    Fucking shut up, we are the only team that gets anywhere near as slick as Barca and that is because of the manager we have got, where do they coming looking when they need players? I would stick by Wenger till my dying breath, he has earned the loyalty of every supporter over a considerable time. People like you probably byuy an old banger so you can swap it for an even shitter Brand new Fiat cause you’re a short term mentality, probably a cowboy in your trade.

  79. mulcs says:

    Sinbad…you are a cock!!!….and probably a Spurs fan!

  80. GonerGooner says:

    Wenger needs to go before Arsenal can win anything.
    This summer, he will build his team around Denilson and Abou Diaby.

  81. chris says:

    Quality of comments seems to have nose dived a bit recently………..

    I know it only encourages but I couldn’t resist it,

    Pep Guardiola has done great but that doesn’t mean it will last or that he will be a great manager.

    If he is it will be seen in time and it will not be becaues he is young – it will be because he is who he is (and because Barcalona are who they are). Managers don’t stay more than about 5 years anywhere unless they are exceptional so age doesn’t generally matter.

    It’s a bit like those guys saying we need more Arshavins (there are no more Arshavins) or tat he shows how important it is to get experience (he’s not great because he’s experienced, experience is a small part of what makes him great).

  82. vince says:

    please find another team. you don’t ‘support’ arsenal.

    i bet that deep down you honestly think that by keep writing these shitty blogs that you are eventually going to get arsene wenger the sack if enough people start listening to you. HAHAHAHAHA you moron!!!

    remember your last blog like this? what was it?…oh yea! “lets get ranieri” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (two weeks later ranieri gets sacked by juventus) i think that pretty much sums you up don’t it!

    at the end of the day think about this:

    liverpool haven’t won a title in 20 years

    chelsea haven’t won the champions league despite spending hundreds of millions to achieve it

    another example of a big team who have moved to a new stadium are bayern munich. have you seen how much they have been struggling recently (by their standards)??

    i know you want instant success, deep down we all do, but at the end of the day you need to be a realist. with the resources we have at the moment, on top of the current financial climate (which has definitely not helped arsenal), i think we did ok this season.

    wenger is not perfect and never will be. he made a mistake not adding to the squad before the deadline, but i think that he has pretty much accepted that now too.

    what we need to do AS FANS is be LOUDER at home games and GET BEHIND THE FUCKING TEAM! stop moaning at every stray pass and realize that this period of time in arsenal’s history is very special, and that we will miss it when it’s gone.

  83. […] Arsenal need a young manager like Pep Guardiola! Before barcelona appointed Pep Guardiola they had gone 3 seasons without winning ANYTHING!! Sound familiar? Brave move […] […]

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