Wenger: I’m fed up with people calling me tight!

Posted: June 24, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal manager ARSENE WENGER insists he is not a tight with the clubs money, and says he just has not got the money to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

The Arsenal manager is sick of hearing he has the cash but will not splash out in the transfer market because he is too tight.

Instead, Wenger  has revealed for the first time Arsenal do not have a shedload of money sitting in the bank and fans should understand the balancing act he is forced to do as he juggles success with budgeting.

He said: “I’m fed up with people who think I have £100million in the bank yet don’t want to spend it. How can people think that?

“The pride of the club is in having moved to a new stadium, while maintaining the team at the top level.”

Wenger will not chase a player if he knows United or Chelsea are also interested as he knows he will get blown away by the fees they can offer.

Instead, he tries to sign players like Cesc Fabregas who are young and hungry, polishing them into world-class performers with the Gunners’ board rubber-stamping the way he goes about his transfer business.

He also rejects suggestions that the squad needs a massive overhaul.

He said: “We cannot pump £100m into it, so we must keep faith in what we are doing as I believe this team does a lot of things right.

“It does not need to be transformed. When you go on a long unbeaten run in the Premier League and reach two semi-finals, as we did last season, common sense tells you that.

“This team is now much harder for people to handle than last September. The future looks bright.

“But I want to add to the squad and I have identified one or two targets. However, identifying players and buying them are two different things!”

Arsenal finished fourth in the last campaign and Wenger knows that big-spending City will pose a threat next term.

He added: “You can expect them to spend a lot of money so they will be going for it too.

“There is no guarantee the top four will remain the same.”

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  2. footballsnob says:

    I suspect Arsene does spend all the money he has, both on transfers and massive wages on teenagers to convince them to move to Arsenal. Why do Arsenal’s stars complain about not getting the top wages yet when listed Arsenal come out 3rd in terms of total spend?

    Arsenal’s youngsters (Vela, Ramsey etc etc etc) are payed many multiples of what they would earn at other clubs.


  3. dave says:

    He is tight. A tight yidda!

  4. Al says:

    Who says or thinks Arsenal have 100milion pounds to spend on players Wenger??? You talk some REAL RUBBISH SOMETIMES.

  5. PissedGooner says:

    Well done Arsene in creating a youth academy for all other teams to poach from cos that’s what you have acheived in the last four years. What’s the point in having sold star players for no where near there worth and replacing them with kids. Albiet wonderkids but no team has ever won anything with kids. I don’t see the point in having such a large stadium when at this rate it will be hard to fill it and we will lose even more money and become something reminiscent of Leeds United. I hope for your sake Arsene that your stubborness is repaid with glory and you can turn round to all those who doubted you and say up yours, at the moment it doesn’t seem likely!

  6. Dankyle Jatau says:

    Listening to Arsene in years past was like listening to a broken record played over again cos at the end you wonder what he is trying to achieve with all the smart talk. Now, he has undoubtedly answered many of his critics with resounding success especially with the recent form of the team plus keeping the financial status of the club above board. What remains now is a silverware to crown a beautiful run this season. In Wenger I trust, Long live arsenal!

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