Adebayor OUT, Benzema IN. Plus Video of Benzema

Posted: June 27, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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According to ROB SHEPHERD at the NOTW Arsenal will fund a £30m move for Karim Benzema this summer by cashing in on Adebayor. I would be more then happy with seeing the back of Adebayor and replacing him with Benzema. Have to say I cant see Arsenal spending £30m on a single player? But lets see.

ARSENAL are ready to hijack the Manchester United move for France striker Karim Benzema.

The Gunners board will be prepared to fund a £30million fee for Lyon’s Benzema, 21, if Arsene Wenger opts to cash in on Emmanuel Adebayor.

AC Milan have been considering making a new move for Adebayor this week. Togo ace Adebayor, 25, has also been linked with a move to Inter Milan and even Chelsea.

United are in pole position to lure Benzema – but he is also on Real Madrid’s radar. The player says he would prefer another season at Lyon to make sure he cements a place in the France side for the World Cup. But the club’s owners have hinted that a bid of more than £30m would turn their heads.

Gunners chief Wenger has been a long-term fan of Benzema. There were suggestions last summer he had a verbal deal with Lyon offering him first refusal.

On the face of it, £30m would seem out of Arsenal’s range. But the Arsenal board have approved up to £40m on new signings this summer and the sale of Adebayor would boost the transfer pot.

Wenger hopes to sign Brazil midfield ace Felipe Melo, 26, from Fiorentina. But the Serie A club may want £25m with Arsenal valuing him at £15m.

Enjoy this Video of Benzema in action

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  1. Joe says:

    I was happy until I saw who wrote the article and where the article came from. Rob Shepherd is a lying git who rarely gets anything right. He also said we were signing Alonso last summer and he was responsible for those ‘the arsenal team hate fabregas’ story a few months ago. He also works for the trashiest newspaper in the country

  2. johnny stamboli says:

    wud LOVE this to happen coz think Benzema will be one of best forwards in world in few yrs but i seriously doubt that Wenger will spend that much on a player, even if he sells Adebayor. that Chamakh guy seems to be on his way so unforunately this is just a rumour that will never happen. shame tho…

  3. Franny says:

    Pipe dream… was it really worth your time to actually blog this?

    Never gonna happen.

  4. sebcesc says:

    The Times has also printed the story. Would Lyon do aswap deal for Adebayor and cash?

  5. arsenalaction says:

    I cant see Lyon being able to pay Adecantscores £100k a week wages mate

  6. Fraser says:

    I’m afraid that the words Rob Shepherd do nothing that brings any credibility to this story. I would like it to be true but as Joe rightly points out Shepherd is a ruthless football writer who specialises in the sensational. He hates Arsenal and does everything he can to undermine the club and turn their supporters against them. Let us not also forget that, not too long ago, he was imprisoned for a serious assault and I think this also illustrates his character.

  7. james says:

    It’s also published in the times which gives it a bit more credibility, but seen as our highest ever straight cash purchase is still the 13 million that we paid for silvan wiltord i can’t see it happening. free online poker rakeback

  8. Jaiyesinmi tosin says:

    White lie,personally i hate dis kind of fake and untrue story .Where will Arsenal get dat kind of money from.

  9. arsenal4ever says:

    but Times says the same. We are after him!!!!!!!!! We were after him last summer but he gave Adebayor another chance cause he scored a lot of goals!! But Benzema would be brillant he is a clinical finisher and just 21 years old.

  10. Jonny says:

    He’d only be off to Madrid within 3 years…overrated striker.

  11. sam says:

    youve just posted two of the most ridiculous things ive seen all week cheers for a moment of amusement!!

  12. george says:

    i wish
    that shepard talks complete poo, although i would love to believe this but as if.

  13. denhen says:

    Will be a good signing. Looks similar to Thierry Henry, playing wide but cut into center with pace and skill. Hope the deal will go through. Sorry Ade, probably have to sell you to raise the fund. All the best to you(Ade) wherever you will go.

  14. SGUNNER says:

    It was actually published in ‘the times’ first, NOTW just copied it, i know that the times is more reliable then the sun,daily mail etc. it also stated that we are in negotiations with fiorentina to sign Melo…. and guess what, Rob Shephard copied that aswell!

    can’t see Benzema signing athough i hope wenger has changed his transfer policy a bit, but i can see Melo being signed.

  15. Mikolysis says:

    I,m seen this article as a something you will use to attracts more readers .Even though the cash is available, arsenal (wenger) can never spend such amount just on one player alone .But,if the rumour later come to reality,I will be more than happy .Let see

  16. LB says:

    Why does everyone thin it’s not possible? The Times has the same story, and I assume that you believe the The Times ahead of NOTW, right? Arsenal CAN spend 30m, they just choose not to. I cannot believe people are still confused about Arsenal’s financial clout. Let me spell it out: Arsenal is the most financially sound club in Europe, bar none. If anyone should be spending 40m on a player, it’s us, not Man U, not Liverpool, not Barca. The day will come when the board will sanction such expenditure, and it may be sooner than you all think.

  17. baron says:

    Silly boys the Times and NoTW are both owned by Murdoch same lies different paper

  18. creptone madunda says:

    If Adebayor goes let us give warmly welcome to Karim Benzema………….. you deserve to be the ARSENAL fan. Wenger buy him………O key !

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