Trading Places,Flamini Plus £20m for Adebayor

Posted: July 5, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Trading Places

Trading Places

According to the Mirror AC Milan are ready to offer £20million cash plus Mathieu Flamini for Emmanuel Adebayor.

Manager Arsene Wenger wants to resolve Adebayor’s future at the Emirates before launching his own summer recruitment spree. Milan and neighbours Inter are both keen to sign the 25 year-old striker.

AC hope offering Flamini a return to the Gunners will help clinch a deal. He left Arsenal last summer as a free agent but Wenger may not be keen to inherit his Milan wages.

I would bite there hand off. £20m PLUS a player who we badly missed would be a great deal. Its now clear to me that Arsenal are doing what they can to put Adebayor in the window and the club or fans no longer want him. Personally I cant wait to see that back of him.

Getting Flamini back as part of the deal would kill 2 birds with one stone. Lets hope this works out.

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  1. goonerdan says:

    Just not true this one im afraid…Galliani has said his targets are Fabiano and Huntelaar… No one wants him…His bad attitude and lazyness has talked him out of a move to anywhere hence why wenger is reluctant to say he will go…

  2. Iceman76 says:

    Total stupid article, how can we afford Flamini???????? The guy earns 144 000 p/w at Milan, where could we match that wages alone! Also where would Flamini take a pay cut! Must be a real slow sporting day!

  3. arsenalaction says:

    I think you are correct. Its clear to me that Arsenal want ride of him. Problem is that i dont think the big clubs are willing to spend £20m plus on a player who was a one season wonder.

    We should of sold him last summer IMO

    • Weedz says:

      So nobody would be willing to take Ade because he`s only had one good season, but you want Flamz back because he`s had half a good season for us?
      Flamini is , along with Hleb the biggest, most over-rated failure seen at our club since Jeffers

  4. Renan says:

    Is anybody here would show this brochure to Milan or Inter ?

  5. takura says:

    not really covinced i’d like to see flamini back at arsenal… i dont think he’d be too happy either

  6. Rom says:

    Oh how I wish this story would be true!!
    Adebayor> Flamini + £20mil = Premiership for Gooners.

    Please please please, Mr Gazidis and Wenger; if you are to get an offer like this from Milan over the next few days TAKE IT!!!!!

    I’ve never been one to hold my tongue so here we go…..

    Adebayor has become too big headed and complacent. He does not care for the club and all fans now detest him.
    Flamini was a special player; he was a lil pitbull running through our midfield and was the heartbeat of our 07/08 season. Take Flamini back so that young francis Coquelin can learn from him and when Flamini wants to leave in the future; we will already have an amazing replacement in his type and model.

    Please please please, take this deal and dont look back!!
    Give Flamini his money and lets take it from there. Give him the captaincy aswell if so be. Let cesc play his game, let Flamini shout, tackle and beat the opposition.
    During the seasons Flamini played, he was the only player who would ever stand up for his colleagues. Always the first to jump straight in and give the opposition a tough time.
    Fair enough, he is a mecenary as are all other people from Marseille. You have to understand his point for leaving last year. he wanted money so as to secure his and his family’s future. We didnt offer it, Milan did. He4 could have ended his career in a warm up but at least he then had the gur=arantee of his future and hard work having paid off.

    Soory Aaroon lad, give Mat the rat his No. 16 back!!

  7. GILBO says:

    If Adeybayor can produce anywhere near 2007 season he would be a star again at Arsenal, Arsenal shouldn’t write him off after just one mediocre season.

  8. Renan says:

    Would like to see Flamini back but I can’t see Flamini taking a big pay cut to join us somehow.

  9. judith Le'Strange says:

    It would be great if Flamini could come back to Arsenal, he was a great player and it would save us looking for someone to fill his shoes, but on the other hand would he want to come back? Also Adebayor would get his wish to play in Italy, even though I have just read his agent has said he’s not going anywhere.

    Also what’s the story I’ve been reading about Fiorentina offering Melo as part payment for Eboue, this I would definitely say go for, Eboue’s only a utility player and is on his bum more often than on his feet. So I say let’s try and get both of them

  10. jamie says:

    i just read according to the mirror and stopped reading

  11. mjc says:

    I don’t get it. How come you guys want an actual Judas back, and to get rid of a player who only flirted with leaving. Ade had a poor season last year, but a few games free of injury could see hime back to his previous form. Aren’t there any lessons to learn from Drogba’s rollercoaster at Chelsea. Flamini back? No thanks – he had his chance and he screwed us….

  12. akmal says:




    Walcott–van Persie

  13. Russ says:

    No way should we take Flamini back + he wouldn’t take a pay cut anyway. We’d still have Diarra now if it wasn’t for Flamini p*ssing us about and then deciding to leave at the end of the season.

  14. kevinsky says:

    flamoney to take a pay cut ?ur kidding me

  15. Colin Goonerbum says:

    absolute nonsense. Not worth the paper it’s written on.

  16. Goran says:

    sorry we don’t take traitors back

  17. Canadian Gooner says:

    Consider the source of this story – The Mirror, which is NOT the epitome of accurate and unbiased reportage. Is this another fairy tale dreamed up by a hack who is too lazy to go out and find a real story?

    That is only the first question to be answered. As mentioned by other commentators, “Would Flamini want to come back”? Would Arsene want him back after the way he strung the club along for months, saying his contract negotiations were going well, while running his contract down? This so he could leave for free and negotiate a large signing on fee &/or high wages with his next club. Would Flamini be willing to take a large pay cut to come back? If not, would Arsene be willing to pay him a salary that he was unwilling to pay him just twelve months ago? Someone has to make a major concession and I don’t think Arsene will be the one. He is very old fashioned when it comes to ethics and fair dealing.

    I, for one, would NOT welcome the disloyal mercenary Flamini back. I don’t think he would be happy to come back. He would be disruptive to the ethos of club, team and loyalty that Arsene is trying to instill in his young squad. That is his way to build our team and retain our players in these troubled economic times. Arsene will NOT mortgage the long-term future of our team for short term gain by paying more than the true value of a player, especially in this inflated market. Nor will he risk upsetting the harmony of the team. The last thing he needs is Flamini whispering in Cesc’s ear every day.

    Also, Abebayor has NOT said he wanted to stay with Arsenal. A reporter posed the question to his agent who replied that the situation was the same as last week (i.e. the decision is up to Arsene). Abebayor himself has said little or nothing on the subject recently. For once, he has remained silent and is letting his agent field the awkward questions.

    Will Arsene sell Adebayor? Yes, if the player wants to leave, but Arsene will sell him on his terms not Adebayor’s.

  18. Clockenders says:

    I’d be happy for £25m to get rid of Adebayor, Van Persie & Bendtner, they are are all weak footballers ,time to bring in real men, not these bunch of pussies.

  19. tommy says:

    Flam will only let us down from the near mythicaly and
    legendary status we have inaccuratly built him up to since he left.

  20. Nimz says:

    more crap from the MIRROR

  21. the 1 and only says:

    arsenal fans should giv ade 1 more season 2 prove himself he had a bad season but the season b efore he had a great season. flamini was good but he is also a money grabbing traitor who left arsenal 2 hav a rubbish season. he deserted us and should not hav the chance 2 com back

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