[Video] Arsenal fans who WANT Adebayor to leave need to see this

Posted: July 5, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Do you now want him to leave?

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  1. tommy says:

    We all know he is talented when he puts the efoort in. but he wants to move on to a “bigger” club. so his heart isn’t in it, and that attitude can spread and effect the whole team, thats all. he is not performing to his best.

    If you knew you were leaving your currant job for a bigger one, then you wouldn’t be so bothered would you. i say let him go onto bigger and better things. and lets get the best price for him.

    • barry says:

      I wanted him to leave, but what if ade does an Alonso on it and proves us all wrong!!! He may have an inspired season next year and prove all his doubters wrong next season!!!

  2. tres says:

    yes that was good season, but he has bad attitude, get rid of self loving lazy piece of shit.

  3. Gooner Londone says:

    This is exactly the problem, watching this you can see what he is capable of. however this season he has turned into a lazy cunt. season beofre last and season before that when he was of form he still tried hard, chasing everything, he was our paul dicov/tevez/bellamy. even if a player isn’t doing well if they try hard we like them. but this year he was shit all season and didn’t give a shit, he bad mouths arsenal fans when we pay to watch him, we can say what we want. he obviously has talent, but he is a natural born cunt who i don’t want at our club if he is automatic first choice. i think we should keep him one more year but he cant be first choice, arshavin is so talented to be playing with a donkey thats off side 10 times a game.

    • tres says:

      well said.

    • acherco says:

      well, we cant win the league without ade. fact!!!.
      He can be a lazy sometimes, admittedly. are you trying to say
      players like dennis berk henry and alan smith weren’t lazy?
      ade has never said he wanted to leave us. remember that.
      he is the only player who can guanrantee us at least 20 goals a season
      as he has already proove. beside i dont think robin can as he is injury prone. so get rid of ade and name me a replacement.
      please dont tell me dzeko becos he wants to go to milan.

      • Afterward says:

        What on earth are you talking about?

        Henry worked his arse off for the team…Bergkamp is a genius – to even mention him in a thread relating to Adebayor is insulting. And to say we can’t win the league without him is talk of someone who knows fuck all about football (as well as spelling).

        He had a good season in 2007/08 but that was because we had a security blanket in the shape of Flamini moppig everything up behind Hleb and Cesc so they could concentrate in threading balls to Adebayor.


        It has fuck all to do with us what happens at Arsenal. We just have to sit and see what happens. If he stays then he better pull his finger out…

      • Gooner says:

        Arsenal fans don’t need to see a video like that. We know what he can do it’s just that he didn’t do it all last season. One good season in 3 isn’t good enough. His attitude stinks, he’s become lazy, arrogant and surplus to requirements at Arsenal and I’ve a feeling most Gooners want him out, and sharpish. I know I won’t miss him if he goes.

        I hope Milan watch that video and it convinces them to put in the £20m + Flamini bid that the papers’ are reporting today. That would be a brilliant deal.

  4. Perry Groves says:

    Nobody is doubting his ability, it’s his lack of application that means we want him gone…

  5. Tom14 says:

    Thanks for spreading my vid about a bit more mate, but even I want him to go.

  6. tres says:

    i want rid of the tosser, but don’t want him to go to milan as i quite like ac, so don’t want the lanky tosspot in red and black either.

  7. noel says:

    Please send this video to Milan. Thank you.

  8. james says:

    This is the problem most of his goals need to be handed on a plate

  9. erf100 says:

    all these goals came in the 07/08 season where he was a true beast and no one wanted him to leave

    in the transfer window at the end of that season he was trying to get a move away. So every1 hated him

    in the 08/09 season he knew that the fans didnt want him so he knew that eventually wenger would sell him.he didnt needf to play good because he knows that he will b sold

    so ur video dfoes not persuade me to love an arsenal hater

  10. Kevin says:

    well if you put the video of the seatters he miss, then the lengt could be 20 min.
    but i am not hating on him, the same cfould be attribuate to other strikers.
    but ADE problem is this, when his hair is not braided he is useless,check the goal ratio with is hair breaded then when it not.
    So someone need to make sure he get his hair braided on a regular basis.

  11. VelaWillBeKing says:

    You tube can make anyone look good….an no one denies he’s got bags of talent…it’s just that it seems the bags of commitment and effort are gone…..lazyness has robbed him of the chance to be an arsenal favourite…

  12. Tossers says:

    Adebayor haters throw his purported lack of loyalty at him without even registering the irony. He’ll stay, score and be the fickles’ favourite son all over again.

  13. aj says:

    Have you got a video of all his off-sides and fumbles, for those who want him to stay?

  14. goonerdom says:

    Great to see all the goals. What about a compilation of his misses? As a fan in the stands what annoys me most is his attitude in the games last season. One game 10/10 next game goes missing, misses sitters or over complicates and doesn’t shoot. Please Ade, if you do stay, change your attitude to the fans, to the club, to your agent and your team mates… but most of all, change it your attitude to money.

  15. Sid says:

    hey of course those are his best goals.. thats why its so atractive…
    a favour though.. can you pls make a compilation of the 100 millions easy goals he missed in the past two seasons… thanx.. i’d be really grateful
    Let that ASSHOLE just leave and also DONKEY( bendtner)

  16. Joshavin says:

    I agree with the others ^^. A great season 2 seasons ago does not justify the lazy shit he has become now. This season, he was very lazy, and every time there was a break from us he would either slow it down to a halt, or be in the complete wrong position. He has also said some things which indicates he doesnt really care about arsenal. If he stays this season then fair enough but he really has to work hard and proove he is 110% dedicated to Arsenal. If not then he can bugger off now and save us the crap season he may provide.

  17. Zeitgeist says:

    Ade ia a lazy piece of shit… his ego has got the better of him…. A granny on crutches would cover more ground than he did last season

  18. wolf says:

    still want him to leave
    its a fuckin compilation…even pascal cygan can be made to look good in a compilation of 6 mins.
    wat about all the misses???

  19. Merse-10 says:

    Yes i want him to leave. Towards of the 2007/2008 season he started to become lazy and last season he was a joke. After trying to whore himself to clubs in the summer you would have thought he try to prove he wanted to be at our club by putting in the effort but sadly not.

    The missed chances and the infuriating offsides (at last 5 a game) can be over-looked and were over looked when he worked hard. Sadly he thought that one good season made him one of the best strikers in Europe and he didn’t have to work hard anymore.

    Andy Gray even said “it’s got to mean more” about Adebayor lacklustre displays in the Champions League semi-final. Added to that is disgraceful showing in the FA Cup semi-final and his general lack of effort for the last 18 months then yes i want him to leave.

    He is offise all the time and not because he’s hanging on the shoulder of the last defender. That would be acceptable. He is offise becuase he can’t be arsed to get himself back onside when he is yeards behind the defence.

    He’s lazy and he’s not actually very good. If any club is stupid to give us £20m then we should bite their hand off.

    One good season didn’t warrant him holding the club to ransom whilst whoring himself to Europe.

    Adebayors biggest strength was always his willingness to work hard and chase. That stopped mid way through the 2007/2008 season and didn’t appear at all last season.

    All i want is our players to show desire. I can excuse a bad pass, a missed chance but i cannot excuse a player from not putting in any effort.

  20. Tall Lanky Useless C**T says:

    Get rid of the useless lazy C**T…..

    • acherco says:

      i keep on asking these questions and so far nobody has come up with an altenative. who are you going to replace him with?. obviously no wants to answer that.

      • Gooner says:

        Ready replacement is Bendtner. He works hard and deserves his chance. He misses a lot too, but no different to Adebayor.

        Also we have Arshavin who’s miles better and more consistent as id RVP. Eduardo will be back and Theo will chip in with goals up front. There’s Vela too.

        And finally if AW gets £20m for him I’m sure he’d go out and buy. We’ve been linked with a couple of strikers and quite frankly anyone’s better that a twat like Adebayor who doesn’t even try.

      • Duane says:

        Same question…Who is going to replace him??

  21. James says:

    What about the 400 he missed and the fact that he’s blown offside every 2 minutes cos he’s so thick.

  22. retardedarsenalfans says:

    exactofuckingmundo tossers. His agent flirted with ac milan last season only for adebayor to sign an improved contract, wich he duly deserved. Apparantly nobody chooses to look at the other 10000 playeragents that use this method to get their clients a better contract, but choose to believe he was an arrogant twat. He was without a doubt the most hardworking player in the squad and is still by far our best striker, even though he gets booed by some idiots who actualy seem to think that wouldn’t work counterproductive. i’d almost like to see him leave so he gets fans that deserve him, instead of just tards

  23. Sigurdur Vilhjalmsson says:

    Those who want Ade to go if he wants to stay and if Wenger wants him to stay are morons to put it mildly. If Ade wants to go or if Wenger wants him to go then go-go-go. If not, of course we want him to stay; that is to say, those of us who are not morons.

  24. Ralph says:

    …and those that want him to stay need to look at his (lack of) show reel for last term.

  25. BG says:

    show us a video of all his misses…. there are more to show than goals!!! He is a lazy one season wonder… cash in on him fast!

  26. Timus says:

    Yep as others have said, watching this is just annoying.

    This is what he ‘could’ be doing for us regularly if his heart was in it, as it stands, you are better off posting this vid to Berlusconi.

  27. datbwoy says:

    You see these videos all the time on youtube, I have been victim to them, when I had a look at some african player we were linked with two years ago, he looked good with all the negative aspects of his game edited out (Tresor Maputu, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMz3Kn51cnQ) I was getting excited about bable when I saw him on youtube, but Adebayor needs to adjust his attitude. He’s typical of these cosseted millionaire hothouse flowers of football they are so detached from reality that they cannot presume to think of the fans fustration when we see our money going to waste when they don’t give 100% every game.

    Gooner Londone you’re right us fans would love him if he played with some heart and some commitment every game and did not just use our club as a stage to promote his talents. I can see what Wenger sees in him but I cannot understand Wenger’s hypocrisy when Adebayor talks about other clubs being “Beyonce”, I mean what does he think of us? Who are we Sporty spice?

    Anyway those videos on youtube although well made are a poor reflection of a player; for example, how much would you spend to get any of these to Arsenal?:

  28. I think Arsene Wenger needs to sit down with Adebayor and watch this video and ask Ade’ “where has the commitment and effort gone?”

    I personally would prefer Ade to stay because we dont even have a big striker to play up front. We need someone with a good head. (Bendtner needs time to work up on his finishing but a future elite).

    Ade’,when commited, is one of the worlds top strikers as this video clearly shows. Arsene Wenger AND THE FANS! need to help Ade’ get his commitment back. Booing him isn’t going to help. Neither is telling the world you would sell him to Chelski.

    Ade’ for the Gunners

    Gunner 4 Life.

  29. Daz says:

    Lets hope he gets back to his best, get the full backs learning how to cross the ball again for him & get that Melo in to win the ball & we’ll be ok. If Ade pisses any1 off this year hopefully it’s only the Togo coach so he aint off at the African Nations when we are up against Chelsea, Man u & liverpool

  30. Wasi says:

    I honestly think we shud keep him
    Look at the arsenal fans celebratin at the bak… Amazing
    If he can have the season he had then I think we should keep him because I really do think he can do something amazing at times

  31. Ben says:


    You clearly don’t go to the games. He had more offsides that season than any other premiership TEAM! He should have scored 130 not 30. A sack of potatos could have scored 10.

  32. Michel Hage says:

    There is wisdom in crowds. Ade if you’re reading these comments you would clearly know sympathy is not for sale. It’s earned.

  33. keeming says:

    If u could categorise his 30 goals into the following groups, it would roughly look like this.

    Delivered on a platter/ One-on-ones – 12

    Decent striker effort – 6

    Headers – 6

    Spectacular/ Breath-taking- 4

    Penalties – 2

    In a aeason where he was scoring 30 goals, I was decriding him as an average striker. 1/3 of his goals, were delivered to him on a platter by either Walcott waltzing through everyone else, or Cesc picking him up with a long ball.

    Andy Johnson could have ONE goal season. Same for James Beattie. What happened to them thereafter?

    Wake up! He’s just crap. The worrying thing is, why are we replacing him with similar crap? (Chamkah)

  34. keeming says:

    i meant Andy Johnson could have a one-off season. not ONE GOAL !

  35. nic says:

    adebayor plays really well in a 4-5-1 when every chance falls to him. I would prefer adebayor to stay and fight for his place, but I’m okay with him leaving as long as we don’t buy a replacement. We have many strikers some are better and some have more potential. I want to see vela playing as much as bendtner did last year.

  36. mjc says:

    If he’s got a squad number and he’s an Arsenal player then he has automatically got my support. But hey, let’s get Huntelaar or someone – he’s guaranteed to be more dedicated (how do you know). And let’s get rid of Bendtner too – what are you people on? Wait – there’s more: get rid of Fabregas because he keeps flirting with Barcelona. Get rid of Rosicky he’s a liability. Get rid of Almunia/Gallas/Toure (not world-class/bad attitude/flirting with Man City). Get rid of Diaby, Denilson, Song (not Arsenal standard). Get rid of Arshavin – not happy in England. Get rid of Van Perise (still stalling on new contract). Get rid of Vela, Simpson, JET, Eboue (not first team players). Get rid of Walcott (hasn’t fulfilled promise). Get rid of Wenger ‘cos he hasn’t brought us a trophy in years. ALL OF THE ABOVE STATEMENT ARE CULLED FROM RECENT COMMENTS BY SO-CALLED GOONERS. I’M HIGHLIGHTING THE ABSOLUTE BOLLOX THAT SOME OF THESE PEOPLE SEEM TO BELIEVE. How about a quiet summer of stability with minimal departures and a few strategic signings? Why are you guys always trying to break up our squad whenever possible – don’t we have the tabloid press to do that????

  37. tommigooner says:

    When you do something like this you need to have a balance – that’s if you really want to have a balance approach to an argument – now show videos of him mopping around, can’t be arsed & basically thinking he’s the dogs bollocks..

  38. piken79 says:

    We have some of the dumbest fans in the world. ADE was better than CESC last season yet no one mentions the fact. ADE was starve of goals last season, not because of his own doings but because he had no good service and still had 16 goals. Look around europe, all the big clubs are searching for strikers..we have one of the best in ADE, like him or hate him, he is the only one I believe can hit the 30 goal mark..get rid of ADE and we’ll be rubbish this season..cus RVP is not strong enough, DUDU is not fast enough & who knows what effects his injury will have..IM not going to mention Bendtner & Vela…In addition, any striker better than ADE will cost US a cool 35M, in case you haven’t notice…we dont have that kind of money..so be greatful all you ENGLISH CUNTS and shut the fuck up!!!!!

  39. busheygooner says:

    ye this was Adebayor pre getting his lucrative £80,000 a week contract. Last season when he had his money wasn’t quite the same form, was it?

  40. chocolate gooner says:

    Adebayor, Adebayooooooor, his dad washes elephants, and his mother’s a whore.

    Fuck off Ade! You’re not wanted!

    Make a 3 hour film of his misses and his off-sides, then ask the question again. And try and get the clips pre-season, where one minute he’s saying he loves the club, and the next he’s saying he wants to leave.


  41. mjc says:

    Piken79 – nice one – seems to have worked – they’ve-up-the-fuck-shutted….

  42. Wasi says:

    I hope he stays and proves your critics wrong.

  43. Rizal says:

    How About Showing “the goals” That He Miss to Convert !

    Stating your point by showing only the UPSIDE is not worth anything without taking consideration of the DOWNSIDE.

    Add his “attitude” into the equation, ………

    I for one will never feel any regret even, if he does truly become 30+ goals scorer for another club.

  44. aidan daley says:

    He doesn’t deserve to wear a Gunners shirt. He’s a mercenary troublemaker who plays only for himself not for the club. Get rid of him at the soonest opportunity.
    He’s a disgrace

  45. retardedarsenalfans says:

    his conversion rate that year was in the top 2 for the premiership, van persie’s for instance was much lower, but hey, ignore the facts liek true fans eh. Van persie missed more sitters than anyone this season, I don’t see anyone complaining about that… But hey, it’s much easier to like the guy that shows off now and then then to like the hardworking scorer like ade. Not to mention van persie is absolutely useless on his own. That is not a dig and van persie, he just lacks what adebayor brings to the table and vice versa. If I had to chose I’d say ade over van persie every day of the year, and so would anyone who actualy watches the games

  46. Gunner4U2NV says:

    You guys are acting like no other striker in the world misses chances. He is not Pele or maradona, every striker does not score 5 a game even though they get more than five scoring opportunities.
    Does no other striker tries to beat the offside trap, which he was probably instructed to do by Wenger.
    Does no other striker score sitters. What kind of argument is that, is he supposed to run out of the box and score from there.
    He is a world class striker who can score in any way. He can header, he has pace, he can dribble, he can hold up the ball, he can shoot from distance and he can finish.
    His lack of enthusiasm is probably because last season he had two defensive midfielders behind him and wing-backs who could not cross to save their lives.

    Ade is arsenal’s scapegoat for bad team performances. I for one want him to stay

  47. mjc says:

    “I for one will never feel any regret even, if he does truly become 30+ goals scorer for another club.”

    So if he went to Chelsea and scored 35 goals, you’d be proud that you and your ilk drove him out of the club? You’d be happy that there was nothing you could have done, like for example, supporting this Arsenal player, that could have helped those 35 goals being scored for Arsenal instead?

    Isn’t your pride getting the better of you? Ever heard the expressions: “cutting your nose to spite your face”?

    • Rizal says:

      Hi mjc, to answer your question is a big YES, without any slight of regret but using the word happy does not fit in, because when he is not become Arsenal player anymore, then whatever he do, does not concern me, Ade himself or anybody have his own right to be the best that he can ethically.

      -Piken79 – “We have some of the dumbest fans in the world”
      Naaa, for a fans to dislike a player for not being loyal to the his own club cannot be call dumb doesn’t ?

      -Wasi- “I for one will never feel any regret even, if he does truly become 30+ goals scorer for another club.” You aren’t a true gunner.
      :), does that mean that if you don’t like Gordan Brown, then you are not a true Brit, please do allow me to smile again, 🙂

      Look :
      – the Ade lover, love Ade = because he had the ability to be Arsenal top goals producer.
      -the Anti-Ade dislike Ade = for his not so admirable attitude, as for his performance “tommigooner” comment say it the best.

      So what this all come down to is how do we persive the quality within someone.

      Yes, I do dislike Adebayor, but I am not in the bandwagon who go on screaming & booing him off. If he leave, he leave, if he stay then he stay, there is nothing that we as a mere football fan can do, if you think OTHERwise, then just tell me how the “deep-love” had been show to Vieira or Thierry or Pires, ? and yet they leave too.

      Anyhow, people can change, so does Adebayor, so we should not close the door too tight on Ade. If one day his attitude change, then I will accept it with an open arm, but for now to say that I do love Ade as an Arsenal player, that would be far from truth, period.

      There is no winner in this board be it the pro-Ade or Anti-Ade, but it sure does expose the variety of human logic and psychology.

  48. Wasi says:

    “I for one will never feel any regret even, if he does truly become 30+ goals scorer for another club.”

    You aren’t a true gunner

  49. michael says:

    when he is good he is fucking good

  50. dickie says:

    yeah but what about the other 120+ sitters he missed that my nan would have put away?

  51. servb says:

    he needs to go . he is the only striker that doesnt want to attack alway taking or passing the ball backwards. attack foool, he misses 10-12 chances and he’s alway offside. go please

  52. Daz says:

    Well said piken79!

  53. keeming says:

    To retardedarsenalfan:”his conversion rate that year was in the top 2 for the premiership” WOAH ! steady! where did you pull this stat from? Ur arse?

    Forlan conversion rate (shots to goals conversion) at Manure was better than Henry, so who’s the better striker? Does that mean anything?

    Anyway, im very sure Adebayor conversion rate was not in the top 2. I supposed the top rate was 1 to 10? And Ade came in close at 9:1

    • Tossers says:

      It was second only to Torres last season, better than top scorer Van Persie this season.

      When used in the context of supporting evidence disagreeing with moronic statements involving misses, it’s actually very valid and meaningful.

      Guessing the rest of this shit is all the spoonfed character assassinations the dribblers are recycling from tabloids and blogs. Ah for a brain cell eh lads?

      The irony still sailing miles over your heads too…?

  54. tommigooner says:

    Piken79 – you mention Ade was better than Cesc last season and we have the dumbest sets of fans – well mate I think you need to stick yourself in that category as you missed the fact that Cesc didn’t play for about 4 months – so as a whole Ade would of had a better season as he would of played more. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t about Ade playing better than Cesc – this is about Ade thinking he’s made it. You can’t be blind to the fact that after Ade signed his new mega deal he didn’t work as hard. The things he did in his first season and a half for us is what made us love him – his work rate – his hassling – he was a team player but after the shenanigans last summer – do you really expect all Gooners to be behind him 100% – if they were they certainly would be the dumbest in the world! I gave him the benefit of the doubt but he only plays when he wants to! You say he was starved of the ball etc. well in his first season and a half he would go looking for the ball and harass and barge etc. he certainly didnt do that last season – it was as if he was above the ‘dirty work’.

    Don’t get me wrong ‘on his day’ Ade is unplayable – however he just doesn’t show that enough throughout the season.

  55. Marques says:

    I don’t believe anyone doubts that Ade is a talented footballer. He is however inconsistent and carried a bad attitude and a lack of effort all through last season. I think he needs to leave before he becomes the poison that Berbatov was to Tottenham! I say it’s better if he leaves while we can still get a decent fee for him.

  56. arsenalaction says:

    Guy this debate will carry on in this thread

  57. Am'z says:

    fukn al punsh of loooserz in here,the man had bad season i agree bt who had a gd season???????????????????????????????cnt be sayn this over n over n over again,fabry,van,wenger,the board and EVEY! wasw SHIIIIT last year,we cnt keep talkn about the past 4eva u knw,KEEP ADE,EBOUE and SLL the useless SENDO,SILVY and DIABY.like i said before if he dose stay u sukrzzzz gna eat ur word next year,n when hes the top scorer by the end of the season evry1 will be like’awww we luv u ade,ade this and ade that’fuknnn get behind ur playerz.

  58. Gioo says:

    Sure it’s easy to say we should get rid of him.. but who do we have to replace him? We need a striker who can score 20+ goals a season. Vela is still developing, Bendtner needs to be more consistent and Eduardo isn’t back to his best yet. And please everybody be realistic, Chamakh only managed 14 goals in 42 appearances in Ligue 1. These stats are almost the same as Bendtner’s in the EPL…

    Ade need’s to wake up and start to put more effort into games, keep his mouth shut and stay true to Arsenal this season.. If he does all that, then im sure he will once again be the best striker in the league.

  59. john thomas says:

    What a thick bunch of cunts you Ade lovers are, he is a piece of useless shit one season does not a world class striker make, the reason Wenger states that Ade is staying is because he wants the best price for him and no other reason, a manager does not tell other managers that he is getting rid of his asset, same as if you were trying to sell a car you do not tell the buyer what a pile of shit it is.

  60. Gally says:

    well i think most of u dnt play fotball & if u guys do maybe u playd in d local level point of correctn ade was’nt d only lazy player last season cecs& toure bcos we’ve all seen wat dey can do. d other arsenal are just comin except clichy & sagna who i wil alwys give d most consistence arsenal player d only mistake ade did was sayin he was going if u are a gud futbaler whn u mis sum of ur mate on d feild players dt take 2 players away so dat u can pave way u knw how hard it could be d no more gud crosses no more gud counter attak d b4 u settle dey’ve scord ur team d boss knw wat was afectin dem do u tink hleb, dudu& rosicky can be replace just like dat NOO! fabregas never scored 4rm distance last season av u guys 4gotten totheham, milano, sevila no more space 4 him he’s alwys crowded in d pitch sum said he was hlping denilson but when he was pushd 4ward games lik chelsea liverpool mancity Guys u are talkin of ade wat abt bebartov 30mil 12gls ade 2mil 16gls wit alot of injury Guys i think we shld giv him 1more

  61. Am'z says:

    only just seen the vid aswell and it just proves my point on him,TOP TOP TOP striker that we can neva replace in years 2 cum if he leaves specialy with the amount we spend,n dnt tel me we have Bendy,DUdu and van coz they are all difrnt from him,mayb bendy iz kinda similar bt NOWHER NEAR ADE ABILITZ,n yeh guyz seen how many of his goals HLEB and FLAMINI were invlovd in??honestly them 2 leavn was the sadst thng i experncd in my 15yrz support of arsenal,we were gna be CHAMP of europe very soon with that team bt MR WENGER fukd evrythn up,we played the BEST FOOTBALL EVER with that team(even more than da invicble)while last year wa the WORSE FOOTBALL and TEAM ALL AROUND in yearzzzzz,hope they cum back nt jus 4 me,bt for the all fanz,the players and evry1 invlovd,team spirit will go sky high as the previous season bt i knw MR WENGR aint gna do that coz he thnkz WALLCOT and SONG will do a better job,nt in a millllllion year.alwyz gd luck FLA&HLEB!!!

  62. Daniel says:

    haha… how many times did he kiss/pat the badge after he scored?? disloyal, lazy, money hungry prick.

    He’s a good player, not world class player… all of his good attributes and negated by his lazyness (offsides and general demeanour)and poor finishing.

    Take anything over £20m for him. £15m profit for one good season is what Wenger does best… he will be replaced, Wenger always does:

    Wright->Anelka->Henry->Adebayor-> Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner??

  63. Goonerboy says:

    If he does become as commited as he was season before last and injury-free too, he can be top class.
    But the question is, can he?

  64. Russ says:

    Is there a video out there showing all the chances he’s missed + number of times he’s offside? Would personally be glad to see the back of him.

  65. GOONAAHHH says:

    Listen ppl adebayor is good, everybody should se that, he is what a stiker is he is the name striker the clean good striker. A striker that can score 30 goals, he can score 10 and he can score 16 but he is good he is a striker an arsenal stiker not like any other striker.

    I know he wasnt on his best last season but he said many times “yeah of course I happy if big teams wants me”, and i understand him cause that means his good and which he is, and he said “but i want to stay in arsenal i aint leaving before i have won something for them so what is arsenal fans problem when they say he wanna leave of course he wanna leave now when nobody is thankin him nobody is givin him support, when ppl just dont care when he said himself on arsenal’s homepage many times IM STAYING. I fuckin dont get it when they want a stiker that can score wooow i dont know but beautiful goals, when a stiker his not even on his best when he scores 30 goals.. of cpourse a fotballer got ups and downs look at ronaldo? he the best player 2 seasons ago, this season he was rubbish but ppl didt want him to leave bacuse they knew what the man can do, what about adebayor he know he can do wow things why want him to leave!

    Im so happy if is true that he’s gonna stay just wait to next season its gonna be pay back time to those gooners who didt support him i hope he make them regret saying he should leave..

  66. Danish Gooner says:

    Yeah,and Kevin Philips once scored a bundle in the pl ,but he is still a crap striker,

  67. Clooci Art says:

    i would rather we sell him and bring back henry on the cheap to give vela, and nicky b someone proper to learn off…or even just buy a winger and stick theo upfront (theo cant cross but can finish) + ade just goes offside too many times ! he breaks the arsenal slow and alan smithm henry or bergy never did that to arsenal
    in a arsenal team like ours any stricker with goood finishing would thrive, dont think we need 2 big man in squad, 1 is enogh, we need the old days of just great finishers and ADE IS NOT A GREAT FINISHER AT ALL
    he is a arrogant ……..

  68. Bants says:

    What about all the chances he misses and you can never change he fact that he’s a greedy c u n t. Got his pay rise last summer after prostituting himself to Milan and done f u c k all since

  69. Tossers says:

    Love how the lazy contingent (mean that in both senses) only refer to the United semi and an abject performance; and fail to mention his performance in the away leg of the previous round.

    Try harder lads. Yet more irony right there.

  70. Phil McC. says:

    Well that’s his 30 seconds of goodness out the way… shall we watch the other 1000 minutes of him being shit?

  71. nemesis says:

    a lot of people here are speaking out of their arses….so what? was it only Ade who appeared lazy at the end of last season? most of the team that did well in 07/08 was in fatigue last season. No body, and I mean no one who played the entire of 07/08 did well last season, say for Almunia. Many of you are just making Ade a scapegoat. One season he didnt appear to be in it and people shout from the roof tops to crucify him. Give the lad a chance. I think part of the reason we didnt do well against some of the small clubs was because Ade was off form and you cant win the league without beating em

  72. thegame24 says:

    Video also shows how quality hleb was that season, set up most attacking play and his link up with ade + fabs was mouth watering.

  73. D says:

    The only reason why I don’t like Ade is him denying he said he wanted to leave last summer. He doesn’t understand why fans felt betrayed, and feels he has done no wrong.
    Ade has talent, just I’m not sure he has the passion to play football for arsenal.

  74. JSP says:

    OK that was the season before last when he was after a big money contract. Now he has it he doesn’t care any more. OUT HIM NOW!!!

  75. Martyn Linkin says:

    The fool scored 30 goals in an amazing team where he got fed with 150 clear chances but scored 30u might wanna subtract the two hat tricks he scored against the crappiest team in the history of the league dat shortens it to 24…anybody remember how many tap ins he missed but would score the hardest goals…what would happen if he had just tapped in the easy ones? He’s just crap…football is all about attitude mo reason why Ronaldo left Manure, his attitude had changed he didn’t think there was anything left to win at O.T and thus Fergie knowing how to play his cards sold him off ..the time might not be right but it suits the team..had Wenger sold this cunt a season ago i think we’d be much better off en we’d have gotten a better deal than now when he wants the whole world to think he’s staying…i can assure u if next season i see this dork wearing the red and white i won’t be watching dat many games.

  76. Anon. says:

    Still want him to leave yes………………….

  77. wengersbrain says:

    The fans who slate him still haven’t answered the question:

    Who could we get realistically buy to replace him? What other striker out there has the same attributes as Ade i.e. Pace, strength, height and good a technical level. Edin Dzeko was an option, not anymore. Football today is so much about the physical aspect and in Ade we have a player that has every physical attribute you want in a striker.

    John Terry and Jamie Carragher have both said that he’s probaly the toughest striker they’ve come up against and they’re world class defenders.

    If he stays he’ll inevitably get booed by the mob of thickle fans. Booing a player really helps him and the team perform better doesn’t it. We need to keep this team, including Ade, together. Stability is so important.

    Without Ade I doubt very much we’d be able to win a major trophy in the upcoming season.

  78. wengersbrain says:

    So Martyn you won’t watch us play just because you don’t like Adebayor? Great fan you are. Jeez.

  79. Biff says:

    Is een the video and know he score evertime with the bal. not miss one time even… very good attacker playr. Arsnal must keep him.

  80. RAIF says:

    Ade is a Twat. his lazy and never puts in the effort. so having a 6min video clip of ades best bits dont prove shit and wont change the minds of the many many fans who want him GONE!!!!!

    im sure if there was a video of Ades SHIT BITS. there wouldnt be enough time to watch them all.

    SO LETS HOPE ADE FUCKS OFF so we can get a proper striker and

    thank you and have a Day

  81. Erik says:

    I dont understand all this fighting and hate from some of you people, you honestly sound so vile and disgusting, fair enough if you dont like him, but some of the abuse and language used makes feel ashamed you guys support this club.

    The whole issue of him wanting to leave was inflated beyond beleif by the press and most of you being the sheeps you are beleived whatever report you read 100%.

    Yes, he misses a lot of easy chances…. but at least he is good enough to get there and be able to have the chance, do you think finding space to create the chance is easy when you have 2+ Premiership defenders on you?

    Carragher, Terry and I even think Ferdinard have gone on about how hard it is to play against Adebayor.

    I say give him another season to prove he is good enough, without injuries I bet he’ll score at least 20 and get around 5-10 assists… and who cares if they are easy chances? god, a goal is a goal, stop moaning.

  82. Adebayor says:

    where are the many videos of him standing around blaming others for not passing to him
    or the vidoes of him trying to be elaborate then losing the ball, afterwards shouting at cesc pretending it was his fault?
    or those many open net misses…oh the many open net misses

    Adebayor Out

    chant is on

  83. […] [Video] Arsenal fans who WANT Adebayor to leave need to see this Do you now want him to leave? Join the forum http://www.arsenalaction.com […]

  84. VS says:

    I want Adebayor to stay….and if the team play shit then blame it on the team not just him. Nah, don’t blame the team you thick supporters, get behind them, pissing ppl off rarely helps them…

    • Tossers says:

      Amen. Supporters support. Try it sometime gents, rich you lot turning on someone who’s still an Arsenal player, when you were licking his balls at the Lane only last season.

  85. KA says:

    I would still have him leave. He takes 5 chances to score 1 goal.

  86. radhyaksa says:

    But i don’t think arsene wenger will use the money from selling adenayor to buy a veteran striker. He will buy an talented striker but needs to be improved again. Remember when he sells Henry to barcelona and buy 4 new players u-21?

  87. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    I’ve never been an Ade fan, but last season showed that when it comes to scoring goals, only Eduardo is better than Ade out of our current strikers. Fool yourselves about Ade being the only one to miss sitters, I’ve seen Van P do it enough times and Bendtner… well, let’s not even go there.

    If he works hard and stops being offside so much, Ade will be great for Arsenal. These are things that can improve, I just hope he can do it and shut all the arseholes up.

  88. codchops says:

    That video just underlines how little enthusiasm Adebayor has playing for us now. If Arsene can get him back in that frame of mind, then that will be the best solution for everyone. Another season like last though and he’ll be shown the door.

  89. codchops says:

    Martyn – if next season we are drawing 0-0 with Spurs and Ade pops up with a 93rd minute winner, will you just sit there with your arms crossed because you hate Ade? Muppet!

  90. LostInTheStates says:

    Doesn’t change my mind. Look at the team behind him. Also look at the teams he scored against. He can’t play the Arsenal way – too many offsides, too many broken plays, too many missed passes. Send him away!

  91. Gally says:

    i now get d reason why anelka said he left arsenal just 2 punish d fans, he said arsenal fans are ingrate u did 2 hleb 2 u guys said he doesn’t know how 2 score but he was d secret behind fabregas success dat season, u guys are even doing it gradually 2 d coach himself, d almighty will 4give u guys

  92. bade the gooner says:

    saw it, very nice, even bit nostalgic, but yeh, still wants him to leave

  93. Harry Barracuda says:

    Get rid of him and all the other Africans. We don’t get a full season from them anyway this year, even if they do try. Toure, Eboue and Adebayor are all a liability now.

  94. Angelo in Aus says:

    104 appearances equals about 450 offsides and about 500 extra goals he should have scored

  95. gooner91 says:

    you could put together a video compilation of francis jeffers’ goals for us and make him look like he was indisposable to the club
    adebayor should still go, if he was really committed to the club dnt u think he would have cleared up all this speculation like fabregas/clichy/sagna has done?
    and mate as for get rid of eboue and toure?
    ok eboue may not be the most skillfull and talented player weve ever had atleast he tries, hes got more love for the club than adebayor ever will. and as for toure, i think hes a quality defender, and yes we wont get a full season from him this year, but why do u think wenger brought vermaelen in eh?

    • Tossers says:

      Did you miss him being our top scorer as we came very close to clinching the title that year then? Do show me the Youtube video of Jeffers having a season like that.

  96. gazetna says:

    If you knew you were leaving your currant job for a bigger one, then you wouldn’t be so bothered would you. i say let him go onto bigger and better things. and lets get the best price for him

  97. GosportGooner says:

    Trouble with Ade is his attitude. Nobody doubts he has the skills, but he is a lazy twat. And all this shit about a 30 goal season. Same season that Dudu got his leg smashed and RvP went out about the same time, only leaving Ade as our main striker. No wonder he got 30 goals.
    If he can sort out his attitude and all this “I want to stay/ I want to leave” crap, then the fans might be less inclined to heckle him. He needs to make his position clear. Crystal.

    • Tossers says:

      I assume you’re writing similarly derogatory and speculative character defamations of Kolo Toure, who handed in a transfer request earlier this season?

  98. Kat Ryan says:

    i really want him out too. crazy african (((

  99. Luc says:

    He’s a great player:)

  100. marvellousmarve says:

    your showin us a video from 2 seasons ago and askin if we want him to go erm yes he could have scored 50 dat season how many easy chances did he miss?
    and last season he wasnt even assed the team was down over his i think im henry coz i scored 30 goals in one season attitude is a pile of wank if ya dont wanna run ya ass off for the arsenal like wen u first came do one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Supagoona says:

    Would I want Ade to go on a free? Of course not. He’s decent, but if we can get £20m-£25m for him, bite their hands off! Think of the better strikers we could have. Not to mention more dedicated ones too.

  102. gooner gal says:

    Ade can be very good if he turns up, but he dont turn up to sooo many games. since his rise he has become very lazy and dont try on the pitch.
    also, why dont someone post all the misses he has made and all the offsides he has been?

  103. goonerjon says:

    Good video, but it fails to show the 240 misses that go with his 1 in 8 conversion rate. It also fails to show the hundreds of offside decisions that drive us fans insane with frustration.
    I can’t wait to see the back of him.
    So yes i still want him out. Thanks

  104. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    Holy shit this site get a lot of comments, well done, congratulations are in order..
    Anyways..hate to go there, but whats the song in the vid called and who made it?

  105. gazetna says:

    We all know he is talented when he puts the efoort in. but he wants to move on to a “bigger” club. so his heart isn’t in it, and that attitude can spread and effect the whole team, thats all. he is not performing to his best.

  106. gazetna says:

    Anyways..hate to go there, but whats the song in the vid called and who made it?

  107. dalio8 says:

    Great post, thanks to share this video!

  108. Tossers says:

    – Adebayor has not handed in a transfer request, unlike some other players this year, who don’t get castigated.

    – His conversion rate was second only to Torres last season, and superior than Robin Van Persie’s this season. Therefore he doesn’t miss loads of chances.

    – Please back up your “lazy” allegations with something- the ProZone stats that Wenger and our staff use perhaps? If you’re just going to stick to this sort of criticism then it’s just… well lazy lads. Try harder.

    Or you could perhaps just think, watch, analyse and not just paraphrase the gobshite down the pub, the hyperbolic tabloid reporter or the dribbling blogger.

  109. Mark Harewood says:

    Point well made ! Abedayor or Bendtner ??? and If he is so bad , why are Milan ready to fork out so much for him ? As long as he is ready to work and fight for the team ! either him, Nicklas ” I should be playing in the championship ” Bendtner , or Robin ” i have done me knee in again and will be out for 3 months ” Van persie . Eduardo ( is he still an Arsenal player !?) Unless Wenger is going out of his way ( god fore bid !) to pay for a decent striker !! You Abedayor haters should keep quiet , the goals aren’t gonna come from anywhere apart from him !


  110. J.D says:

    Adebayor Needs To Do That Every Season, Not Just One Season.
    He Needs A Lesson From Thierry <- Mr. Consistent

  111. egard87 says:

    yow ade u want salary as much as henry
    the thing is, u not winnin any trophy 4 the club
    even worse, u play sucks, ur attitude sucks
    u miss a lot, and getting lazy
    we fans of arsenal cant accept this
    fighting against big teams u are almost useless, liability
    what we want u asking?
    if u want to name urself as gunners strikers….brings trophy to the club
    even at lose….dont give up…..like brazil vs USA….or like Liverpool vs AC Milan
    this is football, as long as u not give up, the game will not
    just try harder……if lose…lose in dignity for you wearing gunners

    hope GUNNERS can win trophies for 09/10 season

  112. Zef says:

    well said “tossers”…. it z our fans, not him who z lazy….

    he scored 16 dis season, dat RVP scored only few more… d fact z, He didn’t play as bad as u all say he did.

    Show him some support, he might produce 40 next season… and Y zn’t anybdy counting how ,any clear chances bendtnar z missing..??

    and 4 all whom want him out…. Y dont U sugst a betr replcmnt ha????

    analyze d stats correctly and den comment…..Dont criticize some 1 just bcoz u dont like em..

  113. goonza says:

    Well, no matter how good he is, no player should be allowed to remain in this club while insulting the club and its fans every summer. Imagine his comments just before a massively important champions league semi-final.

    Frankly, he is not that good .. given the excellent service he receives. huntalaar, benzema, dean ashton, andy of fulham, santa cruz, and any half decent striker could ave doubled those figures if they played for the mighty arsenal.

    Arsene, please dump this guy ASAP .. especially if it means getting the flamster back. We do not want him, even if he will score 200 goals next season.

    • Zef says:

      u said ade insulted us by flirting wuth another club…….

      ok, den Why d F do U want Flaminy back ha?????

      he dumped us 4 money…..and joined milan……(how shitty is dat??)

      if u can forgive him and get him back…… Y can’t U give ade another chance???


  114. raif says:

    Tossers… i dont Believe in stats. i trust my eyes thank you.. ive seen more from Nikki’B in sheer effort and drive then i have Seen Ade EVER try, thats what people wants to see at the very least “Heart and effort” ADE ticks NONE of them Boxes, so using a youtube clip of Ades best bits dont prove nothing either matty, the same goes for your so called stats.

    Ade is and always was a One Season Wonder,

  115. pitbull says:

    Send him packing, we do not need a 30 goals striker…we need a NEW striker who will take 6-12 months adjusting to the EPL.

    That is perfectly logical

  116. dan says:

    hes a liability, his arse hole went against united when we needed him most, now he’s also been exposed as another money orientated shite bag, sell him. Quickly.

  117. akincitr says:

    thank you for this information. I hope u ll go on helping us to learn this kind of important issues Eğlence ve hüznün bir arada yaşandığı bir dünya.!!!

  118. محمد says:

    before a massively important champions league semi-final.

    Frankly, he is not that good .. given the excellent service he receives. huntalaar, benzema, dean ashton, andy of fulham, santa cruz, and any half decent striker could ave doubled those figures if they played for the mighty arsenal.

    Arsene, please dump this guy ASAP .. especially if it means getting the flamster back. We do not want him, even if he will score 200 goals next season

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