[Video] A Final Tribute To The King Of Pop, RIP Michael Jackson

Posted: July 7, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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A collaboration between people from the facebook group “RIP Michael Jackson”

Group members from around the world were asked to send parts of “Man in the Mirror”.

This is the result.

RIP Michael Jackson

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  1. Timus says:

    Sorry mate, but this isn’t the place. This is an Arsenal blog, I want to read about Arsenal not see a video of a singer I was never particularly into…

  2. arsenalaction says:

    Timus..Fair enuff but the title is clear. You didn’t need to click on the link mate.

    Its a personal entire to show respect for him on the day of his funeral.

    its a one off day, just like he was…

    Cheers mate

  3. TH says:

    Why click or comment on the site if you don’t like MJ? Nice tribute.

  4. arsenalaction says:

    Thank you TH mate

  5. Matt says:

    The greatest individual entertainer the world has ever seen. Incredible singer, songwriter and the ultimate showman. We won’t see anyone like him again.

  6. dino says:

    arsenalaction – nice one

  7. ChrisGoona says:

    Timus we dont give a crap who u are into… u can see the title, show some respect

  8. Am'z says:

    R.I.P KING 😦

  9. nonso says:

    well dnt mind timus he could be on unprescribed drugs 4 nt knowing d impact mj has on d whole world.he is a collosus which can neva be 4gotten rip mj.meet to part no more.

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