Wenger shows more bad judgment by keeping Adebayor

Posted: July 10, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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lets rewind to last summer.

Arsenal had the chance of cashing in on one season wonder Adebayor, but Wenger didn’t want to sell him. Not even for £30m.

AC Milan wanted him and were offering BIG money. I at the time said “TAKE THE MONEY”

This summer Arsenal are doing everything they can to get ride of Adebayor but they cant find a buyer.

From my source at the club i can confirm that Arsenal want to sell Adebayor this summer and would accept a bid of around £20m for him. But we have not received a single offer for him. It was hoped that Adebayor will be sold in order to free up some cash for new summer recruits and to lower the wage bill at Arsenal but it seems like clubs AC Milan and co no longer want Adebayor.

So whats chance from last summer? Why didnt we sell him for £30m and why did we give him a new contract reportedly on over £100k a week?

Its simply, MORE bad judgment by the manager. Add this to the fact he sold Flamini,Diarra and Gilberto and is STILL yet to replace them with a DM at the club. The fact he signed Silverstre on a 2 year deal. The fact he plays this negative 4-5-1 week in week out. The fact he is playing Nasri as a DM and Diaby as a winger.

I think you can clearly say that Wenger has lost the plot.

How can we trust this man as our manager? With money so tight at the club we cant afford to blow what money we do have on shite like Adebayor. We should of sold him last summer. A huge error by Wenger and now we are paying the price. We are going to be lucky to get £12m for Adebayor.

If he stays he is just going to be moody so we might as well get whatever we can on this lanky streak of piss.

Its going to be a shit season again unless we start to sign some players SOON.

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  1. Ottoman says:

    Oh Man…Not another one.

  2. omar says:

    i dont understand why alot of people want adebayor to go. its true he didnt have a good season but still should we sell every player who has 1 bad season. some people say he doesnt care about arsenal from the way he plays but that how his style has always been so thats unfair criticism. some people want chamakh for example but whats the guarantee that he will be a success in england? ide rather give adebayor another season

  3. Clarky says:

    Boring. This article adds nothing. We all know it was a mistake to keep him and – from Wenger’s carefully chosen words this summer – its clear he wants rid of him. But if noone bids we are stuck with him. Live with it

  4. Adarsh says:

    why don’t u support Real madrid…they sign a butt load of players..

    how has wenger lost the plot when he is still credited to have one of the best squads in europe (only lacking a CDM)…if u don’t support his view point of young players making it through tht’s jst too bad becoz obviously alot of ppl think it will pay dividends…
    jst chill otu and give it this one extra year…if we go trophyless this season too, then i would say tht the experminet failed…yet…wenger would still be mr.arsenal

  5. gaya says:

    ok let put it this way. Who the hell is Arsene to have all the right answers and not be entitled to mistakes?
    Arsene never sold Flamini, he left on a free and that is one simple mistake made by you too.
    Diara left cos he wanted out now nd fast nd what’s the point haaving him in when you are not a prison warden. Gilberto left cos he wsnt going to get much games and probably wasnt down for the one year rolling contract.
    i think it would be much appreciated if we doing some solid research and put in a lot of thought b4 we jump to comclusions or joined the bangwagon in assuming issues becos its what’s being touted around the terraces

  6. Duane says:

    Can you plz find something else to talk about and stop whigning about sell adebayor or we shouldnt have sold Flamini etc.
    Do you think Wenger doesnt know what the team needs and doesnt need? He has been a coach for as long as we can remember and has won trophies. If he never won anything then we would be justified with all the rap about him.
    I guess if you were a Middlesborough fan you would have have a coronary or jumped ship with the decision to stick with Southgate
    I really pray people like you never end up in football management.
    Crappy Blog indeed

  7. Iain says:

    I tell you what mate….. you echo everything i have been saying for ages.
    Even when he scored his 30 goals it was plain to see that was because Eduardo was acting as his foil allowing him the time and space he needed. When Eduardo got injured , Adebayors goals ended, Arsenal weren’t doing to bad last season till Adebayor got injured.

    we have nothing to look forward to this season if he stays along with the other goons,
    eboue, diaby, song and dennilson….
    They are okay…. but not Arsenal players.

  8. Adarsh says:

    and if ade stays, it’s not the end of the world.. we have enough stikers for cover if he is shite this season too..
    i jst wish he would show some understanding of the offside rule…

  9. Sinbad, I love your comments, I really do.

    You are a true supporter, you know exactly how to run this team. I cannot believe we still have Wenger in charge.

    Hopefully he will read this and understand that you know so much about the club and the players. You don’t even need to watch how they train or how they get on with other players.

    This and Le Grove are my favourite Arsenal blogs, you make perfect sense.

    Its great how you say that he sold Flamini when everyone else thinks otherwise. Wow, how the hell did you do that?

    I just hope we can do really badly again next season just so I can be happy moaning and thinking that I am right.

    Keep up the great work Sinbad.

  10. Clockend Don says:

    Calm down son,

    Its not just about Adebayour.

    Right now you are focussing on whats in front of you.

    Look the real problem is in defense………. and in the DM position THATS IT end of.

    Ade can score lots of goals for us, will score lots of goals for us, he has scored lots of goals for us.

    You sound like you need somebody to blame in order to move your life forward.

    If you are so convinced thats its going to be a “shit” season….. do yourself a favour and go support someother team that always gets it right. Then you can be happy.

    If you cant do that Just chill the F**k out.

  11. phil clement says:

    What a crock of shit! How have a club like Arsenal ended up with so many ignorant buffoons masquerading as their fans. Please do us all a favour and go down the lane you miserable whingeing unt.

  12. LB says:

    Another “authority” on the subject of what Wenger should and should not do. These “experts” are boring, no depth, nothing.

  13. Boris says:

    Christ, talk about doom and gloom. Try some relaxation techniques…? Maybe scented candles and Yoga

  14. Mirthgooner says:

    Most serious reports I read last year had Milans bid at £19m but Wenger wanted £30m. Seemed a reasonable enough figure – if he’d gone and had a good season in Milan there’d be lots of websites moaning about Wenger’s lost the plot by selling blah blah.
    Wenger’s judgement is better than yours or mine, that’s why he’s where he is and we’re where we are.

  15. jimmy says:

    hasnt won a trophy in 4 years, and havent won the league in 6 so to say he’s a manager that wins trophies is wrong… he used to, he’s either lost his way, or arsenal arent able to compete with their big spending rivals…. which ever it is, if your content with the situation at arsenal then so be it, but i cant imagine everyone that continually backs wenger no matter what happens at arsneal will be in the same frame of mind next year when its been 5 years without a trophy and all we have is (hopefully) champions league qualifacation to look forward to…

  16. UpyourArsenal says:

    I at the time said “TAKE THE MONEY”
    This summer Arsenal are doing everything they can to get ride of Adebayor but they cant find a buyer.

    Now I know never to read you pile of $%#%#. You at the time say take the money! YOu have such great judgment about the quality and what football players bring to a team YOU SHOULD BE A MANAGER DUDE!
    or you can just F*&&@ off and go support Spurs or some other team where they need scumb*g like you as fan.
    I am tired of your like knowing it all and criticizing Arserne.
    F*** off


  17. Anonymarse says:

    Blogs like this have nothing to do with Arsenal or proper Gooners. They’re like Talksport, masquerading as a forum for fans, but actually just winding them up and sniggering over the results. Everyone, just do yourselves a favour and ignore it. The football season starts soon…

  18. aj says:

    The real question is: ” Why do fuckwits with pea sized brains go to all the effort to write blogs, when they are so facile, superficial and pointless?” Surely, if you are not capable of carrying out an intelligent analysis and providing some insight, you would be better off spending your time creosoting the garden fence!

  19. Duncan says:

    Where does this coward live ?

  20. matt stewart says:

    I think this blog needs to be called arsenal reaction or may inaction. “TAKE THE MONEY” aren’t you just the greatest manager in the world. I am sure with you at the helm we would have done the Triple or maybe a couple of successive Quads. The season is not even underway and here you are sniping away already. Do me and other gooners a favour and don’t bother going to the grove as its knobs like you who will be booing if we are not 3 nil up at half time in the first game of the season.

  21. goobluff says:

    dude shut up!!! dont bother if u no nothing bout football (u know u were all thinking it)

  22. Bobby says:

    to the A-SS Hole the wrote this article. Please stop writing because your lack of brains is disturbing i mean trying to put down a manager that has worked miracles on a sheo string budget. u C.U.N.T

  23. arnie says:

    sinbad you’re a wanker

  24. Gooner_Dave says:

    I disagree strongly with you, but I wont add any more insults to the hundreds here already!
    If Arsene had sold Ade, and he had a good season in Milan, would your article instead slate AW for selling him on? I think so.
    We are all frustrated as Arsenal fans, but youre going a bit over the top again. I was just beginning to pay attention to this blog again, and you go and post another Wenger-bashing article.
    The transfer window is only just open and you have written us off already.

  25. Simon says:

    There is no other manager in the world that would do it better in Arsenal mate. Fuck man, we have probably spent less cash on our whole squad then the other top clubs spend in a season. Yet we finish top four in the world. Thanks to Wenger. I hope i never leaves.

  26. yloops says:




  27. KIDDER says:

    I’am so happy to see all you real Arsenal fans.
    People who stand up to these fake people claiming to be (GOONERS)
    You Mr with your so called ARSENAL CONTACTS don’t know SHIT.
    How about Arsene Wenger or to your Mr Wenger you dumb shit has faith in ADE.
    That same kind of faith that pricks like you don’t have.
    He is Le Boss and with our team getting stronger with the likes of Thomas, Eddie, Arsharvin,young Theo with that pace i think you should put an early bet on us(THE ARSENAL)that we take champions leauge, prem leauge,and FA Cup.
    BITCH !!!!!!!!!

  28. Actully I think Adebayor will come good this season, though I’ll admit that Wenger might have lost the plot somehow if he is yet to buy a DM when the season kicks off. For example Lorik Cana is available for around 7-10m, and yet it seems like Wenger is more interested in Matuidi, which is exactly the opposite of what he said he was bringing in this summer. He told us that he wanted experience for a change, yet Vermaelen was brought in (he does have experience, but he is still rather unproven at top level) where’s Cana is 25 (26 on the 27th) and he is the captain of Marseille, played in the Champions League and the UEFA cup. He has also been playing continually since he joined Marseille, which is a good thing when our squad is riddled with injury woes.

    I personly believe that we would win the Premiership and/or more if Wenger invested in a real badass on the middle to protect Cesc and the back-four, and I think that Cana is the missing link to our success, but I guess time will tell.

  29. Emily says:

    Here’s what we do. We ignore this guy. He’s obviously not particularly bright. And he’s definitely got a whole bunch of issues … scary issues. I for one won’t be responding again here. In the meanwhile let’s all hope social services get to him in time.

    Bye-bye Sinbad and your 1001 pantomime rants.

  30. WONDERMAN says:

    I suppose you also think, your girl is gonna go off with your best mate, you’re dog will get run over, you will be made redundant and a your house will be hit by lightening!!!. Go and take your medication you bipolar idiot !

  31. dan says:

    I think Ade’s heart has left town, best he follow it. It’s not a slight to anyone, it happens. Do you really want that influence in the team? This chamahk may not succeed but has a workman like attitude. Wenger can’t be expected to maximize profits in every transaction but some changes should be made. It’s ok to hold a young squad together but coddling too many underperformers won’t help us.

    As we stand I expect us to start the season brightly, but concerned we fall away at the end of the season.

  32. Arsenal1Again says:

    Thank god Adebayor is staying. Last season he had his main provider missing for 4 months, Cesc, and he didn’t have Hleb, Rosicky or Flamini behind him. He effectively had to get used to a whole new midfield and they needed to get used to him. Also Van Persie was sharing the forward role all season, whereas Adebayor the season before had it all to himself. When Cesc did play, he had to play deeper than the season before because of no DM – instead playing more forward to back up Aebayor. Also Adebayor had injury spells.

    ….. So it’s hardly frickin surprising his last season wasn’t like the previous one. Next season though, if everyone remains fit, he’s got Eduardo and Rosicky back, he’s got Arshavin providing, he’s got Cesc back, possibly a DM to enable Cesc forward, Van Persie and Nic Bendtner who’s looking more like the biz by the week.

    As for “Arsene Wenger’s poor judgement” …. read your post (or should I say judgement).

  33. Biggy says:

    Just want to know one thing. Where do you sit?

  34. Davi says:

    Why are you still writing? You’re an embarrassment. I can’t comprehend why this rubbish is even on the web. Get a brain.

  35. KIDDER says:

    STAY GOONERISH!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bob says:

    Sinbad….you must be that fat w@nker from Brookie, because you know sh1t about Arsenal or Wenger you big buffoon.

  37. rafi says:

    On analysis, you have no story.nothing to say really.

    you lie that flamini was sold when he went on a bosman. you want flamini to have been kept after one good season in four, but ade to be sold after one good season out of two (1st full season he scored 12, next 30)then AW was supposed to wave him good bye? where is your thinking?

    FYI the reason flamini’s contract ran out was coz he was failing to prove himself and so arsenal thought to cut their loses. so far they are yet to be proven wrong as flamini has not yet proved himself at ac.

  38. JonJon says:

    you have some good points but you really need to calm down…you are writing us off before the season has even begun….

    cast your mind back to the summer we sold henry…and look what happened that season….we were the best team in the league by far…only a couple of injuries and a bad run of games following those injuries cost us what should of been our title….

    lets not write the team off just yet…lets go into the new season with a positive attitude….but if we stay injury free and wenger still makes the same decisions as last year…i.e. playing eboue at LW and bendtner at RW and diaby at LW and song at RB and we end up with nothing again….its fair to say wenger will be out of excuses….

    the 1st team squad isnt young anymore…we have plenty of experienced players so that excuse is out of the window…

    if our main players are fit for the majority then that excuse will be out of the question too….

    theres still plenty of time left yet in the transfer window and theres a whole season to look forward to….

    lets have this discussion again next may…..if we are in the same situation then wenger should be questioned….thats what hes paid 6mil a year for….

  39. Jor-el says:

    Here I thought you were going to complain that Wenger had decided to keep Adebayor. He may have done so, but you have your “inside” sources, yuk yuk (really believable!) who say Wenger wants to sell, but no one will buy. Now you don’t criticize the asking price, which is pretty decent, certainly more than anyone would pay if they shared your opinion of Adebayor.

    So you put Wenger’s decision a year ago into the present tense.

    What utter, infantile, stupid gibberish. Plus, you obviously have no sense of what makes a good football player.

    Makes me long for the pre-blog days when the only danger of hearing people like you was if I had the bad luck to get a seat near you at the ground.

  40. Someone Else says:

    Would you still take the money if he turned out to score another 30 this season and we won the title? No you wouldn’t, you’d be singing his name and fighting through the crowds at the bus tour.

  41. assassin says:

    Sinbad your an absolute p***k and if I see you continuing to write such sh*t I’m coming for you. Seriously!

  42. Mickey G says:

    100% bullshit… Sinbad, either you are trying to rile people or you are just a stupid cunt. Not a single fact in there. Did Ac Milan bid £30M last year? Did they fuck. Ade is on 80K a week not over 100K . You know nothing and are talking pure shit. I’m sick of these braindead blogs pushing some twisted anti-Arsenal agendas. Why would we sell a top striker when there is nobody we can buy to replace him? You talk of signing more players, when there aren’t any and we haven’t the cash even if there were…. and at the same time push for selling the few established players we do have. We can’t just sell our players for any amount we wish, someone has to bid for them first you thick cunt. Fuck off and write a blog about some other football club, I’m sick of your ilk.. you and people of your persuasion and views are the biggest problem Arsenal FC has to deal with at the moment.

    p.s. you are a thick cunt Sinbad the sailor… please fuck off now

  43. David says:

    Right let us nip this matter in the bud here and now, some mugs who profess to support Arsenal demand more signings to push us towards success…newsflash, the club simply can’t afford to buy multiple quality players unless we sell first; who the hell is going to pay £20M+ for Adebayor??? Let’s get serious! Secondly, for as much as £10-15M per player we can afford to spend on one player, who is out there that is better than what we we have??? Do some of these mugs want the club to go bankrupt in the search for glory??? As long as we get another centre-back and a holding midfielder we will be fine (sell Toure if need be to generate an additional £10M). If we have to go with the likes of Eboue, Senderos and yes Adebayor next season, bit the lip and back the boys as our home support sucks!

  44. Pete says:

    This article is the biggest load of bollacks i have ever heard. Is the Author in a position to claim he knows more than Arsene Wenger? Clearly not! So he should keep his pathetic opinions to himself. Does the author even play football? Probably not considering his views. Anyone with a few brain cells can see that Wenger is one of the best managers in the game. If Arsenal win the league next season i bet all those that complain about Wenger will start saying they always knew his managerial strategies where the best! If anyone bad mouths Wenger they are simply idiots!

  45. Wasi says:

    Are your sure you’re an Arsenal fan? Coz i think you’d rather support Real Madrid you low lyk ****

  46. Wasi says:

    low lyf i mean

  47. Ibiza says:

    Sinbad keep up with fantastic work!I like to see how you and your articles affect on Wenger lovers!He isn’t a saint,he deserves every sentence you wrote against him,and message for those who are attacking you-stop kissing Wengers ass,and use some antibiotics cause you can easily catch an infection

  48. rafi says:


  49. ike says:

    …”I at the time said “TAKE THE MONEY”. LOL! Who are you? I’m sure Arsene heard you….lol. You are a clown. At least, I know not to read anything you’d be writing in the near future.

    Supporting Arsenal is a choice, not an obligation….THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD TIME FOR YOU TO SWITCH TO REAL MADRID!!!

  50. Mannix says:

    Those era of Tony Adam, Petit,Overmas,Van bronchost,captain Viera, Kanu, Wiltord, Keown, Thiery and Pires are gone & there’s nothng we can do to convince the board to replace them with the same calibre unless they sale the club.Ths board are only interested to return the money with some big interest whch they use to build tht gud 4 nothng stadium. STOP BLAMING WENGER. Without wenger we would have been relegated longtime b4.

  51. marsenal says:

    woooooooow sinbad you’re an absolute c****. there should be banners around the stadium that read “fake fans out!” (you know who you are). I hear the spuds are looking for some fans. piss off and join that other c**** bentley down there.

  52. Tony says:

    Sinbad and all the other twats running down AW and the team should fuck off and go watch the yids and they would really have something to moan about.

    It’s obvious to all the stadium has held back spending on the team … we’ve done well to keep our top 4 status and still compete with the big teams in england and europe.

    Adeybayor certainly didn’t hav his best season last year….. his head was turned last summer and he struggled to focus.

    This year will be different… we have big players coming back… Eduardo, Rosicky… Theo is due a big season… Arshavin showed us we can expect big things from him this year…. if we can sort it out at the back and AW can locate a good DM we can compete… we ARE on the up….. we we’ve built this team not bought it… have faith you true gooners and the rest of you can FUCK OFF……..

  53. gunner1 says:

    this article is total rubbish go and support manchester city, you’ve pointed out small misjudgements, but look at were hes got us on a fraction of the money united, pool, chelsea, spurs and city spend and were still in the top 4 with a great squad of talent, if we get that holding midfielder and get rosicky and eduardo fit then we’ll battle for the title, when ady and rvp are on fire their just as good as any strike partnership! so have faith….if not then go support manchester city

  54. Finsbury says:

    Yes Ade is a Cnut, but if he stays this season, you, me and everybody else had better get behind him if you want any productivity atall!

  55. Samy says:

    Problem is AW is his own man and is answerable to no one not even the board. However this seasonn things could change.AW will be under pressure and another trophyless season could finally force the board to make him technical director.
    Well I hope he will finally realize that swash buckling soccer not followed by winning matches is unacceptable.Yes fans come to see pretty soccer but the game has moved on. It’s about winning at all costs.
    Lets hope the gunners weave less intricate pattern weaving soccer and shoot more often. It’s very infuriating when in most matches the gunners refused to shoot and opted to make one pass more thereby wasting the chnace to score.

  56. kenneth says:

    hey guys, why is everyone stinging sinbad for stating the obvious?. Except we are all decieving ourselves, the current attitude of mr wenger negates all that drew so much support to the team over the years. Arsenal have suddenly become a midtable team. We are no longer a factor in the premiership. Besides, Adebayor should never lead the line for an ambitious team. Am yet to know what his strenghts are. Is it the perpetual offside style he plays or the number of sitters he misses?. U guys want us, having been used to the magic of thierry henry, dennis Bergkamp, ian wright david rocastle, michael thomas etc to continue tolerating this guy? Please be serious my friends. Adebayor symbolises the collapse of arsenal values and only the few negative bloggers here or perhaps the myopic manager still think otherwise.Sorry to say arsenal would NEVER win anything again with adebayor in front and wenger on the sidelines. He is far past hiss sellby date

  57. kingkolo says:

    “How can we trust this man as our manager?”

    Because Wenger is one of the best managers in the world, and he knows what he’s doing. You’re just a blogger.

  58. Zeke says:

    I grow increasingly tired of all the Adebayor-bashing going on amongst Arsenal-bloggers. 2 things in particular seems relevant to point out. First of all: why do you all keep insisting that the money raised from a sale would automatically be used to buy another striker and not say used to pay of the significant debt the club has accumulated? Second: How is it that every MORONIC blogger in this hemisphere think that you replace a striker that has shown that (when injury-free) can score 30+ goals for Arsenal in the PL with a snap of your fingers. And if theres so many better strikers availiable for 20million pounds, then WHY doesnt Milan want to buy them?
    Get a grip. Stop the Adebayor-bashing for one second and start behaving like true Gooners….support the players we have, not the ones we might someday buy.

  59. Dave says:

    Yeeeah, and I bet you were singing Ade’s praises when he scored his marvelous goal against Villarreal to keep us in the Champions League. Seriously, f off Wenger you dolt. Stop trying to second guess him because you honestly have no f-ing clue what goes on behind the scenes.

  60. […] Wenger shows more bad judgment by keeping Adebayor lets rewind to last summer. Arsenal had the chance of cashing in on one season wonder Adebayor, but Wenger […] […]

  61. Stu says:

    Normally i agree with the articles on here. Although somewhat extreme they do often have valid points just poorly made.

    This time i agree that Ade should be sold for various reasons but to suggest that AW has lost the plot based on a few poor mistakes is a bit far off the mark imo.

    He was wrong not to replace those who left and so on but it seems that he articles on here are more often than not just written to have a dig at Wenger.

    He hasnt been the best manager over the last few years but he is definately a better option than the vast majority of managers around the world.

    Even if Wenger had lost the plot we still havent lost out on CL football. So even at his worst, which is generaly impied on here, Wenger is still better than most managers in the league. And despite spending very little on players we still managed to go far in the cups.

    But dont let this comment fool you into thinking im an AKB or whatever. Only a few months ago i was calling for his head but after thinking about it there are very few managers that could come in instead of him, spend the same amount of money and keep us in the CL. So lay off him a bit….or just dont be so rude about criticising him.

  62. Stu says:

    And to those who defend Wenger by suggesting Wenger haters should “fuck off and support chelsea”, or the yids, or mancs or whatever. How about just reading teir comment and give a proper reply. Dont just tell others to fuck off and imply that they are shit fans.

    Because we are all Arsenal fans….otherwise we wouldnt be on an arsenal blog. So learn to give a decent response or just shut the fuck up and stop cursing everyone who has an opinion out.

  63. TonyS says:

    10000 people have written comments on the web about how crap Ade is. And then we wonder why we can’t sell him?

  64. Sue says:

    For crying out loud why dont you shut the hell up – all you ever do is moan!!!!!

  65. AFC Defender says:

    You childish fools who are so blind that you continue to perpetuate the rumours stoked up by the anti-Arsenal sections of the press/media which enabled them to defeat us last season and now to continue proding and poking us prior to the coming one.

    Adebayor had more injuries last season than at anytime over his entire career which effected his performances over the season. I suspect that you boo boys just made the situation worse. Add injuries to Rosicky, Eduardo, Gallas, Fabregas, Walcott, Clichy… at key points in the season, not to mention Toure returning from the African Nations Cup with malaria at the start of the campaign and you will see why we struggled.

    Despite are woes, we got 4th spot again, reached the semi-finals of both the FA cup and Champions League and our treasured kids won the Academy league by 25 pts and stuffed Liverpool 6-2 in the FA Youth Cup Final.

    Wenger has bought us trophies, a fantastic stadium, a fantastic crop of young players and lifted our individual share price from 400 to 10,000 Pounds. For this reason, A certain Russian shareholder is gagging to reap the potential riches of total club ownership and is prepared to undermine the board/manager to get his way.

    Ramsey, Hoyte, Simpson, Nortvelt, Barazite, Traore, Gibbs, Emmanuel Thomas, Watt, Sunu, Frimpong, Lansbury, Murphy, Bartley, Coquelin, Merida not to mention Vela and Wilshere. The future’s bright, the future’s Arsenal.

  66. Lomediatheque says:

    Haha! Look how stressed and strung out we all are!
    Sure, it isn’t the best time to be an arsenal supporter, but why can’t we all get along?
    Cumon you mighty gooners!!!

  67. Zef says:

    WTF?? Who z dis sinbad???

    U r full f shit mate……
    r u sure dat U r in d crct site?? coz dis is an arsenal blog not Man cityz or Real Madrids………..

    nd pls cn U sugst me a betr manager 4 arsenal??? U r an abslt joker!!!

  68. Nimz says:

    yes Ade is Shite and we all know it (including Wenger) but its time we stop bitching and get behind our team! lets face the facts that Ade’s going nowhere and and we must make do.

    have you noticed his attitude reflects the attitude shown to him buy the fans? Finsbury is right, lets get behind our team and give them the confidence they need.
    we scored as many goals as Man U last season yet we were 18 points behind. the issue is not Adebayor it is defence and Wenger will fix that this season.

  69. kenneth says:

    Agreed, we ll get behind the team but the manager and his players should show some ambition. Newcastle fans got behind the team last season and you guys saw what merely “getting behind the team” led the club to. Truth be told, Arsene has lost the nerve to compete. That fiery motivational look on his face has been replaced by a look of despondency, defeat and self pity. His body language is now programmed to give advance reasons for failure. All the crap about “potential” “average age is 22”, “this team is growing” “this team has belief”, are all excuses for a clueless man. The board may not be that supportive but even if u give wenger the madrid and mancity resources, he ll still go for the adebayors, diabys,denilsons, sagnas, eboues of this world. This man has done us proud b4 now but its time to tell him goodbye in the language he understands. Au revoir!. we certaily need an injection of real passion and not the complacency we now have. we ll be lucky to be top 5 except wenger wisens up. Adebayor is by no strength of imagination an arsenal player, full stop

  70. GunnerVox says:

    If you’re going to write what you feel is an authorative blog then as well as credible and intelligent analysis it might also help if you had a reasonable grasp of the English language. Your analysis as usual is pitifully wanting and I’m guessing you only write such brainless trite nonesense in order to provoke multiple comments, and there are enough intelligent rebuttals and appropriate insults above, which need not be added to. One small point regarding your use of English – instead of : “We should of sold him last summer” it should be: We should HAVE sold him last summer” – so your wrong on both counts – the grammar as well as the sentiment.

  71. GunnerVox says:

    If you’re going to write what you feel is an authorative blog then as well as credible and intelligent analysis it might also help if you had a reasonable grasp of the English language. Your analysis, as usual, is pitifully wanting and I’m guessing you only write such brainless, trite nonesense in order to provoke multiple comments, and there are enough intelligent rebuttals and appropriate insults above, which need not be added to. One small point, regarding your use of English – instead of : “We should of sold him last summer” it should be: We should HAVE sold him last summer” – so you’re wrong on both counts – the grammar as well as the sentiment.

  72. robert says:

    If Wenger would have sold Adebayor last summer everybody would be saying that he never should have been sold. Because we still wouldn’t have won any trophies, keeping Adebayor was a gamble that still might pay off because we all know what he is capable of… 😉

  73. irishgunner says:

    Oh for gods sake here we go again. Its the sign of a a derperate club when we start to turn on one of the very few players we have who has done anything. Lets get this straight. Adebayor is not the worlds best striker, but he is someone who got 42 goals in two years. In the permier league, not the Croatian or even French leagues. He reached a higher standard in his so called bad year (2008-09) than overated wannabes like Walcott, Eduardo, Denilson or Diaby can ever even aspire to.

    That is his standard. He nay not be Fernando Torres, but hes not that far off it. He might not be as talented as Eduardo, but the Croatian is lightweight – dont you think we have enough players in the team who are knocked off the ball too easily? Adebayor gives us the plan “B” we craved for years, or perhaps you havent supported Arsenal longer than 1 year and cant remember this?. If you dont like Adebayor, fine. Hes a git, but at least he’s not as mealy mouthed as “he who cannot be insulted” Cesc Fabregas about his future. And do you really thik we will get anyone who gets even half those 42 goals for the price we can afford under the non-sensical so-called self sufficieny policy of teh current asset stripping board. I mean have any of you seen how bad Chamakh is?? Think Heskey on a bad day. He really is that awful. If we can get Dzeko or even Aguero, fine, get rid of him. But we are more likely in the current market to sign Bobby Zamora

    Get a life. All of you Adebayor haters. He isn’t Henry, but hes a hell of a lot closer than anyone we will get to replace him. Be careful what you wish for.

    Arsenal forever

  74. daren duncan says:

    Hell guys

    all we need this season is experince in the CM along with Denilson, another good central defender and a goal keeper and back up. Ade with the right service will do the business, don’t forget the amount of creative players we have available now with the likes of rosicky returning, so no worries Wenger has got it right, providing he don’t sell off now. I will have to say melo would have been an ideal DM solution.

  75. AFC Defender says:

    I am not sure that this site is dedicated to the Arsenal cause. Some of the comments appear to be simply antagonisitic as if to create disharmony.

    I have been a gooner for 40 years and believe me I have stood in the rain at the old Highbury watching a drab 0:0 draw against the likes of Coventry in a half empty stadium with absolutely nothing at stake. Some of you young fans are spoilt by what Mr Wenger has achieved and are taking it for granted. Right now, Arsenal are watched by 60,000 fans every week, play football that is admired the world over, anually play in the Champions League and as top 4 club in the Premiership can be regarded as top 5 in the world (Barcelona being the exception).

    Get off Adebayor’s back. Is this something racial? If you want to blame someone then it should be his agent as I think you will find it is he who tried to flaunt Ade around Europe for his own financial gain.
    Adebayor has said categorically that he never said he wanted to leave Arsenal and simply commented on how flattered he was to be targetted by a club such as the ‘beautiful lady’ AC Milan.

    There is so much else to focus on at Arsenal and yet certain fake fans continue to bring up every negative. Go and support Tottenham if you want to be depressed or do you support them already!?

    Right now it is difficult for most clubs to get a sniff of any top player when toy clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City simply have rich owners chucking money at every big name player. Then you have the likes of Madrid who are pretty much funded by their City Council. Can you imagine if Arsenal were funded by the City of London? What is interesting is how cautious Chelsea, Liverpool and ManU are with their owners money at the moment. I am sure you will find that they are indebted to their previous dealings the market.

    While the world has gone mad around us, we have been a top 4 club run very much run within its means. The fact is that we renegotiated a very favourable bank loan against our stadium which is comfortably servicable by the additional revenue we now make each season. We are not burdened by aging players on big salaries and in fact bursting with young highly talented players with huge potential on sensible salaries. The fruits of Wenger’s master plan will come to bear over the next 2-3 years when will have an excellent team of predominantly home reared talent with a healthy bank balance and trophies piling up in our cabinet.

    Keep the faith!

  76. ratherdeaththandisgrace says:

    in wenger we trust

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