Ex Gooner David Bentley Attacked In Restaurant

Posted: July 12, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Ex Arsenal & England football star David Bentley was punched in the face as he sat in a restaurant with his heavily pregnant fiancée.

The Spurs midfielder, 24, had been enjoying a meal with Kimberly Mills and another couple when a man walked up to their table after finishing his own dinner – and took a swing at him.

Stunned Bentley was left reeling in his chair as the attacker ran out of the restaurant.

The footballer’s friend chased the thug – believed to be in his late 20s – but he was also attacked and left with a cut face and black eye.

Waiters at Nolita bar and restaurant in Brookmans Park, Herts, immediately called the police and Bentley, who was said to be “badly shaken”, is keen to press charges.

A spokesman for the player – who joined Tottenham after starting his career with arch-rivals Arsenal – said he was deliberately targeted.

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  1. kololej says:

    haha – cunt

  2. Stu says:

    Fucking delighted! Should have kicked him aswell….

  3. gomey says:

    i feel awful, couldn’t of happen to nicer guy. lets hope this minor setback wont prove to damaging to his role as midfield play maker for spurs reserves.

  4. Tim says:

    It’s a bit mean to laugh, but he’s such a wanker that it’s ok. Couldn’t have happened to a worse person.

  5. Anon says:

    Just shows the mentallity of mindless hooligans who call themselves football fans, you are a disgrace to your club and to your country.

  6. JonJon says:

    What a disgrace…what was that man thinking??? punching poor bentley like that infront of his bird….i hate bentley with a passion as much as the next gooner but i wouldnt of done something like that….i’d of used a chair…

    • Polow says:

      Haha. What a disgrace that would have been. Breaking public property like that. I think the fist was just fine. Unless he got injured in the process. The other guy, not the car.

  7. THUG says:

    thanks lads. next time ill get my phone out, video it and whack it on youtube.

  8. Clockend Lloydie says:

    Sorry, but that IS NOT funny. I hope they catch the idiot and ‘throw the book at him’. Irrespective of what you think of Bentley, that was cowardly and disgraceful. suppose his unborn child had been harmed due to the shock to his girlfriend or Bentley had lost an eye? Wouldn’t be so funny then, would it? This could easily have happened to one of us or one of our players too.
    I draw the line at verbal abuse like Adebayor has received recently. That’s one thing. Physical violence is just unacceptable.
    Come on guys… we are Arsenal, we’re not The Scum! Let’s not stoop to their level.

  9. Bridgers says:

    The man wasn’t attacking him, he was a medical expert performing corrective surgery.

  10. bob says:

    on its own id have laughed, but hes with his pregnant bird and all joking aside the stress etc could make her have a miscarriage or somehing. plus what sort of cowardly little prick punches someone in the face while hes sitting down and then runs away?

  11. OGC says:

    Fuckin’ deserved it.

  12. kinguud says:

    hahahahaha, prick

  13. df says:

    it wasn’t funny, what a stupid act….I’m a gunner but that act isn’t acceptable at all…

  14. mike says:

    Things can only get better 4 this boy,1st he left Arsenal,2ndly lost his spurs place 3rdly theoo took his English shirt now a kid is beating him in front of his unborn baby and swthrt. PLEASE no matter whatever he might have done this abuse is not good 4 football

  15. muz says:

    it is cowardly.. to headbutt sumones knuckle .. unacceptable!

  16. JonJon says:

    i wouldnt of said it was cowardly because he ran away…bentleys mate chased him and he got chinned as well… hahahahahaha
    clockend llyodie…i hear what your saying bro…but remember when adebayor nutted bendtner on the pitch??? cmon adebayor we are arsenal..not the scum…physical violence is just not acceptable…
    cmon guys lighten up…it was only a punch…and it is david bentley…

  17. David says:

    He’s a twat but ABH is a bit too far.

  18. Old Gunner says:

    For fuck’s sake, HOW can any of you condone mindless fucking violence? So the guy went to Spurs? So very nearly did Charlie George, because he was treated like shit by Bertie Mee. So the guy may appear a bit arrogant, but it could be his way of coping with the pressure. I just fucking HATE the way people think that violence is some kind of joke, because its FUCKING NOT.

  19. bobwilliams says:

    disgraceful all of you, ok bently has been abit of a cunt but no one deserves that…when all of you come to a point when your ruing your luck and situation just remember this point of laughing at someone’s misfortune and realise its just karma coming to bite you in the ass…oh and i’m a gooner

  20. Clockend Lloydie says:

    JonJon, if it happened to you I’d be angry. This sort of thing just can’t be right. It wasn’t a fight. It was an assault by someone who is a danger to us all. If that individual lacks restraint and can do this kind of thing, I’d bet this is not the first time this twit has launched such an assault. Shameful.
    I really dislike Bentley, but not to the extent that I’d laugh about this incident. That’s just the way I feel mate.
    Having said that, if he were to suffer a career ending injury in a 50-50 challenge with another player, I’d lose no sleep. That, my friend, would be KARMA.

  21. Pete says:

    Anyone who comes on here saying “its great” what happened to Bentley is SAD.
    Grow up girls its only a game of football.
    Ps Ive supported AFC for over 50 years

  22. milani says:

    so funny

  23. jakartajive says:

    Another sad sign of just how far down the evolutionary ladder some so-called Gooners are happy to sink. Pathetic to glorify and gloat at this kind of idiot thuggery. Shame on the lot of you, hiding behind your keyboards and coming the hard men. Only scumbags resort to violence – and to do so in front of a man’s pregnant partner, no matter what your feelings about Bentley as a footballer, is beyond the pale.

  24. Muzzammil Hanif says:


  25. Big Bob says:

    Bentley is a cunt…pure and simple but no one deserves to get a dig swung at them when they aint doing anything to anyone!!! Maybe if the guy done abit of mouthing first and bentley postured up, then i’d of been behind the guy but it takes a mouse to hit someone when they dont see whats coming and run off like a lil girl!

  26. bono says:

    he’s a proper jinit! delighted it was was coming to the little prick.and all you moaning arsenal fans shut and be champions.

  27. Tilson says:

    Big deal, at least they didn’t punch his wife.

  28. Arshavin says:

    It’s only a punch…. It’s only bently…. And I can’t stop smiling frankly. Wish it was video tapped. And frankly speaking i couldn’t care less if his bird miscarried coz of that and I sure dnt care what the next guy is going to say abt my comment. Cheer up. It couldn’t happen to a better person.

  29. Michel Hage says:

    A SLAP IN THE FACE IS FUNNY if you’re Laurel & Hardy. Don’t confuse a joke with sheer violence. If you do, there is too much Pulp Fiction in your head by which you idolize an abnormal sense of agression only known to Hollywood.

    But he is cunt like so manny Gooners understand.


  30. Wouldn’t have been so funny if the little prick had stabbed him would it..come on, people..think about what you’re writing. Nobody deserves that sort of bollocks..not even DB…and I’m a gooner too.

  31. mike says:

    It has being confirmed,DB was attacked by a spurs FAN they really want him out and come to think that they paid so much 4 this hollywood star lookalike

  32. pablo says:

    Bentley strikes me, like many young men with more than a little talent ( a great deal more than many on this list could possibly fantasize about), as a little deluded about how much talent he actually has. This led him to make a number of judgments and comments that are questionable and sometimes silly, especially with regards to his former club, Arsenal. However, that people on this list should enjoy thuggery speaks volumes for their empty little lives, and Arsenal FC, a team I have supported for 50 years, does not need them . Shameful.

  33. GunnerFishing says:

    It has not been proved what club the attacker supported. I suspect Tottenham as Arsenal benefited so much by the sale to Spuds two he has not fulfilled his potential that we could see at a young age, so the spuds want to put him out to seed.

    But, hitting anyone, even him is disgraceful and I hope it was not an Arsenal fan.

  34. muz says:

    emm Fred.. who said it wldnt be funny if he was stabbed.. i’d still /lol n /spit at the cunt..

  35. uncle mike says:

    what a pussyhole this guys a idiot. says hes a gambiling addict no wonder he has no dedication to improving in football and left a top four team for shitty tottenham shit spurs. this is up there with when he told theo walcott u dont get into england team in arsenal then he scored a hatrick against crotia where was poor bentley ? in corals?
    haha hes pressing charges hes a snitch / grass.

  36. jimmy says:

    bentley should’ve run after him instead of letting his mate get a beating too… if i was out with the missus and some mug slapped me, and ran out the door you’d be straight out after him

  37. mat says:

    i think its quality!!!!! i would have done the same thing if i seen him,hes a cock!

  38. Arshavin says:

    And why wouldn’t it be funny if he had got stabbed? That would be a great walpaper for my pc n phone. Look now, you got me wishing for such a picture. He’s a mighty cunt and glad he got just a little bit of what I wish and want for him. Again, cheer up:)

  39. RomfordPele says:

    anyone who thinks football is worth getting violent about is a loser.

  40. moley says:

    Guys, can you please think about this rationally? SO he left arsenal and has made some ill advised comments, but to laugh about an assault, and THEN to suggest if he had been stabbed it woul be funnier is firstly a LIE, a secondly fucking stupid. You need to sit back for a minute and realise how stupid you sound. Yes he is an idiot, and has made bad decisions, but this is not accpetable behaviour whoever you support. Tell you what, all you people laughing about it, go to work tomoro, tell peopel your exact view – and the ncome back here and tell us what your colleagues said, I’m guessing you’ll be feeling pretty stupid.

  41. Joe says:

    This was a stupid and cowardly act. Makes me ashamed that there are supposed Arsenal fans and football who think this is acceptable, never mind funny. Please don’t think you speak, think or act on behalf of real Gooners. Goons, not Gooners!

  42. lee says:

    Cashley Cole next please!

  43. Andrews says:

    I’m a gøoner bt is quiet disgustin wen some pile of shit claimin 2 b arsenal fans are irrational.it is quiet undestandable this guy is arrogant bt must u crucify him for leaving arsenal.shameful!

  44. dave sarson says:

    It is more than possible that the guy twatted him based on the simple fact Bentley is a cunt and nothing to do with football, and Arsenal. No downside that I can see….

  45. […] Ex Gooner David Bentley Attacked In Restaurant Ex Arsenal & England football star David Bentley was punched in the face as he sat in a restaurant with his heavily […] […]

  46. uncle mike says:

    i agree it is ridicolous to suggest someone stab bentley what about shoothing him? or a public execution in the middle of the emirates full of 60 thousand goonz

  47. Gregor says:

    Police are investigating a rumour that the attacker was Joey Barton, who apparently was upset that David holds the title of biggest cunt in England. More to follow….

  48. el turko says:

    stupid cunt comments on here. no one deserves to be assaulted.
    fucking pricks.

  49. el turko says:

    I toungue in cheek, football rivalry based…”Hate” Bentley as much as any true arsenal fan.
    But seriously, this is a fucking horrible story.
    Can any of you “Tough guys” say you’d deserve a sucker punch in front of your pregnant bird, no matter waht company you work for.

  50. KarlAFC says:

    Ashamed to be a gooner reading some comments here. People love acting all lemon, even behind the keyboard.

  51. Lee says:

    As funny as it seems – there has to be a line and assulting someone is not the answer.

    Bentley is a twat, as is Cashley Cole. But their actions will come round. Physically beating them is not hte answer.

  52. willo says:

    Maybe it was the babies real father?

  53. Cartman says:

    It’s not me! I have a good alibi, @ least i think i have 😀 !

  54. Cartman says:

    lee, i’m with ya!

  55. gonner@hisbunland says:

    you deserve it!

  56. Arshavin says:

    Uncle mike, public execution at the emirates infront of the arsenal n spurs fans, and his family including his bird, NOW that would be f*cking hillarious! He only got punched Big Deal! There are people who have seen worse. Just go visit Iraq. Now stop being p*ssies and quit whinning!!

  57. dee says:

    All these fans defending bentley are blatantly prescription substance abusers! My season ticket money went into that pricks pocket for years, the least i want in return is a black eye !! what a PRICKKKKK!!

    u so called upstanding fans moaning about a punch? what would you have done if he celebrated in your face like he did when he scored at the emirates? did he show any respect or sportsmanship? NO i hope the fan punched him from behind as well. hope the fan threw in a “Haduuurrrkin” as he did it!!

  58. JSP says:

    There is a God!!!!

  59. michael says:

    why are fans so bothered about players who leave and go to other clubs?
    don’t the arsenal supporters on here have the same contempt for players who leave other clubs and go to arsenal?
    are they not disloyal ****s also?

  60. AMFC says:

    Relax! He must have been a annoyed Spud* fan…

  61. Monkey says:

    I think we all agree that Bentley is a prize tw@, but at least make it a fair fight and leave his bird out if you’re going to smash his face.

  62. gazetna says:

    stupid cunt comments on here. no one deserves to be assaulted.
    fucking pricks.

  63. JSP says:

    All cocky little tossers deserve a slap to bring them in to line. He needed a reality check!!!

  64. Jonathan says:

    Anyone commenting on here saying this is Ok is a total tosser and should f*&^ off and support another team.

  65. anad says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but …

    If it is wrong to be punched in the face, or (insert other abuse here), when one is a good chap, why is it ok to be punched in the face if the fellow is, to quote, a “wanker”?

    I would think that an act that is wrong, would be wrong whatever the circumstance.

    Just Askin’,

    Anad (a yank)

  66. anad says:

    pardon, that should read “(a Yank),”

  67. greg Tersakian says:

    I am not particulary keen on violence but I like this even though it looks as if we do not have the whole picture of what happened. the reporting is pretty vague. Maybe he said something to the agressor? But anyway, I hope Bentley does not recover soon because he is a total waste. I remember when Bentley said that he will help Tottenham overcome Arsenal as the greater of the North London teams and that he was underrated at Highbury and he always was a spud fan even while playing for the Arsenal. What a joke!

  68. crispyfinger says:

    something like this should never happen no matter what team a sportsman moves to or from.

  69. 90percenttrue says:

    This isn’t nice at all. No one deserves this sort of treatment solely becuase they’re a footballer with a bit of an edge.

    However…… *ahem* …… if ever there was a footballer who deserved it Bentley would come 4th behind Diouf (that guy is just abhorent), Phil Brown, a man who literally sweeats smugness from every orifice and Jermaine Pennant, who I still haven’t forgiven for blaming his illiteracy on Arsene Wenger leaving him on the bench too much.

  70. Tio says:

    Here it is! Courtesy of Youtube. Bentley definitely deserved that one… haha! What a smack! He didn’t know what had hit him!! Lots of claret and tears

  71. duncanbloor says:

    Stoke fan in peace.. Bit shocked by the amount of Gooners thinking this is funny. We’ve apparently got a bit of a reputation up here but no one I know would think that punching an ex player (even one that went to a rival team) whilst he was sitting down next to his girlfriend and then running off was funny!?!? This man seems like a bit of a sad twat

  72. Arshavin says:

    Duncanbloor, yeah am a cock. Would you like to suck me dry? Fuck you and fuck bentely. Hope someone smacks the shit out of you too. And which part of Iraq did you go to dickhead? Have you had all your family members blown to bit right before your eyes? Have you watched your months old baby bleed to death right before you? Don’t talk shit again.

    • Hugo says:

      There are plenty of stupid people who have been allowed to air their views since the internet came about, and I think you’re right up there with the best of them. Why bring Iraq into this at all? How is it in any way relevent? Just because there are worse things in the world,it doesn’t make it ok to do this. If someone walked up to you in the street and smashed you up with a baseball bat for no reason and, let’s say, broke your back and left you paralysed, would you sit there in your wheelchair thinking his behaviour was ok simply because somewhere out there people get murdered? No you wouldn’t, because the lesser of two evils is not ok, it is still an evil.

      I’m pretty sure you don’t know David Bentley at all, and have no idea whatsoever what he’s actually like as a person, so to say he’s a cunt who deserved a smack in the face while harmlessly sitting in a restaurant is pretty absurd. Some people have far too much difficulty in realising that the persona they see on a football pitch is entirely different to the real life persona. He was just a bloke out for a meal with his pregnant girlfriend, so his ‘footballer’ persona said some things we don’t like about our club- is it REALLY that bad? Why do you feel the need to drag the standards of our great club through the mud by acting like some territorial monkey?

  73. NELL BROCK says:

    I have been looking around arsenalaction.wordpress.com and actually am impressed by the great content material here. I work the nightshift at my job and it is boring. I’ve been coming right here for the previous couple nights and reading. I simply wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to reading more.

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