Have Man City lost the plot? How man strikers do they need?

Posted: July 13, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Ade bye whore

Ade bye whore

They all ready have Robinho, Bellamy, Bojinov,Caicedo…. Benjani and Santa Cruz and they want both Tevez and Adebayor?

Why do they want Santa Cruz and Adebayor?

And according to Skysports they are willing to give Adebayor a 5 year contract worth £170.000 a week!

I think they have now reached Gone Berserk level 4.

Personaly i cant wait to see the back of Adebayor for a reported £22m, Not as much as we wanted but its better then nothing and keeping a player on huge wages at the club who is cleary not happy and wants out.

Maybe Wenger is looking at a few City players as part of the deal?

Who knows? One thing im sure of is that Arsenal need the cash from the sale of adebayor to fund our summer signings. We still need that much needed DM player to partner Cesc next season. Lets hope its Miguel Veloso.

As far as a future replacement for Adebayor, I really dont see the need to buy a forward as we have RVP, Arshavin,Benthner, Eduardo,Vela and Walcott. The area we need is in the middle of the park and the ball winner we have missed since flamini.

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  1. fraser tyler says:

    You buy before you sell when you’ve got cash to spend, you’ve not considered us selling those fringe strikers such as caicedo and beji? The wages talked about for ade are a joke… but admit it, you gunners are a bit nervous…

    • Gunner Ton says:

      Fuck that….!!! Take him please you muggs

    • j says:

      haha, if you say so mate. 18m for santa cruz who scored 4 goals last year. 22m On adebarndoor…., u boys up there in rainy citeh have one world class player in robinho, and he can barely be bothered to show up most match days.
      We’ll start getting nervous when you and your new cash club stop throwing obscene amounts of money on average players and actually succeed in one of your cash vomiting pursuits of somebody beyond mere ordinary.
      Your club is a backwater provincial joke, its going to end in disaster, and when it does the world is gonna laugh at you for selling out your principals for barrowloads of tainted cash.
      All the money in the world, relevance in world football = ZERO!

    • Husker Blu says:

      Buy before you sell….? Yeah, unlesss you have an owner worth £700 BILLION! Ha ha, whats up? Don’t the Arse and the other ‘top four’ like it that we can finally compete financially? Should we ‘remember our place’? Bollox….I would be happy to see ANY team smash your monopolies on the Prem…..happy it’s mine doing it though.

      We as supporters have gone through years of living in the shadows not just of the Trafford Red Sox, but the others up there….we have seen relegations and false dawns come and go….but still, after 33 years of no trophies or success we supported our club in our thousands …the likes of manyoo, Arsenal, Chelsea etc would have seen your ‘fans’ jump ship after 5 years without major honours. We deserve our good fortune as much as anyone…don’t like it? Tough…live with it.

  2. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    Four – Santa Cruz, Tevez, New Buy, Bellamy.

    Robinho will play out wide.

    Caicedo, Evans, Bojinov & Benjani will all leave the club before the start of the season. Jo’s left on loan already.

    Arsenal have more themselves – Arshavin, Eduardo, Adebayor, RVP, Bender, Vela

    Clubs generally need four, even five.


    • gibbo says:

      if AC milan is beyonce then what is Man City? any suggestions??

      glad to see the back of him, he will do sod all at city only upset everyone and moan cos i he cant get in the team.

  3. Rene Bruwer says:

    Bear in mind that a number of our strikers are injury-prone, and that we lack a genuine goal poacher who is fit for the bulk of the season. We should be going after Hunterlaar who has a proven pedigree at all levels. Walcott and Vela still are not the finished article.

  4. Geoff says:

    You say how many strikers do City need and list 6, well three of those will be going this window, but then you list five Arsenal strikers and call City Beserk level 4. What the Hell !!!. How many strikers do you need ?

    • TJ DA GOON says:

      Are you for real mate? We’re actually in Europe. When you are in Europe, you will find that you need to rotate as these footballers are only human and they do tend to get tired and need a rest every once in a while. I’d love to see how Sparky is gonna keep all those ego’s in check when you only have a game every weekend and the odd cup game in midweek until Rotherham or some shitty league one team knock you out on pens cos ur primma donnas didn’t fancy trying against them. Good luck but i, for one, aint nervous at all but quite happy your shitty club is gonna take the main reason for the breakdown of our attacks for next season.

      P.S. Don’t be too hard on Ade when that flag is raised for the fu**in umpteenth time in that rented piece of shit stadium you guys call home.

  5. steve says:

    its not just about having 12 players now you idiot, what happens when RSC gets injured, who will be the target man…..yes adebeyor. before you start writing this dribble ..think about what you want to say and apply some logic..City will obviously sell some ot there strikers, caisido, benjani, evans, bellemey, bojinov. I think the big four are certainly ruffled and worried about whose place city will take next year in the CL….

    • a says:

      Dream on little man. Your club is a joke, face that and hold back on the big man’s talk. That needs to be backed up, something a small time joke club like city has never done.

  6. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    Also, i must add, £170k for Adebayor is simply a figure plucked from thin air by idiot journalists. We know they make stuff up on the spot.

    None of all will know the ins and outs of any player’s deal, but we know roughly. Adebayor’s allegedly on around £85k a week where he is (right/wrong?), he’d get a payrise, sure he would, but it’d be nowhere near that. Those figures mentioned would make him the highest-paid player at the club, simply not going to happen.

    My guess would be somewhere between £100k and £120k a week. Still outrageous, but not absolutely mental. Is he worth that, no. Is he worth £20m, no, but we’ll trust Hughes judgment.

    It’s just a little annoying when the media completely fabricate figures. Barry, for instance, probably on about £90k, yet some fools just keep upping it to add weight to their arguments. Our wage-bill remains much lower than any of the top four.

  7. arsenalaction says:

    City fans whats the chances of getting Steven Ireland or Micheal Johnson?

  8. gabz says:

    how many strikers do we want ay!
    look at your squad…
    Van Persie

    and thats without Adebayor…

    we have Santa Cruz, Tevez, Bellamy, Robinho and Bojinov… thats also 5 excluding Adebayor… as for Evans, Benjani and Caicedo… hardly going to be at city for long are they??

    why envy us??

    its ok for chelsea to steal your beloved Cashley, but a player you all supposedly hate is being cashed in for more than he’s worth and you blame us for wanting to improve??
    stop your anti-city clubs and remember that the city fans have a great respect for arsenal as we admire what we see on the pitch!

  9. George Kane says:

    We’re using you to smoke Eto’o out. Decent squad player if we do sign him,would nt say no.

  10. fraser tyler says:

    ireland, no chance in hell

    johnson, unlikely, but possible only at an inflated price!

  11. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    FAO: arseaction

    Johnson’s been out for nearly a year, hasn’t been able to train and is looking quite hefty. Yours for £10m. If we can get him fit he’s as good as Ireland. Not sure it will happen.

    Ireland’s unsellable. We’re crap, i don’t deny that, but no-one in the world could convince us to sell, not for (prepare to laugh) £30m/£40m/£5om, though i must add that he needs to repeat this season’s form over the coming seasons to establish himself as a top player.

    • fraser tyler says:

      we’re crap???

      **** off

      • Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

        Calm down, sunshine. We are crap NOW, we might not be in a year, or maybe two.

        We need to retain a sense of humour about things City. When we start using our new-found wealth to mock other clubs then we’re on the way to being as hated as any of the other Big Four.

        I hope things improve on the pitch, obviously, but i’d like us to be as humble about it as possible. Self-deprication’s just part of being a City fan.

  12. marts says:

    From last seaons showing they actually do need a few, tevez, adebayor, cruz robinho, belemay. Nothing wrong with that sounds like some seriuos trong front line to me.

  13. Jack says:

    Be afraid Arsene Rafa et al

  14. arsenalaction says:

    City fans a rumor is that Micah Richards has got HIV?


  15. fraser tyler says:

    he had swine flu… not HIV

  16. Mr bluesky says:

    Man City need 4 Good quality strikers and their interest in an Adebayor is one to replace some players that are about to become history. Why does any club sign players, obviously to try and better themselves. Adebayor will help City leapfrog Arsenal into a champions league position next season. City are the club everyone should fear and the so called big 4 are soon to be blown apart – are Arsenal strong enough to survive, maybe ?

    • clive says:

      Now i’ve heard it all, a man citeh fan giving it the large!!! 😀 excuse me whilst i chuckle, and remember how insignificent your club is.

  17. Jack says:

    Although the proposed wages are astronomical, it makes sense for City to have four strikers that are experienced and proven at all levels. They could well play with two out and out strikers with Tevez or Robinho in behind.

    I predict City will be very strong next season.

    As for Arsenal…

    The need for a holding midfielder is obvious, however, it must be funded through the club’s own means. Any money from the likely sale of Adebeyor has to be has to be re-invested in another sriker of silmilar quality, (ideally with a more suitable temprement) as we cannot afford to be left short of frontmen during vital stages of the season.

    These things have to sorted out soon. I agree with Wenger, this is a “make or break season”.

  18. LB says:

    C’mon writer, as an Arsenal fan, I have to defend Man City here. Surely you did some thinking before you wrote this? It just makes no sense as others have pointed out.

    What I do agree with you about, as most Arsenal fans seem to, is that it is better for Adebayor to leave even if it’s to one of our potential rivals. Good luck to Man City and I hope they manage to contain his ego, no one has been able to so far. The man has outlived many a manager on two continents and three countries. They all suffered severe nervous distress. I really hope Mark Hughes has big balls. From out point of view, Walcott, Bentdner, Gallas, Toure, et al will have a humongous load off their shoulders. I fear that the result will be that we will put major distance between us and you. In the end, we hand you the battle, we win the war.

  19. bigtimetopbanana says:

    I can’t believe how happy I was to hear this morning that ManC might actually take Ade off of Arsenal…. to get rid of the lazy, always offside, needs-six-chances-to-score-one player who actually thinks he is as good as Henry is the only way back to playing the fluid, fast break football that makes Arsenal such a joy to watch.

    It’s tremendous funny to hear ManC fans objectively trying to defend their clubs transfer policy !!!! Four years ago the were buying players like Darius Vassell and Paul Dickov. Now, it’s imperitive to have six world-class strikers. You are really really embarrassing in a way that Chelsea only come close to, because we’ve always expected them to be classless. Whereas ManCity is a club with a history of quality that is going up in smoke.

    I’d be happy for Arsenal to take Ched Evans off your hands, and show you what a quality club, investing quality training and standards into a player can do. You can carry on spending stupid money on strikers to play in the UEFA Cup.

  20. Erichero says:

    Wow, look at the Citeh fans talking it up. You know I’ve heard all this before from a club that spends tons of cash on branded players, paying over the odds and then missing out on the real deals like Arshavin. Now what was that club again? Blimey, I forget.

    Top 4 since 1998, been there, done that. Wish you could say the same.

  21. Spinoza says:

    Ahh Mr Knott from Droylsden – are you the supergrass?

  22. arsenalfan says:

    people go to city for the money not the pride and loyalty to the club, barry long term liverpool fan had an offer of them as soon as city came with a massive prics of he went, city fair enough will have no dout a good team, but weather they will form as a TEAM is a different matter, good luck to the city and hopefully you will knock chealsea of the top 4 give it 2 years and maybe you will, also i wuldnt mind if ade goes as long as we got richards in the deal. Wht do u think of almunia playing for england personally i think i will b a gret benefit ?

  23. dilsh says:

    Think hard guys and I do hope they do not want him, I still think he will have a lot to offer for us next season and this Chamak guy we are linked with scored a memoth 13 goals last season, so Ade still scored more in a season when he did not play well, got injured and we fans turned on him. So trust me selling Ade will be a big mistake, why dont we all get behind him for a season and see what happens, may be just may be he might manage to lead us to a trophy. he sure has the ability to do so, lets hope he stays.

  24. messi says:

    to be honest i think adebayor will definetley go this season and i dont really care if he does you know as long as we can replace him with someone similar to his skills and attributes example aerial height, strength, pace, 1 on 1 well sometimes anyways, and for the others who mention “well arsenal have van persie, eduardo, bendtner, vela, walcott, arshavin” lets rectify that van persie gets injured alot so we need a back up for him thats bendtner, eduardo hasnt fully recovered and sharp yet his back up is vela, and walcott and arshavin can play there but arsene plays them at the flanks, and city have bellamy, santa cruz, tevez, robinho willy play on the flanks aswell and as for bojinov, caicedo, benjiani the will proberbly leave this summer i guess: so lets see arsenals 11 next year


    sagna toure gallas clichy

    nasri cesc diaby rosicky

    van persie

    subs::: fabianski, eboue, djourou, vermaelen, gibbs (ON LOAN), song, ramsey, denilson, vela, walcott, eduardo, bendtner

    departing: silvestre 100%, adebayor ??? – 50%

    and i guess most of the youngsters will play the carling cup and fa cup with 2 or 3 experienced olders so anyways i think we just need to have faith in the team arsene and hopoe for a great season.
    City good luck next season and lets start the FOOTBALL SEASON PEOPLE!!!


  25. Mr bluesky says:

    look at the photo above. The editor of this site refers to this player as ‘Ade Bye Whore’ is it no wonder he can’t be arsed to play for ‘arseonhole’ your fans are a disgrace. I hope City do sign this guy because the only way your club is going is down (nothing more than you deserve Reading what I have tonight).

  26. Am'z says:

    more quality strikers you have the best chance u have of finishing up the table,united had(the fantastic and look the result)so if city do get ADE(hope he satyz with us),got tevez and santa then robinho as striker aswell they will without a doubt finish in the top 4 we like it or not coz them 4 will get them about 100 goal approx. for sure,WTF we keep going backward rarher than the other all previuos seasons???????man fukkkkk wenger,Vieira/Titi/hleb/gilberto/flamini and the list goes on,i just dunno dose he realy think this squad is good enough for top 4???not for me in a milllliiiiiion year let alone challenge for the league,fuknnnn disgustin

  27. royharper says:

    You buy the strikers, they attract the backs you need, and then you sell those who don’t fit in. If you can afford it! And yes it all has gone bonkers.. and there are no ‘clubs’ any more in the way that there used to be, there are just big companies and even bigger shady corporations, but this is the world we’ve all encouraged to grow, well, most of us/you.

  28. Mr bluesky says:

    If Fabrigas goes Arsenal will really struggle to finish top 6. Nice ground shame about the football team !

    • clive says:

      Which will still be above your lot. Do us all a favour and stop pretending your club is anything but minor. You have cash sure, but nobody with any class, or dignity wants to touch citeh with a ten foot barge pole. You lot have more chance of battling with fulham for 10th place than you do taking a top four spot. Your best player, robinho, is a mercenary. He cant be arsed to do anything but cash his cheque each week. Tevez, he leaves a proper club, and joins you. Why, well let me think hard about that one. Couldnt have anything to do with the obscene raise could it?? Sanata cruz, the guy has broken past 10 goals a season one time in his entire career!!!!! One time! As for the rest, they are average players being paid crazy money and managed by a guy who has about as much control as a geriatric grandma with weak bowels.
      I used to have a respect for city, but the way the fans have so easily whored themselves to the ulmighty dollar, dropping any principals their club might have had, that disgusts me. Respect now reads contempt.

    • TJ DA GOON says:

      Get off your high horse mate. First you have a dig cos certain Arsenal fans call him Ade-bye-whore and now you’re talking shit about our Cesc.

      I’ll have you know that Ade is called that cos he effectively ‘whored’ himself to every big club on the continent last summer. He then denied it and then, before our very eyes, said that we should sell him to AC Milan cos they’re offering good money. He then changed the record and told our hierarchy to pay him what Henry was on as that is what he deserved. About 90% of Gooners wanted him gone there and then as our hearts had been ripped from our chests and stamped on by this cu**. We loved him the same way we loved that cu** Cashley, the same way we loved Flamini, Hleb and Anelka and we’d been hurt on those occasions the same way. We were betrayed. I don’t think Citeh have ever had a player good enough to be poached and have his head turned by all the riches that may have been on offer. I think Ade is just taking the full brunt of it as we’ve had enough of this shit. We aint standing for it no more. Any Arsenal player whoring himself from now on will not be seen as deserving to wear the shirt.

      As for Cesc. He is our captain. He loves TWO clubs DEARLY. Barcelona and Arsenal. He will only leave us for Barca and it wont be any time soon as he is no mercenary. He is no Robinho, Tevez, Barry or an Adebayor. He is a smart boy and doesn’t fancy warming benches at the Nou Camp. He wants to LEAD a young and growing squad to SUCCESS.

      People can write us off as much as they like but i have a good feeling about this year. I seriously do.

  29. Stevie Blue says:

    We’re in transition at the moment, the wheels are in motion, the revolution is gathering pace. Baconface at the Theatre of Debt is kacking himself, the Spanish waiter is throwing a massive thrombie. Arsene has been a tad quiet, does he still do the John Cleese impressions?
    Who knows what the season brings, we could be good or crap! But we’ll always be City.

  30. Matthew Wade says:

    Have always historically like man city…not so keen on the chavski trend of the super rich, who having run out of natural resources and poor people to exploit decide to purchase a blue shiney english plaything. How apt that city’s best player last year was stephen ireland, a youth product. They are trying to do a chelsea from a position of less solidity and a far less gifted manager leading the charge. Absolutely anything could happen, but unless they buy another centre-half they won’t win diddly squat….certainly given the city fans love of attacking football and the yoyo history of the clubs fortunes it’ll be a fascinating watch.

    As for Ade, not that keen on selling him, but £22m is a lot of beans…sure we could squeeze more out of them though….

  31. Culpano says:

    Lot’s of bitter Arsenal fans on here. Surely the most fickle glory hunting fans in the country.

    • gooner91 says:

      not being funny mate, but you know how well documented our lack of trophies recently has been, so a bit ironic you call us glory hunters?

  32. rafi says:

    Bluesky you are deluded if you think arsenal can end with the departure of cesc. you havent looked at their evolution over the past 10 years i think. anelka, vieira, petit, overmars, bergkamp are names that have been at the club already, yet today you talk of cesc and think his departure will mean no more gunners.

  33. Mr bluesky says:

    Rafi I’m a realist living on todays world. Back in the days of some of the greats you mention you had without doubt the best back line in British football and plenty other descent players. However today isn’t quite the same story – is it? If I was an Arsenal fan I’d be really worried. If (when) you loose your CL status & money that goes with it, then I’m sorry to have to be the one to inform you ‘Arsenal will be history’ You have a few nice memories, but thinking about it, not really that much to shout about recently. Goodnight & Bye Bye Arsenal

    • clive says:

      Twat. Talking about arsenal being history, when his own club is kept alive on the whim of one man. The sheik walks and your piss poor little toilet bowl of a town and club will be flushed along with it. You survive contrary to basic economic rules. You spend more than you could ever hope to generate. A club run at a fantastic loss, with no hope of rectifying that, and you are handing out warnings of financial oblivion. You, along with a good deal of the rest of you city fans need to pull your heads out of your ass’s and realise that you sat by, seduced by the hope of matching up to your infinitally more prestigious neighbours, and traded every one of your principals away. And its all gonna be for nothing when the johnny come lately ‘prince’ sees that running city as a benefit for his little dictatorship is about as viable as baghdad becoming next years hot holiday destination.

      Not much to shout about recently, but that still equates to more success than your boys have tasted in the past 30 years you muppet.

      • Husker Blu says:

        Do your homework before spouting crap….if the Sheik walks, we will be left debt free….so far better position than we were in before the takeover…and more than likely by then a club with a little success and a great takeover target as such…try again, jealous one….

  34. london Blue in N1 says:

    Ha Ha Ha….getting nervous gooners…!! For starters we all know you need at least 4 strikers in your squad, Caicedo, Benjani and Bellamy are all on the way out (yes we’re buying first-selling later…its called good business), Bojinov is still a fringe player who was inherited from Sven and not a dead cert yet…..so basically it looks like we’re building things nicely and you lot are shitting it….!!!!!

    • TJ DA GOON says:

      Hahahahahaha…..You’re definitely on a wind up. Citeh fan in N1!!??? Well i never…..


      You’re blatantly a Spud or some shit. Jog on!

  35. Mark says:

    Yeah. Maybe they’ll let you have Steven Ireland as a part-exchange deal. One thing’s for sure though, City will finish above the Arsenil next season. Make the most of your last Champions League.

  36. Matthew Wade says:

    Gosh….most interesting seeing premature gloating from city fans…sounds almost like spurs! Its odd to see the corrupting effect of money, until 12 months ago, city fans were among the most modest, good humoured, self-effacing and enjoyable to converse with in the EPL…a multi-billionaire later, and suddenly its two fingers to the world, mass arrogance and triumphalism.

    Without the money, i was supporting city against every team but my own…that’s going to be hard to do now. I used to have soft spot for chelsea too, before the billionaire’s blood money got involved. Even that wanker mike ashley made his money himself, rather than by the exploitation of millions. Why do you think none of us want the fat uzbek on the arsenal board, somethings are more important than short-term success, and representing some kind of morality is one. Its why despite them trying to buy our whole team every bloody year, i like barcelona….founded on a fair and inclusive ethos.

  37. Anti idiot party says:

    It is amazing how a billionaire changes things….
    Remember chaps, we have TWO billionaires who will fight
    it out to take control – one of them will, hopefully Kronke!
    What Arsene has done with no money is amazing…..
    The time will come when we WILL compete with you & others,
    imagine then!
    Gooners, it will get better, of this there is no doubt!
    Arsene has said he will build for the future, he already stated
    we need to expand our World class stadium to 100,000 &
    we will get there. Great times to come!!!!!!

  38. FUGAYZI says:

    selling him to city is a baaaaadd move……..he is a top player…….Arsenal fans dont like his character…….i do though!!! and he should stay with us. he is worth at least 30m if robbie kean is worth 20m……we take 20m plus richards and then we talk…….but he could really hurt us next season…….ultimately we shoul be adding not selling……we looking fragile these days….

  39. City Slicker says:

    Getting past Arsenal is going to be no sense of achievement. They barely held ofAston Villa last season. PersonallY I dont want Adebayor but if Hughes think he is right fro the club and team he will be.

    As forthe “knowledgeable” Arsenal fans out there (seem to know as much as manyoo “fans”) anyone heard of the African Nations Cup? Thats why you need deeper reserves of strikers,.

    This is going to be Manchester versus London (Arsenal, Chelsea, United)

  40. City Slicker says:


    “Gosh….most interesting seeing premature gloating from city fans…sounds almost like spurs! Its odd to see the corrupting effect of money”

    Not true.

    What you are seeing is City fans having taken enough from the United obsessed media telling them that their club has no right to be recruiting the best players., starting to fight back.

    When Arsenal were City fans only hope of seeing the evil Empire beaten your team got plenty of support from us but the patronising crap that Aresenal fans have been dishing out deserves the treatment its getting.

    Is Wenger frightened to spend money or is it the debt for the new stadium thats stopping him spending? Don’t forget City also have one of the best Academies in the country and have no problem promoting their young stars.

  41. City Slicker says:

    “Top 4 since 1998, been there, done that. Wish you could say the same”

    Been there done that is all Arsenal will be able to say very soon. Keeping watching that TV set.

  42. Erichero says:

    Really, I’m amused at what I’m reading. I’m just wondering where these Blue fans are coming from? Are they new to the club now that the money has arrived or were there weeds in the system the whole time?

    I also had a soft spot for City, because one of my friends supported them as his number 2 team. I’m a little bit stunned though – just so short in class.

  43. honeyelize says:

    hi, I’m from Vietnam. Nice to visit your blog

  44. Stevie Ireland says:

    Arsenal aren’t the team that I’d ideally want to knock out of the Champions League positions, as since Wenger has been there you have been a joy to watch (I remember a few seasons ago when the whole of Eastlands applauded Arsenals football/goals on numerous occasions such was the quality of passing and movement), but you are the team that is most vulnerable this season should we (City) gel reasonably quickly.

    With that said, alot of the comments on here from Arsenal fans will make it all the more sweeter if/when we do.

  45. Keith says:

    They have Evans,Ceicedo,Bellamy,Bojinov,Jo,,Benjani,Santa cruz,Adebeyor,Robihno, and Tevez


  46. Geoff says:

    To TJ DA GOON. Glad you concede we’ll be in Europe, mate. Pity this year will probably be your last !!.

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