[Exclusive] Eboue and Silvestre linked with £25m move to Man City

Posted: July 14, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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SkySports News sources understand that Man City are in negotiations with Arsenal about the possible transfers of Emmanuel Eboué & Mikael Silvestre for a reported £25m.

City have pulled the plug on the possible move  for John Terry and have now come in for the Arsenal pair Eboue  & Silvestre to sort out there defensive problems. Eboue is set to earn £140.000 a week and sign a 5 year deal  while Silvestre will sign a 2 year deal worth a reported £90.000 a week.

Our source is telling us that Man city also want Amaury Bischoff who is on a free transfer and will pay him £300.000 aweek.

One Arsenal insider told us “We want to give them all our shit for as much as possible, After they took Adebayor we offered them Eboue and Silvestre and they wanted them. We also offered them Senderos but they told us to fuck off”

So that means that Man City have payed Arsenal £50m for 3 players this week. Manager Arsenal wenger has told Arsenal action that he will not spend the money on new players  as he feels the young players are “good enough” and wilth Rosicky and Eduardo coming back from injurys they will be like new signings.Wenger said ” Yesss now we have £50m to spend it doesnt mean that i will spend zit, We have signed Van persie and Ramsey on new deals and that is more inportance then new signings, Plus the kids are that much stronger this year, Rosicky and Eduardo are back and they will be like new signings for us”NO i dont think i will spend this summer. I would rather keep the money in the bank then pay crazy prices on players”

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  1. fraser tyler says:


  2. bewster says:

    ha ha class

  3. Anthony says:

    LOL!!!! if this is true then they can have them both but i rele doubt it….. come on eboue and silvestre….. when they cud bid for toure and gallas or toure and senderous…..LOL LOL LOL

    Bishoff as well to become probably the highest paid player LMAO!!!!

    ya rele need to post rumours that actually have a chance of happening

  4. ARSENAL JIM says:

    What on earth is going on with this article, what a pile of toss. Embarrassing for me to read this from another Arsenal fan. Adebayor good riddance to a prolific goal scorer – got to be idiots I want him at Emirates!

  5. Eric Wirral says:

    Ha Ha, Nice one boys.

    You lot have obviously been spoiled over the last few years.
    Adebayor will be good for City, you’ll see.
    I know he’s a sulk but Mark Hughes will knock him into shape.
    The futures bright, the futures blue (sky blue).

    Good luck next season boys
    Let battle commence!!

  6. fraser tyler says:

    sorry i was wrong, now i read that wenger comment i think


  7. South Yorkshire Gunner says:

    A great headline …………

  8. john says:

    What a joke mate City are after adebayor for 25 million not eboue or silvestre

  9. CITY FAN says:

    City Fan coming in peace!!

    I PMSL laughing at this. But then cried as it could so easily be true!!! I still haven’t forgiven Wenger for selling us Seaman when he was finished and quite obviously only still going because the Arse defence was so good.

    Good luck to one of my favourite second teams for next year and hope you finish only one below City!

  10. kliffite says:

    1st!!!! nice Exclusive

  11. Gordo says:

    Its a pitty you don’t have anything positive to say about your own team, instead you try with an excuse for southern humour. The thing is you might not be smiling come the end of the season.

  12. E9 Gunner says:

    Wake up and smell the cold piss!
    What a piece of sh*t article

  13. One_Gus says:


    Shame that a few readers apparently have a sense of humour deficit!

  14. El Barto says:

    Now THAT is quality! Thanks for the cheering up.

    Also, anybody who actually believed this great work of satire is an idiot.

  15. city fan says:

    Top article mate!

  16. Andy says:

    What a sad sorry attempt at humour! Sad fucking cockney wankers, Spuds have more chance of winning any form of silverware than you have anymore, downward spiral chaps….SELLING CLUB, see, i can be funny too!!

    • juz says:

      ha ha ha, u stupid northern monkey! do u really think ur gonna break into top four? even with all that money obtained through foreign investment, u still wont cut it. only one club in manchester,with class,tradition and history and above all, an understanding of how to win,and they play in red!!! yes we have sold a few players of late,but they were either unwanted,unworthy or past it with the exception of henry. YOU!!! sold ur whole fucking club u MUG! lol and meanwhile our club is stable,world class boss,state of art arena,hot prospect youngsters and able to attract world class players unlike the mercinaries who pump u for every penny.ur obviously arent very bright so i wont waste anymore time trying to educate you ya deluded fool!! lol pussy!

  17. Col Bury says:

    You had me going there for a minute, fella!

    Then I was pissin’ me sides.

    Off to shower now.

    Thanks for Ade’ (work permit, permitting of course…)

    Not takin’ the pee as I admire your club and the way you play. But (it’s easy for us to talk now) I think the hierarchy are a tad frugal.

  18. gomey says:

    if fuggin only, i would break the toes on my left foot for that deal to be true.

  19. faithnomore says:

    proves Arsenal have to sell to buy
    debts are crippling

  20. Jen says:

    I understand it’s a piss take. But it’s still not funny. :\

    And those people who’re taking it seriously, 😐 really, what a bunch of idiots.

  21. Darryl says:

    hahaha Ledgends,, actually can’t believe people cant see use are taken the piss ,, certainly brought a smile to my face anyway haha

  22. gooner says:

    wtf! Is irony completely dead?

  23. Joel says:


    Love this , great satirical on City & Arsenal’s up and downs. Amusing to see so many gullible gooners as well

    Made me smile
    Blue Joel in France

  24. Col Bury says:

    I’ve heard a rumour we’re now after your hot dog seller n programme bloke for a combined £5m bid….you heard it here first.

  25. Erichero says:

    Without going overboard you could have made this credible. You would fooled half of Gunnerdom…. would have been worth a laugh 😉

  26. marcus says:

    Come on guys, its obviously satire.


  27. barry the gooner says:

    if only it were true throw in diaby and we would have got rid of three liabilities lets hope that perhaps city will bid for toure

  28. bobbyp says:

    Can’t believe how thick people on here are. It’s Obviously a joke, and a very funnhy one at that. Well done fella.

  29. Donjohnni says:

    This is the worst article I’ve ever read. Seriously.

  30. mike nyikadzino says:

    Here you go with more of your racist crap fuck u

  31. Timus says:


    You had me as far as the quote!

  32. Reece says:

    why do people hate eboue so much, hes more direct than nasri and actually runs at players and puts balls in the box. Nasri just cuts inside everytime and passes it sideways or to the attacker whos coming deep to collect the ball which in itself is useless

  33. Phil says:

    People really don’t have a sense of humour these days!!! Nice article m8

  34. GM says:

    This lifeless attempt at humour shows how near you are to losing your cozy meal ticket in the Sky Four Cartel. Hope you enjoy the thousands of empty seats in the white elephant stadium, the empty flats in Highbury, the intelligent conversation of William Gallas, and the lovely Europa League. We might take a couple of your young players off you when the bailiffs come round collecting the debt… Cheers.

  35. eukristian says:

    A joke , but the last Wenger part seems like Déjà vu . He’s been saying that for 2 season with the same results .

  36. gizzle says:

    u fukn son of a bitch….y tha fuk cht bull shit….i hate motherfukas like u!!

  37. gunner1 says:

    haha this is so funny…….but kinda let down its not true

  38. SR, Manchester says:

    HA HA! cheeky cockerney so and so’s, you’d pay us to take those two!

  39. steve groaner says:

    hilarious southern puftas,city till i die.its only downhill for you boys now.if you carry with your bitter jealousy we will buy your club as a feeder for us.
    cockney ladyboys

  40. Randy Osae says:

    No doubt a shit blog.

    But Hilarious article.

  41. lol... says:

    One Arsenal insider told us “We want to give them all our shit for as much as possible, After they took Adebayor we offered them Eboue and Silvestre and they wanted them. We also offered them Senderos but they told us to fuck off”

  42. Dan says:

    “…We also offered them Senderos but they told us to fuck off”


    I don’t know what’s funnier, the article or the muggs who think you’re being serious. I bet these dopey d*ckheads are all in the Arsene Knows Best group…idiots!

    Great article!

  43. DonGorGon says:

    lite hearted humour but will probably will happen LOL, excelllent!

  44. Joe says:

    I cant believ people are so stupid to not see this story for what it is!!!!

  45. Gra says:

    If only-I’m gonna say a prayer to the God of football anyway,and pray it comes true!

  46. sooper gooner says:

    Feckin classic article.

    Cuntabayour can fuck off up norf for all I care!


  47. joseph says:

    come on guys they are arsenal players after all but i see that city fans have the class of new money pricks like chelsea jump on the band wagon fans

  48. Wooders says:

    Apparently Wenger wants Benjani at Arsenal, he needs top ten caliber strikers and sees Benjani as the perfect fit.

  49. d-tox says:

    And here`s a funny irony,i think Wenger is gonna be keeping Swiss
    Tony 4 next season

  50. pauly herszaft says:

    when i heard the figure £170k a week for the donkey i had to check the paper to see that it wasnt april fools day , xmas has come early 4 us as far as the donkey is concerned , good bye and thnx 4 nothing xxxxx

  51. georgesydaust says:


  52. […] [Exclusive] Eboue and Silvestre linked with £25m move to Man City SkySports News sources understand that Man City are in negotiations with Arsenal about the possible transfers of […] […]

  53. Lee says:

    What Crap. try putting a positive spin on Arsenla for once. All this negative bullsh1t doesn’t help.

    What’s wrong wiht Big Phil….? throwing insults at out players is going to help….

    And please wait til Ade has gone – this could blow up in our faces and we will be stuck with the lazy toe rag.

    A sad attempt at humour. Don’t try again.

  54. Gaz says:

    You need to frame this article mate!

    How can anyone with even one brain cell not realise this is a joke? Fools.

  55. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Made me laugh, it’s not clever, but it’s a bit off silly humour. Shit, some people are so far up their own ass. Do City fans really think it’s sour grapes? Have you not seen that Ade LIVES offside? He might be great for you, or he might be a complete pile of shit.

    You guys are funny, all of a sudden you’re going to be better than Aston Villa and Everton, let alone Arsenal. With all your money you still haven’t got anyone as dangerous in front of goal as Eduardo, no one as classy as Van Persie, or anyone as dynamic as Arshavin.

    Lol, keep dreaming. It’s a 10 year plan remember? You’re still 10 years to early to fuck with Arsenal.

  56. Shadi says:


    thanx you

  57. Jor-el says:

    As perceptive as your analysis of Adebayor, which is zero. How did you get to be so clueless about football?

  58. Evan says:

    im a city fan and i find that article hilarious thanks for having a sense of humour about everything

  59. gnbustami says:

    i can`t believe what i`ve read… wow…

  60. Tommygun says:

    Love it…Nice 1 : ))

  61. Izzy says:

    Loving the responses from the CITEH fans. Granted your throwing your weight around, inflating the market and probably all loving it! and if you dont do better this season then last its an embarressment. Have Ade with pleasure, call us a selling club…Ade isnt woth keeping! Laughing for 25mill. You wont touch the Arsenal, wheres your identity? Wheres your sustainability? Itl all end in tears and well be crying with laughter when it does!

    Great article, rediculing City for there laughable transfer policy ‘o iv heard of you, ill buy your for 25 mill’ lol.

  62. honeyelize says:

    I like beautiful blogs!

  63. dave says:

    WTF!!!! funny? stupid . you realy dont seem like a nice person, if you think you are being funny pls dont try stand up as the nhs already has too many cases of violence to deal with you sicko

  64. fatgingergooner says:




  65. CitySlicker says:

    Its funny Arsenal and Man U fans are the same, when you had Ade and they had Tevez they were great players ,,now all of a sudden they are rubbish ???? Teams loose player because they take a step up , get used to it ,, cum on you blues

  66. Pac Dolla says:

    Like i said b4 Eboue should stay and Silvestre can go! He’s not Arsenal anyway. All you Arsenal fans please dont 4get all the good games Eboue has played for us. thats showing no appreciation 4 a player thats been there 4 a minute. If any OF YOU play football you should know that you are entitled 2 have a stinker or two. Eboue knows what he must do this season so stand by him and back him cause he’s NO ADEBEYOR AND HE’LL MOST LIKELY PROVE ALL OF HIS DOUBTERS WRONG! meaning Eboue nt Ade. Silvetre, Diaby, Ade, are the players i wouldnt mind seeing in another team.

  67. germc says:

    veloso is a peice of shit, i really don’t think people have seen him but bang on about him anyway, he isn’t as good as diaby denilson or song, but i agree we need someone, matuidi ! i lived in france for 6 months and saw a lot of french football, he is fantastic on the baall, dropping back and picking up runners as well as tackling, i do really like cana, he is an animal, it would be great to see him against man utd chelsea or spurs to see him do some damage to some of the scumbag players cause he really is a nasty nasty peice of work, we should actually sign both, matuidi would settle things in midfield in the emirates and cana away, he would love the fight of say blackburn or bolton away

  68. There is a light that never goes out MCFC says:


    Funny though.

    Is Adebayor really that bad. Is it possible he just didn’t want to be at Arsenal last year?

  69. Kang. says:

    Amaury Bischoff, £300.000 a week !! u gt to be kidding me.

  70. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    Hey don’t include Eboue in this. He’s becoming fuckin awesome player. Maybe Denilson for 50 mill?

  71. hers says:


  72. hers says:

    Arsene Wenger must buy Sami Khedira and Neven Subotic.

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