[BAD NEWS] The Adebayor Deal Might Be Called OFF!

Posted: July 17, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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I was hoping that this sack of shit was going to be sold today, But it Sound like the deal might be off… Greedy prick, And apparently Man City are now turning to David Trezeguet.

Manchester City are furious with Emmanuel Adebayor after the Arsenal  striker’s advisers attempted to engineer a move to Chelsea on Friday night.

Sportsmail revealed earlier this week that Adebayor was offered to neighbours Manchester United when talks with City over personal terms of £170,000 a week looked to be in danger of collapse.

There were indications yesterday that he was finally ready to agree a move to City and head up to Manchester for a medical. But the club were amazed to discover that the Togo forward has been touted to Chelsea as he continues to stall on a £25million move to Eastlands.

Adebayor even met Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger yesterday over the possibility of staying at the Emirates for another season, but the Gunners are adamant they do not want him back and are keen to honour the deal agreed with City

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  1. Danish Gooner says:

    What a cunt !!!!!!!!!!! 1st.

  2. mab says:

    please please please fuck off

  3. adam says:

    hurry up and go to man city.we dont want you,we only want the 25million.stop hanging about and move on.

  4. Arse&Nose says:

    Oh bollocks!

  5. gooner_ali says:

    adebayor. Dont you realize, anywhere where you go, ure stil labeled greedy. just go

  6. Paul says:

    Fuckin greedy no good piece of shit. Fuck off cunt we dont want you at Arsenal!!!

  7. Simplesimon says:

    LMAO this is classic can you imagine if this actually did happen???? Nice to see the daily heil doing its stuff i.e. stirring shit 🙂
    So Ade thought the fans were unfair on him last season???? If (thats a big IF) this did happen his life would be more than Hell.
    This is just paper bollox so no worries Eh?????

  8. GUNNA h says:

    yes he might stay i dont understand u lot you loved him in 07/08 season why?

  9. J.P.K says:

    Well, everyone at Arsenal will fuckin’ hate him for leaving anyway, so he’s fucked.

  10. Rob Moir says:

    yes he might stay i dont understand u lot you loved him in 07/08 season why?

    Actually, no. He’s always been a no-talent donkey to me. I deeply hope that he’s someone else’s no-talent donkey this coming season, same as I have hoped every season since we purchased him.

    • arse.nal says:

      yes 30 goals is no talent, just luck. yep i could play for arsenal and might get lucky and net 40…..really. btw all these terms (donky, sack of shit etc) are sounding just a lil racist. bet if/when terry leaves i wont be hearing this kind of name calling.

      i wouldnt mind him staying if he took a pay cut. mirror says he gone anyhow.

  11. gooner-jack says:

    are we all going mad – I want Ade to stay. Who are we going to get to replace him that is better?

  12. GUNNA h says:

    thank you jack

  13. GUNNA h says:

    who set up van persies goal against chelsea the second 1?

  14. gaya says:


  15. Mr B says:

    I can’t flippin believe it!

    I’m close to tears, I shit you not! The bre’s sicker than a aids infected cage fighter!

  16. therakebackmafia says:

    Come on. The wanker scored 10 league goals from 78 chances last season. That’s basically 1 goal per 8 opportunities. Not to mention how many times he was caught offside because he was too lazy to stay in position. We could replace him with literally anyone! full tilt poker rake back

  17. Marzouca says:


  18. XxGunner4evaxX says:

    He never should have been in a arsenal shirt he’s a joke. If he goes 2 Chelsea he will fit in there! Just do one adey-bi-whore.

  19. rafi says:

    adebuyme can’t think. his mr 20% does it for him and these are the results.arsenal need to send him on loan to hull for a season. they are desparate for strikers and he wont have to play us.

  20. gunnergetcha says:

    he should tout himself to spurs.

    he would be perfect for a club full of cunts!!!!

    fuck off outthebarndoor.

    • farquar says:

      fucking brilliant idea gunnergetcha, that will get the deluded twats on the wrong side of north london making fools of em selves saying there be in the top 4 again, so much more fun 4 us all!

  21. ttm says:

    hope ade stays

  22. Unibengun says:

    Pls greedybayo go to mancity i cld lend u a car 4 u to get to city on time and also run your medical 4 u pls live arsenal. d worst & most greedy players 2 put on an arsenal shirt.

  23. Jack Staniforth says:

    Like the sailor flirting with all the girls in the bar this guy could go home to an empty bed. What serious minded club would entertain him, he`s nothing but trouble. Should have been dumped last season.

  24. Idibia James says:

    Enuf of this piss of shit.If the greedy idiot never wanted signing for city, then why did he go for work permit hearing? Whether he signs for city or not he is no longer welcome at Emirate again. Just imagin how Adenonsence and his bastard agent are hawking themselves lyk cheap prostitute.

  25. Anonymarse says:

    Oh dear, what a painful selection of comments. The children are up late tonight…

  26. Mark says:

    Who set up both of van persies goal against Chelsea this season!? I’m not too fussed what happens, anyone we buy will not be better than ade. He is a mediocre player that makes life hard for defenders. I can’t see him being the prefered option next season if he is too stay. RVP is number one choice and can be paired with a number of talents most noticably arshavin, Eduardo and Walcott. Don’t forget we need depth in our squad if ade does stay next season I see him very much as a “super sub” player much the same role as eboue had this season, someone who can come on late in a game and change our setup and tactics. What will be will be, with him or without him I am one gooner who is very optimistic for the coming season as can see us challenging for top honours. Would like to see some more of coquelin, wilshere, Simpson and jay Emmanuel Thomas in the carling cup and less important games, stars of the future!

  27. Sam says:

    I want rid of Adebayor, yeah he did well a couple of seasons ago, then he got his pay rise and did absolutely nothing, just walked around in an offside position for 90 minutes just for the money. No motivation. That’s why I want rid of him, and we can get Huntelaar + Cana for £25 million.

  28. saf says:

    nw evy1z gna hav bad night, if he went it would hav bn hip hip hray, lmao

  29. stephen says:

    Well, having burned his bridges at the emirates, what is this waste of space to do if his transfer falls through!

  30. coggster says:

    hahahaha i laughed so much at this article – what a twat – he only said yes to city cos he thought MIlan would come calling. Now he wants to stay a Gooner cos he will be stuck at man city….what a cunt !!!

  31. DAVE says:





  32. matt says:

    **puts on Darth Vader costume**


  33. TheSKAGooner says:

    Well, the Mirror is reporting now that the deal is completed for £22m. The only apparent snag left to get past is that Ade wants a £2m “loyalty” bonus, simply because he didn’t request the transfer.


  34. Joe says:

    All you Adebayor haters are nothing but racists and pathetic ignorant fans.
    Adebayor has made some mistakes but these things unfortunately sometimes
    happen in football. Adebayor his admiration with AC Milian is nothing worst than
    what Fabregas is doing. Fabregas continue to flirt with Barceloana, Madrid, Milian
    but no one sees that as an abomination because he comes from Spain.
    I know he Ade will eventually leave and hope he will sign for man city who are no mediocrity like arsenal, therefore they will strengthen and restructure their midfield which will provide Ade opportunities to score. Remember even C. Ronaldo needs strong
    Squad esp. midfield to win things. Even Robhino is not the same player if he play in Madrid team. Ade was disappointed when Arsenl midfield depleted and demoralized him. Look for instance CL semi-fnl where u win by slime margin but we playd young gibbs who gave away easy, same in livepl arshavin 4 goal thriller . He gibbs panicked like fox but nobody talk about it. How can you be motivated and win big games ?

    • Sam says:

      Oh come off it is he flirting with Barcelona and Spain! How many times has that kind of stuff being said in the papers, then Cesc’s come out and reiterated his desire to stay at Arsenal? Quite a lot I can tell you that. And if you’re gonna say that it’s not Adebayor’s fault all this stuff is in the papers about him, why doesn’t he come out and fucking deny it then? He’s just lazy. And it’s obvious he’s only here for the money, or is it just coincidence that he had a good season, got a pay rise then had a shit season. I agree that he is actually a good player, but only when he isn’t being a lazy prick, which is a rare sight to see indeed.

  35. The Oracle says:

    I can understand people not liking Adebayor because he did show a lack of effort in the closing stages of last season but some of the sheer hatred and agression being spewed in the last few months is sickening. People we need to stop singling individuals out and destroying them. We nearly f*cked over Gallas a while back, we then damn near killed Eboue, thank f*ck Bendtner scored a couple because he was next and then Adebayor is portrayed as the antichrist. look we all are suffering from economic strain, maybe the wife is giving u too much jip as well but for f*ck sake chill the hell out!!!! We can’t have another season of this abuse being directed at our players. I believe players will walk and Wenger with them.

  36. original gooner says:

    Greedy no good average player ,only second to Cashley Cole in the person you want to want give out his tele number to the world.

  37. dave says:

    spot on oracle.. i especially thought the booing of eboue was awful.. although out the door has just been whoring himself out ever since he scored 30 goals 2 seasons ago… he is probably one of the worst players to ever put on the red and white.. all venom thrown towards him is justified

  38. LEE says:

    I fucking hate that horrible greedy cunt! he says he feels that he was treated unfairly by the arsenal fans and this is how he proves his point wot a selfish ungrateful greedy bastard! I hope he dies! seriously!

  39. […] [BAD NEWS] The Adebayor Deal Might Be Called OFF! I was hoping that this sack of shit was going to be sold today, But it Sound like the deal might be off… Greedy […] […]

  40. milani says:

    yeah now if he does stay we don’t need people boooing him, if your going to booo him fine but do it after we’ve a trophy lol. The players are feeling really could from what I hear and we don’t need to bring them down with all this crap about Ade. Now I want him to go on too but if he stays we shouldn’t booo him in the games because that’s stupid if he’s trying to help us win.

  41. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Exactly, I’ve never liked Ade much, but I don’t hate him and he does score goals. Some Arsenal ‘fans’ are ridiculous, fine, come on sites like these and spew all the crap you want, but don’t you dare say you are going to a game to boo and then try and turn around and say you love the club. You’re more of a disgrace to the club than Ade could ever be.

  42. Jor-el says:

    Its amazing what passes for commentary here — brainless. So Ade had 10 goals in 78 shots. Hmmm, how about Robin? Oh, 11 in 116? Only in England would that be considered better.

    He’s gone, and anyone who replaces him will be a lesser player and force on the pitch. Idiots talk about his offsides, clueless that it takes two players to make an off-side, either the striker who goes a tic early or the feeder who passes the ball a tick late. Never heard the almighty suppporters acknowledge that.

    I don’t think he can stay now, but if he does, it will be worth it watching the spoiled children — oops, loyal supporters, I mean — going Adeshit over it.

  43. Gooner says:

    Agree with Jo-rel

    Hasn’t the Ade-bashing reached a whole new level with ‘reports’ that he was about to sign for Man City.

    Too many Arsenal fans are too fickle. If they actually look at the facts they can see just how good a player ADe is, rather than reading the unoriginal comments by so many bloggers scapegoating Ade for all our failures in the last couple of seasons. If he goes, no striker in the world can be bought that offers what he does for the Arsenal team.

  44. Lock says:

    Someone just shoot that money hungry mother fucker and throw him on the road!!! Fucker is to never step into Highbury and Islington ever again!!

  45. dan says:

    He hasn’t got his heart at Emirates.

  46. ema says:

    arsenal’s been a bit unfair to him bundling him off to city like that and to think of replacing him with charmark who bearly got 10goals last season is nothing short of crazy and ambitionless,still cant see any trophies at the emirates next season with trends like this.

  47. ema says:

    why is no one hating on cesc he has also said a lot of late too.

  48. arse.nal says:

    kind of amazing how quick we are to turn on our own players. yea he didnt stand up and say “i want to stay at arsenal” but that doesnt mean we should boo our own player, destroy his confidence then persecute him for performing badly. never seen anything like it, do u actually want the team to win? if terry stays after his antics will be interesting to see if chelsea fans boo him or cheer the team to victory. use ur brain, booing helps the other team.

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