“Arsene Wenger” Fans Forced Adebayor Out Of Arsenal

Posted: July 19, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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So the £25m had nothing to do with it right Arsene? Good to see the fans are now getting the blame for this?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hinted that the club’s fans are to blame for striker Emmanuel Adebayor leaving north London.

The Togo international swapped the Emirates for Eastlands yesterday, signing a five-year deal at the club and following Carlos Tevez, Roque Santa Cruz and Gareth Barry to Manchester City.

However, speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Wenger wished the striker well in his future career but blamed a lack of fan support for his exit.

“We have lost a great player and we wish him well,” said the Gunners boss.

“He’s done extremely well for the club. I don’t believe that last season he got enough support. That was playing a part in my mind and in his mind, certainly, as well.”

The Arsenal boss went on to say he felt the lack of support, which stemmed from last summer’s perceived flirtations with AC Milan and Barcelona, affected Adebayor’s confidence.

“I believe he wanted to do well but he didn’t find the confidence he had the season before,” added Wenger.

“There was a little resentment you could feel through last summer.”

Despite having lost the 25-year-old, Wenger insisted the Gunners could cope and would continue to compete for the game’s top prizes.

“Believe me, he’s a great player and he’ll show that again at Manchester City,” he admitted.

“Big clubs lose big players. Milan have lost Kaka and Milan will go on. Arsenal have always lost players and continued at the top level.”

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  1. Chico Guerrera says:

    Of course the fans’ reaction helped him on his way. Why should Wenger deny this when it’s true?

    He was looking for an out last year despite being under contract. He’s just a money grabbing tosser, he’s been lazy and he still doesn’t know what offside is. And that alienated him from the faithful.

    No way is Wenger blaming the fans for this, what he is saying is that it’s understandable that we lost interest in the bloke.

    How the fuck you can use this to cricitise Wenger I have no idea. You must be a fucking idiot.

    I’ll take full responsibility as a fan for forcing this cunt out. And kudos to Wenger for make 20 million quid out of the tosser.

  2. Gooner MAC says:

    What a great day yesterday was. Rosiky back and Adebarndoor gone.

    I’m psyched for the season ahead.

    Up The Arsenal!!

  3. Gally says:

    that just it. we would start comlaining of expirience striker in january bcos arsenal is not going to buy chamark, d.m or anybody again and v.persie is going to be injured and d fans would continue shouting again. has anybody heard anything about blaise maturdi i thought they said he has travelled to london i think ade should sit on the bench if he doesn’t play well why must we sell expirence player how would d young learn no wonder anelka said he left becos of arsenal fans.

  4. uk says:

    i agree wit wenger on this one. & ade wil score against us this season esp since tv is too short to do anything abt it

  5. Charlie Boy says:

    Adebeyor on his day is a top striker however it didn’t go down well with any of us when after looking around for somewhere else to play last summer, he came back and kissed the badge after scoring in the Emirates Cup. We’re not stupid and we know when someone is genuine in their love of our club. Sure Wenger sticks up for his players and that’s how it should be. The Adebeyor saga left a bitter taste in our mouths though and most of us are glad it’s now at an end. I’m not even sure we will sign a replacement for him. I think Wenger might just think Arshavin, VP, Bendtner and Eduardo are enough. There’s certainly a lot of promise there. Perhaps that defensive midfielder will be more of a priority! Who knows?

  6. FUGAYZI says:

    he is wright! you cant be booing your own players, if the boss thinks things are getting bad he decides to sell not the fans……he is a very good playa we shouldn’t have sold him 2 a CL + league rival. however with the transfer situation arsenal fail 2 surprise me…….always weeks of speculation then the signing……i want them to be more decisive and surprise me from time to time…..clubs got money……they think vermalen gonna b a vidic…..thats see, not sure about this guy….been wrong in the past…..

  7. TA6 says:

    If this is true, the fans did play a part in pushing Ade into the clutches of citeh the I feel, I, as a fan of The Arsenal feel I am once again truly part of a club that a growing gulf distancing me. I am proud to say that I had in any small way helped rid us of this greedy useless egotistical arrogant brainless *$#t
    Today is a good day

  8. Idibia James says:

    We the faithful Arsenal fans could force Wenger 2send Adebayor packing for£25m eh! but we could not force Wenger to sign some great and quality players that cld really and consistently challenge for top honours. Let me tell you Mr Wenger, you do not have the fans interest at heart. Dont you know that no futball club on this planet including Arsenal can’t exist without the support of the fans? If you wish, go ahead and save the £25m in Arsenal financial tight box and dont use it to strenghten the squad from defence to attack. Who is Mr. Wenger decieving? He sold Adebayor because of the £25m cripsy and now he is telling the entire world that Arsenal fans orchestrated Adebayor’s exit. Same Mr. Wenger always told us to exercise patience for the team lack of trophies? So why did’nt he tell us to exercise patience wit Adebayor’s lack of commitment. Same Wenger told us last season after Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto departure that we needed a body in that midfield and was gonna add a body to strenghten the midfield. But to my greatest surprise he went and picked calamity and rusty Silvestre from City Medical room. Wenger has not been faithful to the Arsenal fans and he does whatever pleases him and not the fans, whether good or bad, negativd or positive, constructive or destructive, right or wrong. If i want continue with Wenger’s deceptive statement, i will write volumes of literatures. GUNNERS4LYF

  9. david says:

    we must not go for chamakh cause his goal ratio is the same as Bendtner @ 4.71 per game plus look at all the the troble other Moroccan players have caused in the past Mido Swacky both @ boro and the other guy on loan @ Wigan going awol @ will not training and partying @ will -we need Klaas-Jan Huntelaar his goal ratio is 1.48 the same Eduardo are defence is not the best we need goals

  10. To be fare we did have a little to do with it but within reason. Anyway £25m for us 🙂

  11. david says:

    my dream line up will be
    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

    Arshavin Song Fabregas

    Eduardo Huntelaar RVP

    Subs; Gallas Gibbs Rosicky Nasri Bendtner Eboue Manone

  12. Adom says:

    Fickle idiots. Sometimes i think ‘Arsenal Fans’ think that the more players you have means the more succesful you’ll be, rather than taking into considering the quality of striker. Chamakh is no better than Bendtner or Vela, he is just older. And i for one would take ability over experience any day. The same with Melo, why spend £21m on a player that, logically assuming, Song would be more effective than this time next year.

  13. Realist says:

    Well he didn’t really say that. Listen to the original BBC interview, instead of taking a third party’s unique twist on it. Newspapers need angles and blame to sell papers. It’s sad that you’ve believe their interpretation without thinking for yourself on it.

  14. gooner91 says:

    tbh we dont need chamkah, he doesnt even really look that good, nothing better than wat weve already got
    altho i think wenger is putting a lot of faith in wat we have, we all know of van persies tendancy to get injured, eduardo isnt back to his best yet and bendtner seems to be very inconsitant, hell score a good goal one week and miss a sitter the next
    i think the smart option would be to move arshavin up as a second striker, rosickys come back means he can play arshavins role out wide and then we can spend the £25 mill on a strong, tough tackling DM and possibly a back up winger for rosicky, taking into account his injury problems
    but we have to remember there is still a whole month till the transfer window shuts, we dont have to go and spend the money straight away, im sure if wenger does buy some one hell take his time to think it through

  15. tommigooner says:

    Cracks me up how Arsenal fans can fight amongst themselves and go off topic. The write up here is how Wenger is saying ‘We’ forced Adebayor out. I think Arsene Wenger is on very dangerous ground if he is going to blame fans for a player trying to engineer a move away the previous season whilst trying to increase his wages to an astronomical figure – this is after the previous season that same player got a pay increase when he didn’t ask for it but the board believed he deserved it.

    On top of that the player after trying to engineer a move away tells the fans he didn’t want to leave. Now I’m not sure about you lot but I just think that is proper taking the p*ss – don’t take fans for idiots. I would of forgiven Adebayor if he actually put the work in – but not only did he get a double your money deal but he played like a c*nt for most of the season.

    So let me get this right – Adebayor wants a move, openly flirts with Barcelona & AC Milan – gets a pay increase, then gets interviewed on Arsenal TV just before the start of the season and blatantly lies by saying he didn’t want to leave, when you couldn’t get him or his agent Steve Courbis out the news, instead of playing his heart out, he plays like a c*nt – then flirts again with the prospect of playing with AC Milan a la Beyoncé – and gets a move which he is getting paid some extortionate amount to Man City – and it’s the fans fault? Have I go that right?

    Also people who write on here can you use proper grammar and spelling – you have been schooled haven’t you? None of this shortened abbreviated text – it drives me mental!

  16. tommigooner says:

    PS – As for who Wenger is going to bring in to replace Adebawhore – I agree with the Chamahk comment – we don’t need any more potential – we’ve got that till the cows come home – we need someone proven – someone who is better than what we’ve got already. Who that is & available I can’t say right now – but Huntelaar or Dzeko would be on that list.

  17. Derryl says:

    What nonsense.. This piece is just twisting words around! Wenger did not even imply that “the fans forced Ade out of Arsenal”!!

    After the last summer everybody knew that Ade’s heart was in his wallet and not on his Arsenal sleeve.. The fans reaction was inevitable as it showed in his performances.. Good riddance Ade!

  18. Sam says:

    Thanks for the credit Arsene!

  19. Danish Gooner says:

    So what if we forced him out,kudos to us.Those games against Manure was the writing on the wall,abject performance from a man that physically if he tried would give Vidic and Rio a game but he didnt bother and it was obvious.Would Fergie be as patient with one off his payers if they refused to put a bit off work in to it,i think not.Wenger is far to patient with his players and if you have one with a bad personality like adebayor he will shit all over Wenger,like Hleb did,Like Flamini did,Like Cunt Ashley etc and when you shit on Wenger you are seriously shitting on the fans like him or loathe him,that is why it is common sense that a mercenary must go and Adebayor certainly was one.

  20. Duane says:

    Drogba purposefully did not play well last season bcos he wanted a manager sacked. Did the fans turn on him?
    Ronaldo openly flirted with real and said it time and time again he was going to leave Man U. Did he fans turn on him?
    time and time again players have caused dissention in the dressing rooms, fought with thier managers, questioned tactics but never have they gotten booed by their home fans except @ arsenal. Our Own Fabregas has told us he will eventually go back to Barca some day. So why all the hate towards Adebayor? I still dont get it.
    It is really going to be painful going forward bcos Ade is a great striker and he will keep banging in the goals in our faces.
    True the fans pushed him out. I believed AW didnt want the show of shame we as fans have decided to engage in by booing our own stars.

  21. I am going to be honest and blunt. Most of you so called supporters do not know what day of the week it is. Let me tell you this, I am a fan of Adebayor, because despite being left behind by Henry and without a consistent strike partner season before last, Ade gave us 30 goals, pride, joy and a good stab at the league title, whilst V.P and Eduardo spent the whole season on the operating table (between them). Then during that summer he said he feels he was worth more pay like every other player around the world does. He gets courted by the biggest clubs in the world and is offered 20-30 million to transfer but (guess what?) he stayed with Arsenal. Now at times he can be frustrating to watch, but as long as he is scoring goals he could look like an Ox. However, you dumb ass no life supporters say shit like Van Persie is the player of the season, desspite threatening to laeve if he did not get a pay rise (which do not care about) and that you would like Flamini back after he showed total disregard for the badge, just because he was more pleasing on the eye. Wake up you morons!! Adebayor lost confidence due to a lack of support and due to injury scored just under half his potential last season. He wanted to stay at Arsenal, but because our board want Arsene to sell a big name each season to make a profit, it was best all round that it was Ade. Trust me,he is richer but not happy. I hope we finish out side of the top four this season so some of you wake up and realise we are not as big a club as you think we are and are lucky to still be funcitoning on our budget, due to Wengers genius and some shrewd accountung and maybe some of you will fuck off to utd or whereever and leave the real supporters in peace before you destroy the little bit of pride we have left!!

  22. FourMinuteSmiler says:

    Better that the fans drive Adebayor away than Adebayor drives the fans away!!

  23. he is a money grabbing tosser, a la Cashley Cole

  24. ugk says:

    Arsenal fans (alot of them) are idiots. They used to boo Eboue when the guy played brilliantly and worked tireless moving foward.
    Arsenal dont deserve to win anything. The entire club clearly has a problem keeping players happy inside. So they all start leaving once they get good. And the Arse remain with a bunch of kids who get destroyed when they face tougher opponents

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