Huntelaar, Dzeko, Martins, Demba Ba or Chamakh to replace Ade?

Posted: July 19, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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But do we really need to spend on a replacement?

We already have enough forwards at the club?

Van Persie
Plus..Jay Simpson

Do we really need to spend that £25m on a forward when we need other areas covered? like a much needed defensive partner for Cesc.

But if we were going to sign a forward i would like to see Klaas-Jan Huntelaar or Edin Dzeko at Arsenal.

We have also been linked with Demba Ba and Chamakh but i dont feel that can do it in the prem league yet.

If we wanted a wildcard then maybe Martins could do a job?..And for £7m we could then use the rest to spend on other players.

Or maybe wenger wont spend anything?
Jason Goldstein
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  1. goonerguy says:

    its not that we have too many strikers its that all of them are similar and non will score 20+ a season apart from eduardo but he hasnt been the same since birmingham

  2. redskull says:

    arsene wenger should spend his money on huntelaar or martins and a defensive midfielder

  3. Rohan says:

    I agree with you but Martins is too small we need a big player who is a physical threat like Huntelaar or Dzeko. I really don’t believe Chamakh is good enough from what I have seen

  4. Danish Gooner says:

    Only in Pl football can a player increase his value after having had a crap season.Newcastle are quoting 12 mil for Martins.He is supposedly on 100.000 pounds at Newcastle a week, he was injured for much off last season and for the rest he ran around like a headless chicken.Toon have been relegated and they dare quote 12 mil for a player that have had three piss poor seasons on the run,it is mindboogling what some agents or executives gets away with.His real value would be something like 5 mil,yes he once was very good but as the rest off Toon he is now complete shite.This one stinks,stay off it Wenger, unless you can buy him for 5 mil.

  5. judith Le'Strange says:

    We need a couple of players, one strong midfielder for a start, but I see we’re being linked with Martins from Newcastle, I hope this is just a joke, we don’t need someone who is over 25 unless their a proven striker, and Martins is definitely not. If we’re getting a striker I for one and I think a lot of Arsenal supports would like to see Huntalaar signed, rather than the spuds up the road laying their hands on him. As there are numerous defensive midfielders out there only Arsene Wenger would know who to go for, not some unknowns.

  6. Jan Christensen says:

    You can forget about Edin Dzeko. VfL Wolfsburg turned down massive bids from AC Milan for him and he will stay with the German champions.
    Regarding Huntelaar, Arsene Wenger is said not to be interested in him because he’s looking for another type of forward. He would, however, fit the bill perfectly and certainly welcome the opportunity to join a club like Arsenal.
    Demba Ba won’t come to Arsenal. He failed a medical at VfB Stuttgart and won’t be fit at the beginning of the new season. That’s why the German club turned the attention to Huntelaar.

  7. goonerc says:

    a defensive midfielder is the priority before we even look for a striker. Huntelaar would be amazing as well as dzeko but chamakh and martins are the last thing we need, they are terrible!

  8. sam says:

    dzeko’s staying at wolfsburg. chamakhs not good enough for arsenal. martins isnt really good enough but i suppose wouldnt be a bad signing for 7-10 mil. huntelaar would be the best signing but i dont believe wenger would pay much more than 15 million for him. we missed out on melo and its been made clear that yaya toure isnt for sale. so we could still get cana or veloso but diaby would do better anyway now that hes been on a special training camp. i think wenger will sign chamakh and he will be a flop, adebayor aged 25 worth 25 mil, chamakh aged 25 worth 7 mil, the difference is huge! we want huntelaar!!!

    • Gaz The Gooner says:

      a special training camp as you put it dont guarantee a thing about Diaby

      • sam says:

        well i rate the guy anyway, when wenger plays him left mid it doesnt really help but the training camp apparently helps him to put on 3 stone which makes him more physical, if he was played defensive mid week in week out he would fill the void… in my opinion anyway

  9. arsenalaction says:

    What about Bafétimbi Gomis?

    • sam says:

      a forgotten man!! would be a very good signing, possible double signing with him and matuidi, havent seen much of either of them but gomis is the type of physical player id prefer to the likes of chamakh… good call lets hope hes on wengers radar!

  10. readie says:

    the first comment is a bit shit as eduardo has only played a few games since being back from that horror tackle from that twat from birm.and did score a few.mate u aint no fan u dont no anything. let me tell u he will hit 20 or more if he plays reg footie. now we need a midfield player bad.

  11. Abraham says:

    Arsenal wenger need to spend that money for yaya toure or sergio ramos.

  12. gunner90 says:

    Martins is a definite No – he is too small and is not good enough – that is why Newcastle went down – they did not score enough goals to stay up. THe only tall striker we have is Bendnter – all the others are very short so we must have another 6ft plus striker. The rest of the money I hope will be spent on a decent defensive mifield player ( it is obvious from last season that we do not have this type of player in the squad). Looking at yesterday’s game – the defence still seems vulnerable to high balls into the box so would love to see Wenger buy a really tall CH – Hangelan at Fulham would be great for us.

  13. AFC 49er says:

    No need for another striker – unless we get Sergio Aguero of course, this is a pointless discussion.

    Bring back the Flamster or PV4, either would do.

  14. bennygoon says:

    Dzeko or Huntelaar would be ace. but we should spend the money on a DM or CD. I’d like to see Cana or Veloso and Hangeland signed before we thought about a new forward.

    • Gaz The Gooner says:

      I wish people would stop naming players from or the papers who they have’nt seen play

      • bennygoon says:

        I wish people wouldnt make general sweeping assumptions. but hey ya can’t have everything

  15. gunner1 says:

    well said readi, eduardo looked shark when he came back e.g the goal with outside of his foot…brilliant!! chamakh is alot better than you all think hes technically more gifted than adebayor, and dont forget no one knew adebayor when he came from monaco! as for martins hes a good option but hes too small an with walcott an vela he doesnt add anything that we dont all ready have. the hunt is a good player but dont think wenger wants to spend so much, dzeko 100% isnt going anywhere. in my opinion wenger willl sign chamakh and inler or matuidi

  16. GoonerDave says:

    Some people are being a bit narrow minded about the players we are linked with. But a lot of players Wenger developed were down and out, such as Martins, or plucked from lower leagues, like Chamakh. Eduardos signing was a huge surprise, yet he looks to be an awesome striker if hes fit.
    Centre forward is one position where Wenger rarely buys poorly. Im sure whoever joins will be good enough.

  17. Nick Galea says:

    We do not need a striker desperately but if we do buy HUNTELAAR is by far the best of those mentioned!! Dzeko had just one good season,and anyway is staying at Wolfsburg.Chamak seems ok but nothing special.Martins could be a good wild card and worth a shot at £7m. Most important is a solid DM, so i dont mind missing out on Huntelaar to get d cheaper Martins if it means that money goes towards getting a Yaya instead of an unknown like Matuidi! (DM’s we sld consider:Yaya,Cana, De Rossi,Frings,Cattermole,Scott Parker,Gattuso…)Then swap Senderos+£4m for Hangeland and sell Silvestre for £1m…

  18. Julian says:

    hmmm…. Van Persie, Eduardo and Arshavin (if played as a second striker) could all score twenty goals a season. Those three are not “the same sort of player” at all and Bendtner, Walcot and Vela are all different too. I’m not however saying we dont need to spend money up front. There is a requirement probably for a big bustling, “Drogba type” player that can win things in the air and put pressure in central defenders, the question though is, if that’s plan B (which it is)then is Bendtner up to the job? I suspect he is. Every time he has come on as a sub to do just that he’s done well and scored some important goals. If money is no obect then sure, go and sign a Dzeko type player but money is tight and we DESPERATELY need a strong defensive midfielder – that’s where we should be focusing first of all. After all, Man U haven’t had that “Drogba” sort of player for the last couple of seasons and they’ve not done to bad! RVP, Bendtner are no shorter than Rooney, Ronaldo et al

  19. Stu5 says:

    goonerguy he’s only played like once or twice since birmingham and he was great and scored twice lol.

    hasn’t been the same? what are you talking about? we’ll only truly know if he isn’t the same if after he makes his full recovery and gets some sharpness.

  20. camden gooner says:

    I think Huntelaar should be are main target, he would fit in perfect, he is tall, has great technique and can score 20 to 30 goals a season, and is RVP Dutch striking partner. I don’t want martins i think he will bring the same problems we had with Adebayor , if we can add 2 or 3 more players and keep most of are players fit we can we the league this year, lots of are young players came on a lot last year.

  21. ricky says:

    do you think luis fabiano is a unrealistic target 4 us? I like huntelaar, don’t get me wrong, and out of all the other strikers we have been linked with I would pick huntelaar but im abit worried that he isn’t mobile enough for our game and his best attributes won’t be shown as much aka heading because our crossing isn’t the best, clichy and sagna both need to improve crossing especially clichy!!.

  22. Lawrence says:

    Wenger should go for martins or chamakh. Get some one that will help cesc i believe yaya toure can do that.

  23. Gaz The Gooner says:

    I think we have learned the past few years that there is no point in speculating. No one saw the Vermaelen deal until the last minute, same with Sagna, Eduardo etc Let’s just let Le Boss get on with it, and stop recyclying rubbish from, Tribal bloody Football, The Sun, The Star and The bloody People.

  24. Amz says:

    1st comment spot on i would say,1 thing am 1000% sure about is that DUDU/Van/Rosi will miss biiiig parts next year for sure,once ur hit with injuriez u will alwyzzzz be an injury prone,so ETOO iz my choice coz hes the BEST striker out there and iz available,so we shoud go for him if we really are a BIG club and not punch of 2nd class players over and over again,if not then martinz i would say coz hes the only other option with EPL experince and iz a 20goals+ a season player,obviously a DM&BIG CB STILL a MUST.

  25. Gilberto says:

    Obafemi Martins would be great. People doubting him have not seen him play. What striker can preform to the best with no so great midfielders or defenders at your side. Hahaha How many did henry score before he come arsenal to judith Le’Strange? How many did Adebayor score?

  26. stephen says:

    Huntelaar, and the ever elusive tall strong DM, please.

  27. Rohan says:

    what about Zaki?

  28. Russ says:

    I really hope we don’t get Martins – just don’t rate the guy. We won’t get Dzeko because Milan failed so it looks like he’s staying. Would love Huntelaar but not sure what his wages were at Real. Don’t know much about Chamakh but have read a lot mixed reviews about him. I honestly don’t think we’re going to sign another striker. Another DM and CB would be nice although I wouldn’t be surprised if Senderos came back.

  29. lil wayne says:

    Let’s just wait and see.August 31st ain’t too far.

  30. Marko says:

    Of all the players we’ve been linked with I’ve always thought Dzeko was the best one and would offer so much to the team. Other quality Arsenal type players include Chamakh, Negredo, Pandev, Pogrenayak and possible Gomis. You say we’ve got many forwards and that is true but we’ve only got really Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela and Simpson as strikers. Walcott is not a striker and in my opinion will never will be, Vela isn’t quite ready yet and Simpson is a player that it remains to be seen whether or not he goes out on loan again. Arshavin is more an attacking midfielder but he can play off the striker. So while we do have options we certainly need to replace Adebayor. We’re just 2 quality signings away from having a great season imo.

  31. kool man says:

    Out of all the strikers we have been linked with we should sign Huntelaar. He is the the most expensive but if we’re going to spend £10 million on chamakh then why not pay an extra £7 million for someone who will actually make our squad better. Van persie and Huntelaar play together on international duties and will already know how to play with each other meaning less time for Huntelaar to actually have to settle in. Huntelaar is a born finisher…the poacher we are missing. Adebayor missed a lot of chances, with Huntelaar we would have someone who is good enough physically to eplace adebayor and better at finishing!

  32. MistaKen says:

    Huntelaar and Cana or Mahamadou Diara please – and the Prem is ours

  33. yloops says:


    Some say he isnt physical enough, I care to disagree, he is very strong, and whilst is short hes are like springs allowing him to get great heoght in the air. Look at his videos if you dont believe what i have just written. Whilst walcott is very fast he has not been used up front yet, martins is a garunteed pacy forward that will score goals if given good enough service, heck he can make goals out of nowhere even if he isnt given service. When saw a player after shearer scoring goals for newcastle, nope dont exist because put simply there midfield give shit service. Even in shearers last season he goals dried up completely.

    Trust me OBA for arsenal, guys watch the vids do some research, strong power and can get hieght if needed he is the man

  34. E9 Gunner says:

    @ Marko

    We are one Yaya Toure away from having a great season. The guy can play CM if Cesc is injured, being the Viera type of player. Or play DM being Gatusso and Cana combined. Or play CB, being a tall version of Gallas.

  35. E9 Gunner says:

    Personally I would spend the whole £25mil on Yaya Toure. And I would be very happy because I know we would win something.

  36. MistaKen says:

    You know E9 Gunner, I think your right. Call me fickle but I change my mind. Yaya would make us so solid in mid field

  37. aleksieyi says:

    Plz oh plz do not go for Martins he was a good striker, yet no more. We do need a CF like Huntelaar yet the weakest area in the team is still the defense, we outgh to get DM like Yaya he would cerainly put our team back in the right track

  38. loobiegooner says:

    would luv eto to come and join us……shame.

  39. cd says:

    we are not desperately looking for striker… what we need is a midfielder to fill flamini role…

  40. true gunner says:

    Just get us Lorik Cana and Huntelaar or Dzeko!!! That will be enough for our summer signings.

  41. scottpuffin says:

    We should sign Kaba Diawara to replace Adebayor, and Stefan Malz to fill in the defensive midfield position.

  42. barndoorbendtner says:

    The only striker worth spending big bucks on is Huntelaar at the moment, but only because he would bring added (world) class to the attack. If he wont come then no great shakes as we have enough up front.
    We have to invest in the DM position instead/as well. One class signing there would bring it all together and take the pressure off the back four, Cesc and allow the flair players to do what they do best….gallop up the field and tear defences to pieces.

  43. Abhishek says:

    i would rather buy martins and spend the other money on a DM, maybe M. Diarra or matuidi.

  44. Mint AFC says:

    Martins ??…. turn it in, . . why would wenger want to buy someone that isn’t better than what we have already ? Huntelaar would be my choice, and him and van Persie would be a perfect compliment…… but 1st we need a defensive Midfielder, someone that can dish it out, has a good work rate and is strong in the tackle we all know that. what happening with Matuidi ?. i thought we had him in the bag !!

    Up the Arsenal

  45. Samson says:

    martins is the one who could break the defence of any team, he is very sharp and his speed is out of dis world, most comment states dat he is short but he can jump more than adebayor he scored 4 newcastle against man.u with a powerful header, it’s either martins or huntelaar

  46. U Mentions These Players ;
    Van Persie
    Plus..Jay Simpson

    3 of them would most probably play on the wing : walcott Vela Arshavin .
    I Wud Say vela wud go on loan next year . he Dissapointed me this year .
    I would by huntelaar or Luis Fabiano For max 20 mil then get senna for about 7mil ( Considering we get rid of eboué and Senderos )

    Our Team Next Year Wud Probably be
    GK. Almunia
    RB. sAGNA
    CB. tOURE
    CB. Gallas
    LB. Clichy
    RM. Walcott
    CM. Nasri
    CM. Fabregas
    LM. Arshavin
    FC. R.V.Persie
    FC. Fabiano/Huntelaar ( or Who ever we buy)

    just my opinion
    Cheers !

  47. Also .. When You Look at targets for players EG .. Martins And Chamakh it frustrates me that the other intrestees are the likes of sunderland stoke and blackburn .. surely this shows they are not decent enough players for arsenal. but Then you look at huntelaar and fabiano all intersted are teams like R.Madrid and man utd etc

  48. Leo says:

    First option I think we will need a strong, veteran DM like Cana, I don’t thnk Denilson is up to the DM role in first team yet. The man to replace Adebayor I think it would be Huntelaar, I believe he will work well with RVP!

    Cana and Huntelaar this season is all we need!

  49. bergie2016 says:

    i think the fees and wages will determine the issue , i think the boss is conviced about denilson and diaby but maybe believes an older DM for the short term will work , so possibly m diarra and maybe matuidi . i think dzeko and huntellar are non starters to well known for us and to much money .we all know the coup regarding our finances so pointless depressing ourselves waiting for messi

  50. m shafa says:

    25 million pound can buy players whose contribution will be greater than ade’s chamakh and a defensive midfielder

  51. Daniel says:

    At the moment, what we need to know and concentrate is a DM. If that place is solid, we will move forward to the opponent’s 18 and any of our strikers and midfilders can score. Let’s get Flamini type and coupled with little experience and mental toughness, we will stand any test.

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