[Video] Arsenal linked with £18m Andre-Pierre Gignac

Posted: July 19, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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According to the Mail, Arsenal are considering moving for Toulouse striker Andre-Pierre Gignac as a replacement for Emmanuel Adebayor.

Gignac, 23, was the French league’s top scorer last season and has been the subject of a £13million bid from Lyon – but Toulouse want closer to £18m

So what do you know about Andre-Pierre Gignac ?

Full name André-Pierre Gignac
Date of birth December 5, 1985 (1985-12-05) (age 23)
Place of birth Martigues, France
Height 1.87 m (6 ft 1+12 in)
Playing position Striker
Club information
Current club Toulouse
Number 10
Youth career
Senior career1
Years Club App (Gls)*
Pau (loan)
51 0(11)
18 00(8)
65 0(26)
National team
2009– France 03 00(0

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  1. arsenalaction says:

    Cheers for that Chris.

    Toulouse president Olivier Sadran maintains star striker Andre-Pierre Gignac will not be sold to Ligue 1 “RIVALS” Lyon.

    As it said in the blog they have said no to a bid from Lyon

  2. mark says:

    Good player. But plays for a club that is not known to sell on the cheap.

    If we are going to spend £17m. I would go for Huntelaar.

  3. Gooner Chris says:

    But Sadran has said Gignac is not for sale and insists he will maintain his stance.

    “I have said no (to transfers) several times in my life. When I say no, I mean no,” he told L’Equipe.

    That suggests he won’t be sold at all mate.

  4. arsenalaction says:

    I know mate, But you know what managers and chairman are like. They say one thing to the press to try and get the best deal “more money” for the player.

    Im sure wenger said the same thing about Vieira and Henry weeks before they were sold mate

  5. LB says:

    Toulouse have some wonderful players. If Wenger wants a defensive midfielder, the best I’ve seen who’s not attached to a big club already is Moussa Sissoko. Only 19, but 6ft2, very strong, with an amazing engine and very skilled. Spurs want him and I hope Wenger doesn’t let it happen.

    As for Gignac vs Huntelaar, folks please, Huntelaar is not an Arsenal type player. He has absolutely no pace. Gignac fits the bill and is a better finisher than Chamakh. Gignac is a man for the big occasions.

  6. Stick says:

    I don’t need much pace b4 u can score.HUNTELAR is good!!!pls sell bendtner, he is not up 2 arsenal’s standard.

  7. arsenalaction says:

    I would like to give Bendtner one more season

  8. jgooner says:

    he looks quality! Its refreshing to see a striker running at people and onto through balls than how Ade used to just get it with his back to goal! Nice post bud 🙂

  9. E9 Gunner says:

    There was no point of writing this story. We all know the papers link us to any player who is young and French, we all know this is a make believe story from the Mail. Wenger aint signing a striker, he’s just going to bring one of the youth players to the first team. But I believe he will buy a DM.

  10. GOD says:

    Hunelaar is perfect for the gunners as there is a need for a fox in the box clinical striker rather than another spaghetti junction walking the ball into the net player

    • tony gooner says:

      we have a fox in the box and thats Eduardo if he can stay fit he is quality, i dont think we need a striker as much as we need a die hard defensive midd who we are in desperate need of, so please wenger sort it out!!!

  11. Jim says:

    He looks heavy and slow

  12. arsenalaction says:

    Agree Jim. I was thinking the same thing. One 2 many kebabs i think

  13. Dan says:

    This dude is so much better than Chamakh, but a few million more expensive so Wenger will opt for the bargain option and we won’t challenge again.

    It’s nice to be linked with Gignac though.

  14. PV4-EVER says:

    LB have you know sense at all, even though Huntelaar isnt the fastest player ever to have graced this planet (he is still reasonable fast), his goal-scorring,strength,touch and skill must make up for it. Also looking at the team that Wenger has to pick from there is always enough pace in the team, A good balance don’t you think.

  15. mark says:

    Sure Huntelaar is slower than Ba or Chmakh. But he is faster than Van Persie.

    And if we have Arshavin/Theo/Van Persie (2 of 3 will play and rotate) we have pace behind.

    Huntelaar is a terrific link player and goal scorer. We need someone in the box for the passes and crosses Theo and Asrahvin provide.

    The problem with Adebayor was that he was out of the box as much as Van Persie.

  16. Daniel says:

    Neither Chamakh or Gignac are better than RVP, Eduardo, arshavin or Vela.
    I don’t think we need a striker, give Bendtner another chance to prove his worth, that’s five strikers.
    We’ve still got youngsters like Watt, Sunu and Barazite who can play off the front man.

    I say sell, silvestre (£ 0.5-1m), senderos (£7-8m) and Jay Simpson (3m) bringing our budget upto £35m and wait to pounce on a World Class player if one becomes available.

  17. joe says:

    Gignac – No Chance
    Huntelaar – Too Expensive
    Chamakh – Done Deal by Friday.

  18. I love gicnac i was wonderin y arsenal hv not bid 4 him so lets sign him

  19. Lettraggad says:

    Wenger is on the look out for a DM not a striker .
    We already have five of those.. Rvp , Bendtner ,Eduardo ,Walcott, Vela plus “Homer” Jay Simpson.
    So striker links are meaningless.

  20. 02ba says:

    bedtner bashers

    please stop this now, yes his finnishing was very poor last season, but that was lack of confidence, and the crowd were very much against him,
    this put pressure on him, and to be fair to the lad he carried on wanting the ball and chances, he never hid once or sulked,he just battle on, which won a few of his haters on his side,
    if we stick by him he has alot off potential to become a top prem striker, people forget how young he is,

    just chill, we have one hell of a squad which have now got expirience

  21. Bouss says:

    If anyone is going to get this dude its going to be Arsene his French connections run deep… and its about time we got linked with this guy ive seen him onnumerous occassions and he’s quality…no youtube crap

  22. Hugo says:

    Daniel took the words right out of my mouth. This bloke looks decent enough (although I have to say that video is all I’ve seen of him) and he looks better than Chamakh, but is he better than Arshavin, van Persie and Eduardo? I’ll stick my neck out and say no, no and no- so why would we spent 17 million quid on him? Waste of money, espescially when we’ve got Theo, Vela, Bentdner, Simpson etc in the squad too.

    In Arshavin we have possibly the best player in the League now Ronaldo’s gone and if we can keep Eduardo fit he’ll become a striker in the same bracket as Torres- they’re two players who didn’t have a chance to make an impact last season but can/will be massive this year. We have plenty of attacking strength and really don’t need to go spending 17 million on another striker.

  23. Goran says:

    well this is what i’m talking about!!!!!!!

  24. ja says:

    He is a good player and he is a player that arsenal need..

  25. abkjjkjm says:

    bendtners a championship striker like chopra and beatie, top scorers there yet flop in the prem league, althogh he is better than them he did the business at birmingham on loan. vela should be loaned to a prem club next year, even for half a season

  26. George says:

    The problem I have with Gignac is that from all the goals in the video and I watched few other compilations as well, I didn’t see a single header. We need a man that can be at the end of those crosses. He is not that guy. We have good finishers like him in abundance – Arsh, Edu, RVP, Vela. We need Dzeko but won’t happen…

  27. choochooloo says:


  28. Lady Arsenal says:

    i’ve seen him quite alot and i’m very impressed. he could be as good as torres.

    he’s not that quick, but he’s physical and is a technical player who knows that his role is to make things happen in and around the box. he takes responsibilty and hits the target impressively often.

    when we know that in most games we’ll be up against brick wall type defending, a player like him is priceless. only arshavin and eduardo, in my opinion, have that ‘bring the attack’ type mentality.

    Basically, i was most impressed that in all the big games, notably his debut for france, he stepped up and looked totally confident and comfortable. I can’t say with certainty that he would be as good in england, but his touted value seems to suggest that other people do.

    I would definitely be more excited by him than any other striker we’ve been linked with except eto’o. huntelaar and martins are too basic, and chamakh doesn’t have the bottle. the prem is real tough for strikers, but gignac is as likely as any i’ve seen to step up.

  29. che grimandi says:

    no need for more strikers. go and get alonso from the scousers for €25. a midfield of alonso, fabregas, nasri and rosicky with arshavin playing off a RVP; plus vela, dudu and walcott on the bench….f*ck me lads, defences would be sh1tting themselves all over europe!

  30. panggau_boyz says:

    got the money? Save it…or buy another person like vermaelen more strengh more taller…to act as a brick wall of arsenal….striker? We have a lot of them who r capable on this role…and another goalkeeper….insyead of wathing the money on chamakh guy or sort of thats….we have a bunch quality people more than he do..so y buy more and wasting our money…

  31. Boris says:

    Watch the Gignac video – not one header. Do we really need another player that will try to walk the ball into the net ? Clichy is such a brilliant overlapping defender but when he makes those great runs down the wing who is he going to be crossing to – Bentners the only striker in the squad whos a target for crosses now – without that we become a one trick pony always forced to come inside and play it on the floor. Adebayor was good in the air and on the floor – we need someone similar to fill that role.

  32. Steveo says:

    Well he looks to have good control and knows the offside rule so he’s an improvement on Adefuckoff and Bentknob….

  33. mattiasegnell says:

    good blog.

  34. Robert Wade says:

    All I have seen is the video of highlights. However what impressed me is he seems to be hungry around the goal and seems to find himself in a poaching position. Arsenal as a team last year created so many opportunities for anyone hungry enough to make the effort. Gignac looks strong and seems to have the appetite to finish on his own or clean up opportunities created by others. Something Arsenal lack.

  35. I really dont know why Wenger has to be begged, persuaded, implored and lured before he knows what to do some times; ofcourse Arsenal needs one more “big boy” striker in the class of Huntelaar.

    Other big clubs in Europe are talking about buying Eto’o, Ibrahimovic, Villa, etc and he is talking about Chamakh; is he intending to compete with the other clubs in competitions next season at all?

    I think Huntelaar is just readily available and should be grabbed; he’s not the only option though, but definitely, a good option.

  36. game11 says:

    Gignac -mabye
    chamakh- done deal by saturday
    hunterlaar- a bit too expensive for wenger.

  37. listen to me wenger says:

    this player can make the difference in any match.his name is martin palermo from boca juniors. go for him wenger.you will not regret

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