Good To See Senderos Back At Arsenal, But Wenger confirms he may be off!

Posted: July 21, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Good to see Big Phil back at Arsenal.

I have always rated him and for me he was scapegoated by the fans and wenger for all our defensive problems.

We use to blame Senderos for everything, Drogba scores “blame Senderos” Torres scores “blame Senderos”

Well look at last season, Senderos was not even at the club and it was the same shit..If anything it was worst without him.

Personally i would rather have Senderos then Silvestre and Djourou.

But speaking after tonights friendly Wenger confirmed that Senderos has “offers” and he needs to decide on his future.Wenger said ” “It is open. He has come back here with us still looking for solutions but he is still yet to decide on his future”. In other words wenger didnt say that Senderos has a future at Arsenal and he will be sold if the player agreed to leave.

Like i said, I feel sorry for big phil and would like to see him given one more chance at the club ahead of Djourou and Silvestre

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  1. Stu says:

    I feel the very same. Senderos isnt as “shit” as some fans would have you believe. He is our best defensive headerer and orgnaiser. He would certinaly go a long way to solving the height issues at the back. Him and any 1 of Gallas, Vermaelen r Toure at the back is the best option imo.

    Although it looks likely that he will be sold and we will have a short defence once again.

  2. gooner91 says:

    same tbh id rather h\ve him than silvestre, at least senderos has time to improve whereas silvestres past it now

  3. arsenalaction says:

    People forget that Senderos was part of the defence that took us to the champions league final and set a record for clean sheets.

  4. jj says:

    he may be better than silvestre but surely not djouro who is also 3 years younger. good to see him but he had allready failed on several occasions

  5. steve says:

    senderos is a better player than a lot people think, he also needs a few games to get going & when you get droped & you are playing well it does you in 7 remember he was c/b when we did’nt let a goal in to the final of the c/l but keown was coaching then @ the club

  6. arsenalaction says:

    Djourou has done nothing to impress me..Big phil has made mistake “OK” but people forget that he was part of a very good defence that took us to the final of the CL.

    What has Djourou ever done? I watched him a few times on loan at birmingham and he was shit

  7. Bobby Dazzler says:

    you lot talk bollocks…he’s shit!

    why can’t we get a decent defence?

  8. John Doe says:

    Every player MAY be off. It is not the same that he will be sold…or am I wrong?

  9. Neal says:

    Senderos needs to play regularly – that is when he is at his best!

  10. Danish Gooner says:

    Personally i would like them all to clear off Silvestre,Djourou and Senderos they are all liablities and be replaced with Zapata and Hangeland but that is as likely as me walking on the moon in six months time.

  11. We were there says:

    Wenger knows everything about attacking midfielders but has yet to sign convincing centre backs.
    Senderos turns with the speed of an oil tanker.
    He is a useful portable-forehead like Cygan was, if all you want to do is head it clear, but we need more than that. Silvestre is a stop gap. Experience in case of an injury crisis. But Senderos should be set free to chase a career elsewhere. A decision needs to be made about Djourou at some point, but we need a recognised first-choice pairing.

  12. ondgooner says:

    Yeah yeah yeah to that!!! He should be given one more chance. Period!!!!

  13. faithnomore says:

    senderos is shyte. which is why wenger is not too keen to have him back
    speaks volumes

  14. Renan says:

    Did you notice that Wenger was playing Senderos as a holding midfielder today ? He did quite well,, made one assist to Gallas. Hey he might be the solution for our defensive midfielder crisis !

  15. crispen says:

    Senderos should not be allowed anywhere near our training ground… All our defenders are twice his quality… Senderos be gone………………. NOW!!!!!!

  16. Bobby Dazzler says:

    The defensive players we have at the moment are just not good enough for arsenal to actually win the league or champions league. Sylvestre and Senderos to go please. To be honest I don’t really like Gallas either, he’s a bit of a twat… although he’s probably the best defender in the squad. Vermaelen could turn out to be a good buy, but it’s too early to tell. We need to get hold of another centre back pronto, as well as a central midfielder and a striker. It’s all well and good saying we have great young players coming through (which we do), but we need to bring in more experience and gritty, determined players to go with the youth and talent in the squad. We’re not in with a chance of winning much without going into the transfer market.

  17. HBK says:

    The problem with Senderos is that he can give you a decent performance, but whenever he makes a mistake, it tends to be a costly one. You wouldn’t really want players who are consistent in making big mistakes. Plus, him as defensive midfielder isn’t really a great idea, since he’ll have trouble chasing back due to his lack of pace.

    • Jon gooner says:

      I can’t believe no one’s mentioned song. Wenger has stated he sees him as a cm in future, when played there the end of last season looked class. unless we have any departures in that area there will be no room for senderos. People have short memories sendy has had chance after chance to impress. With gallas, toure, vermulen, song and djorou i really cant see where he would fit in and financially it makes sense as sendy would bring in a larger fee after a season at milan than next year after year on thebench

  18. kololej says:

    eduardo out for 2 months apparently

  19. arsenalwaps says:

    Look what happened in the FA Cup and Champions League Semi Final we did not have a large enough squad to cover the injuries.
    We need to buy now. Get rid of Silvestre he is too old.
    Lets not make the same mistake as last year.

  20. keno says:

    danish gooner is the only one talking sense

  21. Bobby Dazzler says:

    no eduardo, no nasri, probably no rosicky for a while at least… we’re not lhaving much luck to be honest!

  22. Danish Gooner says:

    God is not a big fan off Wenger.

  23. arsenalaction says:

    Well the injuries are happening way before the start of the season and the transfer window is open. Best to get the knocks now IMO

  24. Danish Gooner says:

    ……It is getting ridicilous now,the pre season is 5 minutes old and we already have two major crocks and a transfer of Adebayor ,so we are ONE injury away from being down to the bare bones already………………the Eduardo and Rosicky are like two new signings comment was shoved right back in Wengers face tonight,what will he do now ???? It is time for Uncle Uzzi or Uncle Stanley to crack open the safety vault and put some emergency dough on the table,otherwise this season will be over before it has begun.

  25. Bobby Dazzler says:

    players i’d like to see come in (one for each position):

    fw: chamakh/martins/ ba

    mf: cana/veloso/ inler

    df: hangelaand/ s.taylor/ wheater

  26. Senderos is at the same level as Djourou trying to earn the 4th CB spot in the pecking order after Gallas/Toure and Vermaelen.

    Personally I like Djourou’s attitude a lot, he is younger, and he is more agile, although he does of course lack height compared to Senderos.

    As we saw last year defensive injuries can come at any time and sometimes all at once. Senderos is good cover at CB, but doesn’t have much chance of cracking into the starting 11 with the three players ahead of him.

    There is only so long you can keep a maturing, physical, strong, smart CB on the bench. If he stays I will look forward to watching his progression. If he leaves I’d look for compensation somewhere in the region of 6 million pounds.

  27. Danish Gooner says:

    The minimum is three players now,we will get more injuries to important players before the season starts and Wenger wants a serious start this season.Thre players must arrive,i prefer Hangeland in defense,Matuidi in midfield and Demba Ba in attack.

  28. Erichero says:

    Where is the Eduardo injury? The only link was on goonertalk and he’s removed it.

  29. Danish Gooner says:

    In Wengers interview with Arsenal Tv he did say something about Eduardo and two months but i didnt understand it to be injury wise……..but then again the broadband connections wasnt super at the time.

  30. Bobby Dazzler says:

    I agree with Danish Gooner… we would have a strong and impressive team with Hangeland in defence, Matuidi or possibly Lorik Cana in midfield and Demba Ba in attack.

    These additions to the squad wouldn’t break the bank either:

    The money from Adebayor sale would pretty much cover these transfers (plus maybe throwing in Senderos/ Sylvestre into deals).

    At least 3 players needed without a doubt!

  31. Tja says:

    Is it me or am I the only one to note that african nations is here again which means no ade anyway, toure, song and eboue. As for new signings chamakh and martins are africans, Matuidi and Demba Ba not to sure where they are from but come january we could be in more trouble. Need to purchase english or europeans to fight on all fronts now, should have gone for huntelaar but missedout or babel as liv dont want him and is good friends with RVP but rafa is unlikely to sell to us inler and hangeland for me completes our team.

  32. Honest says:

    Agreed. Senderos is better than Djorjou and Silverstre. The former positioning is awful and the latter is a pensioner. Wenger is a poor judge of defenders and we only won things up to 2002 because of George Graham’s defence.

  33. Bobby Dazzler says:

    True Tja, African players probably a liability for ACN in the winter. matuidi is french… We’ll blatently get him

  34. Danish Gooner says:

    Demba Ba is french off African Origin.

  35. Danish Gooner says:

    Correction ,Demba Ba is playing for Senegal but born i france.

  36. 02ba says:

    bring in tony adams, to coach them simples, it will also give the whole squad and club a winning menatality,
    pat rice is too old, and is just a yes man to arsen, he has served arsenal as good as anyone in our history, maybe time to change, the old boy limps through doing the warmup, i cant be assed to go through the senderous and djorou argument, but i liked alot off what i saw from djorou last season, and i didnt like alot off senderos the yr b4, miss kicked the ball to many times, then cried when he fucked up to knock us out off champs league, £5m yes please:)

  37. GK says:

    Sorry guys, Big Phil is a pile of dung. Djourou way better.

    Phil and £4m or so for Hangelaand would be a bargain. Big Phil no better than Cygan.

  38. GK says:

    Renan – are you taking the p1ss? Big Phil as a DCM? Are you a spuds fan? Joker!

  39. Stu says:

    Bring in Keown to sort out the defence and get them dying for the cause. Keown also knows how to get the best out of Senderos so i dont see any reason against getting MK in.

    Sort out the defence and we will win the league.

  40. dan says:

    Can’t fancy our chances with the current setup. Even with no injuries there are problem areas. Djourou has never struck me as a great player with obvious potential, even on the pitch he looks bored with the game, after all the time and money the club’s invested. To be sure, he has physical qualities, but it may be that these youngsters are given too much too soon to handle it well. The list goes on and on. The club is looking sloppy.

  41. James says:

    What crap. You seem to have very very short memories, Senderos was absolutely diabolical. Maybe less diabolical than Silvestre and arguably Djourou, but still diabolical. Do some of you actually WANT Arsenal to win anything? Crappy players like these need to be got rid of fucking fast and proper quality brought in. We’re Arsenal, not fucking shitty Spurs.

    • Neal says:

      Actually James, your comment shows you are the one with the very, very short memory.

    • Mickey G says:

      Well said, it’s unbelievable that there are so many stupid arsenal fans out there, with such blinkered memories. The people who criticised Senderos did so because the guy went to sleep sooo many times and we suffered as a result. Do any of you fools remember when Arsenal’s defence was an impregnable fortress? When we set records for the most misery defence ever in England? We weren’t so pretty to watch then but we knew how to defend, how to weather storms and still win or at least not lose. I’m not advocating a return for George Graham football but I know and appreciate good defenders when I see them. Phil has the “potential” but after, what is it? 6 years at Arsenal? The guy has not delivered. A true defensive legend, Keown had a piece to say about him only last week, go check it out if you need an experts opinion. And don’t give me that shit about the run to the champs league final, that was not on his shoulders alone… plus, it’s not defending against European teams that gives us trouble. I’m willing to give him another chance, but it is certainly his last, and I don’t give 2 shits if we sell him.

  42. Ro_sicky says:

    I agree about Senderos, I think he is a good squad player and would be good for us on the bench and as backup. I don’t know why Wenger broke the policy for the over 30s and offered Silvestre a 2 year contract (and not Pires all those years ago) and is now looking to shift Senderos instead. I guess Senderos is mentally weak, as already mentioned after that Liverpool Champions League game, easily his worst moment in an Arsenal shirt. Who knows though, he might be still at the club this season, as Wenger played him as a defensive midfielder in todays friendly…

  43. E9 Gunner says:

    Its true when some people say Arsenal fans have been spoilt. Some fans have forgot where we’re coming from or have recently become Arsenal fans. You cant know where your going, if you dont know where your coming from.

  44. 1mole gunaz says:

    I hope you people are joking about eduardo’because i have not heard something of this sturf before. Pls is it true…..2 MONTHS!!

  45. kobst says:

    Like was said before, senderos will have good spells but is prone to horrible errors. Mentally, he’s a sharp fella off-the-field, but his confidence is brittle. It’s like everyone, including himself, is waiting for the wheels to fall off.

    djourou is better equipped imo. He’s quicker, got as much size, plays with ease, and seems mentally tougher. Given his age, he’s a much better prospect. What has he done to turn people off? an own goal at chelsea which was not a horrible mistake, after which he dealt quite well.

  46. […] Good To See Senderos Back At Arsenal, But Wenger confirms he may be off! Good to see Big Phil back at Arsenal. I have always rated him and for me he was scapegoated by the fans and wenger for […] […]

  47. BOY BETTER KNOW says:

    Been spoilt,i think you will find being a man united fan is being for senderos he is pony and so are the majority of players we have got now.

  48. jjohan ariff . says:

    plz keep senderos ! he better than silvestre !

  49. Solar says:

    Wenger should sell silvert n leave sendros buy russian star from spur he is very good like his friend

  50. Bobby Dazzler says:

    senderos not good enough, ditto for sylvestre and djourou

  51. raj says:

    yeh..wenger has only ever picked shit defenders..thats why we went a whole season unbeaten..some of the shit written is unbelieveable

  52. Bobby Dazzler says:

    out of those three players, none of them contributed to the unbeaten season. i’m not calling wenger into question, but those three defenders cannot make a strong enough contribution to win the league. wenger is a LEGEND. unfortunately the players mentioned are not.

  53. lambeth united fc says:

    good luck

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