Huntelaar is NOT moving to Stuttgart.

Posted: July 23, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Stuttgart could not meet the personal requirements of Huntelaar so his on/off deal to stuttgart is now dead.

Could Arsenal sign him as a replacment for Adebayor?

Robin Van Persie and Hunterlaar are very good friends off the pitch and lets hope that Van Persie has a little word with Wenger about the idea of pairing the dutch strikers together at Arsenal.
A little Video of Huntelaar.

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  1. SebCesc says:

    Never will happen sadly. One of the main reasons of getting rid of Adebayor was his high wage packet and the increase in RVPs wages after signing his new contract. Huntelaar is surely going to have higher wages and thus we wont move in for him. The Spuds will throw money at him and get him, which makes me feel sorry for the player!

    • Harry says:

      Read somewhere that his current wages are 60k/week and that’s what he would require at his new club…..

    • chris says:

      apparently hes only on 60k a week at madrid…surely we could match that seeing as ade was on nearer 80k a week

  2. chris says:

    i wish…doubt it though..sadly

  3. tiny says:

    dont be so peasmistic seb!!!!! hunterlaar was on around 60k a week at real….ade was on 80k so im sure wages wont be a problem. i think this has a very good chance of coming off if we can get a better price from madrid because 18 million is a bit steep,being as they are looking to get xabi now then they will be more desperate for some cash and its obvious the hunterlaar is waiting for a prem club to come in for him….nothing will happen til after we come back from austria anyway.

  4. dc says:

    Huntelaars wages are only £60 000 a week. Not bad considering Van Persie earns £80 000.

  5. rafi says:

    iam sure arsenal can still afford him. spurs never match arsenal wages and for everything arsenal remain his best option, apparently.he knows he’s got to step down from his lofty wages at madrid.unless he is deluded. i also think the guy is worth a short, given his record at ajax.

  6. Adarsh says:

    the reason ade left was becoz wenger wanted him to go… lets not get carried away with all the negative blogs around…money is there…but obviously not as much as other big teams..

    huntelaar could join arsenal only if wenger thinks he is worth the 16m investment…he is young, dutch, strong and a great finisher…so obviously he has the technical package….if u remember, wenger was following him before he moved to real madrid…so there is a possibility…

    i have this fuzzy feeling tht huntelaar only denied stuggart becoz he knew of wenger intrest…the spuds could not have been enough to distract him away…we knw wenger likes to keep his signings at a low profile…so i doubt chamkh will come to arsenal…even though wenger says tht we are following him, his club maintains tht there has been no contact whtsoever.. i think its a ploy by wenger to distract the press while he carries on his work silently..

    i predict it’s huntelaar for 16-17m and cana for 8m…

    • supermatty says:

      In your dreams mate,why do people have the fanciful view that Wenger is going to spend decent money and surprise us?He tows the party line just like the rest of the board when the reality is the wont spend a penny more this season.The promise of new player comes at the start of the season when people haven’t renewed and as sonn as they have renewed we here “We will spend teh mony if we find the right players”

    • sean says:

      I am not sure if you are right but, i hope so. I would love to see Huntlaar up with Van Persie. Van Persie making 80,000 a week is well deserved. This guy bleeds gunner blood. We need more guys like this. Lets hope Van Persie can stay healthy and injury free this season along with Fabragas. I want Van Persie to light it up. With Arshavin this time around, I can see Arsenal making a serious run for the title though, we will have to get off to a better stop. Chamakh i originally wanted for his price tag. I think he is talented and could add some depth though, I think we would be much better off with Huntlaar. His contribution with Van Persie could match that of Man City, United, Chelsea, & Liverpool. If we got Cana also for 8m, we would be set. We got much for Toure & Ade. We are that much better without slackers. We need people dedicated to the team like Van Persie, Fabragas, Arshavin, and so on. Bring on Huntlaar/Van Persie.

  7. SebCesc says:

    trust me Id love if he came – he’s an out and out striker and we only have Eduardo who’s like that. I just think that if we were going to be in for him we would have lodged an interest in him by now and Madrids sporting director has said only Stuttgart had made a bid.

  8. Simplesimon says:

    AW himself has said he is in no hurry to spend the cash generated from the sale of #25, so as tiny said don’t expect anything tilat best after that. Even then i don’t expect us to sign him as much as i’d like to bring him here so looks like the spudz will be ruining another good player maybe??

  9. Anti Idiot Party says:

    Arsene knows that the fans expect him to buy and I believe he will surprise us in a good way – why do I think this?

    The board and Arsene know that if they do not spend and appease the fans there will be hell to pay – as fans we are now tired of their excuses of not buy and hence competing… enough really is enough!

    Most media speculation is cr*p but sometimes they pick up a story and it is true, i.e. Adebayor leaving etc
    I believe Toure will go as will Senderos, not sure about Chamakh now but he MUST replace players let alone strengthing the squad…

    Right now, we are not going to win the league as much as I would love it, realistically we are going to battle for fourth and not a trophy.

    This is not the Arsenal that was four years ago and is makes me sad.

    If Kronke is to come in and help us, why is the board refusing to take the next step in their evolution to greatness? After all we have no money now and financially things do not look good…..

    • buck says:

      The thing is..If they spend now they make money. We are that frickin close that just a couple key signings and we can lift trophy’s, trophy’s = $$$$$$. So close yet so far away, somebody block my internet access this is horrendous.

      • Anti Idiot Party says:

        I agree 100 percent with you, we need a few signing and a bigger squad (For some reason our players keep getting injured??)

        We got to two semi’s last year on a pittance compared to other teams, imagine if Arsene Wenger was given money to spend how good we would be then?

        We need a strong first team, a second team of youngsters who can be loaned out to get vaulable experience and life would improve for us Gooners!

        I search the sites all day hoping for new signings and what do I see….Nasri broke his leg – sometimes I cannot believe our luck – it must change sometime?

  10. Bernie says:

    Huntelaar scored with 40% of his shots (courtesy of @optajoe on twitter). We could do with some of that with the number of chances we create. Adebayor was about 18%, Bendtner 16% and van Persie 13% I seem to recall from earlier tweets. If Huntelaar can convert three times as many shots as RVP, it would be £20m well spent.

  11. buck says:

    So Huntler is on 60,000 a week in Spain. Whats the tax there? under 20%..The ridiculous UK is 50%…We would have to give him Ades wage to equal his take home pay. Just an observation. Another year and the EPL is back to the 2nd best in the world, That s a fact.

  12. marmite says:

    Hunterlaar was £15m plus £2m on appearences etc

    so £15m for the Hunter
    £5m for Cana (original value and im sure thats the final amount that we’ll have to pay)
    £10m Hangerand or similar …. once big phil goes we’re about there

  13. Ubatgoonergooner says:

    What not sign David Trezeguet? He’s 31, won’t be expensive, young players can learn from him…blablabla

  14. Lexzy50 says:

    Pls Mr. Manager sign this very good player…we need him

  15. aj says:

    Adarsh – I wish that what you say would be true but it is not going to happen. Huntelaar will go to Spurs and we’ll start the season with what we have already got. I think Wenger has completed his business for this summer, I am sad to say.

    • des l says:

      aj i cannot believe wenger has completed his business for the summer.he has stated himself, after end of last season that we needed more experience and we have not bought it yet.we probably only need 2 more players. centre midfielder and forward.are we really in a position that we cannot spend the money that we got for adebayor? we must go for huntelaar. this man is a goal machine. look at his international level he’s struck up a good parnership with rvp. who is going to score the amount of goals adebayor scored in the last two seasons.we are taking a massive gamble on our players not getting any injuries which considering our injury record is impossible.come on arsene, give us a massive lift.its staring you in the face.

  16. XP says:

    I think Wenger should go…

  17. goonerpete says:

    We can’t let him go to the scum, if he does then they will actually have a good chance in beating us in the Lond derby’s, we need to spend, i mean if Tottenham get Huntelaar, that shows they have more ambition then us.

  18. do you know what really pisses me off is that we pay crazy ticket prices we sell agrubly are best striker to a rival and get decent money for that adecantscore and then a very good striker comes along for a decent price in the current market huntelar will get at least 15 20 goals in his first season he is a true goal score but as we all know that we will stick with what we have got and also where has all the specluation gone about matudi i read in the times that he was in london to be shown around and then agreeing wages and we all know that the time dont print shit so all we can hope for is that he buys a couple of players if not people we will be plyin the ueafa cup

  19. Arsenal_RPN says:

    F**K you wenger, you lying to us!! You promise to us to bring someone we needed if someone will left the team, but what was happened is ade bye bye has left and you did not bring anyone that team and fans’ needed.

  20. Spanish Breakfast says:

    Some of my fellow gooners make me sick…all they ever do is moan moan moan. I’m far from a glass half full kind of person but the levels of optimism displayed by some gooners indicate that we may as well wind up the club now. STOP WHINGING! Huntelaar is only on 60k a week. We can afford that. I don’t want a sugar daddy but if the board turned down Usmanov’s money, and yet have no money for transfers even after Adebayor, they deserve to be hung drawn and quatered. There is money but the board, as ever are happy to get Chamakh for £7m(even though i hope we don’t get him) and aim for 4th place, rather than getting Huntelaar and Cana for the total of Ade transfer. Its disheartening I know, but don’t lose faith and throwing toys out of prams will solve nothing. COME ON ARSENAL!!!

  21. Wenger pls get dis guy 4 us, you indicated intrest in him b4 now you can have him, come on de guy will fit in well 4get chamak or what he gat no predegree in goal

  22. Anonymarse says:

    The usual pathetic comments from children and cretins I see…

  23. Am says:

    Wenger will never agree a fee for him over 15/15 mil as he tottally believes that Vela/Bendtner and Eduardo will come good soon, and he also belives Walcott is a striker, which makes me feel as if there will be no addition of a striker.

    The only thing Van Persie can do is strongly advise against a move to that scum, where he would be wasted.

  24. […] Huntelaar is NOT moving to Stuttgart. Stuttgart could not meet the personal requirements of Huntelaar so his on/off deal to stuttgart is now dead. Could […] […]

  25. Munir says:

    Just cant stop my self to comment on your blog. Good post.

  26. Awesome video… I never knew how good dude is. Too bad soccer in the US will never be as popular as it is around the world.

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