Why are we STILL waiting for Wenger to sign a defensive midfielder?

Posted: July 23, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Ours for £12m Miguel Veloso

Ours for £12m "Miguel Veloso"

I cant understand why Wenger is STILL yet to sign a defensive midfielder?

Having ALLOWED Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto to leave last summer Wenger like a mug failed to replace them and went against many fans and football pundits advice.

NO Wenger playing Nasri as a defensive player is not going to work. And Denilson and Cesc cant play next to each other in a 4-4-2…Maybe this is why you keep playing that 4-5-1 bollocks.

It was clear to all that we badly missed a ball winner last summer.

Poor Cesc suffered the most.

Next to Flamini the gifted Cesc could express himself and get forward and score goals. Last season Cesc was just limp without a ball winner next to him. Somebody who can just win the ball and give it to him and say “there you go son, Take the ball and work your magic”…It was clear to people that know something about the game that this was the reason WHY Arsenal finished more then 20pts behind the champions Man Utd.

I was convinced that Wenger would address his mistake this summer and sign a defensive hard nut.


Having made a half hearted attempt to sign Melo by offering Eboue in part exchange Wenger confirmed on Wednesday night that “we are not close to signing anybody at the moment”

Wenger then went on and insulted the fans again but giving us all that bollocks about how Rosicky and Eduardo are back and are like 2 new signings. What a load of shit that is…So Mr Wenger, When Nasri come back from his broken leg, Will he be like a new signing : /

This is just crazy..

He had ALL of last season and ALL of this summer to address this problem and STILL we wait.

WHY are still waiting for this key area to be covered? Surly he should of signed this player a long time ago and given him a chance to play with us in friendly’s before the season starts.

We missed out on Melo for the same reason we missed out on alonso & inler last season. Wenger didn’t want to pay the going rate.

It looks like its going to be the same shit this summer.

Well you know what that means…fuck off for us again and another depressing season for the fans…

But as long as we make a profit wenger is happy..RIGHT


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  1. Scotty says:

    Have to confess I’m getting a wee bit worried. When we signed Thomas Vermaelen I really thought we would acquire all our transfer targets pretty quickly (didn’t someone within the club say something along these lines?) but, alas, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

    Saying that, there is so little transfer activity (Real and Man.City aside) that I can see a flux of transfers going through towards the end of the window, well, here’s hoping so. I guess we just gotta sit tight right?

  2. Randy Osae says:

    Another one

  3. chris says:

    very true, wenger is full of shit im afraid…some may say he has no money to spend but this simply isnt true, after the adebaywhore sale to the arabs we should have something like 25 million to spend, and he was asked after a game if he could spend it all and he said YES..
    so if (probably when) we have yet another bad season he will have only himself to blame, another SHIT summer having bought a short fairly inexperienced CB in from holland and sold one of our most feared strikers (even if ade is a cunt)..we can say weve only gone backwards, wenger is relying to highly on rosicky and eduardo to stay fit and we all know this will not occur, we will end up playing eboue on the wings again…sigh…when did this club start accepting mediocrity??

  4. LB says:

    Having tried to sign Melo, Alonso, Inler, etc. who do you recommend since you are such an expert? And you are also psychic since you know which attempts were half-hearted. You really whine like a 10 year old girl. Get a grip.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Cana. Veloso.. its not hard

      • Rich says:

        What guarantees that either Cana or Veloso will be any better. They are hardly world class players. Why do you want Wenger to buy what could turn out to be complete rubbish. How many times have you watched these players?

      • Phil says:

        well said rich… fact is we need a decent CDM.. but i reckon we know sit as laymen.. lets hope that there is something on the horizon.. to be honest either with them or against them the club will do what they will and we will cheer or moan… cest la vie.. that’s football MoFo!!

      • dave says:

        have you seen veloso or cana play cos I can honestly say I dont know much about them.Bet you dont too and if they are that good why are clubs not lining up for their signatures!
        Just cos we read about these players on silly blogs doesnt make them great players.
        Hold your hand to your heart and say that you knew anything about petit or vieira before Arsene bought them on the cheap and moulded them into world class players cos again i didnt!
        Have some faith Wenger will buy some obscure frenchman none of us know anything about and before you can bleat champions our problems will be solved.
        Another thing what do you do if you are having slight financial problems within your household?hold onto your money and be a bit careful or just waste your money on inflated priced items?
        Answer that one honestly as well and remember Leeds united.
        lets all get a grip please the reason the worlds in a bit of a shit state at the moment is because we have all over borrowed so that we can keep up with the next door neighbours.Football is a mirror image of this and from a personal view I have had a season ticket for about 25 years and hopefully will get to see my club for another 25 years.When I go I would like not to have to wear a russian hat or arab robes to appreciate our owners like other chavy teams cling to so please lets be real.

      • NOOB says:

        That comment was shit man, you’ve probably never even seen them play.

    • welshgazza says:

      How about someone who can mentor the youngsters at the club, someone who’s been there done that and bought the t-shirt, someone who would have a strong influence on the pitch and in the dressing room, someone who could play when required and rested in games where possible giving even more experience to Denilson, Song and Diaby, someone who would cost relatively little in transfer fee(dont know about wages) and would jump at the chance to play at the Emirates………

      Ladies and Gentlemen…. I give you ….. PATRICK VIEIRA!!!!!

  5. Arthur says:

    You are right but we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. let’s judge on 31/8/09. Hopefully he will address it by then

  6. Muppet says:

    Usual rubbish.

  7. Atom says:

    Well, he won’t buy any DM because only he thinks his love children Song and Denilson are one of the best there are.

    Once again, his target is 4th. He doesn’t care about Arsenal, he only cares about his players not being ‘killed’ by new recruits.

    He promises at the end of every season and fails to deliver when the window opens.

    He’s one of the greatest spin-doctors ever in the game.

    • arsenalaction says:

      you are right.. A few years ago he said at the end of the season that we would sign BIG players at the back as we could not handle balls into the box…WELL WE ARE STILL WAITING.

      He also said at the end of last season that we failed to win anything as we didnt deal with the lose of Flamini and Hleb.

      The man talks so much shit and like the idiots we are we always fall for it


      How can anyone say he doesnt care about Arsenal? Honestly we support probably the most ethical club in the premier league and yet we constantly suffer bad media, repugnant player attitudes, and poaching of the highest order from europes ‘elite’ and now shit like this from our own fans!! Listen man i understand your frustration, i feel it too but remember what this club is trying to do in the face of great adversity. We are attempting to be self sufficient, we attempt to shun the craziness of the transfer market with a manager who simply realises that to buy ridiculously overpriced players in our situation is just impractical. Just think.. overall club debt of what – £300mil, ade goes for £25mil, now that’s a nice wedge off the debt eh? Just think in three years of profit from ‘hopefully’ some silverware and club turnover we could be the only top four side with no debts hanging over us. When that day comes and we are riding the crest of a wave with the best team in the world and the freedom to buy whoever we see fit, wont you be happy that we endured this frustration to finally get to that stage? Every summer even our own fans seem to forget what we have, a team that consists of some of the best young talent in the world, and some fantastic ‘senior’ players ie eduardo, rosicky, arshavin, gallas… Not to mention we play the best football in the world on our day. For god sake people get behind your team and give them the belief they need, they are bloody humans after all. Wenger IS Arsenal, he shows ultimate faith in his players and is a true gentleman in a world of greed and superstar ego’s, when he came to us we were no better than bloody villa, now we are feared across europe as a sleek, well oiled machine capable of embarrassing the best europe has to offer.. This is arsenals new breed. REMEMBER AND NEVER DEVIATE. COME ON THE GUNNERS!!!

      • Simon says:


        How the fuck can people say Wenger does not care about Arsenal? He made us what we are and for that im forever greatful. The man has a bloody master in economics, who are all these disrespectful little pieceofshits questioning his competence? mark my words, whatever he chooses to do it will be for the best.

        I can tell you right now, NO OTHER MANAGER IN THE WOLRD WOULD DO IT EVEN HALF AS GOOD. We finished top four i the world, with ALOT, ALOT, ALOT, less money in our disposal compared to the other three. Have some bloody faith.

        Arsenal dont need suporters like theese guys, support your team or fucking go the Chelsea i dont give shit.You wont realise what we have until we loose him. Man this shit makes me tierd, get your shit togheter!

  8. ed says:

    i think arsene wenger is the best manager in the premieur league and we dont need any more signings arsenal to win the league this year

  9. Stan says:

    We have Denilson Diaby and Song. We don’t need a def mid. Only if someone as good as Senna is a worthwhile buy. Who else is available and better. Most bloggers parrot the bollocks put out in the press, Veloso for example. Not actually that good.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Song and Denilson are clearly not good enough..Did you wait the FA cup semi final or the Champions league semi final vs Man Utd?

      • Rich says:

        So they might have had a bad game. Whats your point? Are United’s players not good enough, because Barcelona didn’t give them a look in. Can’t have a good game every match.

      • Loki says:

        Rich no you can’t have a good game every game but its the big games that show your true colours and FA cup semi final or the Champions league semi final (not to mention the later premier league games against the big 4) they where the ones that showed them up for being what they are AVERAGE.

  10. d_roosht says:

    have to agree with everything you have said..
    either wenger cannot see the forest for the trees or we really have NO money.

    worried that vermaelen is our only significant signing – looks like a risk and we all know what happened with stepanovs, cygan, and senderos to an extent

    not sure who he expects to play DM from the current squad – yes, why quell a player of nasri’s attacking ability.. now that he’s injured that may be the requisite impetus for wenger to get in the market and pick up someone.. hear good things about mo diarra at real – shame we let the other diarra go and so cheaply to boot because he is exactly what we need right now

    i would love to see us make some kind of statement and sign huntelaar – aside from eduardo – who is worryingly injury-prone – we have no out-and-out goalscorer (i really don’t think bendtner has the confidence nor the ability).

    OR maybe we’re being overly pessimistic and it will all turn out well

  11. Matt says:

    You can tell Wenger’s lost it, he’s taking Nasri to Austria!

    • Rich says:

      Nasri got injured in Austria, he is back in London now. Arsenal.com were just slow in announcing the squad that went.

  12. Donjohnni says:


    This insider knows so much about the Melo deal. He read the Daily Mail !


  13. Kevin Folasafe says:

    Sinbad i think u’re just full of it, sh-t that is. Can’t u read inbtw the lines that there is more to not signing new def mid ‘yet’cos of lack of cash and internal wrangling. dumb ass

    • arsenalaction says:

      Lack of cash?

      We have just sold Adecantscore for £25m you pleb.

      Is that going in the bank so wenger gets his bonus at the end of the season for not spending a penny again

      • Rich says:

        Again moron,

        Do you not realise we have a debt to service, we have to pay our debts. We have been made aware there needs to be a surplus of £17m a year. Get used to it.

      • Loki says:

        Rich do you not realise we have other revanous that should be paying for these debts NOT player sales

      • Loki says:

        sorry its spelt *Revenues* (gotta calm down when typing)

  14. Caknucklehead says:

    Eduardo…injury prone? wtf? ever break a bone…? didn’t think so

  15. Tittle Tattle says:

    YOU are worrying. Denilson was better than Flamini last season, so lets not go overboard ok.

    Why is there an obsession about that position?

    Had Denilson cost us 15 mil in the summer and had the name “De Rossi” printed on the back of his shirt we would all be raving about him.

  16. ron says:

    “he’s taking Nasri to Austria”

    The injury was in Austria you wanker. All the other moaners should just commit suicide once and for all.

    Miserable cunts.

  17. arsenalaction says:

    Denilson is a different player to Flamini.

    Cesc and Denilson cant play in the same team in a 4-4-2.

    They are both 2 similar

  18. john says:

    Hi I know arsenal want gokahn inler but the price is too much. I thinki gooners have to understand arsenal need to balance the books and with the additions of arshavin and vermaelen we needed to sell adebayor to make a balance. The problem now is wenger needs to sell before he buys. Giles grimandi

  19. Adam says:

    I agree, big Arsenal fan here and I”m tired of Wengers talk. All he does is feed the fans crap. His inability to bring in new talent and always talk about his youngsters is a freakin joke.

    He’s not fooling anyone…I’m just waiting for them not to qualify for the champions league and have wenger removed. I’ve had enough of him. He won’t address our glaring weaknessess and tries to convince us about the players we already have. We’ve seen what we have, it’s a 4th place team at best, and with Man CIty coming on strong, looks like a 5th place team.

    So he’s just going to pocket 25 mill from adebayor? Cheap bastard

  20. GoonerDave says:

    Isnt it a little bit early to judge though?
    I mean, the transfer windows still open, AW may still bring more in. And even if he doesnt – why should we judge him without seeing the team play, and how the results are going?
    You cant complain about a lack of signings when the transfer window is still open! And its hardly fair to judge a team before a ball is kicked!
    We all know how much you dislike our manager, and youre entitled to your opinion. But this one is way too premature. Now it just looks like a vendetta.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Not really no… Pre season has started and the idea of that is getting the team together and playing as a unit.

      New players need time to adjust. Thats why TV played the full 90mins vs Barnet

  21. valerie bigpins says:

    im pro wenger if we were to lose him we would be fucked having said this article makes load of sense in my opinon 25 for ade 10 for bendtner and as a replacements huntelaar for 18 and veloso for 12 so that is a saving of 5 million keeping wengers pockets lined

    • arsenalaction says:

      Cheers mate

    • Rich says:

      Why do you want huntelaar? Sure he scored a hatful of goals in Dutch League, but so did Dirk Kuyt and Mateja Kezman. Don’t score that much now. Veloso has a bad temperament, given he has been dropped by 2 sporting lisbon managers for various misdemeanours and the Portugal coach. Not exactly the type of player we need.

  22. Toby says:

    Sinbad, I bet you once slated Gilberto and Flamini too, just as soo many other “experts” like you did……..

    • arsenalaction says:

      I was a huge fan of Flamini and Diarra…not so much Gilberto towards the end but he did a job

      • Loki says:

        i was a fan of Flamini before his stella year at AFC everyone seems to forget it was him at left back that got us to the champions league final (and then dropped in the final by Le boss for Cashley mole who left us shortly after loosing the Cl final) and yet he still didn’t extend his contract THEN

  23. Gary says:

    Things can’t happen overnight during the transfer window. Every club on the planet knows what Arsenal are looking for and that surely is having an effect on any inquiries Arsene makes. I agree with Arthur…wait for the transfer period to end before passing judgment.

  24. j says:

    i think song stepped up his game hugely towards the end of the last season. if he continues to do so i dont think we need a new DM

    • arsenalaction says:

      Sorry dude. But song maybe is good enough as a back up player. But NO WAY good enough to partner Cesc. Lacks speed and work rate and his passing is a joke

  25. arsenal passion says:

    We definetely need a DM, and the man to fill that slot should be Flamini.

  26. herdee string says:

    Simple – Arsenal have no money dopey. Next question?

    • arsenalaction says:


      We have just sold Adebayor for £25m

      • Joe says:

        Like Rich said:
        We have a debt to service, we have to pay our debts. We have been made aware there needs to be a surplus of £17m a year. Get used to it.

      • Loki says:

        and Joe like i said before we have other revenues that should cover those debts

  27. Sami says:

    guys denilson is not a dm!! As for the who said that denilson is better than flamini are you kidding me???? And the proof is 2season ago when it was cesc flam we were one of the best teams in Europe last season with cesc deni hull were than us so can u explain me how on earth do you think that den is better than flam????and for the record when flamini was with us every team wanted him now tell me does anyone want denilson??

    • Hugo says:

      Idiot. Are you saying Hull were better than us last season? Just because they beat us once? But last season, with Denilson, we made it further in the Champions League than we did the season before, when “we were one of the best teams in Europe”- surely by your spectacularly simple and childish logic that then means Denilson is better than Flamini? But that can’t be true, because Hull didn’t beat us with Flamini around?? But last year we also beat Hull twice so maybe we are better than them after all?? Oh no, what to do with all these big, big questions in your tiny, little mind?!?

      You’re very stupid.

  28. eukristian says:

    I used to be a Wenger admirer . Not anymore . Denilson , Diaby and Song are good replacements . That is they can substitute a midfielder for a few games if he’s injured . That’s a fact .

    The thing that really upsets me is seeing Nasri playing as a DM . It’s clear that he should be attacking . And I would also like to see Arshavin a bit more upfront , maybe give him even more freedom .

    Walcott did have a few good games last season , but he wasn’t always a good finisher . I don’t know how much we need a striker , but what I know is the playing RvP as a single striker is not a solution . So either push Arshavin a bit or try Eduardo . I doubt he will be as good as he used to be . Or get Huntelaar . Last season we missed lots (I really mean lots) of chances with poor finishing . Huntelaar could change that . However , I don’t know how well he will play with RvP . Maybe there’s some hidden rivalry between them , even though I doubt it .

    It seems like this team is falling apart , after that brilliant first part of 2007/2008 . Too bad !

    • Rich says:

      Did you imagine Henry as a striker when he first came, doubt it that turned out ok. Nasri as a defensive midfielder might work out. If Wenger, who is a coach considered one of the best on the world, thinks he could have a future there i was more than happy to see it at the end of the season.

  29. john says:

    This is crazy u want wenger out and sorry mate i am totally behind wenger. He will get it right. I disagree about song, denilson, diaby they are quality young players.

    Its too early to judge thomas vermaelen but from what i have seen he looks really physical and strong and very good on the ball. I think he will be a success hes very good in the air.

    Wenger doesnt have money even fergie knows it. If arsenal had 40 million of course they would have got felipe melo. U honestly think wenger not going to buy him cause hes think hes not worth it? He says that cause arsenal dont have money.

    • welshgazza says:

      Denilson and Song have got a chance of filling the long term Defensive midfield slot. They should be better than last season…… a little older, a little wiser, a lot more experienced….. but I still feel they need a mentor to guide them( which I have a solution which I’ll come back to).
      However, both players need to be educated in their prefered positions. Denilson played alongside Cesc as the DCM until Cesc got injured. Suddenly he had to step into Cescs shoes and become the playmaker. These are two completely different roles! Chelshit never swapped Claude Mackele’s position and he was one of the best in the business. Song was played as a Centre Half, just when he started to settle into the DCM role at the end of last season.
      Diaby is the most frustrating player I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt for quite some time. One day brilliant, the next in small patches, and the next totally shite!!! Unfortunately, I cannot see him ever reaching his full potential at Arsenal and I wouldn’t be too sorry if he was to go tomorrow.
      SO…….. who should get the defensive midfield slot. How about someone who has experience, plays in the key matches and rested when not required, would be influencial on the field and in the dressing room, relatively cheap to buy (wages not so sure however), and would jump at the chance of playing at the emirates…….. One PATRICK VIEIRA !!!!
      This is the type of player we need. His influence would assist Denilson, Song, Diaby???, Ramsey and Wilshire.

      PS. Anyone else note how Ramsey appears to have bulked up in the close season??? Rambo title seems to fit better now

      • chris says:

        I totally agree with you. Vieira is still captain of France and in the Inter team that won the Italian league. He may not be as physical as he once was but in the big European games that won’t be the main factor. Song or Denilson can play the run of the mill games and we can wheel Paddy out when we need experience for a big game or some Northern Monkey needs a bit of a kicking.

        All of our young midfielders would be immeasurably better for playing with him, especially Ramsey, who may well emerge as the answer to all of our problems given the right coaching.

        Bring him home!

    • Brad says:

      Well he could’ve had the money if the board had passed usmanov’s capital raising scheme.
      But they shit themselves about him getting control. It would’ve given wenger 70-100mil.
      Now gazidis and Hill-Wood have practically sold the club to either kronke or Usmanov.
      Wenger will buy Matuidi in august. And that will be the lot. Diaby, shouldn’t be permitted to wear an arsenal shirt. Denilson what the hell does this guy do?! Plays a lot of games but as what?!
      Song, excellent back-up DM or CB.
      We might…just…just cling to fourth ahead of City. No silverware, no hope of competing with the big boys, of whom we used to be one.
      That’s not pesamistic that’s me being a realist.
      So, either by December or next May, Kronke or Usmanov will buy Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith’s shares for 50-60mil and will then takeover the club.
      Usmanov who has around 10 billion has already said he will wipe half the debt out straight away and then give wenger as much as he needs for tranfers.
      He has even gone as far as to say if wenger continues with project youth (which should be renamed K-19) then Usmanov will force players into the club like Villa, Senna, Melo etc.
      Wake up arsenal fans! ‘Oh…we’re an ethical club!’ Ethical is another word for loser!

  30. GoonerDave says:

    Yes it would be great to get our targets instantly, and bed them comfortably in our team before the season starts.
    But the market is gone insane, and I dont see why we should pay over the odds. The reality of the situation is that the money we have to spend on players/wages in this ridiculous window would barely improve our team at all.
    If we must wait until the last minute for a better player, I know what Id prefer.
    With the new contracts signed by a few first-teamers and the addition of AA, I do worry that we may not have much room on the wage bill, even without Ade on it.

  31. NewGooner says:

    Why didn’t Fabregas add more to his game and win the ball for Nasri or Van Persie, instead of mopping around and not happy with Song-Denilson-Diaby? It seems everyone wants the team to be Fabregas’ toy, he should pull his weight as well, especially defensively, as captain, he should put himself at the disposal of the team, not himself.

    I am astounded, the one available and proven player around, M.Diarra of Real Madrid hasn’t been mentioned. He has all the experience and quality to play for Arsenal, but i do not want him to be Fabregas’ pet.

    Enough of the rising of Fabregas as the main player, any successful team must have collective ambition, they must have the desire to help each other, whilst Song-Diaby-Denilson struggled in some games, Fabregas just jogged as if it was not his fault. He needs to realise it is ARSENAL that wins or loses, not Fabregas, a team wins titles, not individuals.

  32. looneygooner says:

    Get a grip for fuck sake, all I see is moan,moan,moan, the season transfer window hasn’t ended and already we have ‘Arsenal girls’ moaning about this and that, if you’re not happy fuck off and support someone else, you fucking lot do my head with your bitching, spoiled little brats, bottle fed were you.
    I for one am looking forward to the start of the season and I believe we will surprise a lot of people especially so called Arsenal fans

  33. john says:

    Mate the transfer window hasnt even finished yet. Have u seen the transfer market its crazy at the moment. Wenger knows what hes doing. I believe he will get it right. The problem with arsenal is that we have missed key players through injuries in big games ie against man utd in the champions league we missed 6 first team players. I am pretty confident this season arsenal will do well. I really do think Nicklas Bendtner is going to have a stormer next season. I have seen this kid grow up through the ranks the kids a world class talent he just needs confidence and now the fans are behind him we are going to see a different Nicklas bendtner

  34. shayne says:

    wenger is a cock,fucking dickhead

  35. Phil says:

    What an absolutely rubbish post. Sinbad you are a complete and utter fool. Arsenal FC dont need dickhead ‘fans’ such as your pathetic self. During your blind and extremely childish rant you have forgotten that we have been linked numerous times to CBs Bassong and Hangeland, with Fulham apparently negotiating a deal for another CB perhaps to replace the latter.

    Clearly we have no money. If you’ve managed to take your head out of your arse for 10 seconds recently you might’ve noticed that there is a bit of an economic slump on at the moment which is affecting the property market that a lot of our funds are tied up in. The pound is weak against the Euro and the tax contribution of those in the highest wage bracket in the UK will increase from 40% to 50%. This makes playing in the EPL less attractive to those few players abroad who will add something signigicant to our squad.

    Congratulations for your well considered posts though. Lovely choice of lanuage sir. Cant wait to hear more of your retarded drivel.

    • kalas says:

      All we are saying is that if we have no money say we have no money….don’t tell us you will sign 3 experienced players next season and then tell us we have enough quality.

      We are not dumb, if you telll us like it is everybody will get behind the team..its wengers lies that is starting to get to me

  36. Atom says:

    Denilson a DM. Another Wenger joke.

    He can’t tackle and also bullied off the ball
    Has no pace to track back as he get stuck upfront.
    He can’t pass beyond 4 yards
    No aerial ability, too short for that position
    He is technically average
    His lack of pace makes the midfield immobile especially when playing with Cesc who has no pace either.

    The only player I trust if given the chance is Diaby. But he needs to improve his defending and learn to despatch the ball quicker however, I doubt if Arsene will give him that chance with his love children hovering around.

    Denilson won’t last two more seasons because Ramsey, Coquelin, Frimpong are all better than him technically and can’t survive the competition.

  37. john says:

    Sorry man i am not having lassan diarra they guy was average for us. He was a crap passer yh he was quick, mobile and can tackle but his passing was shocking.

    I do think we should buy a DM i believe arsenal should go for christian poulsen hes 29 hes a winner and hard man. He would help the likes of song- who i see as a centre half, diaby and denilson

  38. alromeb says:

    In truth, Wenger is taking the piss. I used to blame the board, but is it the board who refuses to allow Keown to be a full time defensive coach? Is it the board who make substitutions after 70 mins, not know how to organize a defense? Am disappointed that Wenger’s ego is getting the best out of him. Sad.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Wenger is to blame. The man is suborn and obsessed.

      He has turned this club into a farm for young players who come and learn there trade and then get sold.

      We are nothing more then a project for making profit for Wenger.

      Fuck winning things. All he cares about is balancing zeee books

      • Joe says:

        So you want to go into a massive amount of debt? Like Manure? Football isn’t a sport, it’s a business.

  39. Manjit S Kalsi says:

    I think the biggest muggers and idiots have got to be arsenal fans who keep on hoping that this club ,which I USED to support ,takes its fee paying supporters as assholes.

    Stop paying to watch matched and hit this club and that stupid manager AW where it hurts them

    AW went senile 4 seasons ago and that is the reason he did not take the REAL MADRID challenge knowing too well that he will be sacked in one season if he does not deliver trophies .

    AW is living in his past glories and overdue for the scrap yard.

    • wait and see says:

      used to support? who u support now city?

      your a joker… don’t win silverware so you wont support arsenal?

      wow, a glory hunter, thanks for being a fan geeza! not


  40. mjs says:

    im scared, i remember when it was just us and man u, i used to laugh at chelsea and liverpool fans, wenger is the ultimate economist, he wont be sacked cause he balances the books, but sadly we are not a major force in english football anymore, we are prob still in the top 10 club teams in world football, but unfortunatlly 3 of the top 5 play in out league too. so gutted, there always hope…..

  41. Simon says:

    Cana is a mentalist. I would love to see him in the shirt. Nobody will mess with Cesc when there´s a psycho like Cana running all over the place like a madman.

  42. In wenger we trust says:

    In wenger we trust, to compete for 4th place year in and year out

  43. kevbomb! says:

    its not talk, its trying to keep the fans happy, because you all moan and groan. its a fucking sport-business, he`s not going to spend willy nilly. and for christ sakes we basically finished fourth in the world last year, nasri will be back within two weeks of the starting campaign (hopefully) and really, we have 3 new signings this season, vermaelen, rosicky and eduardo, you guys are all negative plugs, and just to tell you, NASRI WILL MAKE A GREAT DM, he`s tough in the tackle for a smaller man and as skilled as cesc, he was our most consistent dribbler this season, you fucking shit. much more talented then anyone we have in that position, just watch. but if thats not the case and wenger doesn`t plan to deploy him there i do hope we pick up CANA, what a champ he is. but for fucks sake, FUCK OFF WITH YOUR ANTI-ARSENAL THREADS, its one thing to be anti-player but to be anti-manager is ridiculous, especially one who has given you so much. but jesus he keeps you in the running every year AND WE WERE IN THE CL AND FA SEMI`S, just shut the fuck up all of you moaners! we will win trophies just be patient for fucks sake, i watch the nhl as well and let me tell you watching your team fail to win at least 1 of 2 trophies is hard but its fucking manageable, you guys are all just wankers who have nothing better to do with your lives than bitch about a manager who has done great things, and will do more great things, we`re not losing our CL place and we may challenge for trophies, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP LET US GET PLAYERS IF WE DO. AND LET IT GO FROM THERE, THERE`S STILL JANUARY, YOU FUCKING BONER JUICE SUCKING FUCKERS!

    good luck to the arsenal this year!

    • wait and see says:

      last year we made 2 semis…The team we have this year, IMO is better then last years,

      man u’s team = worse
      chelsea, always strong, but they have 2 proven strikers, one of them gets injured, there screwed… we got shavin, dudu, persie, nasri, bendtner, walcott, vela who can all bang in goals.
      liverpool – close too loosing alonso, mascerano… AND if gerrard, OR torres miss a game, pool loose.
      city- 8 strikers? good luck with that, defense ? – wank.

      because city and real madrid are spending big, we should follow suit? fcuk off

      wenger started a project, and hes going too finish it.

  44. Strapped says:

    Wenger is the biggest shit-talker in the Premiership. I think a lot of Arsenal fans confuse manager with club, and to no fault of their own, they consider them as 1 force. Not me, I support Arsenal FC, not Arsene Wenger FC, just like a player he is despensible and 1 man doesn’t make the team.

    Wenger has proven that he makes many errors in the last 4 years and yet again, I am preparing for a lousey season (possibly finishing 3rd) with no premiership or champions league title. The confusing thing about it is, we surely have about £10m left over for the transfer budget, (considering Vermaelen was bought for 10m) plus the 22-25 million in cash we should have around 30m to spend. Yet, we still haven’t signed a defensive midfielder; this is beyond me.

    What really upsets me is that it is my personal belief that we are 2 quality signings away from Premiership and European success. 2 signigns that should amass to around 30m altogether, unfortunately, the constant stubborn attitude from AW and the arse licking Board room refuse to see sense. David Dein saw it years ago, and Usmanov is seeing the affects of little spending now. It really is unfair on the supporters who pay the highest price for season tickets and back the team week in week out. If we lose this year what will he say again? “Next season”…

    • Rich says:

      If you are going to talk about money, read the FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. You are speculating. Arsenal F.C have overheads. Very high ones, much higher than expected because of the property crisis, so no we don’t have £25-30m.

      “Next season” is not such a bad thing, tomorrow is the day that Liverpool were set to go into administration until they got a last minute reprieve. I would rather start every season without a dm, than risk 10 point penalty and Arsenal FC being confined to the history books.

      And you think it would never happen, bigger companies have gone to the wall.

  45. john says:

    Guys apparently arsenal are going to make an offer for Lorik cana .

  46. K-gunner says:

    Is it that most arsenal fans are just plainly blank or what. You seem to rate anything that comes with an expensive price tag. Van persie and Berbatov, who’s more expensive and who would you rather have. I’m tired of gunners obsession with the DM role just because the pundits are using it to have a dig at us.
    and quite frankly, this particular blog is just plainly sh*t, and was written by a spud.

  47. Mean Lean says:

    I cannot believe it either, all he has to do is flick open his laptop and click on buy DM and then BAM! Sorted.

    I do it all the time of Football Manager. Wenger wake up!

  48. mick says:

    Id love to see yaya toure and hunterlaar in the red and white of arsenal. if we don’t get it right this season and fail to qualify for the champions league our team would crumble. we’d have less money and what top player would want to join us then

    • arsenalaction says:

      its never gonna happen mate.

      We are gonna sign

      Adel Chimoult 13 years old french CM..The new Ziddan

      And Yanki Adebola 15 years old from kenya. The new Eboue…

      Ohhh and pls we have Rosicky now back who will be like a new signing…Until his knee gives up again

  49. john says:

    Wenger is to blame. The man is suborn and obsessed.

    He has turned this club into a farm for young players who come and learn there trade and then get sold.

    We are nothing more then a project for making profit for Wenger.

    Fuck winning things. All he cares about is balancing zeee books

    Man arsenal needed a new stadium to compete and cause of the debts arsenal used a youth policy to compensate it. Arsene wenger done a fantastic job with the resources he got. I dont what else he could do more. The board keep rejecting usmanov not him the board. Its all to do with david dein. The board dont want him. Wenger the right man theres not another manager with the resources hes got will do a better job.

  50. wondrinfree says:

    Arsenal Action what is your intention here? You belly ache about Wenger non-stop, seemingly unaware that he doesn’t have the spending power Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool. When we undertook the Emirates project they knew then and said that we would have a few lean years and planned to develop and use youth. By your username I assume you are a fan and therefore knew this. Yet here you are having a tantrum because you are not getting the chrissy pressies you think you deserve. Get over yourself and support the team.

    • arsenalaction says:

      I get behind my team and give them support.

      My intention is to show that Wenger is full of shit and is not as some gooners think “GOD”

      All this Wenger knowns bollocks make me sick

      • ignatz says:


        You get behind the team and give them your support? Is that what you’re doing here?

        It looks to me like you’re bitching about the players, the manager and the board … in other words, pretty much the entire fucking club except Saint Cesc. Good job the tea lady never crossed you or I guess she’d be in for it too.

        You just don’t see it, do you – you’re helping to create a poisonous atmosphere around the club we all love with this divisive, constant complaining and pessimism. You’re helping to turn fans against the players, and now against the manager. Clubs that are divided are clubs that fail.

        You probably see yourself as some kind of noble, brave voice of dissent. You probably think you’re smarter than everyone else, because you see the situation as very simple and you don’t understand why Wenger won’t do something about it.

        In fact, if you see things as simple, it’s generally because you’re a bit simple yourself.

        If it was as easy as you say it is to build a team, why aren’t you doing it for a living? Wenger certainly makes mistakes, but he gets a hell of a lot more decisions right than he gets wrong. Arsenal are one of the best-run clubs in the world, and thanks to Wenger we punch above our weight season in, season out. The invincibles were a legendary team that will be talked about for years to come. One of the greatest sides of all time.

        I challenge you to write a post telling us everything you love about this club, why you will support it to the end, how much you’re looking forward to the new season and how fucking wonderful it will feel when we win our next trophy. A post without one single whinge or complaint in it. A post with some belief and some heart.

        A real supporter’s post.

        I bet you can’t do it.

  51. anibal says:

    well, it might sound a little weard, but i am happy with the squad. i feel we have a strong enogh squad to chalange next season. i also think that song and denilson are good enogh.

  52. tiny says:

    i agree im getting annoyed about lack of players coming in but i think song can step up again this summer…..he was our most improved player of the year as is still only 21 i think it will be a big year for him…..have a little faith. i would still of liked us to buy melo as well because incase of injurys and we need to rotate the sqaud as well.

    Dont forget how good song was at the end of last season if he improves as much this term we have a brilliant player on our hands guys

  53. arsenalaction says:

    WTF did we need a new stadium for if we are not good enough to compete on the pitch of off it.

    Ohh i foget, We are going to be the riches club in the world in 30 years and we are going to be able to compete with Real Madrid and sign the best players in the world.

    HAHAHAH what a joke. Moving to this Stadium was the worst thing Arsenal did.

    I would rather us as having 40.000 every week at highbury and they way it was then 60.000 and winning nothing and selling our best players every summer

  54. Roy says:

    Did AW run over your cat or something, you are paranoid about him. Yes we need some more experiance in the team in MF ad CD but the price must be right, we have a debt that is servicable but we must not put ourselves in further debt that is not controllable. Economic laws must be followed so as to secure the future of our club. We have some great players in our squad, if you can’t see that then you have a major problem in your ability to access our players, if anyone of them was put on the market there would be a rush from all over europe to buy them. You seem to have forgotton the injuries to key players last season. if any of the other top clubs would have suffered the same key losses I do not think they would have finished in the top four or reach two major semi finals.

    Keep the faith and wait, you will see that we will again challange and shock everybody as well as stay financialy sound

  55. MH says:

    I think his age has caught up with him(Arsene Wenger). A saying goes like this,when Adults start frowing old,they loose their sense of reasoning and start to think like babies,i guess thats the case with Wenger right now! he is a complete failure and i think it has nothing to do with the board not wanting to give him more money,but his selfishness and that would lead to the destruction of our beloved arsenal.i think its time for him to move on and find another team..he choose not to move to madrid,because he couldnt handle big talents,he is a kid coach and not a real coach..please call on the board to get him out before he kills us because we are not sure of a top 4 finish this season…

  56. Dolo (WATTS' FINEST) says:

    In Wenger I Trust, everyone else can suck a fat motherfucking cock

  57. Potter says:

    Apparently tomorrow Alonso will decide whether he is going to Madrid. The Spanish have a quota rule of 25 players for their first team squad. If Alonso joins they have 33 . Expect Real to have a fire sale and then the transfer market will take off.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Ohh really…So its not taken off yet then : ))

      Tell that to the rest of the clubs who are signing players as wenger is walking around with his finger up his ass

  58. Faith in the Gunners says:

    We need to keep faith in Arsene Wenger even though he does talk shit at times.. I mean he said if Adebayor leaves he will buy a player now he says he has to evaluate the team.

    But we do need a defensive midfielder ASAP and we must revert back to 4-4-2
    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Walcott Fabregas (A New DM) Arshavin
    Huntelaar Van Persie

    Yes we should sign Klass-Jan Huntelaar he is class (no pun intended) and we should keep Big Phil and get rid of Shitty Silvestre.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Keep the faith..
      Won nothing since 2005?

      The sad fact is that this is our LAST chance of winning the champions league under Wenger.

      Because next season and for years to come we wont be IN IT!!

  59. john says:

    Arsenal had to move stadium u tube it works in the long term. After debts are paid arsenal will enough money to compete with madrids, chelseas. Its how a normal football clubs run.

    ok its been 4 years but its not been like arsenal havent done anything. they have got to finals, champions league, carling cup and nearly won the league. Its just luck u need with things like injuries and bookings and referring desicions.

    I am pretty confident arsenal will do well this season our younger players are a year older year wiser and more experienced in the premiership. the likes of denilson, song, diaby will learn from thier mistakes and become better players. look at david villa, drogba, Arshavin these players werent brilliant when they were 21,22 just imagine how good guys like song, theo, bendtner, nasri, diaby, denilson they are going be much better next season

  60. stonroy says:

    Great post, and all you idiots out there who blindly trust in Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, are the kind of people who go on to live a life of mediocrity where the rules are dictated to you, you don’t make your own. Lie down and pull the wool over your eyes. I’m not saying he won’t get some new blood, but the fact that it has taken him this long is ridiculous. Sometimes I think he is more concerned with his immortality, (ie by doing it the hard way) than winning things.

  61. t says:

    yeh wenger is horrible. if they just hired ME i would buy lots of players and make the club better. I am so much better than Wenger, infact everyone are. Also a new manager would make the money flow into arsenal. Right Simba? a new manager would make arsenal rich and he would bring in the old mature players we need those that cost 30 mill not those puny 2 mill ones.
    Bloody hell if we had a new manager we would have bought both benzema and ronaldo and Kaka!!!! We would have signed melo and Inler and all the xpensive dms we need. We would also have sold song and diaby and all the SHIT PLAYERS IN ARSENAL!!!! I mean here i go supporting a team with SHIT PLAYERS AND SHIT MANGER!!!! WTF???? Maybe i should just change team.. YEAH to a theam with a good manager that actually buys players and dont bother to develop. LIKE MAN CITY.. OH i think i will.. If we just could be as man city, been bought up by a sheik.. oh joy oh joy…

  62. BwoodGooner says:

    Your boring! Have faith, we’ve still got more than a month to sign someone. He’s already said now Adebarndoor has left he will be signing someone and it doesnt look to be Chamakah, hopefully Huntelaar. Adressing the defensive midfield situation I believe it won’t be the superstar everyone wants. Don’t be suprised to see Blaise Matuidi in an Arsenal shirt next year. Like everyone else I would love to see Miguel Veloso, hes got everything, great on the ball, great in the tackle plus hes already admitted he would love to play for Arsenal him and Cesc together would be wicked, hope Wenger does pull his finger out and realise this.

  63. john says:


    • arsenalaction says:


      40 % of Arsenal fans of lost faith in Arsene.

      The problem is when you come out and talk FACT you are told you fuck off to Man City or called plastic by twats like you

  64. t says:

    oh not to mention. the only reason. i mean the ablsolut only reason i watch football and arsenal is so i can support a winning team. Thats all that matters. ALL. If my team dont win its not worth it! I love the post you written. It mirrors all my anger towards arsenal and arsene. I really really think of switching to chelsea or some other club that really know how to spend and that know how to hire good coaches.. Right everyone? right?? I know for sure stoneroy agrees. Him and me. We atleast know how NOT to build teams. We dont wanna live mediocre. we want the hottest birds, the most money and last but not least the joy of supporting the BEST club!!! THE BEEEEEEEEEEEST !!!!!! OMG im soo frustrated i have to flame arsenal everywhere and arsen wenger all the time. I wanna flame and bully and make him quit if that what has to be done just so we can buy more players. really… im sooo frustrated 😛

  65. Pac Dolla says:

    I have to say im a lil upset cause Wenger hasn’t signed a defensive midfielder nor a striker. I also dnt think he should let Kolo go either! If he lets Kolo go we are going to finish outside the top 4!! TRU STORY!!!

  66. Timo says:

    Thank god.

    A blog that has come out and said it…

    Wenger is a loon..And the thick ass gooners who keep saying “kept the faith and in arsene we trust” are just thick mongs.

    Tell me what matters more to you..Keeping faith with wenger and winning nothing or the CLUB ie Arsenal FC..

    Some of you care more about wenger then the club.

  67. john says:

    I think this guy is a spurs fan or hes just having too much to drink

  68. arseneisgod says:

    what an utter waste of internet space….go support man city, you twat

  69. RomfordPele says:

    What a load of crap – are you Myles Palmer’s teenage son? I think Wenger has got a bit more experience of buying and selling players than you have. Lets wait and see where we are on 1 Sept when the transfer window shuts.

  70. stonroy says:

    K-Gunner, any real fan shouldn’t be found here? Wow! Let me guess you’re a moron right? Haven’t used that little muscles inside your nut for a few years now? Questioning things are healthy mate, makes you think about things a bit…You remember that word? THINK!

  71. Mattuso says:

    I just love the summer break. Its a time when spurs fans tell us they will finish in the top 4 and a section of Arsenal fans just list the all the same old players we should buy. Players who no doubt you have seen play less than wenger & his scouts – cana, veloso, melo, huntelaar, chamakh. You’d never heard of flamini before he signed but wish we kept him. Same with Adebayour but think we will suffer without him. No doubt you knew about Clichy, Toure Fabregas, Sagna, Van Persie and can think of much better players who should play for us instead. £10m on the ajax captain, seems a pretty good quality signing to me. Arshavin for £15m, anyone else would have paid £20m+ for him and hes about as good a player as you will see. I do think we could do with some added muscle in midfield but if the right player comes along at the right price, I’m sure we will buy him. I also feel Wenger has a better idea of a good player than any of us as proven it time and time again.

  72. str8goon says:

    Given that everyone posting on here is an Arsenal fan there should be discussion about our club and how it is being managed as well as our fate in the next season. But how bout Man. Utd, Chelski, and Pool? Not mentioning Man.City because realistically I don’t see them as a threat. Yes they’ve added some real strikers to their roster but their midfield and esepcially defense is still weak. And they’ve got no footballing philosophy as well as lacking a good manager.

    Anyway Manchester United lost TWO GAME CHANGING PLAYERS (League MVP and World Player of the Year) Christiano Ronaldo and Tevez. So why are we in worse groudn then they are? Where are they gonna get 35-45 goals next season to replace the ones they lost? Who…Rooney, Nani, Macheda, Scholes, Giggs, Anderson, Berbatov…!? S**T NO! Their done, they will no longer have their club name to protect them anymore. The pressure is on them and I fully expect them to fail. We’ve only lost Adebayor who can be replaced…we can cope, just as we did when a certain French striker left our beloved club.

    Chelski have relatively stayed the same. However all of their players are aging and may not keep up with the pace (see Ballack and Deco). They’ve added to their squad this season but those players will take time to adapt. The only thing about Cheleas is their team chemistry is increasing month by month. They’ll probably be our truest test this coming season. Ending on a good note, John Terry as well as Ricardo Carvalho might not be wearing the Chelsea blue next season which would only do everyone else in the Prem a world of good.

    Liverpool…what can I say about the bastards. Torres will never have a fully fit seaon due to the riggors of the league so that’ll do us some good. And capt. Stevie G. might be serving some jail time so without his help i don’t believe Liverpool will accomplish anything. Their nothing without him. Also, the possibility of losing Alonso and Mascherano are becoming truer by the day. With a massivly weak midfield as well as thier back line (who’ve always been weak) their looking to be in much, much worse shape than our Guns.

    In closing look at the big picture: We’ve lost Adebayor…who cares, screw him. Arsene’s still got time to replace him as well as fill in the CDM if he chooses to do so. My opinion…I hope to God he does. But thats down to if the board allocates Wenger any money to buy. Yes of course Arsenal sold Ade for a little of 8x what he was originally cost, but that doesn’t mean that money goes into the transfer kitty. Manchester got a huge amount for selling CR7 and look who they bought! Michael Injury-Room Owen, young Obertan, and Antonio Valencia. WEAK summer acquistions. Thats called signing for signing sakes, just beacuse you can. No real research was done into any of these buys.

    Look if you love Arsenal but don’t like whats going on in the board room then so be it. Either love the Arsenal or go support another club. Things are going on behind the scenes that we have no knowledge of. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Just start the season with a little faith in our boys. We’re alot better off then some of you Arsenal “fans” think.


  73. t says:

    Ehm my above posts were ofcourse ironically meant. Truley, if you have to flame your own team you are not a real fan. a true fan sticks by his or her team. ALWAYS!!! IF you cannot handle Aresen and the economical situation the club is in maybe arsenal isnt the club for you. Fair enough, go cheere for someone els. But dont claim you are an arsenal fan when the only thing you do is flame. Dont claim you support out team when you moan and sulk about PL before it even started! Ive heard City has spent big this year. Maybe you find what you seek there.

    Arsenal are for people that belive in hard work, that you cannot buy you way to success, it wont hold up in the long run,unless you got a rich uncle that has you as his toy.

  74. Sami says:

    I don’t understand how do you think that nasri is going to play as a dm even wenger said when nasri got injured that rosicky and edu could replace him and the 2players are attack mind!!!!!

  75. Pier says:

    All you pink I Love Wenger Tshirt wearing cunts are just sheep. YOU are the reason Wenger continues with his bullshit ‘project’. Spoon fed shit season after season and you cunts just lap it up.

    No money? Fuck off. £25m from Ade. £100m rights issue turned down cause we arent desperate for cash supposedly. There was a £15m transfer budget even before Ade was sold, so take off the £10m for Vermy, leaves £30m.

    Why aint we buying? Because Wenger and the Board are cunts without ambition.

    When we drop out of the top 4…this season or next all you pink tshirt wearing bitches will be crying your eyes out. Cunts.

    So easy to avoid this inevitable scenario….

    Huntelaar £20m
    Toulalan £10m (and yes he pisses on every def mid we have in the squad)
    Hangalaand £15m
    Senderdross (-£6m)
    Silvbean head (-£2m)
    Eboue (-£7m)

    There you go..even Wenger would be happy with this as there is no nett spend over budget. Will he do it though? I fuckin doubt it. Cunt.

    • BobbyPires7 says:

      I would dearly love Toulalan in the team also, but you are deluded if you think that Lyon, the club that just sold their best player, would then go and sell their 2nd best player, who is also their captain, for £10m. Also like to point out he’s the French first choice defensive midfielder, so no, £10m!!! More like £20m.

      The two that I now have to disagree with are Huntelaar and Hangeland. Huntelaar, whilst a very good goal scorer, is lazy to the extreme, a Lineker-esque striker. Has a undoubted ability to score but put’s in next to no effort, which in the Premiership is essential. I don’t think we need to sell one lazy striker for an even lazier one.

      And onto Hangeland, I still don’t get this obsession with people rating him so highly. He’s slow as shite, which is ok for Fulham who defend their 18 yard line, but Arsenal defend farther up the pitch, sometimes with our backline on the halfway line… you think with a ball down the channel that Hangeland with catch up with Drogba, Torres, Bellamy, Robinho, Adebayor and any other striker who can run. Yes, he may help in the air, but it is not worth it if it is to the detriment of other areas of our defensive game.

  76. arsenalaction says:




    Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh has claimed that he is close to completing a move to Sunderland. The 25-year-old Morocco international had also been linked with Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, but has seemingly set his heart on a switch to the Stadium of Light.

    He reportedly told a French radio station: “I have told Bordeaux I need to go there. I want to play in the Premier League and Sunderland is a good challenge for me.

    “I didn’t mind waiting, but as far as Arsenal are concerned, it has taken too long, unlike Sunderland.

    “I could have waited, but Bordeaux wanted this response quickly, so I could not do it any other way.”

    Chamakh has spent the whole of his professional career to date with the Girondins, while he also completed a half-century of appearances on the international stage.

  77. stonroy says:

    T, no one only does one thing (flaming the fans) . I love Arsene Wenger (he has been very kind to my family in times of need) but I love The Arsenal first and foremost, that also doesn’t mean I cannot question things. This is a results driven business, and I don’t believe as it stands right now, we have the depth to handle the long season ahead. That is not a negative statement, not a statement of a fake Arsenal fan. (I’ve been a fan for longer than most of you have been alive). Like every relationship you must question things, otherwise it’s not a true relationship, and you become a mindless slave .All you people out there, honestly do you think we have a team right now that can win the prem? The CL?

  78. john says:

    My god majority of arsenal fans are behind arsene wenger. 40% have lost faith lol

    Gooners are angry at the arsenal board not Wenger. The board arent giving money which is why Dein left and went to usmanov to form a partnership. Even fergie knows wenger hasnt got money. We will have to wait i am sure wenger will get a DM in but hes going for a cheaper price. Its understandable.

    Wenger has big money he bought arshavin whos a world class player but arsenal need to balance thier books. We bought vermaelen for 10 million and sold adebaypor for 25 million so it covers vermaelen and arshavin transfers. Arsenal are not liverpool, man utd, city, chelsea we dont have a rich owner so we are run like a normale football club. What goes out has to equal what goes in.

  79. Gavin says:

    Hes’ worried about the coming economic crisis and players all leaving for free running there contracts down so money spent is money lost?? He is a bit deluded that he can’t understand fans frustration. He’s doing wonderful but he won’t add more than 1 player(big fat maybe 2) per season because “you are taking a risk” so he says. well ericsson showed you could get 11 new players to play together and Wenger was shocked. He got hammered by United last season and to take a step back and what happened he thinks we still acn win the league. I hate to say it but we need to get hammered by the top sides again and i promise he will wake from his coma
    Looking forward to his new plan of 4-5-1 you wait, defence by ball retention(cause we cant defend) and it will work too and we will look great if even for a while. Caveat as long as Walcott or Eboue don’t play because they loose the ball the other counters and scores.(every time)

    • wait and see says:

      we played shit in the CL against manure, but took 4 points off them in the prem?

      buy taking 4 points off the champions, it shows we DO have a squad too challenge for the title, not just 4th place.

      yea, we brought players up from being lil kids…

      lets get real here, these kids got us 4th place and 2 semi finals…

      news for you – these kids will improve daily… the team molds together

      the team this year, is better then last… no Ade going offside on every chance
      dudu back, hes a quality finisher, that goal at burnley… yea it was burnley.. but that goal was one of the best i have ever seen!
      persie’s fitness 100% … rosiky back, you know hes the nuts.
      arshavin for champions league… jeezus, this guy scored 4 against the pool…. 4 fkin goals.
      people are underestimating, and i like it, because everyone likes surprises, don’t we lads
      love you x

  80. oluseyiaoko says:

    i am happy i am not the only arsenal fan that is depressed with the whole situation.I am beginning to think Mr Wenger does not mean well for Arsenal football club.I have never seen a stubborn manager all my life.
    One thing i do know is that he will not bugde despite all our comments.He will not buy any more player this summer and i can assure you, it will all blow in his face.
    For all the dedicated fans, pls take heart and hope, like we have been hoping for four years.

  81. john says:

    Yh arsenal have a new look formation looks like a 4-3-3


    eboue djorou vermaelen silvestre

    denilson diaby


    wilshere bendtner arshavin

    Thats was the formation in the pre season friendly. I personally think we need three in midfield give more protection to the back four as well as support for the attackers

  82. Erik says:

    Hey T… was just gonna post something like that man.

    These are the fans that also never see them in the Emirates and if they do are quick to start booing our own players.

    This team, even now without a new DMC is still capable of winning the league.

    Yes sure, it would be nice to have a new DMC, but honestly… who is there that is:

    1) Available
    2) Value for money
    3) Happy to probably accept lower wages
    4) Right Age
    5) Right Experience
    6) Good enough

    There arent many players that meet all that criteria, not even Melo did and I am honestly glad we didnt get him.

    We might have money, we might not have it, but Wenger isnt going to pay stupid transfer fees for a player he isnt sure about.

    Can you imagine how much worse all these moaners will be if we sign someone for a lot of money only to realise that Song and Diaby are better than him?

    S T O P B L O O D Y M O A N I N G!

    Wenger loves this club more than many of us do, he doesnt deserve all the crap some of you “fans” are saying about him here.

  83. Gooner1995 says:

    Absolute rubbish whichever idiot who wrote this must have a memory span of a fish. Wenger is the man who brought Henry,Vieira etc to the club and turned them into world beaters so stop writing this bullcrap. I acknowledge the fact that we need a holding midfielder and a new striker but saying stuff like “Wenger out” is absolute nonesense talk some sense you muppet.

  84. arsenalaction says:


    Loik Cana to also sign for Sunderland

    • Osiris says:

      So let me get this straight. You want Arsenal to win everything and sign big names. And then at the same time you want Wenger to compete with teams like Sunderland for players. There is a reason why these players are getting gobbled up by smaller teams while the big guns are taking a pass. But of course all of you know better.

      • arsenalaction says:

        We cant even compete with Sunderland in the transfer market FFS

        We are a joke

  85. Bert says:

    Wenger has mastered the art of self generation of new signings during the transfer window.

    This is how he pulls of this masterstroke:

    Step 1

    Make sure at least two players get injured in the last few months of the season, increase training to excessive levels to bring this on.

    Step 2

    Buy no new players during the transfer window.

    Step 3 (the really clever bit)

    Announce that the injured players will be back for start of the season or maybe two months into it & they will be like “new signings”

    Step 4

    Happy Days!!!

  86. arsenalaction says:

    Steve Bruce is a great manager

    Wenger said no to Wilson Palacios for £500k and Steve Bruce saw he had talent and turned him into a £20m player.

    • Gavin says:

      Actually Wenger said he had “no room for another midfielder”—he knew he was good so he rang his friend Brucey and said would he like…of course Brucey said a player you rate for £1M….I don’t even need to see him!

  87. KenyanGooner says:

    Yawn…wake me up when the moaning stops….

  88. KingKolo says:

    Does this really have to be a for/against Wenger debate? Surely no one doubts or has forgotten what he has done for the football club and he is by far and away the only manager to lead us into next season and season’s after that. But please lets face facts: we definately do need another DM. Last season we spent a very long time trailing behind Aston Villa who shouldn’t even be in our thoughts. We will have Man Cunty to deal with next season and our current squad will be pushed even further than last season. We have already managed to lose one big player this season without any real chance of replacing him and this is after the fact that we needed to bring in 2-3 players in the first place.
    I’m not saying buying a big multi million pound player is wise but if we can get someone like Cana (£7m) or Matuiti (£2-5m) then it creates competition and gives us more options when the dreaded and unavoidable injuries come in.
    All you idiots slagging off Arsenal Action for not being a proper fan and hugely stupid. All the anti Wenger clan are trying to say is we need players to compete. They obviously care enough for the football club to give their time to write such pieces as you give the time to comment on said pieces. So stop fucking arguing and discuss..

  89. john says:

    My god palacios we didnt need him at the time we had flamini, gilberto and diarra. Plus if he was that good wenger would have signed him. I dont really rate him anyway. Diaby and song are better plauyers in my opinion

  90. Adarsh says:

    You know what you guys are tired of?

    not the wenger bullshit!!

    you are tired of watching richer but stupider clubs buying shit players that want more money than they want to play football. You guys want arsenal to be a strong force in the transfer market becoz ur sense of football dealings is derived from a bloody video game like championship manager.

    Wenger has always done things his way. I’m sure ppl wanted an alves or a ramos when we needed to get the RB position filled. But are u complaining about sagna now? And whats this bollocks abt a DM. Give me names of players in tht position tht are avaiable for our budget and are better than over current options in song.

    Wener is not a coach or a businessman.. He is a complete manager… and as all managers should, he has to maintain the books.. he has always done things his way, and i’m sure no one complained when he won the treble.. if he has confidence in his squad then so be it. u knw why? becoz it is wenger who is paid to have confidence in the squad or not….NOT YOU!!!

    So.. in short…good blog…crap post…

    • Gavin says:

      Lucas Biglia…5’10” midfield general argentinean 23 since Jan plays in Anderlecht 2 years left on contract wants to go to Premiership…he plays like Pirlo but better tackler/reader of danger. can get for £8M

      • Adarsh says:

        Alexander song…

        costs nothing but salary..
        learning the ropes and not doing a decent job
        can play in CB too

  91. robbie says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your blog and it’s interesting that it seems Wenger has lost a lot of the supporters already and it’s only july,i wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if he left he really has lost the plot.Arsenal fans pay astronomical ticket prices these days and have a right to criticise wenger and the board when we see no return for our hard earned money….by the way wenger is on about 3 or 4 million a year !! is he really worth that

    • arsenalaction says:

      Thank you and Well said…Wenger is on £90k a week and he bangs on about how he would not break the bank or put the clubs future in danger to keep Flamini who wanted £60k a week.

      I would sack wenger and replace him with Steve Bruce if we dont win anything this summer.

      Bruce has always shown bottle in the transfer market until this weed of a man wenger who only cares about zee profit

      • Osiris says:

        Like someone said before. As unoriginal as it sounds, go support Man City.

        Half of these managers of smaller teams earn their pay by signing players whom Arsenal consider and then reject. Just as you highlighted in the Palacios case. At the time we didn’t need him so there is no point in moaning about him now (and its not like he’s Essien reincarnate either).

        Going by your logic with Palacios, then all the Barca fans must be screaming for the heads of their former manager for letting Cesc go.

      • tevmar92 says:

        I would sack wenger and replace him with Steve Bruce if we dont win anything this summer.

        Bruce has always shown bottle in the transfer market until this weed of a man wenger who only cares about zee profit

        What has Steve Bruce ever won?
        Has the won the double twice. hmm. let me think. NO i don’t think he has. So you want to get in a man who doesn’t have a track record of winning things!

        You want to get in a man who has a record of keeping up teams safely below the relegation places. An Alan Curbishley. What does he know about winning the league? Fa Cup? getting to the late stages of the CL? What does he know about dealing with superstars like Fabregas and Arshavin? Do you think they will stay if the man who brought them there, a man they respect massively is fired?
        Oh and a man who leapfrogs clubs more often than George Bush shows us his lack of literacy.

        Currently Wenger hasn’t failed. We are close to winning things – We have in recent years got to the quarters, semis and final. We got to the fa cup semi last season and recently got to the carling cup final with a bunch of early 20 year olds and teens.

        Yes, we need a dominating midfielder and he knows that too. But he also knows that he can’t spend more money than he has. Look at the recent news of Platini changing the budget rules so that clubs have to spend within their means. This is what Wenger has been saying all along! Platini won’t credit Wenger though and neither will the ANLTM (Arsene Knows Less Than Me) Brigade.

        Wenger is not a mircale maker but he has done an almost miracle of a job with an arsenal side who have had less funds than not only – Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea but also Tottenham (Cunts) and Newcastle. And we can all see this squad has talent.

        The main hope is that we find and sign a centre mid and whatever else Wenger and his understudys feel we need. I’m fairly sure he will sign 1 more player, if not another.

  92. Adarsh says:


    i’d pay him thrice tht…and more

  93. Danny says:

    Wow any clown can have a blog eh!

  94. Pier says:



    want anymore examples?

  95. Adarsh says:


    ‘weed of a man wenger’

    dude…u must be out of ur mind… u think u can replace him with steve bruce?

    were u dropped on ur head as a kid?

  96. Pier says:

    You apologists are being lied to cause you are all cretins. Spoon fed shit which you lick up, and still ask for more!

    Wenger and the Board OUT!

  97. tim says:


  98. Pier says:


    Well what do you expect, Wenger will be too busy shaving his legs to bother making a counter offer.

    • arsenalaction says:


      From Arsenal.com a few days ago

      Wenger – We’re keeping an eye on Chamakh


      Look what the guy has just been quoted saying

      “I didn’t mind waiting, but as far as Arsenal are concerned, it has taken too long, unlike Sunderland.

      “I could have waited, but Bordeaux wanted this response quickly, so I could not do it any other way.”


  99. Pier says:

    Keep dreaming Tim.

  100. voodoo priest says:

    don’t be a fucking limp,u biscuit.
    so far as we make profit wenger is happy?
    you sure this guy came down here to put his potential on hold and make profit for that bunch of loosers who call themselves board members?
    all season we had this idiots going on about arsenal can sign £30mil players if wenger wanted,who a load of arse liquid they were on about,do you hear them idiots talking since the window openned?
    arsenal fans are fucking blind cos we always seem to attack the wrong man.the person you need to attack is hill-wood cos he’s a fat lying CUNT.

  101. Pier says:

    Tim, best football ever?

    Did you watch the key games at the end of last season? Embarrassed by Man Utd and Chelsea. Just like we were embarrassed by Hull, Stoke, Sperz, Fulham etc etc earlier in the season.

    Wenger’s ‘project’ is flawed. Sign young player, mould them to fit into a title winning team, then ooopss, another one’s left.

    When will you tinters wake up?

  102. Jayjinho says:

    Wenger has brought unprecedented success to the club and you’re moaning like a spoilt baby.

    Yes, we have to service a debt, but the incomings from Emirates mean that we still have MORE money even after paying off the debt than we would have had had we stayed at Highbury.

    A midfielder would be good but he has to be better than what we’ve got. Denislon, Song, Diaby, Ramsey.

    Wenger has faith in the players already at the club. We should have faith in Wenger.

    You’re going to look a right mug when we win the League this year. I’m looking forward to reading your posts then.

  103. Pier says:


    You got a stand up gig yet? You should have, cause youre a fuckin comedian.

  104. Mugisha says:

    Arsenal doesnt need to buy a DM. We have Sendoros, Djorou, Denilison, Song, Allumnia, Eboue can play there so why buy and raise the expectations. The shareholders have to be paid.

  105. arsenalwaps says:

    Arsenalaction you should remove the Arsenal Logo and your and change your name to Spudulike .You call yourselve and Arsenal Fan.I bet your puppa was going when Wenger considered going to Real Madrid. You know fuck all about football.

  106. Mats says:

    Will one of you tell me exactly when Nasri became a DM as I remember he played maybe two half matches in a position that could be in anyway described as DM.

  107. Rich says:


    Every team loses, and sometimes teams lose to teams they shouldn’t, but that is the beauty of football. Manchester Utd were embarassed last season, Real Madrid were embarassed last season. It happens to all the big clubs. Name me a club that won every single game they should have.

    On paper, as Champions League semi-finalists we should beat everyone outside the top 4 and Barcelona, will it happen week in, week out…..no course not.

    Wenger’s policy, like Ferguson’s and most other managers is if a player is unhappy or wants out we let him go. Yes several players have wanted out because Arsenal not being able to offer as a high wages as other teams, but thats why the stadium was necessary to help us generate the income LONG term to compete.

    As for Chamakh, if his best offer is from Sunderland, he clearly wasnt the finished article the Pescimists* wanted. So, its no big loss not to get him.

  108. Mats says:

    I’m getting sick of some Arsenal fans. We have three alternatives.
    1. Become some bilionaires plaything – No thanks.
    2. Spend loads of money we dont have – go bust – become some billionaires bitch.
    3. Let Wenger get on with things, build a solid stable club, gradually get more spare cash and eventually be able to compete on the basis of what the club has built not the whim of someone who didnt know football existed 10 years ago.
    I dont mind going through a few leen years as long as we come out of it with a properly run club. Liverpool and Manu may have won more than us but Arsenal are the only club that have won the Englsh title in every decade since the war. I would like us to be able to continue that.
    When we do win the title next time it will meen so much more than all the trophies Chelsea have won and Man City may win.

  109. Strapped says:

    Arsene Wenger’s blatent over stubborness and ignorance is pathetic. I thought after we got spanked by Man Utd at the Emirates in the Champions League Semi’s (Which i attended) that Finally, just finally the greatand honest man Arsene Wenger would admit his flaws (which he did) and then correct them in the summer as we all expected. He has done 10% of the job by admitting he should have more players but the 90% which is the important bit he has failed to do yet again. Proving to me that he is not a man of his word and is also a bad tactician. How Wenger think with all honesty that Denilson can compete with Midfield Warlords like Essien, Gerrard and Scholes is leaving me baffled. I don’t want him to go out and do a Chelsea and buy whoever looks nice, but 2 players of high standard would set this team up for success next season. We’ve already lost out on 1 (Melo) so count him out…

    Wenger, wake up and smell the coffee you prat. Your over patience and stubborness is the most annoying thing since the cheeky girls came to British TV.

  110. GoonerY says:

    WTF u lots r menta b arsenal fans if you love the club why the hell are you so against the young players ? im sure most of you thought flamini was shit before the amazing season he had. We should trust wenger coz of players like fabregas and van persie and even wilshire who he aquired young and turned into potential world class talent

  111. Amz says:

    Damn finaaaally some gooner woke up!i mean its only wenger and few other fans who fall for his words will believe that no DM is required.got 1 good question regarding our SO COLD TOP DM’z ok.
    what team would SONG&DIABY play for if arsenal were 2 sell them????not a top 10 team in a milllllllllllllllion years right??well that’s a FACT and that just shows you WE MUST GET a DM,and others say Deno,well i think the lad is much better than the other 2,BUT hes not a DM in the first place is he???and it dosnt look like he will suceed there,i would love 2 loan him out coz in 2 years he will be the REAL DEAL(nt now tho).i honestly think there’s a room for 4-5 players min 2 leave(some on loan tho)so others would come in and make us STONGER for the whole season u know.
    my choices are very simple:Hangleand/Flamini/Senna/Hleb/Reyes……..some £30m-£40m should do the job i reacon,i mean at least the 1st 2 for now would be ORITE.
    OUT:Diaby/silvy/sendo/traore….all sell(about £10-£15m right)
    loan:ramsey&Deno(they will be arsenal MD for loooong time 2 come)
    so guys give me a good reason why NO1 would want old gooners back in place of the 1’s now????can see any footballing reason coz they wouldnt have been starters on our BEST TEAMS in the past would they???
    sorry 4 th long essay just had 2 let it out guyz :)….GoOnErZ4LiFe!!!

    • bob says:

      Hleb wont shoot and Reyes cant play in the rain, the big pussy…we let them go because they are not good enough and can’t play in our system…Flamini thought the grass would be greener, but instead found the bench to be harder…i would take him back, but only in a swap for senderos…Senna is older than Silvestre…

  112. Clockpocalypse says:

    would be nice to see us go in for Senna, but extremely unlikley.

    does he want to move in a world cup year and risk his starting spot in spain’s midfield in a world cup year?

    he just turned 33, what sort of contract would Wenger be willing to offer (2 years? unlikely?)

    given that the player is extrememly loyal and Villareal don’t need to sell what sort of transfer would they demand?

    so Senna is more or less and impossibility.

    as for Veloso, he is an over-rated show pony who fancies himself as a male model and clothing designer. how about he gets back into the Portugal squad before a club spends money on him.

    Cana doesn’t have the speed, quickness or technique necessary to really push us on, but he would bring a fighting spirit and pride to the squad, but it’s hard to see Wenger signing him, let alone playing him ahead of Denilson, Song or Diaby.

    Would like to see us make a substantial bid for Momo Sissoko at Juve, he has come on leaps and bounds since leaving Liverpool. Real bite, energy, drive and size. They might listen to a good offer given all the money they’ve spent this summer. Unlikely as their supporters love him and they want him to form a rock solid partnership with the more attacking Felipe Melo.

    Matuidi may be the most likely, he isn’t big, but he likes a tackles and has an energy, quickness and running ability that Denilson, Song and Diaby simply don’t have. Left-footed is also a plus…

  113. Clockpocalypse says:

    there is also NO real indication that Wenger has been given the funds from Adebayor’s sale to spend. of course, he says he is able to, but we’ve heard that refrain for 4-5 years, but one way on another the net transfer budget always works out close to ZERO.

    it’s time that Fiszman and Hill-Wood step aside…

    let’s hear what Kroenke has to say…?

  114. fanner says:

    LOL football pundits. Who? football pundits are football pundits because they could not manage a football club, so they talk instead.

  115. Christophe says:

    Cesc did not perform last year, let’s not forget that! ok he was exposed because we did not have a defensive midfield but he was miles away from his best. Kolo was half the player he was 2 years ago. Walcott was somehow disappearing in some games. Adebayor well not scoring enough etc etc……

    Yes we need a defensive midfield but more importantly we need these “big names” to start performing to theor best level then we’ll stand a chance!

  116. Jackthegunner says:

    Please Arsene start buying players!! We have sold Ade but I feel that we do have a lot of excellent taking options. However Huntelaar would be an amazing addition for a good price. (Only about 15m) Imagine him up front with RVP. I like the thought of this.

    Secondly for fucks sake buy a fucking def mid. I mean seriously!!! We really really need someone like Viera. If i was the manager of arsenal i would:

    Buy Huntelaar for a good price of Real because we all know how desperate they are to sell.
    Make sure Toure doesnt leave.
    Sell Senderos and buy Hangeland.
    Don’t buy Chamach cause he is SHIT! All you have to do is look on Youtube to see what people think of him.
    Buy the def mid – Cana, Inler, Melo…….buy bloody Francis from down the road…just buy someone!!

    Oh and why do we have to always buy players from the French league? Its not like the French league is in top 3 in world.

    Sorry for the rant. Just Arsene winds me up like an X gf.

    • Jon says:

      Interestingly, if you listened to this blogger and half the posters in these comment, if Vieira or Toure had been available now at the actual ages that Wenger bought them (both about age 20), signing them would be grounds for sacking him. Go figure.

  117. Martex says:

    You r all a pack of gay, championship manager playin, sensationalist, daily star reading fags who need a new signing like a heroin addict needs a hit, arsenal does not need moron fans like you?

  118. robbie says:

    I just wish people would stop deluding themselves and stop going on about denilson eboue song diaby bentdner are mediocre at best and would struggle to get in any mid-bottom of the table teams.HOW COME YOU PEOPLE DON’T SEE THAT…..WHAT IS GOING ON

    • bob says:

      Bendtner has scored more goals at his age than Henry had at the same age…and Denilson’s passing percentages were better than cesc last year…hardly not good enough…we did not hit the back of the net enough last year because Adebayor was mediocre and Eduardo was out…this year will be entirely different…

  119. I HATE WENGER says:

    Sometime, i can’t imagine how fools some people are, guys, just leave those fools that was supporting Wenger alone, u people should know they are nothing but dormant and dopey. They are talking shit, we have no money,we have no money, what about that £25 millions fools.

    I want you to understand one thing, if we allow this so called Wenger to do what ever he likes in this club, men arsenal we be relegated, i promise u, this is the man that doesn’t know what he is doing anymore, he has lost it, i mean it. Listen to him when talking his just like moron. I think he should go, because next season all our star will go for the probs. Do you guys thing we can win any war with the troops this fool is preparing for battle? i doubt it.

    He is a cambler, instead of those scums to hit the nail on the head to save our club from one man idea, they were saying jargons. Let see his magic next season, the season would soon start. He want to keep the money so that they can share it. Less i forget, one fools said they are paying for our debts, imbecile that is what you are, is it only arsenal that is paying debit, what about Man U? You people that are supporting him i want to say, all of you including Wenger are IMBROGLIOS, that means all of you are confused and in complicated situation. All we are saying, please Wenger don’t relegate us, because he is driving us toward that way now.

  120. Ajax says:

    If we have no money to spend I wish someone from the club would say so instead of us second guessing every bit of news about who we are being linked with.
    Wenger has been a great manager for us but he is NOT untouchable when it comes to critisism from fans. I do think if we sign nobody by 31st August it will piss a lot of fans off, but lets wait till then.

  121. I HATE WENGER says:

    ROBBIE, what is going on, tell us what is going, it is only arsenal that is in debits, please give me a break, ok, there is no money agreed, was that the reason he sold Adebayor so that they could pay off our debits?

  122. bob says:

    we are fine…we don’t need any more signings…save the cash for January and fill any holes we have from injuries…we can survive fine without Nasri for 6 weeks…You watch…Diaby will be in the holding role this year and should do very well. Remember that Cesc did not look cesc like last season because he was tired after the Euros and he was injured…not because Flamini was not there…we falied last year becasue no one could hit the back of the net. Denilson is developing,
    coquelin is developing and Diaby is working on his agressiveness to fill the holding role…we will be fine and likely will be 1st or 2nd in the league this year as well as CL finalists…FA cup is ours too…Our strike force is immense and if Nikki B can step up in the place of Adebayor (he just needs a run of games to get confidence) we could have 3 20+ goal scorers this season (Bendtner or Eduardo, v. Persie, Arshavin). Eduardo is not injury prone, he is lucky to be able to play after that horrific injury…

  123. johnno says:

    point 1= wenger offered palacios to bruce and said here is a player who could be good for you , and on wengers jugement bruce signed the player !

    point 2 = when we were whipped by the mancs last season cl our oldest midfielder was 22. a full strength team this season rosicky 28 , arshavin 28 , cesc dont matter how old the boy is he has class ! now there is the experience that uve been calling for !

    point 3 = some of the best players in the word trust the jugement of mr wenger , i take it you know alot more than henry , pires , arshavin , gerrard the list goes on i could even include ferguson the mancs manager , i take it you know more about football than the above list !

    point 4 = look at the over inflated prices in the market 15 mil turned down for lescott , did we not sign arshavin at this price ?? why would u want to mug yourself off just because u can !

    point 5= did u see the rise of flamini into a quality midfielder coming ? cos lets face it before his 1 decent season in that position he showed little of the promise he achieved, who is to say one of the others wont step up !

    point 6= you bang on about being a farm for youth , our starting 11 is anyting but clichy , cesc , and 1 of denilson , diaby or song are the only players under 25 so thats just 3 out of a starting 11 yes a true youth farm .

    point 8= and using our “youth farm ” to nurture some of the best talent from across the world making millions in profit when sold , and when not sold turn into legends that are henry , kolo , vieira , and this is a bad thing why ?????

    point 9= if cana goes to sunderland does this not underline that he is not in the arsenal class needed , the same goes for the other bloke thinking of going there if they were that good the would NOT be moving to sunderland !

    point 10= im finished !

  124. James says:

    Brian Clough was a great football manager, didn’t stop him getting Nottm Forest RELEGATED!! Manager’s fuck up, so they have to be questioned always. For all those defending Wenger and saying he has no money to spend, he already said that he DOES have the Adebayor money to spend. Why say it if it’s not true?? If he doesn’t spend it then he only has himself to blame. And stop saying stupid fucking things like, “well tell me who Wenger should buy!”. That’s Wenger job, he has the scouting system not me. If you’e seriously telling me there is no better defensive midfielder in world football than Denilson or Song you’re off your rocker. Nearly every club in the Premiership has a better defensive midfielder than them two. This is shit. Wenger, spend the money or piss off.

    • FE Gooner says:

      So if it is Wenger’s job to buy, then it is also his job not to buy if he decides what he has now is sufficient. How do you substantiate your outlandish statement about the quality of other PL team’s defensive midfielders? Or Arsenal simply plays without one, just like Barcelona ?

  125. bob says:

    name me one defensive midfielder in the PL that is the absolute best player on their respective team? why do we need to spend tons of cash on a player that is basically just a tackler…the DM role in the arsenal system is not that important…i think we should move Toure up there…

  126. Haz206 says:

    I am sorry that you have no idea about football, and you spend all your time reading news time now, and listening to the so called pundits who are just as damn as you. What you need to do is spend some time analysing the game and the whole league and learn a little bit more about what has happenned to the beautiful game. I have been a fan for years and I have watched alot of arsenal dross in the past and I am not interested in going back to that again. If you know your history you will find that they are only two proper trophies to be won, There are twenty teams in the country trying to win the premiership and numerous team trying to win the FA cup, over 50 clubs are trying to win the champions league gone are the days when we use to not even get through the first round of the champions league or have you already forgotten about those dark days when we use to loose games against the greek clubs. My friend get your facts together in order for you to get some real Kudos. I think you are actually Ashley Cole impersonating a blogger, honestly I think you should get yourself another gig because you suck at this. Do you honestly think other clubs are in better hands than where we are, you make me laugh ha ha ha ha. Other clubs have been improving for years and they have caught up the ideas that the top two had are no longer a secret we are now on the level playing field. These other clubs are waiting around just to lay down and be beaten by arsenal, if you think that you are a num nut and a noggin.

  127. ARSENAL are a great side to watch and wenger has created this TOP CLUB. GIVE HIM A BREAK me and you dont know what happens behind the scenes so why dont you wenger haters shut up and let him do what he sees fit, if it dont work this season then talk badly about him. myself i think we will win the league and fa cup, and if you disagree go fuk urself cos what team looks like theyll stop us?? chelsea no.. man u not this season… our challengers gna be liverpool and man city. MARK MY WORDS

  128. I HATE WENGER says:

    Jayjinoh, you supprises me, Wenger had faith in the boys, so we should have faith in Wenger, when blind leads blind, what is going to be results, both of them will fall into pit. Let me tell you, Wenger is blind, he doesn’t know what his doing at all, so u people should stop that jaggons, we are tired of it right?

  129. Pål says:


    I agree with Gavin about Lucas Bigli. Take a look at YouTube and read the comment by a guy called “wimski” from Belgium who has seen Bigli play many
    times. I think Bigli is a world class player in the making. He is not tall at 178 cm,
    but he is strong. I noticed that when he pulled off his T-shirt and you could see a pair of strong arms and a well developed upper body. Bigli has the perfect age at 23 as you are then physically fully developed. You can see Bigli is techically very good.
    It is very difficult to take the ball from him without creating a clear foul. His overview of the game is very good and so is passing too. He may not look like a very commanding player but he tackles very well, and his work rate is just as good as Flamini`s . In Bigli you have top Defensive and Playmaker rolled into one. If Bigli played for Arsenal, he should soon become as valuable as Fabregas.
    And Arshavin, my favourite Arsenal player, should love to play with Bigli. To me, Arshavin is by far the best player Arsenal have, and Arsenal need more world class players. With Bigli as a new DM, and new Central Defender capable of dominating the air etc., Arsenal should have solved their defensive problems.

  130. Samy says:

    No need to buy the dmf all fans are clamouring. You just watch my boys deliver and I’l make all of you eat your words.
    AW seems to delight in going against conventional wisdom.
    However I believe he will be unlikely get away with another indifferent season. Relax,the season hasn’t started.
    Btw what makes all fans believe that adding new players will enable the gunners to challenge. What happens if we get a few more players and the gunners are still underperforming?
    Then what happens?It shd be quite intersting.

  131. Mark says:

    The fact of the matter is this, yes we lack a defensive midfielder last season, but we all forget how shit Flamini was before his last season. Im sure Wenger would have offered him a contract sooner if he knew he’d have THAT kind of season. The truth is Flamini did very little until that year so who can blame Wenger for not offering a contract sooner. However, Song and Denilson could follow in a similar way, both have had average (neither good nor bad) seasons but all it is is experience and a little know how and, over last year they improved drastically from the start of the season. If Wenger doesn’t buy a defensive mid he clearly doesn’t think he needs one and I trust his judgement.

    Last season we got to 2 semis and 4th in the league (comfortably in the end). If you look at the improvement from the first 14 games (where we lost 5) to the unbeaten run (the longest since the invincibles era) to the last 25 games or so its remarkable how much we improved. Rosicky and Eduardo didn’t play at all last season (excluding Eduardo’s 4 appearences), so yes they are like new signings because it’s something we didn’t have last year. I’d rather have a team with the 2 of them than without, wouldn’t you??

    If we bring in more CMs Ramsey and Wilshere (as well as Coquelin) wouldn’t get a look in, and if you’ve watched them play they are very very good, maybe this is why no DM has come in. At the end of the day I dont know and you dont know, but Wenger knows more than we do, he sees the team play every day in training and so I believe he is just a little more qualified to judge.

    Time will tell, but trust in Wenger and SUPPORT your team.

  132. KJS says:

    The people who are calling for Cana – have you ever actually seen him play beyond more than a game or 2 or even his youtube highlights ? Honestly, have you ? He has spent the majority of the season playing at CB and all he is is Robbie Savage with a more exotic passport !! People might turn around and point to his aggression and leadership skills and suggest thats what we need – well what glories has he lead his team to ?

    Additionally, as some people have already said this transfer window is still very much in its infancy – take away what Citeh and Real Madrid have done and not a lot has happened yet. Tottenhma have signed 2 reserve right backs, Liverpool have signed a RB and a kid for the future, Villa have signed a winger on crutches til Oct, Everton have re-signed Jo on loan and taken a punt on a couple of youngsters, even Chelsea have only really secured Zhirkov, their other signings are a reserve keeper and a kid who will be 4th choice striker. The mancs are also clerly feeling the economical pinch – they received £80M and have spent about £20M and Fergie says he is done. So there is a long wayto go in this transfer market yet, so I reckon your post might just turn out to be a little bit premature – unless your Real or Citeh you can’t make the transfer market move like Champ Manager.

    Arsenal Action – take it how you want obviously, but I mean this purely constructively. This article has some pretty reasonable and relevant stuff in it, but if you write with the eloquence of a 15 year old hoodie gangsta wannabe, then you are always gonna be given some shit in the comments. Like I say, I dunno if you care but I thought I would share my opinion.

    Additionally, Wenger has his faults and no doubt deserves criticism and definitely shouldn’t be above getting it. But I do think the man that gave us the Invincibles – something NONE of his peers have ever achieved, does atleast deserve the respect of being criticised in a manner that doesn’t resort to petty name calling.

  133. Tilt says:

    Why are you “still waiting” for something that will never happen? We don’t need another defensive midfielder, we have two of the best young defensive midfielders in the league, it’s sad that some many of you don’t realize that…Wenger knows what he is doing and he has done amazing things on a shoestring budget.

    • ivan says:

      Yeah, just amazing. Watch, they will make money again this summer. Wenger must be getting a cut of the money he doesnt spend. Unless the club goes private you can look forward to the club sinking to amid table team after Wenger leaves as i agree, he has done amazing things on hi budget and no other coach could. LOOK BEYOND WENGER, the problem is the board. Wenegr just has his ego wrapped up in the brand, the board knows it and uses him. Poor sod.

  134. Norway Goonah says:

    Wenger will use Kolo Toure as a defensive midfielder!! 😉 No worries!

  135. abzy.p says:

    as Micheal Schofield says: Have Faith dear Arsenal fans!

    • ivan says:

      WENGER IS NOT ARSENAL. You will find that out in a hurry when he moves on as no other coach could keep the team in the “top 4” on his budget.

  136. Anegor says:

    Im Macedonian but I leave like Arsenal is my team and England my country.I dream to come to watch Arsenal one day if I got many and I will say this.
    Mr.Wenger is waiting so long to buy a players.If we sell Senderos for 5 milions and Toure who desperatly want to leave in last season for a fee of 15 milion we will have 5+15 and Adebayor cash + 25 that is 45 milions.The club say that will give 20 milions for transfers that is 65 milions for players.I will sign Huntelaar 20 milions and one of world class players Sneijder 15 or Van der Vaart same 15 milions.We will spend 35 milions for two very very class players.That is good deal for Real Madrid too.Finally we will sign Hangeland for 10 milions and we will spend totally 45 milions for three fantastic signings.20 milions from Arsenal newer be used and they can affort to use in credits for Arsenal new stadium.We have many but other is manager….Respect and greetings from Macedonia…

  137. dubiln gunner says:

    Flamini!!!!!!!!!!! Huntelaar

  138. redordead says:

    Nottingham Forest will spend more than us.

  139. Rob says:

    To be fair to Wenger he does always say we will only buy if the right player comes along at the right price and there is no point just paying someone like Sporting £18 mill for Veloso just because we “need a defensive midfielder”. If he is no better than what we have already then leave it. There have been a few players (like Flamini for example) who fans thought weren’t going to be good enough and then came good and i think Denilson / Song / Diaby will be better again this year so let’s see. Wenger has the best record of any manager for creating good or great footballers from just seeing their potential, this is why where we are where we are on our budget.

    If our main players stay fit this season then we will be 1st or 2nd if not 3rd or 4th where we usually finish! Not bad for a club with next to no outside investment.

    • ivan says:

      To be fair the player you mention are not finished product. If we had Cana he could teach the lads, instill the steal needed for the position. Or sawllow the pride and get back Flamini. Sport is about winning, a goal of finishing “in the top 4” is ridiculous.

    • ivan says:

      To be fair the player you mention are not finished product. If we had Cana he could teach the lads, instill the steal needed for the position. Or swallow the pride and get back Flamini. Sport is about winning, a goal of finishing “in the top 4” is ridiculous.

  140. ivan says:

    Thats it, enough is enough.
    I choose Arsenal to support 12 years ago. I want born into it, i have spent shed loads of cash on the Arsenal brand. Even flying to London to see game. Fark it, if Wenger doesn’t sign a DM(or god willing the club goes private) im gonna package up and sell everything and switch teams. Too bad they all make me sick. Barcelona would be good as its a whole different leuge. Oh, Save the “Go on support another team, we dont need you” crap cause guess what. They(you may not) do need me and thousands of fans just like me. If they wont give Wenger the money or Wenger wont spend.The club is treating its supporters like mugs. There are dozens of teams who would spend just that little extra to make the fans happy..Happy fans = money. This is a business. no?

    • tevmar92 says:

      Isn’t watching your team go through the highs and lows enough?
      Why do you need constant glory?
      Life isn’t perfect. Think of all the fans of the lower teams. Leeds were a flying premiership team and are now lowly league two-ers. However, I bet the real fans still enjoy going to games.

      SO YOU CHOOSE BARCELONA – Clearly all you want is either 1) Trophies to brag about 2) Knowing that you support the best team

      I bet if you were a Barcelona fan when they were 15th in the league a couple seasons back you would be making these same threats and saying you would go and support ARSENAL who have a proper manager with consistency and a class team battling for the title.

      You my sir, are a Steve Bruce, a leap frogger.

      Wipe your shoes on the way out sir, they’re dirtied by your morales.

  141. titi4king says:

    obviously writing a balanced and/or thought provoking piece is beyond you, instead you spit vitriol and even more astonishingly keep commenting, check your ego blogger – your opinion piece was enough, but you just can’t stop…. yawn

    • ivan says:

      Blogging isnt a high brow game mate, its about a dialogue with the people. Extract your head from your a**e and realize this is what at least half of us not under the french spell are thinking. Maybe we are not up to your level of intellectual arrogance but the fans are speaking

      • arsenalaction says:

        Thank you Ivan

      • Jon says:

        Yep, you and Sinbad prove the ‘high-brow’ thing quite nicely. Also the middle-brow. And you struggle with the low-brow too. This is the first subterranean-brow blog.

        But hey, vitriolic diatribe is so much easier than empirically supported argument so here’s to an easy life, eh?

  142. Lewis says:

    when wenger brings the glory days of arsenal back i hope all u retard suppoters fuck off you support a team beacause you love the team not the trophies they win otherwise wed all support man u the success of the team makes us happy but we must follow through the hard times to make the success that much more enjoyable where were we b4 wenger he is the arsenal we have now the most successful manager in our history wenger sticks with his team through the hard times giving years apon years of his life and you scum supporters dont deserve a manager like him mark my words it will be a bad day for arsenal the day arsene wenger leaves

  143. sheg zee says:

    It’s gonna be another long season and we will be challenging on at least 4 fronts ( League, F.A, Carling, Champions League). There will definitely be injuries along the way.

    The strength in depth (in certain areas) we lacked last season is what we should address. These areas in my opinion are the DM and CB positions. We SHOULD have a taller, stronger CB (Hangeland) come in and we shld have a strong experienced hardman beside Cesc (Cana/Senna/Veloso,Flamini). In the case of injuries then we have a bucketload of talent (Diaby/Song/Denilson)to come in.

    I dont see this current team winning the league or the Champions league which in my opinion are the trophies we shld be GUNNING for to restore the natural order and our wounded pride. The Carling / F.A will be nice bonuses if we can achieve those too.

    As regards our attack, the presence of someone like Huntelaar who rarely tries to score the “perfect” goal will probably go a long way in ensuring we put away more of the numerous chances we create. A poacher in the mould of Torres/Eto’o/Ibra/Villa/Van Nistelrooy will consistently be a 25+ goals a season striker in a team like ours.

    However all these remedies mean one thing.. “Money”. Do we have the money to spend? If we didnt sell Adebayor, wouldnt we still service our debts ? Cant that booty be used for new acquisitions ? Doesnt spending now and winning trophies mean we make more money ?

    Only time will tell… what i do know is that Arsenal CANNOT afford to go another season trophyless as our other stars (Cesc, V.P etc) will start considering other options.

    Arsene… it’s up to you !!! Please dont let us down.

  144. ibi says:

    I don’t understand how I became an arsenal fan; some time it difficult to explain because arsenal board are only after the income rather than the successes of the club.
    Am not going to be surprise if all the 25+ player are replace by the training kid in the name of growing them.
    Questions for the arsenal lover
    Is arsenal club to develop kid?
    Are they after business- marketing this kids after few years experience?
    Is arsenal the only club on debt?
    Are the lower clubs like Sunderland, Tottenham, and Portsmouth etc richer than arsenal?
    If not, why do they keep complaining about there fiancé

  145. Gooner49 says:

    Ok, lotta bitching and moaning on this site!! Aren’t we supposed to be Arsenal “FANS”? Not critics…
    I wonder how many of you guys remember the days before Wenger?
    How many of you only started supporting Arsenal because of Wenger and the glory he brought our club?

    That said you do raise some valid points. We are in need of an experienced defensive midfielder.
    One thing people don’t talk about is that none of our central midfielders are over the age of 23!
    Cesc 22, Song 22, Diaby 23, Denilson 21!
    This is the engine room we’re talking about! Possibly the most important positions on the pitch, where games are won and lost.
    It was evident that Cesc missed having Flamini at his side last season. But he spoke about how he also missed Rosicky and Hleb. All 4 were experienced, skillful, intelligent footballer who were good at keeping possession and were fantastic passers of the ball. They were also regular starters during that season 2 years ago.
    These are all important factors. Last season our midfield was hardly ever the same. We missed Cesc for a period, Walcott, Nasri, Diaby. We hardly ever had any time to settle. This meant not only that Wenger was unable to discover his strongest midfield 4 but also the players themselves had no time to gel.

    I hope Wenger does sign a CDM only because I feel we need an experienced head in the middle of the park. However we all KNOW deep down that Wenger knows football. I believe that with a good pre-season and barring any more injuries, he will have got our team ticking again.

    Who knows, maybe Eboue or Senderos will play centrally and do a fantastic job!!

    If we are honest with ourselves i’m pretty sure NO-ONE will have guessed Flamini would have been so amazing before that season. The guy was a utility player who had been with us foor 4 years an hardly set the world alight!!

    Have a little patience and trust. Remember that we as the fans have the ablilty to make or break our team.

    If we support them through the first few bad spells they will come out of it stronger for it.
    If we hammer them at the first sign of weakness then they will not do so well!!


  146. john says:

    My god we sold adebayor cause we need money i dont understand why the board wont accept usmanov deal. Is it cause of David Dein thats the only reason i cant think off.

  147. Anegor says:

    Flamini wants more money and for that reason left Arsenal.Ok maybe he deserved buy loyality came first.We must fine Dm capability to play for us.

  148. Matt - Arsenal says:

    Wenger full of shit???? Right so lets go back to the Rioch days, Wenger has done everything for this club and you ‘fANS’ don’t seem to realise that he has pretty much single handely made us a top 4 club with a new stadium and having boasted some of the best players in the world. Your not fans if you can’t see the long term! Arsenal Football Club is a footballing establishment not a circus like chelsea and man city and not about to fall into financial ruin like liverpool and man utd

  149. Rich says:

    For all those calling the board greedy and willing a Usmanov takeover, please read last 2 paragraphs


    Arsenal’s shareholders have taken no money out of the club for 30years thats not greedy. they have invested there time with only perhaps a salary for those shareholders on the board of directors.

    So any profits are reinvested. The board are simply doing what is best for the long term function of the club. And given that they aren’t profitting from the club, if it was possible to buy players and Wenger wanted to, why wouldn’t they? No skin off their noses. They wouldn’t annoy supporters for the sake of it, as several people have pointed out they need the supporters, to ensure the club they have invested vast sums of money in, remains viable. We also know that if Wenger wants someone, the board are willing to release funds from somewhere, see Arshavin.

    And no doubt people will now point to the fact the value of holdings has went up so quickly. But that only happens as a result of good sound financial management or fiddling the books :). Why shouldnt they be rewarded if they are running club well. However they are not benefitting, the lockdown would still be in place if it wasnt for boardroom coups, and ousted members selling shares/internal share sales to ensure a good balance of power.

  150. FE Gooner says:

    Firsly understand Arsenal’s business model. Yes, it is a business, no a love child of some billionaire. So it has to be self-financing. It is different from Real Madrid or Man City, Chelsea or Man Utd business models. Conservative? Yes. Prudent? Yes. 2 seasons ago, Cesc was good, playing alongside Rosicky and Hleb. These 2 hardly gave the ball away and created a lot, with and without the ball. Flamini’s contribution is much lesser. Could Wenger be blamed for not replacing Rosicky and Hleb? Rosicky, no ‘cos it never looked like he would miss the entire season while Hleb, it is also yes ‘cos we signed Nasri. Both Eduardo and Rosicky are like new signing ‘cos they missed the entire season. It is childish to say the Wenger would claim Nasri’s return is like a new signing – makes you look like a clown. And as for defensive midfielder(s), Denilson would do the job nicely. No need for a huff and puff British type, one that does the job quietly would do. Funny how Gilberto is missed after he is gone but slaughtered while he is here. Mark my words, this coming season, it would take a lot to stop the Gunners.

  151. rob mullen says:

    yes yes yes ade-bore has gone, if we look at most matches this boring striker played you will the team itself played their socks off with some fantastic skills only for the bore to miss. he missed so many sitters, and was caught off side so very often he was a joke. the excuse oh ya his hair cut. if this was the time henry came in we would have walked the league.
    come on mr chairman spend the hidden dosh of fans hard earned cash they paid to the club. we have not spent anything near the mark in four years of what the other clubs spent in one year. just get the scrapper another henry we need it now and give fabregas his pal in midfield olonso.
    by the way fabriaski or what ever his name is sorry wenger he is not a professional he played like a puppet on a string that cost us the fa cup. arsenal have always had the best of keepers, bob wilson jennings seamon, lehmann and so on. keepers can save the game when they know what they are doing this polish keeper needs more time to develop in the reserves where he belongs.

  152. Amz says:

    FUKKKKK THE BOARD!!!bring FLA/HLEB&REYES HOMEEEEEEE!!plus 1 big CB and we are ok,otherwise lets hope we r a top 6 club by end of season,last year play was the wooooorst we played in god knows how long,honestly guys it isnt just about how dissapointing we finished last year thats hurts,but the manner in which we played,i mean we never realy dominated teams,created as much chances,outplayed teams and that,so thats what the worrying point for me,i mean with same team we ill just be as bad no??????unless u guys were watchn a diffrnt arsenal coz that was NOT the arsenal that used 2 entertain,dominate and put a smile on our faces almost wk in wk out even if we lost right???so that means there’s issues need 2 be addressed and DM and BIG CB are some of these,i mean millliooooons n millliiiions of gooners and none gooners see this so why cnt wenger and the board????that’s the question we want 2 hear a GOOD explanation for but am sure we aint gonna get shittt from themc oz they just happy making money and filln their pockts fukn moron filthy bastards.

  153. lewdog says:

    I just don’t see where our improvement is going to come from this season…we just sold our no.1 striker to a direct rival, and we’re not going to replace him?! That seems like insanity to me. And it’s also the same mistake we have made over the past few seasons when we sold or lost players and never replaced them.

    We are deficient in defence and central midfield, and haven’t really gone about improving those areas (we have signed a central defender, but we also need a tall central defender to protect us from the aerial threat that constantly destroys us).

    Man City are coming for out CL place, and if we dont respond we will drop out of the Champions League next year. And if we sell Toure to them (I’m praying that this is only a rumour) that will be the end, that man should be our captain.

    Thank god we have Arshavin because otherwise we would be really screwed…but shouldn’t the improvement he has brought be enough to convince Wenger of the benefits a big signing can bring?

  154. Jack Staniforth says:

    After that lot of comments there`s not much more to add except that I can hear Wengers reply from here in the Australian bush ” when we find the right player at the right price we`ll buy”…..We all know players values are inflated by clubs and agents so if you want a twelve million pound player go hunting in the twenty million pound market and use your business prowess to bring it into range of your budget, bit like buying a car.

  155. Messi says:








  156. Lady Arsenal says:


    These same discussions, again and again.

    So nothing has changed since last week. i know it’s hard waiting for the season to start, but i’m shocked at the tone of some of you.

    It’s fair enough to say you think we need a dm, or a tall cb, but to call our manager shit, blind or stupid, and lay into our manager and club, IS NOT WHAT FANS DO.

    That’s for other teams’ fans.

    It’s not that you can’t criticise decisions, lord knows i’ve been banging on about a lack of leadership for years. it’s this kind of impetuous consumer mentality for instant gratification. we’d never be booing or saying this stuff at highbury. who are these new fans, and where were they before when shit stank? when there was no anonynous blogging obsession?

    And arsenal action, whoever that is behind the mask of moderator, stoking the fire, please mate you need to stop this. go on holiday. stop making it worse. we realiese you actually have nothing new to say, so wait for the action like everyone else. That or actually go and find arsene wenger, and say it to him in person. call him shit, if you have the balls (and film it).

  157. glenn mad as a helder says:

    Ivan, i am ashamed on your behalf. threatening to switch clubs like a little brat.

    you don’t choose to support Arsenal.

    By the age of about 10, you either ARE arsenal our you’re NOT arsenal.

    Ivan if you said that to me in person or any of my football mates, whatever their team, we would laugh you out of sight. That guy at school who switched clubs to get mates. in my school we banned him from supporting arsenal.

  158. gcgooner says:

    same old same old

  159. Harry Barracuda says:

    Hmmmm. Good question. Let me think. Oh, I know. because Wenger doesn’t listen to cocksmokers like you!

    Fuck off and lick Harry Redknapp’s arse you fucking wanker, that’s where you belong.

  160. Tommygun says:

    Great blog…Well said

    About time us gooners stood up and said this is not good enuff.

    Wenger sort it out and spend some money

  161. Gunning for Glory says:

    AA = Absolute Arsehole?

    can u just take off that Arsenal badge, and put on your Man-Cunty or Cuntsea, or even TornTheHam one

    cos u SUCK BIG TIME!

  162. Gildo says:

    Think everyone is hitting the panic button, When Vieria left – Cesc was born, Cole replaced with Clichy, with Henrys departure Adebayor filled the void. Everyone is replacable.

    I still believe in Diaby, Denilson and now even Song, read reports Diaby started preseason early and was beefing it up in the gym. If thats so he certainly has the stature.

    Song is a centre back in my eyes, but can fill the hole if needs be and played some very good games there last year and the stattos will tell you all about Denilson.

    Gentleman, our solution is internal, it has to be. As for spending 15/20 million plus Wenger cant/wont (you pick its the same outcome).

    Deal with it.

  163. Lee says:

    Fcuk off and support City or Chelsea if all you want is big money signings.

    The transfer window still has over a month to go you retarded moron so this fucking article is worth piss all.

    Most of the pricks that are posting negative comments on here have never supported Arsenal under anyother manager apart from Wenger, so you don’t realise what he has done for the club.

    The retard that wrote this article hasn’t even got the balls to put his name against it. which says alot.

  164. raj says:

    Shit article.you come across as a right PRICK

  165. adiandra van kolen says:

    i can’t understand too.arsenal didn’t have any good defensive midfielder like viera or flamini . http://adiandra20.wordpress.com/

  166. […] 2009 in GeneralTags: arsenal, blogs, community, EPL, football, internet, media What is it with WordPress and Arsenal?  How does this rich man’s club keep topping ManU, Real, Liverpool and the other global […]

  167. brian says:

    Absolute crap article.I can virtually guarantee that the writer of the article and the message senders who support his views are nearly all kids who have not known any Arsenal team pre Wenger so jumped on the success bandwagon of the late ninties and early 2000’s.I guarantee you they all live life on their credit cards and want Arsenal to do the same.As for saying that if you know anything about football you will realise that we need a defensive midfielder then that is just mindblowing arrogance.What Arsenal need is a top class striker to put away so many of the chances we create.The league game at home to Chelsea summed this up perfectly.We could and should have been at least 3 goals up in the first 20 minutes.Chelsea would have thrown in the towel instead of which they won by a totally flattering margin to leave our midfield and defence copping the flak when the problems were created by the failings at the other end.

    • Justin says:

      we don’t need a new signing…Eduardo is the world class striker and Arshavin is the other offensive threat in addition to v. Persie …Rosicky will put a few in and Bendtner will be able to get a string of games in to get his confidence up and put in 15 goals as well… we are fine, i would only make another signing if we lost another player like Toure or Senderos or Eboue…that player would be a defender who could play in the center or on the right and possibly even slot into the midfield on the wings in a pinch

  168. afc says:

    Does anyone out there think that Kolo Toure might make a good DM? He’s played in the position before, and has an eye for goal.

  169. aravindvr says:

    theres simply no one out there at justifiable price to solve our DMF problems…
    you cant buy like pro evolution…
    Wenger is the best out there…
    if u support Arsenal only for titles…u better start supporting manc manu chelski or real…
    if u wannna support a club for its values,character,football and ethics…u r a true gooner…so shut up and hope for the best…
    Actually we don’t need anymore signings….our full squad is the best in the world…
    but we suffered setbacks coz of injuries…
    And we can’t sign players for 30M to warm the bench hoping that someday someone will get injured…
    Thats not the Arsenal way…we play with the minimum squad + youngsters…we coontribute to football as a whole….not just the club,money n profit…
    And if u want to see Arsenal as a global enterprise aimed at only profit n contributing nothing to football like chelski manu real n manc does…its never gonna happen….
    coz Arsenal is the only real FOOTBALL CLUB…
    we play the beautiful game…
    others just get lost…
    WENGER s the best ever…Hes Arsenal…and ARSENAL is FOOTBALL…

  170. aravind says:

    and SINBAD the fucker….shut up your crap shit…any more shit from u…u gonna c hell…
    u dont deserve to be a gunner…


    all those who wrote shit n crap about Wenger are fucking glory hunters…make Adebayor your IDOL n go support mcity /chelski,,,,

  171. SPNJUSA says:

    OK we need a enforcer in the mid no doubt about that, but I really think Diaby will step up this season. However I wouldn’t be too sad if we got someone like Senna, Cana or Moutinho. Come on ya’ll, let’s get behind the Gunners and support them all the way to the end.

  172. th goon says:

    tsk tsk. Its sad. Its so eveidently clear Man U have been winning the league simply because they have “Proper & Balanced” Squad rotation. When are we going to learn its no longer about “PRETTY Beautiful” football. We will win the big games but the winning is in the consistency and for that we need some experienced mature players especially Dif.Midfield to hold the fort while Song and Denilson tire, get injured etc. The points are in the rest of the games not in matching up to the other Big 3. Its that simple and fergie has learnt the trick.

    Gunners too injury prone and we can no longer allow that as an excuse. For once wenger should use the GOLDEN key of WISDOM….”USE COMMON SENSE!!” and buy a Dif. Midfielder and stop experiments!

  173. abdulla says:

    Why don’t you stop this blog. The insider knows nothing of ARSENAL and MR. WENGER. I am a South African and an ARSENAL supporter for the last 30 years. I have seen all the changes Arsene made and he produced the invincibles not so long ago. Does this mean nothing. Come May 2010 and we are still unbeaten will the INsider apologise for the shit he is writing now!o

  174. simon says:

    diara and flamini our best dm pair in a long time cost us nxt to nothing and sold for nxt to nothing.
    i can think of cana and veloso but to be honest im sick of these foreigners coming to the arsenal as a pit stop to barcelona let us find some british talent who will stay loyal, not many brits go abroad to play! ive seen cattermole play he could play dcm and would cost us 5m o,hara a former gooner works very hard ledley can play all across midfield, sidwell for gods sake these players would revel playing with cesc and rosicky,wallcot.

  175. ooooooo. and you don’t???

  176. osi says:

    Our squad is very strong you Arsene Haters, and we don’t need to buy a defensive midfielder. Those of you who scream that Arsene got it wrong how many times have you got it wrong? My guess is all your life. Vive Wenger, and Vive Arsenal. The only ethical club in the premiership

  177. conglac2009 says:

    Jayjinoh, you supprises me, Wenger had faith in the boys, so we should have faith in Wenger, when blind leads blind, what is going to be results, both of them will fall into pit. Let me tell you, Wenger is blind, he doesn’t know what his doing at all, so u people should stop that jaggons, we are tired of it right?

    Michael Jackson

  178. Steven says:

    I’m afraid AW being the som will resist buying any new players. He is very devoted to his kids.This has been happening for the past few seasons.Of course the season hasn’t started.
    If the gunners fail to fight for honours be prepared for dramatic events to unfold.

  179. Tim says:

    Reading all these comments, i think what is obvious is that the fan’s are growing tired of Wenger. He’s extremely intelligent and he will know that this is a MASSIVE season for him. If he fucks this season up for the same reason’s he has the last 2 – then it’s goodbye for him. It has to be. As much as he has done for Arsenal we cannot go every season winning nothing. We pay the highest prices in the league and get an average team winning nothing. We also reward this team with new contracts for failure.
    That cannot continue.
    As much as it pains me to say it – if we finish 5th this year then it may spur the board into action. I don’t agree that we need to splash lot’s of money but i do agree that Wenger in his arrogance is failing to address problems in our team that have been plauging us for years. It is also blind faith to rely on players and think each season that “this is the season” – it’s madness.
    I know that we are skint, i also accept that but at the end of the day it’s a cycle. You spend money to be more successful – the more succsessful you are the more money you generate and the bigger the fan base. Real Madrid spend that money but will make 3 x as much from shirt sales of Ronaldo, Kaka etc..etc.. – so what i really don’t understand is why we can’t do this? Do we not have the marketing vehicle in place to be able to?
    Also one of our biggest problems is our wage bill. We pay the same amount of wages per season as Man U! Manu U have players on 100K a week and we have none. What we do have is about 80 kids through the reserves and youth teams on 10-15K a week. It’s crazy to pay them this sort of money and run the youth team in this way.

  180. ritesh says:

    the money comes from the board, not the gaffer.

    if u want a DM better than song/denilson, the price tag is 20Million. You cant afford that so, fuck off and support the mancs or chavs if u r not happy

    u speak of ade money… well they need it for debt service.. remember what the gaffer said last year…for many years to come, we must sell 1 star every year.

    David Dein was right, we need a new shareholder to wide out the stadium debt. Whats wrong with Usmanov… Take his money and lets stop this shit sales every year

  181. redn says:

    I can appreciate that we are short of money and need to make the books balance. I can also appreciate that we cannot compete with a market where fees and wages for even middling players are obscene and at the top end now out of our reach.
    Therefore, while I still want us to win trophies I understand it will be much harder for us to compete. We fight above our current weight in my opinion.
    Within these constraints I still trust Wenger to do very well. But I don’t have confidence he can pull off miracles and get super transfers of trophies against all the odds in a non inequal market. So I think we will do well this year.
    Yes we have just got £25m but if he is to spend it, it must be on someone worth it. Panic buying is not good. You end up with Pavlichenko.
    However, what does pee me off in terms of Wenger and the board is that they are not honest about it.
    These forums seem to have people in two courts: we will be brill and win everything or we are crap and wenger is crap and all must go.
    I think the truth is somewhere in the middle: we will do well again but are not favourites to win the big trophies but Wenger is doing ok.

  182. Gooni says:

    Why don’t the whining lot of you go and support some other teams who have sugar daddy to spoon feed them instead and get off this glorious team FFS!!! What a waste of my time reading this crap…

  183. ritesh says:

    United doing an Arsenal

    Well, well, well. It looks like we have reached the ‘Arsenal stage’. What is that? Well, every summer one or other Arsenal board member declares that Arsene Wenger is free to spend, that he’s got 40m available, or even more. Wenger, obviously, never spends that because he allegedly doesn’t want to, he prefers developing youth. The alternative explanation of course is that they don’t have the money.

    United, armed with the money received from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, were expected to launch a major spending spree. Nothing like that materialised: as you all know, we signed Michael Owen on a free transfer, Gabriel Obertan for 3m and Antonio Valencia for 15.25m. Sir Alex confirmed that he wouldn’t sign any more players this summer, to the dismay of many fans who expected spectacular names this summer.

    However, David Gill and the Glazer family insist that Fergie does have the cash at his disposal, he merely refuses to spend it because the right targets aren’t available at reasonable prices. To be honest, it sounds like the Arsenal scenario: we’re trying to convince the world that there’s nothing wrong but actually we have to pay off the interest and that takes priority.

    It is possible, of course, that David Gill actually told the truth. In that case I back Fergie’s judgment: if he believes that the likes of Aguero are overprices this summer but could get them cheaper next season then so be it. However, if we are forced to turn to these ‘economic’ type of signings then I’d prefer if the club revealed the truth to us. We’ll never know, I guess, at least not before next summer.

  184. wandarah says:

    I really dont understand the point of this blog.

    All you do is constantly shit on the team – and the manager. Quite why you call yourself an ‘Arsenal’ fan is entirely fucking beyond me eh.

    Your posts are poorly written, your insight non-existent. You may as well fuck off and suppor the spuds, you’d fit right in there.

  185. RAY says:

    The bottom line is we are not winning trophies anymore. Fan’s are angry because the club doesn’t appear to be making much effort to change this.

    New stadium, no outrageous spending, beautiful football and champion’s league footy every year – The board are more than satisfied. If they sack Wenger the board will have to pay someone else a huge salary to do better and the first thing he will ask for is 50 million reddies to buy some new players – the board are not going to do that!

    I think Arsene Wenger is a legend but he is not being honest with the fans and that is what annoys me and loads of other gooners. He talks to us like we are stupid.

    Trying to convince us that the players he has are good enough to win trophies like we can’t see the results and their deficiencies with our own two eyes. We have been wrong in the past whilst he has been right – that’s why we trust him! Another year without a trophy and less gooners will ‘keep the faith’.

    There have been issues with spending money at Arsenal ever since he arrived but it was never a problem because he had great players in most of the positions who stayed there for years – and we were winning!

    Rather than lying to us and saying ‘I have money to spend but I don’t need to spend it’ – Be honest and tell the truth: We have so much debt we have to sell before we can buy.

    Unfortunately losing hleb, flamini, gilberto, rosicky (injury) and diarra in one season really hurt us because having a settled team helps consistency and has been key to our previous success. Maybe with those guy’s we could have won a trophy.

    We are now mediocre in comparison to the big teams in Europe – Look at how we got battered in the champion’s league semis – painful!

    Of course these comments are only my opinion but I think I’m right about all this as does everyone else who posts their opinion!

  186. looneygooner says:

    Change your fucking name to over-reaction arsenal because you simply do not have a clue, go and support the Mancs or Chavs, we don’t need mugs like you, leave the support to the real fans you plastic

  187. Arsene says:

    Seen Song play recently?

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