Lorik Cana signs for Sunderland for £5m. Wenger is a mug!

Posted: July 24, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Can somebody please tell me why we didn’t make a move for this hard nut? This is just what we need FFS?

Right type of player, Right age and at the right price…What more did Wenger want?

No doubt in a few weeks wenger will come out and say he told Steve Bruce to sign him.

We need this type of player at Arsenal

How many times have we gone to places like Hull, Bolton, Stoke and got kicked off the park..We needed this type of player next to Cesc.

Wenger is a mug.

What the hell is he doing in this transfer window? Why SELL Adebayor for £25m and then bank the money? What is taking us so long in signing players.

This is a joke..I am telling you know that Arsenal can forget finishing in the top FIVE next season.

My Advice is ENJOY the champions league football next season and enjoy Cesc playing for Arsenal. Because we wont see them days again…

Every summer we have to put up with this bollocks. Wenger toys with us and says one thing and then lets us down. Im sick of this.

Well dont say i didnt warn you,  come the end of the season and we have finished the season 5th or worst and empty handed AGAIN. Cesc will leave..Cant say i blame him and we will have to put up with more crap from the “Wenger knows” crew who will say the same things.. “KEEP THE FAITH” Well sorry i lost the faith a long time ago. We have not won anything since 2005 and you muppets still think that this manager we have will come good. Cant you see that this manager we have cares about only about ONE thing..Its not winning titles or cups..its PROFIT and making money for the club.. If anything he should have been an accountant and not a football manager.

To hell with this… Im off to get drunk

Just look what we missed..

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  1. Tittle Tattle says:

    Based on this evidence of youtube footbage I have formed an opinion that he is a world class footballer and a lot better than Denilson…

    What a muppet.

  2. dc says:

    Maybe he doesnt think Cana is good enough.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Then he is a mug mate

      • Keitel says:

        Wenger knows what he’s doing, he’s not distressed about missing out on melo and he won’t be to annoyed about missing out on cana, he obviiously thinks they’re either not good enough for arsenal or not worth the money, if this cana guy had any real ambition he wouldnt have gone to sunderland anyway. To be honest song is looking very promising and starting the season with him in dm wouldnt be too bad, although i would like to see huntelaar at the club, lethal finisher.

      • dc says:

        Have you seen Cana play much?

      • Keitel says:

        I have not seen cana play much, just a bit on eurogoals so i will not claim to know a vast amount about the player, i just have faith in wengers judgement and from what ive heard cana just sounds like a “hardman”, theres no such thing as a “hardman” at arsenal fc, you need to be able to play the ball around, pass, move and have great technique, wenger only buys complete footballers.

  3. Someone with a brain says:

    Every time I read your blog I want to let out a massive sigh and move right into a face palm.

    • Brad says:

      Don’t read it then dickhead!
      This guy is actually telling the truth. Can anyone see us competeing with the top four?
      Man Utd, Rooney, Hargreaves, Carrick, Vidic, Ferdinand. We’ve got no one anywhere near strong enough. Only Fabregas and arshavin would get into the Man Utd team.
      Chelsea, Drogba, Mikel, Essien, Terry, Lampard, Malouda. Again Arshavin and possibly Fabregas. But i don’t think he could unseat Lampard or Essien.
      Liverpool, Gerrard, Torres, Alonso, Mascherano, Skertl, Johnson. Arshavin would get in, i trust Reina still remembers the little rouski. And maybe Fabregas.
      City are going to have an August storm on defenders and midfeilders if they line up well with Terry/Lescott/Toure at the back and with players like Barry/Senna/Veloso etc in the midfeild. Ashley Young will most likely join soon.
      Robinho/Tevez/Santa Cruz/Adebayor/Bellamy/Elano up front means they have something Arsenal don’t, guts and squad depth. Could be a real struggle for us.
      My figners don’t wanna let me type it but…the…Spuds have even got more depth than us. Ouch!
      Villa have more strength and depth. As do Everton.
      OMG, this could actually turn out to be a terrible season! I’m going to hang myself, my roomate is a Tottenham fan and i can’t take another season where they do better than us in that they actually get awards, even if they are runners-up medals!

  4. arsenalaction says:

    We need this type of player at Arsenal

    How many times have we gone to places like Hull, Bolton, Stoke and got kicked off the park..We needed this type of player next to Cesc.

    Wenger is sleeping and has let us down

  5. A says:

    lol Sinbad – illustrating the sort of lack of footballing knowledge that means you shouldn’t be allowed to write on a blog that others can read! Every single person who wanted us to buy Cana did so based solely on a youtube video, which means absolutely nothing. It’s much more telling that you won’t speak to a single regular ligue 1 watcher who think Cana is nearly good enough for us, and he was very openly available for £5 mil, yet NOONE was interested apart from Sunderland, and lots of teams are looking for centre mids….

    • arsenalaction says:

      load of crap..

      So you mean to tell me that Cana is not better then Denilson Song or Diaby?

      • tugger says:

        how many times have you seen him play?

      • arsenalaction says:

        Cana…About 15 times live

        Next question

      • Osiris says:

        Wait…here you are on writing an arsenal blog and at the same time claiming to have seen Cana play about 15 times live. So you’d rather watch OM’s games than gunners?

        And seriously what we need is a player who is a hardman like Cana but has a LOT more ability when it comes to playing pass and move football. We don’t need a glorified Robbie Savage on our team to put us under pressure every second game because he likes getting sent off

  6. james says:

    Wenger’s a twat fucking wasting time like he always does

    • joe says:

      negative twat , your the type of fuck head who would like to see bruce rioch back , why dont you fuck off and support the spuds you wanker

  7. louis says:

    if he was so could why didnt other teams go for him

    • arsenalaction says:

      Other teams DID go for him and they signed him.

      • Osiris says:

        And neglect to mention the fact that the other teams that went for him are all teams that you normally see struggling in the lower half of the table. I couldn’t care less if Sunderland signed someone we considered. Basically it just means we took a look, decided he wasn’t good enough for a team challenging for the title and then a lower rated team took him in because Arsenal simply considered him and they could use someone like him to save themselves from relegation.

      • Mos says:

        Other teams are going for Peter Crouch like Sunderland – Doesn’t mean we have too

    • liverpool says:

      many teams went for him like hamburg everton toffes liverpool spurs

  8. james says:

    Boy i love Ur articles

  9. louis says:

    it is true we missed out on a marseille reject that will lit the world apart at sunderland

    • totalplay says:

      Lorik Cana was the marseille captain you idiot.. no reject. he’s hardly missed a game at the velodrome since moving there.

  10. Karen (male) says:

    Stop calling Wenger a mug, you muppet. If not for him we could have been a bunch of poor sods like Spuds. Pumping in loads of dough and getting nothing. I wish chaps like you get themselves together and support our team loader and with more heart instead of calling names a manager who made a modern day Arsenal what it is.

    • arsenalaction says:


      If it wasn’t for Wenger we would be like Leeds : )) Agree…Idiot

    • Messi says:

      10 out of 10 RESPECT!

    • ivan says:

      We are not talkin about “Tons of money” you F**Kwit, only 1.5th of the cash we got for Ady!..Heel he could have bought him and made money in the mid season window if it didnt work out. This just gets worse and worse.

  11. tugger says:

    If this fella is so good why at that price did no other club step in for him? surely someone would want him as you think him good enough walk into our team?

    Maybe Wenger isn’t a mug maybe all the other managers who haven’t signed him aren’t mugs, maybe this lad isn’t all that and has found his level at sunderland.

    • ivan says:

      Maybe Wenger this and Maybe Wenger that. Same shit as last year mate…Everyone and thier dog knows EXACTLY what we need but he just makes money for the club. We could have ALONSO now..How can the “have faith in Wenger” crowd still be under this spell?..Enjoy the fight for the UEFA cup place.

  12. brandon says:

    A youtube video of him kicking people and all you idiots are ready to call Wenger a mug for not buying him. You have not even seen him play. He is slow and he cant pass. He went to Sunderland ffs! No big clubs were interested. We need more than just a kicker beside Cesc.

    • Messi says:

      oh my god thank you for explaining that this sinbad guy is a ediot he doesnt no nothing about football other than here arsene buy this guy or him or him next he wil say her

    • Bull says:

      I agree, but Wenger fucked about last year over a couple of million for Alonso and now the scousers will more than double their money on a player he should have signed last season. Not a muppet, but frustrating as fuck.

  13. lukychmz says:

    Not enough is being done to stem the shit that was last season. One new defender aint gonna cut it. I am seriously concerned about this coming season. Fingers crossed he pulls a rabbit out of his hat and signs 2 or 3 players before the season starts. Maybe he and double D have a plan to not make it to europe so red n white holdings can come in and save the day splashing money everywhere….think about it

  14. Afterward says:

    Calm down everyone…

    Maybe Wenger is waiting to see how he does in the Premiership…after a year, he might go in for him if he’s any good. it’s not like it’ll take much convincing from moving out of (shit hole Sunderland; I’ve been there) to London.

    Also, he might be waiting to see how good Song and Denilson will be – young players improve. Remember Flamini? He was always pretty good – until he became unbelievable.

    Just calm down guys…it’ll be alright.

    • Romeo says:

      Haha .. some r still living in fantasy land

    • gooner4life says:

      Exactly. Amazing how selective some peoples’ memory can be!

      • arsenalaction says:

        What like the fans who forget that it was Wenger who dropped Arshavin in the FA CUP semi final vs the chavs for NO REASON.

        And Wenger who keeps playing this negative 4-5-1 at home


    • Mackytack says:

      You have’nt got a clue about Sunderland. You’ve been there. Big deal. I’ve been to north london. Lets not compare eh. LOL.

      • goonermad says:

        no lets not compare north london to scummy north england sunderland. i live in north london and my cousin lives in sunderland and we both agree sunderland is the all time shit hole of this country makes us ashamed to be english. your all scum

    • DAVE says:

      london is the shit hole pev we will show u black cunts

    • Father o toole says:

      Afterward You cabbage,why get personnel about Sunderland,cos your team is stale at the moment, and Bagpuss up the road at spudland, is being linked to every player who can kick a ball.
      i’ve been to North London, and although its a DARK place and i cant understand the lingo, we dont go slagging it off,cos some team signed a player WE should have had…you SPACKA

    • baldy says:

      Ha if you think sunderland is a shit hole mate, wake up and smell the dying hobo on your doorstep. Ive been to north london marra and didnt see many nice beaches, gorgeous coastlines or smogfree areas.

    • Blackie says:

      Hopefully Cana will prove to be agood buy, as a Sunderland fan I hope he, and the signings to follow help us make the next step. As for “shit hole sunderland” you need to look around you, i’m currently in Afghanistan and thats better than London. There’s more chance of being killed there than out here

  15. tms19 says:

    I know you have seen the youtube footage and read his wikipedia page, but I am going to side with AW on this one –

  16. OliJones says:

    Let’s be honest how many Fabs have you lot discovered over the years? eeeeeeexactly. I’m fairly sure Wenger would have had him scouted-afterall we know how much he likes a reasonable priced player. He obvs wasn’t good enough.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Nooo Wenger would rather spend £5m of a player like Ramsey then pay £5m on Cana..


      He might sell Ramsey to Barca is 5 years for 40m

  17. james says:

    Oh shut up Arfterward you ass licker, Your the stupid naive Arsenal fans that jar the fuck out of me Song and Denilson are both crap you fucking sound like Wenger himself.

  18. Rob says:

    the fact that deschamps, one of the best defensive midfielders france has ever had, didnt think he was good enough for marseille. why would wenger think he is good enough for arsenal? if sunderland managed to sign him then he is definitely not our caliber.

    how do you come up with these blog posts anyway? can i have my two minutes back?

    • John says:


      You have no clue what you are talking about, you are a complete muppet, he was still wanted by OM but wanted to go, yes Arsenal maybe bigger than Sunderland but Sunderland is on the way up and Arsenal on the way down.

      Once you lose Fab to Barca and lets face it, its just a matter of time, Everton, Villa, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd will make you look average.

      Oh and also Cana was wanted by Arsenal and Livrepool (Last seaon) but OM wouldn’t let him go.

      So before you go spouting off you un-educated muppet have a look at the facts and as for the muppet who thinks Sunderland is a shit hole, i work in Tottenham/Highbury and thats what i call a shithole.

      Complete bunch of un-educated muppets

      • Adom says:

        When attacking someones intelligence (‘education’) or lack of, it’s best to spell check what you right as to not look ignorant.

      • Rob says:

        LOL. Marseille bought M’bia for a reason, Cana isn’t the same player Liverpool and Arsenal were looking at last season. You do know players can get worse right? If we were looking at him last summer it doesn’t mean he is still the same quality this summer. The fact is, Marseille didn’t want him and thats why they let him go for such a measley price.

        Sunderland is a team on the up and Arsenal is a team going down?
        LOL go back to your shit hole.

    • Messi says:

      lololololol thank you

  19. TH says:

    What shit. I’ve seen Lorik play on numerous occasions! Stop fucking watching youtube! Yes he is a nutter! But he is NOT a better player than Song! People only seem to want him based on youtube and because he’s crazy…first actually WATCH him play. Song would outclass him easily. We definitely need a DM, but I would not even consider him! He’s not that great of a player. Believe me! I’ve seen him many times for myself!

  20. Geekov says:

    No, we are the fucking mugs for even bothering to reply to a blog written by a pre-pubescent fantasy manager playing clueless gimp…

    Come back when you have grown some pubes, you pathetic whinging twat.

    Fuck wits like you, going all ape shit over some youtube wonder are a fucking joke, but the sad fact is, they get the backs up of other idiots who dont have a fucking brauin cell to call their own. You are a clueless cunt, you know nuffin, you have no idea if this fella is any good, all you have to go on, is the latest interbet bollocks from the likes of tribal or goal.com.

    Doi us all a favour and hold your breath till we actually sign someone.

    • Messi says:

      lol LLOOL that should shut him up llolol cheers

    • ivan says:

      He is no muppet, a bit slow but a proven ball winner. He is CAPTAIN OF CLUB AND COUNTRY FOR FUCK SAKE!!! at the very least he could have added steal to the entire team for a pittance. He could have taught Song a thing of 2 about tackling. If it didnt work out he could be on sold. I sure hope le bos has some kind of plan.

  21. TheGeezer says:

    [quote]Right type of player, Right age and at the right price…What more did Wenger want?[/quote]
    He want quality!

  22. gooner_ali says:

    chill out man. youtube can make anyone look good.

    Wenger must have not rated him enough if he did not go for him.

    • ivan says:

      The same way he doesnt rate Alonso?

      • FE Gooner says:

        Yes, at the asking price. Of course he rates Alonso. Wenger would buy if he needs to and if he finds the right player but at the right price. Can feel some of you guys getting hysterical over not signing anyone. Calm down and watch the team fly. You would be ashamed of your comments, if you remember them.

  23. David says:

    80% of this video just shows brainless fouls. I would wait to see how he performs at sunderland before getting all mad. But I can understand you’re frustration (what gooner wouldn’t?) but since the purchase of Arshavin, I really do think we have been reinvigorated. On the other hand I do agree that if we want to be a world class team, we can’t have people like DENILSON in the middle of the park. But who knows? Maybe one of or youngsters will pull off a Flamini…I mean no one can deny the miracle that was! Came out of NOWHERE! I remember it looked like a fan had accidentally been put on the teamsheet/pitch! He was useless, no attacking ability, no positional ability, no passing ability…was pathetic until 07. So I think we should just wait and see what happens. But overall, I do agree that we do need an updated version of last year’s CM’s. Maybe Wenger will buy someone else, who knows? Wenger knows…

    • Messi says:

      exactly mate its all about confidence look at alex song in the beginning of the season he was useless to some but then in champions league, the game against liverpool OMG UNBELIEVEBLE !!!!!

  24. Nick says:

    If you have watched any French football, you would have noticed Cana is average at best…. I am not someone who thinks the sun shines out of Wenger’s backside, but for whatever reason, we are skint and that is the boards problem. We’re Arsenal fans and just need to support our club, wenger will spend what he can.
    He’s done alright with the limited resources

    Matuidi is a far better player anyway……

    Take a chill pill and wait for the season to start before you start having a hissy fit….

  25. Geekov says:

    The fact that Sunderland and Sunderland alone came in for him, should be evidence enough that this dude is average, but no. lets go all spoilt brat princess tantrum about it…

    Give me effin strength.

  26. goonermichael says:

    If he’s gone to Sunderland for 5 million that tells you everything about him.

  27. GoonerBoy says:

    You are the mu. BASTARD!

  28. M says:

    Boring…nil interest. Please don’t write again. It is painful to read and you really don’t know enough about football to be sharing your views.

    If Wenger sees a player he wants at the right price the board will back him and do the deal to sign the man.

    If you were better than him, I’m sure you’d be a world class football manager and not writing this tosh.

    Go back to Championship Manager and support another club, because Arsenal won’t be a Manure, Chelsea or Citeh like you obviously want the club to be.

    So move along, nothing for you to see here. And take your emergency crowd with you. The Arsenal doesn’t need ‘fans’ like you.

  29. Clarky says:

    Another quality article by a PlayStation Football manager. Put Arsenal to one side for a moment. If this guy is the dogs nuts, why did only Sunderland come in for him? I am sure Wenger has a plan. Remember many of his transfer deals have happened late in the window when prices have come down … To describe him as a mug or whatever is just plain ignorant. Grow up and consider that the guy who got Arsenal to the FA and CL semis last “disastrous” season (imagine what might have been if Adebayor had actually turned up) might actually have a bit more insight and planning than you give him credit for.

  30. stevo says:

    Its funny, how many people have actually seen this guy play. Youtube will make titus bramble look good. All we know is he kicks people and dives into tackles. Wow should definitely play for a top 4 team. Wenger’s smarter than that.

  31. Clarky says:

    PS, how do we know only Sunderland came in? Well if anyone else came in, it was for less than £5m self-evidently … so noone rates him that highly. Simple economics

  32. gooner_ali says:

    BTW, this guy reminds me of the rubbish Robbie Savage. headless chicken running around kicking balls all day

  33. gooner4life says:

    shittiest blog i have ever read. mate i have been reading ur blog

    now i am pretty much sure that ur totterscum pretending to be a gooner.

  34. Dan says:

    Brilliant blog mate, I feel your frustration. I can’t stand the thought of Song making 40-odd appearances for us again this season for he is truly a terrible footballer.

    I think your second paragraph summed it up perfectly “Right type of player, Right age and at the right price”.

    Sure, he’s not a world beater but he is exactly what we need and a lot better than what we have!

    Song, Diaby and Denílson…yawn! SORT IT OUT WENGER!!!

  35. Gooner1995 says:


    • wengunt says:

      he’s been sent off once in the past 3 seasons you tit

    • ivan says:

      He write his blog because there are those of us who do not think Wenger shits sunshine and pisses Rainbows. He write the blog because some of us love the club and think that a club of our stature should lift a trophy once EVERY 4 YEARS.
      If you dont like it..dont log in. Tool…Go break out the lube and get bust with yourself on Wengers Google images page.

  36. GOD says:

    Can everyone not see see Wenger’s hands are tide? Last year the board said £70m is available to spend, record profits, etc. That’s what organisations do when the people money stash the cash in their pockets, for Arsenal it’s the board. Kronke owns many unsuccessful (trophyless) sports teams – why? because they generate money for him, but not for the team itself – that’s where the money goes. This enables the shareholders to be creative about equitity & debt in favour of “non-arsenal” accounts.
    The rest of the board are not getting any younger so you can question their interest. Why was Nina bracewell-smith forced out? why sack Dein? Maybe because they wanted to money to be availble for Wenger. “Wenger has a job for life” why come out with these kind of statements? Smokescreen! So fans do not blame the board but instead Wenger for not spending.
    Do you REALLY think Wenger does not want to spend? Everyone knows there is a power struggle in the board – hence rejecting red & white holdings help but in result any money coming into Arsenal does not go to Wenger as it is required for “other” purposes. Wenger is the only one trying to keep it all together & can do with Gooner not turning on him but chants the what you think about the board.
    But if you guys, like the board, want Wenger out please make sure you REALLY know what’s going on.

    • Messi says:

      i just wish everything you said can be published all over sky sports news and all over the world as breaking news just so that these stupid fans understand and know what arsene wenger and the loyal fans who actually really feel for our boss understand and wake up to the real world !!!!

    • ivan says:

      I want to belive this is the case but if it is, Why is Wenger still at Arsenal?

    • stan says:

      what u said is totally correct! as long as shareholders are getting steady returns with a decent debt 2 equity ratio, they really wont give 2 hoots about arsenal winning trophies, remember people football is a business. Look at the glazers and utd with a gearing ratio in the 90% figures and they still find money to invest!

  37. Titworth says:

    Great Blog : )

  38. Spackler says:

    Ligue 1 is Cana’s level; he’s too slow for the Premier League. Sure, he can do a job away at Stoke or Hull but he’s not much use to us away at United or the Chavs. He’s actually no better than Song, who himself would look top class on the slower French league. This idea that we get muscled out of games away from home us a misconception. The problem is we’re blunt creatively at places like Stoke where home teams set up to defend. Arshavin will make all the difference this season, he’ll win us games we previously drew.

    Cesc needs a decent partner but don’t kid yourself that it’s Cana.

  39. Mjl says:

    Awful knee jerk reactionary toss – maybe the daily mail has a spot for you…..

    Who the f@vk is lorik Cana !

    He couldn’t tie rsmseys boots.

    Row on schoolboy.

  40. Lee says:

    Hamburg and Everton were in for him and Marseille wanted to keep him (he declared his intention to leave in January).
    The man is a rock and would have complemented Fabregas. At £5million its both a steal and a no-brainer.
    Sunderland have signed a top, top midfielder.

  41. Jimmy says:

    Wenger missed ou bigtime! I hope he has something up his sleave or were only gonaa be competing for 5th. You guys have to remember man City are’nt targeting 4th place, thier mega-rich owner promised them to win the league this season and the champions league next year………….i can safely say…………we’re in shit!

    • Messi says:

      oh your a fucking muppet so your worried about man city them fucking clowns that will play a midfield full of strikers including their original stikers and maybe even in defence and even probably in goal aswell you fucking faggit

  42. jazbo says:

    Take a deep breath and calm down, Wenger is not a mug, he’s our club manager and has taken it from a club going no where to one of the best sides in the world.
    Let’s just wait untill the season begins before making judgements.

    • Goons_with_Guns says:

      We already DID wait “until the season begins”: that was the beginning of LAST season, you muppet!

  43. robbie says:

    If one more person implies that Song,Denilson or Diaby are quality players i will throw this laptop out the window.Why can’t you see there crap?why?Wenger is turning in to the Gordon Brown of the emirates it’s just all gone so badly wrong !!

    • gooner_ali says:

      I bet you if you seee denislon, diaby and song on youtube, u will rate them highly…get a life…

      cana is nothing

    • ivan says:

      They are not Crap, they are just not the finished product in a slot where we desperately need one.

  44. Tilt says:

    Just another youtube scouting twat…

  45. Sebcesc says:

    This blog needs to be shut down for crimes against football! Lorik Cana is a midtable Premiership
    Player at best! You keep bringing up Denilson and Song and they have more talent and potential in their little toes! You seriously need to get yourself another team to support or ur gonna give yourself a heart attack!

  46. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Right now, I want to smack the shite out Wenger and wake up the f**k up! He’s as stubborn as a f**king mule, the muppet.

    Who does he think he’s going to use Song and Denilson? Stupid ass.

    or try crawling back to Milan to get Flamini?

    Stupid S.O.B.

  47. Franny says:

    You’re a twat.

    I lived in France for a year and i can confirm that this bloke was shit at football.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Well thanks for that….I will now remove this article based on your info…I take it back Cana is shit coz Franny said so…Jog on

    • ivan says:

      He was Captain over Nasri…

      • Osiris says:

        Ah yes. that is the criteria to indicate a good leader. He was captain over a skilled 21 year old. You do realize skill does not equal leadership.

  48. Maxwell says:

    What a load of bollocks;
    1. You hadn’t heard of Cana until a few weeks ago and suddenly he’s the player we need!
    2. Robbie savage was a nutter who ran about and kicked people but he didn’t exactly fit in with our style of play
    3. Wenger like the majority of other managers in world football are waiting to until man city and real stop spending until he buys a dmc

    I’m not saying that we don’t need a defensive midfielder but can you honestly say that at the end of last season you identified Cana and melo as the solution?

    You only say they are because the papers do.then you make a big drama when we dont sign them.wait until the end of the transfer window and if still no signing then write your piece!

  49. Jimbo says:

    Oh dear what a shocking post! Vinnie jones was a nutter yet played most of his career at Wimbledon! If so good why didn’t Madrid go for him? They’re after alonso so they clearly want a defensive midfielder. Same with barca who want mascherano. As for not saying how many times have we gone to places like hull and lost, well the answer is never! We beat them away 3-1 last year. And we also beat Bolton 3-1 away so good argument there. Get a grip man. You all cried out for a centre half and wenger splashed 10mil on one.

  50. arsenalaction says:

    I respect Steve Bruce as a manager and always have.

    The man speaks the truth and is not shy is taking a risk on a player.

    Look at what he did for Wilson Palaicos. Wenger didnt want him after a trail and Bruce turned him into a £20m player. He did the same with Upson.

    Steve Bruce is a great manager and will do well for Sunderland. I just wished our manager showed some bollocks in the transfer marker

    • Mo says:

      Yes, and I remember all the times Bruce managed a team to two doubles and 49 games unbeaten.

      Palacios is not a £20million player. Upson is still average.

      You seem obsessed with Arsenal buying quality players but all these Bruce ‘gems’ you talk about are not good enough to play for top 4 sides.

      When Wenger showed ‘bollocks’ in the transfer market, I bet you were first to say Wiltord/Jeffers/Reyes were all a waste of money.

      Calm down.

    • Messi says:

      wow 20mil on a palacios lol then you might aswell spend 20mil on some 1 in the championship palacios cost 20mil because spurs dont no what they are doing his quality but not arsenal material or even worth 20million maximum is 10 for him

    • BKK says:

      You must be shrooming. Wenger hasn’t shown bollocks in the transfer market??! Have you ever heard of Petit, Overmars, Theirry Henry even! These players were all relative unknowns, and played in different positions than the ones Wenger had introduced them into! You talk as though you’ve supported the club for a few-odd years, I say this because your writing ability is weak at best so you can’t be old enough to have seen how much Wenger has truly done for this club. Do some research, and educate yourself on AFC. Then maybe, just maybe, it’ll show you that Wenger is damn good at his job, he is a master in the transfer window (Arshavin for 17m was the coup of the decade) at both buying and selling, and his global network of scouts does not rely on YouTube to have found the likes of Kolo, Fabregas, Van Persie, Eduardo, etc. etc. Honestly. Think before you lose your head, let alone write this type of unsubstantiated nonsense.

  51. johnny says:

    keeping it simple, wait until transfer window closes before judging wenger’s buys, if he goes out and buys matuidi and a replacement striker then this transfer window could be viewed as a success, i’m not saying he will, i’m just saying wait and see

  52. 1mole gunaz says:

    Who a hell is cana.shit! This guy is not good enough in fact i even rate diaby more than him.and you called your self arsenal fan?can’t we just defend our own manager and team for a seconds.assuming we bought alex song from a club like roma or fiorentina,marseille,barcelona or liverpool for 15m pounds then you will know the kind of player we have. Who is flamini in 05/06 season? SHITTTT BLOG

  53. theo says:

    i totally agree with you. Denilson, Diaby and Song are not shit. They may not be as consistent and talented as alonso, mascherano,essien etc. But these players are the best in the world at what they do. They were ready made players and were very expensive. With arsenal money is always an issue and will always come first before sucsess.Arsenal rarely buy ready made players these days opting to buy young and mould them. Denilson cost £6m, Diaby cost £2m, Song cost £1m. Flamini was free. wenger has been doing this for years and is reluctant to spend BIG money on players as they do not guarantee sucsess. Buying cana would not gaurantee trophies. In my opinion he would of helped ALOT but thats just me. This is the same reason why Arsenal will NOT buy huntleaar. But sometimes in football you have to buy players just for the simple reason that they do not sign for your rivals and there is a good chance that huntelaar will end up at Liverpool. If that happens then Wenger truly is a mug.

    • Messi says:

      i was totally agreeing with you until u said about huntelarr to liverpool then wenger is a mug ur a mug mate trust me

  54. louis says:

    is it not obvious wat this guy is doing writing this type of articles so people could keep commenting on how worng he is……. in orther words it does not matter if they come to sing your prasies or to curse you out, as long as they come

    • Osiris says:

      I agree. I bet he has a google adsense or something getting him money by the click. Seems like a good idea, write inflammatory articles and watch the money flow.

  55. 1mole gunaz says:

    Who a hell is cana.shit! This guy is not good enough in fact i even rate diaby more than him.and you called your self arsenal fan?can’t we just defend our own manager and team for a seconds.assuming we bought alex song from a club like roma or fiorentina,marseille,barcelona or liverpool for 15m pounds and has the name yaya toure written on it then you will know the kind of player we have. Who is flamini in 05/06 season? SHITTTT BLOG

  56. pig says:

    jeez this blog sounds like the spoilt rantings of little children. Cana is not the right player for us, if we had signed him, you would have slagged the fact that we only spent 5 mill. there is no doubt in the minds of 99.9% of arsenal supporters that AW is the best manager we have had in living memory. in your case probably the only one as well.

    if you are naive enough to believe that you can make a blog and build up negativity and succeed in aquiring a bunch of followers of your opinion, then you are sorely misguided. this blog is a laughing stock amongst genuine arsenal fans, the 99.9% i already mentioned.

    why dont you find something better to do with your time than spouting poisonous anti arsenal bile from your faceless castle that is arsenal action.

    i bet the last time you saw any action it was with your dog.

  57. matt says:

    you SEEM to have something WRONG with your CAPS LOCK key, mate.

  58. Jack says:

    Goal.com’s resident Marseille expert and French editor took some time out of his schedule to reflect on Sunderland’s shock signing of Lorik Cana.

    It is shameful and surprising that a player of his calibre signed a deal to play for Sunderland. Lorik Cana is an Albania international and has been Marseille’s captain for two years. He arrived at Marseille in 2005 from PSG, and he quickly proved he had the mental and physical fortitude necessary to establish himself as a big time player for OM and eventually became their captain.

    Cana has a tremendous motor and covers a lot of ground in the midfield area just in front of the back line. He is very good defensively and is a ‘ball winner’ in the middle of the park.

    He might have struggled offensively under the tutelage of ex-coach Erik Gerets, who asked him to play like Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard. He does not score many goals but he seems to find the back of the net in big matches as he did in his first OM – PSG clash at Stade Velodrome, when he scored the only goal of the game in a 1-0 victory.

    If Sunderland needs a strong, hard working midfielder, who can recuperate the ball and pass it properly, then they have their man. He is not a creator but can make hit some long balls. He can also play as central defender like he did last year when Gael Givet and Ronald Zubar struggled. He is mentally strong and is a leader both on the pitch and in the locker room.

    The city of Marseille is extremely surprised that Cana ended up signing for Sunderland. We knew that he wanted ‘to find another challenge after four years at Marseille’. OM already bought Cameroon international Stephane M’Bia to replace Cana in the midfield. He was linked with Hamburg, Everton and Arsenal where he could have signed in 2000.

    He instead chose to sign for Sunderland which, in my mind, is far from the highest level in England. Everton would have been better for him I think, a team always in 5th or 6th position in England just after the ‘Big Four’. But we can’t understand why he would leave OM, who are one of the most prestigious clubs in France, for Sunderland, an outfit who fought for Premier League survival on the last day of the campaign.

    The transfer fee is ridiculous, a measly €6 million. We might be able to find an explanation though as OM facilitated Cana’s transfer because the player was well respected and a good leader. But OM know how to sell players, and had him valued at €12 million. So Sunderland got a great deal with this transfer.

    At Marseille, we are used to seeing players leave the club for more money but at this price, it is like a joke. So well done Sunderland, big lost for OM but the club anticipated he would leave.

  59. Dan says:

    Pig’s the naive one here, him and his “In Wenger We Trust” mob!

    They are sheep, if Wenger told them to jump, they’d ask “How high?”…why can they not see that we’ve been mugged off by the board/Wenger?

  60. Enter Sandman.... says:

    15 times my arse!!! I would be willing to bet my life on the fact that you haven’t watched him play at all!!!

    This is just the same sensationalist bullshit that The Daily Mail runs with every day!!!

  61. Kayo says:

    Your a cunt, you come from a long line of cunts from both sides of your family. I wouldn’t be suprised if a surrogate child to lesbian lovers your such a cunt. Grow up! Cana is shit and your a C.U.N.T.

  62. lee says:

    u talk such shite. wake up, moron, the transfer window isn’t closed yet. Cana? He’s a lump’em neanderthal that ill get more red cards than man of the match awards. Matudi is superior to him in every aspect and will be an Arsenal player before the season starts. some of us who watch the French league are not impressed by a 3minute youtube compilation as you are. Didn’t it remotely strike you as interesting that NO OTHER big team came in for Cana? Wonder why. Twat!

  63. cescfiberglass says:

    SPOT ON!!

    Wenger is ALL about the money. He is a economist – this should be no surprise. he is NOT an investment banker/finance manager – that is where the problem is!

    He is about making 40million outta 5 million. But he donest realize spending 10-15-20 million on players can generate 40-50-60 million in revenue from cups, more fan support, tickets, merchandise, brand value etc.

    Lorik Cana was a steal for 5 million. Now a team like sunderland picked him up. either we should be winning simple sining battles against lower end clubs, or we start competing for superstars as in essien/toure/masch/rossi – these players can be bought but wenger is stuck on denilson-song-diaby- shite!!!! he is never gonna win. yes promising young players, but they need to be complemented with experience.

    wenger is stuck in his own fuckin twilight zone. fucked with his own policies, lying to the fans, making up bullshit, padding the bank account..

    yes we have debt, but we are earning revenues each year, and will continue to if we start winning. with a debt of 250 million or whatever, spending another 15 and bringing in 10 from its revenue is not bad…overall arsenal are set to prosper, one or 2 splurges will not kill them.

    Arsenal need to step it up a knotch, or lose a champions league spot – forever known as the team with style and potential – just to never achieve anything..its not about being pretty.. its about getting down and dirty when needed, and if spending is required-then so be so..a business is nothing if it has no happy customers…gotta keep the customers happy—-

    up the arse

  64. David says:

    Sinbad, a simple question, would you spend money that you did not have??? It is simple, the vast majority £25 mill for Adebandoor is going towards servicing the debt. In short, we are skint and therefore Wenger is acting responsibly and above all else, he needs a tall centre back ahead of battling midfielder. Agreed, we need such a player but we need another centre back more so as a battling midfielder will not prevent us being exposed by the high ball time and tine again – another centre back just might. Its about cutting our cloth and Arsenal’s is pretty thin; no point moaning and bemoaning the fact, accept it. And Sinbad, who would you have in charge instead of Arsene the Great? Any response should be interesting, go on, have a think and try and make it a decent name

  65. daniel says:

    If you have lost your faith, then metaphorically pack your fucking bags, and piss off… youR negativity and hate mongering isn’t at all constructive… your a twat FULL STOP =)

  66. Tim says:

    This is the shit that pisses me off. AW is a mug for letting this one go. £5m for Cana is a steal, i really cant believe it.

  67. perrygrovesworld says:

    Sinbad you are a sad little boy who obviously started supporting Arsenal when Wenger arrived. So you were like a spoilt brat from the start. Players from other clubs will always seem glamorous to you while you criticize the players the team already has. Wise up and support your team or you’ll become as unpopular as that other blogger, Myles Palmer at ANR.
    If Steve Bruce was that good he’d be managing Everton or even City. He’s a nice guy but look at who he’s managed. When Wenger gets the man he wants you’ll be silenced….

  68. the cannon says:

    AW has proven to everyone that, not only does he love the club and an excellent coach, he knows what he’s doing. The man is seriously intelligent and that cannot be denied. There are goings-on behind the scences which we have no knowledge of. He is catering for the board, the fans and the club as a whole constantly with every decision that he makes. In light of the looming football reccesion which Arsne has recently spoke about, his decision to be shrewd with the apparent little money AFC have seems quite reasonable. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather not pay vasts amounts of cash of big names just for the sake of it, if its going to bring AFC’s finances to it’s knees. So in Wenger we trust, if you don’t, pick another team you twat.

  69. Gooner1995 says:

    Why dont you go support Spurs they spend loads of money every summer twat.

  70. Dan says:

    We could save £5m a year by losing Wenger…just a thought! He could end up dying on his sword if he doesn’t spend some money on what we need (that wasn’t Vermaelen by the way).

    • Rich says:

      Oh so your not going to pay the next manager? And how do you know what Arsenal need? I think the men who work day and daily with the players, seeing their strengths and weaknesses have a good enough idea that they should be trusted.

      And the reason Wenger gets paid so much is because he’s considered to be one of the best in the business, that’s his market value.

  71. Metalhead says:


    “In Arsene we trust”
    “Our season has just gone bust”

    May be we Arsenal fans should start a charity organization to raise funds for transfers.

  72. David says:

    Come on sunshine give us all a name to replace Wenger, or go and play championship manager – then you can spend all the millions available to you.

  73. feeno says:

    some right retards out there, an thats being tight on retards. The idiot who wrote this and the gimps responding in kind are showing themselves up for the fucking morons they are. I wouldnt mind so much but it seems braindeadidness can be quite infectious.

  74. Jack Staniforth says:

    My criticism is not of Arsene Wenger or Arsenal it`s levelled at the so called fans who write obscene commmets, can`t spell and whose grammar is reprehensible. Arsenal, by tradition, is supposed to be one cut above the rest or so I`ve always believed so, to those of you who can`t put five words together without using profane language, better you take your comments and opinions elsewhere. Don`t lower our standards.(Now I`d better check my spelling)

  75. GB says:

    Wow. You just repeatedly write utter shite…..

  76. Jack Staniforth says:

    `comments`…typographical error….sorry


    Let’s put it this way…
    If you do watch football you will know what I am talking about…
    A lot of people here are having a right “go” at Arsenalaction…
    The truth is the man is right…
    Denilson is less than average,does not talk and basically just pass the ball around…
    Song,at the same position,is way better than Denilson,but not world class…
    Cana is just better,I saw him play over and over,he was also the captain of Marseille…
    Why is he so cheap,well,because he is close to his 30’s and marseille needs to sell.
    I can tell you he is better than Flamini (Flamini spend 0ne year in Marseille because Cana was there and competition was harsh…)
    Again it seems that we are going into the new campaign without a real Defensive MID…
    Wenger and any Arsenal Fans are dreaming if they think that something magical will happen…
    At the end of the day Football is a strategic game first and if you assume that Denilson or Song (fair to them they are good players) can do the job then you are living in “COUCOU LAND”.

    • James says:

      He’s not close to his 30s, he’s 25.

    • Enter Sandman.... says:

      Mate he is 25… so there you go you’re entire argument has gone down the pan with your credibility. You know him so well hey?!!!

      And let’s get something straight here, the one player that we need right now is Flamini, there is no more suitable Arsenal DM out there at the moment!!

      That said, the is are simple… Are we better or worse off than last year? I think we are slightly better to be honest. I think Wilshere, Barazite and Ramsey will start to get more of a starting berth and the entire Aebayor saga is balanced in our favour with the addition of Arshavin!

      I still don’t think we will win anything, but hey at least I am positive!!!

  78. shayne says:

    i dnt give a fuck what some of you people say,Arsen Wenger,and the board are a fucking load of shi;;.is denilson better than cana fuck off.Are diaby and song no.5 fucking million and we didnt get him.you all fuckk off,arsenal are a joke club.

  79. Metalhead says:

    Replace Wenger? And who’s gonna be the brave soul who replaces him, you? Get a life dude. May be we can spend the millions in educating you about Football management!

  80. Pistolpete says:

    This will be Wengers last Seaso, no doubt about it. We can’t keep up with the big spenders and this year we will not finish in the top four. I thought the point of moving to this big stadium was that it generated more income so we can spend. NOW THAT IS NOT TURE IT IS.
    I blame the board. There kicked of David Dein for mereley telling them that the club needs a big investor to take the club to the next level, and to also take on the burden of the rather large loan for the new stadium. Whats happening now thick nuts. BRING BACK DEIN AND KICK OFF THAT NON HILL- WOOD NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE

  81. Lee says:

    Cana was captain of Marseille and a hero to their fans. Doesn’t sound like a shit player to me. It looks like Sunderland will beat AW to the punch for Chamakh as well…..big nose Brucie is putting together a good team up there.

  82. A real Fan says:

    Do you think you have any idea about football and arsenal?
    Lorik cana was in the spotlight only because he was available at 5 million. If we sell denilson he will be worth above 8 million so what does that tell you. Veira was 30 when he left and we got 12 million for him. And Roy keane was a nut but he knew how to play for his team. No team would sell their captain if they thought he was really good. And Hamburg, Everton and Sunderland are not big teams, so Cana is not as highly rated by wenger as by you and your 13 year old youtube watching buddies. And why are there no videos of him of youtube showing some actual skill ??
    I am frustrated but you are just trying to rake in the hits on you website with the retarded rant of yours.

  83. Jack Staniforth says:

    GB….If your comment is aimed in my direction I`m flattered that you appear to have read my submissions before but not impressed.

  84. A real Fan says:

    As for Chamakh 42 goals in 200 odd games thats 1 goal in 4 games,
    Niklas had 16 goals in 40 appearences thats 1 in 2.5 games why spend 10 million on a player that no better than someone we already have?

  85. bono says:

    i said it before ill say it again out with wenger in with jose m

  86. bono says:

    jack jog on you nonse

  87. Hugo says:

    I’m not great with computers so maybe you could help me out- is there any way I can set up a filter on NewsNow to stop your impossibly dreadful blog from showing up on there? I know, I know, I could just not click on it but I see your pathetic, childish headlines and they just draw me in, like a moth to a flame. Please help me, my world would be such a better place without your writinig.

  88. JonJon says:

    hang on a 2nd sunshine if cana was that brilliant then why has he gone to sodding sunderland…

    5mils a snip so why havent the chavs, dippers, or the mancs got him..

    i mean come on, he hasnt even attracted interest from everton or villa so on what basis other than that cana is a you tube myth does it make wenger a mug????

    i guess that makes the other top managers in the PL mugs too….???

    wengerball requires midfielders who can get box to box and have good technique as well as a tough attitude….ok song, denilson and diaby havent set the world alight but cana is dogshite….. hes tough yes but can he play wengerball…i doubt that very much….if we wanted a midfielder just to look tough but couldnt play football then lets go sign nicky butt or joey barton….

    then all we need is a tall man in the defence so lets just sign peter crouch and put him in the defence and all is fixed…….

    so thats sorted…barton and crouch are the answer to our prayers..

    seriously…i think some people are that desperate for wenger to sign someone they are heppy for him to sign anybody and thats just what he’d be doing if he signed cana….

    • ivan says:

      Because Cana saw the window closing and wanted to get a spot in the Primership to show everyone what he is made of. He will move to a bigger club but…who knows maybe Brucies boys will beat us out for the UEFA cup spot we are now in the hunt for.

  89. DutchGooner says:

    On the evidence showed I think 5 red cards in the Premier League will be his minimum next year so glad we didn’t sign him!!!

  90. bono says:

    piss off hugo this is a quality blog it speaks the truth.

    • Hugo says:

      Oh. Well I never looked at it that way. There I was thinking it was a source of immature, reactionary, ignorant rubbish from a writer who’s barely even literete and thinks he knows more from a youtube compilation than one of the top managers in world football knows from his enourmous global souting network. Thank you for so eloquently setting me straight. How’s The Edge?

      • ivan says:

        No Hugo, He is just offering up opinions that many fans believe. The club is treading water. The borad must be giving Wenegr something extra to stay and tow the line. Its not like anyone is asking them to spend the chav’s or manshitty money. So far this window we are up 15 mil.

  91. chidoo says:

    i dont know what is rong wit this man called wenger is he crazy or what?????every year d same old story is like he want to kill this club. last champioms league my fellowblack brother 4rm kenya hang his to death cos this same man wit his stupidty alow man united to disgrace us in our own home ground still d idiot says he knows wat he is doing buy players u cant buy ur bussy selling d ones u hv pocketing d money 4 ur fathers company. me am tired of arsene wenger and his stupid policy let him go and die. i dont want to die of hypertension millions of people are crying cos of this club still u dont want to hear. now u want to push senderous away u live sevester which even a new born baby knows that he has nothing to offer there. wenger i wish u death wit anybody dat ur planing this evil art god must punish u all idiots. fuck u alllllllllllllllll.

  92. Lettraggad says:

    Wow this site is f**ing embarassing. Ive seen spursfans support our team more than you and the ant Wengermuppets do.
    But i like the way you put yourself out there .. Wenger ,Grimandi most definetly know about Cana so why did they not go for him??.. Something is fishy here Marseille have worked hard to put Cana on the market. And he goes to Sunderland of all places!! For 5m£ a sum we could easily cough up. I doubt youve seen Cana play 15 times … i think the footage of him pretending to be in the UFC on the football pitch got you drewling. Arsenals bid for Melo was apparently over 10M£ and this is before we sold Ade so .. we are apperently willing to pay for quality. I know Cana also plays for that great footballing nation of Albania .. bbut Im still not convinced about his class.

  93. smudger says:

    Judging by your grammer you’re alreedy drunk.

    Secondly, you’re an idiot. I would hazard a guess that you haven’t seen Lorik Cana play 90 minutes of football and are basing this purely on YouTube evidence. If I’m wrong, then I apologise.

    If Lorik Cana was the amazing world class midfielder that we need, would the only team interested in him be Sunderland? And would Marseille be selling for £5m?

    But maybe you’re right – maybe Wenger knows nothing about the transfer market (it’s not like he’s brought in any decent players over the years) and the Arsenal board will be reading your blog and offering you the job.

  94. davey boy says:

    Actually Song has huge potential….one of our best players in the tail end of the season…I’d still like a more experienced quality DM player and am sure tha AW has in mind who he wants…Song will be top qualty however in the next couple of seasons and can learn from the new guy….Would like the Hangerland from Fulham too !

  95. Pål says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I have seen the video of Cana on YouTube, and it is kind of fun to watch as he
    almost play like a rugby player. But how often would he pick two yellow cards
    in one match? Cana is not a dirty player, but he makes many clear fouls that could
    lead to yellow cards.

    The guy I want Wenger to buy is the Defensive Midfielder and Playmaker
    Lucas Biglia who is a world class player in the making. He is at the perfect age
    of 23. Take a look at his video on YouTube. Notice how well he intercepts and tackles, and that it is very difficult to take the ball away from him without creating a clear foul. Biglia also has the ability to make pinpoint accurate passes
    that create chances like Fabregas. Fabregas would love to play with Biglia, and so would Arshavin who is by far Arsenal`s best player in my opinion. Wenger should build his team round Arshavin.

    I know many Arsenal fans want Wenger to buy a tall central defender who can dominate the air. I think Arsenal already have that player in the 193 cm tall
    Ignasi Miquel. He will be 18 years in October I think, and it may be a bit early for him to step up in Arsenal`s first team, but I do not think he is far from that mark. Especially if Arsenal could employ Keown to drill the defence full time.

  96. JonJon says:

    here you go…

    ronaldo better watch out…hes just a pretender to the crown…

    ive found this player on you tube who kicks ass on the wing….

    i could take you more seriously if wenger had missed out on the next best thing but lorik fucking cana????

    we are trying to offload some of the rubbish in our squad not add to it…

  97. TEZ says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh how sad we have bought someone you wanted.Throw the toys out of the pram.Get over it!!!!!!!!

  98. ATrueGooner says:

    You know you guys, that write these sort of blogs forget where we were before arsene came, and also are you the ones watching the players train? are you the ones in contact with the players 24/7? Arsene knows alot more about our current situation than you do, TRUST IN WENGER!

  99. Dan says:

    Firstly Cana is NOT as good as denilson. True Arsenal fans shouldn’t bloody complain and should get behind the team. Sure our squad isn’t as good as Man U and Chelsea, but there are only a couple of teams in world football that can compete with them in terms of resource. we’re every bit as good as Liverpool and with a bit of luck – something we didn’t have last year – we’ll be challenging for the title this year. Yes we could do with an experienced central midfielder but buying someone like Cana is not the answer. Wenger will buy if he can get someone he wants. Problem is the top players all play for top teams and cost a small fortune. City and Madrid have made matters worse by spending obscene amounts. suddenly players that would have cost 10m have doubled. Melos a great example…nothing special, largly unproven but sold for 25m. I for one am glad we didn’t waste all our funds on someone like that. Personally there is one perfect solution, patrick vieira. Yes he’s not the player he used to be, yes he’s injury prone but he is still a legend, still a fighter and a fantastic character to have in the team. Bring him in as a player/coach, let him coach diaby and song and help them achieve their obvious potential. Come on Arsenal!

  100. safc says:

    i like your views! you know your football, unlike some of the idiots on here.

  101. es says:

    Isn’t it amazing how expert everyone is. A few minutes of YouTube and you’re buying players you’ve never met like you’re the manager of Spurs.

    Now, I’ve no idea about Cana. I’ve no idea about Melo, or Matuidi or any of the defensive midfielders that have been offered to us on a plate from thickie hacks in the press. Because that’s where most of this information comes from. And to be honest five minutes and thirty-five seconds of ‘primary proof-positive’ isn’t enough.

    What I do know is that the purchase of a player – any player, takes man-years of work from initial identification to press conference.

    Sure, like many who’ve commented here, I think we need a talented central midfielder to partner Cesc and for whom Song can be first-rate cover for. But that’s just me sitting where I am without a scintilla of real information to go on. There’s only one person – anywhere – who has all the knowledge and the responsibility for deciding what the team will look like come August 15th and that’s Arsene Wenger. And, let’s face it, if anyone out there thought any of us had the ability he has, then we’d be actually running a premiership side instead of playing fantasy football and getting our underwear all Gordian.

    That’s not to say we can’t have opinions, or voice them, or get drunk, or howl at the moon when the world fails to make sense. But please … some perspective. This is football we’re talking about, and if one thing is certain it is that football doesn’t always make sense.

  102. Ed says:

    What a pathetic article, and you call yourself a Gooner!!!! Your moaning like a b*tch when there are still around 6 weeks left in the transfer window. If in 6 weeks he dont spend, then you coukd have a point. Untill then, shut the f*ck up, and get behind the team and the manager and stop putting these negative vibes in the air.

    In Wenger we TRUST!!!!!!

  103. safc says:

    and to the arsenal ‘fans’ who put us down. your stadium is full of tourists. we get 40k in everyweek real fans. good blog son, feel your frustration

  104. geoffreid says:

    Yes gunners are finished we really needed the ruskie on board not that twit Kroenik who owns a line of sports teams over here in N/America who are trophyless they just make money for the board-same as Arsenal so all you fans picked a looser thats why we are in a reccesion U.S made not russian–guys just sit back and watch CITY an The blues on tv its cheaper and you will see world class talent not schoolboys.

  105. goonerboy says:

    It is hard to take but I have to agree with you that Wenger’s prime objective is to make profits rather than winning trophies.

    He will not be sacked even finishing below 5th in the coming season as long as he can easily offset the missing money from playing Champion League by the sale of Cesc and some other senior players, who are sitting on the top of their wage bill.

    If AFC misses out the top 4th spot in the year after next year, that will not hurt Arsenal financially because there are plenty of assets to be sold.

    If the stadium is less full on every day matches, that will not hurt Arsenal financially, the stadium can hold music concerts and etc to generate income or even it can always be redeveloped if the estate market rise again.

    There is no meeting mind between the AFC’s fans and board members. The former wants winning trophies whereas the latter wants $.


  106. ian cotton says:

    So we at SUNDERLAND are lafin stock to yous, does not mean we cant attract a canny player.
    we hoy 43,000 in sol every game give us some credit……..
    we respect u Arsenal boys but reading this bit gutted

    • Rex says:

      These twats aren’t representative of REAL Arsenal fans. Just a bunch of sad internet warriors whose mothers wont let them stay out after 7pm so they need somewhere to vent their angst.

  107. Chad Doobray says:

    Wenger wanted Melo because he was better than what we have. Melo was determined to stay in Italy. Oh well, ho hum.

    Wenger does not want Cana. Sunderland did. Hmmm, but he looks good on Youtube in the French league!

    We’ve had two offers for Song. One from City. We’ve turned them both down.

    But Sinbad is probably right. It’s the rest of the world that’s wrong.

  108. WENGER says:


  109. stuartlondon says:

    The same dismal, untmittigated drivel. But you got lots of posts. Perhaps if we ignore you you will do the decent thing.

    P.S. She’s not coming back mate.

  110. GunnerUSA says:

    You are nothing but a moron and arm chair manager….got get a life and we surely dont want to hear from fans i meant idiots like u

  111. wiiiwaah says:

    Its a reason cana signed for Sunderland. SUNDERLAND.
    I repeat: S U N D E R L A N D.

    When he got a 5m £ pricetag (which is nothing in these silly transfer times) and no bigger club than sunderland signs him, he’s obviously crap!

  112. troy says:

    I am so sick of all the people calling the man who took arsenal from a middle of the league boring team to a top team in a world class stadium an idiot.
    Yes the man who manges Arsenal and has a masters degree in economics is a fool.
    Yes the man who brought overmars, petit, viera, anelka, henry and many more to England hasn’t a clue.
    Ya hes a fool get him out or maybe just shut up and let him get on with the job. If yor such an expert go out and manage your own team or else shut the fuck up its getting a little bit annoying at this stage.

  113. GoonerAFC says:

    To be honest I’ve never seen this guy play, I’ve watched a few Youtube videos…my first though, Robbie Savage! Looks like he can kick people very well, as for playing football though…


    Some guy in here,just said that denilson is worth about 8 millions and that he is great…
    Damn are we watching the same games????
    I think that he is totally rubbish,he has no influence on the game what so ever and produce nothing!!!
    We really need a defensive MID,badly.
    At one point Matuidi was an option! What happened to that???
    Now we are being linked to Huntelaar,well that’s great,but the most urgent purchase should be a MID.

    • ivan says:

      He is not Rubbish, just another 19 yo kid in way over his head. I ave no doubt both he and Song will be top level someday. Just not now and not in the played out of position which is another Wenger problem.

  115. Faith in the Gunners says:

    is that a shot at me
    does anyone even know about lorik cana? jus going by youtube videos i take it

  116. Marc, Toronto, Canada says:

    Guys, guys! Calm down. I believe we have about the best young DM in the league right now along with Mikel (Chelsea): Song. You may not accept this, but look at the way we played, with him in the middle and not at the back.
    There’s no question that Cana (pronounced “sana”) would have brought some oomph in the middle, but the guy’s know for nearly breaking any leg that goes past him. Certainly does not look like the Arsenal way. Trust me; between Song, Denilson and Diaby, we have what it takes in that spot.
    I would worry about the front though. Klaas would be great for us. We need to be feared up front. What we have except for Arshavin, doesn’t strike any fear. My opinion.

  117. FTM says:


  118. SUNDERLAND says:

    LOL well done bruce and black

  119. Zak says:

    I’m not going to shed any tears over not signing Cana, because i can honestly say, i have only really seen him on YouTube, and that isn’t exactly the bastion of all truth.

    What i am going to get frustrated at is Wengers complete and obvious stubborness towards our needs. We clearly need a DM, it is so very much obvious, yet he continues to leave us in the dark regarding what he thinks, or what he plans.

    I don’t take into account all of the “You’re going down, Man City will take you this season” bull shit. It’s absolute nonsense that un-educated rival fans pull up to try and make themselves look like they know a bit, when they clearly have no idea. When ever i engage in what i think to be a civilized debate about football, the other person always plays the “next season you will be 5th if your lucky” card, and for me, that is when i play the “conversation over” card. It just shows your complete lack of knowledge for the game.

    But seriously Wenger, you need to see the light, and then shed it upon the Ashburton faithful. We know you know what you’re doing, but just leave the future alone for a while and focus on today, because today, we need to bring in some players, so splash the cash, and bring the title home. If you’re always thinking about the future, nothing is coming home i’m afraid.

  120. jordan says:

    i agree we need a hard tackling, proper centre midfielder but i don’t think we need another joey barton in the premiership let alone in arsenal which is exactly who this joke looks like, what did that video show? fouls and misses? with one headed goal?

  121. TEZ says:

    WIIWAAH What a Sanctimoniouus Twa” you are.How dare you Dis Sunderland -Read history of Sunderland.
    God I am annoyed now.

  122. Sian says:

    Why do we need this kind of player …remember 2006 we play Barcelona with 10 men? I think Lemann have cost us the to be the best team in the world. Now if we have won that we be next to other big club and beat the hell out of them.

  123. Messi says:

    sometimes i say to myself more than 100 people have told you sinbad (BLOG EDITOR) that your a fucking useless moron disrespecting our players and manager someone who lifted us out of the ground and into 1 of the best clubs in the world, yet you dont seem to understand what we fans are advising you, if i was you i would stop playing if you do watching and talking about football because you have no idea about football let alone arsenal. Right now arsene wengers main priorities are matuidi, inler.i cant even bother to write as u have non sense in ur blog please mate jump of canary wharf and do us a favour!!!

  124. me and ur mum says:

    wenger is amug and to bloody slow in the transfer market weve lost out on loads of decent players becos wenger is to bloody slow

  125. kevbomb! says:

    pretty sure you’re all mugs, because i think the deal hasn’t even happened yet..

  126. Angelo says:

    Too right Wenger’s a mug – he’s been a mug for years.

    Fire the moron, the sooner the better.

  127. dan says:

    Right now, the only difference between spurs and Arsenal is that they are shoveling money at average players and we’re shoveling it into a vault or some one else’s, we’re both not winning anything with the squads that we have.

    Wenger not buying Cana has nothing to do with Cana, wenger just believes in his current crop of players, but he’s taking a big risk in doing so as should things go poorly for us and we drop out of the top four he lose even more credibility.

    The net result of cana moving to sunderland will be a better sunderland team that will be more difficult for every team to handle. Cana has the ability to succeed in any league and his attitude is excellent, he wanted a new challenge and now i believe he’s going to make a name for himself. Diaby, Denilson and Song are either not natural dm’s or not their favorite position, Cana was born a dm.

  128. Gooner82 says:

    U aint no arsenal fan, wenger a mug? what the fuck no other manager has made arsenal so succesfull and for finnishing in 5th even if we didn’t buy any1 else that wouldn’t happen wich i recon we will. Wenger always plays his cards close to his chest, he will have something up his sleave. In Wenger we trust!!!!!!!!!

  129. KS says:

    By just watching the first 1.15 mins I can tell you he is a very tough player….Will he survive in the EPL?

    I am sure he will get around 10 red cards this season @ Sunderland.

    Well…5m is a bargain still – I think he is better than Song anyway…

    And plus he doesn’t need to go to African nation cup.

    Well, but again if he is that good, why he wants to join Sunderland? A stepping stone?

  130. chengiskhan says:

    You know, I don’t really mind the criticism of Wenger. He is certainly far from infallible, and we as fans must live and die with the decisions made by our managers. I for one still think he is the best manager in football, but I can see how others may have a differing viewpoint.

    But one thing that blows my mind is the utter lack of respect shown to Wenger after all he has accomplished year in and year out for our club. And for any of us to have the gall to claim that we know better than Wenger (or his ‘Class A’ scouting network) is simply naive in the extreme.

    From my viewpoint, if Wenger really wanted Cana, then he would be an Arsenal player right now. Therefore, Wenger did not want Cana. Whether that is because he didn’t have the funds or he didn’t rate him, we’ll never know. One thing I do know is that if Wenger rates Denilson and Song over Cana, then I trust his judgment a million-fold over anyone else who has posted on this blog.

  131. islingtongooner says:

    im half french and watch alot of french games as my dad supports marseille and ive seen cana play at least 20 times and at least 6 times last season and he is a pathetic excuse for a player. hes tuff but thats it. hes slower than my nan, and i think stevie wonder can pass better than him. in no way an arsenal player even for 5million. and all u tards watching him on youtube stfu because that shows you only his best bits and not overall performance

  132. Sunderland afc says:

    There’s a few toys being hoyed out of a fair few prams on here isn’t there!? Hahahaha!

    On a serious note I can’t help but get pissed off when I read/hear supporters of ‘big clubs’ twisting about their players or gaffa! Get a grip man you’s play the best football in Europe at times! I’d be over the moon if Sunderland played like that once a season!

  133. tommygunn says:

    totally age wit isligton above… all he would have given us is strength but thats only acceptble at hull bolton etc…having no technical ability means we will still need someone else to partner cesc so whynot just get one better player that fits our needs…afterall we dont need another squad player in CM/DM, justt one regular. also he wouldnt go from mrseille skipper to our bench warmer unless we paid him a shit load but everyone no our wage structure. good on cana tho at least he went for a challenge

  134. safcblogger says:

    I have got to agree with your sentiments with regards to capturing Cana, i never thought we stood a chance when the rumour mill was spilling out potential clubs he could have joined. Much like Arsene has done in recent seasons i have noticed he has really done f**k all in capturing players. Are you guys in some sort of financial shite?

    You are obviously a world away from where we are right now, that i will never dispute, but i do scratch my head at the lack of signings. I am not here to gloat at getting Cana, i am more gobsmacked than anything else.

  135. Amz says:

    i dunno guys but £5m should have bid and got him surrrrrrely no???had enough of me sayn we want this and that coz we aint getting NO! amsure,fukkk dis man

  136. TEZ says:

    We got him, live with it

  137. Gooner '71 says:

    He’s just Vinnie Jones with poncey hair.
    In this 5min clip there is hardly any fair challenges; a few yellow cards and 1 goal. I want better than that.
    I wish I could ignore this crap.
    Come you Rip-Roaring Reds!!!!!

  138. TEZ says:

    Fuck it i am going to say what i think of Arsenal in football terms.For years Arsenal were always my second team,Man utd I always hated.Sunderland and Arsenal were the mainstays of football in the early days of football and up to the 1930’s were the best teams in the land.Liverpool and Leeds did not exist.So please Arsenal fans do not consider Sunderland to be an inferior team to yours.Maybe Now but Sunderland will be back-believe me.
    Good Luck for this season

  139. Damien says:

    I think you really need to just relax. Its not Wenger’s fault. Arsenal don’t have money. Wenger doesn’t have money to spend. He is actually professional and has enough dignity to protect his players AND his board by bearing the brunt of the blame that for some reason Arsenal have millions and millions of dollars, but he simply refuses to buy players. That is idiotic.

    He doesn’t have money to spend. To be honest, the board need to be outed at once, not Wenger. Arsenal fans need to protest about the board, not Wenger.

    Mark my words now, Arsenal wont spend the Adebayor money. For one simple reason: they need the money to service their debts.

    Be lucky that you actually HAVE Wenger keeping that shoe-string budgeted club in the top 4, as surely without him you would be a top 6 club.

    Get some perspective mate.

  140. Wenger says:

    You’re a mug, mate. There’s still six weeks to buy someone. Keep your shirt on.

  141. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    There is better than this guy, has to be. I hope Wenger will bring someone in, but he probably won’t. Judging from his footage he dives in too much, can’t play like he seems to, in the Premier League.

    £5m really does seem worth the risk though, as even if he flops someone will pay £5m or more for him, just coz he’s played for Arsenal.

    I’d like Inler, not sure how he’d be in this league, but he plays well in Serie A and Internationals. Might end up with Song, that’s ok, but is he the right person at the moment? Not yet I think, we’ll see.

    More worrying is seeing Denilson or Diaby in there, never seen the point of Denilson in our team and Diaby has gone WAAAY backwards since he broke his leg.

  142. es says:

    Reality check. If the reports are right … and it’s a big if …

    then 5 million …
    five million …
    FIVE …
    to Sunderland …
    that’s Sunderland …
    Arsenal, Chelsea, MU, MC, Inter, AC, RM, Barca et al …
    Is it just Wenger who’s ‘lost the plot’ … I don’t think so.

    For God’s sake get a grip.
    We haven’t a clue about any of these players …
    We’re fed nonsense from idiots we read in the papers who treat us like …
    well, the muppets we are.
    In a barrel.
    Over a barrel.
    Into the barrel.

  143. Roshan Lodhia says:

    Damn right we missed out on Cana.. he was just the type we needed… he reminds me a bit of the younger days of Arsenal with the likes of Tony Adams, Michael Keown, Steve Bould and of course Veira.. whom the latter is now in prospect for the Fucking **urs it even hurts to say that name.. if it is even a name..

    But okay.. lets put this saga behind and see the future of Arsenal.. normally i never write in blogs… but when i saw Adebayor leaving who has.. to be honest done a tremendous job for us in the 2007/2008 season with bagging 30 + goals i cannot blame him to go to another club after being yelled at by us… but then again i don’t see the fucking problem with players crying after one match of being booooohd at earning this amount of money and the amount we pay to visit the game,,, every single time and invest such an amount of time to even follow this and write about our club that we have tattooooood on our heart since we have got love for football…

    I am sorry to say this but a lot of us should be supporting another club looking at the comments i Have been hearing this season long.. he should spend money be an accountant everyone else is spending money.. we are missing out.. please guys… shut up….

    I have respect for Wenger as all of you have as well.. maybe in another way.. but I see his project coming out stronger every day every year.. the only thing I believe Wenger might be buying players is because all of us the fans are demanding it because we are selling plaers and other teams are buying in BIG..!!

    I have a lot of believe in his project that he is trying to accomplish.. having a young squad with experience in every part of the field to teach the younger generation that wenger buys how to play and become stronger and more knowledgeable with that instead of buying players with ppotential costing us a fortune…

    So the only thing I want all of you to consider is that we have the likes of Vermalen, Senderos, djourou, diaby, arshavin, rosicky samir nasri (when better) bendtner, van persie, carlos vela, aaron ramsey, luke wilshere, fabianski (great goalie for his age) Theo walcott, sagna, keiron Gibbs.. and a shit load of more.. Barazite…. sorry had to mention… looking at that and their age it is around 22 average at the most….

    What a world class team thinking about after 2 years an average of 24 if they stick.. we are unbeatable with the most potential and most epansive team in the world even better than Barcelona right now and when they won the Championsleague..

    With this I want to end and hopefully you have faith in Wenger as i HAVE AND WE CAN LIVE ON NO MATTER WHAT TRANSFER RUMOUR THERE is… we dont care remember we have our own stregth as i have explained just as wenger must be thinking.. so chin up. head up.. stop windging and be happy we dont need anything and fuck off adebayour and keep crying at man city how we booohd you at one game and tell em ashley how we fucked you over and didnt make you a star so you could earn a shit load of money at chelsea while hating us.. keep on cring you babies…

    Respect for Thiery Henry and Alex Hleb of Respecting what Arsene Wenger and us the fans have given them…

    now i will seriously depart… oh and by the way i am drunk out of ma senses… but thats when we speak the truth isnt it.. so long Arsenal fans and if you like what i have written.. oh shit we dont need huntelaaaar but would come damn handy but then again we got bendtner… but if you like this blog.. please tell me and vote so i will give you guys an update about my vievs so now and then cause yet again its ma first post.. ill shut up now haha…

    laterrrr greeetzz from holland… LOOONG LIVE ARSENAL F.C. !!!!

  144. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    So there are no good players who go to clubs other than the big name ones? Bullshit! I don’t care if he plays for Malmo and costs £500k, a good player is a good player.

    We have most of the players we have because none of the other ‘big’ clubs were bidding for them. Sagna, Eduardo, Clichy, Vieira, Pires, Rosicky, so many past and present, none of them for more than £8m and none are less than very good. REALITY CHECK!!!!

  145. JIM says:

    Why cant put faith in wenger? his arrival to arsenal brought big changes to the team, and he always do smart investment. Dont forget once Fergie has a few failure moment in MU even most of MU fans boo at him and refuse him to coach MU anymore. but see wat he brings to MU these years, premierleague tilte and of course UEFA cup. im 100% on wenger, he knows what exactly he is doing and whar arsenal need in the future.

  146. gunner92 says:

    if this guy is such a gud player..why is he worth just 5million! and why did he have to join sunderland out of all the other teams leavin a club like marseille!?

  147. Jeremy says:

    People stop deceiving yourself.Stop saying that Song and Denilson are good enough.If they are so good,why Cesc need to ask for a hard man. Cesc play with the team week in week out,so we are we to questions his judgement on those 2.

    They just didn’t make the mark.We also need a defender too.I think the club is hard up for cash really.But we must shoot the right target, i dun think it is AW who is being stingy.I suspect it is the board.

    I not sure what will fans do if we fail to deliver yet again.But i am sure the board must be gotten rid of.

  148. Vince says:

    Hey guys, do you all really think this guy can play in EPL? I’m sure he will only play 15games for arsenal if wenger signed him cause he will be ban for the rest of those game… Arsenal use to be treaten unfair by the fa, if we have Cana with us, it will bring us more troubles and arsenal will be branded as a club with no displine by the red or yellow card we receive… Please Think the other way…

  149. Harry Barracuda says:

    15 times yeah right you’re a fucking liar. You’d probably have never even heard of him until you saw his name in the Mirror.

    Sunderland buy Sunderland quality players. Why don’t you start a campaign to get Robbie fucking Savage you wanker?

  150. Nik says:

    Great, just great. We missed out on Cana now, next we’re gonna miss out on Huntelaar and AW will tell us that he wasn’t good enough to play the Arsenal game.
    Although he will probably announce that he has signed some 13y.o that WILL be a star in 15yrs time.
    Wake up Wenger, we need players now not in 20yrs time. So pull out your cheque book and BUY HUNTELAAR NOW. Stop wasting our fucking time and money on kids
    “for our future”

  151. kupsy says:

    guys, lets just face it, we have supported the Arsenal for many years now and we all know what is gonna happen but just dont wanna face up to it. Wenger is NOT gonna buy anyone. He is gonna wait until the last day to try and sign someone for 3 million pounds but then he’d do that at 11.30pm and it would be too late. Basically, we are fucked this season. Cana would have got too many cards if he played for us. Lets see how he does for sunderland tho. Who we need is huntelaar. Until we get another Tony Adams-Martin Keown pair of CB’s, we will always concede goals. So we really need to get a 20 goal in league player and huntelaar fits the bill perfectly considering the amount of chances we create. Good luck this season to all u grovers.

  152. tiny says:

    im happy wiv song ……SONG WAS MOST IMPROVED PLAYER LAST SEASON AND HES ONLY 21…..FUCK CANA…like someone said if hes that good why is he only worth 5 million and no one else but sunderland came in for him. that says it all to me

  153. safc says:

    We got him, we needed him, haway the lads

  154. dude says:

    for a guy (or kid, i daresay?) who has not a single ounce of experience in managing a football team of the stature of arsenal’s, i would advise you to think before you write, idiot. given the way you think, you would be blaming wenger for signing him (if he did) and turned out to be a flop.

  155. ayie says:

    i dont think marsielle will sell cana to arsenal for 5m…..if we really want him we have to pay about 10m…because they know we have a lot of money.

  156. ned says:

    ready to be broken guys…if he for really plays like that…

  157. v says:

    the author of this article….and the article….and whoever thnks this article is awesome…are ol shit!!!
    i’v seen the video…and the player is shit..
    and dts the best compilation of his career????
    wat the fuck..
    the only gud thng bout him is strength..apart from dat ..wat?
    and someone said flamini was facin competition wit him..
    haha..dude..flamini became who he is today only after he joind the gunners..
    and seriously…judge wenger…only after the transfer season..and how the coming season goes..
    wenger recently admited that he doesnt hv the money to spend like the other big 4…
    why do you keep blaming him…..>?
    he’s a man who’s workd wit some of the best players that the world of football has ever seen……
    and u’r trying to tell him what he should be doin??
    u r nothing but a C-U-N-T…..gt dat?

  158. Danny says:

    Another YouTube Mug!


  159. Muppet says:

    Another Muppet.

  160. The clock says:

    I agree with a lot that is being said from both sides here on Cana, in the same way that people are claiming he is a youtube player, don’t you think that the clip probably also shows every bad tackle he has ever made?
    Cana is a decent mid table level player, which is where Sunderland are aiming to be next season.
    Marselle didn’t want him to go, Everton were also after him , Sunderland coughed up, took a chance and we wait and see.

  161. Osiris says:

    You know what. Reading your blog entries makes on thing clear to me. you are part of that group of fans who jumped on the Arsenal bandwagon when we had the unbeaten season. You wanted yourselves associated with the BEST club there was at the time. And now that we’re having a rough patch you choose to blame it on the manager who made that unbeaten season possible and who is probably the reason why we’re still the team that plays the most beautiful football in the world (along with Barca)

    Really there isn’t much difference between glory hunters like you and all the “life long” Chelski or ManCity fans that sprung up when they realized that their team is going to be run like Football Manager with unlimited credit. If you want to sign players on a whim like you would in FM then go support these other teams. We really don’t need immature 13 year old fans like you who will jump ship or cause internal strife just because their team isn’t spending money for the sake of spending. Go support the Spurs who spend more money than most teams (if that is your criteria) and have been shit for as long as I can remember.

  162. Honest says:

    SPOT ON, Sinbad. Wenger simply must go. I met a group of ex-Arsenal players this week and they all agreed that Wenger has lost it. A muppet indeed.

  163. matt dred says:

    Cana so good he’s been snapped up by SUNDERLAND !! why don’t you get a life mate, you’re a fucking trainspotter with a keyboard.Yes we do need a ball winner in midfield, but that doesn’t mean we have to rush out and buy the first joey that comes on the market just because he’s good at kicking people !! Cana is no better than Song ,Diaby or Denilson.

  164. LB says:

    Cana is rubbish in my opinion, and maybe Wenger thinks so too. How about that? So who’s your next favourite that you INSIST Wenger must sign, otherwise he’s a mug? You are so arrogant. Maybe you should manage your own team instead of trying to dictate to another man how to do his job.

  165. Elliot says:

    People always want other teams’ players. We just assume they’ll be an improvement. But one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Fiorentina want to pay 8M for Eboue who gets slated by the fans. Doubt AW all you want but it’s foolish to doubt his eye for talent. And before we all jump off a bridge, Arsenal finished in the top 4, FA cup semis and CL semis while enduring a miserable, injury-hit season. Not exactly a crisis. I’m thankful for what we have and where AW has brought us.

  166. Oz_gooner says:

    The reason why arsenal wont make the top 4 next year is because in AW and his board friends just dont have the money to spend..

    Fancy talking abt signing the like of Chamakh as a possible attacking option that can be utilised from the bench..

    Who cares abt this guy anyway..he has a below average scoring rate in the french league and does Aw think he can really cut in the english league??

    Truth be told ..why havent we signed anyone else and why are we waiting this far down the transfer period??

    There’s no power , spine or courage behind the board at Arsenal so thats going to reflect on the field as well..

    Yeah Arsene sell eboue as well for 8 mill…just to build up the bank balance as well…oh and toure too..that will get another 10 mill..

    and then buy another 2 crap unknown 17 year olds for 2 mill each ..that will help us win the tilte for sure..

    Im sick and tired of this as well..

    I would be very dissapointed to miss out on huntelaar.. Just to have a name like that in an arsenal jumper would bring real anticipation and strength to our club..

    Supporters want to see BIG names ok !! Thas why we are Arsenal !! and not Blackburn or Sunderland

  167. ian cotton says:

    We are Sunderland a club taht has been through more crap in ten year than you have had in your history………..
    And still we get 43,000 average gate………
    we have a top chairman and loaded yankee and feel we can push on as a club…..

    so when u dish Sunderland on here remember everyone was at you when Wenger when he took over, just because we not with the big boys does not stop us trying…….

    some idoiots on here…………

  168. ritesh says:

    Close your blog mate, it sucks.

    Cana plays for Albania!!!! How can we sign someone from there? Its a country which has really a poor footballing record, and defensively they take a minimum of 3 – 5 per match.

  169. stuart says:

    I’m really surprised having read this thread at the amount of antipathy between Arsenal fans rem Mr Wenger. As a Sunderland supporter I don’t feel qualified to comment on the way you club is run. However I am disappointed at the lack or respect for an ambitious Premiership club shown by many on this blog. Of all the current top four I would have expected more class from the fans of Arsenal

  170. Oz_gooner says:

    Lets face facts cottonball.. Your very highly strung and so u should be too… following a team like sunderland that is…

  171. steve says:

    Van persie was purchased for 3.5 million and was from a shit league.

  172. T says:

    I only managed to watch 2 minutes of the video before stopping it. All I saw was a player who cannot tackle correctly, committing foul after foul after foul and this is who you want to play for Arsenal, God help us.

    Most of his attempted tackles were with the wrong leg, hence he ending up fouling his opponenet. His sliding tackles were all wrong, he was scissor tackling players which is very dangerous and can be deemed a foul, he wrestled players to the ground, stepped on another, bulldozed into a few, and he kicked a post a few times and this is a promo video!

    Thanks but no thanks

  173. Hirvesh says:

    Is this the last DM in the world? Won’t other be available? The scout system @ Arsenal knows way more about DMs than the names you mention from the media crap. So ffs shut up and sit tight you mug.

  174. R says:

    I’ve never written a response to a blog before but some of the comments here have got my blood up a bit so here goes.

    Something strange has happened to a growing and increasingly vocal (if grammatically challenged) minority of arsenal fans in the past few years whoc appear to have lost touch with reality and forgotten that football is a sport where the difference between success and failure can boil down to a dodgy bit of turf.

    In an era when big spending clubs with passionate fans have found themselves relegated (Leeds / Newcastle) where owners are no longer guardians but are so wealthy they can afford to buy players for £15-20m and keep them on the bench (Tevez at Man U, Wright Phillips at Chelsea, Hleb at Barcelona, Sneider and Van De Vaart at Real Madrid) that we at Arsenal have a man who managed to keep Arsenal in the top four on a tight budget (unlike any other top four team), and play attractive football is nothing short of a miracle. But having become so used to beautiful football, some fans’ expecations are now so high they will never really be happy with the team or the manager.

    Name another manager that can unearth players like Clichy for £250k to replace an England left back. Arsene had to persuade his parents to let him play for us when his team was relegated to the French 3rd division. Arsene bought who can buy Song, Denilson and Diaby for less than the cost of Darren Bent, turned Henry into a legend and sold him for a profit and with his best years behind him. I don’t know such a manager. Bear in mind that had Perez had his way, Arsene would be at Real Madrid managing Kaka, Ronaldo and the rest but that Arsene turned that down.

    To those of you venting your spleens with frustration at not seeing so-called world class signings arrive, ask yourselves
    a) why you ‘support’ a club but are happy to do a character assasination on a manager being chased by Real Madrid
    b) who you have seen managing elsewhere that you think would be better
    c) what you were doing when you were 19 – 21 relative to youngsters like Denilson, Song and Bendtner and whether it’s in the interests of the team you claim to love to slate them week in week out for not being good enough
    d) whether fans of other clubs that have never been in the champions league write in to their fan sites and slate their managers / players every week like you do
    e) whether you’d rather have been a City fan for the past decade


  175. junaid tariq says:

    i agree man.. this article is spot on.. we need to win trophies not to generate profits in expense of potential trophies.. this is insane.. 5m is a steal for a player like cana.. if wenger dont buy a decent DM it will b worst then previous season n u can say goodbye to cesc next season.. it is not his fault, it is managers fault.. he needs to think abt the team rather then making profits.. he is a manager not BOD or owner of arsenal.. he should demand money rather then supporting them for making profits.. wenger dis is ur last chance.. last season u said “judge me in may” well we did n we were crap.. dont do this again.. we r losing our patience..this is it!

  176. Mark says:

    ritesh – He was born in Yugoslavia and grew up in Switzerland. What an absolute silly comment you’ve just made. On the basis of your comment, why did Arsenal sign Hleb? He’s from Belarus who are arguably as bad as Albania!

    I’ll bet you haven’t been to an Arsenal game in your life and support Arsenal because you think it’s the “cool” thing to do. Little do you know you don’t have an ounce of passion running through your body for the gooners or football in general.

    You haven’t got a clue.

    Sunderland have a lot of money to spend at the moment, surprisingly to some…probably more than Arsenal.

  177. rosicky says:

    I speak for all arsenal fans here when I say put a fucking sock in it you pathetic whinging 12 yr old.

    If wenger doesnt buy, have a pop sure, but we still have a good few weeks of transfer season to go. Considering Wenger does most of his business in this period anyway, we still have the hope he’ll bring someone in.

    But for the time being go and get your head shaved, a couple of dodgy earrings, and buy yourself a chelsea shirt – you are no better!

    thicker than a whale omelette.

  178. SuperMickey T says:

    You are boring. Stop jumping on the media bandwagon and watching You Tube. Wenger knows more about football than you do and he knows the kind of player he wants.

  179. True gunner says:

    Wenger is an a*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Bilal says:

    Wenger still thinks that the present squad is good enough for them to challenge teams in the coming season and the champions league.Considering the amount of injuries we have I guess we have no substitute players. Inexperience would get us no where with these injuries especially our defensive side.Wenger is being a coward by only bringing in profits for the directors and not spending on players. To play competitive football he must strengthen the defense at least. Lets see what the next season brings us…I hope its joy.

  181. Arthur says:

    You need to calm down a bit. Wenger will only buy if he can get better than he already has. Judging by the price and the fact that he is going to Sunderland i doubt Cana is better than Deniilson or Song, both would command a higher price than £5 million. It looks as though Eboue is going for £8+! Wenger wants quality not quantity.

  182. walter says:

    I’ve seen this Cana play a lot of games for Marseille and apart from being booked at almost every game he also made a lot of mistakes.
    You don’t have to make up your mind on a few seconds on youtube.
    When you see him a whole game you will see he does nog give enough covering to the defence at Marseille.

  183. Moses Watasa, Kampala-Uganda says:

    A bitter Arsenal fan committed suicicide in Nairobi, Kenya, when the gunners were battered out of the Champions League by Man Utd. To avoid a reccurence of such sucides, fans should accept reality that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board are now cynical traders with MONEY and PROFITEERING as the sole objective.The fans paying huge sums to watch matches in anticipation of silverware are being “robbed” by an insensitive Manager and a greedy Board. Ironically, this miopic quest for profiteering will trigger a fincial implosion when Arsenal FC fail to attain Champions League soccer, come May 2010. it’s indeed a tragedy!!!!

  184. CARL 23 says:

    how very right you are in all you have said ,where are we getting pissed then ?

  185. AFC Wonderland says:

    Morning Gooners,

    Can’t help but see both perspectives here, this is probably due to the fact that as improved as they are as players both Song and Denilson (More so Song as Denilson never seems to get out of 2nd gear) seem in my personal opinion to lack any sort of bite, in what is arguably the toughest league in the world, and that’s excluding CC/FA/CL Cup games (Cardiff springs to mind, where admittedly every Arsenal player had an extremely poor game, but Song was nothing short of appalling). So would an aggressive player in mould of Cana not be a great addition to the team, I’ve not seen a great deal of him (Less the YouTube footage!!) but it seems he’s rarely shy when it comes to getting stuck in, and would therefore offer something different in a lengthy campaign?

    Last season I found myself having to eat Humble pie regarding the improved performances of Song in particular, as his range of passing is actually top draw, but always felt that although he has a good engine and tracks back effectively his distinct lack of tackling is always a concern.

    I’ve not even mentioned Diaby as I believe if he can increases his workrate and in turn address his defensive and attacking balance for the good of the team then maybe the Cana Argument will be an irrelevant one, but it’s a big ask as we’ve been here before, as his brilliance tends to be in flashes and often turns to mediocrity when played in the middle of the park (Totally wasted on the left).

    I truly hope that Wenger knows best.

  186. fredio says:

    if sunderland get chamakh too thats my fucking lot. comes to something when nobodies liek sunderland are signing better players than us. saying that fair play to them and the way things are going they will be a solid mid table team no worries

  187. robert says:

    Wenger wont sign a defensive midfielder, he really thinks that we can win the league with Song and Denilson…

  188. Rob says:

    I trust Wenger over Sinbad

    Sinbad is a hand job

  189. Gooner says:


    How come you are not coaching an elite European club team and Wenger is. Is it maybe because he might know just a little bit more about football, players, talent, and what Arsenal needs more than you? I’m sure Wenger has assessed the Cana situation and decided he isnt good enough. If he cost only 5m then it is not as if Wenger couldnt afford him, just that he didnt want him.

    You are the mug. Go support Chelsea or City where they throw money at whoever, whenever.

  190. v says:

    its funny @true gunner
    cz u kol yourself a true gunner and u kol wenger an a******..
    u shithead..go and support spurs

  191. pbgooner says:


    Only one team can win the league and it hasn’t been us for a while, big deal? Alex ferguson nearly got the sack before he put the kids together and dominated for years.

    Lorik Cana IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL which is why he went to sunderland, get a grip, if you want arsenal to start signing shit that you’ve based your opinion on because of youtube you deserve to support a team like spurs who sign overpriced shit to appease their fans.

    everytime i come on here it get’s worse, it’s negative dickheads like this that are making gooners look like fickle no clue, wallies.

    Get behind your team, THE ONLY ETHICAL TEAM LEFT or go and support chelsea until they fold

  192. Joe says:

    Sinbad, you are seriously a dick.
    This is only a youtube video, meaning that people highlight Cana’s strong points. There not going to show him at his worst.
    Wenger knows what he is doing, and we have a very similar player in Song.

  193. perrygrovesworld says:

    stop reading this blog and read what arseblog.com today (Saturday) had to say about Sinbad. I’d rather read the scribblings of an Arsenal supporter than an Wenger boy Arsenal “fan”. Remember Sinbad, there is nothing to tie you to the club so be like Ade and go with a club that tries to buy titles and let the real fans take the rough with the smooth… because you haven’t got the courage to get behind your club on that level.

  194. sparky99 says:

    Does anybody REALLY think that Wenger is not signing players out of choice, take a step back and look at how ridiculous that belief is. Before we moved to the Emirates he spent money every season. Yes it was restrained but it was always progressive.
    His hands are tied by the lack of funds available. He has made it clear from this time last year right up until the last week or so that we need to strengthen, with experience in midfield and defence. Just look back at his quotes after the Semi -final exit to Man U.
    As for the board, let’s again take a step back and think sensibly about the lack of funds. If they had the money available they would give it to the Boss to spend. They’re not stupid, they realise that that the blame lack of transfer activity will ultimately fall at their feet. So you have to come to the conclusion that the money is not there. Do you expect Wenger to come out and say were pot-less, as that would just invite the big spenders to make bids for the likes of Cesc, Van p, Clichy ect.

    Wenger is trying his best to keep the wolves from the door, although I believe he can do no more. Cesc and Van P were promises signings this summer so they must be disillusioned with the lack of transfer activity.

    It looks like the boss failed to land Melo (lack of funds), and simply did not fancy Cana. It appears that Eboue and Senderous are off, that tells me that the 25 million from Man C was at least in some part needed by the board and their departures are likely necessary to fund any further transfers this summer.
    Part Two
    I’m not a blind ‘Arsene knows’ supporter. Last season quite honestly he drove me mad, especially with his persistence with Denilson. Remember, his is a winner and these last four seasons would be killing him inside. How do you think he feel when Fergie sees him as a friend performing miracles with no money all because he’s no longer a threat to the red faced twat. David Dein has also confirmed were not in a position to spend as has Ade the greed.

    It conclusion we either stick with the board, keep the tradition and in around Ten years or so, end up a self-sufficient debt free club wining an FA CUP, if we’re lucky on the way. Alternately we pray the Russian makes his move and make funds available. I’m torn I will be supporting the club long the debt is pay off and I love to think we would be a big player without the debt of Man U Chelsea and the like. Although I want to be back at the top of the table properly challenging the big spenders, not just laying down and dying in the Semis.
    What to do?

    In my opinion if we don’t buy a couple of players, the boo boys will go mad and we will see a change. I just hope if it has to be done its the board not the boss it is aimed at, as we could come to regret losing a miracle worker.

  195. Singood says:

    Sinbad – u are full of sh1t!!

    If Cana is so good why go to Sunderland? Why were there not any half decent teams after him? Only average league teams were after him.

    We know we need a defensive midfielder but FFS that does not mean buy any guy that does the most fouls and has a you tube video showing a few tackles!! FFS even I can look like Messi on youtube!

    Think before you blog you clown

  196. AF2 says:

    Ridiculous blog.

  197. digger says:

    you are without doubt the muggiest little sad tw@t it has ever been my misfortune to come across, Wenger has more intelligence and football knowledge in one of his early morning dumps than you have in your entire body!
    As it has been pointed out by numerous people here you’ve based your entire blog on a you tube clip (like f*ck have u seen him play live 15 times u lying c*nt, I doubt you’ve been to Highbury/Emirates 15 times in your whole pathetic existence!)
    It’s w*nkers like u that would like to see us disband the youth set up at Arsenal and just buy, buy, buy like the chavs or citeh, well let me tell u, if you’ve been to Oxford United away in the mid 80’s on a miserable tuesday night to see us draw 0-0, then carry on, you’ll get ur wish, otherwise shut the f*ck up and let someone who KNOWS do his job.


  198. South Yorkshire Gunner says:

    If Wenger or Arsenal would have wanted him, then we would have got him. It is as simple as that.

    Just read third-gen’s blog re: Lemmings.

  199. Mr Truth - Hurts & U know it does! says:

    So what has happened to the “record profits”, “£70m to spend”? Fergie says Arsene has no £ to spend so he has the biggest challenge – probably against AFC fans & the board before the other teams.
    Come on you Gooners! Wake up & realise Silent Stan is taking the money & the rest of the board are now with him, including the new American who will generate more cash via marketing only for it to go to Kronke & the board.
    Wenger would like to spend more than he has, not big amounts, but there is no money whatever the board, newspapers or “dead AFC fans” say.
    Either bring back Dein into the fold, as Wenger often meets him-regardless of the board’s approval OR question kronke on his line of U.S. sports teams being unsuccessful to ensure (via legal documentations) that £ will go to Wenger to buy players.

  200. Martha Focker says:

    So this so called hard nut slipped through wengers hands – according to who? I have never heard so much horseshit in all the years I have supported arsenal – and that is a lot longer than I care to admit as it reminds me just how friggin old i am.

    Arsenal fans are idiots for believing all the crap they read on the internet and in the papers. Cana agent , along with every other cretinous agent, unquestionably has linked his mediocre player to Wenger to get some interest in the tosser by other clubs – i.e. Sunderland. Yet so many Arsenal fans get their friggin knickers in a clump around their nuts and start doubting Wenger. Get a fucking life losers. This bollocks says more about your fragile mental state than the talent of our manager.

  201. truegooner says:

    What a load of shit. it’s negative crap like this that creates the bad feeling towards the team and our manager. How can u call one of the greatest managers in the world a mug for signing a playing who joined a team like Sunderland for a lowly 5 mill! Surely if he was much kop a big team would have been in for him and Marseille (a pretty decent side) would have held out for more money for their club captain?
    I for one am looking forward to next year, if we can keep the same group together and Le Boss brings in one new face, maybe 2 next season should be rosey

  202. moshea says:

    Arsenalaction you seem to have a great grip on what Arsene should or shouldn’t do there. What are your credentials besides writing short snappy answers in a basically grumpy article with little or no facts at your disposal? I’m almost sure that you and your likes were complaining the year before Flamini came good for us that he was useless as well and when he left you were probably the first to jump on the negative parade. I’ve seen that finish out of the top 4 statement a few years in a row now and funny you folks have been wrong every year.

  203. cesc says:

    Hi im a massive arsenal fan, ive supported them all my life. i do have to agree with this blog. we havent won anything in ages and we seriously do need to bring in some players. when we signed vermaelen i thought arsene had finally realised that arsenal arnt strong enough in depth needed to sign some players. i think we definatly need to sign a DM and another CB, im not to sure who but we definatly need to sign them. the only thing i dont agree with in this blog is lorik cana. ive seen him play and to be honest hes not that good. sunderland is probably the right class of team for him. everything else in this blog i agree with, we need to start bringing in players who are already at their peak (arshavin was a good example and look how good he turned out to be!). ive seen veloso play and everyone says hes not that good but he is. i think with arsenals training he would become one of the best DMs ever. maybe we could bring flamini back as he is unhappy? ive seen sakho play, hes pretty good aswell but i doubt we’ll get im as psg want to keep hold of him.

    arsenal forever!!

  204. James says:

    The bloke can’t tackle. 90% of his attempted tackles are fouls. Either we would be playing with 10 men every week, or giving away 20 free kicks per game, which isn’t very good considering our defence cannot cope with set pieces. Yeah, we need a tough tackling midfielder, but one that can actually tackle.

  205. GoonerD says:

    You’re meant to support the team, not call the manager a mug and not have any belief in the players we do have. If you want to have that attitude fuck off and support the yids or Chelsea.

    And for the record I’ve had a season ticket for 13 years so I’m not some retard who forms opinions of players based on youtube footage like some people seem to be…anybody can make a player look good in a video, because it’s not difficult to find 2 minutes of good play in a season that lasts 57 hours.

  206. Arsenal_RPN says:

    Just change your favorite team to manchester, then you will talk to buy all the players with money money and money..

  207. Gooner '71 says:

    I pick this crap off of Arsenal-World: Thankfully I can also get proper football supporter rallying call from Wrighty7 from there as well.

  208. a fan with respect for all clubs big or small says:

    you lot arseanal fans are the most pathetic,spoilt,childish,glory supporting,disrespestfull,uneducated wan kers.sunderland are a big club not as big as arsenal but potentialy capable of being bigger as they are a sleeping giant with a fantastic history and massive fan base the most passionate in the country and out sing you lot at the emirates or the morgue or moon with no atmosphere.sunderland are rich not as rich as man city but have big money and big ambition and arsenal are going backwards so dont be shocked if sunderland pass you soon.sunderlands average attendances and away support is lengendary and thats with the crap they have had to put up with,if arsenal got relegated with record low points twice like sunderland would they be getting 45k i think not.sunderland is also one of the most beautifull places in the country with its castles,countryside,lakes and the sea.arsenal have north london with its dirt,pollution and concrete everywhere. i know where i would live and i live in new zealand for nine months of the year and cotswolds the rest.i am a liverpool fan by the way so no loyalty to either i just hate top 4 club arrogance even tho our fans are guilty of this also.

  209. abc says:

    don’t cry baby…you should watch his game then judegement.

  210. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    What a muppet you really are. Even fans of your own club realist you’re a massive idiot. Why not try and write properly, rather than this contrary for the sake of it nonsense?

    Arsenal are a great club, but my word you’re a goon.

  211. Grooner Goonerer says:

    Get a grip, Sinbad, you hysterical retard.

  212. Marko says:

    Worst blog and blogger I have ever read. Jesus you probably blame Wenger for mommy and daddy not hugging you enough when you were a kid. Christ you blame everything thats wrong with Arsenal football club squarely on Arsene Wenger’s shoulders. Forget about all the success he brought, forget about that without him we wouldn’t be able to attract world class players and forget about our cheap ass board. Oh no it’s all Wenger’s fault. You bloody idiot have you even seen Cana play?

  213. Col says:

    Trust me, this Cana bloke is the next Cantona – he’ll end up at Manure next season. Sunderland have got an absolute steal and it defies belief how Arsenal / Liverpool etc have let this one get away.

  214. Gooner_Dave says:

    While I disagree (again!) with your comments, I dont dispute your right to express your opinion.
    Why not do it with more class though? Why not ask the question of the readers – “has Arsene missed the boat?” instead of “Wenger is a mug”. I think far more people would respect your opinion if you had a bit more professionalism and pride in your blog. I appreciate the importance of a catchy headline and article, but to be taken seriously as a blogger/journalist you must try to present both sides rationally, while still being allowed to voice your own opinion. Its only fair.
    Fair dues though, youre sticking your neck out. If Song/Denilson have a breakthrough season, or if we win something, all your credibility is gone. I have to admire you putting your money where your mouth is I suppose! But we are all Gooners, and we are able to do better than squabble.
    As for Cana, Im no expert on him, but if Madrid, Barca and all the top clubs are looking for CMs and he went to Sunderland for 5M, I think Ill trust Wenger and his scouts on that one. (though I hope he does sign a CM)

  215. Marco says:

    for fuck sake any cunt can look good on you tube….how many tackles did he miss..bunch of idiots

  216. Akbar Ghaffar says:

    The worst part is that he said we are lookin at 2 – 3 signings more of experienced players and Cana is an excellent midfielder, just what he needed. It really bloody hurts cause he is gone for 5 million to a club like Sunderland, fukin twat I swear!!

  217. Mario says:

    cana is gattuso 2

  218. dave says:

    Wenger is a mug,, what r u on about he is a multi lingual who prob earns 50 times what u do so shut the fug up and goto play with yer winkle

  219. Gra says:

    This guy looked like just the sort of midfield player we were looking for. Right age,right price.Solid in the tackle.
    But do we really need him? When we have world class players in midfield already!Eboue,Song,Denilson. etc…… Oh,I forgot i’m pissed. Get with the programme Arsene, or we’re Fucked!

  220. Seamus says:

    You gooners DO need a player with some testicles in your midfield but Cana looks like a huge liability on the pitch. I think the mackems are gonna be playing a lot of games short handed this season…

  221. Ross Gooner says:

    What a load of bollocks, by a complete and utter thick twat. This guy runs around kicking people like Robbie Savage on speed. Do you not think that with Wengers scouting network (particularly in France), if this guy was any good and available for 5 mill we would not have snapped him up?

    I am not going to slag off Sunderland. If he is what they need an it works out for them, far play. However Sunderland are not Arsenal, they are not our level. So the fact he has gone there probably says he is not yet up to the standard required at our club.

    Best of luck for next season SAFC.

  222. Barnet Gooner says:

    What a twat ArsenalAction is? Next time try to write something sensible in order to attract hits. Commenting “Wenger is a mug” can just prove few things:-

    1. You are desparate for seeking attention (which you have now achieved),
    2. Had no idea about the club history, infact I think that you recently started supporting Arsenal when we starting winning while playing attractive football (that too under the guy you branded mug). Have no idea about what was pre-Wenger, pre Graham era. Try this link to refresh your memory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenal_F.C.#Honours.

    ======================= ARSENE KNOWS =======================

  223. Stevie Morrow is GOD says:

    Who writes this shit? We don’t need a thug like Cana – leading with the elbow and two-footed tackles. All he will do is pick up red cards. The EPL is full of muppets such as this, but, you know what, they never play for the big clubs. He is just someone who runs about kicking people.

  224. Deano says:

    You Arsenal fans think you are the only team to sign a decent player. Wenger admitted to interest in Cana, and Chamakh. If we sign Chamakh as well you lot will all be on here saying Chamakh is shite as well, because he chose to come to Sunderland. Granted some of our players are poor, but that’s down to Roy Keane not Bruce. We are improving our squad hopefully, but as we found last season after signing Cisse, a big name doesnt mean a good player, he was piss poor, poor touch, no team ethic and pretty gutless. We have to endure some dire games, watching Arsenal week in week out would be a dream. The financial side of it is obvious, you are penniless otherwise Wenger would have signed Cana, and we would not be even competing for Chamakh. If your problems are enabling us to sign these players, you need to look higher than Wenger and at your board. If Wenger cant compete in the market that’s not his fault. Fans relating fees to quality have a point but its not always accurate. How many shite players have Newcastle signed for £10million. You have the best footballing set up in the world, so stop bleating and be patient.

  225. dissapointed says:

    At £5million Arsene Wenger is crazy to have not signed Lorik Cana!

  226. LoyalMakem says:

    For all you can say Cana is crap, he is actually a good signing for Sunderland and im glad to have him at the Stadium of Light next year

  227. Thomas ftm says:

    Im a sunderland fan. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    if im honest i actually feel a bit sorry for u hes selling your best players without anyone to replace them cesc will be next :/. unlucky.

  228. TheAlbaniaN says:

    I’m Albanian just so i watched a lot of Lorik Cana’s games for our national team and for O’Marseille too. All i have to say is that Arsenal made a big mistake for not signing him, just as Tevez and players of his calibre who first played for not that strong teams in EPL but look where are they now?! Lorik Cana is one of the best MDF in Europe i’ve seen most of the games of him especially playing for our national team albania and he made spectacularl appearances, against Holland he was keeping Van Nistelroy and during the all game Nistelroy didnt have a chance or any shot in our goal at 90’min the refeere sent Cana off because he headbuted Nistelroy and during the last game betwen Albania – Portugal if u can download the game somewhere u will see what he did to Ronaldo he never let him touch the ball!
    Trust me after a year in EPL all the big teams will be after him! Somebody said that no other clubs were after him. That is not true. Hamburger, Werder Bremen, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Arsenal were after him this summer even Real Madrid were interested but its they fault that didnt bid for him.

    Check this also the game Albania – Portugal 1 – 2

    P.S Wenger always liked Cana, he invited him when he was only 16 years old on try outs for Arsenal but during the visa issues he couldnt come in Arsenal!

    Sorry for my bad english, i hope u understand what i wanted to say!

    • TheAlbaniaN says:

      p.s i forgot to say that in the game that refere sent off cana Nistelrooy scored a goal after 90 minutes when cana was out!

  229. David says:

    I’m not an arsenal fan but the facts are…

    *Multiple clubs including Everton and Hamburg, who have a very good record of succesful investment were in for him.

    *the fact that he signed for Sunderland doesn’t necessarily mean he is poor. Sunderland signed Phillips for 300k, and look at Steve Bruce’s record: Palacios, Luis Valencia, Figueroa, Zaki and Heskey were all excellent signings for Wigan that would arguably ALL have been successful at Arsenal.

    *Wenger not thinking he is worth 5m doesn’t mean he wasn’t good enough. Wenger also didn’t think Alonso or Yaya Toure, Ribery, Ben Arfa were good value, but surely he would bite Liverpool, Bayern and Barca etc hand off for those players now at the price they were.

    Whether Cana is a missed opportunity or not remains to be seen, but Arsenal fans should ask themselves this: If Cana at £5m isn’t good enough, what will Wenger need to buy someone who IS good enough? Because it seems to me there is a fundamental difference between the figures quality players command and the amount of money Wenger is willing to spend. IF, as rumoured, Wenger was reluctant to meet the 16m Arshavin cost, I can’t help but think that another Vieira or Roy Keane could come along at, say, £15m and Arsene will get cold feet again. Cana is just one player that symbolises a much larger and concerning trend- Wenger’s reluctance to spend money on obvious problem areas of the team unless the deal is absolutely ludicrously good. I understand that deals like Toure for 150k and Vieira for 3.5m do happen, but it seems that he is too happy to risk searching for another of those rather than address the problem at greater financial expense in return for security.

  230. shaun mc laughlin says:

    I think cana looked like a decent player he has a great engine and would be 100% commited in every match , but he does look a bit clumsy in the callenge, something i guess he could work on .wengers biggest mistake was letting flamini go last season and keeping adebayor , he needs to sign hangeland and sakho, i would push gallas into the DM role something im sure he would excell at. i would buy another DM , i suppose that could have been cana, and also buy dzeko or huntelaar , wenger is buying too many players who might be able to pass a ball but they cant and wont track back and put a challenge in, he is forgetting that our invinicibles had skillfull players but they also were not scared to stick a foot in, i would get rid of denilson and diaby , song showed signs of being a decent player so would keep him for another season. we need that balance of skill and muscle back in the team , for instance viera and petit were both extremely strong and commited but they also were very skillfull had great vision and pin point passing abilities , and who by the way had loads more skill and vision than any of our midfeilders at present fabregas excluded . i do realise that these type of players are hard to find but surely there are some players out there that are similar , im sick of these weedy small guys that think their only purpose is to play pretty football and if another team roughs them up they go crying to mammy (wenger) and then in turn he complains about teams kicking his bunch of poofs where was our fantastic skillfull players against man u in europe they could not string 2 passes together, wenger is a great manager but he needs to realise that pretty football is one half of the equation the other half is steel, im not too disappointed that toure is gone he was good but what good is a defender that cant win any headers, vermaelen and hangeland would be a great patnership, the reason i would push gallas into midfield is the fact he pretty much sucks as a defender and i really do think he would savour a DM role he has all the qualities he can tackle he can pass he has vision and he has a never say die attitude id love to see him in this role. also he would get a few more goals from this position. sakho would be a great addition and as for that other DM we had him flamini and to rub salt in the wounds let him go on a free

  231. fred says:

    i think Cana would have helped Arsenal staying at the top 4 for sure,,that doesnt mean they wont though i hope they do…and guys by beeing a Arsenal fan doesnt mean wou dont wach any other teams like someone said above,,,

    Arsenal have this strange policy which keeps only young players and if a player reachies a cretain age they sign only a year contract…


  232. albania says:

    i am from albania and i don’t speak very good english
    i have seen lorik cana many times and here in albania he is the best player he play very good all positions and he is a very good captain.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sunderland will be a very good team with heam!!!

  233. Raza says:

    Cana is a great player, Arsenal should have bought him for central midfield grit until Denilson and Song mature more. Neither of the two seem capable of world-class action at the moment, Cana would have been a great transition player. There were more teams than Sunderland looking for him.. Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool … and more… certainly a player with a fierce passion perfect for the English game.

  234. Lukey says:

    COuld you manage arsenal!? NO. Stop commenting as if you are football expers and let the real ppl make the decisions. If your not gonna support our manager just fuck off to the spuds.. dont forget what wenger has done for this club…. anyway… song is more than gd enough to be dm… its a centre back we need. Idiots.

  235. Cana says:

    He is the best purchase in premier league .

  236. Fab says:

    Cana would’ve been a great help!!! Arsenal needs tough/agressive players that stop counterattacks!!! and he’s got heart smth that most football players don’t have anymore….he’ll give his heart out in the field for his team!! i’ve seen him play live!!! I’m pretty sure he’ll do good in Sunderland too he just needs to get used to the english football the first few games n once he gets on his comfortable zone you’re gonn’ see that Drogba/Anelka/Rooney/ etc will think twice about keeping the ball and dribbling!!!

  237. Jaylin Imram says:

    I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read originally. I am still mulling over the opposite points of view, but I’m leaning heavily toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so super about modernized democracy and the marketplace of ideas on-line.

  238. mojo says:

    on this evidence…Cana is a Thug…!!!!

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