Adebayor misses a sitter as Man City lose 1-0

Posted: July 25, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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What a shame!! Adebayor gets off to a horrible start and misses a sitter as Man City lose 1-0…Thank you for the £25m for Adecanthitabarndoor

NEW signing Emmanuel Adebayor made a miserable debut for moneybags Manchester City as they slumped to defeat against Kaizer Chiefs in Pretoria.

More than 30,000 fans turned up at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium, but were let down by a below-par City, who ended their tour of South Africa on a low — they lost two and won one match in the Vodacom Challenge tournament.

Jeffrey Ntuka’s effort four minutes before half-time proved the difference between the two sides.

Former Arsenal striker Adebayor, one of City’s biggest summer signings at £25milliion, was handed a first start by boss Mark Hughes, while another new boy, £12m Gareth Barry also played alongside the likes of Shay Given, Nigel de Jong, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Craig Bellamy.

After a quiet start Martin Petrov and Adebayor both were on the wrong end of clattering challenges during the opening 15 minutes, but survived to play on.

But there was bad news about City skipper Richard Dunne who went off just before half time with a knee injury.

Given was forced to make the first real save on 41 minutes when Nkosinathi Nhleko’s shot caused the Republic of Ireland international to dive low to his left and tip the ball wide.

The resulting George Lebese corner caused panic in the penalty area and Ntuka drove the ball home from close-range to hand his side the winner.

City kept the same players on after the restart with Adebayor’s timely run 10 minutes in almost paying dividends, but, after seeing his initial cross-goal pass come back into his path, the Togo striker blazed over when he should have hit the target

£25m PMSL!!!

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  1. ron says:

    no point even remembering the useless fuck. He is now talking up the Toure transfer.


  2. Didi says:




  3. 46 goals in two seasons? Can’t hit a barn door?

    You seem to be somewhat confused. Never mind. I guess you need the money eh?

    • arsenalaction says:


      One season wonder : )

      And try and teach him the offside rule

      • Zak says:

        You’re stupidly deluded mate. When Adebayor’s heart was with us, he was one hell of a player. He unfortunatly lost interest and didn’t give a shit anymore. He isn’t a one season wonder as he has the ability to replicate his 30 goal season if his mind is at it, easily capable.

      • john w says:

        Bullshit Zak. If you consider the chances created for this guy in season 1 his conversion rate was poor. I won’t miss him one bit – for me he was a negative on the pitch

  4. theo says:

    Unlucky m8. Get use to this!!!

  5. chris says:

    hope your happy city got a strikers that you need to create 10 chances for^^^lol

    arsenal would av won the title if money grabbing adeybymoney would av passed to nick bendtner at birmingham!!!

    total waist of space not even a 1 season wonder cause any1 coulda scored 30 goals for us that season

  6. dctid66 says:

    Fookin hell are you guys obsessed or what – aint you got anything to write about your own club about – but yes Toure would look so much better in blue

    Move on we all have

  7. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    Adebayor played very well.

    You’re really letting yourselves down with this constant bitterness.

    Our fans don’t talk of clubs like Pompey, Bolton or Burnley, because they’re no threat to us. Just a thought.

  8. Kyle says:

    You deluded fans clearly didn’t watch the game. Fools the lot of you…

  9. kinyua, Nairobi says:

    Ade! The dancer will get used to defeat and now would like Kolo to join the fray. Shame on the wasteful player who used to get spoon fed at Arsenal. Its a liability to the club and I am sure he will struggle for a first eleven.

  10. K-gunner says:


  11. chris says:

    haha good good, i fucking hate citeh…ruining football but soon that wanker platini will ban them from europe along with all the other UN-ETHICAL clubs

  12. John E Evans says:

    To be fair to the lad, the pressure on him must be huge, finally playing for a big club and that.

    Now for Kolo!

    • chris says:

      ha ha ha ha Big Club ha ha ha !!!!


    • Sue says:

      John E Evans – Big Club – Where???????????

      dctid66 – We arent obsessed, the guy is a moron and you will find out sooner rather than later what a troublemaker he is…..good luck you’re gonna need it!

      Jack – you really need to talk some sense……make a comment when you can.

  13. JACK says:


  14. Wenger rulesssssssssss says:


  15. Metalhead says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  16. Mint AFC says:

    hahaha here we go, some arab puts millions into Man Shitty and all of a sudden they are a big club….big clubs dont go down to Div 2 coz big clubs dont get relegated……

    Up The Arsenal

  17. Mic Jager says:

    Was at the game 2day nd i mst dat bull crap playa will neva b missed hahaha. South African term shapa chiefs shapa meaning beat da fools chiefs

  18. Ron jeremy says:

    If you watched the game Adebayor was tremendous,i never realised he was such a grafter,he was everywhere looks a snip at 21 million.Not to sure about Toure but sparkys the boss and if sparky wants him then sparky will get him.

  19. the gun says:

    city fans are starting to piss me of. there club is not even up to the calibre of tottenham or everton and now they think they can compare theselves to great clubs that have come to become great institutions. city are an insult to football. if every club in england became like city i would end up not watching football. it is great men like dalgish,paisly,busby,chapman,fergusen,wenger,mourinho,capello, trappatonni and many more who make great football clubs not some arab sheik or some russian billionnaire

  20. arsenal passion says:

    I don’t know why we are bothered by this twit. We should thanks our lucky stars he is no longer an Arsenal player.

    We should be making pressure to spend the money on a good DM. Bringing back Flamini would be a start.

  21. Atom says:

    Ade needs 6 chances to score one. The issue is, can City create the many chances he needs to score just one? Ade was great that year because of Hleb and Fabregas. Who is City’s Hleb and Fabregas?

    25 is really a good business. Thank you AW for getting rid of the predenter.

  22. Ron jeremy says:

    whos gael clichy by the way is he famous down there?

    • The Truth says:

      Erm you’ve obviously heard of him. LMAO. Nice try though. Petty you just made yourself look like a retard in the process.

  23. zul 10 says:

    here we go… tha’z why we don’t tak about Ade……… he start…….. 1,2,3 go,,,,,,,,,, oh miss. agin agin and agin……………

  24. goonerkeef says:

    Fucking shame, fucking funny though, useless lump thank fuck we got rid, played 2 lost 2 you city boys are doing well keep it up i’ve never laughed so much.

  25. LB says:

    City got a football lesson in SA. Makes you wonder about all the talk about challenging the top 4. Doesn’t look very likely. I watched the game and you couldn’t tell which was the EPL team. I mean Chiefs’ coach has been on the job for 5 weeks. He doesn’t even know all the players’ names yet. And yet, they were the better team. By the way, in case you wonder, Chiefs are also in preseason.

  26. Ron jeremy says:

    The gun,your an insult to anything remotely intelligent please think a little deeper before you use your keyboard, anyway my southern friends im off for a great pint of northern bitter and thank you all for your best player,unfortunately you wont buy much for 21.35 million

    • The Truth says:

      lol look guys its the hypocrite again. I see the state of education up t’north hasn’t improved since t’mines closed, as you still can’t do maths. 25 million mate.

  27. neil says:

    my only surprise is that he wasn’t called offside…

  28. Harbdool says:

    Tank God,adewawa is more an arsenal playa.initially u shld knw dat d guy his a pretender wen he is claimin a nationalty he doesnt belong 2,bt he knws dat he is nt gud enough 2 play 4 lets 4get abt d nitwit bt talk abt d nxt DM & striker dat arsene wil sign

  29. therakebackmafia says:

    I love these stats and can’t help repeating them. Adebayor scored 10 league goals from 78 chances last season. Basically 1 out of 8. He was also caught offside more than any other player in europe. 25 million. Thank you very much :). Goldflop Rakeback

  30. Big Bob says:

    Wise up city fans, what the hell are you’s doing on a arsenal blog??? While you’s are here though, thanks for taking the lazy cunt off our hands and we wish you’s all the worst with him :)…soon you’s will know what us gunners were cracking up with. P.S elbey the jerk, the only thing adebarndoor did in the records last year was to be caught offside more than anyone else, good luck to you if you think your midfield can give him as many chances to score as what our did 😛

  31. nickynicknick says:

    Go drink your beer RJ you will soon be crying in it. You dont get much for £25m either.

    Note to self – wear plastic pants when Shiteh come to the Emirates as most likely to PMSL.

  32. james says:

    its just pure racism towards Adebayor u idiots need to stop this now hes gone now so why are there fans still making up articles about him.

  33. chipmonkey says:

    His stats are a lie, yes he scored a bucket full of goals in one season but lets equate it to chances converted, he is hardly prolific considering how many chances he has had.Man city can get used to one recurring image next season ………. the off side flag.

    Had Dudu stayed fit he would have destroyed Ade on conversion of chances, even missing almost most of the season he is worth ten times what Ade was.Personally i hold no grudge but im happy to see a disruptive influence gone and hopefully he will be a success, honestly good luck to him.Arsenal will be better without him and his constant straying and attitude and Man city may have found something better than they had.I think they have just opened the door to more trouble than they expect.

    Now all they have to do is what Spurs can’t……….. steal that fourth spot.I won’t start worrying any time soon though.Bring on a new season with players playing for the club and it’s fans.

  34. BentleyIsGod says:

    Carlos Vela isn’t very good.

    Just saying.

  35. Roquentin says:

    The City supporters can say what they want, but 25 million is obviously too much to pay for Adebayor. He may not be as bad as some will claim, but he sure as hell isn’t THAT good either. Wenger is a clever, clever man, and he has certainly thought to himself that selling Adebayor NOW at an inflated price is the only right thing to do.

    And what is Adebayor thinking? Can Sparky guarantee him a place in City’s starting XI? Obviously not, and what will Ade do when he gets benched? Will he sulk and moan? And will City’s supporters get on his back? And will he then start to claim that it all somebody else’s fault?

  36. BlueCol says:

    A serious question now, putting all the petty nonsense from both team’s fans aside, i’d like to ask about the future’s of our managers. If City don’t finish at least 5th i think Hughes will be sacked. If you lot don’t win the league or Champions League this year, do you think Wenger might leave, or at least move upstairs?

    I know how much he’s completely changed the club, and you have had at least two, maybe three or four terrific sides under his management, but that would be five years without a major trophy. Before some idiot pipes up with ‘ROFL, how lonz it bin since u win sumfink’, it’s been yonks, i’ll admit, but that’s not really the point, and i’m by no means saying we’re in Arsenal’s league.

    Put simply, will Wenger be ditched if you fail to win either of the big two trophies?

    • chipmonkey says:

      Wenger has this season to win a major trophy, many fans will not like hearing it but it is true, make or break for my beloved gunners.No matter what excuses are made five seasons without a trophy is simply not good enough.The problem comes when you bring in a manager to replace Wenger and tell him to balance the books the way Wenger has.Lets not forget without Wenger the Emirates would not have happened and while people like to bitch and moan about cash not being spent they soon forget it when they are sitting in that great stadium.We can’t have it all ladies.

      I hope Wenger gets it right this season, i really don’t want him to be the sacrificial lamb used by the board to explain their unwillingness to explore other avenues.They simply don’t want to relinquish any control when that is the very thing needed.

  37. tevmar92 says:

    Yet you still think Man City will finish ahead of us!!!!!!

  38. johns cock says:

    To say you lot dont rate him and good riddance you sure as fuck still love talking about him,and they call city fans bitter

  39. The Oracle says:

    Yawn…This Adebayor business got boring about 2 months ago, people saying the same sh*t, same lame disses. Everyone screamed for him to be sold. Now he’s gone and they still won’t let it go. Boo him when he comes to the emirates sure, why not? but change the f*cking subject until then. u hate mongers make us Arsenal fans look like sad bitter c*nts. Forget the past, look to the future!

  40. IanWrong says:

    Wenger ALWAYS gets it right, in him we trust. Well, apart from the time we got nothing for Flamini, or were forced to sell Hleb to a bigger club, or got rid of Diarra for him to move to Madrid for £20m not long later, or when he judged Henry past his best only for him to go to the best club in the world and be an integral part of their fantastic treble, or when we had to sell Cole, who despite being a muppet is now the best left-back in the world and has won two titles, or when we got rid of the ‘stale’ Pat Vieira, who then won three Serie A titles, or sold Bentley not thinking he’d get games, then Blackburn sold him on for six times that, or letting Upson go, who’s now one of the best centre-halves in England, or even to a lesser extent, Sidwell, or not forgetting that ‘great deal’ we got for Anelka, only for him to now be one of the Premier League’s best forwards and recent Golden Boot winner.

    Yeah, King Arsene ALWAYS gets it right.

  41. orson. says:

    Did someone say “you dont get much for 25 million”? Ok, heres a thought or two for you, in fact heres a list of players we have got for a fraction of that……

    Arshavin (15mil) WORLD CLASS. Even the most bias fans must agree.
    Fabregas (3.62 and bag of crisps) WORLD CLASS. again, you gotta agree.
    Eduardo ( 9 mil i think) Shame about the leg thing, but no denying his quality. CAnt wait for him to start next season.
    RVP. (3.25 mil if memory serves) MILAN, CHELSEA, MAN U and Liverpool were prepared to pay him £100k per week so he cant be bad.
    Henry – (15 mil to Barca) LEGEND. simple as that.

    Christ guys, Torres was only 22mil. Hes the best striker in the league by a fecking mile (and thats comming from a gooner). So is Ade a 25 mil player? I can understand the Arsenal fans hating him as he behaved like a cock and let us all down, so to the City fans I say, I hope he learns from the mistakes he made with us and is at least LOYAL to you guys, but frankly, I doubt it.

  42. johns cock says:

    bluecol,fuck off you ponce

  43. Aaron Jones says:

    Adebayor is a good player when he wants to be, i must admit at games i was not happy how arsenal fans treated him. His goal against Villerael was class, however he is too inconsistent.But Arsené Wenger got a bargain 25 mill is way too much he is worth about 15 mill. I do feel Man City need to get rid of Mark Hughes a manager like him cannot deal with big name players. My conclusion is that if Arsenal do not replace adebayor and get a DM we will not challenge for the EPL, Adebayor was a brilliant target man and now we’ve lost him bendtner cannot replace him. DEnilson is just not strong enough in the midfield he is a little lightweight

  44. ck says:

    ha ha ha

    im glad to see the back of that twat!

    Laziest Arsenal player ever!!!

  45. the gun says:

    man city is the biggest joke in the history of football.
    i can bet my left balls they wont make it to the top four.
    they are a disgrace, with a low class manager playing low class football

    • Ron Harris says:

      Are you being serious?

      We were awful away last year, awful, but brilliant at home. There probably wasn’t a more entertaining side at home in the Premier League last season. I accept that a season is 38 games, but to say we play ‘low class football’ is unbelievably stupid, especially when Arsenal trott out the same tedious ‘try and walk it into the net’ guff.

  46. dickie says:

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it many times again……….stupid northern monkeys.

  47. andreidagiant says:

    hey elby 16 goals last seaon, almost half, ill predict 8 for mancs may b jus 4 as he needs 5 chances to score 1 goal, fact, opta stats dont lie haha

  48. gooner_ali says:

    im a gooner and i say leave ade alone. He left, let’s now focus on our own team. Screw City, they’re not worth the talk

  49. Wilson ambanilundirombidogo says:

    Like most gooners im clueless about the game whos Ade?

  50. big mick says:

    The gun, how many balls have you got?

  51. Daz says:

    Fuck off Man City Dickheads, You hav about as much chance of finishing in the top 4 as Spurs have! ZERO CHANCE! Have fun watching Adebarndoor next season! I think my girlfriend understands the offside trap better than he does!!! LOL

  52. CHIKA says:

    congrats city, u have just signed a liability.

  53. Bruno says:

    Why all this Yellin.adebawhore has gone.We arsenals should be gratelful fo the burden the mancity has took away from us.they did the best thing so far,i cant imagine that dude in strtin’ 11 next season in fuckin 5chances score only 1 man wtf.mancity may god bless u guyss.nxt 2 season u guys ccan sell him to Mls..he is a born blick layer..

  54. SuperArsenal says:

    @ ian wrong

    i laugh at you mate yuou dont kno wat your talkin about.Henry is a god to me but will never do wat he done in the PL in la liga like it or not he is the best striker EVER in the PL and flamini is the only player we let go dat we shouldn hav.Hleb~nasri is 5 years younger and already scred more goals than hleb.Viera was past it Fabregas made a show of him in the champs league 06.|Oh and yeah bentleys playin the rest of his carrear in the spuds reserves so sad we let him go ha and as for cole hes been matched all the way by clichy and gibbs will be better than he ever was and yes we got like 15 mil profit for anelka whos finally come alright 10 years later you forget that we didnt pay over 1 mil for him.As for stevie sidwell well hes just destroyed every midfield in the PL last year!!!!!!

    Please dont talk about wat ya dnt kno you couldn possibly be an arsenal fan talkin that SHIT so y dnt ya fuck off to a spud site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. SuperArsenal says:

    Oh and dnt even get me started on adewantsmore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. conglac2009 says:

    bluecol,fuck off you ponce Michael Jackson

  57. radhyaksa says:

    Manchester city should bring all of their strikers so they can use 1-18 formation

  58. Adebayor is worth every penny.

    He’s a 30 goal man (last season he had injuries).

    Arsenal will miss him despite what they think.

  59. Jon says:

    This is directed at all city fans who think us gooners are bitter that Ade has gone…haahahahahahaha. Correct we are giving this a lot of air time, but its not because we are bitter, its because we are so excited that hes gone, and we got 25 mill for him! Wenger has smashed it and when something good has been done for the club it should be spoken about. You can try and wind us up, but we are soo delighted hes gone its funny to see you try and get under our skin. I hater Man Utd, but at least they have some class, you guys are just plastic, fickle idiots and the no 1 problem with football in this day and age. You dont support your team, you support money…football whores.

  60. rafi says:

    iam eagerly awaiting a season when ‘sparky will get a player when sparky want him'(forgetting he failed to land his chief target at arsenal -RVP, E’too, kaka,etc) will become a ranieri look-alike and become MR CONFUSED TINKERMAN. I also look forward to his departure under presssure from city, tail under the legs.

  61. goo goo goo gooner says:


  62. harry says:

    adebeyor adebayor give him the ball and he will score…..BOLLLLLLLLLLLOCKS!!!!!!!

  63. lanetim says:

    adebeyor good nice performance !

  64. Lee says:

    This report is a complete rip off form the paper.

    You haven’t even bothered changing a single word… that’s just plain lazy. Then to call it your own work is just insulting to the people that can actually read.

    Really quiet sad, do you not have an imagination of your own? with so much material on this sad subject you couldn’t come up wiht anything original?

    Any muppet can cut and paste….

    As for an Arsenal Blog – why not concerntrate on Arsenal…. not ex-players

  65. Alan says:

    IanWrong: Cole hasn’t won 2 titles at Chelsea and we made £6million from the Bentley sale to Spurs plus the £3.5 BlackBurn paid us in the first place. Anelka missed a penalty in the CL Final last season and was laughing 30 seconds later. Hleb admitted he made a mistake and would love to come back and although Vieira won titles (the Juve one was fixed) I think most would agree he is indeed past his best. As for Henry – fair play to him. He was/is a great player and left with all Arsenal fans blessings.

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