[Predictions 2009/10] Arsenal to finish 6th

Posted: July 25, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Most of you know me from the forum and I do this every season and most of the time get it right.

Before the start of every season I always predicted the league final league table.

Well here it is..And I predicted a tough season ahead for the gunners..AGAIN

This is how next season will end

1 Chelsea
2 Liverpool
3 Man Utd
4 Man City
5 Tottenham
6 Arsenal
7 Aston Villa
8 Everton
9 Sunderland
10 Hull
11 Blackburn
12 Wolverhampton
13 Fulham
14 West Ham
15 Stoke
16 Wigan
17 Bolton
18 Portsmouth
19 Birmingham
20 Burnley

You can debate this more [ HERE ]


  1. Gunning for Glory says:

    for sure Arsenal will still be in e Top4. my bet against yours.

  2. CescGod says:

    Your a prick! Why would Tottenham finish above us!? Where were they last year? Don’t bother supporting Arsenal you fake! Fucking hell this team needs support, not retards like you jumping on the bandwagon!!!

    PS, your a dickhead

  3. TopGunner says:

    Wenger and his boys are technically class above others, if injuries are minimum, they will sure will be up there in the top 4.

  4. StefanB says:

    Tottenham 5th? Everton and Aston Villa are better teams then the Spuds. And we’re most definitely going to end up in the top 4, City has many good individual players, but I doubt they’re going to work good as a team.

  5. angelic beardy says:

    Why are Man City and Tottenham above Arsenal. Arsenal got 4th last season well ahead of of the rest of the other teams. If Arsenal sort out the defence and stop conceding stupid goals then they will challenge for the league.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Why are they above us?

      Its simple. IMO they will get more points then us

      • angelic beardy says:

        Sorry but i don’t see Man City and Tottenham better than us. Fair enough the other 3 have stronger squads to compete during a whole season. In December i bet you that half the players at Man City will be moaning about not playing enough games.

  6. rsr1 says:

    The transfer window hasnt even closed yet and do you actually support Arsenal?

  7. deejay says:

    this is mine…

    Man C
    Aston Villa
    West Ham

    • Brad says:

      Man Utd
      =City =Arsenal (too close to call)
      I do fear arsenal will drop out of the top four and that it will be a dull season for the fans…AGAIN!
      If we win nothing this year, Wenger, Gazidis and HIll-Wood should all leave together.
      Pave the way for Usmanov to take over and for…the great one to take over. I think Jose could actually come, i doubt he like Inter’s shallow stance in the world fo football.
      He would relish arriving at a broken club with money (10 billion of it) and building his team complete with Fabregas, Arshavin, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Walcott.
      He’ll have the balls to add big players coz he’s not a pussy like wenger.
      That’s what wenger’s problem is. If he bought David Villa for example for 35 million and he flopped wenger would worry his reputation would be in tatters.
      whereas he buys a striker for 5-7mil and calls him a ‘future prospect’ instead of…what’s that word…crap!
      Bring on the new era at arsenal…Usmanov for president!

  8. arsenalaction says:

    Deejay…You really think we are going to finish above Liverpool and City?

    • Tittle Tattle says:

      City have a poor squad. Plese at least look at theirs compared to us before you automatically assume Barry, Adebayor, Tevez and Santa Cruz (all backup top 4 players) will turn them into a 10th place team top a top four team.

      Almunia – Given
      Fabianski – Taylor
      Mannone – Schmeichel

      Sagna – Zabaleta
      Gallas – Onuoha
      Vermaelen – Kompany
      Clichy – Bridge
      Eboue – Richards
      Toure – Dunne
      Djourou – Garrido
      Gibbs – Ben Haim

      Nasri – SW Phillips
      Fabregas – Ireland
      Denilson – Barry
      Arshavin – Robinho
      Walcott – Elano
      Diaby – Johnson
      Song – De Jong
      Rosicky – Petrov
      Wilshere – Etuhu

      van Persie – Adebayor
      Eduardo – Tevez
      Bendtner – Santa Cruz
      Vela – Bellamy
      – – – – Bojinov
      – – – – Caicedo
      – – – – Benjani

      I am sorry, but they haven’t got a chance.

      • Tittle Tattle says:

        “will turn them into a 10th place team top a top four team.”

        God, that was poor from me…

        Will turn them from a 10th place team into a top 4 team is what I meant to be writing.

  9. goonaaaa says:

    oh sorry mate i thought sunderland were gonna finish first now that they’ve got loric “zidane” cana

  10. David C says:

    This site is getting as bad as the one Myles Palmer runs. He’s a wanker and you are joining him

  11. adil says:

    hull to finish tenth? west ham will finish lower than hull??

    if u had half a brain than u wud know something abt the league… i tell u burnley is the team which wont get relegated outta the ones who have come up… wolves look like they will stay up… i bet u this much hull wont be sitting that comfortable up there… and arsenal just a week places above hull?? u must be out of ur mind….

    i think we got a shot at winning it this time after the addiction of arshavin rosicky and varm… i think will be in the top 2 or 3 and not 6th lol… ur for sure dumb…

    i bet u predicted chelsea 2 win it last season.. didnt u??

  12. Ronny from 365 says:

    You are talking out of your arse you massive bender.

  13. Ben says:


  14. Tankian says:



    In a years time I’m coming back, and I’m going to remind you how much of a fucking mong you are.

  15. Fraser says:

    I’ve heard of putting your head on the block diddums, but this is ridiculous. I suppose you are just having a bit of a sulk because dear old Arsene hasn’t bought all the BIG players you wanted him to has he?. Put away your crystal ball, have a lie down and then pledge your support for Spurs. the you can hail “Arry as the new Messiah, leading Tottenham from the precipice of oblivion toward PL glory with all those ‘triffic players. By any standard of judgement you have made a bit of a tosser of yourself today though.

  16. David says:

    You moan about Wenger but you fail to name a possible replacement. Put up or shut up you clown!!!

  17. Q-Tip says:

    What the fcuk? You call yourself an Arsenal fan? Stop your whining, I bet that as soon as Arsenal start performing well you’ll start changing your tune, but than change it back if they start getting bad results.

    Let’s face the fact Arsenal have a lot of good players that good, that most of the top teams would love to have (including Song, Denilson, Eboue), for Arsenal to improve the team why sign players of equivalent quality, you don’t buy players for the sake of it. We haven’t got the money for superstar signings, and it has never been our style. Wenger has turned an average mid-table team in to one of the best, the process to turn Arsenal into a team like Barcelona will take time, and long term money. After Arsenal have passed the recession period, we will be in a different position where the threshhold has been increased, where will hopefully will have a team with home grown players, with a splash of the amazing talent.

    Stop your moaning, Arsenals project is long term for sustainable success, not a one season wonder like Liverpool, people think that because of the end to the season they are contenders and we are not, mark my words ‘Liverpool will finnish 4th at best’, Mancitey are gona be a Europa team at best, and I can’t wait for st.Tottinghams day!

  18. servb says:

    i agree with cescgod . u are a prick not an arsenal fan. never say shit like that again. Think b4 u open ur mouth fake ass arsenal.

  19. keith says:

    I am Arsenal through and through but i must admit we are being left behind we have now lost out on Cana to sunderland of all people we have to ask WHY HAVE WE NOT BOUGHT A HOLDING MIDFIELDER ?

    • Tittle Tattle says:

      We have Denilson who is infinately better than most players available.
      We signed Vermaelen, he may not be Hangeland, but Hangeland would struggle keeping a high line.
      Huntelaar would cost 17 mil and is not worth it considering he flopped at real.

      • robbie says:

        You think denilson is a quality player do you,the tough tackling ball winner in central midfield that we have been crying out 4… is that really what you think ?

  20. Adarsh says:

    The olny reason u made this prediction is becoz u r a newsnow hungry idiot… u jst want hits..

    read ur blog abt wenger losing it (i am NOT a die hard wenger fan)…utter crap dude…u really need to wake up and write stuff tht makes sense on the whole and not only to you…a good blog will not be judged by the amount of visitors it has becoz of a stupid headline… u need to learn something frm arseblog and gunnerblog…

    diaappointment…tht’s all i feel, when i see fans like our clubs have… we are jst sheep and don’t have any sense of direction…always need a push frm stupid idiots like you…

    tottenham above us?…pah….

  21. Tankian says:

    I think this may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

    And I was reading Harry Redknapp’s comments on Vieira earlier on.

  22. Adarsh says:

    @ taikan…


  23. Adarsh says:

    @ keith…
    maybe u should manage the club and have an answer to all those questions…

  24. joe says:

    Based on what?, the fact that man city have outspent everyone?, please,there’s no guarantee that wins you anything and spurs the annual underachievers?, again please, how many years have we heard, ” this is spurs year” yeah right.How many had the tabloids said last year that villa would take our 4th spot( and why is it our 4th spot?) and then for us to power forward and take the 4th spot and for villa to finish 6th.I for one am really annoyed with the doom and gloom merchants, why not say that this is our year to win back the premiership and come first.Don’t forget our young players are one year older and one more year experienced.So get behind your team and SUPPORT them for god’s sake and stop being so depressed.I for one am expecting and WANTING to challenge for the premiership and WIN it because i BELIEVE in team .

  25. geez says:

    you are either myles palmer in disguise or a spud, either way you are a tosser… do you ever have anything positive to say about Arsenal ??? thought not, so you are a tossing dickhead. Nuff said.

    • Adarsh says:

      he never does…never have i read a positive blog frm him…

      dunno why anyone and every one who has an opinion thinks it is the right one

  26. nicky says:

    If we sign a holding m/f AND only have average injury probs (not like last season) I can see us Winning the EPL, not just getting in the top four.

  27. oli says:

    you have been saying this for seasons, its boring and fucking bollocks
    cunny off


    Stupid stupid prediction.You are to biased to understand the talent & mood at Emirates.If everybody stays fit Arsenal ll be the Champs for sure.

  29. Q-Tip says:

    Also, Arsenal lose to shit teams, therefore if teams like Mancitey, Tottingam,and all those billionaire backed teams are improving they are going to take points of all the top four, probably more than us.

    P.S. what the fuck are Hull, Blackburn, and Worverhampton doing so high up are you Fat Sams Love Child?

  30. Akli says:

    I predict first simple as that, I see Chelsea as the biggest threat. I think manu and Liverpool will fight for 3rd and 4rth.

    Manu are rebuilding, Liverpool will not be able to sustain teh momemtum they had last year. Look at Arsenal, so close two years ago.

    Mancity will be the spurs of a few years ago, lots of cash spent, lots of hype and the coach left. I predict mark hughes will be sacked by December.
    Man city have a few problems:

    They scored a lot of goals last year but conceded a lot. Their striking forcewas not an issue. I believe the amount of strikers they have will create more problem to them as they have too many first team strikers. A few will not be happy in the ranks.

    They dont have a proper playmaker in midfield like Gerrard, lampard, fabregas, arshavin.

    Their defense is weak. Another key element is that you cant create a team like a Lego house. The addition of great player does not make a great team unless you are a top top coach.

    Have you ever seen manu buying four of five tope player in a season?
    Never, they buy one per season and a few youngsters.

    Well I could be fully wrong and I would easily accept it but I certainly think Arsenal is much much more stronger that most people think.

    Up front we have two world class strikers in Van persie and Eduardo, we have three decent strikers in Bendtner, Walcott and Vela.

    In the midfield we have three world class midfield in Arshavin, Fabregas and Rosicky, and a very good midfield in Nasri and a few decent others

    In the back we have four world class defender in Sagna, Clichy, Gallas and Vermalen and a few decent others.

    From my point of view a we need a world class Defense midfield and a world class center back with height to be one of the best in the world.

    I predict that bendtner will score more goals that Adebayor if He plays up front. The key for me is the potential for progression. Clearly bendtner has made a lot of progress and will carry on. Ramsey could be another one who surprises us.
    Now Arsenal in my view is teh team with the most potential in the premier league. They have some of the best youth in the land, most of them english as well. they have a lot of talent that will grow.

    Now all of this by spending wisely and cleverly. I just hope one day people will take a step back and realised what Arsenal has achieved. We have less date than Liverpool I believe and have a great Stadium in London. can you imagine the value in a few years. Wenger like Fergusson are genius , they don t come along every decades.

  31. LukeB says:

    and most of the time get it right……HAHAHA

  32. Mcgooner says:

    1 Liverpool
    2 Chelsea
    3 Man Utd
    4 Man City
    5 Arsenal or Aston Villa

    Face the facts boys, we have no strenght in the middle and do not have anyone to hold the ball up front.

    We will be lucky to end up 5th and could depending on the draw get kicked out of the CL league qualifying round. We are in trouble and in debt….

  33. Tankian says:

    hahahah I just saw he put Hull in 10th… ffs… that table is pure win.

  34. Ronny says:

    I got a kewl scarf with my membership pack, im over the moon hehe 🙂

  35. fat_kj says:

    you’re bad attitude more and more everytime I read this site.

  36. Piotrish says:

    You utter, utter mong. I hope you get raped by Michael Jackson as you sleep purely because of your lack of football knowledge. Spastics like you shouldn’t be allowed near a computer.

    I’m sure you’ll change your tune when we’re playing well and winning. Pricks like you are everything wrong with football fans today. Take your head out of your ass and look at what Wenger’s done for this club and the quality players we have.

    Bookmarked for this time next year when you can be proven to be a border line retard.

  37. George2G says:


    Your out of order Chelsea will be 1st a and Livrepool 2nd!!!!

    But I agree we will have to fight for fourth with Man City

  38. SofaKingGreat says:

    You’re a fool… I for one will never be returning to this site to read comments from a half-wit!

  39. silo says:

    This blog would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad

  40. Pugglethwaite says:

    Oh dear, how insane….hehehe….Spuds above us, what are you taking ? be careful I thinks it’s pure and uncut….this is lazy, stupid sensationalism. Go play CM and buy yourself a Spurs shirt :0(

  41. grhy says:

    piece of crap. what a shit fan cant even be confident in the team. go support tottenham u f***** b****** .

    p.s ur a shit fan.

  42. tim says:

    what is this you having a joke

  43. Troy says:

    People why even bother answering or reading forums or blogs from people who are just loking for a reaction. Obviously this guy gets a kick from the reactions he gets from true arsenal fans so just ignore his bullshit tactics and leave him to his sad little world, where he dreams that he is some kind of pundit king.

    SADDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOO if youve nothing good to say go support or pretend to support some other team.

  44. geez says:

    ArsenalAction, thats abbreviated to AA, I thoght at first it stood for Alcoholics Anonymous, but now I know it stands for An Arsehole….

  45. A.song says:

    You are a f**king disgrace.You are not a gunner.Hence forth,I’ll ask you do the real gunners a favor by not blogging about Arsenal again.
    Go blog the spuds,U’re a fucking disgrace.

  46. machine says:

    you’re a clown.

    Seriously have you ever been to a game? my guess is you’re just a massive plastic, probably foreign who judges players by football manager and youtube and only sees games on a shitty stream in your darkened bedroom surrounded by fake replica shirts. if we slip out of the top 4 who will you support? my money is on City.
    The worst thing about the net is the voice it’s given to idiots.

  47. D says:

    Bollocks, simply Bollocks. Aston Villa and Everton have a higher chance to get on top of us(Arsenal) then Man City does. 5 new strikers don’t solve nothing if the team is still shit(refering to defence). And the fact that a team with higher chances can’t throw off the top 4, just means we’ll be staying put. Not jus that, with only a few injuries this year, being Nasri solely, Arsenal have just as good a chance as Man Utd or Chelsea of winning the BPL. As for Liverpool, I just dun see it happening for them.

  48. anonymous says:

    your a joker, hoiw stupid can you be ? spurs and man city fisnishing above us ? how would that happen ? we had arshaving only for few months last season and he made big difference, imagine what would be like to have him for a whole season…

  49. Nimz says:

    FUCK I’M SICK OF THIS SHIT!!! all you negative pricks can’t seem to find the positives in this Arsenal squad.
    Lets look at Arsenal’s 07/08 squad where we were atop the ladder for most of the season then came 3rd 4point under Man U. it is a very similar squad bar one or 2 players that haven’t been replaced i.e. Flamini & Gilberto. and you think we’re goona come 6th? your an absolute wanker!

    1 GK Jens Lehmann
    2 MF Abou Diaby
    3 DF Bacary Sagna
    4 MF Cesc Fàbregas
    5 DF Kolo Touré
    6 DF Philippe Senderos
    7 MF Tomáš Rosický
    8 MF Fredrik Ljungberg
    9 FW Eduardo da Silva
    10 DF William Gallas (Vermaelen) (Silvestra)
    11 FW Robin van Persie
    13 MF Aliaksandr Hleb (Arsharvin)
    15 MF Denílson
    16 MF Mathieu Flamini
    17 MF Alexandre Song
    19 MF Gilberto Silva
    20 DF Johan Djourou
    21 GK Łukasz Fabiański
    22 DF Gaël Clichy
    24 GK Manuel Almunia
    25 FW Emmanuel Adebayor
    26 FW Nicklas Bendtner
    27 DF Emmanuel Eboué
    30 DF Armand Traoré
    31 DF Justin Hoyte
    32 FW Theo Walcott
    35 MF Mark Randall

  50. Gooner says:

    It is clear that this blog is not actually by an Arsenal supporter. It is clearly a Spud, trying to stir up doom and gloom unnecessarily.

    But hey you might be right, we might finish 7th below, City, Tottenham and Sunderland (after all they have Cana and Chamakh right – what a team)

  51. Clockenders says:

    I agree with Deejay’s prediction, unlike this author, who the fcuk is he anyway?

  52. Gooner4Ever says:

    this is mine…
    1. Arsenal
    2. Liverpool
    3. Chelsea
    4. Man Utd
    5. Everton (unless Lescott goes)
    6. Aston Villa
    7. Tottenham
    8. Fulham
    9. Hull
    10. West Ham
    and the bottom 10 fighting for relegation

  53. dc says:

    I think we should all just agree that this guy just gets some kick out of causing controversy amongst fans.

  54. Nedu says:

    Sorry my fellow gunners, if we don’t invest we re going 2 finish 6th behind chelsea, livpul, utd, city, & vila. It is a fact.

  55. Piotrish says:

    Phaha, I expect he’s living at home with mummy reading these comments, giggling and wanking at videos of Cana.

  56. tj says:


  57. Kevin says:

    I think this may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

    And I was reading Harry Redknapp’s comments on Vieira earlier on

    Man City and Spurs finishing above us ha ha

    Go and support them you cunt

  58. deejay says:

    arsenalaction…….If you put a monetary value on the top four squads , there’s not much to choose between them, man city are quite a bit behind…at the moment. I don not believe Hughes is good enough to get his team playing for a top 4 finish. I believe (and hope0 lessons will have been learnt from last seasons poor performances. cant see liverpool doing better than last season. If arsenal can get thro 2/3rds of the season within touching distance of the top 2, the fact that they dont meet a “top” team in the last third of the season may even give us a shot at No. 1…

  59. Doyin says:

    This guy is fucking crazy. How and why will Arsenal finish 6th in the league. Even with the players we have we will be in the top 4 but with the addition of a CM and huntelaar we can be the EPL champions. Why is wenger not buying?

  60. Troy says:

    I agree DC just laugh at him not upset yourself with his shit stirring. What an idiot

  61. alb says:

    We will win the title u poor a..h…

  62. BBL365 says:

    The retarded nature of your table leads me to believe you are either 12 years old or a spacker. I am leaning towards the former because i can’t believe even the internet would let an utter cunt with no social skills excrete utter bollocks like this with no reasoning beyond ‘cos they’ll get more points innit lolz’.


  63. MusketeerRobbie says:

    Your barking mad if you actually believe that prediction…
    Or maybe you just read the sun and the mirror’s doom and gloom too much

    City may have spent a lot of money… but that doesn’t mean that they’ve bought a good team.

  64. gooner90 says:

    FUCK U……arsene knew football even b4 ur mom was wiping ur fat ass….!!! so piss off….


  65. eukristian says:

    At this point I don’t consider you an Arsenal fan anymore . What am I doing on this blog ? I guarantee we’re going to finish in the top 4. There’s no doubt about it . Manchester City and Tottenham haven’t got a chance . Look at where they were last season . You can’t build a team in 1 season . It takes several years .

    Plus , last season we lost a lot of games with weak sides . I think Wenger is going to improve that .

  66. robbie says:

    I think the reason why everyone is so pissed off is because you put spurs ahead of us… but the reality of the fact we could finish outside the top 4 is a very definite reality,we all hope it doesn’t happen cos if it does we’re ruined.Arsene wont be around then but we all will !

  67. Dan says:

    Clearly this site is run by Spud fans who know absolutely nothing about football.

    Probably work for the Sun.

  68. bengooner says:

    what a load of bullshit
    man city will have a bad season cos they have good players but they wont gel together and be selfish
    tottenham – well i dunno where you got that from!!

    top 6 will be:

    man u
    aston villa
    man city

  69. Cabbie says:

    I see BBL365 talks about social skills when every other word is a C or B ,,, The new stadium let every retard in with all these seats

  70. zul 10 says:

    this is mine ARSENAL Will win the Tittle in 89 pints. mark my wrd’s today 25/07/2009. arsenalaction,,, ur Predictions not so good as arsenal fan. same mor u call urslf arsenalaction bolg……….. no i tink ur not…………….. WE R ARSENAL 4 LIFE………………..

  71. rich says:

    prick. jamie redknapp in disguise?

  72. gaya says:

    we are all full of crap. has anyone of us taking a step back and asked, what can i add to this present team to give it an extra push maybe, just maybe we might get there?

  73. Russ says:

    hmmmm not sure I agree with that. Chelsea have a new manager so we’ve no idea how the players will take to his ideas\tactics etc. Liverpool are a 3 man team with a squad full of average players. If Gerrard, Alonso or Torres get injured they are fucked. Still think Utd will be the team to beat despite no Ronaldo or Teves. I reckon Berbatov will have a much better season. Sp*rs finishing above us? Not sure where the evidence is for that. They have 3 centre backs out and have’nt added to their squad with any significant players. Man City will take a while for their players to settle in and I think there are too many egos at the club for them to be a threat. Villa have lost Larsen and Barry so can’t see them pushing us again. I reckon it’ll be top 4 for us again, possibly 3rd this year. Hull 10th?! You must be joking – they are going straight back down.

  74. frenchchloe says:

    what a joke, every year we get this crap! when arsenal are careful in the transfer market arsenal-haters immediately tell us its the end of the world

    makes me laugh

    citeh have bought a load of naughty boys and nearly men who have given up playing in the champions league in exchange for a few quid

    as for sperz, i cant explain where he has got that from – they were bottom … thats bottom of the league for a while last season and in the end just made it into the top half
    unless they sign a load of good players they will be rubbish again

  75. nec says:

    Arsenal will finish top: arsenal,liverpool,chelsea,man utd and so forth

  76. j says:

    my prediction…, you won’t get laid tonight!

    6th…, what a pile of garbage.

  77. The results by brains and the feet will tell who is who.
    Tottenm has been spending over 50 million pounds each season
    but failed. While AFC has been selling, and using just a portion
    without using its account at all for the past 4 – 6 years, and
    managed to be in the best 4.

    Asume AFC gets no injury, the truth is that this team will scare other
    teams, and Tottenhm, City, etc will curse themselves, Harry and Hughes will be sacked both this coming season.

    AFC Pays for the fans and success, we they dont play for the HADJIS, neither do they BUY success. This is football, no gambling. Watch out
    when those foreign buyers move out, your Teams will suffer from malnutrition, because the feeders will leave you.

    AFC always, whether money or not.

  78. jo says:

    There are many rubbish blogs – but this one is the worst, written with the astute articulation of a 5 year old with such magnificent insights as to why certain teams will finish above Arsenal with – ‘they will get more points then us!’ Brilliant Einstein.

    That’s the trouble with the web – it gives license for imbecilic, juvenile, uneducated, couch-potatoes like this moron to spout crap. At least I don’t need to click on this site again.

  79. Daz says:

    Why don’t all you negative bastards start getting behind the team………..or just fuck off and support somebody else!! WANKERS!!

    When this team does win something (which i think will be this season) all you muppets will be jumping on the Glory bandwagon!! Your just a load of dickheads!

  80. carl says:

    alright listen here asshole, yove got it all wrong proven you know fuck all about footall this is what you put :

    1 Chelsea
    2 Liverpool
    3 Man Utd
    4 Man City
    5 Tottenham
    6 Arsenal
    7 Aston Villa
    8 Everton
    9 Sunderland
    10 Hull
    11 Blackburn
    12 Wolverhampton
    13 Fulham
    14 West Ham
    15 Stoke
    16 Wigan
    17 Bolton
    18 Portsmouth
    19 Birmingham
    20 Burnley

    firstly you put fulham 13th; wtf? theyve got a olid squad of consistent players and no wonder they finished 7th last season.
    secondly blackburn 11th? they were shit last season n santa cruz has been taken away from them so there only gonan get worse near relegation or maybe relegated?
    thirdly compare our squad to tothenham are starting 11 is a country mile better than theres and not to mention our depth in comparison. we also have milse more match winners than them, who from spuds can you compare to van persie, arshavin or fabregas?
    fourth hull 10th: no comment thats just guessing because hull in the last half of the season were nearly as bad as 07/08 derby. im pesuming you just decided to put arsenal in a depressive position to suit your usual depressive atitude and state.

    There ya go fuck face start being so depressed and realise that we are not that bad. By start of next season the whole squad is a year more experienced which we have been lacking. Just because City bought a few strikers does not mean there gonna be world beaters same applies to real madrid. I hope you dont have a seaon ticket cause that mut be the reason why are fans are so quite and depreive half the time.

    Fuck you asshole.

  81. Wrighty7 says:

    i’m a dick like you

  82. Martin says:

    Dear author of this post:

    As someone who stumbled upon your blog by chance (via newsnow.co.uk), I find your comment section utterly unreadable. I know, I know, it’s a football blog and one should not expect too much perhaps, but having to wade through all this juvenile bullshit from these morons will cost your readers. You might want to consider comment moderation, or perhaps deleting comments without content (e.g., “your(sic) a(sic) idiot!!”)?

    To the rest (or most) of the commenters:

    If you want to open your mouths and spout your bullshit in the comment section of a blog, why don’t you try to present some fucking arguments supporting your position while you’re at it. You’re probably confused now, so I’ll explain; by “argument” I mean reasons for why you disagree. An example would be,

    I think Arsenal will finish above Man City and the Scum, because those two teams will have to improve first to catch up from last year, and then to match this year’s progress of the young Arsenal team, which most certainly will be better than last year. The addition of Vermalen, Rosciky, Eduardo — three additions as goods as any premier club has made this summer — and getting rid of Ade, will make Arsenal a contender this year. Not to mention the little russian genius, who will play his first full season.

    Ok, I’m done! 😉

  83. robin van akabusi says:

    you’re a muppet. an absolute muppet.

  84. Premendran says:

    I think this test is write by a mad tottenham fan… Arsenal will finish stronger this season. They will improve from last season. Second or third place i predict. Who knows arsenal will win the league also… Come on gunners…

  85. Tsokan says:

    Hahaha.D motherfucker who wroter this article is insane.Minus adebayor plus Rosicky and eduardo.We hav a better team this yr.We scored as much goals as the mancs last season bt conceeded far more.Vermeleen to improve d defense.We sold an Ade who ws very lazy truout last yr bt we still hav a Vela who ws under utilized last season.Plus every player in d squard is 1 yr more experienced.My predition-Arsenal wil finish in top 2.Injuries towards d end would tell whether we’ll win d Prem.Bt 4 sure we’ll hav a trophy this season.

  86. matt dred says:

    mate, what a two bob cock you really are !! you honestly believe that city and tottenham squads are better than ours ?

  87. LEE says:

    my prediction(top 8)
    man united
    man city
    aston villa

    if we strengthen our defense more and dont get loadz of injuries i think we can challenge for the league. bit wenger must start spending that 25 mil soon. fingers crossed

  88. adam says:

    man uited
    man city
    aston villa

  89. Osiris says:

    I think Arsenal Action’s abbreviation AA stands for Anti-Arsenal and Anti-Arsene. This is the most f-ed up prediction I have ever seen and the best part is there is over a month remaining in the transfer window. Seriously, do the world a favor and STFU. I am now certain beyond all doubt that you’re not a Gunner fan.

  90. dizzy says:

    you are a true prick. you must be a spud on a wind up. dont go near an arsenal game mate. we dont need cunts like you near our ground. i really think we will win the leauge this term

    • Osiris says:

      I don’t think he goes to Arsenal games considering he’s watched Cana live about 15 times….probably spends more time watching OM

  91. Gooner1995 says:

    Dear author

    Your a fake a twat and a complete idiot who shuold go write for spurs all you write is about how wenger should leave why dont you concentrate on LEAVING YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. tevmar92 says:

    What is the point of being so negative. So that when we do better it feels much better as you were’nt expecting it.

    How about this, Sinbad.

    If Arsenal win the league this season – You stop writing this blog?

  93. GOONER says:


  94. arsenalman says:

    fuck off you mug. why are spurs going to finish above us this year? stupid prick sort it out. you are supposed to be an arsenal fan. look at the attacking players we have: arshavin, van persie, bendtner, eduardo, fabregas, walcott. they are all first class. sort it out you arsenal hating prick

  95. Jeremy says:

    Anyone took notice of Sunderland had actually been taken over by some rich guy too?So not surprise to see we lost out to them on Cana. As for Chamakh, guess he was so eager to join them also because of the money factor. What makes those 2 different from Adebayor?

    I would rather they not be given chance to disgrace our shirt. http://www.goal.com/en/news/8/main/2009/07/25/1402751/if-all-you-care-about-is-money-then-you-sign-for-manchester-city-

  96. ramu says:

    first thing i get seeing dis predictions is a smile…i just cant stop my self to this fallen crap and shit…u knw wat man city wont finish in the top 6…forget top 4..tottenham are gud but not as gud as the gunners are..wer the f**k have dese teams come ahead of arsenal..i do think we will challenge for the title this season as we did the season before…
    who the hell predicted dis…has he got any footballing shit(sense) in his head..any way we r always gud as underdogs..and i hope arsenal will win BPL this season with the help of van,andre,fab and co…
    wenger will proove ur fucking crap wrong..don worry…

  97. Yonan says:

    If anyone else says top 4 again I will gladely stab him to death and go to jail happy. WE NEED TO WIN THE FUCKING PL NOT FINISH IN THE TOP 4. FUCK WENGER AND HIS BRAINWASHING TACTICS!

  98. Kehsihba says:

    2.Liverpool(6 points below)
    4.Man U
    6.Man City

  99. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    Ha. What a dick.

  100. edgaraurelius says:

    Haha what a joke, if you’re going to place the Gunners outside of the top 4, at least put teams that have a chance of competing with the Big 4 like Everton, don’t put Tottenham for god’s sake. Don’t tell me you buy into this whole 8 games, 2 points, one hero B.S. the Spuds have going on?

  101. lennie g says:

    I really am impressed with your knowledge of the premier division, you seem to have it spot on apart from Wolves finishing above Fulham. Get a life you twit.

  102. 26may1989 says:

    Got to say, I agree that some of your predictions are a bit off the wall. How you have Spurs doing better than us, Everton and Villa is weird, and City’s squad is so obviously lop-sided, I’m surprised anyone falls for the hype. Anything above 8th is an achievement for them. And how you can’t see that Fulham, West Ham and Wigan are going to do much better than Hull, who far from being top-half candidates will more likely end up near the bottom for me.

    As for us, we’ll do a lot better than a lot predict – the top four are close, and with a bit of luck (meaning no nightmare injury season), we’ll be contenders. With Man U weakened and Liverpool still with too much dross in the squad, I see the Chavs edging it. But we’ll have our chances.

    My prediction:

    1. Chelsea
    2. Arsenal
    3. Man U
    4. Liverpool
    5. Aston Villa
    6. Everton
    7. Man City
    8. Spurs
    9. Sunderland
    10. Fulham
    11. West Ham
    12. Wigan
    13. Bolton
    14. Stoke
    15. Blackburn
    16. Birmingham
    17. Portsmouth
    18. Wolves
    19. Hull
    20. Burnley

    • kev says:

      the only reason we got 4th last season is because Villa went into absolute free fall

      otherwise we would already be awaiting the Europa cup draw or whatever they call the wafer cup these days

      the squad has yet to be improved and judging by the stories appering on the OS about the credit crunch and internal solutions i doubt anymore will be arriving

      spuds wont finish above us while i have got a hole up me arse but howe anyone can say with any certainty we will definately finish above Everton, Villa or Man city is beyond me

      We will not finish in the top 4 with this squad, we are lucky to have CL football this season, i seriousley doubt that Vermalaen is the missing piece of the jigsaw and i would not be surprised if we sold Toure and Eboue before the season starts

      untill the American or the russian buy us out we will continue on this downward spiral because we dont invest in our team we year on year weaken it whilst those below us strengthen

  103. murtuza says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if arsenal win the BPL 2009/10
    1. man utd (no ronaldo n tevez)
    2. lpool (only 2 man show gerrard n torres)
    3. chelsea (new coach but can’t expect him to be mourinho)
    4. and last but not least

    the world is yet to see a starting 11 consisting of rosicky, fabregas, nasri, vparsie n arshavin
    and with walcott n eduardo on the bench it is going to be a dream team for any manager in the world.

  104. aisha says:

    my top 4 are:
    1. Arsenal
    2. Chavs
    3. Manure
    4. Liverpoo + thug Gerald

    My prediction is that City will sack hughes within the first 2 months.
    Tottenscum top 8.

  105. siddhu says:

    ok…let’s just put things in perspective

    last season, end of December, we were 3 points of Aston Villa, we were facing an injury crisis – Fabregas, Adebayor, Walcott injured for a period of about 3 months, add to that the long term absence of Eduardo and Rosicky

    what we did was, we embarked on a 29 game unbeaten run in all competitions, and without another injury crisis, this time concerning the defense (Almunia, Gallas, Clichy, Djourou, Sagna), we might well have extended the run

    admittedly this year we are still one short in central midfield, but we have moved to strengthen our defense, and i think we have enough depth in the striker position

    i think 2nd position in the Premier League, plus one trophy is going to be ours this season

  106. elkanofan says:

    1 Liverpool
    2 Man Utd
    3 Arsenal
    4 Chelsea
    5 Everton
    6 Tottenham
    7 Sunderland
    8 West Ham
    9 Aston Villa
    10 Wigan
    11 Bolton
    12 Man City
    13 Portsmouth
    14 Stoke
    15 Fulham
    16 Wolverhampton
    17 Burnley
    18 Blackburn
    19 Birmingham
    20 Hull

    City have too many mercenaries to be worthy of anything. By december most of the players will be moaning and not trying and i can see Robinho leaving this season.

    Barry and Ireland are good but not on the level of a Fabregas, Gerrard, Giggs etc.. and wont be able to cope with the demands of running the midfield
    Hugues will go, the question is when? The squad is still terribly unbalanced and there are too many players, itw will be a poor season for City.

    I have a feeling the scousers will win the title if Torres and Thug Gerrard stay fit. Arsenal to win FA Cup? Chelsea to sack Anchelloti at end of season after falling out with players (Drogba, Lampard etc…)

    Hull will do a derby 🙂

  107. smudger says:

    Spurs above Arsenal! You fucking muppet.

    Then again, your article claiming Lee Cattermole is perfect for Arsenal just sums up what a know-nothing fuckwit you clearly are.

    Stop blogging, please. You’re embarassing yourself.

  108. Man United – valencia, berbatov and rooney must spark
    Chelsea – very inconsistent but good defence, can ancelotti survive?
    Liverpool – all depends on gerrard and torres, very poor defence
    Man City – key forwards will prove crucial, defence still a worry
    Arsenal – french cant play in rain, their hair gets wet, january…
    Tottenham – best attacking football style in europe currently
    Everton – low scoring reliable wins, yakubu the key to victory
    Aston Villa – will gain momentum before christmas again
    Fulham – turns draws into wins, great midfield
    West Ham – have great away record at end of seasons
    Wigan – great youth, but lost several stars
    Birmingham – plenty of new sighnings, depth
    Sunderland – manager that can win derbies
    Blackburn – experience will pull them through again
    Hull – slow boring draws will prove crucial
    Wolves – dangerous upfont, will score goals
    Stoke – solid defence + rory delap
    Bolton – no goalscorers, no-one reliable in defence
    Burnley – new to prem lge, not many new signings
    Portsmouth – in administration, losing key players

  109. adaminho says:

    crazy talk, liverpool are weakest team and squad of top 4 one good striker one good midfield that’s it. arsenal will be op 3 for sure maybe title, man utd always have refs to help them gain points. chelsea are strong but not amazing. arsenal can cope with injuries now even if fabrigas gets hurt there is arshaven, rosicky to be just as good passers plus song, diaby, nasri for hard midfield work. Vermaelen has fixed def problems. since ade and toure left we are now a team not individuals

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