[VIDEO] Do Arsenal Need A Manager Like John Sitton?

Posted: July 25, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Maybe its time for a totally different approach

What pisses me off about Wenger the most is not his lack of spending or the lies he tells the fans or his negative 4-5-1 tactics or not even the fact he dropped Arshavin for the FA Cup semi final..Its the fact he treats us fans like knobbers.

We lose to Stoke and Hull and wenger comes out and says

“We showed a great passion and spirit”

NO Wenger we didn’t…I’m sick of his same old excuses.

“The other team didnt allow us to play”
“They came and played 4-5-1 and didn’t want to attack and just played the counter attack”
“The ref didn’t protect my players”
“We looked Jaded”

Well maybe we need a manager like the legendary John Sitton.
A man who will speak the truth and say it how it is…


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  1. Muppet says:

    Another ludicrous post. Are you sure you are not a spuds or chavs fan ?

  2. Abhishek says:

    I’m sorry, but do you run an Arsenal blog, or an Anti-ArseneWenger blog?

    When will you ever realise that your drivel will never be taken seriously?

    Grow up!

  3. geez says:

    give it a rest you moronic piece of crap, talk about some other club you also no nothing about

  4. Ben says:

    Sinbad, do you actually support Arsenal? Every time I read your blogs you attack the manager or the players?

  5. Deebouk says:

    So good a manager was this taxi driver that he followed his superb managerial into non-league.

  6. thenry says:

    Wenger is here to manage the team not listne to fans.
    you really are a stupid MORON i bet u are one of the jonnycumlately glory hunting fans.
    i hope so called fans like you fuk off and support another club.
    imagin a little virus like you has the terminity to critisice Wenger.
    do you think football clubs are run by the wishes of football fans.
    how on earth can you ccall arsenal formations boring? I HATE IT WHEN BRAINLESS MORONIC SO CALLED FANS CRITISICE THE BEST MANAGER WE HAVE HAD.

  7. geez says:

    had enough of you now, your posts are just a waste of mine and everybody elses time so dont bother to post any more cos I wont read them… what a tosser you are, goodbye and good riddance.

  8. Arsefan says:

    Honestly, this is the worst Arsenal blog I’ve ever read and you’ve some serious competition there.

    What a success John Sitton was with that approach. Offering to fight his own players. It’s what helped him win the Champions League and manage top clubs. Idiots.

  9. Tim says:

    I love your blog man

  10. PSL says:

    How old are you my friend?

    I’ve gone through a couple of your posts, and its pretty evident that you can’t be more than 15 (and I don’t mean no offence to 15 year olds).

    The ‘legendary’ John Sitton is a 50 year old disgruntled nutcase, whose resume boasts of managing ‘great’ clubs like Leyton, Enfield and Leyton again. Quite a impressive list I must say.

    Your antics are quite hillarious. From moaning over the fact the the great Lorik Cana signed for the Black Cats (which says a lot in itself), to how you’ve ‘proved’ beyond doubt that Arsenal are going to finish 6th (with Tottenham at 5th).

    It’s obvious that you dont like Mr. Wenger, and you’re well within your right not to.

    Amazing how Newsnow has made people like you popular.

    Folks, lets discard all that Wenger has done for us and heed the advise of a kid who has a blog. Yup thats what we should do.

  11. ArtFulGooner says:

    What they said!!!

  12. Hirvesh says:

    Seriously, you’re a fuckin’ twat…

  13. K-gunner says:

    You people dont get the point..this blog is a comedy show. We’re supposed to visit when we are tired of lunacy and want to see a lil bit of idiocy. Because, really, it takes an idiot(or better still, moron) to run an anti-club blog like this..Keep up the good work fool, cashley and rat face bentley will be proud of you.

  14. Sam says:

    I have to say I agree with the above comments. I cannot believe a fellow arsenal ‘supporter’ can be so negative. It’s depressing.

    Although you are of course entitled to your opinion, it is so wrong that it just frustrates me to the core!!!

    Please consider being a little less blinkered, and a touch more positive about the state of our club on your blog… And we may consider reading it!

    Nevermind Wenger’s stubborness, it’s about time you upped your game fella.

    Come on Arsenal!!

  15. gonner4life1986 says:

    rename ur site = we hate arsenal

  16. gunnerhead says:

    You’re a fucking retard. Get fucked you dumb piece of shit. How do you know what Arsene says or doesn’t say in the dressing room? This is Arsenal! Not Leyton Orient! We don’t have cameras in the dressing room and we sure as fucking hell don’t need you as a fan in the stands or wherever the fuck you watch the games.

  17. jkjbn says:

    u are a fool. wenger is the manager. kill urself if u want.

  18. Adarsh says:


  19. Adi says:

    Well this blog is differnt…Thanks for the laugh

  20. Blackstock says:

    John Sitton is a lightweight, he couldn’t manage a fucking table-football team.

  21. Allan says:

    I loved your post. I thought it was awesome. You are awesome.

  22. Enter Sandman.... says:

    Mate…. I have never been so pissed off with someone I have never met… how old are you 12?

    Let’s just say for arguments sake there has been a restriction on the amount of money we can spend, which there undoubtedly has… there is not ANY manager not Mourinho, Ferguson ANYONE that could have kept us in the top four like Wenger has!!!

    Question… Are you stupid?… you don’t need to take your time to consider the answer as it is entirely rhetorical.

    This will be the last time I read this Blog so congrats on losing a reader who has been loyal to you for all of twelve hours…

  23. lee says:

    The shite on this site is hilarious. on behalf of the entire net, please f*** off.

  24. Wrighty7 says:

    i like this site – we both agree on the spurs finishing 4th nice one fela

  25. Mike says:

    Jesus Sinbad. You know nothing about negotiations, nothing about diplomacy, nothing about economics, nothing about man management and seemingly nothing about Arsenal. Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut if shit is all that comes out of it.

    Ever thought that the reason you feel like a knobber is because you actually are…………….

  26. bob says:

    You plank

  27. andy says:

    sinbad sort it out ur i hate wenger jibe aint needed when we win a cup this season lets see what u write then

  28. LEE says:

    wot a retard! arsene wenger was actually voted the best manager ever by the public!(ferguson came second! ha!) so we have the best manager in the world! he is irreplaceable!!!!!1

  29. Gooner says:

    Sinbad, please go support another club, you are an embarassment to yourself and your parents.

  30. True Fan says:

    Well said! I’m so sick of these so called arsenal fans always having a pop a arsene. The mans a genius!! U go to any other club and they’d love to have him as there manager.

    Do u honestly thick he does’nt know a good defensive midfielder when he sees on (Viera, petit, gilberto, diarra) the list goes on. So if he thinks song and denilson can do a job then they can do a job!!

    Yes he is after a new dm but he will only bring one in if they are of the right quality and are going to better than what we have, not just for one season but many to come.

    Poster i think ur right when u say these negative comments are mainly from teenagers and newcomers cause i really dont think the true arsenal fans that have supported the team before wenger arrived think this way.

    This guy is a absolute ledge and my hero! People need to look beyond the here and now and see the dynasty he is building. Everyone moans about the way we always go after young up and coming footballers but i think its the way forward. We dont have the money to spend £30mill on a player (yet, that will happen when the stadiums paid for) so he gets them in young, teaches them the arsenal way and if they make it, they go into the first, if not sold and we get a profit. Does’nt mean where a selling club its just good business

    If Arsene can stay here for another 3-5 years the next manager to come in will have such a great nuculas of talent to choose from, think frimpong, wilshire, vela, ayling, ozzie, and trust me these will make it. Thjs is also good for england as we dont have any players with real guile like a nasri or ashavin.

    I’ll be posting this on other arsenal blogs to drum home to all u fickle arsenal fans.

  31. Osiris says:

    Hey sinbad…Judging by the way you hate wenger and the way you sound like a spoilt 13-16 year old…I have a question for you — are you a disgruntled wannabe gunner who got rejected by Wenger at the Youth Academy from playing for the team that now you have a vendetta against him and any other young central midfielder on the team.

  32. John says:

    good post- well said. think he shud the next manager. U are great, keep it up.

  33. MikeSA says:

    “Its the fact he treats us fans like knobbers.”

    Are you trying to claim that you aren’t?

  34. MikeSA says:

    The veritable 2 by 4 of the knife draw……………………….

  35. Jon says:

    Yes, we need to get rid of a manager who’s won us three league titles, two doubles, an unbeaten season and got us to a the final of the European Cup for the first time in our history and then replace him with a manager who peaked at Leyton Orient, because we’ve always been jealous of their success.

    Do you even stop to think what a nob you’re going to look before you start typing? I mean, really, do yourself a favour, put the computer back in the box it came in, take it back to the shop you bought it from, get your money back on the grounds that it was unethical of them to sell it to someone who was patently too stupid to own one.

  36. Dubs says:

    Infantile rubbish. Fuck off and support Chelscum, you twat.

  37. goonergerry says:

    If you believe that this approach works for top sportsmen you need to go back to kindergarten. No we don’t need a moron for a manager.

  38. 26may1989 says:

    I’d like not to insult you Sinbad, but Arsenal fans who are ungrateful to Wenger really piss me off. There is simply no other manager around who could have kept us competitive with no money to speak of, with a long-term investment in the club’s infrastructure AND done while keeping the club sustainable. Ferguson is a great manager but he couldn’t have done it, nor could Capello, Ancelotti, Benitez, Guardiola etc etc.

    As for “lying to the fans”, he is a players’ manager – he will always back his players because keeping their loyalty is part of how he gets the best out of them. Even a turncoat like Hleb (like Anelka before him) has come out and acknowledged the level of support the players get from Wenger. And he’s not the only one – Mourinho, Fergie and Benitez do exactly the same thing, often taking the flak themselves to deflect it from the players. About the worst thing Wenger has done is not come out and explain that there is no real money.

    The problem at Arsenal is the noisy minority of fans like you – you forget that we’ve no divine right to be at the top of English and European football; it’s only seemed that way in the years we’ve had Wenger. But your inability to see that keeping us in the top four while we’ve got no money is a major, major achievement. YYou all go on about winning a trophy, like winning a League Cup or FA Cup would have made a difference. What matters is being contenders for the league (which we have been most seasons, and came close to winning it in 2008) and the CL (semis last year, final in 2006 etc).

    Frankly, I think Wenger is too good for the loud whingeing minority at Arsenal. Driving Wenger out prematurely would be the surest way to pushing Arsenal out of the top four (we’d see an exodous of all those players we all idolise, and players would be reulctant to join a Wenger-less Arsenal). We’ll have to say goodbye to him one day, but that should be a managed process. The man is a hero, I just regret there are so many around who are quite frankly too thick to appreciate what the man has done and is continuing to do for us.

    I respect your right to express your views, just a shame they are such shit.

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