[Video] Lee Cattermole is just what Arsenal need

Posted: July 26, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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When i saw we were linked with Lee Cattermole i started to get a warm feeling inside.

This is just what the doctor ordered, Cattermole is a nasty DM player who will put his foot in and make some crunching tackles ala Flamini. And the lad can play, Good range of passing and a great long range shoot.

Lets hope this is true and Wenger brings Cattermole to Arsenal. I would think that a £7m bid would be enough to bring the England U21 star to the gunners.

How many times have we been beaten in recent years due to the other teams being too physically for us? Well with a player like Cattermole in the team we would certainly be more aggressive.

I like him..Do it Wenger ” PLEASE ”

Lee Cattermole
Personal information
Full name Lee Barry Cattermole
Date of birth 21 March 1988 (1988-03-21) (age 21)
Place of birth Stockton-on-Tees, England
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Playing position Defensive midfielder
Club information
Current club Wigan Athletic
Number 4
Youth career
1998–2005 Middlesbrough
Senior career1
Years Club App (Gls)*
Wigan Athletic
69 (3)
33 (1)
National team2
2007– England U21 14 (2)

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  1. Neo says:

    He wasn’t even the best holding midfield player in the England U21 squad, when we played with two!!!!! Which is depressing cause Muamba was the better of the two and we sold him!!!

  2. Joe says:

    “When i saw we were linked with Lee Cattermole i started to get a warm feeling inside”


  3. Gregor says:

    Are you serious?

  4. John says:

    I agree would be a brilliant signing. plus hes got leadership skills he was captain at boro at 16! Hes got premiership experience hes been playing for what 4-5 years. Hes definitely what we need. Hes very good at intercetptions and tackles. And hes very passionate and gives his all

  5. Tom14 says:

    Not better than Denilson, but would be a good squad option. Could happen.

  6. John says:

    No Cattermole was better than Muamba. Out of mumba, noble he was techically the best.

  7. matt says:

    looks alright but he isnt going to have the experience that we lack..

    • arsenalaction says:

      He has the experience of playing in the premier league mate. That’s better then signing a player from euro who will take time in adjusting

  8. Goonerboy says:

    He is better than Denilson, definitely.
    Also has good premiership experience.
    Would be a great signing indeed.

  9. Adarsh says:

    Oh…earlier it was ‘CANA IS JUST WHAT WE NEED’ and now that rumours arise abt LEE CATERMOLE, u jst replace few words in the headline…

    Brilliant blogging dude….fuckin twat

  10. Wasi says:

    I thought we needed experience? Too young in my liking. Not as good as Denilson and Song. Wenger knows best

  11. A says:


    Lee cattermole is nowhere near, and will never be anywhere near enough to play for us! Slow, immobile, all he is is dirty! Crap on the ball, no footballing intelligence or reading of the game, very average engine, he’s just nothingy! It’s one of the silliest rumours there has been, Denilson and Song are far better than him, and that’s not saying that they’re amazing, just that Cattermole is NOWHERE near good enough for us.

    • arsenalaction says:

      So Cattermole is 2 slow and Song isn’t?

      Song plays football like old people make love..In other words “SLOW”

  12. Ed says:

    If thats the best clip you can find of Lee Cattermole it probably tells you everything you need to know about him. Not Arsenal class. You don’t have to be a thug to be a good defensive midfielder

  13. abc says:

    Denilson better than him thousand miles.

  14. Atom says:


    He’s better than Denilson at the DM position. He’s a natural DM not a converted DM like Denilson.

    Denilson is lightweight and don’t have the pace to track back yet he always ventures upfront.

    Denilson does not put his foot in and get bullied when we play against the big boys and and he’s shown his weakness against Spurs, Manu, Chavski and Pool.

    Denilson’s passing is concentrated in sideways and backways which doesn’t help counterattacking play.

    I like Denilson but if we are looking up to him to partner Cesc to get us a silverware then we will be disappointed once more.

  15. arsenalaction says:

    So everybody now thinks Denilson is god!!

    What a joke

    • ivan says:

      No, Its just that he has more SKILL and potential..Why on earth re you banging the drum for ANOTHER UNFINISHED PRODUCT.
      (im getting sick,,,again)

    • Michael Staley says:

      Where has Denilson been referred to as god?

      Perhaps you have an over-active imagination.

      • arsenalaction says:

        HAHAHA..Negative negative…I’m a realest

        I dont think we are going to win the league just because we are Arsenal and i dont think the likes of Denilson Song and Diaby are good enough.

  16. Tom14 says:

    Denilson is nothing like Cesc. Do you watch football?

  17. arsenalfan says:

    no no no he does not fit the style of play sorry to say

    • arsenalaction says:

      And thats the problem. Our style is soft as shit… We need a player like this

      • ivan says:

        We need a player LIKE this…just not this player.

      • arsenalaction says:

        Then who Ivan?

      • ivan says:

        He isnt any better then what we got.If anything he would provide depth..I would love being proved wrong on this. I have seen this kid play a few time and i have never sat up and took notice. 7 mil??…and we didnt get Cana for 5?..Dont hold your breath.
        One rumor and were all up in arms…This is torture.

  18. si says:

    Ive been saying this for ages tough tackling tenacious midfielder loves this guys attitude alot of heart when he play make some of are foreigners toughen up! Please sign this boy he is young and bloody english so needs to happen!! Muamba is a clumsy lanky bum and i think we already have 1 them which is diaby so dnt start saying why we didnt keep him lol remind me of a young bryan robson!!

  19. ivan says:

    Arsenalaction> quick one for ya..Do you think Eboue should be sold?

    • arsenalaction says:

      I like Eboue as a RB..Very good attacking fullback. He is not a winger and i feel sorry for the lad when people have a go at him.

      But to answer you.. I would sell him for the money and invest that in other areas

      • ivan says:

        I agree but only to be sold IF the money would be spent. We all know better the that. Keep him as he is one of the most versatile in the squad and it does seem like his problems have been ironed out. (diving, hysterics etc.)

      • arsenalaction says:

        Djourou can cover RB so might aswell let Eboue leave

  20. Adom says:

    Sinbad, How old are you?

  21. ivan says:

    If this guy is any good why would Wigan let him go?..They are in danger of relegation.

  22. tom says:

    you seriously think cattermole is what arsenal need are you mad? he is strong yes but technically no where near good enough. cana is easily better then him and cost half the money. why would you waste 10 million on a average englishmen. this is why you dont buy english players cost twice the money and hes not that great

  23. Tom14 says:

    How many more times will people confuse “realism” with idiocy?

  24. Ian says:

    Your’re an idiot! lee cattermole is not better than any of the players we have. Players like ramsey and lansbury are much better. I’m guessing your’re a youngster because I’m yet to read a mature post from you. The funniest thing is, I bet loads of people agreeing with your post are grown men that really should know better. These types of blogs are a prime example of the blind leading the blind. Lee cattermole for arsenal… Hahaha classic

  25. stepehn murphy says:

    here we go again..a so called arsenal fan writing shit and leaving shit comments ..calling an arsenal player a pussy.. No wonder arsenal lacked belief last year with people like you putting players down time and time again.. iv been reading these articles for some time and iv come to the conclusion to question whether you are an arsenal fan .. You have no belief in this team and if wenger decides not to bring anybody else in well god on knows what you will write next.. There is nothing wrong with our team.. its the small lot of negative fans that is the problem.. you tell me what is wrong with this starting 11.. almunina





    • ivan says:

      The only problem these is 3-5 players will be injured. Rosisky…Lordy do i want him to be fit but im not holding my breath.

      • stepehn murphy says:


  26. james says:

    Cattermole will never join Arsenal the problem with theses English players is that they cant past the ball, They only no how to go in hard in a tackle we need a good DM that can pass the ball.

  27. Kimtazz says:

    I think Inler or matuidi will be the one to be signed all others are juz rumours to keep the fans on their feet!

  28. A says:

    It’ll take Matuidi time to adjust – like it did Sagna, Vieira, Petit?! Even whilst he’s adjusting Matuidi would be better than Cattermole will ever be, Cattermole is just a ridiculous rumour, he has nothing.

    Song is slow, but is quicker than Cattermole

  29. JaY says:

    ArsenalAction….WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT, You seem to think you know exactly what the club needs……BY SIGNING CATTERMOLE..Cana is twice the player Cattermole is and Wenger did see Cana worth £5mil
    Would you see Chelsea, United or Liverpool making a signing like this..NEVER


  30. bergie2016 says:

    he is not good enough

  31. Begeegs says:

    I think he’d be good edition. He’d challenge Song, Denilson, etc. He’s also not got great technical ability yet, but he could given Wenger’s teachings. However, the rumor is a load of tripe – NOTW says that Redknapp is in for Huntelaar as well, and given that Pompey have accepted a bid from Spuds, you can see what I mean….

  32. John Moore says:

    get him, i hope Arsenal will be good if we sign him!

  33. junaid tariq says:

    i cant believe some ppl saying here that “denilson n song better then cattermole”.. have u ppl even seen denilson play??????? that guy is similar to cesc n no way he can EVER b a DM.. wenger wud b ignorant if he still dont knw that he made a blunder selling flamini, diarra n silva not buying anyone.. y u ppl dont realize dat something is f***ed up btw the directors n we r suffering coz of it.. i mean if a club cant increase a player 10k a week (i.e flamini) either the manager is stupid or our financial situation is going down the drain.. song is very good in tackles but too slow n inconsistent.. fabregas has been speaking his heart out to a DM n it is effecting his performance too (that is y u ppl think cesc is replaceable).. wenger vulnerability made him replaceable .. if wenger dont buy a DM i m sure we r going to experience worst then last season.. wenger knows that it is his last chance n his stupid gambles is constantly effecting arsenal image.. 2 years back we r title contender, now we r a top four material soon we will b midtable material if things dont changes.. we want good players in club, arsenal deserve much better then that.. believe it or not there is too much politics in the board room..this is do or die season for wenger n his so called young title chaser .. inler>catermole>song> denilson

  34. John says:

    The boy may lack some height but he’s determination and passion makes up for it. The lad likes to be rough and would be a perfect addition to the squad, maybe even the first 11. The lad heart wears he’s heart on he’s shirt and is very passionante about the game. Anyone remember when he burst in to tears cause Borough conceded a late goal?

  35. Jonny says:

    If a nasty unprofessional cunt is all you want we may as well go in For Joey Barton.

  36. Jimmy says:

    With the players we got we should start playing 4-3-3




    —-Van persie—Huntelaar—Arshavin——–

  37. amir says:

    denilson is a cm.. not a dm.. i believe when wenger buy denilson he sees denilson as a cm.. not a dm.. wenger is not as stupid as you who want diminutive denilson to be a tough tackling dm..
    and dont forget that arsenal play with 2 cm..
    to be honest i think last season we are demanding more from denilson than fabregas which is a bit unfair to him..

  38. BLADE RUNNER says:

    We need warriors like Vieira, Petit, and Flamini. Denilson is definitely a meek mouse. If Diaby can sort his head that he is not Zidane, then he can be the DM that we desperately need. Song is our best bet for DM. However, he needs to be more consistent. Otherwise, I really hope we can trade Denilson with Cattermole, or, Senderos with Cattermole. Denilson and Senderos are too nice to play in the English League.

  39. Asmo says:

    Particularly amusing this week, “reminds me of a young Steven Gerrard.”

    Keep it up clownshoes.

  40. Farooq says:

    I hope Diaby really steps up, I have seen some flashes of quality and brilliance from him but, he hasnt been consistent. He is leggy like Patrick Vieira and I just hope he improves his passing and positional play. He can dribble, he has pace (as seen in the goal against Aston Villa). He is a quality player but lacks consistency and I think he can do the CDM job really effectively.

  41. Si says:

    Right if cattermole cud came do his job worked his heart out for the club all i would want because right now only 1 or 2 will fight for the arsenal im fed up with players loseing the ball nd dnt go mad and get it back! (THEO and even FAB) Some one to lead from the front pull set examples and i really do think cattermole has that! like henry did he cudnt tackle to save his life nd always gt yellows bt everytime lost that ball he try get back if he fouls some1 he fouls some 1! Also i think people will agree with me saying ADEBARNDOOR we hated for lack of effort and we loved bendnter in the end because of the effort and he only 20 and he scored 11-12 goals this season aint bad at all! I went to nearly 25 games this season both semi finals and we didnt even look like we gunna show no effort! SO im at place now i just want effort! and reason why tevez is worth 25 mill is mainly because his wok rate is ridiculous and he scores goals because of that work rate! (MISSED OUT)U talk about catt aint good enough technically who cares, all arsenal player are! Thats what is the problem and we have the players to cover him up technically u play with better players u look better and add some that dig in and english grit! Also english with the the rule coming in from fifa soon gd move !

  42. Jimmy says:

    I agree, does any1 think we need another CB with Toure goin City?

  43. RAY says:

    Hi I posted most of these comments really late on the ‘why hasn’t arsene signed a defensive midfielder yet?’ i think the debates on this blog are great as clearly most of us want Arsenal to be the best.

    I don’t think Lee Cattermole is the answer in centre midfield. I think we need to dominate the centre of the park like when we had Patrick Viera. He was absolutely fantastic with his size, touch and athletisism.

    A really good footballer who is an above average athlete is required and the only guy close to that at the club is Diaby. Unfortunately he gives away the ball and doesn’t consistently perform. Song has improved but is really slow, Denilson is one paced and not very strong. Yaya Toure would have transformed our team. Jeremy Toulalan, though not as big, is significantly better than who we already have. Could RAMSEY could be the answer?

    THE BOTTOM LINE IS WE ARE NOT WINNING TROPHIES ANYMORE. Fan’s are angry because the club doesn’t appear to be making much effort to change this.

    New stadium, no outrageous spending, beautiful football and champion’s league footy every year – The board are more than satisfied. If they sack Wenger the board will have to pay someone else a huge salary to do better and the first thing he will ask for is 50 million reddies to buy some new players – the board are not going to do that!

    I think Arsene Wenger is a legend but he is not being honest with the fans and that is what annoys me and loads of other gooners. He talks to us like we are stupid.

    Trying to convince us that the players he has are good enough to win trophies like we can’t see the results and their deficiencies with our own two eyes. We have been wrong in the past whilst he has been right – that’s why we trust him! Another year without a trophy and less gooners will ‘keep the faith’.

    There have been issues with spending money at Arsenal ever since he arrived but it was never a problem because he had great players in most of the positions who stayed there for years – and we were winning!

    Rather than lying to us and saying ‘I have money to spend but I don’t need to spend it’ – Be honest and tell the truth: We have so much debt we have to sell before we can buy.

    Unfortunately losing hleb, flamini, gilberto, rosicky (injury) and diarra in one season really hurt us because having a settled team helps consistency and has been key to our previous success. Maybe with those guy’s we could have won a trophy.

    We are now mediocre in comparison to the big teams in Europe – Look at how we got battered in the champion’s league semis – painful!

    Of course these comments are only my opinion but I think I’m right about all this as does everyone else who posts their opinion!

  44. andy b says:

    just a quick personal thought Huntellar and Catermole is just about all we need to be sorted

  45. mo says:

    How the mighty have fallen. Lee Cattermole? Are you fucking high???

    Do you not see the way Arsenal play football? Lee fucking Cattermole would be out of his fucking depth trying to keep up with our play and then you and your shitty little blog will be the first to complain about how inexperienced he is.

    What is Lee Cattermole going to do against the best teams in England let alone Europe?

    Yes, Arsenal need a tough, decent DM but Lee Cattermole is definitely not the answer.

    Who else do we need? Mido? Scott Carson? Rory Delap? Have a fucking word with yourself you thick cunt.

  46. gazzap says:

    How the mighty have fallen indeed – having Denilson in our midfield every bloody week!

  47. LEE says:

    cattermole is not the player we need. we need a 6ft+ strong DM who doesnt take any shit and isnt afraid to break bones!!! and denilson is a good technical player but when it comes to defending he is a little bitch! he gets bullied by bigger, stronger or more aggresivee players. thats why we need someone who is big, strong and has anger management problems lol. and once we find a guy like that then MAYBE we could get huntelaar. btw dont get me wrong, i think arsene wenger is a fantastic manager but he needs to get his finger out of his arse in the tranfer market because time is running out!

  48. Gooner '71 says:

    Arsenal-Action, Is this part of your cunning plan:
    You suggest that Wenger buys pony or 2nd rate players; he listens to you.
    They turn out for us giving pony/2nd rate performances; “fans” like you start booing them.
    We Finish mid table, Wenger gets the sack, you get your dream manager Sam Allardyce.
    We get bought out by the Uzbek.

  49. Matt says:

    This has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, Arsenal blog out there.

    You are truly an embarressment to al Arsenal fans out there, and are exactly what is wrong with sections of the support at our great club.

    Supporters support, that is what we should do, not spout mindless drivel on the internet slagging off our players and manager.

    You are clearly about 15, and do not have any idea of what Arsenal was like before Wenger arrived.

    The man is a genius and not only has revolutionised Arsenal, but english football as well.

    You idiot’s who post rubbish on the internet about wanting the great man out should be very careful what you wish for.

    Oh, and if i ever see little dweebs like you booing our players at the stadium, you had better watch out.


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